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Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or designing your dream home, Planner 5D has you covered! Create detailed 2D & 3D floor plans, browse a 3000+ item catalog, and create photo-realistic images of your projects. With over 2 million downloads, Planner 5D makes interior design easier than ever! Features:• Drag and drop design in both 2D & 3D modes• User-friendly features that do not require special skills• Create a completely unique home - from the floorplan to the finishing details• Browse the regularly updated 3000+ item catalog complete with furniture, appliances, decor, household items, landscape features and more• Create exceptionally detailed and personalized design in both the interior and exterior of your project• “Snapshot” function to create photo-realistic images of your projects with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows• Sign in with Google+ or Facebook to work on your projects on any platform, including your laptop or other mobile device• Switch between Metric and Imperial systems of measurement • Save and share your projects with friends, family and home professionals• Work on downloaded projects offline• Completely Ad-free• Multi-language Free Version• 2D and 3D editor• 150+ item catalog• Unlimited number of projects• Multi-platform synchronization• 600+ item catalog of colors, textures and patterns to personalize your design Premium Version• Access to the entire 3000+ item catalog• Ability to alter the size and appearance of all furnitureOther Features• Apple Pencil support• 3D Touch support• Follows Apple Design Guidelines• Split-screen multitasking on iPad• Basic Accessibility features for the visually impairedIf you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:[email protected] send a message to our support team by clicking on the “?” button in the app.Follow us!Facebook:

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The applications Planner 5D - Interior Design was published in the category Productivity on 2013-04-30 and was developed by Planner5D, UAB. The file size is 228.95 MB. The current version is 3.5.10 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Why won’t it allow me to do certain things to complete my project  spas369  1 star

First, I want to say thank you for creating an app that could show me how my renovations will look prior to me completing it and not liking it because it was something that was more my head then physically saying it. I did read previous reviews is there anyway that you’re going to come up with the virtual mode for Apple users who have iPads and iPhones? My other thing is I’m trying to purchase things in the app and is not allowing me to make the purchase. I was on the phone with Apple for an hour and 45 minutes for them to tell me that may not being able to make the purchase has nothing to do with Apple it’s all because of something is wrong with the app itself. I keep getting a message that the app is not communicating with the Apple Store. I did check my balance and I have significant amount of money to make the purchase that I am trying to make. If anybody can contact me and help me I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to put a review up on the positive side and give it the amount of stars that is necessary. Thank you


Too uncontrollable  Ehisyom  2 star

This game is great to unleash your creativity, if you can control it. Every time I tried to move something it would not move at all. When you try to do anything, the whole screen moves. I got so angry I just quit and deleted the app. My advice, don’t get it.


Love the app!  njwxo24  5 star

I love the app but I’m just wondering if there is a basement option?


😡😤😠😑  MyMoniker  2 star

I hate planner 5d soooooo much because every time I get a peace of furniture it does not show up it’s just a black box 😡😤


Great but also not  Jjdhehejehhejdjhd  4 star

I downloaded the 30 days of all furniture. I placed some new furniture and went on 3D. When I went on 3D, all of the new furniture turned into a gray square. Besides that, the app is amazing and I am addicted!

This update is so dumb!!!

New Kitchen  This update is so dumb!!!  4 star

Could we get some new kitchen cabinets and counters because the other ones are getting pretty old, thanks.


A lot of the furniture shows up black.  Hailzz😛  3 star

I love the app. I love creating houses in this app. But, a lot of the pools except one show up with white water and I can’t change it. Also, in 3D, a lot of the furniture shows up black and I can’t change that either! HELP.


Why are the windows appearing a lot lower than they should?  sn329  2 star

When I tried to build a house the windows ended up on the ground rather then in the normal window spot.

UMA I love u

Great app, but...  UMA I love u  4 star

The app in general has been of great use to me, but I don think that there a couple of improvements. The first that in my opinion would make the app better would be better quality staircases, with walls underneath that allow the empty space underneath the staircase to be hidden, similar to realistic homes. I also think that indoor staircase railing should be added to the catalog. Also, I would like to possibly see more roof colors, like shingle, and possibly more outdoor wall colors, like white (whiter) brick or stucco.

The Diamond Eolf

Fine, but A Couple Problems...  The Diamond Eolf  3 star

Like I said, the app is amazing, but I have a few problems. First of all, there is no utilities for pets(Pet beds, food bowls, food bags, etc.) I plan to make a pet shelter, and I’m using this app to do it, but I can’t, because of the lack of proper materials. I probably will have mostly dogs, but I can’t plan that because all of the dogs are locked. I don’t know how to do most anything, because I CAN’T AFFORD ANYTHING!!! It would also be epic if you could walk around the building you designed in first person, using arrow keys to see if it is actually functioning. If you add the walking ability I suggest you be able to interact with objects and the animals move. You should be able to change the outdoor background and ground. Also, it would be great if you could stretch the fence, like you put down one post, then drag and the posts of the fence will continue to spawn until you’re done, and you can turn it as well. You should also be able to edit the size of things. And I get it, you just updated and you need to make some money, but honestly, it’s so much less pleasant. You should also add more species of dog, and different animals, and you should be able to customize and spawn animals/humans who will stand/sit in one place, though still moving.


Love it  Idkilikeit  4 star

I love this! Definitely recommend


Disappointed  Iceoz  1 star

Don’t bother downloading... Was one of the best design apps but now so disappointed that I have to pay to even edit a color on the furniture. It should at least have some basic free furniture.


Ripped off - not worth it  EquineChik69  1 star

Don't waste your money, I was charged twice (nearly $34AUD!!!) for the upgraded version and no one replied to my emails. Very disappointing.


Ok but  Sadsack98  2 star

Ok to muck around with but disappointed you can't actually purchase anything to keep going. Doesn't work. Shuts down instead of letting you purchase


Disappointed with Premium  hknnnss  2 star

I was really happy with the free version for a long time. I then decided to buy premium for a period of 1 year for $14.99, this is where I am angry with this app! It's a big rip-off, it turns out that all the premium stuff doesn't work!! The only stuff that works is the stuff available in the free version. I waited so long to get the premium and it is such a let down. It shows the objects in 2D, but when you convert it to 3D it just shows blocks of grey. I'm really sad and disappointed now and don't want to use this anymore. I've waisted $15 and am left with a premium for 1 year that doesn't work. I hope, hope, hope you fix this grey block, premium issue ASAP. Thanks.


Okay  Jsjsmxnndjsndndn  1 star

App is very helpful but: -can't listen to music in 3D mode -doors move out of place and are not able to go to the place it is supposed to be after another room is placed on top of it -not many options for free mode -too expensive for normal mode -can't make a hole for the stairs? -can't put a roof unless you pay -The doors and rooms go everywhere besides the place you want it to go


Great app - not.  Sap53  1 star

Unable to review as blocked when I asked for help.


Potential with this  Wasted$1.29  2 star

Great app but doesn't let you upgrade.


Has potential.  Steff111987  2 star

Needs quite a lot of improvement. Also, it should be a lot cheaper to upgradable. I'd be happy to pay a once off fee for $15.00, but at the moment I think you're overpricing for image png's that could be created easily. Or at least let us have more free options on fir future. Also needs to update wall tiles, etc for a more modern look.


5D down the tubes  Brunhilde51  1 star

This used to be a great app. However, recent changes have ruined it. Almost all options are now locked and you cannot edit anything. To make matters worse, the purchase option does not work, so you cannot even buy the options you would like. Frankly, this is now a zero star app


About time you fixed it!!! ❤️💯  Amira86  5 star

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! About time you fixed the app!! I've been using this for years and had suggested it to many in the past. However, lately it was not allowing you to see the walls of the below floor to properly build the floor above.. I'm SOOOO happy it's fixed. Now I can go back to building multiple story floors, which I love to do. Now that the app is fixed I Again can go back to LOVING this app. It's so simple to use, very precise. You can build as many rooms are you like and multiple floors. I bought the full package which has a great selection of furniture and assortment of items to make a realistic dream house. I LOVE that it's 3D!! At first it took time but it quickly became easy to manipulate. There are a few things that I wish they add but for the most part the app is great for now. It took a lot of complaining but they finally listened and now I'm very happy.


Ummmmmm......  ❤️❤️❤️🐶  1 star

This game is very hard to understand. I thought going into it that it would be easy and make my dream home be in my hands, but instead I could get more that one room. No hate. I just don't want someone to spend a lot of money on a confusing app that has legit no instructions on what I saw.

Fox Eugene

Add more cars  Fox Eugene  5 star

This app is great but the lots of cars


Getting Worse...Not Better  r2drew2  1 star

I have been using this app for close to a 8 months now. About 2 months ago a major glitch developed. I can no longer see the floor outline of the lower level. This makes it impossible to correctly add the 2nd and 3rd floor. It was working before. I have attempted all the fixes, delete and re-install, etc. Any new project before 2 months ago shows the outline of the lower floor so you can design the upper floors properly. I can't even get a response from their is like they closed their support dept/unit. This app is getting worse and not better. If you want to just design a single floor or simple space this app is good. I got it for the ability to design multi-floor buildings. I do like the features of this app that work. It has a catalog of furniture, fixtures, objects that is better than other apps. However, it has major flaws and I cannot recommend this app anymore. There are better options for single floor design....that even do simple tasks such as add up the total floor square the Apple Store. Beware...especially for the cost. Update: 7/27/2017 I decided to try this app on my iphone since my iPad is several years old. At the moment it does not matter. Updated hardware did not allow me to view the outline of the lower floors. Without that feature (which worked at one time) it is easier to design with graph paper any building with more than one floor.


Pretty decent  Kkdivareed  4 star

I enjoy this app... it is easy to work with and has a decent amount of variety when it comes to every type of furniture... only thing is they don't offer a variety of architectural options. Windows and doors are simple. Stairs aren't especially special and you can't edit them to be more modern... they are just plain and simple. You can't really do anything with walls other than angle them. You can't make them round like modern houses. And it is really difficult to make second floors. Other than that... I love this app! And everything that comes with it! If they can add more architectural options... it would be great!


Horrible  Jeffery0201564&2  1 star

Can't See Lower floor outline this is a terrible app now because not everybody wants a One story house design. FIX PLEASE!!!!


Controls are pissing me off  DZJ😏  1 star

Make the the controls easy and simple


Good  Eric5572  3 star

It ok


Great But to hard to make yours  SabrinaRavenclaw  4 star

I love this game, but I don't like having to have membership to get certain things. In the real world you don't need membership to buy a bunk bed.


True but ok😐  gℓαмα∂αѕ  3 star

So the true part is that the apps video is all true. The ok part about it is the it's not your ideal app. I tried to make my room smaller right after I started my 1st house and you can only move a side it's really weird. This could be better but it could be worse too so I would and did just give it a 3 for the rating. So, I'd say the emoji for this app is: 😐.

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