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PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan [Business] App Description & Overview

An Efficient PDF Converter App for all your Needs

PDF Export is a comprehensive app with PDF tools that will help you view, edit, convert and capture documents. You can encapsulate PDF files into a single file; scan images and other content on the file, and even convert the PDF into image format and vice versa. You can merge multiple files into one PDF document and edit them with a custom watermark of your brand / company logo.

The app is quite accessible and user-friendly to all users owing to its cloud sharing function, file manager features with multiple options for private storage and sharing with stakeholders.

Rest assured, you can convert multiple format documents like docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and others to PDF, directly from your iPhone and iPad. Convert webpages, photos, and clipboard content to PDF too!

# PDF Tools #

## Document Scanner
Advanced Scanner with document edge detection. Apply filters in black, white, and grayscale

## PDF Converter
Convert MS Office Documents, iWorks Documents, Images (JPG, PNG, GIF and others), Open Office Documents, Plain Text and RTF (Rich Text Format) into PDF

## Web to PDF
The web browser converter converts any webpage into PDF File

## Text Recognition - OCR
Capture image with camera, converting the image into a text document

## Merge PDF
Select multiple PDF files and merge them into a single PDF

## Split PDF
Split PDF by selecting the number of pages or range in each individual PDF file

## PDF to JPG
Convert PDF file to JPEG, sourcing the pages from a PDF file.

## Send FAX
The FAX service dispatches PDF files as fax to the intended party.

# PDF to Text
Convert PDF files into Text files, capturing the content as is, into the .txt file format.

# Add Page No.
Add page numbers to PDF file pages, starting from any page, in the font style and colour, you need.

## Add Watermark
Add text and images as watermarks to the PDF. A watermark can be a text snippet in diverse font styles, font sizes, and page positions (top, bottom or centre). One can also add images as watermarks, especially company logos to PDF documents.

## Rotate PDF
Rotate any PDF page in any angle of your choosing - 90 or 180 degrees.

## Unlock PDF
Remove the password protection from the PDF file to transform it into a password-free PDF.

## Edit PDF
Rearrange and shuffle PDF pages, or add new pages to an existing PDF File through this feature.

## Secure PDF.
Set a strong password to lock the PDF and secure it from access by unintended users.

## Mark Up
Add annotations to the PDF file with the tool along with a signature, as required.

## Advance PDF Viewer
The inbuilt PDF Viewer within the PDF export view is a powerful PDF viewer and processor that entails multiple features. It provides multiple viewing and saving options for PDF files.

The tool offers users the ability to search filenames as well as terms used within content of the PDF files.
Users can annotate PDF files and bookmark them based on topics of interest.
They can view thumbnails of the documents for viewing the content within a document without opening them.

## Drag and Drop
This feature is quite handy on the iPad. Transform the PDF Export app into a multi-screen app between two apps - Eg. PDF Export App and Any Misc. App (Mail app, for instance).

## Cloud Sharing
The PDF Export app facilitates cloud sharing options to diverse cloud providers, aiding users to store data in the form of images and files on the cloud securely.

## Quick Option
The PDF Export App provides quick options for users by leveraging 3D Touch technology on their smartphones. Additionally, the app provides quick spotlight search to access scanning options for varied documents.

## Supports Orientations
Portrait and Landscape in iPhone & iPad that allow best reading experience.

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PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New Enhancement. - Bug fixes and Improvements. - Compatible with iOS 14. Thank you for using PDF Export! If you have a moment to leave a review in the App Store we would really appreciate it.

PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan Comments & Reviews

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- A decent app that is so close to being really good

Ive been a user for several versions now. It is a good app. It's useful to make PDFs but its frustrating that the app is trying to do too much. There is a bunch of functionality that is locked behind in app purchases. I don't really need those pieces but I'd gladly pay for more app if it was more refined.

- Files are gone!

I have had this app for, probably, a couple of years and everything was fine, until one of the updates deleted the “Imported Files“ folder and all of my files contained therein. Unfortunately, even though I had this app backed up on the cloud, none of the files/documents could be found. Save your time, money, and, most importantly, your documents, and find something else.

- Claims to convert pdf to jpeg files

Did not even see the option to convert pdf to jpeg files. After purchase, seemed to have no easy, straightforward way to do the functions it claims. Disappointed in this app!

- Scam

Bought the add on option to rotate PDFs. This functionality was not provided in the app. Then I bought ALL the add ones. No additional options are displayed within the app. Is this a scam?

- New format is confusing and complex

Has been one of my most useful apps until format changed

- Good app

The app is really good. It imports and exports to lots of cloud services. It makes files encrypted and with passwords. The only thing I have found it doesn't have is the option to rotate the page if its sideways. Good app though.

- Just like my bank

After paying for this once you'll have to keep paying for it for more of its functionality, even most conversions are charged on a use basis. At least after paying for this part of the app it will export a web page to pdf, unfortunately it is exported as all graphic, no actual text at all.

- Strange

The splitting works well but it doesn't fulfil my goal of purchasing it becuase the splitted file appears ti be larger than the original file, and therefore I couldn't attach it in my e-mail anyway. I find this really strange and hope that the developer will find a solution for it. Otherwise, I won't be able to rate it 5 stars.

- Awesome app

Great app. Use it everything. Small bug I wish to see it fix like evernote and box cloud access. Overall, worth the $.

- Thanks great app just needs editing though

Thanks you for creating this app the only thing you need is some editing tools though like adding two clips together

- Importer/Exporter

Was an excellent app before IOS9. Now fax feature does not work at all. Contacted developer and was promised an update. We're still waiting. That was 2 months ago. SAVE YOUR MONEY DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!!!!!!!

- Excellent

I use it to convert images to PDF and have found it to be excellent.

- Edit issues

I tried to manage my first file through the edit button. The edit button did not work unless I flipped the device. Then, only part of the dialogue box appeared. I then sought support, but the contact could not be found (it was an invalid address). So this turns out to be a waste of 2.99.

- Does what its supposed to but….

In converting an excel file many of my formats did not go through, unacceptable to send to a client, taking the long way through Numbers gave better results.

- Exactly what I needed

I wanted to be able to convert documents to pdf and password protect them. This lets me do that and has other great features.

- Kal

Nice work This is very good and safe application Thanks for this application

- Not good

I hate this version! I can't paste info in the rich text, which the previous version allowed me to do. I had to rewrite a 20 pages story in order to convert it to PDF. It was a waste of my precious time.

- Needs work

You can't email the PDFs you create. And you can't crop images or edit them before converting them to PDF. I agree not ready for the App Store.

- Simply needed to covert a pdf to jpg

This costs an extra 2.99 from inside the app, a link that says "in app purchases are not allowed" when clicked on. -Now my job isn't going to the printer as I need it.

- Crashes all the time

Every time I try to do something especially when I'm trying to merge while it just keeps crashing

- Crashes and doesnt work

Cant agree more to the other reviewers. Save your money and dont buy it. It constantly crashes and makes wired format outputs.

- c:

Really like this app.

- So Far So Good

So far as of today Saturday January 30, 2016 it's working okay.


Not ready for the App Store. Do not buy until the file management issue is fixed and verified by users.

- Amazing


- signature does not work

fix it

- Beware

App does not work

- An app with a lot of potential

Update: when I try to merge more than ten or fifteen pdf's the app slows down, freezes, then crashes. Up until ten it works great. But if you're trying to merge more than ten or fifteen PDF documents I don't see how you can do it using this program. I was very, very disappointed. The other day it was working fine but I really wasn't converting too many pages and everything was working fine. The only other app that I know of that merges PDF is PDF expert five by Readdle; but I don't know how many PDF you can merge at once. Is was a terrible, terrible disappointment. Maybe it's because I'm using an older iPad (ipad2) but I doubt that was the problem. If you need to merge several documents together then this app will work fine. But if you have to merge anything above ten or fifteen in all likelihood it's going to crash. I'm so disappointed. Good news: there is a way to merge documents in an app called PDF EXPERT 5. It costs ten dollars but if you use pdf's at all, then you really need this app. It's outstanding and a giveaway at ten dollars. The rendering engine renders pdf's up to 1800MB. You have access to iCloud, box, Google drive, and Dropbox. When they updated their program I had some problems but I solved those. It's one of the best apps in the App Store. They just released the program in the Mac App Store. But the iPad version has a lot of functionality and among them is the ability to merge pdf's. I've used this app for months. It's received thousands of five star reviews; you'll see when you look at their page. Trust me. It's worth it. If you can afford it, Adobe has a program that can manipulate pdf's including merging them but that can be very, very expensive. For ten dollars, you get a lot with PDF EXPERT 5. Documents 5 is also another PDF reader, very similar to expert since they're made by the same company but I don't know if they merge documents. It's an outstanding app as well. They work more or less the same. But I think only expert can merge docs; I've verified that myself. You will not regret PDF EXPERT 5. And I can only say to the developers of this app, you have to fix the problem. Users should be able to merge dozens, even hundreds of pages. Please make the necessary changes to your program. Thank you This app offers a variety of ways to work with PDF documents. You can merge them, split them, convert a web page to a PDF, among other things. I have found it indispensable for studying. I use a screen capture app to grab charts and tables, then convert those images to PDF documents, then merge those PDF documents into a little booklet organized by subject. This saves an enormous amount of time when studying involves data in charts and tables that are not easy to copy. This app enables you to collate those PDF's (you can also merge other collections of pdf's) in any way you want. The app is very intuitive and there are tutorials available to help you. The app is well designed and laid out. So far everything works as advertised. What I disliked was the fact that they offer ways to convert pdf's online for money and also to fax but again for money. I can only speak about the features involving PDF's since that's what I need to do and , so far, everything related to that has worked well. I thought the in app purchases was worth it since I don't have another program that can perform the same functions but others may disagree and find the purchases excessive. Be sure to take a look at the in app purchases before you make your decision. All the tutorials on their website cover, as far as I could tell, all aspects of the program. I have used the app extensively over the past two or three days and have not had any problems. If I do I will update the review. It can be used for iPhones and iPads.lastly, I would stress again that the app is very intuitive and the tutorials are helpful--a bit fast which means you'll be watching it three or four times but other than that it's been helpful to me and I consider it a good app with a lot of potential.

- Seems like it's freezing

I'm having issues converting some of my images into a pdf and exporting it to another app so I can write and highlight on the images. If you're going to charge me for this app it better f--cking work. I have things I need to do and trying to get this app to work as it should is annoying and a waste of my valuable time.

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- Crashing

App crashes,takes ages to copy pase

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- You buy only the basics, all other items are paid add- ons

In the description you read “ over one million users” but you have only 13 feedbacks. That is very unique. I baugt the app and realized at the first use that most of the functions are paid add-ons. I deleted it and bought an other app.

- Fraudulent app

This is a fraudulent app. Does not function atl all simply. And nothing even close to fundamentally as claimed. Cannot open a single file from iOS file system. Empty shell app. Fake app, nothing works! Paid basic app does not work as claimed. No warning about paid add-ons. Paid add-ons are fake!!!! Do not work!!

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PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images
PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan iphone images

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The applications PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan was published in the category Business on 2013-04-25 and was developed by LiveBird Technologies Private Limited [Developer ID: 551521372]. This application file size is 67.2 MB. PDF Export Pro - Editor & Scan - Business app posted on 2020-10-28 current version is 9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.livebird.PDFExport

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