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One of the #1 creative app for all writers! Just open to write and follow the prompt suggestions, it's that easy.

More than 500,000 unique writing starting lines and creative writing prompts to inspire you and give you ideas for creative writing. Good for poetry writing, journal writing, storytelling, narration, cinema, and more. All using a patented artificial intelligence technology.

The app even reminds you to write a little every day, and shows you progress on your writing goals as you go.

Whenever you sit down to write, Prompts suggests a few words to get you started. And if you ever get stuck while writing, Prompts is there to give you advice on how to keep going without leaving the app.

"Getting stuck with writer's block is a huge pain. Prompts provides great inspiration." - Mashable

Prompts is great for students in the classroom, amateur writers, or professionals who want to free write more often.

** Part of the Apple Education program, teachers and schools get a discount when buying this app! **

• Prompts gets you writing, even when you don't know where to start
• More than 500,000 unique starting lines and creative prompts like that of Brian Eno
• Set a custom, daily writing goal and use the app to hit it
• View custom writing stats like how often you write, how long you write, and more
• Set daily writing reminders to keep yourself motivated
• Categorize your writing with custom, color-coded tags
• Auto-save so you never lose a word of writing
• Write in either landscape or portrait view, on your iPhone or iPad
• Adjustable font size and styling
• Backup and sync your writing to iCloud
• Share your writing by email, Twitter, or Facebook, and more

Why use Prompts for creativity writing?

• Prompts is full of unique writing prompts and starting lines. Feeling stuck or creatively blocked? Press the lightning bolt at any time and you'll be presented with a prompt to help inspire you.

• Even if you don't know where to start writing, just open the app and press the plus button to get a random and totally unique idea in the form of a starting line. There are hundreds of completely original ideas to start from.

• On the bus, in the break room, anywhere you are, Prompts helps you become a better writer and build a writing habit with just a few minutes a day

Whether you want to write more just for fun or if you write for a profession, you are going to love how Prompts helps you write. Built for writers who love apps like Bear, OneNote, IA Writer, Grammarly, and other creative writing prompts apps.

Prompts for Writing App Description & Overview

The applications Prompts for Writing was published in the category Productivity on 2013-06-19 and was developed by Tanner Christensen. The file size is 4.74 MB. The current version is 1.8.6 and works well on 8.2 and high ios versions.

- New prediction engine: Prompts will now automatically notify you when it's confident there's a writing prompt you might be able to use
- Resolved a bug that would cause Prompts to crash on some devices when a writing prompt was requested
- Added support link directly to the settings menu
- Additional improvements and fixes

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Prompts for Writing Reviews


Might as well use paper and pen  Czyunnddj  2 star

This app doesn’t save my writing! 😞

Mr5. 8r0wn

Helpful  Mr5. 8r0wn  5 star

It encourages writing and gives info about writing level.


Motivation  KnoxvilleJames  5 star

Finally an app that makes me write. Needing this for some time.


More options would be a plus.  Kildo1234  3 star

It’s simple and easy, and helps me get past the hardest part of writing: The very beginning. But my initial impression was that it gives actual, full prompts. Not just half of or one and a half sentences. In my opinion an option for a couple sentences giving extra guidance as a prompt would be a plus. Along with the ability to underline, bold, italicize, and highlight, a folder option would making using the app a breeze. Or at least an option to organize how you see what you’ve written instead of it being one long list. It’s a very useful app for practice but it would be nice if it was more than just for that. I do love how it shows the to-date word count, probably the neatest feature.


Unstable and Unhelpful  Shmcc  1 star

The app deleted all of my writings that I had over the years and the newer ones, but it also won’t save any of my current writings—giving me a bunch of error codes. When I look for options to help me, it’s nothing but promotion for the app rather than instructions or support. I’m just extremely disappointed.


Great for simple writing  erwin231  5 star

I think this app is great for typing little things or some short stories that come to is great for writing and shows a clear view of all the stories created. I just wish there was some more options like the ones on computer writing softwares. I.e underline, bold, italics And most of all I wish i could use TABS

Redhead Weirdo

Needs to provide prompts throughout various writing assignments  Redhead Weirdo  3 star

This is Brittany Daniels. For this app to be useful for me it first needs to ask me what I am going to write. Then it needs to give me prompts along the way that are adapted to the writing assignments I currently get and will get in the future while I am working on getting an A.A.S degree in Design and Media Production from Georgia Piedmont Technical College in Clarkston, GA. This is coming from a part time working low income adult college student diagnosed so far with autism, generalized anxiety disorder and dyspraxia who has a very hard time getting her thoughts onto a blank Word Document, because thoughts go so fast to my brain, by the time I go to do whatever writing assignment my professor has currently assigned, I forget what I am going to write. Not many or any apps out there to help me with writing, especially when I am a visual learner who needs prompts along the way of any writing assignments to be given to me to help me get my thoughts down. Also being able to export to Microsoft Word & PowerPoint and other software, like any software under the Adobe CC 2019 collection is going to be very useful for me. Any help will be needed.


Love the app  Kirk-e-dips  5 star

Really love the app but it would be great if one could download it for Mac computer. Just saying

Melissa Roe

Great app, but full accessibility with voiceover could make it more useful  Melissa Roe  3 star

This app has great potential for those who need a helping hand to inspire you to write, but those who use Voiceover may find the experience a little less than enjoyable. First, let’s look at its positive notes. For the most part, the app is easily navigable with voiceover, so those who are blind won’t have too much difficulty getting around the app. The button labeling is a bit off, but it’s very easy to understand what the buttons do. With easy access to the text fields to type notes, it’s certainly easy to write to your hearts content, and the starting lines can be quite interesting, and may even take you down an entirely different path than you’d expect. Those in my mind are a huge plus for this app, especially the daily reminders. We could always use that little motivator to get us going. Here’s where the app falls short for blind users, however. First off, developer response is lacking. I have been struggling with writer’s block, and need to finish a few pieces of work, as well as get a short story published for a local magazine, so when I began my research, many sites kept recommending this app. I was excited and desperate to buy the app and give it a go, but of course, before I purchase any app, I either turn to to look up the ratings, or I email the developer to ask if the app supports voiceover. My email generated no reply, but with all the positive things coming out of this app, I finally decided to take the plunge and download it. While I was thankful for most of the features to have full functionality with voiceover, there is one that is a huge show stopper for me. Every now and then, we need that extra spark of inspiration, and that’s one of the things this app claims to help out with, but the bolt button simply isn’t useful for those who use voiceover. Pushing this button didn’t pop up a dialogue box where I could read the idea, nor did it give me an element on the screen that I could easily navigate to in order to read what information the bolt had provided. From what I’ve been able to understand, it seems like the text quickly pops up on screen, then disappears, most likely to give you room to work on your project, but for voiceover users, this is a huge problem. When text comes up on screen, such as an alert or otherwise, we can usually navigate to it with voiceover gestures, or if it is implemented, voiceover will read the text that pops up aloud. With this app, we do not get any audible information, nor can we navigate to the text that comes up as a result of pressing the bolt button. That was a disappointment for me, because that was the main reason I purchased this app. I have other note apps, and even Scrivener on my Mac, so writing projects and saving them could have easily been done. It was the bolts of inspiration this app provided that led me to the interest in this app. Sadly, that is the one function I am unable to make use of. If this app were to ever get updates in the future, my only hope is that full implementation of voiceover will be considered for those among us who have a visual impairment. I’d love to get full usability out of this app, and my only hope is that our voices aren’t being ignored, because so many people could benefit from this amazing program. Thank you.


Best writer’s prompt app  Carl3y01  4 star

Hands down the most innovative and creative prompt app. The prompts range from simple to super abstract and different, exactly what I was looking for. Especially great for poets too — one of the only prompt apps that are good for poets. Would love if this app could be updated for iPad.


Such a great app!  PenneyBoii  5 star

Prompts has helped me so much in my writing it's unbelievable. It's such a joy to be able to have constant inspiration and questions asked as you write along, doing whatever you're doing. Thanks so much to the developers of this app. You guys are Awesome!


Writer's Block Antidote!  MissEnigma22  5 star

Someone has finally come up with a simple and easy-to-use antidote for writer's block! I literally use this app every single day to get my imagination into gear.


Clean, simple and functional  Ardeet  5 star

Prompts provides an interface that is uncluttered and clean. One press takes you takes you to an almost blank screen with keyboard for an immediate writing start. An incomplete phrase is presented as a "prompt" to kick start the creative juices, hence the name of the app. The prompts are predominantly meaningful and inspirational so they achieve their advertised purpose. Additionally you can request additional prompts at any time during the writing process (swipe down on your page for the menu).


FANTASTIC app for writers!  RGMCCLURE  5 star

I love it!!! The best app I have ever downloaded for writing. No more wondering what topic to write about or blocked thoughts. Prompts has improved my writing immensely.

Dan Z0$

Just the thing  Dan Z0$  5 star

I've been using Prompts for a couple of weeks. One prompt per day. It's exactly what I needed - a simple jumping-off point for a daily writing habit. The prompts are diverse and stimulating. The app itself is a competent and beautiful text editor. The word and goal tracking features are great for building a habit.


Prompt  Naomijj  5 star

This is a wonderful, intuitive, easy-to-use application. The prompts are imaginative and can be used for a variety of genres of creative writing as well as poetry, prose and essays. The simplicity of the interface means that the user focuses on their creative flow rather than being distracted by the application itself. The application also features ways of tracking writing output as well as completing the prompts within the programme itself. The choice not to use these functions but this does not limit use of the programme. In short, it's a clever, simple programme which does what it promises and is well worth its very small price.


One improvement  blubrd11  4 star

I love, love, love this app. The only issue, is that when I try to get the menu back while writing, my notification center comes down instead, and I haven't found a way around it. I'm not sure what to do about that- in the meantime, I'll use auto save and go from there. Overall, great app- just one small problem!


Fixed  Psychoticdogz  5 star

The app is finally fixed and works beautifully. The prompts are nice and I love the customization. It now works just as promised. I love it!


Thank you! Amazing app  Shahed  5 star

Thank you developers for fixing the app crash problem. No more problems. I can finally give you guys 5 stars! The app works as it should. It's fantastic for creative writing!


Not fixed  M4535gfd  1 star

Still crashes.


Fix it  Xdlerz  1 star

It still won't work. It crash again!!


Crash not fixes  Amiantos  1 star

Gotta feel bad for the developer of this app. App still does not work even after the update that declares the crash bug has been fixed.


Still crashes  xpancakes11x  4 star

I appreciate that the developers attempted to fix the crash problem in a timely fashion, however I am still having the crash at the same spot and haven't been able to write anything yet. Still very eager to try this out. ^_^ keep working on a fix please. I look forward to the next update.


I can't rate it because I can't use it... #2  KlassicCK  1 star

AGAIN!!!!!!! It still wont work. When I tap "Press Here To Start Writing" or the + button, it crashes. This needs fixed A LOT. If it helps, I use an iPod 4G.


Crashes  Rawrockbander  1 star

After update, still crashes upon starting a new entry. iPad mini with retina, iOS 7.0.4


Done  KRB1307  1 star

There is nothing worse than your brain being sparked to pour emotion out just to have it disappear. The app force closes every time I get a decent amount typed out. When I open the app back up it's gone and so is the inspiration. I'm done.

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