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Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or designing your dream home, Planner 5D has you covered! Create detailed 2D & 3D floor plans, browse a 3000+ item catalog, and create photo-realistic images of your projects. With over 2 million downloads, Planner 5D makes interior design easier than ever!

• Drag and drop design in both 2D & 3D modes
• User-friendly features that do not require special skills
• Create a completely unique home - from the floorplan to the finishing details
• Browse the regularly updated 3000+ item catalog complete with furniture, appliances, decor, household items, landscape features and more
• Create exceptionally detailed and personalized design in both the interior and exterior of your project
• “Snapshot” function to create photo-realistic images of your projects with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows
• Sign in with Google+ or Facebook to work on your projects on any platform, including your laptop or other mobile device
• Switch between Metric and Imperial systems of measurement
• Save and share your projects with friends, family and home professionals
• Work on downloaded projects offline
• Completely Ad-free
• Multi-language

Free Version
• 2D and 3D editor
• 150+ item catalog
• Unlimited number of projects
• Multi-platform synchronization
• 600+ item catalog of colors, textures and patterns to personalize your design

Premium Version
• Access to the entire 3000+ item catalog
• Ability to alter the size and appearance of all furniture

Other Features
• Apple Pencil support
• 3D Touch support
• Follows Apple Design Guidelines
• Split-screen multitasking on iPad
• Basic Accessibility features for the visually impaired

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:
[email protected].com
Or send a message to our support team by tapping on the button "Report a Problem" in the profile screen.

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Planner 5D can be used without an active subscription with a limited catalog and without an ability to customize furniture. Premium features can be enabled with a Monthly subscription for $4.99 or Yearly subscription for $9.99 (prices vary by region)

Payment for your subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal can be managed/turned-off at the iTunes account settings.

Price for subscription may vary by location.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

Planner 5D - Interior Design App Description & Overview

The applications Planner 5D - Interior Design was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-04-30 and was developed by Planner5D, UAB. This application file size is 403.85 MB. Planner 5D - Interior Design current version is 4.2.12 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Plan a new design of your space or renovate existing one with the new update:

• All furniture now snaps to walls
• Added ability to choose editor style between light and dark modes

• UI/UX improvements

• Fixed rare crash when opening project
• Fixed rare crash when launching application
• Fixed rare issue where project/snapshot thumbnails were not visible

Planner 5D - Interior Design App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Planner 5D - Interior Design Comments & Reviews

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PoweredByLife   1 star

Subscription didn’t activate premium content. Paid for monthly subscription and still couldn’t access premium content. Emailed twice. No response.

On est Opinion   5 star

Pretty good. It’s good, lots of customisation.

Cammm9202   1 star

This is gay. I hate it

Joshua0101010101   1 star

Free version useless and too expensive for casual use. Not enough items available on the free version to create a project and the only paid option is a $10 a month subscription. Maybe an option to buy a single project for .99c each for casual users would be good.

husky😜   3 star

Great but extremely expensive. Great app. Sooooooooo fun!!! But way too expensive and my parents won’t let me buy the full version because it is too expensive so it gets boring because I can’t do much with the free version.


Okay. I believe that the game needs new funture especially when it comes to bathroom and kitchen set designs. Apart from that it’s an amazing game and I always have so much fun playing it.

nw7000   5 star

Best design app. This is seriously the greatest easiest to use design app I’ve ever come across. We are redesigning our house and I have been able to work up a render of every room which has enabled me to change many ideas and plans for the better. Only improvement would be the ability to share the actual 3D editable renders with others ie my architect so he can he view from all angles etc. I would pay for that feature! Thank you.

Another school app   4 star

Laggy. Overall the game is pretty good but once you start building the levels up it becomes very laggy to the point it will take a while to move the thing you tried to move. I also know this isn’t my iPad as it is the newest model and the top of the range.

flynnedwardsshredz   4 star

Great and User friendly. This is an amazing app and allows for pretty much anything you want without much architectural knowledge. A way it could be improved is making it advertisement based and take out the payment for premium. Another thing would be the ability to draw up your own objects to add in to you home. Although I haven’t used it much, the corner plotting of the room is a very good idea. Overall, this is a great app and would recommend it to house designers, home buyers and students wanting to learn about architecture.

TJAE11   5 star

Awesome game 😎. You can do everything in the game, so I give it a rate of 5. 🙂

katie65652893   3 star

Awesome but....... This is a great app and it is so fun!!! The only thing is it suddenly glitches when it’s on 3D mode, it then doesn’t let you get back to what you’re building- it’s so annoying because you have to delete all your work. It would be great if you could fix it and I would change my rating if you did.

raaeen   5 star

Planner5D-Interior Design. This game is the best (feedback of Facebook online)

Lucy Niland   1 star

Ok. You can’t get any lawns or paths and if you want things you must pay and it’s sooo expensive.

RodneySA   1 star

App keeps crashing. The web version works really well, but the iOS app keeps crashing. Can’t load my project.

goose206   4 star

Aimee. This is such a good app but I wish there was no such thing as premium and we could use all of the equipment..

Coolaviary   1 star

T. Bad. I made a room but it didn’t let me put it in 3D or put anything in it.

lukasboy87   5 star

Has issues but still good. I think the 60+ hours I’ve spent on the app making houses despite the bugs shows it’s worth the download n premium spend

I💜kitties   1 star

REVOLTING!. I don’t want to be rude, but please make an app that isn’t a waste of money. I love this app, it’s just TOO EXPENSIVE. PLEASE make the price cheaper, or I will tell everyone I know that this app is a rip-off! #👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻Ih8it

lololtrollll   4 star

Great but a little helper note. I love this game but sometimes when I play I think it’s boring. So I bought premium on a family share device so my whole family got premium. But everyone except me got premium. My brothers both got but ,one stayed simple. Why...?? Pls help this glitch because I loved this app and I payed for it. I payed last year in December and it still never came through help

Neatstreets   5 star

Excellent product.. Highly recommend this for conceptual build planning

vsuxheoskal   3 star

Please fix. Everytime I tap ‘3D’ I get a white or black screen or sometimes the whole app crashes and my phone completely freezes for 2 minutes. Fix it please

amazing bissh   4 star

Love it. I love this app, i love to decorate 🤩

Needy Designer   3 star

Additional Items. Needs additional items like sweeping staircases, banister choices for the stairs, curved walls, more extensive furniture and furnishings,doors, windows, etc. This would allow us to be more creative. Thanks

moto will   3 star

Not a good game. This game has glitched it needs fixing

Colldog21   5 star

Project Designs. Absolutely amazing app! Been very handy on the go especially when an idea pops in your mind.

co0lKiDsAreco0l   1 star

Bad 👎🏻. I couldn’t colour anything and nothing would work 😡

AnEverydayUser   1 star

Changed to update sales. The ability to resize items was removed from the free version and is now only available by subscribing. Classic teaser sales philosophy. What other free features will be removed in an attempt to convert sales. My feet are turning as I write and I’m walking away...

JAZZY jay IS cool   2 star

Ok but not good. Good concept but when I turned it into 3D the whole thing just went white Also I think you should add more vehicles cause without paying you can only get a little kids bike I think there should be more kitchen storage options. There is only one kitchen set available without payment. And the other kitchen cupboards are brown. You can’t label a room Laundry. Also you just want people to pay for a premium version so you make more money. That’s why there are so many complaints cause there are minimal options to choose from

kavin.b   5 star

I love it, but there’s a problem. Best app ever! Helped me a lot! To make it better, add more vehicles like utes, vans, trucks, etc. I also just purchased yearly subscription and whenever I try to add the red Jeep to my project, it disappears in 3D mode allthough, it appeared in 2d mode. Please help.

Adelifant   3 star

Good but could be better. I love it! It is really great in expanding creativity! I do think though that the prices of premium are WAY over the top!! I mean I thought this rug was to small so I went to expand, then the app told me I had to buy premium to do it! It cost around $42 dollars for unlimited and that’s just annoying cause I’m broke. Any way you guys read this and take into account what I’ve said.

Sunset_Wolf10   4 star

Too Pricey. When I downloaded this Game I loved it but one thing is it’s way to pricey like when I try to edit it says I need too pay for the WHOLE game which I think it’s not fair and cause you have to buy the other version and I trying to make my dream home the game supposed to be enjoyable and EVERYTHING needs to be free pls if you do I’ll make 4 stars to 5 stars😃😁

ellanutella06   5 star

This game is so awesome!!!!. I love architecture and this game is so great. The only thing is that in 3D it is just a little bit harder to move around. But other than that it is so awesome!!!

Dardyer   5 star

Play House. It’s like having a Doll house

crazy patato   4 star

Great but not what expected. I thought this game would be really fun because you can change the sizes and had so many items to chose from!!! But that’s just what you see in the video. You have to pay for like almost every single thing. And it got kind of annoying. But overall it’s a great game to play. Also there’s a lot of glitching in the walls.

Olivia Maus   1 star

😑. It cost so much money to buy furniture and you couldn’t even color it. It was very confusing and took forever to do walls. I ended up deleting it the day I got it because of the confusion. I wouldn’t recommend it. Plz respond idk how to work it 😑

glittercatprinsessathome   5 star

Great. I love it but how do you add floors? I also think that too much is premium I really like designing my house but I don't like how half of the stuff is premium. Still this is a a some app and im glad I downloaded it

love it🧚‍♀️   2 star

Help. I really do love this game but there are a lot of problems.I wish you could lower or higher an object because that feature would really make a different.The free roof is HORRIBLE so make more free roofs and make them actually good.You should be able to shorten or longen objects to. I really want to love this game but I just can’t Zaida

RosaMerleño   5 star

AWESOME. I love it, I’ve been looking to design my own house and this is a brilliant way to do so.

hungryspider   5 star

Neat little app👍😉. I had this app about 2 years ago and it was so fun to use. I played around with it even though most people use it for work. I never had the premium version but I considered it still fun to use. Now That I got my new iPad all figured out and stuff I’m thinking about getting it back on here. Can someone tell me how to add a 2 floor without the rooms and floors becoming identical to the first one? I struggled with getting right, so the items wouldn’t sink to the other floor. Sorry, I know it’s confusing and I wrote a long review because I finally found it again. Thanks for the help!!🥺😭😃👍👍👍👍

greatness girl   4 star

Awesome Game. It is easier to work than most games and It has have 2D in 3-D and it also has multiple furniture and great things to work on it has multiple houses when you get the game but it doesn’t have all the furniture available right away you either have to buy it or just not use it at first it is a little hard to work but once you get used to it it works great

C's little Lady   5 star

Love it best thing ever. It is the best . It is so much fun try this app

DuckyMoMoCake   5 star

AMAZINGGGG. me likeyyyyy

McTube Fan283859291010   5 star

This app is amazing. This is such a fun app, so many options. I can’t stop using it!!

KageK22   1 star

Definitely not free. Anything, and I mean anything, you do in this app is considered a “premium feature”. So if you simply want to draw walls to your dimensions....awesome app. Other than that, pony up...

#1 architect   5 star

👍. Amazing once you get full version. I know for a fact that hgtv stars us this app

euohhvjj   5 star

!. I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe to my monthly premium subscription

katniss8artemis   4 star

Great. This app is great but, you have to buy quite a few things, luckily you can claim tokens and unlock new objects!

lexoneil   3 star

not enough furniture. super fun and i love that you can make whatever floor plan you want, it would be 5 stars but to get more furniture you have to pay real money for it and there is a VERY limited variety of furniture, if there was more of a bar or if everything was unlocked it’d be 5 stars.

noiooi   5 star

Planner club. This game is soo fun like if you are designing a tiny hose this ‘‘tis great for that

Brittney becky   1 star

Bad as heck. I red the reviews and most of them were good so I downloaded the game. Boy was I wrong.Its so hard to move around. Like some of the reviews said the game needs more control. Whoever made the game needs to read the reviews and listen to the complaints. Whoever says this game is good CHILD PLEASE 😂 Lol OPEN UR EYES 👀 but I do respect ur opinion.

~Waffle~   2 star

U guys. Guys u need more free stuff there isn’t that much free stuff and the rugs ARE TINY

Happy Costomer38   5 star

The best app EVER!. This app is so fun! I use it to get ideas if I buy a new house in the future! I REALLY recommend this app!

SpeedyShamu   4 star

My review. I like this app a lot but I don’t like the restriction on how many rooms you can use in one floor. And all the very good stuff is the premium. I do you recommend this game. And you can send your plans different people if you actually want to build a house you want it very detailed so you can basically build whatever you you desire.

KHHruns   5 star

This game is great but I wish there were a few more things. This is really great game and I would definitely get it I got the yearly membership just in case I wouldn’t like it- and it is the best purchase I have ever purchased. The only thing I wish to add to game and have questions about are: 1. I was building a two story house and I didn’t know how to get rid of the ceiling because it would go straight through 2. I don’t know if we can make basements but if we can’t I would really love it we could 3. I think we should be able make the edges of our pool and hot tub because there is on two pools I really use in the game 4: There is a glitch where when I’m trying to create a room it immediately goes into a Triangle and sometimes when I make the room the check mark and X don’t show so I have to refresh the game 5. I also want to have more rugs/ fluffier and more up to date rugs that are in most homes today These are somethings I want in the game that will make it a tad bit better

😍😍cats   4 star

Super Fun!. It is a cool game to play when you are bored. The great thing about it is that you can still have many items without buying the pro version. The one annoying thing is the switching from 2d to 3D every time you want to construct. Also when you are trying to apply furniture in 2D it puts the furniture very far away from your structure, making it hard to get at. But overall, it is a pretty awesome game!!!!!😍

HW00l   5 star

Love this app but would love just one more feature!. I love this app! Enjoying it greatly on the iPad to recreate my house plan! Like the web version though, I'd love the ability to type out hex colors on the app instead of being limited to the color picker. One issue I find also is that the walls struggle to align sometimes and don't snap into place with other walls and corner dots. I like on the web version how you click the corner dots and they auto adjust to each other. The walls sometimes protrude thru each other and I have to really home in on adjusting them but some still protrude and can't always hide one of the walls to solve it. Well worth paying the premium! Love it! And loveee the magic box!

dctufygcyhg   1 star

This is garbage. Pretty good but hard to make a new room and almost all of the good stuff is expensive Just mainly hard to move around and like I said, making a room is hard This app also drains your battery soooooo much. I was on it for 5 minutes and it went down 20% This app is fine if you have unlimited battery and lots and lots of patience because my iPad is glitching out a lot Hey developers, I’m deleting this app NOW!

odinwize1   5 star

1 easy thing. Can you include a way to rotate the entire floor plan? That might help me with getting the angles I need

god of thinder   5 star

Good. This game is good. This is a good game to play when you are looking at moving.

fireboy89   3 star

Okay 😐. This is a fun game I will admit. But really? In the photos, it says you can change every detail. That led me too think that we could change colors and length of the furniture without paying. But once I got the game I realized you had to get the gold thing or whatever. This is a great game, but I really think that you should at least get too change the furniture colors. It’s also hard too add another room in the 2D. Sometimes the walls don’t connect and it glitches and you can’t really see the wallpaper on the walls. Also, why not add more people too the game? The ones that are there now are kind of creepy. I also think it should be easier to add another story. Once you add a story it’s hard too move the rooms around. Also, the stairs confused me. How do you make the hole in he ceiling too make it like they actually lead somewhere? This game honestly gave me a headache when I tried too figure out the controls. I don’t like this game as much as I though I would and I’m disappointed, please clarify the controls and make this game more exciting. Thank you! 😊

Drbay1234   4 star

Please bring back lower floor background view. It's very hard to build multiple-story buildings when I can't tell the placement of the floor below. Other than that, i like the update and love the app

Denine1234   1 star

Not worth it. Spent $30 for the full app and it doesn't do what it says it should. I can size the objects in 2D but everything shows as semi- transparent blocks when I switch to 3D. The point is to visualize a home, not just do a floor plan. I can do that just as easily with graph paper. Fix it or refund, please!

Jilly 'n' Weaz   2 star

Free version is useless. It's the equivalent of using a piece of graph paper and a pencil, while wearing oven mitts.

ZeleninaYana   5 star

Great. Fantastic very very easy to use app, Koodos for being so user friendly

Sry has   3 star

Poop. Hate that you have to buy to change colour.😡😡😡

1a2b3c_diva   2 star

SO DISSAPOINTED. I can't edit anymore! I don't like the new update, and the prices are expensive. Judging from the reviews, even if you pay, I don't think you get full catalog access.

DogLover4512   2 star

😡So frustrating😡👊🏻. Every little thing you messes up another and have and iPad which is the biggest screen you can get (2015)

Connordagreat   2 star

Problems lately. I love this app, and I have paid for it and been using it for quite a while. Unfortunately now it's screwed up. Many, many glitches and won't let me sign in even now to use the features I paid for.

Samantha 16 B.   4 star

5d planner. This app is great, I get to show all my ideas and everything. But it would be nice if they added a farm element to this app like farm animals in pet etc. But other then that this app is amzeing.

KiKiLT   1 star

Crashes. I haven't even been able to open this app since the last update because it constantly crashes. Please fix this!

Marlot01   4 star

J'adore!!!. Cette application est vraiment complète, nous pouvons ajouter beaucoup de détails et très facile à utiliser.



NO n!ckN4m3   4 star

Bad update!!. I really loved this app! Last time I updated there was a major malfunction. And all my plans were lost. I finally gave in and purchased all the add on's. I love it! Like the other reviews I too, am experiencing difficulties with the app crashing. I am upgrading again now, and Hoping that I don't lose the few new designs I have remade since the last meltdown. Please fix the bug quickly!! Rated 4, but 5 will come easily, with bug fixes. Thanks. App fan. Sgs

ᴀʙʙᴇʏ   4 star

FIX IT PLEEEEASSE!. Love the app and havering so much fun using it but makes me sooo angry when I'm changing the colour or fabric or something and it crashes on me! Like every time!

Rafooki   4 star

Great game but constantly crashes. This is seriously one of the best home building/designing app I have ever played. The only problem is that it continuously kicks me out of it. Every time, I have to restart everything I've done and it becomes very monotonous and frustrating. Otherwise it's a great game! Please fix the crashes...

Colas le frère   5 star

Best app ever. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Joooolkok   2 star

-.-. I was really satisfy of this game before we need to buy every furniture the worst is that before the update lot of them was free.I am very disappointed about your judgment and before I was thinking buy things on the app but now I change my mind.

Planner 5d   4 star

I like the app. I like the app but I loved the app when I got more things without paying. Could I please get more decorations,furniture and other things without paying.

CheesePopcorn   1 star

This use to be a great app .... This use to be a great app. The last update forces you to now pay things that use to be free.

Kottah💜   1 star

Updates. Ive used this app to pass time, and with thr updates taking away all of the furniture it has made it a lot less enjoyable. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone who uses these types of apps as a hobby. Because this killed mine.

Hdjdieh   1 star

Less stuff. Give us another update I want more furniture you should be give us new furniture not taking them away I don't want to spend 22$ to get all the furniture

Me monkey man mode   1 star

Dont update. The update lets you use less stuff

Design hobbiest   4 star

Great design could be more. Hi This is a great design app for those who love to design. The free edition is limited but there's enough to do with it. The pay for edition looks awesome but expensive and not worth it for amateurs. I would love to see if you could make it that we could design a basement, and more then 3 floors. I don't see why we can't have unlimited floors, even though it's not needed. Maybe you can come up with an app to design commercial spaces, and recreational spaces, and multi use spaces, like spaces for the whole city. These are just my ideas but I beet others would agree. Other than that the app is great. Keep it up.

Toxon57   4 star

Mon avis. J'ai payé pour la version complète et je ne peux pas avoir de l'aide en français.

SL6881   5 star

The Best Game Ever, but a bit expensive for purchases. This is the best app ever! It is easy and fun to use. I love all of the furnished they give you even before you need to buy stuff. It is really fun using this app. I just wonder how you can create a basement. Also, the prices are a bit expensive, but worth it. My one request would be for there to be different views, because it is hard to move around your house in 3d in the perfect view you want

Sandriiiiiiiiiinexxx   3 star

22.00$....... Je trouve sa plate parce que les plus beau meubles coûte de l'argent et plusieurs personnes me disent qu'elles ne veulent pas acheter cette application parce qu'elle coûte trop cher. Pourriez vous nous donnez la moitié des meuble payant gratuit pour avoir un meilleur choix de meuble? Svp regarder le message.

Massy16   5 star

Awesome!. 'Almost' the best home designing game yet!!

Gmary79   1 star

Accès. J'ai payé pour un an et je n'ai pas d'accès au contenu!!!!!!

Tadman77   1 star

PROBLEM. I am having problems with this app. When I turn "3D" mode on it just leaves the app.

Correctness   2 star

Works OK?. Better options out there! Keep looking!

ElusiveT   1 star

Developers have fallen short on the paid version. I have purchased the full version. The room names are limited and missing key ones! No Laundry, Mud Room, Ensuite or Butlers Pantry just to name a few. Also, you can’t set stairs to go down from the floor, they only go up!! That’s a tad silly. Plus, imagine if you have a room that is half a floor lower than the one you have designed. How do you manage that?? All floors should have a bottom level. RL anyone? Just tried adding a roof! Wow, what a nightmare. You can't change/edit the dimensions without it totally taking control and not allowing you to actually set them. It just doesn't work! DO SOME PRODUCT TESTING!!! It’s also lacking items in the catalogue. E.g. You only get 15 window types to choose from! I expected as an absolute minimum, at least 50!! Great idea allowing you to split a wall, but not allowing you to rejoin the split is poor. They expect you to redo the entire room. Also, dimensions are too hard to read on an iPhone, plus should be even easier to read whilst you are dragging a wall to resize it. Huge ripoff app till they fix this, other Apps include these basics so I recommend you steer clear till they respond here or address it and I will gladly edit my review. When you release an app and expect people to pay for it, look at the basics which must be included!! Note: To the people who are complaining about the free version missing features which require payment to access. If you don’t like it, go find a free app that has those features, as the app developer isn’t a charity. If you see a benefit, then pay the $25-35 and use the app. If you have used it to design many houses, are you designing them for free for others? Or of you’re using the app to design a house for yourself, it’s saving you time. Either way, that deserves payment.

Nshdhhf   4 star

Great app but a Major Bug. To the developers of this app i would have given it 5/5 stars but their is an issue where in 3D Mode some of the furniture wont appear and instead in its place there are large translucent blocks

Idkilikeit   5 star

Love it. I love this app! Don’t think I could find another interior game just like this one.

jake roald logan   5 star

Love it. This app is soo awesome! Everything is good and I have nothing to complain about, but there are some things you need to add. - please add more cars and vehicles -please make the trees and plants adjustable Other than that, this app is definitely a five star app, good job Planner5D UAB👍

Tarsiers the tarsiers boy   4 star

More than average application. This application is an amazing app I highly suggest it .

nazy2000   3 star

New update. I used to love this app and would use it all the time, but with the new update we can no longer edit the size and colour of furniture like before unless we pay. Also, the items that we can access without paying for the subscription is very limited. It would be great if you could provide us with a few more furniture options and allow us to customise our choices again 😊 thanks

Yaboiienz   1 star

Rip off. Having purchased the full deal and watching the trailer I now find I have to pay even more money to view HD renderings. I am so disappointed and feel ripped off.

zebra 😂😂😂😂   2 star

What the 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. I have no idea how to make walls and it doesn’t even have a tutorial I want this app to have a tutorial 😖😖😖😖😖😤😤😤😤😖😳😤

Rish4   5 star

Designing my home -very helpful. Designed two storey house. Still learning how to use. But found it very helpful

Iceoz   1 star

Disappointed. Don’t bother downloading... Was one of the best design apps but now so disappointed that I have to pay to even edit a color on the furniture. It should at least have some basic free furniture.

EquineChik69   1 star

Ripped off - not worth it. Don't waste your money, I was charged twice (nearly $34AUD!!!) for the upgraded version and no one replied to my emails. Very disappointing.

Sadsack98   2 star

Ok but. Ok to muck around with but disappointed you can't actually purchase anything to keep going. Doesn't work. Shuts down instead of letting you purchase

hknnnss   2 star

Disappointed with Premium. I was really happy with the free version for a long time. I then decided to buy premium for a period of 1 year for $14.99, this is where I am angry with this app! It's a big rip-off, it turns out that all the premium stuff doesn't work!! The only stuff that works is the stuff available in the free version. I waited so long to get the premium and it is such a let down. It shows the objects in 2D, but when you convert it to 3D it just shows blocks of grey. I'm really sad and disappointed now and don't want to use this anymore. I've waisted $15 and am left with a premium for 1 year that doesn't work. I hope, hope, hope you fix this grey block, premium issue ASAP. Thanks.

Jsjsmxnndjsndndn   1 star

Okay. App is very helpful but: -can't listen to music in 3D mode -doors move out of place and are not able to go to the place it is supposed to be after another room is placed on top of it -not many options for free mode -too expensive for normal mode -can't make a hole for the stairs? -can't put a roof unless you pay -The doors and rooms go everywhere besides the place you want it to go

Sap53   1 star

Great app - not.. Unable to review as blocked when I asked for help.

Wasted$1.29   2 star

Potential with this. Great app but doesn't let you upgrade.

Steff111987   2 star

Has potential.. Needs quite a lot of improvement. Also, it should be a lot cheaper to upgradable. I'd be happy to pay a once off fee for $15.00, but at the moment I think you're overpricing for image png's that could be created easily. Or at least let us have more free options on fir future. Also needs to update wall tiles, etc for a more modern look.

Brunhilde51   1 star

5D down the tubes. This used to be a great app. However, recent changes have ruined it. Almost all options are now locked and you cannot edit anything. To make matters worse, the purchase option does not work, so you cannot even buy the options you would like. Frankly, this is now a zero star app

99089 Hi!!   3 star

.... I needed this app for a school project and it was really good until it got the update where u had to by everything... And it was the only app I could find to do the job... Until it's update! 😑😑

Boo the bear/ Winnie the poo   1 star

Bad app!. Please fix this app because I am or paying $30 to edit this fix the update immediately

Squeakaz   1 star

App now useless. Thanks for ruining the app by making us pay for resizing and re-colouring objects. This therefore in my opinion renders the app ruined and useless

jfndnc   1 star

Whyyyy???. I hate how you now have to pay $30 to change the colour and size of objects. Most of the original sizes are too small and not everyone have just $30 to to spend on that. I have deleted the game I will reinstall the game if this gets fixed!!! If it does get fixed I think may people will down load and love it!!!!

Iguwdciguwecugiewc   2 star

Dear..... I would just like to say that, I used to love making houses and rooms. But now I hate it!! I hate the new update when u have to buy to edit and change the size and colours, u have to pay now!! Plz fix this because I don't want to be spending $7.99 each month!! Fix plz or I will delete app and never ever buy it again!! Kind Regards, Ash 😢

TeeDubby   2 star

Update downhill. I enjoyed making my kitchen plan in Planner 5D until the recent update. Now it's next to useless because I cannot resize anything...

On Ya Own   1 star

Now with limited free content.. This app was great but the limitations the latest update has made to the free content has prompted this poor rating. * Not much to try before you have to buy *

N1KOLITER   1 star

This update is terreble. Most of the free options were removed from this update. You cant colour or resize anymore which pretty much makes it so you have to pay. DONT GET!!!


Ok. This game is ok. It's fine at the start but if you make more the 5 plans, it erases all of it. This game is so bad. So don't waste you time👎🏼

Zomb1e g1rl   1 star

Its ok !!!. This app has potential!! Needs a lot of work

K🍉c   3 star

Can't download. I loved this app and now can not re download plz fix

Lover of Hippie   5 star

Awesome App. I think Planner 5d is an awesome architecture app. It lets you create the house of your dreams!! It is worth buying the full version because you don't get much of the furniture (which is a bit of a downer) and it's awesome. The only think I recommend they do it let us use for furniture when we don't have the pro app. I think it's still an awesome app and should download this first before downloading any other architectural apps!! (That's how good it is)

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