AeroPress Timer: For Aerobie’s AeroPress Coffee And Espresso Maker

Over 20,000 people are already drinking better coffee than you! Don't wait another moment, dust off that AeroPress and get to brewing with AeroPress Timer.

AeroPress Timer is the perfect companion for the AeroPress and allows you to explore the versatility of the AeroPress with a catalog of carefully curated recipes. AeroPress Timer walks you through each recipe step-by-step to create the perfect cup.

There's no excuse for drinking bad coffee.

AeroPress Timer is now available on the Apple Watch. No longer do you have to fear spilling boiling hot water on your iPhone. Keep that iPhone securely in your pocket and let the Apple Watch take over. We feel like AeroPress Timer is the perfect fit and you are going to love it.



The Championship Pack includes nine of our favorite recipes from the 2014 AeroPress World Championship Circuit. Take your AeroPress game to the next level by learning from the champions themselves!


The Roaster Pack includes 7 recipes from some of the world's best roasters. We've searched far and wide and found recipes to help you on that never-ending quest for the perfect cup. We've selected recipes from Blue Bottle, Tonx, Tim Wendelboe and more.

AeroPress is a registered trademark of Aerobie, Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA.

AeroPress Timer: For Aerobie’s AeroPress Coffee And Espresso Maker App Description & Overview

The applications AeroPress Timer: For Aerobie’s AeroPress Coffee And Espresso Maker was published in the category Food & Drink on 2013-03-07 and was developed by Beloved Robot, LLC. The file size is 5.97 MB. The current version is 2.4 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

A few bug fixes.

Thank you all for the kind reviews. I you haven't left us a review in the App Store we would really appreciate it.

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AeroPress Timer: For Aerobie’s AeroPress Coffee And Espresso Maker Reviews


App doesn't work  musicartisan  1 star

I just downloaded this app to my iPhone 7 Plus with updated iOS. In trying to open the app, all I get is a blank screen. Downloaded and installed twice. Still won't work. Five dollars wasted.


Somewhat helpful  RushRevere  3 star

The app is designed nicely and is somewhat helpful, but there is at least one recipe that is incorrect. The "inverted" by Stumptown says to use 120 ml water for 17g coffee. This is incorrect. The water should be 220ml. I suggest this be fixed. I also suggest listing the water temperature each recipe should use since most are a little different.


Excellent  Tuckshop2006  5 star

Lots of recipes to try, easy to use, clear design. Not sure it's worth the $, hope they will keep updating it with new recipes


Great companion to the Aeropress  Speedybits  3 star

Love the app, but 3 suggestions. Please allow me to filter by type of grind as well as by my own ratings. Also let me turn off the sounds.


Great app...when it loads  yourgrandmutha  3 star

This is one of my all time favorite and useful apps but I just upgraded to iPhone 7 and now this app opens to a black screen and immediately crashes. I've tried reinstalling and hard resets but nothing seems to work. Operates just fine on my wife's 7. Sadness.


Kind of like a recipe book (and brewing coach) for your AeroPress  HouseOfHomuth  5 star

I just picked up an AeroPress for the first time, and I have to say that I was quite skeptical about how good it would really be. I had similar questions about this app. Turns out the AeroPress is a fantastic single-cup coffee brewer, and this app is a great companion to make sure you are using it properly. Let me just say that while I LOVE the AeroPress, I'm still a bit of a skeptic that the different brewing techniques make that much of a discernible difference. Can you taste the difference between steeping for 20 seconds and stirring versus a 60 second soak on a coarser grind? Maybe, maybe not, but it's fun to try. More importantly, the app and its series of instructions and timers are sort of like a flight manual making sure that you incorporate all the necessary steps, and don't do anything that will completely throw off the brewing process. There's probably a few dozen recipes here, and some useful instructions on traditional vs. inverted method, grinding techniques, and water temperature. As others have noted, it would be nice to have even a 5 star rating system so I could remind myself (or see other users' opinions) of how much I liked or disliked a particular method. But it's a neat little app and it's a convenient tool to always have with you, particularly since AeroPress is so useful on-the-go.


Time For An Update  PressedK  4 star

I use this almost every day and it has not crashed on me for on single second. That being said, I feel some basic features are needed, especially since myself and many other users actually paid for it. These would be clarification on the ground size as well as water temperature.


Love the app, but want 1 change! APPLE WATCH VERSION IS TERRIBLE.  G_Spell  4 star

This app is great and will change your life when it comes to an Aeropress. I feel like I'm walking behind the bar at a coffee shop and picking something off the menu and making it myself. Used the metric measurements for a while, but it's a little complicated. Go with simple. Finally, one change I would like, a personal RATING system for the different types of brews. There are so many I can't keep track of which ones I like and don't like. If I could just get a simple 1-5 star report for MYSELF on the various brews that would be AWESOME. Update: Got an Apple Watch and was excited to use this app with it, but it is TERRIBLE. A) it has NO vibrations/dings to let you know when to change actions. B) if you stop looking at your watch the screen goes black and then when you look again the timer gets all screwy and then you have no idea where you're at in the brew or what our supposed to be doing or how much you're supposed to pour. The iPhone app is great, but if I could rate the Apple Watch app I'd give it zero stars because it's not even worthy to be called an app.


Great, but I would love an addition  Dted777  4 star

This app is great for beginners. I got this as soon as I got my first AeroPress. It makes it so much easier to learn and the recipes are great. I would love to see a rating system added though. I've made all but a few of the recipes. I've liked all of them but one or two. So when I'm searching for a recipe to make, I can't remember the ones I didn't like. Overall it's well worth the money!


Great app and really helps make great coffee  graffxguy  5 star

Well designed and good interface. Could use a little TLC for the Apple Watch app since it doesn't seem to use the new features of watchOS 3 and the timer gets off. But the phone app is awesome.


Brought back championship packs!  therealestofthemall  5 star

Thanks for bringing back the championship packs!


Good app  D..oo  5 star

Good app for aeropress. Nice UI. Need minor adjustment


IT'S BACK!!!!!!  jMac_88  5 star

Championship Pack back in the house!!! THANK YOU!! Now, back to my addiction... ☕️☕️☕️


Upgrade more than a disappointment  Peryton  2 star

As others have noted I also lost my Championship Pack and not sure what I gained. I'm assuming this is a bug...and a fix is in the works. Otherwise 4½ stars.

Neal O.

Still no audible cues?  Neal O.  3 star

Update: the Championship pack is once again available for free. Thanks to the Devs for listening to their customers! I upgraded the app to find fewer recipes, including the championship recipes that I had in the previous version. Yes, I've tried restoring the purchase, but I think they were included for free in the last version so this is really a negative-gain upgrade. The app worked just fine on the 6+ before the update. I wish I could just downgrade. And an annoyance I've had for some time: a timer app with no audio? Come on! I'd make this a better review if there was even a beep when it was time to move on to the next step. Without any audio, it is just cumbersome.


Do not get the update!  Feltmind  1 star

Unpleasant surprise. The update removes the recipes known as "championship pack" and demands $1.99 to get them back. You now have to pay ransom to get back the recipes formerly included in the app, way to break the customer relationship, Aero Timer.


Incomplete and wrong  CaliCharlie  1 star

Does not provide temps, just a general one for all recipes. There recipes don't work. Using their instructions the Stumptown inverted tasted sour. Tired Stumptown's published recipe and it came out perfect. Developer should be banned from the coffee world for making this crap.

Kimberly Messarra

Are you kidding me??  Kimberly Messarra  2 star

Don't update your app. This new update made us pay for something that was already available. Why did you make us pay for the championship pack??


Don't upgrade  feelinhipp  2 star

With upgrade you lose the champion pack recipes - boo! There are no improvements as the app worked the same on an iPhone 6+.


Money > customers  Starrmc  1 star

Update removes championship pack that was free beforehand. I could understand adding a pack and charging, but this is ridiculous. To reddit for support!

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