PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan

PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan [Business] App Description & Overview

An Efficient PDF Converter App for all your Needs

PDF Export is a comprehensive app with PDF tools that will help you view, edit, convert and capture documents. You can encapsulate PDF files into a single file; scan images and other content on the file, and even convert the PDF into image format and vice versa. You can merge multiple files into one PDF document and edit them with a custom watermark of your brand / company logo.

The app is quite accessible and user-friendly to all users owing to its cloud sharing function, file manager features with multiple options for private storage and sharing with stakeholders.

Rest assured, you can convert multiple format documents like docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and others to PDF, directly from your iPhone and iPad. Convert webpages, photos, and clipboard content to PDF too!

# PDF Tools #

## Document Scanner
Advanced Scanner with document edge detection. Apply filters in black, white, and grayscale

## PDF Converter
Convert MS Office Documents, iWorks Documents, Images (JPG, PNG, GIF and others), Open Office Documents, Plain Text and RTF (Rich Text Format) into PDF

## Web to PDF
The web browser converter converts any webpage into PDF File

## Text Recognition - OCR
Capture image with camera, converting the image into a text document

## Merge PDF
Select multiple PDF files and merge them into a single PDF

## Split PDF
Split PDF by selecting the number of pages or range in each individual PDF file

## PDF to JPG
Convert PDF file to JPEG, sourcing the pages from a PDF file.

## Send FAX
The FAX service dispatches PDF files as fax to the intended party.

# PDF to Text
Convert PDF files into Text files, capturing the content as is, into the .txt file format.

# Add Page No.
Add page numbers to PDF file pages, starting from any page, in the font style and colour, you need.

## Add Watermark
Add text and images as watermarks to the PDF. A watermark can be a text snippet in diverse font styles, font sizes, and page positions (top, bottom or centre). One can also add images as watermarks, especially company logos to PDF documents.

## Rotate PDF
Rotate any PDF page in any angle of your choosing - 90 or 180 degrees.

## Unlock PDF
Remove the password protection from the PDF file to transform it into a password-free PDF.

## Edit PDF
Rearrange and shuffle PDF pages, or add new pages to an existing PDF File through this feature.

## Secure PDF.
Set a strong password to lock the PDF and secure it from access by unintended users.

## Mark Up
Add annotations to the PDF file with the tool along with a signature, as required.

## Advance PDF Viewer
The inbuilt PDF Viewer within the PDF export view is a powerful PDF viewer and processor that entails multiple features. It provides multiple viewing and saving options for PDF files.

The tool offers users the ability to search filenames as well as terms used within content of the PDF files.
Users can annotate PDF files and bookmark them based on topics of interest.
They can view thumbnails of the documents for viewing the content within a document without opening them.

## Drag and Drop
This feature is quite handy on the iPad. Transform the PDF Export app into a multi-screen app between two apps - Eg. PDF Export App and Any Misc. App (Mail app, for instance).

## Cloud Sharing
The PDF Export app facilitates cloud sharing options to diverse cloud providers, aiding users to store data in the form of images and files on the cloud securely.

## Quick Option
The PDF Export App provides quick options for users by leveraging 3D Touch technology on their smartphones. Additionally, the app provides quick spotlight search to access scanning options for varied documents.

## Supports Orientations
Portrait and Landscape in iPhone & iPad that allow best reading experience.

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PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New Enhancement. - Bug fixes and Improvements. - Compatible with iOS 14. Thank you for using PDF Export! If you have a moment to leave a review in the App Store we would really appreciate it.

PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan Comments & Reviews

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- Fantastic app. Does exactly what it promises and more

This is a Fantastic app. Does exactly what it promises and more. It's fast, reliable, has never crashed, work perfectly with io new updates! Highly reccomended

- Features available before are now paid

I’ve had this app for years and was using it to turn picture scans into PDF and email them out. I only need it once in a while and it worked. However I noticed today that the feature to email a created PDF file is no longer an option and is listed as a Pro feature. This is a great way to lose users as I can always find alternatives. No longer will be using it after having it for years now. Just a money trap and I am not falling for it.

- Waste of my time!!! Don’t even bother downloading

I tried using this app’s markup function. Every time after I saved the pdf after markup (only highlighted some lines in the pdf), the app crashes, and deletes everything I saved, including the original pdf. Then when I reopen the app, it asks you to pay to upgrade. Very crappy experience and a waste of my time! Don’t even bother downloading this free app!!! Unless you are willing to pay for the upgrade. I would’ve given a zero star review if I could!

- Great ,

It was a amazing work and actually active. Thanks so much.

- Ad-packed piece of garbage

The ads popping up every 10 seconds aside, this app is in capable of doing anything but showing you a PDF and asking you to upgrade. What’s the point in having a trial/free/demo/whatever app if it doesn’t actually showcase any useful features? Safari can show me PDFs

- Paid for it and it still wants me to upgrade!

Paid for it and it still wants me to upgrade! Worked for just over a week and now it it asking to purchase it again, not intuitive.

- Split files size is bigger than original

I got this app to split the large PDF files so they can be emailed out. Files produced by this app are huge and 1/4 of the file taking more space than the original. Not good app for Splitting files.

- Split does not work

I downloaded this to split a pdf file, a feature listed on the app description. When I tried, it tells me I need to unlock it. What bullsiht. Don’t list it as a feature if it’s only available as an add-on.

- PDF Export

App works well for what it is, but it does not have annotation features.

- So easy and fast!

Great quality!

- User

Excellent like it 👍

- Not good for splitting pdf’s.

Purchase this to split PDFs and then had to buy an add on. Then it will only split one page at a time. The range function doesn’t work. So I wasted money for this app.

- App is great but won’t let me restore my purchases

App is great but won’t let me restore my purchases. I emailed the company but I didn’t receive any answer.

- It doesn’t unlock all pdf

Unfortunately with the last update, this app has stopped unlocking pdfs

- Terrible

Worst app I’ve ever used. Paid for my pdf to be converts to jpeg then the picture disappears from the app the next time I open it. Scam

- Compressed even though selected original

Doesn't maintain original fidelity. Upset I paid for this.

- Great for School

Finally an PDF converter app that actually does what it's supposed to do! I've tried other apps before but they would crash on me all of the time. My professors post their lecture notes at html but now I can simply import the document, convert to pdf, and have all my class notes ready to go on my tablet. I was really happy about how fast this app converts the document. 60+ page lecture notes were converted into a pdf in a few seconds! Highly recommend this app!

- Waste of money

After paying 3 bucks I realized it does not split pdf.

- It’s amazing app but I can’t restore my purchases

It’s amazing app but I can’t restore my purchases

- I want a refund

I wish I could get a refund for this app.

- It is a scam

It is a scam

- Does what I need

I really hated when I would get certain PDF documents or word documents that I used another tool to convert them to PDF and I wouldn't be able to use all of the annotate tools from apps like iAnnotate or PDFExpert. I tried a few other apps and this one will convert your files and let you annotate completely with other apps. I needed to help a friend out with her paper and I wanted to be able to highlight certain passages and this app converts it properly so I can and I don't have to use the marker feature that let's me freehand highlight, which can get messy without a stylus. Thanks a bunch for this great app, I upgraded to pro and await new features. Update: there's a few crash issues I've noticed. Sometimes after importing, navigating through folders, or creating documents there is a crash. Hopefully there will be an update soon for these kinds of bugs. Ill give it 5 stars again after crashes are minimized. Also I purchases the full app within the lite version and when I visit the App Store it doesn't show that I purchased the full app so hopefully I won't have to delete this app for any reason or I might get double charged. Hope there's a fix for this. Thanks!

- Great App

This is a great app you can turn anything into a pdf file... You can even turn anything you can take a picture of into a pdf.. Then you can store the pdf's into I Books which keeps all your pdf's organized for you.

- Misleading Description - Must buy credit for it to do anything

They state at the very top that they have terrible reviews from competitors and not ignore them. Well, I am not a competitor, I am user. Nowhere in their description does it say anything about needing to by "credits" to convert a simple document to a PDF. I read through it a 2nd time just to be sure. It mentions upgraded features which lead you to believe you need to pay a fee for those specific features beyond the basic converting of document to PDF files. I'm over misleading sales tactics. Just say what it is upfront and I bet more people would use your app. But since you don't, you've been deleted. Thank you for wasting my time.

- Works...

When exporting to adobe, it locks the file so you can't edit it. There is no option the change this feature. Not a huge deal but some pdf files I need to edit. Also on my ipad air it has a bug where it won't let me move files to different folders. And when taking pictures with the in app camera it doesn't center the picture right so I have to use the original camera app then import the pictures to the app. Other than that it's useful and functional.

- Good app

The reason for three stars is the confusing saving process. Once you are done adding pages, it is not obvious on what should be done next. Things like select folder text is barely visible and the most confusing thing is once you select a folder, it doesn't save the file.. You hAve to click done once more which is also not easy to figure out.


Don't know where to start, maybe by its sloppy non intuitive design or by the fact that ads pop up literally every thirty seconds, it crashed 4 times in five minutes and when you do buy the app it says that you need to buy "credits" to convert PDF files. This is by far the worst app I've ever downloaded. I wish I had read the reviews before I lost my time with this POS, if you're still entertaining the idea to get this nonsense remember there's a reason why it has only three stars.

- Easy to use

I have found this app to be extremely easy and quick to use

- Not too bad...

It crashes frequently when opening up a new document, but other than that it is an awesome little app to have. I like to use it to open up PDF's that I find online, then email them to myself so that I can have a saved copy for reference.

- meh

Would recommend as a PDF merger. This feature costs $2. There are other upgrades and all told this app can be as expensive as $9. Glitchy and some of the feature do not have exit pathways causing me to resort to quitting the app all together in order to access the main screen again.

- Didn't mention: Limited to 5 pages

Like my title says, the app description didn't mention that documents are limited to 5 pages. Anything more and they hit you up for money. I know everyone needs to make a buck, but they just wasted my time installing, testing and now un-installing this app. Well, I hope this saved a few of you 10 minutes and the aggravation.

- PDF merger crashes!

I thought this was going to be a good app for what I needed to do. When trying to merge all my PDF files, the app crashes every time. I paid $2 for the PDF Merger and it won't work for all my files. It does allow me to merge just a couple. But it won't allow me to merge the 38 files I need in one file. Frustrating!

- I LIKE it!

I was disappointed at having to pay for the better converter, which limits to I believe let me split 4 PowerPoint slides effectively. The cost of conversions is minimal, as I don't use it on a daily basis. This app allowed me to do what needed to be done, so I like it.

- Easy to use

I'm using this app and its help me lot to save my time and I don't need to open my laptop to use pdf fill to save & send

- This is a great app

I have been using this app for several months and it is extremely handy.

- Adware

The model of this app is ad-supported non-usefulness (unless you pay for the advertised features). I could not get anything accomplished, so walked away for a few minutes. When I came back this app was open with a full-screen ad showing (according to my system settings the device should have been asleep).

- More than useless

Don't waste money. Crashes all the time. Tried to convert a document to PDF - nothing and then crashes. No documentation to help with problems. Added in-app purchases. More money but the app constantly puts up notice to get the more expensive edition. I think I've passed that with in-app purchases. Really NOT happy with purchase.

- Excellent

Very useful app. Well worth the $2.99. Good job. Only issue is app crashes while creating large pdf files.

- PDF Export

Great app for creating PDFs from other documents and web information. It's a plus when doing research.

- Whatever used I utilized this APP accomplished my daily personal business I find it to be excellent.

Excellent for personal activities.

- Great app

App works well. PDF writer converts easily and quickly, and I've never had it freeze up! Great product.

- Crashing

I had to convert ppt to pdf but it isn't even opening the file n crashes every time I try to open it

- One of the best productive apps on my iPhone

i really love this app. it is easy to use. Really has helped me keep my info organized.

- Highly Functional….!!!

Looks Good…!! to many Functionality…!!!! any documents to to PDF…oh too good very helpful for me…!! Thanks

- A bit hard to use, but definitely will become useful.

Just as written above.

- The Perfact Converter

Love this app, easy way to turn anything into a PDF while on the road

- Perfect scan to pdf..!!

Amazing experience to offline pdf scanner..!! Nice user interface...!!

- Great work

This converter is permeant for my I phone Thanks for making this application It is very help full for me Very nice online help.

- Find it the most helpful web to PDF app so far

As the title said

- Easy and Powerful

Thank you so much for this fabulous application.

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- Merge special

I spent a while trying to find an app that enabled simple functions relating to merge PDFs and transfer to my iMac and other PDFs readers. Nothing is free but this was at least reasonably priced and offered the add ons to suit your needs. I am able to merge single PDFs music sheets into one pdf file, all is good. I will say the a help video was difficult to follow. It took a bit of working out but I was able to then transfer the file via drop box to my iMac. I was also able to transfer the file to Goodreader also. Just started to use the app and is looking pretty good.

- No longer functioning

Looks like the app no longer works. You can open it, but the are no options to convert. Tapping on the burger (three dots) does nothing.

- Handy app , lots of popups , not quite clear

Thanks Thanks

- Works great for me, love all the features

What the title says

- It's ok

It's ok

- I would give it minus 5* if I could

Biggest most useless waste of space on my iPad. Sure you can create pdf, you just can't do anything with it

- Add-on crashes.

Paid $2.95 for the PDF to images add-on only to have it crashing on me! Doesn't work! I want my money back.

- do not download it

downloaded lite version, had it unlock to pro version for aud4.49, deleted lite version and dowloaded pro and got charge again for 4.49 😒😑 so with pro version i still cannot use “export pdf to jpeg” option and its cost another 1.49 for this add on🤦🏻‍♀️ so its kinda ripping off tho😩

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- Work okay

I wanted to use it only to combine and convert several .jpg files into one .pdf file. It worked well, but the free version only allows to add 4 pages.

- Less than useless

If I wanted an online converter I wouldn’t bother buying an app

- Fraudulent

This is a fraudulent app. Does not function atl all simply. And nothing even close to fundamentally as claimed. Cannot open a single file from iOS file system. Empty shell app. Fake app, nothing works! Paid basic app does not work as claimed. No warning about paid add-ons. Paid add-ons are fake!!!! Do not work!!

- Help me

Help me

- Does not split pdfs

I got the free version to see whether it could do the basic job of splitting pages from a pdf as it says it does before purchasing the paid version. I can find no way to do that in the app and there is no manual or instructions available. A lot of intrusive popup ads made my investigation almost impossible. I’ll be deleting this app and won’t bother with the paid for version.

- Sad

To do anything in the app, you still have to buy add ons. It's not as expensive as some of the others but adds pop up every 5 seconds.

- Good App

Works good. Easy to use.

- It only crashes, it doesn't work at all

After 2 crashes, I made 1 PDF, now it just crashes on every attempt. I contacted support, no response in 2 days. Hey Apple, why is this in the App Store? There should be a 0 star option.


To do ads anything PDF is best method to say your big title in some words this is best thanks

- Easy to work with but...

Good little app, fairly easy to use. Big downside: it cuts off content at the end of pages so you often (if not always!) miss a couple of sentences.

- Thanks!

Superb app. Well designed interface. Easy to use. Like it.

- Works, but ugly

Screws up formatting and fonts even of simple word documents.

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- Amazing

Best pdf app till date hands down

- Pay extra to add images???

After upgrading, I can make notes, but... In order to add images, I have to pay extra for anything else I need. It doesn't let you add your own photos.👎🏼

- Very useful and productive!

All feature regarding PDF in one app!

- Unable to update or delete app

I received an update for this app on my iPhone. I clocked update but the the app has locked up. I'm unable to update, open, or delete this app from my phone. A disaster. Serious bugs that need immediate attention.

- Not Happy

This app had very good potential. Therefore, I'm struggling to rate it. It could be a 4/5, but converting documents to PDF changes the format at pushes everything left. I can't use the converted forms in my business.

- Just amazing

Perfect scanner to my all docs to pdf..!!!

- Not free

None of the normal functions to upload a file for PDF conversion are available to mobile users without upgrading to the paid version. iTunes Store description was misleading. Deleted.

- Lot's of option like merge, split and converter

Very very useful The best app of PDF

- User

Simple and effective so far

- Perfact professional app..!!!

I give u * * * * * * star..!! Prefact way to doing all the jobs with this application...!

- Save my life

Love this app really save my life i have coll proj need to convert my doc to pdf and its freee love it

- Best For Ever

To Many Features…!!! Finally i get Perfect App For Pdf Document Thanks

- Great app

Saves me a lot of time by consolidating exactly what I need it to.

- Not FREE

Wait until you need it to do some converting BANG pay now. No listed as in app purchases. Ok annotator but much better one for a great price

- No longer works in ios 10

This app is crash in ios 10 please need some improvements.

- Useless

This cost zero because all you can do is add documents. If you want to merge or whatever it will cost you extra. This app took 5 minutes of my life that i will never get back. What a scam!!

- Not working for web 2 pdf conv.

When tried web to pdf skips some part od the view. Not working well

- PDF Features

Very good PDF features

- Not good app

This is not a good one. I try to convert files like word, exl, image from camera or take a picture, non of them being concerted correctly. For example, I had a one page word, it converted to 3 pages.

- Very helpful

I used it regularly and it’s very helpful.

- Fantastic App…!!!

All I need in the single app…..wonderful…Thanks a lot..

- Junk

I just bought the pro version bc I needed to grab a web page manual into PDF for study guide. The app said it converted sucessfully but WHERE THE HELL IS IT!!!??? The file doesn't appear in the doc folder and its lost in the abyss. I WANT MY 2.99 BACK!!!!

- This app is garbage

I downloaded this app and paid for the extra features. Every time I try to merge a PDF, it crashes and doesn't save any of it. Don't waste your time or money on this app.

- Great App

Easy to use, and reliable!

- Easy and perfect for what you need!


- Not worth it

The app worked great until I purchased the upgrade. Now I can't do anything without it crashing!! Don't recommend the purchase!

- No longer good

What used to be a fairly good utility app has been rendered useless due the barrage of full page intrusive pop up displays selling game apps shown at the rate of one per minute.

- Can't save copies

Since the update the app hasn't been working properly. I can't save any documents and the app crashes. Please fix, I use this daily for work!

- Dmed1653

Works very well. Good for scanning and emailing documents.

- Great app ever

Thanks for updated

- No useful features without paying

This is a bait & switch freebie. Don't bother -- can't even test the features like split or merge without paying for them.

- Garbage

Doesn't let you save anything Why would I buy the pro version when the lite proved its uselessness No stars but I had to place one to submit

- Crash Alert

Tried to use it a couple times and all it did was crash.

- Go back to the old

Not very user friendly. Miss the old version.

- Absolutely useless, not user friendly

You can only import files from Dropbox

- Can I use negative stars?

It's just a commercial. You'll waste your time trying to figure out this app. But it does nothing.

- Waste of your money

Bought the app, paid for in-app purchase for PDF merger, if I add 2-3 pdf to merge the app keep crashing. Tried on iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 plus.

- not good

you will need to pay $$$ for upgrading the handwriting features. Ads pop up randomly.


The most advanced PDF app out there amazing job 👍👌😃

- My new favorite app !

Most important is that it is free, I love this !

- App is a SCAM!!!

After being charged upgrade $2.99 you have to purchase credits to convert files total scam

- Crashed

This app crashed when I tried to access my photos.

- Amazing!

Best PDF converter!!! Did exactly what I needed! A+++

- Superb...!!!

Very use full app..!! To much flexible for me.

- Awesome App!

This app did exactly what I needed it to do. Exceeded my expectations

- Great app

Very useful

- Horrible

Doesn't do anything. Will make you upgrade. Zero "stars".

- 😡must read👇🏻

Worthless app because this app is cant works.

- Not satisfied for this app

I don't like this app because don't works well.

- Doesn't work

I couldn't open the PDF I created with this app.

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PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan 9.1 Screenshots & Images

PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan iphone images

PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan (Version 9.1) Install & Download

The applications PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan was published in the category Business on 2013-04-25 and was developed by LiveBird Technologies Private Limited [Developer ID: 551521372]. This application file size is 70.88 MB. PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan - Business app posted on 2020-10-28 current version is 9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.livebird.PDFExportLite

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