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What is amazon photos: photo & video app? Safely store all your full-resolution photos on Amazon Photos. Use this free app to back up, share, and organize all of your photos. All Amazon Photos customers have 5GB full-resolution photo and video storage. Personalize your Fire TV and Echo Show to display your favorite memories. Order photo prints, custom gifts, and home décor directly from your phone to make gift giving a breeze. You can opt to remove photos and videos stored in your phone to free up space, knowing your photos and videos will remain safe—now and in the future.

Take advantage of features like This Day to see and share photos from this date in years past, and Memories, to automatically see curated slideshows from trips and other special moments from your life. Use invite-only Groups to gather and share a multitude of top-quality photos and albums with family and friends.

Amazon Photos keeps your photos and videos the same size and format as the originals. With full-resolution storage, your prints look as sharp as the day you took them.

So many photos and videos captured remain tucked away in a phone or camera. Device personalization means your best memories stay where they belong: in the spotlight. Whether it’s your Fire TV in the living room or your Echo Show on the kitchen counter, your memories get the attention they deserve.

High-quality prints, made to order. Best of all? You can make it happen right from the app and transform those memories into prints, custom gifts, and home décor.
Available only in the U.S.

View (and share) photos from this date in years past, whether it’s one year ago or five years ago.

Your special moments set to music and re-surfaced as a curated slideshow to re-live the good times.

Share full-resolution photos and videos with family and friends by inviting them to a private Amazon Photos Group. Share lifetime-long memories or highlight special events such as vacations, playoffs, parties, graduations. View photo slideshows on your Fire TV and Echo Show to enjoy special moments throughout your entire home.

• Prime: Prime members get unlimited, full-resolution photo storage and 5GB for video
• Storage: Free 5GB photo and video storage
• Full-resolution: Keep your original image’s resolution: more pixels equal better quality photos and videos
• Personalization: Keep photo memories on view instead of tucked away in a phone or camera
• One-stop shop: Photo storage, prints, and sharing
• Prints: Favorite memories transformed into photo prints, custom gifts, and home décor
Available only in the U.S.
• Built-in security: Back up photos and videos automatically just by turning on with Auto-Save
• Alexa: Take, view, and share photos hands-free
• Groups: Privately share selected photos, videos, and albums with family and friends across devices
• Subscriptions: Expand storage with flexible monthly and annual plans starting at $1.99

By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice (

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App Name Amazon Photos: Photo & Video
Category Photo & Video
Updated 14 December 2022, Wednesday
File Size 397.19 MB

Amazon Photos: Photo & Video Comments & Reviews 2023

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storage could've improved since the photobucket days. k Its been real helpful so im sharing my thoughts, Ive been moving plenty since I was 15 y/o and I tried to keep storing on different platforms, and still the softwares seem to not take in account that is really thin percentage of world population that can afford the devices and web speed that u need to navigate all the options for this function of the internet(storage) desides thst. yeah it is a tiny bit less frustrating than apple and clud n so on. also remember that if you get account canceled ull lose ur stuff, but u can share a family vault so u got a backup and also two account with prime so u do get a sorta sense of privacy wich is pretty good. so yeah four stars.

Really really great photo storage but.... This app works wonderfully 90% of the time. Open it up, it automatically scans phone and saves all photos and videos, then you have great access to your entire library wherever you go! However every once in awhile it will get stuck. Like really really stuck. Will need to delete app and re-download. This is an excruciating process because then it needs to scan the whole photo library again. Another issue is it will "miss" videos (usually not photos) in the auto scan that you will have to manually upload. Overall I love the ease and functionality. My husband and I log onto the same account and can see all our pics in one place.

GOOD BUT NOT THE GREATEST. decent quality prints . . . invites arrived a day earlier than expected, but overnight delivery cost nearly 1/2 the cost of the purchased product, and the difference of one day made ALL of the difference without knowing what time to expect the delivery . . . I wasn’t particularly thrilled that the invites were only sold by increments of 25, and disappointed that I was short shipped [received fewer than 25] upon arrival. The convenience of the service seemed attractive to me when I started the project, but I think I expected the turn around to be a little faster since I took care of the “type-setting.” I would use the service again but do realize that I would need to start any project well in advance . . . with the understanding that card designs and layouts are limited . . .

Essential features missing. This is almost a great program. However, it falls short in a number of crucial ways. Firstly, there is no way to correct the many mistakes the facial recognition software makes. When it fails to recognize that an image contains a person, I can’t manually tag it. What’s worse, it frequently misidentifies two or three people as being the same person, and there’s no way to manually disambiguate. This is an essential function that must be added, and which competitor programs already have. Frustratingly, the facial recognition 'People' folders index only the photos uploaded by your own account. They leave out all the photos of the same people in the family vault. So it’s not a very useful compilation of all the photos of somebody. Thirdly, while this app allows manual album creation, your albums are stored only on your own account, and are not visible to anyone you add to your family vault. It’d be a huge bonus to be able to share albums with your family members. I’d also really appreciate being able to rotate a photo right in my account, without having to download it to my device, rotate it in a separate program, and re-upload it to prime photo all over again. With a few fixes, this can be an excellent photo storage program.

Wonderful solution for storing photos. This app helps solve my photo storage problem as I take a ton of my newborn’s photos everyday. It’s great bc it instantly updates photos taken from any devices, and the photos can be viewed from all of these devices (my phone, my husband’s phone, our iPads and laptops). My husband and I now can share the same photo library anywhere, anytime. I wish they have more free video storage though. You can store unlimited numbers of photos but only 5Gb for videos which runs put very fast. However, for a free service (for Prime members) it’s is beyond my expectations.

Photo recognition. I would like to be able to tag the people and just photos not under just where the people circle is because it doesn’t catch everyone in there I would like to be able to tag the people myself in photos, also it has automatically done a lot of duplicate photos so I have three and four of each photo in my photos I’m glad that I’m a prime member and it doesn’t charge me, and in the iPad app when I’m putting text on a photo and maybe I’ve done one or two it like will not save it so I have to start all over turn my iPad close the app or out and then try it again and it will take it I called about this and they told me to uninstall the app and reinstall the app I did that but I still have that problem on the iPad and on my desktop I was used to be able to put a photo frame with a color for Christmas red and green Halloween orange and now I cannot do that I’m sorry that they took that away I like that feature of putting a frame around my holiday photos

Impressive App; Needs 1 fix. One thing would make this a 5 star review: Would love it if the picture was removed from the main photos page when you add it to an album. OR at least, the app needs to clearly show if the picture has been added to an album. Currently, there is no way to know which pictures I have placed in albums. This is very annoying when you have a thousand pictures to organize. Otherwise, love the unlimited storage of the ORIGINAL PICTURE SIZE with Prime membership!!! It’s TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I’m just waiting for them to take that away (please don’t take it away). Was using paid Dropbox, but I don’t have enough room to upload at original pic size (although Dropbox gives you a lot of storage, pictures are large!). This is a wonderful membership perk and well worth it!

Really useful for storage! Subpar on interface.. I really needed somewhere to store my photos and videos, and already being a Prime user this was a no brainer. But man the interface isn’t great. It would be 1000 times more useful if you could upload images directly to an existing folder with it then also adding the uploads also to the general photo roll. Instead you have to upload them to the general photo roll, then go in to the album, and select them all over again to add them to the folder. It’s just feels like an extra step that doesn’t seem necessary. It also feels a little clunky the way the “search” “years” “people” etc bar auto appears/disappears when you scroll though the general photo roll. (Disappears when you scroll down to older photos, reappears when you scroll up to newer photos, why?) To me, it would be more useful for that to be sticky and accessible at anytime. Same with that “…” menu that lets you upload photos. That really should be around….always. So all in all, a useful app that could use some UI help.

It is almost a great app. The features of the app are interesting. For example the ability to search photos by the content in them or the places they were taken are great. I love that I can share my pics with family and the little slide shows the program puts together. However it is frustrating that you don’t have all the same functionality in a pic than in the app, and that uploading individual photos is way harder than it should be. I also wish it was easier to create prints from my photos from my phone, but it has only worked for me in the computer. It could be great, but for now it is just a good app.

Great App for Photos Overall. Great App for photos, love that it has the space for unlimited photos to make being a prime member that much more of a perk. The more perk options the longer I plan on staying a prime member. The only reason it is not 5 stars which it is really close to that is Google photos is a little more fun friendly as in making collages or videos with your photos to be able to share/post or the way you are able to edit Live Photos easier or share folders to extended family and have them add to the folder you shared. On trips/vacations with Google Photos we all put the photos all together from the time we were together in one folder and all have access just to that folder. Still, overall a great easy app to use.

Expect frequent double orders. I have spent so much time having to correct an app flaw: normally, you ho through a sequence of screens to complete orders. HOWEVER, amazon’s app does this frequent bounce back before an oder is complete, and it returns you to the home page. Then, you are not sure if the order goes through. I have had to get credited 3x for double orders. And even if you contact them one minute after receiving confirmation of an order to cancel (I receive two separate Discover charge texts), they will say “Sorry we are unable to cancel the order.” Then, you have to go through the hoops of a refund and of explaining to recipients why they are getting two sets of the same photos. I know it is easy to blame app user, but each time it is amazon’s app jumping out of a sequence mid order. Other times, you’ll get a death spin of it uploading or processing, and I have had to turn off and back on my phone to kill it. iPhone issue? Both phone and app are up to date btw

Comvenient And Easy To Use. I use prime photos to back up all my photos from all devices. This app makes it easy to view my whole library from my phone or iPad. It is also very simple to upload photos directly from my devices. Several years ago there was a sync function on the app version of prime photos that could make it easy to accidentally delete pictures from prime photos when you deleted them from your phone. That sync feature, as far as i can tell, has been removed from the app, so you can use prime as a simple backup rather than a mirrored drive like iCloud or 365. The sync version still exists when accessing prime photos through your browser, such as you would on your computer, but even there i turned it off.

Lost All My Family Photos And Videos Without Evidence As To Why…. I’ve been a customer for a few years now, but I was forced to switch to a different storage company. My account got terminated and I spent 3 weeks trying to recover it. No evidence or proof was given to justify my account termination which is what really got to me. 95% of their contact support keeps transferring me in circles to others that keep promising that it’ll be ready to access by the next day. Try Google Photos everyone, I should’ve switched to them a long time ago. They offer more in their storage and app. But beware of your personal photos being lost forever because they don’t have a backup download just in case something unfortunate happens like my situation. It’s sad to see they can just do that without valid presentation on their end for the termination.

Love this - Please add multi-select option!!. As a photographer I love that this allows me to store high quality RAW files from the camera without having to pay for expensive cloud storage outside of my Prime membership!! Really awesome as other services do not store the full quality images. I also love the faces features and ability to search by what’s in the picture. I edit most of my photos on iPad so its great as I can just import them from camera and back them up here and my hard drive. There is ONE THING that is super annoying and should be fixed- the ability to multi select or select all. I dont want to back up every single item in my photos just the RAW photos and edited versions. So I have to manually select each photo which is so many when I do a shoot with 400 images for example. If I could hold and drag to multi-select or create albums in iPhone photos and choose “select all” it would make using this app a million times easier.

Great. I love it It would be easier if option to add important business card or I’d or document details automatically for like 2 sec smart scam and upload rather than hours of notes … recognize name addresses business etc please. Oh also please offer other easy and btw old now smart features such as smoothing a paper digitally ( like the white board notes used to) You should easily be able to straighten a page without manually doing it. Auto capture is great but not all pages will be exactly flat please allow for skewed or off angles folds etc and correct easily. A base virtual page down that matches the base color of the document would also be good. No one should see what color desk or copier the pdf scan or photo was taken on. Please try not to bleach out photos and address or other text when adjusting scan also… the whole thing should be balanced and legible and for legal documentation or identification the colors themselves are as important as the balance, clarity, and view ability of the facts. And optionally seeing the lighter shaded text say sunbleached or carbon or lighterhand poor copy etc and auto fill with appropriately tinted color text. Added feature to find missing words from carbon or lighter would be great.

Lifesaver. I had 18 years worth of pics on multiple devices, PCs, iPads, iPhones, macs, thumb drives, sd cards, all of it. Things started going bad, hard drives started crashing and the threat of my family’s memories made me look for an offsite storage of everything in case something happened to my home. I used to have to load up old devices and pray they’d work long enough for me to pull stuff off of them. Now, it’s available on anything that has an internet connection. 74k photos and over 115gb of videos all in one place. My 3 kids births, all their birthdays, and everything in between are at my fingertips. I’m super grateful this technology is available.

Could use some Tweaks. I love that I can store all of my photos (and videos) in one spot, it’s fantastic. I also enjoy the look back in time of the photos as well. I’ve been all over the world with my travels in the Navy etc, but a lot of those photos don’t have their metadata updated and I’d love to be able to edit the location, that is the ONLY downfall of the ap, that and the clunky deletion process (if I have too many of the same video/photo) I’d like an easier “select all of the same” type process or even not having to click each and every photo/video (it’s tedious). Otherwise it’s a great ap and my go to which I’m moving all of my photos to from Microsoft cloud

Needs some work.. I like the program overall so don’t get me wrong. I like that it can recognize faces and place those photos under the correct person you have named. The problem is that every once in a while it places the wrong photo under the wrong person. That in itself is not the issue as no software is full-proof in this regard and it is to be expected. The issue stems from the fact that that once this happens, you have NO way of moving that photo to the appropriate person’s folder and can be quite frustrating. If I’m missing something here, I would appreciate some hints on how to correct but till then that flaws appears to be this app’s Achilles heel. I would have given it a higher rating to be sure if not for this serious shortcoming!

Great app til recent update, keep accidentally adding favorites to whole albums as I make an album. I really love your app except two is a long-standing complaint, that exif info including time&date&location, does download with pictures. The second is a new development since recent update. The “add to favorites” is right above the “add to album” tab. I’ve been careful only to hit add to album, and for some reason, it makes the whole album “add to favorites” and I can’t figure out how to remove that designation for one photo, let along a newly created album that has over 1,000 photos&videos...also, why isn’t the “add to album” on the top but you put it on the bottom? I don’t know who designed this specific change, but it’s not user friendly, especially it adding yo favorites when I’ve been careful to ensure I hit only “add to albums”. Please fix.

Pure Photo Storage. At this point this app is purely for storing photos, which it does excellently. If you’re a prime member looking to free up space on your phone, this app is for you. But in addition to storage, I like to organize my photos. The latest major update has made it very difficult to do that. - First, the facial recognition has never been great. It’s always combined multiple family members into one. The plus of the old version was that I could manually override the person tag. Now, I’m stuck with whatever tag the app automatically assigns. This makes it difficult, as I like to make different albums for my individual children. Now my sons are lumped together under the same person tag and I can’t separate them. - Second, the user interface is unfriendly. It’s difficult to find any feature that’s not looking at a picture or a memory. The search function is cool as long as I’m not looking for a specific person (see my first complaint). Overall, I like the new streamlined look, but a menu bar wouldn’t hurt.

Nice for now but needs improvement in future. I like the app in general. The price is acceptable and is fast enough. I like the time reel and the face recognition is okay. I wish they had the location feature for pictures. Sometimes it’s easier to find pictures in a certain geographical location. Say you took a trip to a different country or you are looking for all the pictures you took at you mom’s place. The other thing they’ll need to add is a built-in software to help you pick best picture and delete similar ones when you are taking 5 pictures from your kids and look for the best one. It’s good for them too, drops the space each user needs easily 20% or more. I also wish there was a better desktop app to look at all the photos and have easier process fir mass photo download.

Fair product. The app will auto update your photos; ensuring they are all secure. You can set up albums which is a nice feature to sort them. However, when placed in an album, there is no indication from the main view that a picture has been placed in an album. When you have thousands of pics, this makes it very difficult to properly sort your pics or to even easily ensure you have placed a pic in an album. Love the ability for Alexa to access them. We have pics constantly showing on our Alexa show devices. Also enjoy that it sends a periodic email showing pics from the same day in the past.

Good when it works.. When it works correctly, this app is great. After I sign it, it usually works for 3 or 4 days, then will be stuck "checking" for x-amount of pictures, never loads them and then I either have to sign out and sign back in or delete the app and download it again. Then when I login, it's stuck on the login page for about 12 hours, then is on a blank white page for about 12 hours, then everything is fine and it works for a few days before I have to repeat the process again. I have some photos that it has never backed up and it apparently never will because even when I tell it to upload them, it gets stuck and they still never backup. But... for free... and unlimited storage... I can't be too mad. Update: the app has been working amazingly well, until iOS 14. Now every time I open the app it gives me the login screen, but I have to log out first or nothing happens. When I login, it acts like the first time I’ve ever used the app and tries to upload everything from my Photos. I have to reset my settings the way I want them and delete a bunch of pictures that have uploaded and been deleted previously.

Could be better. Would be nice if the photos would upload while your phone was plugged into your charger instead of having to keep your app open. It is really annoying to get the notification that the app has to be open in order for it to download the photos. Also I really wished that the photos you choose to “hide” where actually hidden from plan site with a passcode and the option of a cover photo. People do have younger children that get on there phones and snoop around. You can not claim that it is “hidden” if you can see what type of photos they are!! For that reason I am giving this app a 2 star rating because you can do better but instead you choose not too!! I really hope that you put my thoughts of this app into consideration and fix these issues!!

Good, but needs work,. Overall, this is a pretty good photo app for those looking for an alternative photo App, which also contains decent editing and storage features. It does have annoying aspects to it as well, such as not being able to default to a selected Album, nor the ability to lock individual Albums. (Unless all pics are placed in the Hidden Photos section, which somewhat defeats the purpose) A few annoying bugs when it comes to storage or organization. E.g..Pics selected as Album covers are lost the moment you move new photos into that particular albums. Tech support is a little disappointing. Quick to respond, however not quite attentive to questions, issues or problem solving. Kinda felt like Robo Support. My suggestion would be to try before you buy!

No worry no cost photo archive. I’m a hoarder. A digital hoarder. I have files from the early days of DOS I don’t throw out. So pictures yeah I have a few. A few thousand. I have filled up 3- 20 Tb drives-yes terabyte. Don’t judge me. I keep seagate paying those fat dividends. So the idea of being able to archive all my photos in the cloud for free-I’m in. Easy and mostly automatic uploads. Easy to browse. Kind of fun blasts from the past. As I am still not over the loss of thousands of pictures from an accidental repartition if a 20TB vault a year ago ( deep deep sob) this is a balm on my damaged psyche. Privacy? Over rated. If somebody wants to browse my dogs and trips to Europe and secret prototype robots ( ok not the robots) then it’s fine.

Solid mediocrity. So far, it is difficult for me to properly rate the app. I have been trying to back my photos up for a couple of days. I have just over 12,000. I left the app open overnight last night and woke up with 491 photos remaining to back up. I needed to send a quick text message, so I switched over to messaging, sent my message and promptly returned to the photo app. The count went back up to over 12,000 and the app now is “checking for backup”, counting down in the same fashion as when I started the process last night. As an added service to something I already pay for (Prime), it’s tough to complain but it isn’t doing what I need it to yet, so I need to maintain middle ground until I have some indication that it will ever back up my photos. It doesn’t do any background uploading, wifi or not, and I can’t just leave the app open all day. Each time I go back into it now, it starts over.

Great app. Needs a couple of changes though.... In albums there should be a feature where you can change your most recent uploaded pictures to be at the top on the album. It used to be this way. It has changed. Now all my recent pictures are at the bottom in the albums I’ve created and its a pain to scroll down 200 pics all the way to the bottom to see if I added it to the album. Please change this feature or at least add a feature for date taken or uploaded within the albums created. I know there is a feature like this under all the pictures taken but not in the albums. Please add this feature. Also, I’ve noticed when I add an article that I have screen shotted with my phone and add it to my albums of saved articles, it uploads in the album backwards. I get the last page of the article 1st in the album instead of last. The first page is at the bottom, not at the top. This feature definitely needs to be changed.

Love this App. I love the ease of use, the features offered have wonderful quality and as above are again easy and fun. I like that it backs up when you open it...and theirs so many ways to organize photos and videos and many options of what to do with them. Size of storage is reasonable and I have so many gigabytes of media not even close to maximum and I’m in the double digits. I do wish that when you’re uploading a lot of photos and such that you could do other things. Apparently you have to leave the application open for uploading. But the WONDERFUL QUALITIES of the app make up for it undoubtedly. I love this app and DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE WHO LOVES PHOTOS AND VIDEOS AND NEEDS A NO FUSS PLACE TO STORE THEM!!! Kid friendly...

Only a few minutes and bugs are showing. I’ve only use the app literally like 15 minutes and I am so furious with this app. You’d think something with great ratings will be good but I am so disappointed. Let me tell you why. 1st as I was trying to upload photo for my Echo Show, the app decided it had to notify me through mid selection that it needed to update.. I lost my progress of selecting 30 photos.. okay no biggie I can reselect it. After it did what it did, I tried to reselect the same photo.. well where is the upload section? It’s hidden in settings.. why is this the location for such an important function? I had to google where it was FYI. Upon finding the upload section, I can’t access my favorites... at this point I’m starting to pull my hair. Desperately trying to get my favorites folder to show up, I close the app, delete some folders in my photos app, and kept trying to find a solution. To my surprise.. nothing worked. At this point I am desperate to add photos to my echo show because I have a party to host.. so here I am selecting photos with over 11k photos without a way to narrow it down... But the last thing, the very last thing that is making me frustrated.. is how much the scrolling jumps.. I’d be scrolling then all the sudden it jumps all the way down near below the center of photos.. this happened at least 4 times, until I need to write this review. I’m done with this app. Complete disappointment. ughhh I am so frustrated..

BEST app to backup photos!. This is the best app I’ve ever used to backup my photos. I take about 10-20 pictures every single time I’m taking a photo. I also take tons of worthless screenshots. By using this app to backup my photos I’m able to keep every single one archived and then keep my photo library on my iPhone cleared out. The initial backup took about a day. I had 31,000 pictures. Excessive I know! But now it takes only a minute per day to backup the new stuff. Love love love! I hate backing up with iCloud and tech support suggested google photos as an alternative. I hated that app. It also doesn’t keep the pictures full resolution. Try this out, you won’t be disappointed!

Mostly works. Update previous review: This app has undergone several revisions over the last couple of years and had improved greatly. Fantastic app! Original review: This app works well for photos and videos taken after the app is downloaded, but photos and videos taken before sometimes don't show the correct date. And there's no way to move the photo to the correct order or edit the date taken. I actually downloaded software to edit the "created" and "modified" dates to the files before uploading, but this had no effect. Also, some of the videos got stuck when uploading for a few days when I initially synced my phone.

A great alternative for extra storage. With a prime membership this app is included, it has lots of storage space, but lacks in keeping up with recent photos. I have my photos in this app to scroll across my tv screen as a screen saver and I have seen photos pop up that I do not have anymore and had forgotten all about, they are very random. In which it is nice to see surprise photos but I’m more concerned with recent photos I have taken and they are there floating around in space somewhere. It is good to have for a extra backup, especially when my iPhone is constantly telling me to pay more for storage, not this gal, I will use other apps to save my photos that I can access anytime similar to this app. All in all I would recommend it

Another reason to be a prime member. For some reason I only recently learned about this app and service though I’ve been a prime member and photography enthusiastic for years. I’ve been having various issues storing high resolution and RAW photos (including not having a function involved computer at the moment). I was very excited to learn that this app was free was free with unlimited high resolution photo storage for prime members. Now, if only they would include more than 5 GB of free video storage too! So far the the interface has been smooth and easy to use. I’m a big fan of all extra benefits that Prime Membership includes. It makes me much more likely to close continue to pay for Prime. 💙💙💙💙💙

Need to upgrade space for videos but no way to do it. I have lots of photos and videos. It took a week to upload the pics and then most of the videos. I had 50 videos left that needed uploading yesterday so I wanted to upgrade beyond the $1.99/mo option since I already signed up for that. It says I need to upgrade to fit more but there is no way to do it no matter where I click. There were only 50 items left that needed uploading and then last night it all of a sudden changed back to needing to upload over 18,000 items. Is that going to take another week? It is frustrating because I planned on buying a new phone today so I wanted to delete the pics and videos from my phone to start fresh but now I don’t trust that I will have all my pics and videos saved.

No app support. I have been in limbo since the beginning of April waiting to upgrade my video storage. The message I received stated that I had to wait until April 28 for my current subscription to run out and then I had to cancel and upgrade to the video storage tier that I need. I waited and waited and on April 28, my useless subscription finally expired. But I couldn’t upgrade my video storage! I thought I should give it a day. Still can’t upgrade my video storage. I tried to contact app support but it just takes you to a discussion forum. The information there states that you can cancel early and receive a prorated difference (would have been nice if your in-app prompt shared that info). It also walks you through upgrading your video storage. However, I still do not have the option anywhere in-app, via Web browser or Drive to upgrade my video storage as I have been trying to do now for weeks. So frustrating!

Easy to use, but lacking some features. I really appreciate the ability to easily backup my photos. I also like the idea of it recognizing people; however that feature definitely needs work. The app routinely ‘recognizes’ non-facial things as people. If I go in manually and remove whatever name it has attributed it to, it simply chooses another person. There really needs to be a way to tell it that isn’t a person. I would also love a way to categorize photos by subject matter (places, pets, etc), so I could easily find a photo I was looking for. Most other apps I’ve used have these abilities. All that being said, I can’t complain too much, as it’s unlimited photo storage and comes included with Prime.

Awesome but lack some critical features. I have recently moved all my photos and videos here, and I see it is missing some features that are very important to me at least. The most important one is the fact that I am unable to share the video files in different apps. It tries to share the video and generates a link instead of sending the file itself. Also, sending many photos together will result to the same behavior. I wish they add the capability, so I can continue using the app. I have used both google photos and MS OneDrive and they both have it. One other missing feature is that you need to download the photo to get be able to see the location information of the photos.

Still have to use iCloud. * Review updated I started using the app after several days which were necessary to upload all the photos from my phone. There are definitely nice features. I like that the app offers you to look at the pics that were taken on the same day previous years. My biggest disappointment, however, is that the app backs up pictures as soon as they are taken (if wi-fi is available) and doesn’t update them if they are being edited. I take quite a few pics a day and, at the end of it, I edit the best of them. If they were baked up some time earlier in the day, they remain unchanged. I was hoping that Prime Photo could be a free (well, I pay for prime either way) substitute of iCloud, but, unfortunately, it can’t. As soon as I get a new phone, am I supposed to edit a couple thousand pics again?! *** I haven’t really started using the app yet, but I’m already frustrated. I have lots of pictures on my phone - around 8 thousand. I know it takes time to copy/back them up, but not that much! The app was running a few hours at night and several hours in the morning, it managed to back up only a half! My phone barely works when it’s running and they want you to keep the app open for it to work faster which means I can’t use my phone at all. I stopped myself from deleting the app several times already. I hope in a few days it’s gonna download all the pics so I could finally check out all the features.

Convenient way to back up photos.. MOST of my photos are automatically uploaded, but a few seem to slip by - not sure why, but it keeps me from deleting photos automatically. Wish there was more storage for videos. Overall, I am happy with the app, and find it easier to search photos here than on the iOS devices that I take photos with. update: I am disappointed that I can no longer search for my albums by name. I have created many folders, am annoyed that I have to scroll through to find specific folders. Especially irritating when I am trying to organize newer photos into folders - the albums are not in alphabetical order!

It’s okay, they could fix some things.. Cons: I uploaded 7,000+ photos & the app is very laggy when I scroll through them. It frequently freezes so I have to close the app & re-open it to continue scrolling which is a pain to find where I left off & continue - knowing it’s just going to freeze again. The further into my photos I get, the more annoying it gets to re-find my place after a freeze. Second con is if you try to edit your photos through the app (basic stuff like cropping), half of the time it won’t save the image and you can’t exit so, again, you have to close down the app & reopen it & try again. If it doesn’t refuse to save it’ll starts to save, but will freeze halfway through “uploading” the saved image & yet again you have to close down the app. All very annoying. Pro: it saves a lot of space on my phone being able to upload all my photos (but not my videos because I would have had to pay for storage if I did that). I like how when you upload photos it automatically stores them in order to the time stamp on the photo & you can easily search by date. When I upload photos from my camera to my phone it sometimes jumbles all the photos around & when I upload them to the app it re-organizes the photos.

Great to manage my echo slide shows. I’m able to make albums and even edit photos right in the app to fit the wide format of the echo screen. I can use the albums as slide shows on my echo devices so that each one is personalized. I can share photos remotely on my mom’s echo, this is priceless. She is 94 and really appreciates seeing the photos I upload for her. The app is not intuitive but I have been able to manage using it, and until I finally figured out how to get back to the main group of photos I would just exit out of the app and restart, but I have since then figured out how to do it. I don’t allow access to my entire photo library on my phone because I only want to upload certain photos and not need to search through hundreds of photos, sometimes it is a little finicky on that and I have to do it more than once. Sometimes later I’ll have duplicate photos. But even with those few minor issues still definitely worth five stars for the ability to share photos on all my echo devices.

Love it. Used to really love it.. This app makes it so easy to order prints, cards and calendars. It is really nice to be able to order one or two prints. Our Holiday cards were made in about 10 minutes this year. When I first got this app I could put just a few pictures into the family vault. Now, just a year later, I have to add all of my photos there. I don’t want all 4000+ of my photos to go on there. My mom doesn’t want to see all of my photos (umm.. maybe I don’t want her to as well). I used to just be able to stick in about 20 or so pics of the kids/dog etc each month and she could order them herself. Other than that I do use this app a lot.

So far so good. It seems like a good way to store photos! Pretty straight forward and easy to navigate/access photos after they have been backed up. A few minor things are a pain, like when adding photos to an album, it doesn’t keep them marked as part of that album. So if you go back into all photos to add more to the album, there’s no way to tell which ones have already been added. The albums also aren’t organized by date of the photos in the album, they are organized by when the album was created, which isn’t very helpful. I’d prefer them to be organized chronologically. I only started using it a few days ago so maybe there’s a work-around that I haven’t discovered yet...all in all, a decent way to store photos.

This app saved my life!. Ok, not literally, however, I had tried and failed with other options like iCloud, portable storage drives, and external flash drives. The first costs money, and could not handle multiple users, the second did not work with my phone, and the third died and may or may not be recoverable. Get this app before your current phone dies and takes your photos with it! Video storage is limited, but if you take lots of videos, you can pay to upgrade to a bigger plan. I think about the people who have lost everything in the recent wildfires. If they had this app, at least they would be able to reprint family photos later.

What a great thing.. I am in my 70s and realized that I had so many online photos between my phone, computer and tablet and I knew I should move them to a flash drive or something for my family but dreaded how long it was going to take me. Then I learned about this program. It is so easy because it does all the work. You don’t have to sit there saving pictures from one source to another. I told it to save the pictures that were on my tablet and within minutes it saved over 1000 pictures while I watched a movie. It adds any new pictures you take them automatically and you can edit pictures you have duplicates of etc. I think you’ll love it.

Best cloud app. That’s a true statement, let me tell you why. All the other photo clouds tell you that they saving us disk space by backing up our photos and saving them all in their clouds. Not true! They copy our photos , but when we erase our original photos from our devices they also get deleted from the clouds. They are not supposed to be just copying our photos, they are supposed to be saving them after we delete them from our devices. Otherwise where are we saving any space on our devices? This is the only one that I found that actually lets you delete photos from your devices and safely saves your originals. Therefore actually freeing up our disk space. Great app!

Hard to complain when it’s free. I shoot a lot of pictures so I need a lot of back up space. The unlimited space provided by this app provides an additional piece of mind for all my shots. The interface is a bit clunky and is a major memory hog. The other issue I have encountered is that it is no longer recognizing my canon raw files after processing them through Lightroom (CR2 files). The problem just started in the last month so I am not sure the issue. However this would be a major negative if it can’t store canon raw files. It’s by no means perfect. The information and instruction on use is lacking which in my case lead to a major error. In one case, I eliminated a folder on prime, only to discover that that action also deleted the original file on the hard drive. Luckily I had the raw files still on the memory card. In summary, if you are a prime member, you should absolutely use it. It’s another way to back up your pics at no cost. However if I had to pay for the service, I don’t think I would, at least not with current functionality. In conclusion, I feel like an ingrate complaining about a free service that I am using! From a value perspective, I rate it 4 out of 5.

Removed text search. This is generally a great app with a great back end. They recently updated the UI and have inexplicably removed (or buried or hid in such a way that I can’t find it) the ability to just type a search term in the photo search. Now, if I want to search for a photo taken in a particular place or in a particular year, or featuring a particular person, I can only scroll and scroll and scroll until the UI chooses to show me a pre-defined button with the search term I want to use. Very irritating. I can see this new UI as useful if you have very few years of photos, very few family members, or very few locations, but it’s an incredibly annoying update if you’re a normal person. Please put back a text search box somewhere in the UI.

App times out often .... I wasn’t even aware that I had this feature from Prime which is a cost saver & bonus. I use an iPhone that really needed more space so I just wanted to store them easily rather that purchase additional cloud space. This task became so laborious. My app timed out several times. It really could not cope with uploading, verifying & deleting more than 50 pics at a time. I went to bed leaving it to upload only to become more confused as to which pictures I could delete off iPhone🙁. I’m still doing it 3 weeks later because it keeps timing out. So now I have to keep going back & forth between app & pics b4 deleting. As one reviewer commented “it’s FREE”. Oh, I forgot, the above comments does not include uploading videos. I am too scared to start if pics took so long.

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Nice photo app. Absolutely love it. Easy to navigate

Best photo app in the App Store. Easy to use and ultra convenient for accessing your photos.

No unlimited photos for Australia. Not clear statement that unlimited photos is not supported in Australia. Wasted my time uploading the 5GB.

No Unlimited Photos. No unlimited photos for Aus Prime payers, even though it says so when you follow the links of what Prime membership includes for Aussies

Like this App a lot / used it a few years now!. Very good to store selected photos! P H Bloecker

Great little app. Quite a surprising good little app that feeds into a fire stick

Great expectations for this storage.. Still learning all the functions.

Great app!. Just nowhere near enough storage space...

Great place to store pictures. Quite happy with the service.

Easy to use, very pleased.. Easy to use, very pleased.

Works well. Am happy with this app !!

Great experience. Thank you for making this

Fantastic way to store your photos. And it’s free yippy

Just cool!. Handy.

Photo only. Only photo no video from iPhone camera video or photos I need video on echo screen

Cannot get unlimited. I registered prime but cannot get unlimited

Photos. Great product works good

Yes!. I love going down memory lane each day. If I'm busy I can just delete, but I rarely do.

Good. All good thanks

Thanks. Good app but space is not enough

Great way to store your photos.. Needs a few tweaks, face recognition and search enhancements but overall is a good app. Has the potential to be a true contender to Google Photos

Great 🥳🥳. It has heaps of storage

Love it. I ve been using it for a while an loved it.

Good apps. 5 stars rating

Got Prime? Get this.. Free with Prime!

Works well, reasonable device price. I wish it auto uploaded when the app was closed via iOS settings or something though. Otherwise it’s really good.

Best ❤️. Love it

Solid app. Very easy to use still trying to use all the features

Amazing. Great features and thank you for sharing a glimpse of the past

Great app.. Waiting for the unlimited uploads option the US enjoys. Good to have the ability to view it on the Echo devices.

Not included with prime. Unlimited photo storage is included with prime in the US- why isn’t it in Australia?

This is very good. He

No worries. I use this and Google photos is I have 2 backups and will never lose photos again after Apple cloud deleted my photos and I couldn’t get them back.

ITGALORE. Utilise it for our business , its simple and effective

Great APp. Could be helpful to enable it run in the background.

Incorrect description. Not all countries where customers have a Prime membership are eligible for unlimited Photo upload. This is false advertising for the Prime service.

Good photo album. Whilst I have it open, it automatically uploads….handy.

Value for money. Superb

Latest software update is a step backwards. This app was lean and quick, helping you to locate your photos easily. This latest update fails in this department. The UX is poor, feels bloated and slow. The ability to know how many photos saved each month is no longer visible. Please revert to the old version!

Unlimited photo only for US!!!!. Unlimited photo only for US!!!!

Easy to use. Better than most

Great and easy way to share pics. Great with Firestick for slide shows on TV

Not as advertised. Does not have unlimited storage for prime members. Does not have advanced search option.

Good Photo Ap. I wanted a safe ap to back up my photos. It does that and a bit more. Well priced. Good, reliable company.

Storage Space. Wondering when the Australian version catches up with the rest of the world to increase storage for photos.

Basic no frills. It’s fine but it lacks an awful lack of obvious and common features you’d expect these days.

Good app. Works well with all my Alexa devices. I just wish that the way to boost the storage size was better explained. Nowhere on the app does it say you need the web based application in order to up your storage.

Prime membership includes a great photo app.. Worth using this to have all your photos uploaded to the cloud. Great reminders of years gone by. Fun app. Recommend you try.

Good app. Could do with more storage in Australia!

Good way to share photos with family. Works well.

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Awesome 👏. LOVE this app!! Gives me Peace of mind

Useless since last update. Since last update it is impossible to upload photos and videos , consult storage plan, sending feedback, consult help section. The app is useless for now…

Could be better. Hopefully unlimited videos upload for the prime member would be free. Also, background uploading feature should be available.

Great update but. The latest update looks nice and cleans up the interface. I use the family vault daily and it’s removal in this app is a complete let down. Please add back the ability to view the family vault and add media to it.

Love this. I love that it shows me pictures posted on this day of previous year or in the past, brings up some great memories worth sharing again

Amazon photos. My only problem with this app is it takes too long to organize my pictures and mostly it’s not how I like it. They are organized pretty well in my phone and if only I could move my folders to amazon app … it would be amazing.

Awesome Photo App. Keeps all my photos and it is so easy to use. Great functionality. I don’t use it to keep videos just photos.

Outstanding Photo App. Love the ability to find photos by day, week, month or year.

Free with prime for photo. Free with prime membership. Easy to use and classify picture I love it. We can also enable the save automatically feature which is useful. Algthought it is only 5 gb of vidéo the rest is subscription.

Top Notch. Best photo app I have ever used.

Amazon photo storage. Way better than iCloud in my opinion

Incredibly bad decision. Who decided to remove the search bar? Amazon suggests I just scroll through my pics to find the ones I need - but there are over 140000 photos in my library...

Amazon photos app. I think it’s great easy to operate and it works extremely fast when syncing to the systems 👍👍

Totally buggy app. This app is a joke. Errors on uploads over and over again, but no error message, so you don’t know what’s wrong. Imports garbage. Other apps are leaps and bounds better than this one.

Doesn’t show all your photos. Pretty good. Downsides: You have to keep the app open for fast uploading and it doesn’t actually show you all your photos. There are photos that will show up on my computer that won’t show up on my phone and I don’t know how to change that. But I like that I can upload my pics and videos and then easily share them.

Great app. Easy to use.

Great app. This is a great app to have. Easy to use and navigate.

Love Amazon photos App. It’s very easy to use and download was quick. Love using this app to store my photo which are now organized!

Great App. I love the navigation experience

Very nice app. This app is much better than the previous Amazon drive photo app. App is user friendly and organizes your photos for you. Would be nice if there was a way to organize the older photos that didn’t get put in the yearly folder that the photo was taken. Having said that, I do like this photo app.

Amazon photo app. Lots of storage as long as you pay for prime. Not easy to edit photos though

Free unlimited photo. Really like the unlimited photo storage as a backup! Feels at ease knowing they won’t get lost

Won’t upload photos. Latest update won’t upload photos properly. When is next update coming?

Amazon photos. Taking good care of my shots !

Keeps freezing every 5 seconds. I can’t use this, after uploading my entire photo library it keeps freezing every 5 seconds when I try to browse my photos in the app… I will have to go back to paying for google photos I guess… should be an easy fix please fix this Amazon devs!

Very easy to use and handy. Love this. It’s easy to use and a great tool I use all the time.

So far so good. It has a great interface. I like the way it is set up. Easy to sort and share. I was trying to find easier than google photo or google drive. This is it. We shall see if they decide to charge or if the storage runs out...

Love It. I love having access to all of my photos.

Excellent. Amazon photos is a good way to organize photos and have unlimited amount. Easy to find, people, places and even my pets.

Works!. It works as expected.

No more family vault. Since the last update, there is no more family vault to share with 5 family members lake before.

Great app! Missing auto-tagging edits.. One of my favorite features is to be able to keep a local copy on your photos on your computer. The facial recognition and auto-tagging work well, but it would be nice to be able to edit (AI or machine learning) mistakes, such as the wrong person tagged.

Updated Version. Aesthetically it looks nice but I can’t do bulk highlight/selections anymore! When I want to delete an entire day or send an entire days photos, I need to select each photo one by one vs the entire day bring this feature back please amazon!

Perfect. Excellent app.

Bad UI. How we went from excellent app to this? Where is my Family vault? UO is clean but terrible

Excellente apps. Facile er pratique

Great app. I love this app, it has lots of space & downloads everything fast. Keeps your pictures & videos safe & can be accessed anywhere.

Great to back up photo. It is amazing that is it free to back up photos. My apple iCloud wants 12.99 a month to back up my pictures. This app is great.

Amazon Photo. We really like how easy it is to use. We like the memories but the video content limitation made us take off two stars. Increase the video 5G maximum and We would be happy to pay a few bucks if you really increased it and my stars go to five.

Features Removed. After the 8.0 update You can’t add items to a family vault anymore from the app. You have to use the website.

Easier than expected. Love the way photos are organized on the app and I didn’t have to do anything to sort them.

Peace of Mind. I love having the peace of mind that my photos are safe should something ever happen to my phone. I am loving it

App need more update. User should have choice to choose only pictures except videos I want to upload more pictures but before i upload i have to segregate from videos , it should have option to choose only picture upload. Now i start looking for alternative apps

J’adore. J’adore cette application. Vraiment facile à utiliser

Excellent application. Easy to use

So nice to see the past. It is so nice to see past pictures and relive the moments

Easy to use!. I love how easy it is to use Amazon photos and it’s limitless for photos!

Great app. Just love it!

Recent update cause App not functioning.. Recent update cause photos can’t be uploaded. Keep getting error message.

Family vault. Can not add photo to the family vault anymore after update

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GREAT app but…. I love this app. it’s user friendly and sets up beautiful photos of our family when the tv goes into screen saver mode. We love it for when family and friends come over. With all of that being said, and maybe i’m missing something, but I wish it would loop through the photos. Once it goes through your saved photos, it’s done. It doesn’t show anymore. I wish it would continue to loop through our photos like my computer slideshow. But over all 4 stars as it is easy to upload photos from my phone and into my uploaded photos to be viewed. Highly recommend!

Wonderful unlimited storage for photos. This Is the primary storage for all of My family’s photos across phones, cameras, and computers. Seamless automatic uploads, Flexibility with downloads including full native resolution that photos were taken (alternative services like Shutterfly do not let you download the native resolution of the photos in order to force you to order prints through them). Finally it syncs across devices quickly, So I can take a photo on my SLR camera on loaded on my computer and sync the photos to my phone in a matter of minutes.

Not for Boomerang Photos and Video Storage. I think the app is very honest on its limitations and could be very good for a basic backup. That being said, if you have motion-capturing photos (i.e. Boomerang photos and ‘Live Photos’) the motion aspect will not be captured or will be flatly not backed up by the app as a whole. I also maxed out the entire backup allotment (videos have a cap on space) before I could even complete my first backup, so I could see how this would be an issue for users as well. There is an option for more space for $3 a month though, so if you prefer this service to apple’s extended storage for $1 a month, than that could be a good option for you (it is not for me however).

Photo book. Impulsively ordered a photo book just to check this out. I wasn’t expecting much because I just used photos pulled off my phone. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised! The photos came out better than expected and the quality of the book was fantastic! There is a title printed not only on the front of the book but on the spine, as well, making it so easy to spot on a bookshelf. The pages are not paper or even card stock but almost cardboard which guarantees that there will be no ripping, tearing or wrinkling of pages no matter how roughly the album is handled. This is a great product!!

Great Perk. I was using google and it switched from unlimited to a shared 15gigs within its apps that I used which maxed out immediately when the switch happened, sadly I didn’t know it was a shared 15gigs which really made inconvenient. As a Prime member I didn’t use the option until googles limitations came to fruition. Once I switched and started checking it out simply the Storage is unlimited, Photos are easy to find with keyword searches, and it was an easy switch. Definitely recommend if you are a Prime member!

Amazonian Relics. I was unaware that this app had saved any photos of mine, nor did I know it existed and ran on my former device. I wish I had it years ago, so that I would have access to the photos on my now defunct laptops(I only hold on to them with the hopes that someday someone can restore my photos and documents). Aside from the fact that I am a staunch opponent of Besos and the way he treats the ' Peasants' that get your precious new junk to you on time, alst' while collecting all of our data for nefarious purposes-lm glad something is keeping my memories in one place. Bc though I'm still young, I'm quickly losing them.

It’s a nobrainer.. If you’re already paying for prime the real question is, “Why won’t you?” Easily downloads all your photos. Not difficult to access them. Not sure if there is some degradation of quality but if you’re concerned about that you prolly should be keep them backed up on your own media. For my purposes it works great. Love it. We have over 23,000 pictures that were on a single drive. I was always afraid that we might lose them. Now they are all safe and I still have my original drive with them. Perfect!

Lightroom Doesn’t Recognize iPhone photos in Prime. After I turned on Prime Photos on my phone, I connected my iPhone to my computer and tried to import my photos into Lightroom. Lightroom did not recognize any of the photos for import that had copies saved in Prime Photos. It was like my phone was empty, even though my photos still show on my phone. So, while Prime Photos sounds like a great idea for cloud storage, it will screw up any photographer’s workflow who uses Lightroom. Now I’m trying to find instructions for downloading my photos from Prime to my computer, so I can import them in Lightroom. All kinds of tips on putting photos into Prime, but still looking for how to retrieve the full res copies. That should be a basic function of cloud storage: retrieving your photos from the cloud.

Love this app. I love that I can download all my photos with this app. I didn’t want to have to pay an extra fee to have additional cloud backup on my phone and since I have Prime this allowed me to take as many pictures and videos as I wanted with my phone and then back them up thus allowing me to delete off my phone and start all over again the next day! This served me well during a 28 day motorcycle adventure in 13 states!! No more messages about not being able to take pictures because my phone storage was full and I can access them any time.

EXCELLENT. I have never used an app that has had the capabilities to keep all my photos thru my many different changes of iPhones, computers and iPads. I don't have to save to cloud it must do it automatically . I would love to purchase one of the albums but never seem to have the time to organize my thoughts but that is a great option also . Also other ones that if you take a quick look you will see they have several different things to choose from. Updates seem to be done on a pretty good frequency which I like also.

I love this app but........ This app would be perfect if I could actually organize my pictures. Keeping thousands of pictures in one big folder just isn’t a realistic way to to organize everything. Sure you can make albums but without being able to actually move pics to there own folders it’s impossible to keep track of everything. This needs a better way to organize everything. Basically create folders and move pictures. Not one big messy collection with albums.

Great App but needs a little more tweaks!!. This is a great app considering now more than ever we take photos of everything. With that being said the unlimited amount of photos that can be uploaded is as plus+++++. However, the time it takes for them to upload isn't as great. Also I'd like the idea of not having to have the app open in order for them to upload, that prevents me from multitasking which is a major minus-----. Also, it would be nice if the app once downloaded and recognize the faces of the ppl we have already set to a folder, would go to that folder automatically if that photo is a single of that person. Other than that this is a great app!!!

The best picture app of them all. Clearly the best and easy to use photo app! It uses your personal pictures to keep safe in its vault to where you have to sign in before visible. It works very well with my Apple iPhone 8s also if I’m not mistaken stores the pictures on cloud storage. That being said you have to sign in with password to view the personal pictures that have been taken! This I like very much because the personal pictures are for you and you only that being said I like the Authenticator used to view your personal pictures!

Great Addition to Prime Benefits!. I’ve been a prime member for a few years now and I LOVE THIS BENEFIT!!!! I love taking pictures and currently my phone has 22,000+ pictures so I needed to upload them somewhere but I didn’t like the idea of not being able to look at the pics whenever if I put them on a flash drive or on the computer!! Anyways this app is perfect! I get UNLIMITED photo storage as long as I’m a prime member which I have been! I love love love LOVE it!! The only downfall is you have to pay for video storage if you want more than the free 5 GBs of storage they give you! But hey! Beggars can’t be choosers!

Love this!!!. I love knowing that pictures that I now take are saved somewhere else-before I found this my phone battery died in an outdated phone-I lost all my pictures from my daughter that passed in January-now that won’t happen with the pictures I take now of my other 2 kids. There is one downside-when you delete a picture from your phone it doesn’t delete from this-so if it’s something I don’t want or something taken by mistake I now have to delete it twice. Other than that it’s fantastic!

Great extra backup with Prim free photo. Nice belt and suspenders backup for camera roll and in between manual backup syncs to local storage. I don’t pay for the iCloud photos backup due to a 1.5 Tb library of Raw photos from DSLR’s and videos from iPhone. The time between manual syncs leaves a gap of potentially lost data in case of damaged or lost phone. So, letting this app pickup the captures in between is value added piece of mind. Plus the extra screen captures and daily snaps of deposits or grocery lists don’t need to be saved in the roll once this is synced but can be useful if needed later.

Love it!. Amazon/Prime photos is fantastic! It’s unlimited photo storage with customizable settings. I have my account set to automatically sync every time I open the app while on Wi-Fi. Pictures sync on all of my devices, as well as my wife’s, allowing us to retrieve photos anywhere there is Wi-Fi connection. This includes viewing them on TV (smart TV). This also allows me to share with other family members. Although video storage is not unlimited, the space is still significant enough for us to record our childrens middle school/high school concerts and send & share with family living out of state.

Excited to see where this goes. I use to have folders and folders of photos saved to a computer desktop growing up. Times are changing and I don’t have time to sit down and upload them to my laptop anymore. While it’s nice to still have that option, being able to upload photos on-the-go is a lot more desirable. And my photos can stay somewhere safe rather than on my phone. The app is nice and clean. Easy to navigate. Does the job I was expecting. I do have one suggestion though regarding photo organization. Would there ever be a consideration to allow sub-albums inside of albums? For example: An album called “Vacations”, and inside that album could be other albums like “Disneyland 2018”, “New York 2019”, “Bahamas Cruise 2020”, etc. That way I can more easily navigate which folders I want to get to. I’ll know my vacation photos are in one album, hiking photos in another, work events in another, and so on. So far I’m enjoying the app.

🌹…📸…this app is good but if there were different. …if I could offer a suggestion to better the experience it would be to allow at a quick glance to give total of photos&to offer a quick option to edit certain photos at a glance without having to make each choice individually like with one click & eliminate all together…an example would be the choice editing the post in the download faze…giving that option would be great for easy editing

Keeps all your photos safe. This app keeps all your photos safe by uploading them to the cloud so that if your device is lost or destroyed, you won’t lose them. Your photos are available through the app at any time you have connectivity, so you can access ALL your photos from your phone at any time without using up your storage space. My favorite features are the automatic upload from both my phone and desktop, and the ability to search by person, subject (like “dogs”) or date. I would like for it to be easier to save a set of pictures to a folder or album on my device

The best photo uploading app ever. This app is bar none the best Photo uploading app I have ever used, it’s even better than the popular competitor. This app supports Live Photo, uploads fast and it actually displays photo storage size during the upload and gives a progress bar for each upload, which i think is a really nice touch. All photos are stored in original quality and upload for free with a Prime subscription. Videos are limited to 5GB but that’s fine since this app is really best suited for photo backup. Thanks for making a great app.

Life saver. I love having the ability to share with family, having everyone’s first grandchildren and twins. I was always having to send so many texts and emails. Now I can send out one group texts to check the app. Family can buy their own prints or whatever other custom item they want. They one reason I would give it four stars and not five would be, my husband and I share the same account so that we have each other’s pics and their is some lag on my iPhone vs his Samsun. He can instantly see my downloads but it takes a bit longer for me to see on my phone his adds even though if I go on his phone I can clearly see them their.

Almost Perfect Photo App. Great value all around for Prime Members. Two problems keep it from being my go to photos app (Google photos still has it beat unfortunately) 1) It needs to work in the background to auto upload photos...don’t understand why it can’t because Google photos does perfectly 2) In order to make Family Vault work we need to absolutely be able to see each other’s people tags and places otherwise it is half a solution (or at least make that an option to check off if privacy is a concern). Right now only I can see the people tags for my photos and wife can only see hers in our own accounts and not in the Family Vault.

Inconsistent. Created 5 different folders initially to separate my photos by easy-to-find categories, but when trying to view my photos I was unable to find my created albums. Resent my photos into 5 albums a second time, and seemed to work. Tried viewing/confirming my albums were still intact, and can’t find them again…! Why am I not able to view a basic menu with “ albums” as a selection choice? I may not want to view my photos by date very often, but that seems to be the only consistent option available…(?) Maybe I need to familiarize myself more with this app., but so far it’s been a bit frustrating/disappointing.

Photo Storage included with Prime. Unlimited photo storage with nice tools for organizing, sharing, editing and printing your photos. Some of the tools are glitchy, especially the editor. It does not save over the original photo, or into the album the original is in, and sometimes it won't save the edited image at all. It also crashed once and had to re-load all the images, which took a few hours. It seems to auto-correct these glitches though and start working well again. For the most part, it is a really great app and photo storage is unlimited with a Prime account.

Great with some problems. I love this app and use it pretty much every day. A couple of things that need to be fixed are: 1. The app drops/deletes photos from your albums which you have carefully put together. This is very frustrating as you then have to add all missing photos from the album again. Is there an album overall limit I’m not aware of? This needs to be fixed. 2. The video playback is awful regardless of the device you are using. I have several iPads including the most recent and all are the same… slow video loading/playback. Therefore it is the app not the device I’m using.

Best option out there for cloud photos. Just to start off this is the best cloud photo storage app out there but here is my critique: Without Prime you get 5gigs photos or videos With Prime you get unlimited photos and 5 gig photos. I think this is fine. I just wish that if I were to cancel my prime account I know how much storage my photos take up. I am wondering if I cancel prime, do all the photos or videos that take up more than 5 gigs get thrown into the void. Making sure my photos are safe in any situation is important because they hold your life story.

Excellent - now works with Live Photo’s, too. This is an excellent way to back up your iPhone photos, which will otherwise quickly eat up your 5GB cap on free iCloud storage. I suggest setting automatic backup of pictures BUT NOT videos, as videos count against your 5 GB cap on free storage. Not so your still pictures, or even Live Photo’s! Save individual videos to Prime Photos to manage that 5GB cap. Back up is not automatic; you have to have the Prime Photo app active on your phone, and “Auto-Save” enabled in settings, for the backup to take place. Again, in settings, I suggest you keep the “Videos” switch (for auto-save) set to off. Photos can easily be moved to an album and filtered by date; the date of a photo (say, that you download from something someone else posted) can be edited to match the date of the event. The only major feature missing is the ability to add a short caption to a specific photo in your collection or album.

Convenient, Easy to use & a No Brainer Decision for Prime Members. This membership benefit has been a game changer for me. In the past, I used a cloud storage app for my photos of which. was free. When my photo collection exceeded the amount allotted for the free account, I found myself paying close to the same amount that I paid for Prime. Why pay more? So I consolidated my print collection and have never looked back. All photos are uploaded automatically at full resolution. I can access every photo I’ve taken quickly in Albums anywhere

Could be so much better. I have found Prime Photos incredibly frustrating to use, for the following reasons: 1. It offers the ability to place photos in albums, but there is no way to click on a given photo and quickly check what, if any, albums it already belongs to. You have to go to the album and look through it to check. This makes the album feature useless as far as I'm concerned. 2. I have not been able to set this app to automatically back up photos in external storage on my phone. Apparently the automatic backup feature only works if you save your photos to internal storage. I like that Prime Photos provides unlimited cloud backup, but as a photo management app it has some serious deficiencies. I will come back and give it five stars if they are fixed.

Great way to back up photos!. I love this app as a secondary backup for my photos. However, due to the limitation on video (all non-photo files in fact) space, I still need another backup method and keep another copy at home on my hard drive. In addition, I wish this app would not rename all of my files with completely different and very long names! I understand the need to avoid duplicate file names caused by the standard systems used on devices, but it would really be nice if the original IMG-xxxx name could be kept with just a short addition to make it unique. This is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 on my rating.

PLEASE GET THIS APP!!. I dropped my iPhone and the screen went black. I was unable to retrieve any of my photos and video; over 4,000, as the phone no longer had a working screen. Needless to say I was devastated! Thank GOD for this app. I would open this app and it would automatically upload everything in my camera roll. I was able to download it again on my new phone, log in and ALL of my photos and videos were saved, 2 years worth. PLEASE DOWNLOAD, trust me, it’s a life saver when you’ve lost years worth of memories you think you cannot get back.

Unable to move complete folders to app. Unable to transfer a previous folder directly to the app. It has the ability to sort the photos by the date taken, whether or not there are people in the photos etc. But for some reason if you have an album created on it, it does not recognize it. Therefore the ONLY way to recreate an existing album is to manually add every single photo individually. Which in some cases is almost an impossible tasking, sifting through thousands of photos to recreate something that already exists and can be transferred by a click if they enabled that function. It seems like a simple tool as most photo apps sort the photos by the albums they’re already in, not the current date. Also the app does not save the photos when it is not open.

Wonderful app. This app does a wonderful job of packing up all my photos off of my phone or my iPad. It usually does it automatically, but sometimes I have to open the app for it to back up all the photos. This is not a hardship, just one tap on the app and it opens. I wish in the People part of the app it would allow me to choose the pictures that it sorts into people’s names, because it always puts my sister’s pictures in my name and will not let me change that. For me that’s the only problem with this app. Otherwise I’m really thrilled with it.

I like the storage- wish it was more versatile. I like that all my pics are instantly backed up and stored and I never have to worry about losing them. I do wish you could order prints and i wish searching for a specific pic was easier. Also, it seems to take longer for my pics to download to prime photos than my other photo app, in which pics are instantly dropped in. I got the prime photo app so I could access the photos instantly from anywhere as long as I was on my prime account, but i haven’t been able to figure that out yet. All in all, I have better luck with my other photo app- i just keep this app for extra back up for my photos and for video storage

Not Quite There. You have so many well-written reviews by people that value this app, but also have valuable suggestions as to how to make it better. Have you paid attention to your customers and taken note of their critiques? Many of them have already mentioned things I would change and those reviews are from months ago. Right now, my biggest issue is the time it takes to download my photos. I will keep using it because the storage is free with prime. I would suggest listening to your customers in order to make this a better app and you might actually get more customers that don’t just use it because it’s free with prime. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just sayin’.

Alloowas you to keep your memories. Love having this app although I’ve had to remove it and add it back again to keep working correctly. Samsung doesn’t have this problem, which is my only complaint. They got better about using cellular data finally. This was our biggest issue with a family divided between apple and Samsung. If you have problems downloading your pics, just delete the app, and try again. Takes a bit going through pics, but gets it right after that. Have the same issue, do it again. Hopefully, the developers will get it right.

Photo Storage. While Indo like it a lot there are two really essential things that should be added. You should be able to move the pictures in your albums around so they make a cohesive and sensible story of pictures. It is virtually impossible to to put them in an album in order when you will always miss photos and they all end up out of any kind of order. Also when pictures are deleted they should NOT constantly be coming back. Lastly the pictures have an unfortunate way of constantly shifting order?

Nov 2021 update fiasco!. All updates should be from recent to the oldest. Sure you see a positive review,but it’s from 2 yrs ago,etc. The current update makes this an entirely different App. You even need to scroll to find what’s current. My issue is a month old already. On an I Pad, one cannot put their photos in chronological order in an album. One now has to look at them in reverse, or scroll to the end; which is really the beginning and go backwards to see them in order. Is it that difficult? Why update and throw common sense out the window? I don’t need customer support to talk to me like I have a problem with my device. The problem is with the update. Are there any positive reviews on this App after November 2021?

Hate the new update. I have loved this app for years. It is great to store my photos, share with family members through the family vault, sort my photos in albums and I love the daily memories that pop up each day showing pictures from that day each year. However, I just recently updated the app and the update is so terrible! It makes it so much more difficult to maneuver, I cannot find the family vault any longer even after watching the new video to explain the updates (does not mention family vault at all in the video). Hi have used this app daily for the past 4.5 years and is one of the best benefits for a prime membership and it seriously makes me so sad now. Please please change the app back to how it was!

Memories. Love that pictures from the past pops up to remind me of the wonderful moment a year ago, 2 years ago, etc… There have been times when my days seem to be so unbearably long and maybe most oftentimes challenging. And then just when I’m feeling drained, a picture pops up from a year ago that day that brought me back to that moment; suddenly I can’t help but smile as I hold onto that feeling when that picture was taken and poof! Just like that, my unbearable day became so manageable.

Only 4 Stars For One Reason.... I love this app and the services that it offers. I appreciate that it exists and provides a reliable, unlimited, user friendly way to back up pictures. The one and only reason it is not 5 stars for me is that I would like to have a setting that keeps the uploading priority highest, even when I only have the app going in the background. Alternatively or in addition I would like to have a setting option that allows my phone to automatically upload my photos in the middle of the night, when by bandwidth is less taxed and in demand. In my area DSL is the fastest connection available, and since I often do not remember to turn on the Prime Photos App, often times when I am uploading it is hundreds (or thousands!) of photos at a time. So to recap through all those run on sentences; Dear Prime PTB, Please add • A priority setting re: upload speed while the App is in the background and/or • An automatic scheduled upload/backup option Thanks! —Lisa =^..^=

Hi! I have cancer in my jaw. I have to Boston asap.. I really love the Nike Pro shorts. I just purchased more because my weigh dropping off like mad crazy. So I i’m hoping that the smalls fit. It’s honestly embarrassing because one day I can be 110 pounds a few days later goes down to 98 pounds and it’s just a really rough battle right now. I don’t know what size underwear to get it so it’s like I can’t do anything right but these Nike pro shorts are absolutely amazing I will never stop buying them I just don’t know what sizes I would be in like your sport bra. Maybe you can help me learn ways of measuring yourself.

Just My Opinion. I started using this app because I was running out of room in my various gmail accounts. It is a large and affordable space to store my images and videos (video storage limited without cost). I am finding it difficult to link the app too other apps that I would like to upload photos too. There might be a way but I have not yet figured it out. I am not the most tech savvy person so maybe it’s much easier than I am making it. However when I go to upload, Google Photos, Dropbox, and other commonly used apps are listed right away. Sooo… that’s been my experience so far.

New update ruins this day in history. I have no idea why the developers felt making it more difficult to see pictures on this date in history was a priority but here we are. With the new update there is no always present “this day in history” icon to lead you to it. You are at the mercy of the app popping up a message to view them. The problem is is it isn’t 100%. I have had multiple days now where it doesn’t pop up the ability to look at past photos despite there being photos taken on those days. Why not just have the ability to always navigate to pictures from this day in history like on previous version? Devs got too cute and ruined the best feature of the app.

Best Photo App!. Love it! All my photos in one app and on all my devices! Option to auto upload! Photos organized by date. Great features like search, filter by type, name, video or photo and by year, and month. Every morning I look forward to opening up the app to the daily “memories” to view photos from several years prior of today’s date! Sharing photos was never easier. And no more maxing out space on my devices! This app hugely simplified managing my photos! So happy I finally got on board!

Fair product. The app will auto update your photos; ensuring they are all secure. You can set up albums which is a nice feature to sort them. However, when placed in an album, there is no indication from the main view that a picture has been placed in an album. When you have thousands of pics, this makes it very difficult to properly sort your pics or to even easily ensure you have placed a pic in an album. Love the ability for Alexa to access them. We have pics constantly showing on our Alexa show devices. Also enjoy that it sends a periodic email showing pics from the same day in the past.

Very Functional. But maybe some more artistic and creative in app features like more custom views and layouts like mosaic vies based on original dimension layouts...a light table slide view, maybe similar abridged to it’s more fundamental features seen in more complex, feature rich applications and phot platforms offered by more expensive and more tailored to photographers and post camera roll digital photo developers. Just some thoughts...or maybe if development funding is tight some macro functions and easy interfaces helpful in flipping chosen photos to and Adobe platform to help in the further enhancement, editing etc. of the image(s).

Good so far. I’ve used it about two weeks. Upload was fast enough considering how many I had to put there. I feel very glad that my phone pictures are getting backed up at high resolution. I lost a year of photos from 2019 because I hadn’t backed up and my phone crashed. This gives me disaster “what if” protection. Note doesn’t fully back up Burst mode pictures. And has size limitations on videos which if you fill up does cost more to use even if you have prime. Excellent features like face recognition and sharing folders. Tested out making a group and having my cousin added their own picture easy Peasy. I also like that features so far seem equal on the phone app as in a browser. It could use some improvements in finding pictures based on different characteristics like all my Live Photo’s, all my png screenshots, all my selfies. It has just a few filters and with my initial upload of a bunch at once I had a hard time with narrowing.

Great app for use with iPhone and iPad. I have been pretty impressed with the ease of use of the app. I have had no problems with syncing between the app, the “I” products and my Windows computer. The photos transfer very quickly. My only issue was with my videos filling up the allotted space. I know there is a fix for this but I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out yet. I purchased more space but for Prime users the price is right. I used to use Google Photos and dropped them to take advantage of this app.

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The applications Amazon Photos: Photo & Video was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-05-09 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This program file size is 397.19 MB. This app has been rated by 134,363 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Amazon Photos: Photo & Video - Photo & Video app posted on 2022-12-14 current version is 8.12.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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