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The world’s #1 pro DJ software brings high-impact DJing to iPhone. Touch your tracks and create stunning mixes in seconds.

"Incredibly well designed and packed with great features." (WIRED)
"It's wonderfully tactile and a lot of fun." (The Guardian)
"Traktor DJ brings real DJ tools to the masses." (The Verge)
"They worked on every little detail to get the app just right." (Loop Insight)


- Revolutionary DJ app by Native Instruments – makers of the leading pro DJ software
- Touch the groove using familiar iOS swipe and pinch gestures
- Familiar DJ mixer layout with crossfader, 3-band EQ, and filter on each channel
- Direct access to your iTunes music library from TRAKTOR DJ
- Stylish waveform display allows for simple looping and ultra-tight scratching
- Ingenious use of iPhone’s compact screen real estate – swipe from one-deck focus to split-screen view
- Intelligent browser recommends songs based on compatible tempo and key
- Automatic tempo and key detection plus BPM sync for super-smooth mixing
- Notification Center gives you in-app access to tips and undiscovered techniques
- 8 built-in pro DJ effects including Reverb, Delay, and dramatic glitch effects like BeatMasher
- Audiobus integration allows two-way control of TRAKTOR DJ with other compatible apps
- Inter-app audio support allows TRAKTOR DJ to stream audio to other apps for further processing
- Plug-and-play integration with hardware controllers TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 and S4
- External mixer mode for sending individual deck outputs to separate mixer channels (if used with TRAKTOR hardware or splitter cable)
- Enhanced time-stretching, powered by élastique efficient V2 engine by zplane.development
- Flux mode – remix your tracks live, then drop back in at exactly the right moment
- Record your mixes live in high-quality on the iPhone and share with your friends

Please note: The Metadata sync feature has been removed from TRAKTOR PRO 2. It’s still possible though, to sync metadata between two instances of TRAKTOR DJ.


Minimum requirements are iPhone 4S or higher, iPod Touch (5th generation) or higher, and iOS 7.0 or higher. Recommended are iPhone 5, or iPhone 6.


Watch the TRAKTOR DJ intro video:

Check out the TRAKTOR DJ Knowledge Base for support information:


Want to get physical with TRAKTOR DJ? Check out the 2-channel mixer, controller, and soundcard TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1:

Want total physical control for TRAKTOR DJ? Try TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 or S4. These pro-grade, all-in-one DJ systems combine with TRAKTOR DJ to unlock additional features like Beatjumps, chained effects, and Classic DJ mode with jog-wheel tempo bending (sync and keylock off).

Traktor DJ for iPhone App Description & Overview

The applications Traktor DJ for iPhone was published in the category Music on 2013-05-02 and was developed by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH. The file size is 69.03 MB. The current version is 1.6.5 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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Traktor DJ for iPhone Reviews


Fun App  JCheng720  4 star

It’s a great app when not doing a gig and you want to work on how tracks will fit together. Also fun for impromptu house parties if you have a load of music on your phone and can stream it over a system. I just recently got an iPad and wanted to add it on there only to find I need to purchase the iPad version. Really? I could see paying a small upgrade fee if you own the iPhone version, but to rebuy it is so outside the purchasing model with its softwares. I don’t know if this is an App Store thing or NI. Either way, it feels like a rip-off.


Doesn’t work with Kontrol S4  christianguy562  1 star

Title says it all they advertise one thing but deliver another...


It’s been 2 years  ttchan19  1 star

It’s been two year since the last update, hello anyone home?


No Updates  Vvaaavv  2 star

Hasn’t been updated in YEARS. Not worth your money


Abandonware  Happyhsa1  1 star

Last update was 2 years ago. Software is dated and not usable on the new iPhones. Seems that native Instruments has no interest in supporting this app anymore.


Update ASAP  Nigiano  3 star

Hope there will be an update on this app soon.


Disappointed  doinkboi69  3 star

Used to be one of my favorite iphone apps. Extremely solid software. Nowadays ya’ll cant even bother to format it for the new iphone screens. rip.




🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨  3 star

It’s a very good app I want to keep using it but it’s seriously needs updating I can’t sync my cue points Or just making a whole new app similar to this one I will re-purchased I don’t mind


Should not be available is more beta  tpromix  1 star

Also should not be an editors choice, it doesn't even work... No pro or novice can use this it has major skipping errors just while loading the "next track" unless u like dead air, and lots of spots with no sound (this app) ...skip this and go pro with dJayPro by algoriddim...does everything this app WANTS to do, except dJay doesn't crash or skip me as a 25 year pro....they my have the "#1" computer software (only because of its age, not desireability) this app continues that of my friends joked traktors are for farms...anyways I hope this helps u save time and money....


Serious Update  4playaz  4 star

Very handy to use but needed update!!! NI dev are yous listening!!!!

Philly Feels Good

Omg I just lost a 3 hour mix because of app crash  Philly Feels Good  2 star

Are you serious?? Says I’ve no space but there’s 40gb free Fail I am shattered

alfonso n capri

No Dropbox update  alfonso n capri  1 star

It’s been a long time since the app hasn’t been updated with the new version of Dropbox, therefore I cannot access my library. Come on guys! Kind of an essential thing to correct here


Can’t access music to play your app  D'SkYz  1 star

I’m not happy I want my money back I can’t load tracks onto the app.


Update please  Smiddog62  4 star

Please update the app so it will link to the new Dropbox. The old Dropbox is being discontinued or make it so you can email or get you sets some other way other then mixcloud please and thank you

Skateboarder in real life

Easily the best dj app available  Skateboarder in real life  5 star

I never give 5 stars but this app deserves it The price of this surprises me considering competing apps run for 5x the price of this, yet this is superior in every way. Technical features with an extremely user friendly interface. I tend to mess around with mixes on this app, then create a full version on the traktor pro pc. Love it


Apple Music  Dionyianni33  4 star

It's not working with Apple Music can you please fix it, otherwise it's a good app


Time for an update?  Orac_1971  4 star

Hi guys. Love the app but please can we get recommended tracks not come up as the first screen when selecting the next track? We work with play lists us wanna be DJs and it's a pain selecting the playlist every time.. thanks again


Not impressed  raver1978  2 star

Was a nice app few years ago. I used it for Z1 and it was going ok.They released the version to support iPhones 5,6 and above. While anything below like iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5 and iPad2 produce cracks and pops in sound when using it with Native Instruments- Z1 controller. Disappointing.... And had to fork out another $300 odd dollars for an iPod touch 6. Works excellent with it now. Let's just hope it lasts a while before another update takes effect and gets pops and cracks again...


Holy Freaking Wow!  El'Royd  5 star

Super stoked with this app!! Easy to hook up my s4 mk2 decks on the fly, but I have suffered a few crashes I think it's because of my iPhone being chocka block with tunes and it only seems to happen during a hell phat mix when recording .

Moon Disco

Update the interface?  Moon Disco  4 star

Great app love it for sitting on the couch or between gigs while I'm waiting to Dj. But it really needs an update for the iPhone plus models. It looks blurry. Also would love to be able to sync metadata with Traktor Scratch.


Easy to use!  atwarene  5 star

Traktor Pro has been my only one DJ software on my computer for a long time, when I heard of Traktor DJ for iPhone I wasn't sure it would work as well as the original software, but it does. It is very easy to use, even if you don't have any DJ experience.

Guest 01

Best mixing app around!  Guest 01  5 star

If your looking for a solid mixing app then this is it! All around great app and works great with the Traktor Z1 and S2 MK2.


Awesome.  nuhckah  5 star

Must buy for any mobile DJ


Excellent  Blwn99x  5 star

Love this app, I have too much fun with it


Great App  Faraydoun  5 star

I am enjoying this app. Real user friendly


Graphics  DJ AARON JONES  1 star

Why have the graphics changed and not been fixed for over 3 months??


What the hell happened to the resolution?  Vodka&Redbull  1 star

This app looks so pixelated on my iPhone 6 Plus. They are using a lower screen resolution from a previous generation and have not updated it for the 6+/6s+/7+. Disappointed with Native Instruments. It's like they've given up.


No songs  PikachuNinja342  3 star

When I load it it has no songs at all.

The salty otter

No Dropbox?  The salty otter  3 star

Im not able to use the Dropbox feature which semi cramps the style. Plz fix or provide instructions.. otherwise solid DJ app on par with a nice controller :)


I dont have my songs  italianomts  1 star

Why I dont have my songs in the app?

gavin ruane

Almost Perfect  gavin ruane  4 star

I've been using this for years now and the only feature i think needs to be added is the option to manually change the bpm settings on a song. Sometimes i will add a track and the bpm will be completely wrong and i will not be able to change it using the tap feature.

Kev GL

#1 DJ App (almost)  Kev GL  4 star

All features are extremely easy to use and are laid out fantastically. All it needs is a key change feature and spotify integration and it'll be the best DJ app across the App Store and Google Play Store.


Almost there - just get the minute markers!  dzodzinex  4 star

Great app, no need to say more, just introduce minute markers in the track preview and we'll be grand.


Great peice of kit  JohnnyF6000  5 star

Did a whole party night on this and ppl there thought it was the doggies doodas! Easy to mix for those occasions u dont have ur full kit! Couldnt be easier!


Awful  Richmau578  1 star

Awful. You can only use sync and its always off beat. Dont waste your money.


Lethal  Dawwwg  5 star

Seriously fun app with powerful features.


Fantastic  Based_Donuts  5 star

This is the best DJ app on the App Store. Simple and easy to use and great fun.


Amazing..  DeBurca  5 star

This is hands down the best and one of the EASIEST proper DJ apps out there!!


Brilliant.  andyjpc  5 star

Best app I've ever gotten

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