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Planner 5D - Interior Design [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or designing your dream home, Planner 5D has you covered! Create detailed 2D & 3D floor plans, browse a 5000+ item catalog, and create photo-realistic images of your projects. With over 2 million downloads, Planner 5D makes interior design easier than ever!

• Drag and drop design in both 2D & 3D modes
• User-friendly features that do not require special skills
• Create a completely unique home - from the floorplan to the finishing details
• Browse the regularly updated 5000+ item catalog complete with furniture, appliances, decor, household items, landscape features and more
• Create exceptionally detailed and personalized design in both the interior and exterior of your project
• “Snapshot” function to create photo-realistic images of your projects with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows
• Sign in with Google+ or Facebook to work on your projects on any platform, including your laptop or other mobile device
• Switch between Metric and Imperial systems of measurement
• Save and share your projects with friends, family and home professionals
• Work on downloaded projects offline
• Completely Ad-free
• Multi-language

Free Version
• 2D and 3D editor
• 150+ item catalog
• Unlimited number of projects
• Multi-platform synchronization
• 600+ item catalog of colors, textures and patterns to personalize your design

Premium Version
• Access to the entire 5000+ item catalog
• Ability to alter the size and appearance of all furniture

Other Features
• Apple Pencil support
• 3D Touch support
• Follows Apple Design Guidelines
• Split-screen multitasking on iPad
• Basic Accessibility features for the visually impaired

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:
Or send a message to our support team by tapping on the button "Report a Problem" in the profile screen.

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Planner 5D can be used without an active subscription with a limited catalog and without an ability to customize furniture. Premium features can be enabled with a Monthly subscription for $4.99 or Yearly subscription for $9.99 (prices vary by region)

Payment for your subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal can be managed/turned-off at the iTunes account settings.

Price for subscription may vary by location.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Planner 5D - Interior Design Comments & Reviews

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- Useful Interior Design for Home Use

Planner 5D has been extremely useful in planning the interior design on a new home I’m having designed and built. Rather than spend hours at $100/hour with a designer working on the actual architectural model, I have created a high fidelity to-scale model of the home design, which allows me to make design decisions and even fit spaces to my existing furniture. It’s pretty easy to use, though does have some significant limitations. My greatest complaint is the lack of ability to import designs into the app, which is essential to sharing a design between my wife and I. The app will export to a web interface of a cloud version of your app design, but it’s one directional, out only. Other complaints range from moderate to mild, such as the snap function for walls is too strong which prevents creating some small size designs effectively, only one object can be moved or copied at a time which is tedious, and you cannot copy items from one level to another so if you plan to try your furniture upstairs and downstairs you have to create your furniture twice. It also has a random array of design objects, such as so many chair designs that it’s challenging to find the same one twice, while there is no feature for a doorway opening between rooms that does either have an actual door or an arch shape. These limitations aside, I considered it worth the $59 for my purposes.

- Super great and unique! 1 suggestion

I bought this app AGES ago! Redownloaded it recently (now that I have a phone with space on it) and it's just as I remember. Which is good, but controlling the room sizes can be difficult at times. It's a bit of a learning process that drags on creation, in my opinion. One thing I would absolutely love to see is the ability to upload a reference sheet to it! Recreating floor plans from apartments or homes and that way we can get a better idea on how to decorate them. The reference sheet needs to be resizable and on a different layer than the floor plan you're creating. That way, a 1:1 replica is that much easier. This is purely for people looking to buy a home or apartment and they want a better 3D look at what they're getting into and what furniture will fit inside. I really hope work is still being done to the app and this gets considered! Thanks!!

- Awesome app

This app is really awesome and you can make like a house designs but you’re gonna have to come back and unlock some things but that’s OK because you got a lot of choices you were outside inside doors and all these awesome cool things you can do swings and everything you can also do like a mode where once you’re done with your house you can do two floors in the stairs and everything but then when you’re done with your house you can press this one button I can’t member what button is and it makes it onto your ground it’s really cool but you’re not that you care about it really really cool you can just have it and it makes it go onto your floor or wherever you want to go I thought it was really awesome and I was looking for an app and this was the app I was looking for I give the five stars I think this is really awesome you don’t have to do go through any games to get your points are something to unlock so if you can only a moxa arm do you get extra snow stuff when you can watch ads or you can wait the next day and you’ll get some things I like this one because it’s not like you have to choose the right things it’s you can choose whatever you want

- Ummmm.....

So I this app after reading reviews. They were all good but when I downloaded the app it seemed pretty good. I got to building and none of the walls lined up. The walls are very very confusing. And so I say whatever and I go to furniture, they had 2 selections of FREE items and the rest you had to pay $14+ for. I found this kinda ridiculous, so I say whatever again, and I go to doors. They had in total maybe 6 doors? And only 2 were free and they where ugly cheap looking doors, and the ones you had to pay for were so beautiful. This was the same with all of their items. This app is “free” for low quality items. The graphics seemed okay to me. I got no ads at all. But I found it so ridiculous the fact all of the free items were cheap looking and the $14+ ones were soo beautiful. I’m leaving a 3 star because in total the app seems good with graphics and all, but the utems were awful! Also with the fences You get a small strip with a pole at the end that when you press “edit” it says “OOPS! You unlocked a premium feature!” So your telling me I get this sad excuse of a “fence” and can’t even expand the length so if I’m building a yard it had to be teeny-tiny!? I would NOT suggest this app.

- What have you done?!

I have had this app for about 5 years; I don’t remember how much it cost, but it been worth every penny to me. I’ve enjoyed it almost daily. I actually designed my home using this program and it’s at the architect at this very moment getting an official rendering. I casually updated the app tonight as I’ve done numerous times before and am horrified! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Almost all of the doors and openings in all my plans are messed up, going the wrong way, and will not even go to where they were/supposed to be if I try to fix them. There is also absolutely NO REASON the doors and other items should be so sensitive to sizing changes with a light touch one way or the other. If you are planning for a 30 inch door (plus 4 inch trim on each side) for a total of 38 inches, for example, it is very important that it stays that way. But if you try to move something it’s way too easy to change the size on the object and then you don’t know what size you have it at. This is annoying and ridiculous, frankly. I am so disappointed in this latest update. Is there a way to get all my years’ worth of plans fixed right? Or even better, get my app back to the way it was before the update? I was using it just today...all fine and great...updated it...DISASTER!

- Terrible

I hated this. I thought i would be a lot easier to figure out, but it wasn’t. It was really hard to understand how to play, how to move, and how to move items. Whenever i tried to place an item on the desk i had in one of the rooms, it would always just float in the air. I tried every possible solution, but it didn’t move. Another thing that i didn’t like was that when it was loading to go from 2d to 3d or 3d to 2d it took most of the time 2 minutes, but sometimes it took 5 minutes. I checked my other apps to see how fast they were going because i thought “maybe it isn’t the game, the wifi’s just acting up”. Turns out it wasn’t the wifi. A lot of the time when it was loading, (usually when i had finished something i really liked) it would take me back to my home screen and not save it. I had to start over many times on many things. Another thing is, it doesn’t explain anything. It just sends you off hoping you that you know what you’re doing. Lastly, after i had finished picking the size for the room i was about to start, there was no way to display t with my house. I was stuck on that screen for a while, until it kicked me off the game. To sum it all up, i hate this game and will never play it again

- I’m not sure that I would recommend

Ok, so I am designing a backyard landscaping area, and I’ve used this app before. Online on computers, you can edit every item. That is what I was expecting when I downloaded this app. I am frustrated because it is a very nice, easy-to-use app, but everything is locked! I know that is how the company gets a profit, but it is kind of ridiculous. I can’t even get a gate! For me to recommend and write a better review, first I would need to have the company open up a few more things. Also, you can watch ads to get items for a limited amount of time. I was about to get another needed item— because it was counting down and said you could— when it said “No reward items are available.” My question is, why would it trick you into thinking you could have more rewards, when you actually can’t? Last thing is, for some reason, everything has color, but the trees are white, and you can’t edit them. I would like to know when these things are fixed, and then I will use the app again. Until then, do not count on me recommending this to anyone.

- Almost really good

It’s simple to use but sometimes switching from 2D to 3D things you put outside just disappear like the concrete walkways or if it’s not that it will be something els. sometimes when you Click an interior wall it won’t select the wall I’m trying to click. I’m still going to pay the high price of this app only because how fast and simple it is to use. But it crazy that for the high price you pay for this app you still have to pay extra for the better quality views/pics. Everything should be included for the customer after paying this price. It’s also crazy that after purchasing you have to pay this again after a year because it expires. Small improvements and pleasing small requests could easily put this app at the top of all house building and exterior and interior design apps. $75 with all furniture included, best graphics and room lighting included and paid furniture and not having to re-buy after purchasing already would easily give this app a 5 star rating and more purchase by customers.

- Unlocked but not customizable

The only big issue I have with this app is that they give you “unlocked” items for free, but you still cannot customize them at all. You can’t change the size, shape or color. Free and unlocked should mean just that. There is also little to no opportunity to earn the ability to unlock items via watching advertisements, sharing with friends etc. Other then that it is decent. ... I recently sent this email to their tech support. Still waiting for a response. Design/Operations Specialist, I received an offer to unlocked premium items for 72 hours. Since there is no decent free roof available for free, I used my free item to choose a roof. Unfortunately when the 72 hours is up, I noticed that obviously I can’t customize these items, but now I can’t even delete them to get them out of the way so I can continue working on my interior design. Aka (the roof is in the was during 2D mode so I can’t properly rotate furniture, add rooms, change walls etc. Please fix this issue ASAP so I can continue working on my homes.

- Okay 😐

This is a fun game I will admit. But really? In the photos, it says you can change every detail. That led me too think that we could change colors and length of the furniture without paying. But once I got the game I realized you had to get the gold thing or whatever. This is a great game, but I really think that you should at least get too change the furniture colors. It’s also hard too add another room in the 2D. Sometimes the walls don’t connect and it glitches and you can’t really see the wallpaper on the walls. Also, why not add more people too the game? The ones that are there now are kind of creepy. I also think it should be easier to add another story. Once you add a story it’s hard too move the rooms around. Also, the stairs confused me. How do you make the hole in he ceiling too make it like they actually lead somewhere? This game honestly gave me a headache when I tried too figure out the controls. I don’t like this game as much as I though I would and I’m disappointed, please clarify the controls and make this game more exciting. Thank you! 😊

- Apps limited to what you can do

Downloaded this app to help with remodeling my home, app works great if you want to get a ball park idea of what your design will look like. I hate that the items In The app are very limited like the variety of stuff you can pick from and a lot of home stuff is missing completely on the list I paid for premium service and not happy with it also I’ve wasted all my renders trying to learn to use the app and clicking the render button and exiting out of render when you didn’t mean to click it they count that as a render when you didn’t even use it really I don’t like that for the most part app is easy to use once you play with it I feel the app has a lot of potential but more things need to be added to list to choose from and they really need to fix the render stuff so ppl don’t accidentally click it and waste renders as I did feel once they fix that and add more items to the list to customize with then I could raise my review

- *sigh*

I know, I know, it’s a great app. All the home designs, furniture, characters, you name it. I loved (I used it only earlier) using it because like I said, it’s awesome. Maybe not. (Hate to break it to you developers) I don’t like to use it anymore. Reason is, I can’t edit as much as I want. 😔 it’s a free country c’mon. I don’t like those sorts of limits. Usually, I just jumped to Planner 5D and started editing. One day, I just started making a huge house with a Dj party (not really) kinda and the guess what... I. Ran. Out. Of. Editing. They limited me. I mean, I don’t feel mad, I just fell disappointed. I feel like being mad is just a waste of time. Like bruh. I’m kinda but not really complaining. I hope you guys fix that limit and give. Me. FREEDOM. I want to edit more. Then, I would defiantly give you guys 5 stars but you haven’t reached the climax. You are still improving (hopefully) so plz improve. Plz.

- Amazing app but a few issues.

This is one of my favorite apps! I have spent so much time on it and absolutely love it! I have created countless homes and spaces, but, there are a few things that have been a bit odd in my phone with this app. Firstly, when trying to switch to 3D, the screen often turns black. I am not sure why? This is not a huge issue but I do have to restart the app a lot because of it. Secondly, I had to delete the app for a few days (I have the monthly subscription) and when I decided to get it back, I cannot use my monthly subscription! I tried to rebuy it but then it says I can’t, because I already have it- even though I can’t activate it! I have tried everything I can find, including restore, and nothing has changed. If anyone knows or has had this happen, please let me know! Thank you, I love this app!

- PLEASE READ false advertising

About a month ago, I looked on this app and you could buy a lifetime subscription for $25. Now, you can either buy a yearly subscription for $60, or a monthly for $10. I would’ve bought the lifetime, but I cant pay monthly or even yearly, so I might even delete the app and get a different one that offers a lifetime. I wrote the first part of this review long before Christmas. Now that Christmas has passed, I got some money from family to pay for it. Now that I’ve payed (and not broke) this app is amazing! It’s so incredible, but wouldn’t recommend unless your willing to pay. I mean, it’s okay without the subscription, but very limited. They creators make it seem like you can do anything in this game. False. You get from 3-6 selections in each category (chairs, tables, beds, etc..) and can’t re-color or re-size anything.

- Drains battery but nice app

Honestly it’s a really nice app. I don’t have a problem with app transactions so after using it a week and deciding it was worth it I bought the months subscription and it unlocked a LOT more fun. Well worth the five bucks. If I continue to use it often enough I’ll probably purchase the lifetime one. Who knows Pros: Looks beautiful, lots of fun with unlimited possibilities. You can do so much with it. Even if you stick with the simpler options in the free category. Create as many houses as you want and do whatever you want with them and furnish them however you want. Cons: can be super tricky learning curve as far as getting things where they’re supposed to be and looking nice. It’ll take time but if you have it you can create some amazing products. Biggest con: IT DRAINS BATTERY TO NO TOMORROW! It uses 75% of battery life. Meaning if I use this app on airplane mode with every single app closed out and screen dimmed down, hooked to a full charger and whatnot, it will drain battery faster then I’ve ever seen and will take my entire battery life I. The span of 4-5 hours. Nasty. So use with caution!! I’d love love a bug fix on the battery drain!! After spending hours and hours on it and wondering what was up, I can now only use it for short bursts of time. :(

- 8/10

I probably spend more time on this app more than instagram and Snapchat combined. I’ve been doing like interior designs since a young girl playing her sims pets on the cake cube in sixth grade lol. Anyway I’ve had this app for a LONG time ; I have the full catalogs, I paid the full premium because I lvoe it all that much! But I’d like to just point out )I’m not complaining ) but I do want to suggest maybe adding more things; in whole. Like always have a new design catalog come out maybe with different types of designs ? Like how “yoville “ on Facebook kinda of use to do. Also I really would love it , if we can have more than 4 floors; and also I need a basement option!!! And in general a lower floor option to do like sunken floors etc. But my main concern rn, is that for the last couple days I’ve been trying to go on, and create projects ; but every time I close the app and go back on it; my project is gone. And even the ones already made, I’f I edit them; it will not show. Nothing is saving?? I tried logging out; I tried deleting the app and re-downloading it but nothing. Nada. I miss making homes; and I’m really sad about my lost projects ; because they were important ; but it’s okay; I just hope it fixes soon.

- Good but.. consider these before downloading

Alright let’s just start off by saying it is definitely a good software in general but then when you say it’s for free that’s amazing! (Because I just wanted to design houses, I didn’t really need it, which is why I wasn’t whiling to spend money) but it does have some downsides. First of all, I have the app on my phone and I use the software on my computer the software works wayyyy better it’s super easy to use on my computer and on my phone I cannot change the color of any furniture! Also it’s pretty easy to use except for some things you basically just have too get used to it. There are no ads which is nice. But it takes FOREVER to load when you go into 3D Mode. As you can see this app/software is great but it does have downsides.

- Great app...but very expensive

I found this app very enjoyable to design my dream homes in. I did pay the yearly subscription but found it seems way too expensive. If you are going to have a yearly subscription at least give us more items to more with and make it less expensive. I recently found the personalization update. I was very excited to make some of my own posters. I accidentally downloaded the wrong photo and found I couldn’t delete and and thought to just re-download the photo but guess what? I had to pay more! I found it very frustrating. Some of the photos I wanted to download wouldn’t work either. So please consider lowering prices. That was the only thing wrong though, I found this app very fun and useful.

- Love this app but would love just one more feature!

I love this app! Enjoying it greatly on the iPad to recreate my house plan! Like the web version though, I'd love the ability to type out hex colors on the app instead of being limited to the color picker. One issue I find also is that the walls struggle to align sometimes and don't snap into place with other walls and corner dots. I like on the web version how you click the corner dots and they auto adjust to each other. The walls sometimes protrude thru each other and I have to really home in on adjusting them but some still protrude and can't always hide one of the walls to solve it. Well worth paying the premium! Love it! And loveee the magic box!


I have a client who would like a custom kitchen designed in 3D so I bought this app and learned how to use it but in the process I quickly learned that there is a lack of kitchen cabinets given to us to work with. I would like to just comment that there needs to be a way larger selection or cabinetry and kitchen appliances as well as texture swatches for these items. I would also like to note that the windows and lighting lacks selection too. I hope the developer fixes this and also other issues in variety of items in this app. I see this app having the potential to be perfect for what I’m working with but for right now it does not. Right now I give this app 2 stars out of 5.

- Awesome

This game is the best i love it but i wish you could share you home you make on messages cause my sister saw me playing it and she got it but i want to show her my finished house but again i love this game it is exactly what I have been looking for no levels you have to play to get money I love it 🥰 but I have a question where can i find the elevators it says in the nameing room when I press edit thare is one and if i hide a wall it won’t come back and it drains your battery and if I unlock to peace of furniture it only lets me have it for a few hours then it goes away so i cant move it again and can thare be a outside play ground i hope this will get better

- Wow.. one that I actually didn’t delete..😯

This one isn't actually like the other ones.. Keep the great work up and yeah that’s all this is actually a fun one with not adds we’ll not like an add every single time u pick a item a add pops up!! Not like that this game actually lets you build in peace with no pop up I can actually learn how to build better instead of learning how to not rage at adds every single second... thank you for not making it this hard this is actually the one I will keep I was looking forever I like really hate the ones where u have to play candy crush for some stupid coins, instead of coins, the furniture is free!

- Great app, few issues

I absolutely love this app and work with it constantly to create design layouts. I love that objects are customizable. One thing I wish it had was the option to link a Pinterest account or ability to create your own items as far as furniture or decor. Recently, I’ve started getting issues with projects syncing to my phone. I almost always use my iPad to work on projects but if I’m on the go, i open the projects through my phone. The projects have not been syncing with the work I did on my iPad, so I’ve been losing lots of work. Another problem I’ve been having is the plants within the app they are just big white squares. Hope this can get fixed soon. I have had the yearly subscription for almost two years now.

- Great game 😁😁😁

I love this game you can do so much! I love how you can put down almost anything and you can change almost every detail. I love this game so much it’s so fun!😁😁😁 I want to be a architect wen I grow up. And it’s hard to find a good house making game. I play this almost every day! Oh I also have a few ideas: I think it would be cool if the people that you place down can move and have bigger customization. And could use the appliances and even sleep! I feel since you are making a house it would make the game better to have them live in it. And maybe more furniture options.😁 that’s it! I’m just saying... this game is awesome!😁😁😁😁

- Incredible app, but still can improve (monthly subscriber pov)

I wish that there was a way to turn on and off lights similar to how you can open and shut the doors. The extensive ability to customize content is wonderful, however I do wish there was more to choose from, for example I personally find it to be lacking in the decor department (but that may just be a personal preference because i enjoy adding some clutter to bring the design to life). Other than those two features I struggle to come up with any specific issues that I have with the app, overall I would highly recommend checking this app out, even the free version is pretty great (from what i remember).

- Great game- just one thing

This is an awesome app where you can create blueprints and see them in 3D as well. It has everything that could possibly be in a house, but the only thing is that you have to either pay for more furniture or unlock it by getting daily rewards. I would recommend using an iPad or any other device bigger that a phone so you can see everything better. I just think $59 is a RIDICULOUS price to pay for more furniture on an APP. I understand that the developers want to make money off of this app, but really? $59? If you do get this app, make sure you are going to use it for a while so you don’t waste your money.

- Crashing!! Fix please!!! Love app

Ever sense the newest up date my second floor has been crashing when I switch it to 3D I tried to look through the reviews and saw where another person was having the same problem. The app creator responded and said to go to settings and switch it form “metal” to “OpenGL” and I don’t see that options in the apps setting or in my apple settings on my phone. Please fix ASAP I’ve been working on a project for months and was just about prescribe to the app for a year so I could unlock all my other stuff but now I can’t sadly bc there would be no point if the app is has problems.

- Developers heres some suggestions to make it even better, because I know there is competition

I really enjoy this app and I have been using it for years but theres somethings that I feel would make it even better since theres other apps like this out there. 1. ☺️ don’t keep us boxed in. Give us the creative opportunities to create more than just box walls. Like For example, if we had an inspiration to create a log cabin style home, we would need the triangular windows and walls which you currently don’t have in your catalog. This would be a fine addition to your catalog and would broaden the creative possibilities in your app. 2.☺️ Open floor plan and visibility between floors while using the the stairs. When we are placing stairs in between floors, there should be an open space area above it. This would be beneficial because when we create the new floor we know exactly where the stairs are. 3☺️ Opening Ceiling Option There should be an option to leave the ceiling open on the first floor so that the second floor can look into it. For when we have those houses that want that open space. 4 Basement Option.

- Aggravating bugs

I love this app. I got it for business and tried it against other planning platforms. It has been the best so far. It is the easiest to work with and has the most options, even without a monetary upgrade. As I decided to keep this app as our go to, we purchased the lifetime subscription. Almost immediately bug glitches started to occur. The app crashes more often, has issues when trying to customize anything, and when in 3D mode it is constantly inconsistent. We did not have these problems before upgrading. I do not understand as the upgrade does not change the platform but adds more options to what’s already there. It has become frustrating to use.

- Honestly.

In all honesty, The game seems to be amazing. However, you have to pay for everything which doesn't make it worth it sense there's a game almost like this but with so much more. The other game gives you house templates, textures, in and outdoor designs such as settings and landscapes, You could even put in cars and people if it suits you. This game would gain a much bigger active audience if it was fully accessible. Even if it came across more like Design Home rather than the game i am thinking about (will update w title when i find it). Plus, you have to pay to access all of it's features. If it cost 1.99 i'd be cool, but for what it goes for? Price was & even the free version, You could do better. Trust me.

- This game is great but I wish there were a few more things

This is really great game and I would definitely get it I got the yearly membership just in case I wouldn’t like it- and it is the best purchase I have ever purchased. The only thing I wish to add to game and have questions about are: 1. I was building a two story house and I didn’t know how to get rid of the ceiling because it would go straight through 2. I don’t know if we can make basements but if we can’t I would really love it we could 3. I think we should be able make the edges of our pool and hot tub because there is on two pools I really use in the game 4: There is a glitch where when I’m trying to create a room it immediately goes into a Triangle and sometimes when I make the room the check mark and X don’t show so I have to refresh the game 5. I also want to have more rugs/ fluffier and more up to date rugs that are in most homes today These are somethings I want in the game that will make it a tad bit better

- I’m surprised to say I’m addicted to this

I’m a writer, and part of my process is to draw up floor plans of the buildings and homes in my stories. Before, I would just scribble something out on paper, which was okay. I saw this in an ad on Facebook, and decided, eh, why not? I started with the free version, which was enough for me to get an idea of how to use the app. Once I got bored with the extremely limited selection (you can’t change size or colors in the free version) I bit the bullet. I decided to get the one month, $5 subscription, just to see if I liked it. I have since spent four hours or more a day building houses and picking out furniture. I’ve gone ahead and purchased the $19 yearly subscription. This thing is great. However, there’s a small thing keeping this from being perfect. Switching from 2D to 3D sometimes results in an app crash or black screen that I have to close and restart the app to get rid of. Beyond that, I haven’t had a single problem with this.

- Amazing app!

The app started off rough, I’ve been involved for almost 2 years and the app has came so far, I’ve been involved in Betas and the progress of this app is simply amazing, from where it started to where it is now is simply unrecognizable. If there’s another Beta coming up, I’d love to be involved. Also, the one year subscription that Zymantas gave me just ran out and I’m actually said that I don’t have full catalog access right now. I’m stoked and can’t wait for them to take it to the next level and add more columns and doors and maybe crown molding or the ability to dome a ceiling. Great Job 5-D team!!

- Awesome tool

I love this app — my entire home is modeled in it, complete with furniture and decorations! It’s helped me immensely in furnishing my apartment — I can see how things will fit and look by toggling into 3D mode and “walking around”. Aspects of it can be frustrating to work with when setting up rooms — specifically, the “snap to point” functionality that makes precision difficult. But the furniture catalogue is impressive, and there’s an web tool that you can leverage for more tricky operations (e.g. uploading custom patterns). Using this app and Wayfair, I’ve furnished almost my entire home and it all looks exactly as I dreamed!

- Neat little app👍😉

I had this app about 2 years ago and it was so fun to use. I played around with it even though most people use it for work. I never had the premium version but I considered it still fun to use. Now That I got my new iPad all figured out and stuff I’m thinking about getting it back on here. Can someone tell me how to add a 2 floor without the rooms and floors becoming identical to the first one? I struggled with getting right, so the items wouldn’t sink to the other floor. Sorry, I know it’s confusing and I wrote a long review because I finally found it again. Thanks for the help!!🥺😭😃👍👍👍👍

- Suggestion!

I’ve had this app for about a good year now and I still feel like we need more. Personally 1 thing I really want to see added is a custom hd image option for material. What I mean by that is how come there is no option to import your own images to use for the paint / material option. Like it would be awesome if for the tvs we could import images from our photo library so we can put our own stuff into it. If this whole thing is confusing all I am trying to say is why is there no custom image importing for the paints and materials (instead of the given brick, wood, etc.).

- iPhone vs Mac

I love this program, but it only really works on my iPhone. On the iPhone I’ve got access to all the features, for the most part. The browser for Mac has some big glitches in it so I ended up downloading it on my phone where it works great. Downside, the way it works it charged me a second time for the program so now I’m in the process of trying to get a refund for the double charge. The tech guys are great and respond quickly, but can’t help me with the double charge so I’m trying to go through Apple ID. Anyway, if you are an apple user like me just download it on your phone and save yourself the hassle- it’s a really cool program but the web apple version has some issues.

- Favorite app!

This is one of my favorite apps to use whenever I have free time! I love interior design and with the lifetime purchase, I love that you can make (literally) whatever you want and make it your own! I do, however, wish that there were more room options, like a circular option, or bay window option, something different from the typical square/rectangle floor plan option. I also have another small complaint too, recently the app has been crashing and I can’t even get into the app to use it! I hope it starts working soon because this is my favorite app!


For Years I’ve Been On This App & Never Felt The Need To Pay For The Unlimited Version. But Recently I Paid The $27 & I My Only Regret Is Not Paying For It Sooner! Also Liie To Add That I Encourage Others To Purchase The Full Version As Well. One Thing I Would Ask For Is If You Could Make It To Where We Can Add More Than Three Floors For Apts, Schools, & Other Multi-Story Buildinds. Also For Detail Purposes More Windows & Shutters Sliding Doors For Closets, More Staircase Options (Curved, L-Shaped, Winder, U-Shaped), & Maybe A Way To Add A Basement And/Or An Attic? Basket Ball Court Floors For Gyms, Etc.. Just Throwing Around A Couple Of Thoughts I Think Would Take This App To The Next Level!

- Wish I could give it zero stars

Literally every action you need in order to do what you want is premium content that comes as a subscription. I’m not going to pay over $5 a month of money I don’t have just to play a stupid game without any instructions or obvious features as to how to use it and then get bored with in a few weeks and still be charged even though I cancel. Why even bother making a free version? You can’t DO anything! I can’t even figure out how to change the color of a piece of furniture without running across a “this is Premium content” message. I would not recommend anyone choose this app. Stay as far away from unpromising apps as possible. They probably have malware anyway. Not going to fall for this kind of thing again.

- DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking foward to this game. I was looking for a game that you have many choices and no levels to complete to add more furniture. The reviews and pictures looked great so I downloaded the game. Biiiiig mistake. The game gives you 2 to 3 options per category and the options in my opinion are disgustingly ugly. Also the game give random ads when you place a random piece of furniture. I tried to unlock the other furniture options which looked a little nicer than the other given choices and the game was asking for 60 dollars a YEAR!!!!!!! It is unacceptable!!! Too top it all off the game is very confusing to control and some furniture options generated off the ground! Like I said I hate this game and do not recommend AT ALL!!!!!!!!! Wish I could give this game 0 stars.

- Pretty good

So overall this app is a pretty good app. I have made many cool houses with it. One of the problems I have is it gives me the chance to watch a video to get free furniture for 72 hours but after that 72 hours I can’t edit or move the item. This is annoying because if I want to move it I can’t because it is locked. You have to pay a lot of money to get the full package. So you can’t move the item you have placed and it is hard to edit the house if you can’t more a large item like a roof. But other than that this app is pretty good.

- Needs a lot of work

I tried this a couple of years ago and gave up because the 2D layout was cumbersome and should have been so much easier to drop and drag dimensions. I tried again to see if improvements were applied bit I am still not pleased with this app. Deleting splits that i created in walls seems impossible, they can only be hidden which is annoying and causes the points to gap at the corners. The color scheme does not render a full range of colors, the colors are dull and dark, not even a true white will show, yellow is a dark mustard at its lightest setting. The furniture will not rotate 360, only a flip horizontal or vertical so I am unable to line up the room the way I am planning. In the end this is mot useful and I am moving in to search for a better tool.

- This is the best game ever!

You have to download this app its so fun and even tho I’m 11 i love this so much! You can make great house that can have furniture i did not buy the premium because you don’t have to pay 4 dollars a month just to color something it, even without the premium its so fun and you get great stuff to go inside and out side your house and ITS VERY EASY TO LEARN HOW TO DO THINGS I HAVE ONLY HAD THIS game for like 2 hours and i already know all the controls and even tho you cant color the stuff i just like to make cool floor plans and its so fun! PS: It’s all free!

- Incredible!

I’ve been using this app to design ideas for a cabin (just to picture what it would look like in 3D, I’m a visual thinker) and this app is PHENOMENAL. I’ve purchased the upgrade to have access to all items plus renders. Absolutely worth it. I’m loving the looks of every room! 5 stars for SURE! I do, however, wish it was possible to rotate an entire room so you don’t have to flip/ rotate every item when to decide to move a room to a different place. That would be perfect, but even without it, it’s a wonderful app!

- It’s ok it could be way better!

So the app when you try to zoom in, in different directions it doesn’t let you go some ways. When you try to turn the item it basically doesn’t work. I see furniture that looks exactly like the furniture I have in my room but you have to pay. I don’t was to pay the prices for an app that I’ll end up deleting later. I wish you could make your own furniture for the app. I read the reviews and most of them stated that they don’t like that you have to pay for the furniture. I also wish you could pick a pattern for it instead of just colors. With the colors I want to be able to pick the shades of the colors.

- Great, but...

So this is a great app. I have been using it for a few years now. I will say that if you have the full version it is better, but even if you don’t it is still a great app overall. I do have a few problems with this app. First, when I go into 3D mode the items that I had just recently placed were just a gray box. Second, sometimes when I go into 3D the screen turns black or white and I have to refresh the app. Other than these problems this is a great app.

- Really good

This app is really great. It lets me design a dream house, and it is pretty nice, and easy to use. I have started using premium, and trust me, it’s worth it! I can easily move furniture around, and change size and dimension of rooms, and since they measure in inches, I just have to think in fractions. They have an awesome choice of furniture, and with the paid for part, I have 50 renders and 50 textures. This is an AWESOME app! My only complaint is, they don’t have stepping stones. But otherwise, I highly recommend this app!

- Wow.

At this point, I’m going all out. So whoever has to read this, I am so sorry, your feelings have been spared. Just tell the creator that this app is REALLY NOT GREAT HAHA! Well, ya see this is a desperate attempt to get rich, there’s no doubt. It made me laugh to look at it. You only had two items of furniture unless you pay $60 for a yearly pass for items. I see (and hopefully you will too) multiple problems off the bat. Oh, side thing, 5D is not a thing, because there is no 5th dimension, wow I’m a nerd, anyway, find a medium between pay 60 bucks for 365 days of virtual items that have no statement in reality, or pay like, a couple dollars for a month or something idk. It’s ur game man, fix it. Btw, I would rate zero stars but Apple won’t let me.


I really loved this app, keyword LOVED. My first problem runs with the only option to get all options is to buy the yearly package. This game is so much fun, building and decorating houses is something I find entertaining but I can’t do that when it’s expensive as hellllll?! This is an app on an iPhone not a technology that architects use so I don’t understand why you’re overcharging people. My second problems stems from my first, when I’m paying money to get all features it would be nice if you could update this app every once and a while and add new things. Like I said YOURE OVERCHARGING. Btw, I had full access until out of nowhere it knocked me out and only gave me the option to pay for a whole year. #nothappening🙃

AirBNB 🎁

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- Amazing, but I have some possible ideas!

I love the new personalised textiles section but unfortunately I am unable to upload more than two. Here are some other suggestions 1) allow for more than three floors 2) have a mode where you are able to walk around the space with controls. Currently as it is it is difficult to see spaces especially those on second or third floors. 3) some of the furniture/cabinets etc seemed unnecessary as it was just another one but reversed (which you can already do without the need for more furniture). 4) allow for more options for ceilings (perhaps dome ones). It would also be nice to be able to have an attic like space in that you can see the shape of the roof and it adds space but currently I am not able to do that without you seeing a gap in the walls between the ceiling and also blocks views from a 2D point unless I put it on the third floor.

- Money

The first time I got this I was exited but then once I downloaded it there was a lot of stuff locked and where I had to pay $60 just to have a free membership for like 1 to 3 months and I thought it was bad cause I wanted to design houses on it but all the furniture isn’t good enough so I would like if everything was free cause then more people would download it. If you don’t like spending money on apps don’t get this!! Trust me otherwise you will be spending $100 or over just for a year which is bad. I thought this was the app cause there aren’t any other apps like this but guess not I thought everything was unlocked or at least most things but I guess not, planned5D if your reading this please make more things free cause I don’t play this much now since I have to pay a lot of money, or at least make the prices like $1.00 for 6 months cause then more people will download this app.

- Great AR app for hashing out ideas

Great tool for rapidly taking an idea to a virtual space, and coupled with the AR functionality, provides a great way to inspect and demonstrate a ideas and spaces to stakeholders, or yourself. Being able to “step through” a space with a large tablet is a great tool for me... Oculus Quest, Devs? It’s not a full blown design suite, but it’s relative simplicity manages to keep the learning curve down and as a result, the app is entirely accessible for the Everyperson who wants this kind of tool in their kit. Great cross platform support, has worked well for me on every platform. Worth every cent.

- Planner 5D

It is the best! I looked at so many apps to design my new house and every one I had to pay to use, then I found planner 5D and fell in love! I go on it 24 7 and mum gets sooo angry cause I’m on it so much. You can make thousands of design and there are so many options, there are even people and pets in it!!!! I recommend getting this app because it is so much better than any other app I’ve seen! No pay but still okay😄 I was so disappointed when I found out I couldn’t do renders without paying though😭

- Great and User friendly

This is an amazing app and allows for pretty much anything you want without much architectural knowledge. A way it could be improved is making it advertisement based and take out the payment for premium. Another thing would be the ability to draw up your own objects to add in to you home. Although I haven’t used it much, the corner plotting of the room is a very good idea. Overall, this is a great app and would recommend it to house designers, home buyers and students wanting to learn about architecture.

- Free Rewards

I love how the game gives us people not wanting to buy the premium. Though now not having the ‘chain’ of free rewards accumulate, want I mean by that is how, it was one reward token, 2 reward token and so fourth. Now it is 1 reward token, for three days and then a snapshot. Then after the 4 day period you restart the amount of tokens. But the old reward chain was you accumulate your reward tokens, but now you don’t. But in general a fantastic game. Bravo

- Missing essential home features

I wish I’d checked other apps before paying the yearly subscription. There doesn’t seem to be basic home options such as a laundry, cannot name rooms, should be able to lock the background so you don’t shift the whole landscape as you try to resize, difficult to resize walls either side of a doorway, difficult to reconfigure some options such as stairwell etc My 6 year old son loves it but I’ll be using it only for a basic floor plan (which I could do on a free app) and using one of the other detailed apps for interior layout and styling

- Best design app

This is seriously the greatest easiest to use design app I’ve ever come across. We are redesigning our house and I have been able to work up a render of every room which has enabled me to change many ideas and plans for the better. Only improvement would be the ability to share the actual 3D editable renders with others ie my architect so he can he view from all angles etc. I would pay for that feature! Thank you.

- Ok but not good

Good concept but when I turned it into 3D the whole thing just went white Also I think you should add more vehicles cause without paying you can only get a little kids bike I think there should be more kitchen storage options. There is only one kitchen set available without payment. And the other kitchen cupboards are brown. You can’t label a room Laundry. Also you just want people to pay for a premium version so you make more money. That’s why there are so many complaints cause there are minimal options to choose from

- Great but a little helper note

I love this game but sometimes when I play I think it’s boring. So I bought premium on a family share device so my whole family got premium. But everyone except me got premium. My brothers both got but ,one stayed simple. Why...?? Pls help this glitch because I loved this app and I payed for it. I payed last year in December and it still never came through help

- Subscription paid but catalogue still locked

I was quite disappointed initially as the full catalogue did not unlock despite purchasing. I sent an email to the support team and this was resolved within a day or two. It is by far the best designing app I have used and completely worth the the purchase.

- Charged twice, still no premium

Absolutely filthy with this company. Downloaded the app, looked cool so decided to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the premium version to unlock more. It literally didn’t change anything so I thought maybe it didn’t go through. Tried to process it again as sometimes apps will say ‘already unlocked’ and work, but it just decided to charge me the full amount again without unlocking anything further. And the customer service has been terrible, passing me on to a third party that never replied.

- Skrrrt

This is an awesome app when it’s working properly, sometimes when I go into 3D mode it won’t show the doors and a lot of the furniture. It also freezes and I have to restart the app for it to work. However really easy to use measurements and alter certain objects hopefully the glitches would be fixed soon :)

- It’s good but needs a little more

The app is good but Would be great if had the option of closed or open doors or the height of walls and to be able to design split level houses and having the choice of floors being elevated abit, the variety of plants for outside isn’t great. When updates happen get new furniture but haven’t seen a single new plant or garden added. Outside things needs some serious work.

- Incredible

Love this app soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much it’s crazy Cool really uses you’re brain and stunning if you want it amazing you might have to pay some times you can watch an extra video/ad and then you get to choose what you want to unlock download it

- Laggy

Overall the game is pretty good but once you start building the levels up it becomes very laggy to the point it will take a while to move the thing you tried to move. I also know this isn’t my iPad as it is the newest model and the top of the range.

- Good but could be better

I love it! It is really great in expanding creativity! I do think though that the prices of premium are WAY over the top!! I mean I thought this rug was to small so I went to expand, then the app told me I had to buy premium to do it! It cost around $42 dollars for unlimited and that’s just annoying cause I’m broke. Any way you guys read this and take into account what I’ve said.

- Best building app ever!!😋😋😋but few problems 😡

When I was building I made my own house it had the right furniture but some furniture were locked an said you have TO DO A FRIKEN FREE TRIAL and it was 71 bucks OMG 😲 Second thing was the dam screen is soooooooooo sensitive you DONT KNOW WERE THE HELL your going it's sooooooo Sensitive just a warnig

- Awesome but......

This is a great app and it is so fun!!! The only thing is it suddenly glitches when it’s on 3D mode, it then doesn’t let you get back to what you’re building- it’s so annoying because you have to delete all your work. It would be great if you could fix it and I would change my rating if you did.

- I love it, but there’s a problem

Best app ever! Helped me a lot! To make it better, add more vehicles like utes, vans, trucks, etc. I also just purchased yearly subscription and whenever I try to add the red Jeep to my project, it disappears in 3D mode allthough, it appeared in 2d mode. Please help.

- Great game

It is a great game but I think when you watch the videos and get to unlock something you can have it for a little longer but it is still a really great game that other people should enjoy too x

- Has issues but still good

I think the 60+ hours I’ve spent on the app making houses despite the bugs shows it’s worth the download n premium spend

- $70 for all furniture

This game would be a five star. If only everything in the catalog was at least free. I can’t get $70 on my iPad every year. So could you please remove the premium thing so we get every thing in the catalog for free.

- telling me to pay again?

i paid for the unlimited premium around 3 to 4 years ago but apparently i’m on a basic account and having to pay an extra $41? not happy Re: i can’t ‘report a problem’ within the app as it tells me i need to have an email account. Don’t get this at all because i’m signed in using my email. Nothing i can do to get my premium back 🤷‍♂️

- All good, but one thing

This game is great, and I’ve been searching for a game like this for ages!!! But when I was making the kitchen, I couldn’t find a fridge, so maybe just add that in. Other than that, it’s an amazing game to play

- I rate planner 5d a 4/5

Planner 5D is really good for basic builds, if you want to do more detailed plans and ideas you can just upgrade. I really love this app and I’ve had it for a long time. I defiantly recommend.

- Ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this app. But we hardly get to use any furniture, and the furniture we DO get to use isn’t very modern. Why? Almost the whole catalog of items is locked and we are expected to pay $70 if we want the entire thing. I’m sorry, but that’s just too much! It’s a rip off. We should be aloud to access more furniture..not the entire thing but definitely MORE! And more modern things. I also noticed recently that we are no longer aloud to use furniture from the plans already built. This is ridiculous. I enjoy and love building cute little homes but we have hardly any access. Absolutely ridiculous.

- Love it

My wife and I love that we can design our house before we build and see what it’s going to be like keep up the great work

- Great but update

This game is brilliant but please add more levels than just 3 so that I can create an apartment building. Also can you please add more kitchen designs.

- Great but extremely expensive

Great app. Sooooooooo fun!!! But way too expensive and my parents won’t let me buy the full version because it is too expensive so it gets boring because I can’t do much with the free version.

- :)

Best home app out there but I wish there was more furniture, kitchen and sink options as well as architectural like more stairs, easily raked ceilings and triangle shaped windows to fit the rakes roofs

- Excellent product.

Highly recommend this for conceptual build planning

- Please fix

Everytime I tap ‘3D’ I get a white or black screen or sometimes the whole app crashes and my phone completely freezes for 2 minutes. Fix it please

- Free version useless and too expensive for casual use

Not enough items available on the free version to create a project and the only paid option is a $10 a month subscription. Maybe an option to buy a single project for .99c each for casual users would be good.

- Project Designs

Absolutely amazing app! Been very handy on the go especially when an idea pops in your mind.

- One of my Fav’s

I love this app the free version is what I’ve been using for months it’s just a great app for all... Thank you for such a great app!

- Additional Items

Needs additional items like sweeping staircases, banister choices for the stairs, curved walls, more extensive furniture and furnishings,doors, windows, etc. This would allow us to be more creative. Thanks

- Pretty good

I was looking for a app to do my online 3D house project and came upon this, apart from lots of glitches and it kicking me out it's pretty decent.

- Aimee

This is such a good app but I wish there was no such thing as premium and we could use all of the equipment..

- Changed to update sales

The ability to resize items was removed from the free version and is now only available by subscribing. Classic teaser sales philosophy. What other free features will be removed in an attempt to convert sales. My feet are turning as I write and I’m walking away...

- You can’t get anything.

I appreciate you normally responding to complaints however, you barley have access to anything unless you have premium. Please add more of a range of options.

- Can’t rotate furniture.

I have to use this app for a school task and it is a great app and all but you can’t rotate things like a TV bench. I want to put a TV bench on a wall but can’t do it because it is the wrong way. Please fix this soon.

- Rip-Off!

Unless you want to pay $72 dollars a year, this app is useless to you! Without a subscription, you can choose from 2 different items from each section, both of which are basic.

- Good but...

this is a great game but what would make it even better would be Babies, Toddlers, Preteens and teens.

- Limited options

It’s a good app, but I find the options of finishing very limited. Could add more types of doors, like internal sliding doors. Add more lighting, fabrics, stone and wallpapers would be good, most finishes are quite dated. Otherwise it’s fun and user friendly.

- Terrible

It looks great until you realise that you can’t edit the colour of stuff unless you get premium. This is a huge issue that I’m sure many people not wanting to pay for a game will find extremely irritating.

- This is okay

Positive this app is really cool and easy to plan your dream house. Negative this is annoying it is hard to move stuff and I don’t want to pay the monthly thing 👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Hard to work

You can change the colour of the wall but then it changes back, you can’t access any of the things you want as furniture, it is to hard to use

- Monthly

Is there a monthly subscription? If so how can I do it ?

- Awesome game 😎

You can do everything in the game, so I give it a rate of 5. 🙂

Payoneer 💰

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- So cool

Add some gameing stuff please.

- Amazing 🧡

Hi there I absolutely love this game I’ve had for over 3 years now but I was just wondering if Planner 5d Team could maybe update/add: - New cars (trucks, suvs) - New pets (farm animals, new dogs) - New/more realistic people and kids - More kitchen sets, maybe add full size kitchens with islands that come with all the appliances (fridge,oven,dishwasher,sink) - More stairs - More kid toys - More pools and hot tubs that are filled You guys are probably tired of these comments sorry but hope you may update/add these suggestions! no hate❕

- Awesome!

Planner 5d is sooooooo awesome! I got premium,I didn’t do any renders, but it says that I have no renders left! I really want to do a render now, it seems so cool! Can you please, please fix it? Otherwise it’s an awesome app!

- Waw


- Unfair

The fact that you need to have premium to make or design anything good is unfair because the fact that you need to have premium to do anything or add anything good to make a pleasant room sucks! Premium is expensive

- Great software to quickly review construction designs

Easy to use, sufficient objects in the library, and share files in the cloud. I love working with this simple but powerful app. Highly recommended!

- Crap unless you pay for the premium.

Crap unless you pay for the premium.

- Love it!

I’m in love with this app. I spend a lot of time on it, almost too much according to my boyfriend! A lot of Ikea furnitures are directly in the app which I love! I paid for the full version and It’s totally worth it. The consumer service is very rapid and really helpful! The only thing I would add is shapes that can be modified as I want (ie triangle shape, square with a chipped corner, countertop with a round corner, etc.)

- Super fun or Scam

Listen up, I think lots of people have this can barely do anything with this app unless you pay for the subscription...the subscription is very expensive... I mean, who’s gonna pay $60 a year for some lousy game... listen creators of this app, if you want to make more money lower the prices, I know that might sound weird but if you lower it more people will get it... also it’s really hard to move in the app... anyone who has read this, I am very grateful;)

- Not intuitive

Started using and tried doing simple things like adding a window to a wall. Might as well try climbing Mount Everest. The window appears in the middle of blank space, and cannot be edited to do something as simple as rotates and go into the wall that I want. The controls are not intuitive on this program. I am very frustrated with it

- Très réaliste

Super travail

- Mhm

I like this but,can u add some aesthetic stuff please?

- The best

Really good!

- Facturée même si j’ai annulé en temps

J’ai essayé l’appli avec la période d’essai que j’ai annulée en temps (un jour avant la date indiquée). Je n’ai pas aimé, je l’ai utilisée 10 minutes ... et je suis facturée pour l’abonnement annuel 2 jours plus tard !!! INNACCEPTABLE ! De plus, j’ai desinstallé l’application après avoir annulé. Et dans “mes abonnements” on me demande de choisir une option d’abonnement (c’est évident que je ne me suis pas abonnée, du moins volontairement) j’ai accepté de fournir mon accord car c’est obligatoire pour avoir droit à la période d’essai. Comment demander le remboursement ?

- 😁

This app is great I love it, perfect for what I needed. :)

- Je ne vais pas payer d’abonnement pour cette app

Effectivement les objets gratuits ne sont pas au goût du jour. Ce qui nous oblige à payer un abonnement.

- Honestly it’s awesome

This game has no adds (unless you want free stuff) and the premium items you get for watching adds are great. The only thing that’s wrong with this game is the fact that when you watch the ad to get the free premium stuff it disappears after a while which is OK but I mean you could change that. The only other thing is sometimes the items just float or don’t go on a surface which is annoying but honestly this game is just great. Best home design game.

- Excelente

Es muy buena aplicación nos ayuda

- I like it a little bit

I like beaucouse your ur free to do what ever but you can’t have like a post or the people are juste whit mask 😷 why coronavirus in the games? There is juste a man and a women whit no mask. WTF! Why???

- Yikes

For a paid product I expect way higher quality. Seems like every update the app gets the worse it functions. Even having premium doesn't make this thing any better. Nothing snaps into place correctly and cross-sections at walls and trying to place doors is frustrating. Editing choices are so limited it's not worth it. Couple that with the fact that it slows to like 1 fps as soon as you try to make anything bigger that 500sq ft and you've got a waste of money on your hands.

- Amazing

This game is amazing and super fun! 😆

- It would be epic but

The free trial doesn’t work idk if it’s just for me but I’ve tried it about 5 times. Don’t work I would love this app but it doesn’t work because u need the premium to do anything good u no what I’m saying

- Very nice app

I got this app for my house design and I loved it very easy to use and lots of nice stuff

- The best app in the world!

This app is the best! This app has helped me with infinite designing, and it is so easy to manage once you get the hang of it. Nice catalog, and easy to maneuver. Wonderful. A lot of people have been saying that the premium causes problems, but it actually have a feature now that’s lets unlock premium with ads and a free premium item every 24 hours. Amazing. This app truly deserves 5 stars. Recommend it for ages 11 and up. So fricken good. I love it.

- Monthly subscription?

I used to have this app on my iPad and decided to download it on my phone, I know cannot restore my purchases as I made a new Apple ID but is there an option for a monthly subscription or just the yearly? I would like to be able to give the full app a try on my phone in the latest version before committing to the yearly subscription. Overall I enjoy the app and would recommend it.

- Can’t delete walls!

Why can’t we delete walls? I couldn’t even get fifteen minutes into this app before quitting out of frustration.

- J’aime bien

J’aime beaucoup cette application et il n’y en a pas beaucoup qui fournissent les mêmes possibilités, mais puisqu’il y a des achats à faire je ne vais pas donner de 5 étoiles. Les objets gratuits ne sont pas au goût du jour et ne sont pas disponibles dans toutes les catégories. Nous ne pouvons pas édité les fournitures car nous devons payer pour changer la texture de notre meuble.

- Fun

It’s really fun but the people you get are wood and you can make the baby’s room but there’s no baby. I wish that once you finished the house you could put a family there to live in it. Is there a way to get a different wall paper. And the path tab isn’t working. Other than that I love it!!

- Prescription problem😿

The app is good but you have to pay for it after the free trial,I do recommend this app if you don’t like getting SCAMMED!!😾

- Refund

Charged for free 3 day trial want refund

- Truely Amazing

I love this game! So helpful and directional to play. I love the new addition that you can get new stuff for 72 hrs. Thanks Planner 5D ppl.

- Great app!

Very easy to use. Thanks

- Charged the monthly fee-24 hours into my 3 day free trial

Really upset that I was billed I day after downloading. It might have been a good app but I’ll never know because of your shady billing practices. Good riddance

- Great!

I’ve been using this app for 3 years now and I really love it!!! The only thing I would add is the painting bug :/ some painting the actual art doesn’t show up, it just stays grey. I would also recommend letting the user import photos to use on the paintings!!

- Awesome

The app is incredible, it has every thing. You just need creativity and you can do anything!

- Hi,

This game is awesome ! Me and my friend are going to live together when we have a house and this is great for designing it and there's no ads also it's not glitchy at all but the only thing is that you shouldn't have to pay to unlock items but everything else is good! I'm going to give u guys a five star rate !!!!

- Disappointed

I paid over $30 for this app! I can’t see any of the furniture! This makes me really angry! Fix it!

- Love this ❤️

💯 love this

- Good

I love it like McDonald’s

- Awesome!

I love this game, I don’t have premium but everyday I check the rewards and I now how many free items that are fully customizable as well as snapshots. Great app, and it’s easy to use.

- Doors????

Would be great if you could place doors properly onto walls without them glitching onto other walls and rotating randomly.

- New Catalog???

When is the new app catalog coming out?????

- Ok

They should make more stuff for the non premium

- Update needed

When you go to exterior, “Paths and Lawn” have never shown up. PLEASE fix and give an update!

- Premium

I really don’t like how u need to buy premium to get different objects I think that that’s stupid

- Good app

Useful but can’t buy item.

- Best game everrrr!!!!but I need more pets lol🤗😂

This game is truly amazing but I wish that you guys could add more pets like mini goats horses bunny’s hamsters and more pets including farm and home animals I also hope that you guys soon add not only more pets but pet stuff and cages like bunny cages and dog kennels but I love the game so much and I think you guys should add pet toys and beds and pet food and brushes but I would recommend getting this game it’s so much fun can you also add Australian shepherds please and german shepherds but also sometimes the game glitches and won’t place down an item

- Not worth the price

Items are not very customizable and it is awkward to navigate in the app

- Love this app!

I am designing my second home with this app. It has a large variety of furniture, many commonly used brands and styles, all accessible with a one time premium fee which is quite reasonable.The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use. I’ve had this app for a few years and it keeps getting better. If there’s any issues, the support team is quick to respond and follow up. Highly recommend!

- A person wrote this

It is fixed no more worries!!

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- Amazing App, but needs something!

Hey there! I’ve been using this app for a whole year now and absolutely love it! I love decorating the houses and and letting my imagination go wild. This app is great for architecture, but there is only 1 thing that drives me crazy! Building more rooms is SO ANNOYING! If you wanted to make a new room, you would have to add a whole box and then shape it out. That’s fine but I hate is that you can’t delete certain walls! It’d be great if you Devi made a Scissors tool, where you could select ANY WALL and instantly delete it! Would help much! Thanks!

- Pretty good

This app is pretty good! I don’t mind not being able to pay the subscription, but the features are very limited. If you would a little bit more of the features to the free version, just a little bit, I would love the app so much more! I’d even give it a five star review. Also the controls. Moving around is very difficult, so if you added some easier controls, kinda like the Minecraft pocket edition controls, if you know what that is. And also for the computer you could use the arrow keys to move around and double tap spacebar to fly, shift to go down when flying, and double tap space when flying to fall on the ground again, and still use the mouse to look around, or something like that. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone that reads this. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my review!

- I love the game but it is too expensive

I Love this game so much and can’t find a better game but my only complaint is that it is way to expensive. I am only 15 years old and can’t afford to pay $60 a year. When I originally downloaded the app it was 25 forever and 15 for a year. Can it go back to that. I payed the 15 because that is the amount I could afford but now that it has expired I no longer can play. I wish it would go back so I could use it. For that i will be forced to give the game a 3 stars when it should be a 5 solely because it is wayyyy to expensive.😭😭😭😩

- This app is amazing But....(PLEASE READ)

I love this app so much. But I think the catalog needs an update. I have the lifetime pro version and I definitely enjoy it. But there is no garage door... I definitely think this app needs a garage door in the catalog.... why would u have cars, but no garage door?? I also think in the people portion of the catalog should have children and babies as well as more selections for the adults. I overall enjoy this app so much but an update is definitely necessary.

- 5D APP: “Get IT”

This is my VERY FAVORITE APP of ALL!!! You can start out very simple and draw a room. But once you get the “hang” of it. The furniture and items you put IN THE ROOMS can be in “Scale”. Mirrors can cover a whole wall. Plants put on a table, watch height from floor. I designed a TINY HOUSE TOO! Love it!! (Still learning... how do you make a second floor without repeating the lower floor... someone let me know). Nothing to BUY , which is great... but IF you really get into it... you CAN buy more furniture etc! (And it’s worth it!!)

- amazing but a few request

i am absolutely IN LOVE with this app! from sizing to furniture i love it! but there’s some things i’d request more of. for example kitchen cabinets although i have the unlimited furniture bundle i purchased a while back there’s not much of a variety of basic kitchen cabinets. also the pools would be nice to have more realistic water! thank you so much for creating such an wonderful app of course these are only my request!

- Suggestions and complaints

It would be a nice touch if I could put photos from my personal photos in the a background or a wall or a more simpler in the paintings items. Please update the bug fixes from the plants that sometimes look gray. And please I beg you to put the option of more floors 3 are not enough, I wish I could do a building project or a 4 or more floor house but I cant please put that option, thankyou.


They need to unlock some more items , in my opinion because what if we want a lot of rooms but theirs only 2 beds unlocked . Then when I got on the app all my locked items that I unlocked are gone & locked up again . They need to fix the second level so we can see the first one still . We should be able to change our outside walls & inside rooms . Our rooms shouldn’t be two different colors because the rooms don’t match up . We need more kitchen sets , more rugs , table sets and more pictures ASAP . We need to look at our house a lil better in 2D put foot steps

- Not bad, but not exactly good

I like this, it helps me imagine the house I’ve dreamed of. But the photos tricked me. I can’t make a good house without having to pay, and I really don’t like that. I can’t customize, so then the house has no style and it doesn’t fit what I wanted. Also, I like to draw my rooms, and sometimes the buttons disappear while I’m drawing my room. When that happens, i have to restart my device, and it’s frustrating. You need to make more free stuff and fix that little bug, and it would be way better.

- Just one thing...

Already sent an email about this over a week ago and no response, so I’m just gonna write it in a review...anyways, I love this app! Only problem (that’s really starting to make me mad) is that I go to 2D, make a second floor, and add rooms to said second floor. But when I go on 3D, it won’t show the second floor I created. It just has a ceiling over the first floor. I really wanna work on a second floor and I keep looking up online how to figure it out and can’t get it to work. If you could fix this issue that’d be great. Thanks.

- Not free... EVERYTHING is a premium feature

OK app but takes a bit to learn how to make things. Almost ALL of the items are part of the premium features so without paying the app is useless. The features included with the free plan are so limited that it actually makes it difficult to understand exactly what you will get if you do pay. They’ve restricted the features so much that I do not feel I’ve had enough of a chance to demo it to make a decision whether I want to pay or not... so I won’t be paying…

- I love it so much

It is such a great game to play!if you want to download it then you should even though you don’t get everything unless you pay it is still a great game!Every single house game I have played you have to pay to make a 2 story house and I don’t have much money.I haven’t started my summer day camp yet but we can have our phones and I’m going to play it all the time!I hope you enjoy the game!

- Has potiental/ not phone friendly

I personally did not have an easy experience with this game. it is definitely designed for a desktop/ipad. I was trying to use it on my iphone and it wouldn’t let me see the full images, change the wall lengths or anything like that. I opened it on my safari on my phone and could change wall shapes but couldn’t zoom out enough to even see all the features that were available. Also did not let me add rooms on safari either. awesome features and looks really inclusive and fun but not for phones.

- Dont know why !

This app is ridiculously so expensive, you only use 4 to 5 furniture in every section and the rest you should only pay for it and there is thousands of apps that better than this app, i think they just care about money and i know i could buy them all but why do i waste money on a app that just wants people to pay but so far excellent for designing and excellent graphics. Thank you

- Needs updating

I would’ve given this a four star review as it’s a good app for home design provided you purchase the subscription. The furniture and home decor just needs to be update. The reason I giving it two stars is because I did the free trial. I liked it but didn’t need a whole year so I changed to the monthly $9 as I only need a months worth. That was processed two days ago. Now I don’t have premium access on my account. When I go to restore purchases, nothing happens. So now I’ve paid for a monthly subscription and I cannot use the premium version.

- Love this app

I love Planner 5d, I plan on being a interior designer and I love to design things especially the family rooms and master bedrooms in all of my projects. I always love to find new things to add in my homes. I wish that there were more vehicles to choose from like convertibles and Range Rovers. I like to make huge homes that include huge rooms and when there are Jeep Grand Cherokee in the app and Dodge Charger it doesn’t really make the house look rich. When there are nicer cars and more expensive cars I believe that the cars finish the house. My app glitches and and crashes all the time, and then makes me not want to play your app anymore.

- Great App!

Great App! I love it. I’ve been designing homes for years and this is by far one of the best mobile apps I’ve used. The affordable cost is an awesome bonus. They keep up with fixing bugs and constantly add improvements. I’d recommend it to anyone. In terms of small adjustments I’d like to see: - Being able to adjust the horizontal angle of the walls. I want to be able to add Dormer Windows without the walls and roof noticeably overlapping. - The option to add a 4th Floor. - If you put two half roofs together in a 90 degree angle in 2D mode, in 3D mode they very noticeably overlap. If there’s a way possible for them to somehow link together when the corners meet it’d be more exact. - There is a glitch with certain (most) light fixtures not appearing in 3D mode.

- works well but lacks materials

The app is pretty good, it is indeed easy to use, but lacks objects to include in the design. For instance, try finding subway style tiles. All tiling is for the most part square tiles or some predetermined shape patterns which are rather dated. The selection is good, but there could be more. Also, I’m having an issue setting the proper color to tiles- for instance, selecting a tile for a given wall then setting its color to white (#fffff) will result in some off-gray color (definitely not white). Will update this as I use it more.

- Amazing!

This is such a great app. It has no ads, and I love the fact you can still unlock some of the locked stuff, and it’s not too hard for beginners and isn’t very childish for more advanced designers/architects. It’s super addicting, and I’m hooked. I love it! Although, I do suggest getting the iOS version rather than on a computer. I feel like it’s easier, but that’s just my opinion. Awesome!!! 😛

- I LOVE this app

Planning out our new house, and immediately thought of this app. I used it in my dorm, last apartment, etc. and it worked perfectly. Gave me a great vision of what the room was going to look like. Both in 3d and 2d. My only suggestion would be to give dimensions on the objects to better plan your room. But seriously, love this app! Definitely worth 6 stars, at least 😝

- Used to be worth it

I’ve had this app for years. Some reviews say it is hard to arrange walls and items, but I never had that issue. (It is much easier to use on an iPad or similar device with a large screen.) I would love to give 5 stars, and actually bragged on how nice it was in a blog post. I loved it so much I paid to unlock the additional features. Sometime in the past year the app changed, & they want more $$$$$ to unlock “Premium”...AGAIN! I try & can not restore my previous purchase to move these items. What a shameful disappointment.

- Super Fun!

It is a cool game to play when you are bored. The great thing about it is that you can still have many items without buying the pro version. The one annoying thing is the switching from 2d to 3D every time you want to construct. Also when you are trying to apply furniture in 2D it puts the furniture very far away from your structure, making it hard to get at. But overall, it is a pretty awesome game!!!!!😍

- Going to hell

So, I’ve had this app for quite a long time already, I paid for life time ‘cause I wanted to use everything it has to offer but... lastly I’ve been haven’t a looooooot of issues with it, from the textures to the walls not lining up as I need or the lacking of some items that I would love it had, such as railings for balconies and stuff like that but, I would love it if they could fix that problem with the textures, I had my own textures well edited so they could fit perfectly, now they look soooo bad and I can’t stand it.. 👎🏻

- 5DP is Amazing!!

I love this app. Almost any design you can think of is possible with this app. i’m pretty new to the app but already some of my projects look professional. The only real issue I’m having is not being able to type in and name the rooms or sections that we create instead of picking from a list. I really recommend this app for in the home project or planning to help complete the job. Thanks 5DP keep up the good work!

- Buggy

It seems like a good app and it was cool for the 15 minutes I got to use it but I got this bug that it just randomly crashes the entire iPad and I get stuck with a blank screen for a minute and once the iPad recovers, I can’t go into 3d mode. It just is a blank screen. The only way to fix this is to delete my iPad and reinstall it which deletes all my progress leaving me to start over only to have the bug again 5 minutes into using it again. It’s a good app but this bug is a big issue for me. Thanks!

- Wait, what happened..

I love this app. It has so many different furniture and I like how you can customize everything. But, there was a problem. I updated the app, and all of a sudden I had no access to any of the premium stuff. And before, I bought the “lifetime” pack to all access. But now, when I go to check that out, it only lets me see Monthly and Yearly. Where did the Lifetime pack I paid for go?

- Glitches

I usually dislike leaving a negative review. I like this app BUT I decided to go ahead and get the $60 premium subscription and when I tried clicking on the items they weren’t unlocked and I tried updating the app, turning my phone off, even reinstalling the app but no luck, so I just canceled the subscription. THEY STILL TOOK $60 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT!! I wish they could do a monthly subscription. Who do I talk to about getting my mom way back because the app didn’t work for me?

- Wondering..

I’m starting to figure out the app. So far it is pretty good, a little confusing than what I’m use to, but once you mess with it long enough it’s pretty easy. I love that you can adjust the walls and everything. I’m curious though, is there more doors and other items that are there but we can’t see them because of not paying for it or what?? Cause there is not even a garage door. I’m trying to plan my house with a garage so it’s a little weird having no garage door.

- Read this NOW

I love this game soooooooo much! But two things one is too much stuff is locked and two I can’t change the colors of things it makes me so mad I’m gonna blow. So please fix pls and thx 😊 🙏 P.s.- I love ❤️ the night settings. I was really mad about the game but when I saw the night settings, it made me better. (A bit I’m still frustrated with this game) but thx a lot for this game!

- Room building

Sometimes when I’m trying to build a room the check button disappears so I have to press my home button and leave the app then I have to go back into the app, I really think the app would be better if that was fixed. Other then that the app is alright but sometimes items spawn in walls and it can be a little bit of a pain. Also when you put in stairs then make a second floor the stairs go through the ceiling.

- Amazing and efficient

This app helped me with all of my interior design needs, and it’s easy to use! Weather you are an awsome interior designer or just someone remodeling ,gutting, or just redesigning a building it’s an easy-to-use app that gives you a fabulous experience! And to top it all of it’s also quite efficient too! I definitely recommend this app with a five star rating!!!

- Favorite app. Minor issues

Absolutely love this app. My only issues is some of the furniture in the catalogue does not appear in 3D mode the same way it’s displayed in the catalogue. For example; the fire places are lit in the catalogue but when I click it to place into my rooms it is not lit. It would be nice if they would transfer the same way they’re displayed.

- Custom names

This app is amazing! I use it to practice my interior designing skills. But even if I rated it 5 stars, it is actually 4.9 stars. This is because I was creating a room and there was a problem. This isn’t a personal device problem, it’s just that - shouldn’t you be able to make a custom room name? This is a suggestion. Otherwise, this app is amazing!

- Awesome Game

It is easier to work than most games and It has have 2D in 3-D and it also has multiple furniture and great things to work on it has multiple houses when you get the game but it doesn’t have all the furniture available right away you either have to buy it or just not use it at first it is a little hard to work but once you get used to it it works great

- Don’t get unless changes are made

Ok so I downloaded this game and from the preview it looked amazing. Once I entered the actual game I got even more excited about it. After further investigation I found out you can’t do ANYTHING other than change the floor, walls, or expand a room without the subscription. I understand some things being limited unless you have a subscription. But basically EVERYTHING should not be limited. I would be Super impressed with the game if I didn’t have to buy a subscription in order to play not everybody can buy a subscription

- Good game, a few ideas

I like this game. A lot. I do think there could be some improvements- 1) there should be more parts that you don’t need premium for.I don’t think many people want to pay for parts. Too expensive for pieces in a game. 2) is it possible to add a camera angle where you can walk around in your design to see what it would be like for a human to live in your house of build? I would like that. Yes. I know there is 3D mode. But it is hard to control 3D mode while in your home. Please consider the above two ideas. This game is very good, and I can see it being even better. Definitely recommend for those who want to plan their own home.

- Love using it, but recommend some updates

I absolutely adore this app and I’ve been using it for years. It’s 100% worth it to upgrade to the full version, I don’t regret it! I do wish they would work on some more exterior designing items, I’d love to see some decks and porches, railing for those, just overall more items and decor for outdoors. Pools, firepits, etc.

- Good experience

A little pricey but this app is fun to use and helpful to visualize ideas you may have in various spaces. It takes a little time to figure out how to use parts of it but it did ultimately do what I need. I had some trouble upgrading to premium. Support was a bit slow and it took four or five days to resolve. They did come through, fix the issue and treated me well.

- Upsetting!

Getting this app, you read everything, check reviews, and download it. When this happened to me, I realized that this was just a big trick! Here are some explanations for my review: -When I try to turn objects, a screen pops up saying “You have stumbled on a Premium feature!” So, they are basically saying I have to spend money to TURN OBJECTS!? And no, I don’t spend money when not necessary! -Having trouble putting things on tables. One second it’s working, but I can’t place it on the rises into the air and then is stuck! And when it’s not working, the whole object freezes! -Too complicated! Don’t think I’m stupid. Think that, for example, you have to go trough all this work to add a new floor. And when you do, you can’t create a gap for the stairs! Also, the “moving and turning” design of the furnish is horrible! Horrible app! Never playing it again!

- Problem downloading

I've had this app on and off for years, bought the full package, absolutely love it. However, I'm trying to download it again after deleting it by accident and it won't download? I have plenty of space on my phone and am up to date on the software so I don't know what's happening?

- Ugh! It makes me want to scream!!!

I got this game because I love designing and planning houses I have been working on 1 house for the past 4 month or maybe more!!! It helps me get my designs out of my head but it makes everything so complicated! I will sometimes try to turn a piece of furniture and it will just makes the view go crazy! Also I tried to get to a room and it just wouldn’t let me go farther! It is not a very good game but if you could fix the problems it would be nice! Best of luck Sophie S.

- Not a bad app

The app alone is pretty well made and is relatively easy to learn. The problem is when you want to use the app. Unfortunately there are so many pop ups saying your daily reward is available. Though to get it, you have to watch an ad. The pop up shows up every time you go into a different tab and is extremely annoying.

- Saving

I absolutely love this app! I bought the premium, I've had it for 2 years! I share my account with my sister and we alternate who works on it. However I synced my work multiple times and I come on to find out it’s deleted! Now I have to restart. Also I would appreciate if we could work on it together and could see each others edits. :)

- I love this app!

Please fix it so I can create split level homes. I use this app constantly and have been using it since in first showed up on the App Store. I had to have it! I have stayed loyal through all the bug fixes additions and changes. I’m still a huge fan! My only suggestion is to add railings for balconies both indoor and out.

- This app is so cool

Ok so last time I got this app I had it on my old iPad so I could not update it but now I can! I really love this app because I can be creative and fun. I highly recommend this app! They give you new claims you can get new things everyday and never give them back! Hope you get this app! Great job people great job!

- Great but not what expected

I thought this game would be really fun because you can change the sizes and had so many items to chose from!!! But that’s just what you see in the video. You have to pay for like almost every single thing. And it got kind of annoying. But overall it’s a great game to play. Also there’s a lot of glitching in the walls.

- I love it, but it needs some work.

I’ve used this app for almost 3 years. I’ve never had a complaint. I bought the unlimited version about 2 3/4 years ago. I will say however, the latest update no longer allows me to see the furniture in 3D mode. I’m really hoping this is fixed soon. Other than that, I love it. It’s the one home design app I’ve found I love.

- My rate

Hi you probably have seen my reviews and really liked them. Well the reason I gave this game a 5 star rating is because I- 1.I really like the game but there are some bad things about it. Like for instance you don’t know how to play the game!! But other than that I love it💕. I would suggest it as the best game in the world (in my opinion)!!

- good and addicting game!

100% deserves 5 stars, only thing that could be better is the app on my phone doesn’t save the stuff that I create on my computer and doesn’t let me adjust the height and edit the furniture on the app, could use more items available and free overall great app:)

- It’s fine

This game is decent. I thought it was one of those games that you can get to design without playing games for it and I was right but $56 was way to much so I decided not to get the VIP and mostly there was the worst choices wen I picked it out I wanted to change the color of the couch but you had to get VIP to change the colors and the house turned out to be dim and not my style they should give you all choices.

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Android Hack For You

Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design Creator - VER. 1.24.4 Full Unlocked MOD APK Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design Creator - VER. 1.24.4 Playstore Link: Hacks: All items in catalogue activated Full access to catalogue (can d…

Android Hack For You

Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design Creator - VER. 1.24.2 Full Unlocked MOD APK Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design Creator - VER. 1.24.2 Playstore Link: Hacks: All items in catalogue activated Full access to catalogue (can d…

Planner 5D - Interior Design 4.3.14 Screenshots & Images

Planner 5D - Interior Design iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Planner 5D - Interior Design iphone images
Planner 5D - Interior Design iphone images
Planner 5D - Interior Design iphone images
Planner 5D - Interior Design iphone images
Planner 5D - Interior Design iphone images
Planner 5D - Interior Design ipad images
Planner 5D - Interior Design ipad images
Planner 5D - Interior Design ipad images
Planner 5D - Interior Design ipad images
Planner 5D - Interior Design ipad images
Planner 5D - Interior Design Lifestyle application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Planner 5D - Interior Design Lifestyle application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Planner 5D - Interior Design (Version 4.3.14) Install & Download

The applications Planner 5D - Interior Design was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-04-30 and was developed by Planner5D, UAB [Developer ID: 606173981]. This application file size is 513.64 MB. Planner 5D - Interior Design - Lifestyle posted on 2020-09-21 current version is 4.3.14 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.planner5d.Planner-5D

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