Pocket Tube - Simple Music Player

PocketTube is YouTube player specialized for enjoying music !

+ Easy to use +
Automatically organizes YouTube music videos by artist and album.
Supports background play, continuous play, and shuffle!

The free version allows you to store up to 15 tracks in the library.
Even if your library becomes full, you can simply delete some old tracks and save new ones.

You can immediately add a song to the playlist by pressing on that song for a few seconds.

Pocket Tube - Simple Music Player App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket Tube - Simple Music Player was published in the category Music on 2013-04-17 and was developed by masayuki mieno. The file size is 7.94 MB. The current version is 1.6.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- fix small bug.

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I can play YouTube videos in the background again!  Crystalclear101  5 star

I used to listen to YouTube videos in the background all the time, but my phone won't let me do that anymore for some reason. However, this app allows me to do that again! I am SO happy!

amos; emigirl.123

This app is aight🤙🏻  amos; emigirl.123  4 star

It's good for people that don't have service on the road or for ppl who don't want to use their service on the road 👍🏻👌🏻 this app works great offline 💯‼️ the only problem I have is that u can only download/ cache a limited amount of music 😬😩 unless u upgrade which is only 2.99 but ion want to waste money on any music app 👌🏻😂 whatsoever but it's still good not a lot of adds 🤙🏻


very good  yvng_sxm  5 star

doesn't freeze up very often and has all the songs i look for


Calidad  Amun2  5 star

Muy bueno


Amazing!  SamiJJ6400  5 star

I don't know what I'd do without this app... so happy I found this!!


Idea for improvement  Alex_Wellman  3 star

The app is awesome but add the feature that allows you to sign in so that you can sign in on another device and transfer all your music!!! Also try and find a way for music to use less storage! Maybe no music video and just the audio!

Izzy 123457

:)  Izzy 123457  5 star

Really good app but it's pretty limited


good but needs improvements  nonicknamesareavailableomg  5 star

this app is magnificent and very affordable, but it would benefit from an account feature meaning if the downloaded music was linked to an account so that the music could transfer over should something happen to your existing device.


Great!!  Somwone😂  5 star

Should make the download limit to 30! If u bump it up y'all will get more people downloading the app!


fav app  dancemoms💁  5 star

GET IT omg i love it sm


Awesome  Butterfly2222233333331  5 star


Love 😍 Emoji

I love this app  Love 😍 Emoji  4 star

This app is amazing. I don't like iTunes so my friend recommended this app for me. So now that I've tried this app I love it. I think that you should get PocketTube. The only thing that I would fix about it is that I could have more music on my playlist without having to pay for it. But besides that I definitely think that you should get this app. It is very good to listen to music.


Excellent!  Bina0508  5 star

Very good app; the paid for version is well worth it!

Alex echeverria

PocketTube  Alex echeverria  3 star

It says error on the song I pick offline I have all the songs in my library but when I'm online all the songs that I added to my library are there but when offline I only have the songs that I was adding to my songs please fix it doesn't let me play my songs that I was trying to add to my library they just disappear

Bryson lambert

Don't change a thing  Bryson lambert  5 star

I could do without the adds, but other than that best music app in my opinion ever! Well worth my 3 bucks!

Da Gamer (-_-)

Best app  Da Gamer (-_-)  5 star

I downloaded this app today and used it more than others. I suggest getting it.


great app! one problem  fifififififfififi  5 star

songs from youtube topics don't show up, so lesser-known songs (like some from the hamilton mixtape) don't show up. other than that it's worth the $3!

El Si Señor

Issues  El Si Señor  5 star

There are some songs that I want to put on here and nothing won't come up can you please fix this issue thank you


Great  Dåmīęñ  5 star

Love it!


Awesome app  Barbaraxx_64  5 star

This is literally the best app ever. I can play offline and the fact that premium only costs 2.99 and you only pay ONCE is just amazing. Keep it up. Keep updating. Best app ever👌!

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