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Join over a million musicians and improve your playing with Tunable: Music Practice Tools. More than a chromatic tuner, tone & chord generator, metronome, and recorder, Tunable is a music practice coach that can help you play steadily, in tune, and on beat anywhere you go. Jam-packed with features to help with ear training, breath support, rhythm, timing, and dynamics, Tunable is easy to use yet feature-rich. Tunable tracks your playing habits and gives feedback to help you improve. Equipped with a unique “tuning history” display for viewing pitch as you play, an easy to use metronome and a handy audio recorder, Tunable is the perfect toolkit for beginning to professional musicians. Grab Tunable today and use in your next practice session, group rehearsal, band class, or live performance.

Why are Broadway musicians, students at Juilliard, National Youth Orchestras and beginning instrumentalists using Tunable?

• It's like a music instructor in your pocket. Record a practice session and get a practice score with note graphs to help summarize your playing.

• Visualize how steadily you play or sing. The straighter the white line, the more consistent the pitch.

• Use the tone and chord generator to play and sustain chords with various tone options. Toggle between different temperaments to hear how they compare.

• See the pulse with a visual metronome. View subdivision and current beat, with a large display and (optional) visual flash.

• Record practices and performances. Add reverb for a professional sound. Share recordings with family, friends, and teachers.


• Large, colorful tuning indicator clearly shows when in tune (green fills the screen)
• Clear, visual tuner with note, octave, cents (+\-), and frequency (Hz) display
• Sustained Pitch History™ tuning display to see how you’re sustaining notes over time
• Especially suited for wind instruments, strings, and vocals with note detection from Tuba to Piccolo
• Adjustable A=440 reference tone
• Create your own or change between Equal, Just, Pythagorean, and 15 other tuning temperaments

• Chromatic Tone Generator and Full Piano with multiple tone options
• Play and sustain single notes or chords
• Continues playing when the screen is locked or in the background

• Large number display with optional visual flash to see the downbeat and each subdivision
• Adjust tempo, beats per measure, and subdivision to fit your needs
• Accent or mute individual subdivisions
• Sync metronome to nearby devices so they run at the same tempo and in time (via Ableton Link)
• Select from over 30 metronome sounds
• Tempo Tap (tap metronome center to set a tempo)
• Continues playing when the screen is locked or in the background

• Record and save unlimited recordings
• Receive a score and individual note graphs per recording
• Organize recordings into folders
• Search by name to find past recordings
• Easily share recordings and practice scores
• Playback recordings at 0x - 3x speed

• Transpose notes to any instrument
• 15 Notations to choose from
• AppleTV/AirPlay mirroring
• Dark and light themes
• Siri Shortcuts access to common tasks

Tunable is especially great with voice, wind, and string instruments:
• Guitar, Ukelele
• Piccolo, Flute
• Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon
• Clarinet
• Saxophone
• Trumpet and Cornet
• French Horn
• Tenor and Bass Trombone
• Euphonium and Tuba
• Violin, Viola, Chello, and Bass
• Voice

• "The best tuner, metronome, and recorder on iOS and a pitch-perfect bargain for any musician." — MacLife
• "Tunable shows musicians what pitch-perfect means as they play." — Engadget
• "Tunable doesn't just tell you how you sound -- it shows you." — FastCoDesign

Tunable - Music Practice Tools App Description & Overview

The applications Tunable - Music Practice Tools was published in the category Music on 2013-03-27 and was developed by AffinityBlue. The file size is 84.07 MB. The current version is 3.0.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

====== v3.0.4 =======
- Updated metronome to not flash individual subdivisions
- Changed to larger font size to match previous versions of Tunable
- Added a little more height to the tuner on small screens
- Added back double-tap tone generator to change temperament key
- Added ability to turn off practice scores and note stats. Setting > Sessions/Recordings > Practice Score
- Adjusted Tone Generator note-on color to be more readable
- Fixed Recording Reverb
====== v3.0.0 =======
Announcing Tunable v3 - A whole new Tunable experience.
Tunable has been completely re-written from the ground up. A whole new look makes Tunable easier to use while adding more features than ever. It's like a new app including the friendly features you know and love.

Now...what you've all been waiting for. What's new? …drum roll, please…

• SESSIONS! Each *new* recording is accompanied by a practice session score and individual note graphs. It's so cool, words can't even describe. Press the record button to explore the awesome new world of Sessions. It's like nothing you've ever seen.
• Recordings take up 1/5 of the space, so you can record more than ever.
• "Hey Siri, Play a Concert A" - We added Siri Shortcuts for playing A and F tuning notes and for starting the metronome hands-free. Head to the settings screen to enable them.
• Custom Temperaments. You asked we answered! Create custom temperaments to pick the temperament that's perfect for you.
• More Metronome Options. Tap metronome subdivisions to change between accented, non-accented, and muted sounds.
• Sync metronome to other nearby apps so they can all play at the same tempo and in time. It's great for group rehearsal.
• Organize sessions into folders and easily search by name to find what you've previously recorded.
• Full-length Piano tone generator.
• New toggle button to quickly switch between Equal and alternate temperament.
• Playback and analyze audio recordings from 0x - 3x speed and seek to any point in time
• Toggle volume waveform on the tuner to correlate volume with the pitch
• Import audio files to get practice reports on previously recorded files not in Tunable
• Significantly reduced CPU usage. Your battery should last longer.
• Select transposition by instrument, not just by note.
• Change tuning and metronome settings from each screen.
• 3D touch on the App Icon to open directly to the screen you want
• Calibrate A=440 with decimal places (ie. 440.2)
• Tons of bug fixes and performance enhancements. You wouldn't even believe it. :D

If you're enjoying Tunable, please rate this version. It really helps! If you need help, reach me at [email protected] I'd love to hear from you.

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Curt Wacki

This is the best app for a professional  Curt Wacki  5 star

I use this everyday composing practicing warming up and before performing. This is the one.


New update is questionable  jmk624  4 star

This was my go to tuner and metronome and i loved it and I really don’t like the update for what it’s worth, it was so much more straight forward and streamlined in the old layout!!


Used to be good not any more  waynethehumps  1 star

Used to be decent, latest update threw a bunch of crap on it. Skip buying this and get a simple tuner instead of all the crap this now has on it.


😭😭😭  huffmd  5 star

I love u

Michael Couper

Excellent tool for myself and my students  Michael Couper  5 star

Can’t recommend this app enough, being able to see a history of your pitch aids in making long tones more consistent and checking moving lines and intervals across multiple registers. It is also useful for teaching vibrato. A must have for all of my students and my own practice sessions!


Bouncing Window???  Inchmagranachan  4 star

I love this tuning app. However, it made me upgrade, and now I’ve got this annoying bouncing little window “tap to begin practice session” that I don’t know how to get rid of.


Intrusive  FlatNeko  3 star

Why does this app require that I tell my level of expertise before I can use it. That feels creepily intrusive. I’ve used previous versions for a long time and I almost abandoned it because of this.


?  gerrishp2  5 star

Amazing app


Thank you for your recent changes to the new update!  elsmusician  5 star

Thank you for your changes back to the double click feature to change the key in the Just Intonation setting, and larger tuner!!! I am back to using Tuneable again!


🌟  1212kate1212  5 star

I LOVE this new upgrade!!!!👍 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

blob invasion

Okay  blob invasion  4 star

It is okay but it hears other noises very easily. I was playing and it heard my mum and dads voices. 😥


Very good  drjeccles  4 star

Nice work, Tunable. Love the display and all combined features of the app. Bravo! Haven’t discovered if there’s a way to program temperaments yet. Would be a very useful feature to have. Will rate it 5 stars if I can program my own temperaments. Also, it would be great to be able to play tones that more closely resemble the sounds of the string family. The artificial triangle, sine, square and saw tones are not so great.


The Best  RondaWanda  5 star

The most reliable of the lot. Every string player’s best friend.

Stop shouting at me.

Almost perfect.  Stop shouting at me.  3 star

Really needs a custom temperament option.


Love it!!  CutestFlutist  4 star

I totally love this app but it has left me hungry for MORE! Can we please record intonation over a longer period and also stats about the tuning would be fab, eg “C3 is 20 cent sharp on 15% of attempts”


Worth the money!  jdsmedley  5 star

This cheap little app is actually the best tuner app in the store! Excellent design, super simple to use, but it also has plenty of highly technical features (intonation!). I've used it for about 4 years and I've never found a better tuner since!


Great!  Porty7  5 star

Quite simply, awesome. Very easy to interact with, you know how to configure everything without too much hassle, and it comes with a fantastic tuner, metronome, and drone function which is astounding value considering how little you have to pay.


Magic  posidon1a  5 star

This app is so good! It picks up the entire range of my harp, which neither of my physical tuners can do. Also love that you can set the accuracy.


Great for woodwind tone/tuning  AlexMusic98  4 star

Great app. Tuner visuals are extremely helpful for developing steady and well tuned tone. Metronome sounds are a little basic, but the metronome is very functional. Worth the price.


Best tuner app! Seriously!  Knaivey  5 star

I've used a lot of tuners in the AppStore and this is by FAR the best one! It's extremely sensitive and incredibly detailed with its display (shows a full waveform with a very handy visual readout)... It's miles better than the usual imitation-analog style that most tuners insist on displaying. This app kills it with functionality, and it's pretty damn aesthetically pleasing to boot! Love it.


Great All-Around  Magnificomiked  5 star

Well thought out- well constructed- the features are quality!


Wonderful app!  Myeclecticself  5 star

I use it almost every day. The pitch pipe is fantastic and I love the options with recording. Being able to add reverb makes recording demos much better than just using the iOS dictaphone. Definitely a must have for any serious musician.


Useta be great  Blaro  1 star

Glitchy lately, what’s going on???

40-year veteran skier

Tunable  40-year veteran skier  5 star

Tuning a clarinette to the right pitch by modifying my embouchure: first, pick the octave, say, C in the 4th octave; touch the C in the bottom of the screen to hear the correct tone; then duplicate it with your instrument; lastly, look at the tuner to see if you’re flat, sharp, or on pitch. TUNABLE IS A MIRACULOUS COACH ‼️


Great tuner app plus  Bell107  5 star

An app that helps get long tones in tune! Also a very handy metronome and a recording feature that is also good during practice sessions.

Disney bound

Something changed  Disney bound  3 star

Just downloaded latest update. Microphone muscly less sensitive than it was before.


Best tuning app out there  QWERTYinsights  5 star

This is the best tuning app out there! It doubles as a metronome (with subdivisions) and a drone (for tuning or practicing or whatever...) you only really need this app!!!


Used to be good before iOS 7- issue fixed  Drawforgoodnesssake  5 star

Updated review: One of the most stable and reliable tuner apps around, especially for string players. There have been absolutely no issues in recent versions. I make all my students and colleagues get this app- highly recommend! Previous review: I agree with all the above reviews... But stranded here in Europe on tour with limited internet and NO TUNER - please address this issue. All worked great before iOS update.


Has all the features I need  JBYork01  5 star

This is a great app! The tuning works well for guitar, bass, violin, and viola. I use the metronome, and I frequently use the drones for practicing scales and intonation!


Great for strings students  Eriksweeklyphoto  5 star

My daughter uses Tunable every day as she practices her violin. It’s great to get instant feedback as she works on her scales and etudes.










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