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Are they the one? Should you take that job? Feeling confused and do not know what to do? Do not worry - fortunica connects you with experienced spiritual advisors who will help you to make the right decision.

• Receive daily advice and support for your decisions.
• Get answers about love, life, relationships, and career.
• Deal with grief or difficulties with guidance from professional psychic advisors.

fortunica - get advice and solutions for your every-day life. The only psychic advice app that has been featured in over 17 countries and solved over.
Want to clear you mind? Need an answer right now?
• Get 3 questions for the price of one, with our promotional starter pack!
What are our users saying?
"Been using this app 2 years ago with many advisors, always catered with predictions and it is never sugar coated, it is as it is."
"This app really works!! I recommend it to anyone who has a serious question about their future. Really great, I love it! "
"Fast accurate and to the point. Worth every penny "
Every psychic is unique.
• Choose from a variety of spiritual advisors such as astrologers, psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, tarotists or fortune-tellers. Browse the various profiles, check all the info, and you've found the perfect advisor for you, simply send your question.
Get inspiration for your life.
• You can send your question to the timeline, and an advisor will answer you. Your question, and their answer will appear (anonymously) on the public timeline, allowing other users like you to get inspired by reading them.
• Browse through the timeline, and find out the most common questions are solved in the spiritual community. The anonymous questions and insightful answers on the timeline will help you as well!
Like & share your favorite timeline post.
• Do you find an answer inspiring? Then hit the "like" button & share what has inspired you via WhatsApp, Facebook, or email with your friends and family.

Show empathy to fellow fortunica users.
• Do you have a question about the timeline? Send them some love by pressing the heart icon on their message.
What to ask?
• Have you met someone on Tinder, Bumble or MeetMe? Want to know if this relationship will last into the future? Connect with the advisors that can tell you if you are soulmates.

• Want to fix your limping relationship or know if you will get to meet an old friend again? Ask an advisor to check with their tarot cards, peek into their crystal balls, or swing their pendulums for you!

• Been offered an exciting job opportunity via LinkedIn, Indeed, or Jobcase and urgently need help making the right decision for your career? Advisors have helped many others like you to make the right decisions.
What services?
• Astrologers read the stars and constellations for you, fortune-tellers use their tarot, angel, and lenormand cards to help you make the right decisions. Experienced psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are using their pendulums, and crystal balls to guide you through your life with their spiritual insights. Other exciting methods such as reiki healing, runes, numerology, palm reading, coffee cup reading, horoscopes are also at your disposal.

What will your decision be?
• No matter what kind of question you have in mind: love, relationships, job & career development, destiny, grief & loss, or essential changes, ask an advisor & get the answers you need!
Email us with your questions and feedback at [email protected] . We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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The applications fortunica - Tarot Advice was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-12-11 and was developed by adviqo AG. The file size is 35.05 MB. The current version is 4.3.4 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

• You can now pay with PayPal in some countries
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fortunica - Tarot Advice Reviews

Nelly Soto

Malo  Nelly Soto  1 star

Desde ayer haciendo una simple pregunta a dos personas diferentes y ni una respuesta solo me gustaría recuperar mi dinero y quitar el app


I wish we got more free questions!!!  gabrielle_kyoy  5 star

We used to get free questions but now we don't. But I do love this app.

Pet lover!❤

This app use to rock  Pet lover!❤  1 star

I had loved this app 3 years ago as I have forked out so much money on the app alone I had gave it 5 stars at one point and I was still paying for it now everything has changed the reader I was with for so long is no longer there and when I send more than one question to a reader it get taken off and it’s a continuation of another question I don’t want any other readers answering my question but the one I have a connection with her Auntie Amanda was the best I would bring her back do what ever it takes to make her happy I wish she would be off break and when so as of right now this app is falling apart I give it one star from 5 stars 3 years ago it was so much better than now


Psychics  m_lioness  3 star

They give more advice then a actual reading. They should be therapist instead of being called “psychics”. One girl with the name Egypt, seems to be a bit accurate.


Not enough space  Corcorsj  2 star

I am not able to say everything I want to say because it is not enough space. Everything else looks ok.


Waste of money!  shhrjndfd  1 star

Inconsistent readers. One even called me handsome and I'm a female. Complete waste of money!


I love it  Munji510  4 star

Very accurate and helpful app Sometimes psychic time is not exact but most of the time very accurate


Great app  DJ1534  5 star

Many of the psychics are very straightforward. Great price!


Always on point  sc_042  5 star

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYSSSS on point. Lol I ask questions to the same specific people with no details provided because I can tell those are the ones that are legit. Just gives me a little ease on my end...tied in to whatever I ask.


I want my money back  vanityhelena  1 star

Review my questions they give you encouragement and I want my money back no stars


Very good but...  lizaawalshh  4 star

There should be a way to read the full profile of each advisor.. it says " ..." to read more as the advisor has clearly written more about themselves but you can't click to view more (at least on my iPhone 5c that I don't plan on upgrading) ALSO I would like to be able to see where my advisor is from, because only some advisors say where they're from and that makes it hard to know when is the best time to message (for private reading) obviously for public its different

Biebie cat

Pretty pleased  Biebie cat  4 star

Good app with great access to excellent readers.


Great app  Laubie86  5 star

Great app, easy to use, fast response, very happy.

Thi Thanh Ha Le

FIRST QUESTION IS NOT FREE!!  Thi Thanh Ha Le  1 star

I downloaded this app, which was recommened by a friend. She told me that the 1st question is free, but when I used it, it said that one question cost 4.99$?? Even in the review people said that first question is free. What happens??

Hello kknn

Kris  Hello kknn  5 star

Love this app


Too slow  Sillyme32145  3 star

I have send a private question and waited 24 hours for a reply ( her timeframe said 2 hours) , so I cancelled and sent it to another. 18 hours later still no reply , once again I cancelled , sent to a third one whose timeline is 24 min, 4 hours later still waiting . I hope I get an answer soon


Excellent  Tclec  5 star

Love it


Fortunica  Kitabananaorange138282  5 star

great app! Fast responses. Although do read their profiles as your question will not be answered and they drift a lot off what answers you are seeking out for.

Devinder sidhu

Amazing app to clear your doubts and give u more confidence in matters of love luck and money  Devinder sidhu  3 star

Great app to get answers in matters of love luck and money.However, you have to read the info about the readers before asking them the question. I was misguided so many times and moreover the answers were also not addressing my questions. Please do read the history of reader and their respond rate.However, the help desk is good at addressing your queries.


amazing!  Jules2397  5 star

incredible, highly recommend downloading especially if you're looking to find the answers to your deepest desires


TheMoonMystic TheMoonMystic 3 star

I'm available for #tarot & #oracle card readings on: Keen: Zodiac Psychics: & Fortunica!


TheMoonMystic TheMoonMystic 3 star

I'm available for #tarot & #oracle card readings on: Keen: Zodiac Psychics: & Fortunica!


TheMoonMystic TheMoonMystic 3 star

I'm available for #tarot & #oracle card readings on: Keen: Zodiac Psychics: & Fortunica!


!  Oliviamelsha  5 star



Do not download  Gratefullydead6  1 star

This app is useless and the information it gives it from every "psychic" I encountered is incredibly false. Do not waste your money. Call an actual hotline or better yet see a fortune teller in person because this is just a waste.


Idk  Piloytna  3 star

Answers can be vague at times even when you ask specific questions. Not too sure how real this app is .

Chuppa chabbbra

Not Anymore  Chuppa chabbbra  1 star

Sorry to say but I have used a number of psychics from here and is disappointed with how much money I've spent on here. Neither was ever accurate and would change their time estimates so much to when something I've asked will happen. Also I always get the same response when I ask a different question like "he will be with you, he loves you, all is well..." I now use psychictxt which is way better and they are always 100% accurate when it comes to my situations. Not to mention the psychics on the new app are always confident and honest


Amazing  Beccaboo916  5 star

Asked 2 psychics the same question and both said the same thing. Excited to see what happens!


Hi  ModnightMoonlightEmbers  5 star

It's ok idk


I Love it  _Arisaaax  5 star

This app really is helpful I love it , it makes me interested more and want to ask more questions.


Great!  Blahlblahahrhhhebd  5 star

Really reassuring. They take their time to help you best to their ability.


Really great app  Marines31STMEU  5 star

Told me exactly what I wanted to know even if it might not be true. It's still fun to use though.


Positive app  Janskiiiiii  5 star

From what I've been experiencing this app is allowing tarot card readers to help inspire the people. It has such a positive impact because I read all of their responds and it's nothing but positivity.

fortunica - Tarot Advice Comments

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