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Are they the one? Should you take that job? Feeling confused and do not know what to do? Do not worry - fortunica connects you with experienced spiritual advisors who will help you to make the right decision.

fortunica - Helping you with the most important life decision, for less than a cup of coffee.

• Receive daily advice and support for your decisions.
• Get answers about love, life, relationships, and career.
• Deal with grief or difficulties with guidance from professional psychic advisors.

fortunica - get advice and solutions for your every-day life. The only psychic advice app that has been featured in over 17 countries and solved over 1.5 million questions from people seeking help just like you. 
Want to clear you mind? Need an answer right now?

• Get 3 questions for the price of one, with our promotional starter pack!

What are our users saying?

“Been using this app 2 years now with various advisors, always came true with predictions and it is never sugar coated, tells it as it is.”

“This app really works!! I recommend it to anyone who has a serious question about their future. Really great, I love it!”

“Fast accurate and to the point. Worth every penny"

Every psychic is unique.
• Choose from a variety of spiritual advisors such as astrologers, psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, tarotists or fortune-tellers. Browse the various profiles, check all the info, and you've found the perfect advisor for you, simply send your question.

Get inspiration for your life.
• You can send your question to the timeline, and an advisor will answer you. Your question, and their answer will appear (anonymously) on the public timeline, allowing other users like you to get inspired by reading them.
• Browse through the timeline, and find out the most common questions being solved in the spiritual community. The anonymous questions and insightful answers on the timeline will help you as well!

Like & share your favourite timeline post.
• Do you find an answer inspiring? Then hit the “like” button & share what has inspired you via WhatsApp, Facebook, or email with your friends and family.

Show empathy to fellow fortunica users.
• Does a question on the public timeline resonate with you deeply, would you like to show your support? Send them some love by pressing the heart icon on their message.

What to ask?
• Have you met someone on Tinder, Bumble or MeetMe? Want to know if this relationship will last into the future? Connect with the advisors that can tell you if you are soulmates.

• Want to fix your limping relationship or know if you will get to meet an old friend again? Ask an advisor to check with their tarot cards, peek into their crystal balls, or swing their pendulums for you!

• Been offered an exciting job opportunity via LinkedIn, Indeed, or Jobcase and urgently need help making the right decision for your career? Advisors have helped many others like you to make the right decisions.

What services?
• Astrologers read the stars and constellations for you, fortune-tellers use their tarot, angel, and lenormand cards to help you make the right decisions. Experienced psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are using their pendulums, and crystal balls to guide you through your life with their spiritual insights. Other exciting methods such as reiki, runes, horoscopes are also at your disposal.

What will your decision be?
• No matter what kind of question you have in mind: love, relationships, job & career development, destiny, grief & loss, or essential changes such as a move abroad – you can always count on fortunica to lend you a helping hand and connect you with an advisor who will provide the much-needed direction with your decisions.

Email us with your questions and feedback at [email protected] We are looking forward to hearing from you to improve!

fortunica - Psychic Reading & Tarot advice App Description & Overview

The applications fortunica - Psychic Reading & Tarot advice was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-12-11 and was developed by adviqo AG. The file size is 25.07 MB. The current version is 4.1.1 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

• Search for your favourite advisors.
• See your available questions on the shop page.
• Get notified if an advisor isn't available.
• Speed improvements.
• Bug fixes.

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What's wrong with the world  Giovanni9861  1 star

This app is waste of storage


My oppinion  imashjan  1 star

The most stupid app I've ever seen in my life🤷🏻‍♀️


Needs a new update  BThugz72  1 star

I guess ill rate the "app" lol. Anyways, the app is terrible now. The entire design looks like something from the 90's. Can't see when a reader is online and the design is way more complicated then it needs to be. NOW ill rate the content of the app because thats what people really want to know. They say it takes a couple of hours for your public question to be answered but it really is more like two days. I've had private readings that can take 24 hours to a week...thats crazy considering most apps are no more than 17 hours and they refund you money or contact the reader. Its okay for the cost but if you want accurate answers and quick responses try tarot advisor. But this app was better before the update and these new novice readers.


Answers are basic  Yali78  1 star

They spend more time introducing themselves than actually telling you anything worth considering. Common-sense could respond to most of the questions people post on the app. Some advisors have studied psychology so they use this to get you to believe that their predictions will come true. Don't waste your money.


Cool  Mayte056789  2 star

The app is very interesting and cool. The psychics respond within 24 hrs. But so far none of the things they told me had come true. For me its a ripoff they just want tour money and do not think any of them have real psychic abilities. Its a waste of money. If you want to do it just for fun, go ahead, but you cant put your hopes on one reading. You are the master of your destiny. If you want something ask for it. Have faith and it will come to you. Be grateful...


I like!!!!!  Therealgoodgirl  4 star

I'm so glad I found this app and I'm very intrigued by my psychic's response to my question.


Amazing  xx3neoxx3  5 star

Love it


My thoughts🤔  hazzeyyy  5 star

I haven't been on this app for long but so far it's a really cool and interesting app and is definitely worth checking out and asking a few questions 😊😊


Still waiting  Goofyoffyyoffy  4 star

So far the app has been good. I'm just waiting for what the psychics said to happen, the only major issue is the long waits for replies.


Do not download  Lomotygfbvgdc  1 star

Don't waste your money on this app


Great  Ropriks  5 star

i am loving this app!


Interesting  Nightfire2258  4 star

Never been into this stuff but willing to give it a shot.


Excited  FreddyP25  3 star

I'm excited to see if the answers come true


This is not for me  Crystalsgotthemoney  2 star

Hazel L tells me all these things and it doesn't even happen. I been using the app for 1 year now and nothing that she says is accurate. It's just not for me.


Trap  giovannasenra14  1 star

They charged me $30 for a $2.99 question that would not send, every time I tried to resend it it wouldn't so I thought it wasn't charging me and it was a connection problem so I tried sending again. My question was never sent and I lost $30.

Lia Maine

Great app  Lia Maine  4 star

Great app


Great App!  davidismine47  5 star

I just started using this app and I love it already! They have great info and tells it like it is!


Owner  Stephaniedoll  3 star

I feel that the answers I received from The readers that I have chosen have been very vague. Not only that, many of your readers do not speak proper English nor do they know how to spell properly. It has been very hard to understand their responses. I don't know if it's a language barrier or simply bad grammar. At first I wanted to refer you guys to many people but as I kind of gave it a chance here in there I decided not to do so. I am still locked into a couple more readings hopefully they'll be satisfying. Also I see that you post only the highest of ratings. That May be a little misleading.


Amazing app to use  BabbyMee  5 star

This app is the one to get. Like I absolutely got the answers I wanted!! I love this app!!


Hmmm  Tavia15  5 star

Just downloaded can't wait to try it

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