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Dating sucks. And dating apps suck even more, right? Yes, even we know! In most dating apps, it’s difficult to form real connections. You see a profile with a few photos and a short bio, but you aren’t able to get a real sense of the person. You ghost or get ghosted because you don’t feel accountable to someone you don’t really know. On the rare occasion you end up going on a date, you are disappointed because s/he is not who you thought they were.

Coffee Meets Bagel’s newest feature, Video, is our solution to creating authentic connections online... because authentic connections start with authentic sharing!

At the top of the Video section, you will see a fun prompt, which will be updated daily. Scroll through the feed to see your potential matches (we call them “Bagels”) who have answered today’s prompt. Tap the video for sound so you can hear their voice, see their mannerisms, and get more insight about their personality! Click the Bagel's thumbnail to view their full profile. See someone you like? Tap the heart icon! Once there is a match, we’ll connect you via a private chat room and provide icebreaker questions to get your conversation started.

No point in seeing random people, right? We focus on delivering you quality Bagels. Every day at noon, you‘ll receive Bagels preselected for you by our smart algorithm. Our algorithm takes into consideration both basic criteria like age, height, religion, ethnicity, and more nuanced factors like your social network and interests. Every day, it gets smarter by learning what you like. This means that over time, your match quality will improve.

Become a CMB Premium subscriber and get access to exclusive features that will help you save time, eliminate ghosting, and lead to more dates! With the Premium subscription, you will get insights into all of your Bagels’ chat activity levels (i.e. How likely are they to send the first message?), see when your messages to your Bagels are read, and receive more than $50 worth of in-app items that will help you get connected even faster. Current price for the CMB Premium subscription varies based on the length of your auto-renewing subscriptions and may vary from country to country. For 1-month renewals, price is $34.99 USD per pay period, for 3-month renewals, price is $74.99 USD per pay period, for 6-month renewals, price is $119.99 USD per pay period, and for annual renewals, price is $179.99 USD per pay period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal up to 7 days before the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. To see full Privacy and Terms visit

Access to Facebook permissions is required to sign up for the app - this is so we can match you with your friends of friends. Permissions to access notifications are strongly suggested. If access is denied you will not be notified in realtime when you have new matches and new messages. Permissions to access location are also strongly suggested. If access is denied, we may not be able to match you with users near you. Permissions to access camera and microphone are optional. If denied, you will not be able to create videos to showcase your authentic self.

Shark Tank, The Today Show, Nightline, NYTimes, Marie Claire, TIME, The New Yorker, Glamour, Washington Post and more.

“No randos like Tinder.”
“The best dating app for women!”

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The applications Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-07-18 and was developed by Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc. The file size is 205.66 MB. The current version is 5.1.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for being a part of the CMB community! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly. These updates include bug fixes and improvements for speed and reliability. We’ll let you know as exciting new features become available. Happy Bageling

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I thought I found someone I didn’t  zeldakix17  1 star

This app is very disappointing that it charges money just to get more match’s and pay for beans. Why not just put ads and keep it free? The clock of matches every 24hrs is idiotic. I hate that I can’t find anyone. Found one and she’s insane. I can’t date her. I like the videos to simple questions but, I feel this app doesn’t understand what you want in a relationship.

Not enjoying

Widen the distance  Not enjoying  3 star

Can CMB widen the distance and not restrict people within 400km? I mean if people don’t want to do LDR then they get to choose. But with this distance restriction, the choices are just so narrow and sad. The guys I liked can’t like me back since they’re not within 400km :( Take away the distance and let us decide!


Good but limiting  Thatdudewiththatgirl  3 star

I thinks it’s a fine app. The people I have matched with have been cool, no issues there. However, the ‘takes’ are really (relatively) expensive. To like someone without them being your daily match is 385 beans, yet if I were to buy some, 100 beans is $1.99. I think that’s pretty crazy. And they have better deals, but the next level is $23.99 for 2000, then $24.99 for 3000. I feel like a dollar should be enough to buy one take, let alone $1.99. If people are spending that sort of cash, then I guess keep doing it, but that price has definitely deterred me from doing so.


Please stop pushing video down your costumers’ throats  jcseattle7428  2 star

Please stop promoting video too hard and creating notifications about it.


Stop with the video notification  Bobetetrbfhdh  1 star

Not needed at all. Useless notification

José Enrique Placencia Pereyra

Don’t waste your time; worse dating app  José Enrique Placencia Pereyra  1 star

Out of all the dating apps that are out there, this is by far the worse that exist. It’s too expensive, there no move. They have a scarce amount of matches, and the ones that appear have nothing to do with your preference. I wish I could go back in time, and stop myself from wasting my time on this app. This is a horrible portrait of how a dating app User Interface should look. This is more like a business from the owners to your wallet, while using the words “Date and Love” as the Algorithm to attract new dummies for cash.


Needs configurable notifications  NCJohn  3 star

It’s nice that CMB is trying out new features like video, but the video feature is pretty useless to someone in a mid-size city looking to only date in the city. It has results in the feed from across the country. Please add an option to turn it off, or at least mute the nightly prompts. It’s not fun to see a badge notification icon only to realize it’s the (boring, shallow) prompt for the video you don’t really want to record.

Black Hammer 🤘🏾

This app is pretty cool ..  Black Hammer 🤘🏾  5 star

Good app, meet so many different people. I’m happy you don’t have to pay for anything, best app ever! Good job guys.


Don’t believe this app  starsun8888  1 star

For the ladies, trust me trust me I NEVER waste my time and right reviews but I have to this time. This site is full of men from Africa putting up fake photos trying to scam women. I’ve encountered twice and each time did a reverse image lookup under Google. Please please Check the photos. If the man seems aggressive and sending you unnecessary photos of himself, he’s trying to make you believe he’s real. The images he send the more you can scan to get results back on Google. I’m going to report this app.

may take more time than bumble

May take time  may take more time than bumble  4 star

I’ve been using this app for about a month. It’s slower than bumble. No one has asked me out. Not sure if it’s worth my time. But it seems like less of a hookup app.

Leo from Sydney

Fun way to meet people  Leo from Sydney  3 star

Fun way to meet new people, please be more generous with beans as most people wanna try it out first, before signing up.

Not by works... But by Grace.

Sh*ts on tinder  Not by works... But by Grace.  4 star

I don't have much to say, but this is far more specific and tailored to your wants that tinder!


Well made. But why does no one respond?  Grv82  1 star

I’m Sydney based. I have used this app for about a year on and off across devices or accounts over time. But I’ve never had a single ‘like’. I have switched up photos, entered personal info, checked my profile with family and female friends and guess what? They can’t see why I can’t get a date. 1) The app is expensive. Once you run out of beans, it is costly to buy more. You will be buying beans for every individual you want to Like. And guess what? You may never even know if they’ve considered you because all it does is show you as an option to them. You cannot see whether they’ve received/considered your Like. You have to pay for that. You won’t even be able to start a conversation because the entire premise of CMB is to Like based on pictures. Therefore you will be ‘Liking’ many women and out of 100, none of them may like you back. That would be AU$800 spent. 2) Men must like the women, then the women get the final say. Very gentlemanly and typical of society. But does it work? Studies can show a man will be rejected 100 times before one success, but a woman has a FAR greater success rate. Why compound the dynamic of male-rejection by once again forcing men to be an option, only only to end up on a list like a buffet the woman can pick and choose? This makes her lazy and spoiled for choice. It forces the man to compete against other ‘hungry’ men, and women are going to go for the buffet on the criterion of visual attraction- not the strength of the personality which is a secondary consideration with this style of ‘swipe and like’ dating model. 3) No Likes means no chance to converse. No chance to converse means no opportunity. No opportunity means the model fails. This may not be relevant for those ‘selfie’ and ‘model’ type people out there. But CMB is a dating app. People who use it for some reason or other cannot connect with people. If I cannot connect with those I want to date, and the app makes it cumbersome expensive for me to do so, then in the end, it ends up being a frustrating, albeit pretty, experience.


Was great... now awful  PixieMinxy  2 star

When this app first came out I met some great people on it! Now that you have to pay around $3-5 to “like” someone, no one seems to bother replying or liking you now. I spent $100 in one week “liking” people only to receive 1 reply...1 day before the “line closes” (oh yeah, now your chat only lasts 1 week!) Originally a great alternative to Tinder as it actually has some depth and is based on matching for a relationship rather than hook ups, but now they have changed their strategy and clearly got greedy it’s not worth your time (and money)


Terrible app  amateurpilot13  1 star

Started off somewhat well, but had long stretches without a a single match. The vast majority of the few matches I did get seemed to loose interest very quickly and stopped replying. Some didn't even have the decency to reply to any messages sent. If the girl doesn't like you back after liking them then you have no way of connecting with them at all, even if you feel like they would be a suitable match. Go out into the real world to meet someone instead of wasting your time and killing your self esteem on this useless and pathetic app.


Great  Sam171717171  5 star

Perfect App

Kazuo Ting

Msg can't be read  Kazuo Ting  1 star

I can't read the msg? It not appearing on the person personal chat, but can be seen on the chat overview. Can you fixed it

Lucy Danny

Good platform  Lucy Danny  5 star

It's a very good platform for meeting people. Always believe in love,you will find the one eventually. Thanks.


Interesting App  alextagger  5 star


Kristine Doan

Kool rating photos function!!!  Kristine Doan  4 star

Not the best apps for finding the special one but pretty awesome to evaluate your two different styles of picture. But sometimes, people still prefer to pick the photo on the right following their habits!


Carol Spin40 3 star

@coffeeMbagel: Changing the dating game one step at a time 😏❤️ Check out @BritandCo's article by @ahoffkosik and #LetYourselfBeSeen with…


Eddie Hernandez eddieh__ 3 star

Coffee Meets Bagel dating app introduces ephemeral video to foster authenticity via @techcrunch


Cutting Edge Daily BetterSocialNow 3 star

Coffee Meets Bagel dating app introduces ephemeral video to foster authenticity


You eventually get matched, right?  monsterbot  1 star

I’ve been on multiple apps and this was by far the weakest concept. Most other apps just give you a pool, and you can select as much as you want until you run out. Here you are only given a handful of options unless you pay through the roof to get access to more. You can purchase the chance to unlock more using “beans”. If you use all your free “beans” to pay for an additional connection, it will literally take you 60 days to earn enough “beans” back to unlock just one additional match. Each match cost over 300 beans, and you only get 5 beans a day for looking through your bagels. Again unless you pay. As for the matches, I was averaging about 1 like out of every 4 options. Pretty common on most my apps. I’m pretty successful getting matches on other sites within days, however after almost 2 months and well over 100 likes selected I never received one connection. I have no idea what the algorithm for CMB is, but that seems extremely broken to me based on other app experience. I would never recommend this app to anyone.


CMB Review  kyleboyten  5 star

Simple and easy to use! User interface is friendly and the setup is great. By limiting the amount of time you can talk with matches you’re forced to cut a lot of the fluff. Great app!


App used to be great  OEO1987  1 star

CMB was a great app and then they decided to add the video sharing feature which is extremely annoying!


Innovative  Punkiller666  4 star

This app recently started video messages which I think is a great feature


Terrible  Shahrivar-2016  1 star

I signed for this app because of the good reviews. Not sure if people get beans (points that allows you to chat with people) to write good reviews. On the first day I had to pay $24.99 to like profiles. Well I thought that's ok this should last me a few days but no. It was enough for that one day. Today is my second day and it's kinda frustrating you get only a few matches at a time and if they don't fit your criteria then you have to wait another 24 hours for more. The app seems like a scam to me


Gone  Scouffer  1 star

I deleted the app, I got contacted by a bot so it got deleted..... 😡🤬


Confusing  fronzella  4 star

I’m all for the chill aspect of this app. I do however think it’s pretty ridiculous that I have to pay for beans to do anything unless I wanna wait around each day for their suggestions. I know it’s supposed to be so you’re not “swiping all day”, but what if I want to? It’s not the worst thing in the world. The bean/bagel lingo is also more confusing than witty. I rated 4 stars because it’d get my review up there, but really, just stick to Bumble or Tinder. This app is too confusing

Young Ambassador

Waste don't download  Young Ambassador  1 star

I have sign up over a week now but couldn't message anyone or got any message either. Just a waste of money


Still waiting  Holtic7  3 star

Haven't gotten any results yet, started awhile ago


Great app!  sdjohnso  5 star

I really enjoy using it. It’s very easy to use, ask pertinent questions and it makes it simple to browse and find people that may be a good match.

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