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E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go [Reference] App Description & Overview

What is e-sword lt: bible study to go app? e-Sword® — the world's most popular PC Bible study software is now available on the world's most advanced mobile operating system! e-Sword LT is the little brother of e-Sword HD for the iPad, but has many of the same powerful features in a slimmer design for the iPhone. e-Sword LT is feature rich and user friendly. As your Biblical library grows you will appreciate the intuitive layout and synchronization of resources. e-Sword LT is so easy to use you may never need to read the Tutorial!

EVERYTHING NEEDED to study the Bible in an enjoyable and enriching manner. All Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, … everything is just a tap away!

POWERFUL SEARCHES that are simple to use. Enter as many words you want to search for and select the settings.  You can even search on Strong numbers!

STRONG'S DEFINITIONS are just a tap away and presented in a popover.

SCRIPTURE REFERENCES too are just a tap away and presented in a popover.

COMPARE BIBLES quickly to see how the different versions translate a verse.

LOCATION MAPS pin-point Biblical places on live modern maps to help bring the narrative to life!

READING PLANS designed to help you grow in your knowledge of the Bible.

FORMATTED EMAILS of any selection of any text. Perfect for sharing with others.

No Internet connection is required to use e-Sword LT.

e-Sword LT initially installs with the King James Bible and the King James with Strong's numbers study Bible, the Strong's Lexicon, Smith's Bible dictionary, Meyer's devotional commentary, and the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross references. There are over one hundred additional Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, reference books and devotionals that you can download and add to your library absolutely free!

Also available are some "locked" resources which must be purchased from their publisher. These are copyright and licensing requirements which are unavoidable.

Please note that e-Sword LT is an *ENGLISH* release (but does include Spanish and Portuguese UI localization.) There are dozens of non-English Bibles available, but all other content is in English.

The perfect app on the perfect device. What are you waiting for? Download e-Sword LT today and get to studying the Bible!

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How to contact E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go (Rick Meyers)?
Find this site the customer service details of E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/634158738/e-sword-lt-bible-study-to-go/contact

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go Customer Service, Editor Notes:

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go Version 11.730 June 2022

This update includes performance improvements and fixes for reported issues..

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go Version 11.623 December 2021

* The Strong's definition now includes a link to instantly search and display all instances of that number in the KJV+ Bible. This works anywhere the definition is displayed! * The Bible reference link long-press is no longer a thing. Double-tap that link now to access its action menu..

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go Version 11.5.214 October 2021

* Highlight multiple verses using the new verse slider! * Study Mode now includes cross references after the active verse Strong's numbers. More information at your finger tips! * Completely redesigned Study Notes editor with many more features and capabilities! + Includes fixes for problems reported in version 11.5.1..

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go Comments & Reviews 2022

- This is the best Bible study app for study in the word of God ever

I have been using a sword for over 20 years now and I will standby at 100%. I’ll even go to saying thousand percent with E-SWORD!I got turned onto it on a computer after doing some research.I went to Bible College through homestudy courses and got my degree and also my credentials as a minister and this is all I use is E-SWORD. When I picked up my iPad and also my iPhone I decided to download them into my devices. I enjoy all the material that they have. I have purchased some books from them which I do love. I have purchased commentaries dictionary‘s and also Bibles from them. I had a problem where I forgot my password and they were so gracious to help me out. These people really do care about us. They are more than willing to go out of their way to help you. Also there’s many other types of Bible apps out there such as logos as far as I’m concerned E-SWORD IS THE BEST!Recently I get married so I talk to my wife and say can I download it on the phone and she said of I can! If a person‘s looking to really study the word of God this is the app to use you will not regret it! If I could give them a 10 star rating I would do it. When I do preach and also study and also teach I use them. Also when I want to study on my own I use this. You will be completely satisfied with this. This should be a five not a full .9 star rating no way it deserves better than that! I will recommend this highly

- Indisputably the best all-around bible app

First, as a preface, I have used almost every other Bible reference app out there, some other apps have more features (logos for instance) but as far as all-around Bible apps, this one is hands down the best. What makes this bible app so great is the accessibility of everything. All of your options are right in front of you, it is extremely easy to learn and quickly navigate. One of the best features is the (free!) downloadable KJV+ bible. It incorporates all of the Strong’s numbers into the KJV, so that you can simply click the number and see the definition of that word in Strong’s, Thayer’s, or whatever other Lexicon you would like. It is only two clicks to switch to another translation for comparison purposes, it works perfectly fine without internet connection, has no loading times like the more popular apps, no ads and has a multitude of free downloadable Bible translations, (KJV+, ESV, Darby, LEB, etc.) as well as reference materials such as concordances and lexicons, and other beneficial literature. To have all of this on one app without it slowing down to load, or getting confusing to navigate is quite a feat. I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have the tools to study your bible in-depth at arms reach all the time, whether in the city or in the middle of nowhere.


I’ve been studying the Word since I was young so I’ve come across many Bible tools, and I can confidently say this is my FAVORITE Bible app, hands down! I LOVE that the Greek/Hebrew references are clickable—right there next to each word, which makes it very easy to quickly look up an original meaning and then return to my reading. I do think navigating the other features takes a little getting used to, but once I figured it out, I was hooked. I love the Bible dictionary feature and downloaded one that works for me. I was even able to download my favorite commentary (David Guzik) which I was THRILLED about, so now I don’t have to leave the app to look that up. The compare feature (to compare translations) is cool. One thing that some may find as a downside is that you may have to pay for a translation that you like. (You basically are buying the e-Sword compatible version of that bible, then downloading it.) But I didn’t mind spending money on a Bible—I got NKJV and NLT and I feel it was well worth it which made my studying easier, so I can read them within e-Sword. But if you don’t want to spend money, there are a lot of free translations you can choose from. A great app!

- Commentaries

The commentaries (esp. Matthew Henry) are hard to follow and find the verse you are interested in. An enhancement would be to try to break the commentaries down somewhat to specific verses, where possible. The commentaries are basically a cut and paste of the authors work, so it’s no different than having the commentary book in front of you. A value-added feature of e-Sword would be to break down the commentaries a little more. Additionally, it would be nice if you highlight a verse in the daily reading material, that it would highlight the same verse in your default bible. Right now it doesn’t. So if you highlight several verses in your daily devotional reading material, they are not highlighted in your electronic “bible”. You have to do it twice. In fact, why not highlight the verse in all the Bible versions / translations you have loaded into e-Sword. I often switch between multiple bible versions / translations.

- Just flat out awesome in every way!

I’ve been using this app on my computer for over two decades, and it is by far the best Bible app I’ve ever ever encountered. The base program includes the ability to download bunches of free bibles, commentaries, several dictionaries, and a bunch of other resources… for free! Most modern Bible translations are available for download at a reasonable price ($5-$20), and there are bunches of newer commentaries and other resources to download at reasonable price points. The app is intuitive and easy to use. The Bible’s with Strong’s numbers interspersed in the text are incredibly helpful for study, and the normal Bibles are of course great for reading. I could write for days on how valuable the e-Sword has been to my spiritual walk, but I’m just going to let the review title have the final say: just flat out awesome in every way!

- Fast resource and good for studying

I have a couple free Bible apps and this is definitely my favorite. I really like the different translations with the compare feature. The Strongs numbers come in very handy when I need to study the Greek and Hebrew meanings to understand the original meaning of the text. I am also using the compare feature to teach myself to read and understand a second language. The format for the search and verse look-up is also better than some of my other apps. There are always areas for improvement in any app, but this is good enough for 5 stars. I would like to get some Bible maps, like the ones in the back of my printed Bible but I don’t remember if they cost money (some features require payment but due to my budget I don’t use those features).


I find E - Sword to be the best resource- No ads , straight forward with more free resources than one would think possible - The Lord is eliminating a way for people to say “I didn’t know “ when tools like this are available. I still enjoy my hard bound text books and highlights, my little notes in the margins and mile markers of rhema moments , however - being able to access a lot of them digitally on the go wherever Whenever. The ability to copy and paste, export into word or Apple notes is fantastic- you can prepare for a message all over not just in your office , it is priceless — very thankful for the ESWORD team that took time to put together such an amazing package , to help us draw closer and be effective.

- Powerful Bible study tool

The recent addition of the ability to click a link and instantly search all occurrences of a specific Greek or Hebrew word is the feature I was waiting for. With this powerful tool you can see every instance where a specific word is used in the original text. I can now unreservedly recommend this app to all ios users. Easily worth the price. Imagine the expense and bulkiness of buying hard copies of all these valuable lexicons and the tedium of searching them manually. Thank you to the developer for making Bible study so accessible and convenient. And God bless you for making it work beautifully, offline and ad free.

- Joshua 1:8

My daily source of feeding on the word is through E-Sword... I can read devotionals, or scan chapters of the scriptures, or do an in-depth expository study of any scripture. I have used this for years, but a couple of years ago, I learned I could add this to my I-phone. My friend just pointed out that I can do an exhaustive search on any word in the Bible through the Strong’s Hebrew or Greek numbers by typing in the number, and searching... (I used to search original words through a thick book of Strong’s Concordance, and knew how to search English words in E-Sword, but did not know how to search every reference of the original language of each word.) This one phone app has replaced hundreds of books (Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, maps, and concordances)...all at the tap of a finger! It is the single most valuable tool I use everyday of my life!!! Thanks for making this available to all... God bless, Cabot Barbour

- Generally great

I like how quick it is to open, I like the option for users modules and highlighting... I think the main thing I’d like to see is the ability to add custom colors to the highlighting color palate. I emailed the “contact us” email twice about that and haven’t gotten a response back so customer support could be better too. Aside from that, the only other thing I could think that I’d like is being able to compare to version side-by-side, whole chapters at a time. I know the app has the ability to compare single verses at a time, but I would like to have parallel versions going at the same time. Maybe there’s a way to do that, I just haven’t figured it out.

- Would be Perfect if…

This is a good app with great resources. The resources are quality and well-priced. However, the app would be significantly better if it had some UI changes to make the user experience more efficient. Here are a few features that other apps have that would improve the user experience make this app the hands-down go to Bible app on any platform: 1. Strong’s Numbers link embedded into the words, 2. Making the resources more easily accessible via a link at the end of each verse to access relevant commentaries and cross-references. 3. Lastly, horizontal page swiping navigation will help readers keep their place easier as they read though the text.

- Better on the computer

E-sword is better on the computer than on iPhone or iPad. One glitch that drives me nuts is any time I go awhile using e-Sword only on the computer, my paid resources disappear from the e-Sword app on my phone and iPad and I have to redownload them over and over, which means digging out the information over and over. It’s really frustrating. If my resources would stop disappearing and needing redownloading, I would use the mobile apps more. I use a different app instead on mobile because of this issue. Even having a way to redownload resources without having to dig out product keys over and over would make me use this more. The computer app is excellent.

- High-tech excellent Bible study App, and FREE

with lots of bible translations and additional references that are free downloads. But there are purchaseable (newer and/or not in public domain) commentaries for which e-sword automatically displays the bible verse that you are on. There are many other reference works for sale too that load directly in the App. You can create your own choice of 3 parallel bible translations and many other features. One click displays the Hebrew or Greek word and definition. Really amazing tool!!! We are so blessed to have this. I thank Rick Meyers and the volunteers for keeping the App up to date.

- The BEST !!!!!! Bible Study App Ever !

I have downloaded many a Bible study apps in my time. I have looked for an app that I can easily study the Bible with every opportunity to have concordances, commentaries, and different Bible versions to help with study and this app has it ALL ! I am so blessed to have found this app and not to mention the fact that I love to listen to praise and worship as I read and study and this app also has this option ! I am more than pleased with this app and it’s developers has hit this one out of the ball park !!!!! HOME RUN GUYS !

- Best bible study app

I have been using e-sword for years. One of the best bible study apps I have seen. I am a pastor for more than 18 yrs. e-sword is all the tools you need at the touch of a finger. My study time is cut in half or better. This allows me more time for deeper study. Try it and I believe you’ll use it. Ps. The “compare” is a good witnessing tool. when you don’t know a language. You can use it to share scripture in their own language. So it will put it side by side with your language of choice. Thus giving the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Thank you for updating to allow me to see the rest

Of Bullinger’s Companion Bible. If there was a way to be able to create a custom split view to view a commentary, Bible version, and lexicon ( or at least let you view a Bible version and a commentary at the same time, then I would just choose KJV+ so I could just click the strongs numbers on each word and then Bullinger’s companion bible for the verse commentaries, instead of comparing two different Bible versions then I would rate this app 5 stars) but thank you again so much thank you thank you for adding the appendices of Bullinger’s commentary to the reference section. Thank you

- It cost money but...

I have had this app for a few years now. I am 27 and been walking with the Lord for almost 4 years. I have probably spent over 100 dollars on this app but well worth it. Some of the Bible apps that have it for “free” are awesome but my only issue is you can’t use at all times you need internet or service. This app allows you to always be able to access your bibles, commentaries, devotions, notes, highlights, etc. Because you own the content. I can’t rate this app high enough. God bless you guys

- Favorite Bible app

With commentaries, Hebrew translations and more. It is hands down my favorite Bible app, YV comes very close second just for the ease of use. But please, two words... DARK MODE! I study 90% of the time at night and frankly, it's very bothersome to use if it's the only light source is a super white background. Also, and this is just my preference but, a little update to the UI would be even better. Right now it's, functional. But just a little style or fair wouldn't hurt at all, I have to admit.

- Glitch needs attention

When sharing a scripture via text message there seems to be no way to cancel if you need to go back to correct any mistake you might have made. I had to reboot both my iPhone and iPad to clear. If there is another way to report a bug, I didn’t see it. I would rather have done it that way than here. A way to transfer resources from my laptop version would be nice. There is so much more available for the laptop/computer version. Overall it is a great app. Not as good as the laptop version, but still a great tool.

- Best bible study app ever

I have been using this app forever. It offers so much and takes bible study to the next level. I love when I highlight a verse it highlights all the Bible versions so it makes it easy to cross reference. The available extras are amazing as well. I have everything I need to do an intensive study right here in my pocket. Customer service is the best. I can’t say enough about how great this so is. You will see for yourself. Thanks eSword for the great work and commitment to excellence.

- Amazing APP for only 4 bucks!

This app was recommended to me by a preacher and I so thank him! WOW this app is absolutely amazing and PACKED full of so much extra for free. I love the layout, the ease of use, and even the daily reading and devotion features. I’m not very tech-y and this was easy for me to use with zero instruction. It’s opened up such a world of great scripture comparison for me. I feel blessed by it already and I’m telling all my friends about it. God Bless you, you will not be disappointed in this app.

- Just Excellent as Fitting Our Master

I’ve been running Olive Tree Bible software for years and just started using eSword a couple of months ago due to an unresolved issue with Olive Tree. I love eSword and have recommended it to my congregation. It seems more intuitively designed for ease of use. I was able to purchase every add on module that I want and they all run seamlessly. And it’s a good looking App even allowing you to change color schemes, etc. if you spend much time studying with it that’s a plus.

- very good information

I love the information on this app, as a bible student it's very helpful, however I rated it 4 stars out of 5 for the following reasons. I am a voiceover user and the buttons are not labeled, another reason is the search function it appears to be very clunky. I actually found it one time, I punched in a few words out of a Bible verse and it could not find it. Hopefully these issues can be fixed in the next update, thank you and I will continue using this wonderful application, may God bless you all in Jesus name.

- Great Bible App at affordable price

My goto app for study on my iPhone and Mac. The free selections are many and there is the option to purchase others. The layout is nice and the functions keep getting better with updates. I like the ability to copy formatted verses in my work. Perhaps my favorite aspect is the easy flow of functions from history to use of commentaries and dictionaries. I’m grateful to the developer for offering those of us a limited income a richly-featured Bible app.

- Not the best bang for the buck

Don't waste your time buying this app. download MYBIBLE instead. Lacks in features, you must pay for the bibles, that is, when they are available, because if they are not, good luck finding them. If you read English good, if not good luck finding translations in your language Edit: I don't want to be rude, but if I can't read how can I study? If bibles are only available in a specific language how can I study? If your app makes it complicated to create modules how can I help the community? How can I add custom comments to biblical text? Please get inspired by apps like MyBible or MySword and add features to your app and I'll be happy to recommend it to my friends

- Excellent but some major flaws

I am 29 years old and many consider me text savvy but I find this app impossible to do basic things sometimes. For example I just clicked compare mode to compare different Bible versions for the verse Malachi 2:15 and I just wanna go back to regular Bible reading and I find it impossible without closing the app and reopening. There is probably a way to go back to normal Bible reading but I’m finding it too difficult to I spent 15 minutes already on it and I can’t spend another hour looking trying to figure it out.

- Top Notch great works access; copies multiple verses!

Copy Formatted Scripture seems to be broken right now. Original Great app. Offers hands down the most access to top notch Commentaries for free. These cost $$$ to purchase for other apps. Can’t express my gratitude enough to be able to study from great scholars of history. App allows ability to copy a broad spectrum of scripture refs all at once! This is time saving. Copy paste TSK or other refs & place into notes. E-Sword is the only Bible app that allows this for deeper study. Phenomenal!

- Not for iPad!

I bought this version not realizing it was designed for iPhone. Be careful if you want to use it on your iPad! I thought maybe I could upgrade to iPad version, but no! I tried to request a refund from App Store as suggested by the developer, but all attempts were useless, as none of the links I tried worked as they should. Easy way for Apple to get out of giving me a refund! I had planned to buy the iPad version when I got a refund, but now that I have been cheated by Apple I’m not going to. Boo to Apple! As this has happened to me with some other apps that didn’t work as I had hoped, I will be very wary of spending much money on ap expensive app unless I can try it out beforehand.

- FIX THE BUGS! Started out excellent now has bugs

This app for the last few years has done an excellent job, but now there are bugs that make it unusable in some cases. I find that when I go to access scripture and verse some of them don’t work. For example the book of Psalms, when I press on the book no response. I also find that sometimes I can access a book of the Bible but can’t access chapter or verse. The only way I can access it is to press the arrow to go to next page until I get to the chapter and verse I need, which is very time consuming and cumbersome. Please fix the bugs.

- What a great blessing

Approximately 17 years ago I was told of several different Bible apps I could use. I like several of them but I am still amazed at eSword. There are so many Bibles for comparisons, language translations, word study and just reading ease that I have latched on to eSword. I highly recommend eSword for commentary provided, concordance, maps and many other study helps. I feel eSword is the best Bible app resource available for donation. Please support them, God Bless!

- First choice for years

I started using e-Sword before I got my first iPhone - the program on my PC was the very best way to do Bible study. Having it on my iPhone has doubled my pleasure. The GUI is intuitive, a real pleasure to use. Each update over the years has been smooth. I recommend looking at the app simply because it is well planned and executed. I recommend reading the Bible because it is truth.

- A lovely app

This app is thoughtfully written and permits access to a wide variety of resources, many of which are free, and some of them are prohibitively expensive with other apps. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the tutorial is concise while also being thorough. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to go through the tutorial - I benefitted from it. Thanks to the developer!!

- The Best Bible App

This is the best Bible app I’ve used so far compared to the YouVersion Bible App. This app is amazing for Bible Study especially for cross referencing scripture. The navigation might get a little time to get used to but once you figure it out, it’s is a powerful tool. I love the fact that you can click on any word and or verse and you can see cross referencing which makes it easy to study. I’ve downloaded this app both on PC and IPad as well.

- Best Bible App

I have had this app since 2015. It is packed with everything you would need plus more with commentary and even location as you read. They keep making this changes over the course of time which has been only adding to it. You pay $1.99 but it is actually worth much more. You can also download the free version on your desktop or laptop, which is dope.

- I like it

Tip. If you need to make a note, you press hold and share to your iPhone notes. You won't find that in the instructions. One wish list item. You can use two fingers to swipe through search results, but it would be great if you could use that same two finger swipe to scroll through all commentary or dictionary results.

- Great app, just needs some updates.

Love the app and what it enables me to carry on me at all times. Just needs bug fixes and some updates. The highlight function doesn’t seem to be working correctly currently. Also some issues with the notes page. Will update if I find anything else.

- FAST and well designed

Fastest Bible app I've used. I love the way all search results are shown with preview. Another favorite feature is the section headings that show even while you're selecting a book, chapter, verse. I've used it nearly every day for almost a year, and so far, my only complaint is that there's no back space in the concordance and lexicon

- Glitches

This is a great app when you want to read. It’s also great that there is a audio read when you aren’t able to read. Only problem is it will read 2 chapters and then has an error that may or not be when my IPhone screen goes dark. Otherwise this is and was a great app. I am kinda sorry I bought it due to the audio error. Hope you can patch that and get it running properly. ✌️

- E-sword and iPhone a perfect match

I’ve been using e-sword for years since some of the first updates and it has been the best bible software available anywhere and was absolutely free. Now it has come to the iPhone and I couldn’t be happier about that. The $2 cost enabled me to give a contribution that was well deserved. Still hoping to get a translation in Albanian added one day.

- Best Bible app anywhere.

You could pay thousands of dollars for professional pastoral tools that are good but I feel this is as good and at a fraction if the cost. I’ve been using it for 10 years + so it’s proven that it’s not going to go away. It is constantly being upgraded, added to, improved and did I say it is the best? It is.

- Disappointed

The negative first: The App gui has a dated appearance. The settings only allow the verses to be line by line. I prefer for it to be mixed like my paper bible. If you want NASB translation it is $20. It description of the app states 100+ bible translations for free. But there are only 30 English translations. Now for the positive: I really like how there are lots of free reference books and books on topics like prayer etc. For example I’m currently reading Foxe’s Book of Martyrs which I downloaded for free with the purchase of the app.

- The BEST Bible app!

I have been using this app for several years now, and it is the best app for studying the Bible. Excellent intuitive functionality. Extensive commentary sources to choose from. Especially grateful for the addition of the Kretzmann commentary! Thank you for creating and maintaining such a valuable study tool! Well done, and highly recommended!

- Worth all of 50 bucks

I hesitated a little on buying this just because it wasn’t free. I’ve now had it over a year, and I would probably pay a hundred if I had too. There are no subscriptions in it, the 1.50 is all it takes. There are a few bible versions that are paid, but the amount of resources you get is tremendous.

- Problems with new update

I love this app, it helps me out a lot in my ministry. There is a few problems with the new update, it won’t let you bookmark verses or highlight them when you press on them. Can you please fix this problem and thank you for this application, it is great!!! GOD BLESS ✝️✝️✝️

- Best bible app for iOS

It is simply the best bible app for iOS. And it’s entirely offline so it can be used anywhere. No Ads. Comprehensive. Even has an audible bible included. I love it. I have tried so many bible apps for the iPhone and none come close. God bless the creator of this app. Have been using the desktop version for many years and love that too. But this app is the icing on the cake.

- I love this Bible app.

I love how quickly I can find a chapter and verse. Love having my Bible to reference anywhere anytime. Could be a little more user friendly. I find myself getting stuck and not being able to back up. Or change settings to have more access to all of the resources in this app. I do love it though

- Best bible study app around

I've had this app on my phone and multiple devices for years now. It's my go to for looking up meanings and digging through commentary. The creator has certainly found an intuitive way to make hundreds, if not thousands years of study material and documentation available at our fingertips. I love it!

- Pretty good app, but..

So far it’s a pretty good app! Study notes are helpful. The only thing I’m kind of upset about is, I paid the 4 dollars, then as I’m trying to use my favorite bible translation it’s locked and I can’t use it on this app. I don’t know if that means it’s not available or that I have to pay more money to use it. So that made me a little sore. So if you are interested in using a modern translation of the Bible. Be warned, you won’t be able to on this app.

- Great updates!

I’ve been enjoying this app for years - and the latest update with the double-tap for links and the ability to see all of the instances a Strong’s numbered root word was used is a very nice feature. It’s easier to use than I had anticipated. Thank you!

- Double click on verse reference.

With my new iPhone I had a problem accessing bookmarks, highlighting. Got this helpful message from E-sword. It may help others. “ Apple broke link long-press in iOS 15.2. As such, the new technique is to double-tap the verse reference to bring up the menu.”

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- 💯 % RECOMMEND ESword

If your hungry to grow in understand of the Word of God Rick has dedicated his life to the DEEP DEEP THINGS OF GOD. The app is so easy to use you’ll find everything needed to make the deep dive into the One True Holy God. To His Son Jesus ( or his Hebrew name Yeshua) the Bibles (excellent dramatised audio included) one king has concordance included so one touch of the number next to the words as you read opens up scriptures for greater understanding. Commentary’s (I love Matthew Henry) on iPad or pc you can set up all on one page. iPhone bit different because of screen size. Rick Meyer is a blessing to the whole body of Christ. Over The 25+ years I’ve been using ESword (when it was on CDs)I can only imagine the uncountable hours Rick has freely poured himself into building this app to freely give to us. Now a minimal $ love gift of thanks. Rick Meyer is definitely storing up his riches in heaven, as he stands before King of kings, our Lord and Saviour God King 👑 Jesus at the bema seat, where I believe 🦅🦅Rick will be richly rewarded for his generosity & his loyalty to not compromise teaching the FULL GOSPEL❣️We love you & we thank you precious brother Rick 🦅🇦🇺100% RECOMMENDED

- Thank you for the App

Dear everyone it has performed well for years although I may not use every functionality to its full potential definitely worth downloading

- Love it but

I use this app very frequently. May not use all it’s functions but love what I use. Bookmark was working well for me until recently. The newest bookmark is positioned at the bottom of the bookmark list instead of the top. Can we fix this issue please as it is a rather annoying glitch when you have so many bookmarks to go through. Even deleting bookmarks is a tedious task as you need to delete them one by one. A Select All function would be mixed helpful

- Sharp as!

Sharpest two edge sword out there! Hands down my favourite study tool. Thanks heaps!

- Awesome App

Very resourceful- downloaded modules can be accessed anytime -Thanks for a great app

- UT

Thank you for the great job

- Great Resource - Highly Recommended

The best thing about this app is once the product you want is purchased and downloaded, accessing the content is quick and responsive. This helps me to be more productive with my time while also having access to what seems like endless commentaries, devotions, other translations etc. A program and app like e-Sword is something that can inspire and equip the next theologian of our day. My only comment would be having more customisable options for the interface/overall outlook of the app to make it 'look' a lot simpler to the eye. When I first started using e-Sword I didn't know what I was looking at. I had to take some time to figure out what I was doing to be able to use it. Maybe making it a bit more user friendly to the tech illiterate may make an already great resource even better.

- Excellent Bible Study guide

There are so many positive benefits in using the e.Sword LT study guide. I can quickly highlight and underline words, write notes as well as copying & pasting. Being able to expand texts, and then look these verses up before closing what I've looked at to return to my original verses in the bible is so much easier than what I've done previously. I'm excited about this online study guide, it's the only one I use now due to its ease of use. Thank you eSword. Julie

- Great tool for in depth study

Although many of the free commentaries n dictionaries are old, they are still very insightful. And study in the Greek n Hebrew is so easy with parsing and explanation for the parsing along with the root words are very useful even for the untrained. Buy some more modern resources and you are in your way to discovering truths and the Word of God for you. Thank you Rick! Love your work n faithfulness.

- Great App!

Great app. I'm not sure how long it's been available, but I only just put it on my iPhone. It was great to be able to download all the modules that I've purchased for our PC over the last 2-5 years. One disappointment though. It's unfortunate the NIV 1984 version that I purchased as part of the NIV bundle, is not an option to put on my iPhone. If it is, could someone let me know how to put it on. Thanks Rick for making this app available and Praise be to God.

- Doesn't disappoint.

I too have used the desktop & other mobile versions for years & I've been hoping for an iOS version of this for quite a while. The moment I saw it was available I bought it. Like the other versions this is an excellent resource. Great job Rick. Keep up the good work.

- Esword

This is an excellent product and design. The latest update has improved speed when using Bible and Concordance together. I love it and use Esword all the time, especially off my I Phone. It's accurate, reliable, and I love the fact it used good old King James Version 1611. Thank you and praise God for this wonderful tool!

- The Best Bible App

This is the best Bible App available on the market. Before e-sword for iPhone came out, I purchased some really expensive ones but their functionality is no where near this app. Great Bible study and teaching tool. Thanks Rick. God bless you richly. You are fulfilling your calling!!! Keep at it and please add a place for personal notes. Amen

- Great App

I have been using this app for years ( desktop version and recently the iPad / iPhone version). It is extremely useful and is a great blessing. Many versions can be used to compare and have detailed study of the Word. Commentaries are great. Thank you

- Great search feature

I have been using E-Sword for PC for a long time now and was delighted to find it on the App Store. I have tried a number of mobile device Bible Apps, but none have a search function to rival this on (that I've found, anyway!) Thanks heaps!!

- Thanks be to God

Thanks be to God for this wonderful resource. This has so many things that make study and general reading more easy. With so many materials at my finger tips, a search engine and in depth study tools, I'm blessed with an entire compilation in my phone.

- Wonderful App

Love this app- use it all the time. Preach from it, bible study from it and love the language tools etc. I haven't yet discovered half of the options but still a great app - simple, quick, easy and powerful, thanks.

- Excellent

Along with others have used pc versions for years and searched without luck for an equal app for iphone. Now we have it and is just about spot on. Everything I can do on pc e-sword i can do on iphone app. Top job.

- Sir

Absolutely user friendly bible app, that allows quick and easy reference even in Church without internet during the service. I would thoroughly recommend this bible app to all aspiring Christians

- Praise The Lord

Very good and nicely done. In the beginning, I was bit of struggling to find where to download extra stuff until I figured out just click on the names. We need some sort a guide .

- Brilliant

This app is an absolute must. Easy to use. Easy to search. Easy to navigate. All without sacrificing accuracy. Difficult to carry a bible, Strong's concordance, and a Treasury of Scripture Knowledge to a cafe. This app is a wonderful solution.

- Powerful yet simple

Easy to use, but powerful too! Can't wait until personal study notes can be linked to the PC program or for the anderoid app! Top stuff! To Him be Glory!

- Very Robust

I appreciate the speed and reliability of this app. The only trouble I have is reading onto a following chapter where I have to go out then back in again.

- Mr.

I give my thanks and praises to God for Rick who give his all to produce this wonderful apps for iPhone. I am so excited i can get deeper into intimacy with the Lord any tine anywhere. So I greatly recommend it to everyone who desires a deeper walk with God.

- Love it

This bible app has become a part of my daily life. Simple and easy to use yet with many powerful features. Highly recommended it.

- Wealth of Knowledge

I can't imaging how such a an app could centralise so much of information biblically & Historically. "eSword my best Sword" I've learned so much, and still drawn to learn more because of its flexibility. Thank you.. MusictraxShane.

- Just download it...

...because it's an excellent Bible app, with many useful features and not difficult to use. And having said that, I'm going to go use it. Bye!

- Draw Closer...

Great little BIG app for bible study on the fly, everything you need to understand context and specific name and word meaning. Easy to use and really good to help you draw closer to our Wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ.

- Hooray! My favourite bible software now on my phone!

Been waiting and hoping this would come available for my iPhone and here it is - and works too ;-)

- Awesome

I have been waiting for so long for an easy to use and functional Bible app. If you do not have this app get it and get the full program on your desk/lap top.

- Precious word of God

I have been using this app for years and have been blessed. I wonder if it is possible to synchronise between phone, iPas and laptop.

- Waste of $2.49

Bought the app after reading the description and was extremely disappointed. Not as advertised. I wasn't expecting much for the money but I also wasn't expecting to have to pay an extra $25 for one basic version of the Bible (e.g. NIV). I've got no problem with resourcing myself but I wouldn't have chosen this to do it if I'd known. Don't buy!!

- Wonderful

A wonderful app • for dummies and scholars alike • always adding useful features • practical referencing • uses Hebrew an Greek originals • I use it every day and hardly ever use any other Bible app.

- Fantastic

Easy to use. Quick and fast when you want immediate info on a verse, chapter or book.

- Excellent

This app is very helpful, it's simple & easy to use. The access to devotions & commentaries, word meanings etc is well put together. Give it a go

- Excellent tool

This app is very helpful when you need to refer back to original Hebrew or Greek bible. Would recommend to anyone who want to study God's words

- Excellent App

I have been using this app for quite a while and have enjoyed it go from really useful to great!

- Pastor

This is the best bible study, may God bless the people who involved in the making it and make it more possible for every one to have it.

- Great

Only needs to change screen orientation and needs a split screen to compare passages

- Thank You Jesus

This free bible software so far! Just a pity some of the best translation are away available for the online version.

- Outstanding

I have e-Sword on all my devices. This app is an amazing resource. I have been using it for years.

- Highest recommendation

The only bible app you will ever need iPad iPhone and mac done !! It can only get even better .... audio bible and it would be perfect !!

- Best electronic bible

Excellent electronic version of all bible translations easy to use have used it for many years it is the best without any commercials Gunter Dittel

- Brilliant

Had it when I worked in Darwin as a missionary. Recommend it to anyone.

- Love it

Again, love it, especially the morning and evening devotional. Also like parallel bible option. Well done.

- Greg

This app is the best!!! I've tried a few and none can match it.

- Awesome

I am enjoying using e-Sword and gives me a great help as doing intensive and extensive study preparation for presentations

- Excellent

What a blessing anytime anywhere I can pull up the word of God on my iPhone and be ministered to

- The best bible app

This is the most comprehensive bible app. I have quite a few apps and I keep going back to this app.

- Following Jesus

Fantastic phone Bible, I use it just about every working day

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- Great app!

Really blessed by this app, it has deffinitely improved since the last time I used it. I used to highlight in the commentary but it wouldn't work properly, there seemed to have been a bug. Now the bug has been fixed! I'm so thankful I have purchased this app again! It even has different coloured highlights and other cool stuff. My Pastor recomended this app to us. I would also recommend it.

- Good but

There is an error in Rev 1:8 and 21:6: the software developers thought the text should be red but it's actually the Lord God (Father) speaking and not Jesus Christ (only begotten Son) - so it needs to be black. Other Bibles I own have this as black text. The Father is "which is, which was, which is to come" - He never died! (Rev 1:4,8, 4:8, 11:17, 16:5) The Son is the "first and the last, which was dead and is alive". (Rev 1:5, 1:18, 2:8) Read Revelation 4 and 5 carefully. Who sat on the throne in Chapter 4 and Who came to Him to take the book out of His hand in Chapter 5?

- Make it rotate.

I am very much enjoying this so I purchased the LT version. The only reason I’m not giving five stars is because it will not rotate to landscape on my tablet. That is very annoying. Please do an update.

- Copy verse feature

The new way of copying verses is a real deal breaker for me. I think it is terrible. Formerly being able to select the text you want, like a basic feature in a browser, or how eSword LT used to have, is way more ideal and problem free. I am disappointed in such a basic feature being removed.

- I Love this app!!

I am an MDiv student at a seminary in Canada and have used E-Sword lt for the duration of my degree. I am currently using it as I write my thesis on Jeremiah’s use of the temple and am so grateful for this tool as I switch from Hebrew to English to explore where and how often certain words are used, etc. Thank you!!

- Arabic search

Search in Arabic gives no result due to short vowels in Arabic. Please ad a choice to ignore short vowels in Arabic, otherwise do state that function as not available. Thanks, it is good work.

- Family sharing

I was able to ‘family share’ this app with my wife but now it is asking her to download it and pay for it. Is there a way to download it back on her phone without having to pay for it again??

- An amazing Study Bible app!

Thanks for providing such a powerful Bible study app for next to nothing in price.

- Good App!

Works great, stable! Thanks for the free data too. Wish it had more free Bible versions though.

- Great content, poorly organized

Would love a better layout and fluidity between translations, and commentaries.

- The best free bible and reference app of ALL TIME!!

This has the official kjv, concordance etc and many others you can customize. The thing that tickles my almo most, is that it reads it out loud to you and very pleasant , not an annoying robotic sounding voice either. Thanks e-Sword you are all the best! I donated when I first got it but I’m going to donate more because your all on top of this app keeping it up to date and improving it for free - peace, respect and much blessings to you all - :D

- Excellent Resource

eSword has been and continues to be an invaluable resource. It’s helped me prepare messages, understand the scriptures, and to teach in a knowledgeable manner. We readily use this app on OSX and iOS with our team. I highly recommend it as a “must have” for anyone involved in ministry.

- What a tool!!!

Probably the most comprehensive yet affordable bible study app

- Abram Neufeld

Sehr gutes App sehr gute Hilfe mit den Kommentaren. Ich liebe es auch sehr das es so einfach ist.

- Well appreciated

eSword is easy to use and is a quick way to find or look up scriptures for people interested to increase their knowledge of the Bible. I'm grateful for the eSword team who keep the app running smoothly.

- Compared to BLB...

First I bought this app for my iPad. Then I also had to buy light version for iPhone. I bought both because, I was using Blueline Bible (BLB) app for most of my interlinear use. Since BLB is free, it is supported by contributions. I felt guilty using the BLB for free, so I bought this app. This app, compared to BLB, very inferior in its features for interlinear use.

- Exceeds expectations

Great interface, powerful tools. Lots of downloadable references.

- Makes bible study a true joy!!

I have used e-Sword for years and it has always met my expectations and more.

- Amazing on the go Study tool!!

So great to be able do a little bible study wherever I go!!!

- Good!!

Good app for my ministry and personal devotional time!!

- Drawing life from the Vine on the bus

E-sword LT just keeps getting better and better. It puts many excellent Bible translations and elegant search tools neatly at finger tips so that I can explore scripture in a deep way while riding the bus. Great for digging back to the meaning of the original text thru all the nuance captured by so many different versions. God bless you, Rick.

- Affordable bible study aids

Handling Gods Word accurately ought to be a high priority for every follower of Jesus. E-Sword makes acquiring a collection of commentaries, dictionaries, and translations affordable. These tools are key in bridging the cultural and language differences from the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

- Superb

Truly outstanding resource. Far beyond most offerings on the web.

- Pastor

Excellent! Awesome! Great resource!

- Perfect

It's the same trusted program I've always used on my PC, except the app just made it handier. Very user friendly.

- Excellent App

Great app. Have used it in the past 10 years. Wish it was also free for apple products but I am happy to support this app and the designer. On my MacBook the search fields for a word or a phrase does not clear when "x" is pressed.

- Awesome

Great program that offers wonderful functionality. I only wish that changes you made on one version sync to the iPad version.

- Awesome

It's excellent. I so appreciate having these sort of tools at my disposal. Works great, is reliable and even comes with tutorial. I've been using it for over 15 years now and no complaints

- Pastor Coleman Price

My favorite computerized bible!

- Great!

Thank you for the great app😇

- One of the best out there!

I am really enjoying this app.

- Great study tool!

I love this tool. I use the pc version also. Will be getting the iPad version soon!

- Plautdietsch !

Awesome!! Thank you. The first Plautdietsch online Bible I've found. Just like a Plautdietsch Bible for my iPhone yet:)

- Best Bible Study App

Best app I have found for in depth study of the Bible!

- Excellent tool.

Great tool for reading, learning and knowing the Word. Useful for equipping your faith and developing your relationship with God.

- Love it

Awesome app!!

- Great Bible reader

Like it's speed. Really zippy functionality. Hope to see full screen mode in the future.


Absolutely love E-Sword, especially in conjunction with commentaries by BBC, McGee and Henry👍! The commentary by BBC is a must have.

- Excellent outil!

Excellent outil de préparation pour mes messages. Très versatile et beaucoup de contenu. Les différentes versions de la Bible sont très utile et le lexique est aussi très utile, sans compter les ouvrage historique tel que les pères pré nicéens et l'antiquité des Juifs.

- Great program

Love e-sword. Used this program everyday. Thank you for e-Sword.

- Great Bible app.

Easy to use and great resources!

- Awesome

Use it everyday, best app on my iPhone.

- Awesome

Best bible app

- Thanks for your work

For a good number of years I have used your e-sword computer program and i0s app to learn. I especially like to be able to look up the meanings of the original words so easily by tapping the Strong's number.

- Amazing Tool!

This is one of the best apps on my phone. I always have the bible with me, but more importantly, access to the Hebrew and Greek meanings behind the Word of God. If you want to truly study, you will want this App.

- First choice

Enjoy using it because it is easy to use

- Great bible study tool.

Love it!

- Great app

Was so excited when this app came out used Esword for years on Pc previously

- E sword rocks! It is absolutely the best bible app you can get!

The best bible app on the market!

- Love this app!

I appreciate having all the study tools at the tip of my fingers. I use the KJV, Louis Second and the German Luther Bibles all the time. Use it in church, especially to compare and quickly look up cross references.

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E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go 11.7 Screenshots & Images

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go iphone images
E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go iphone images
E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go iphone images
E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go iphone images
E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go iphone images
E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go iphone images
E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go Reference application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go (Version 11.7) Install & Download

The applications E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go was published in the category Reference on 2013-04-20 and was developed by Rick Meyers [Developer ID: 567008122]. This application file size is 20.67 MB. E-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go - Reference app posted on 2022-06-30 current version is 11.7 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.e-sword.e-Sword-LT