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Typic is a professional app that allows you to add text to photos.

With Typic you can:
• Add text to photos.
• Make Quotes (Quote Maker, Quote Creator, Quote famous people, Inspirational Quotes)
• Make beautiful typographic text layouts.
• Design a greeting card.
• Make a meme.
• Inspire your fans.
• Sell stuff on craigslist.
• Market your real estate.
• Promote an event.
• Layout a business card.
• Motivate your team.
• Design posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and all your favorite Social Media.
• Create posters and flyers.
• Create designs and logos (Logo Maker, Logo Creator).
• Enhance your photos with filters and adjustments.
• Create Instant photo mockups in a second.
• Add your logo to all of your creations!

Typic has ranked #1 in 82 countries in the Photo & Video category.

Featured on the App Store in more than 120 countries in:

• Best Of 2014 Selection
• Extraordinary Apps
• Essential Apps
• New Apps We Love
• Best New Apps
• Plan A Party
• Edit Your Photos
• Popular Apps
• Succesfull Startups
• Captions & Designs

(Typic - Text on Photos) includes:

• Over 300 cool fonts to add text to photos.
• More than 500 Design Elements (Artworks).
• 93 awesome filters.
• 26 Light Leak Effects.
• 12 Frames.
• Color palette.
• Color Wheel.
• Custom RGB.
• Instants (instax) Effect: Fit your photo into a real Instant Photo Frame.
• Masking Effect: Mask parts of your text and designs to make them seem like they're behind objects in your photo.
• Add your logo to your photos: With Typic you can add up to 4 versions of your company or personal logo, store them in the app, and use them to sign all your photos. This cool feature is great for business, you'll be able to make your own brand stand out on every photo you make!
• Export your photos in Portrait, Landscape or Square format.
• Share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and iMessage.
• Email your photos to your friends or save them on your iPhone or iPad.

How People Are Using (Typic - Text on Photos)

- Social media posts.
- Birthday cards.
- Event invites.
- Presentation slides.
- Logos & watermarks.
- iPhone wallpapers.

Enjoy Typic

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Typic - Text on Photos App Description & Overview

The applications Typic - Text on Photos was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-02-16 and was developed by Hi Mom S.A.S. The file size is 294.07 MB. The current version is 8.4 and works well on 11.4 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes.

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Typic - Text on Photos Reviews


Paid for this app and didn’t even have access to everything  19kittkatt96  2 star

First of all I paid $4 dollars for this app that claimed to give me thousands of different fonts and then come to find out I really only have access to like 100 fonts. And if I want the other fonts I have to pay more money for it.

Yiyu Zhou

iap bought  Yiyu Zhou  3 star


eind's cool world

I’m in love!  eind's cool world  5 star

It’s so easy to just make one simple book cover! I’m really impressed, considering it took me a while to find an app just like this. I recommend it!


Terrible!  Torri-Jean  1 star

So I paid 4.99 for the opportunity to pay 7.99 for what I thought I was getting with 4.99? I need a refund.


No usability-dead app.  20030709  1 star

This app currently has no USABILITY whatsoever. It’s a dead app. I can download a photo, then nothing. No fonts. Do not waste your money. I see there’s a Typic 2, a refund so I could get that app would be great.


One star  Bth5king  1 star

Not worth the $2.99 I paid. Decent filters require in app purchase, free filters take you to Facebook and bad user interface.

Bs sv

Only works 1 time  Bs sv  1 star

I purchased this app and also payed $7.99 for all of the features and I can only create one photo before it stops working. I have to re-download the app every time I want to create a new picture. VERY DISAPPOINTED!! I can’t believe I wasted over $10 on this stupid app.


LAME!  Daveolson03  1 star

Why on earth would you ask us to pay for something but make it SUPER LIMITED! So I paid $4.99 and I can use like 5 fonts of the 100’s you show! Greedy and Lame developers. The only reason you get a star is because I can’t take the last one off. If I pay money for something I expect it to be useful and not constantly asking me for more money.


Easy to use cool app  LenilaLB  5 star

I’ve used lots of apps and this one is so easy to use and has great features!


Increíble  cpjune  5 star

Me encanta . . .Me robaron el teléfono pero lo pude recuperar y también afortunadamente mi app de Tipyc.


Have to pay extra!  raiden337  1 star

This isn’t a cheap app, but you spend the money hoping for a great experience right? Well when you buy this you’ll be greeted on the first page with a requirement to pay even more to unlock the apps features. Free apps do this, but a $4.50 app?! I’m asking Apple for a refund and reporting what I feel is dishonest sales practices. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!


Rip off  Passimatima23  1 star

Not only u need to pay for the app. Anything inside the app... guess? Pay again!

Sara Tucker


Paid for all the fonts. Can’t use them as restore doesn’t work. Please fix asap. Contacted support. Haven’t heard back yet.

Just Needingto-Getitdone

Why can’t I just pay for the premium app?  Just Needingto-Getitdone  4 star

Although I have several fancier ones that I use, this is the one I keep coming back to. I recently chose the $7.99 upgrade to unlock the full package, but was then offered “free” options requiring sign in via Facebook to unlock! So, basically, I just overpaid for one set of filters and a cheeky requirement to link in with my social media? That’s just naughty! I don’t mind paying for a fully featured app like this, but please just take my money, why do we have to be “friends” too?


One of the best apps!  vaisam  5 star

I love creating wishing pics out of pics I have clicked! Love this app!


Bummer  cxh25  2 star

I was really enjoying it, paid for more fonts and filters. I wish there would be more choices of fonts. All of the sudden the app just keeps on crashing, wouldn’t even let you select any photo. Please fix it!


My go-to app  nikkitia  5 star

Easy to use, heaps of filters, fonts, font colours and add-on designs to choose from. Highly recommended!


App shut down by itself  Thuy*****  1 star

After I upgraded to IOS 11.2.1 it keeps shutting down as soon as I open it so I could not do anything as all. Please fix.

Ukulele Christina

Love it  Ukulele Christina  5 star

Everything I post on my social media I use this app for, mostly for the frame and border. I like it


Love it  Vass3121  5 star

Can the logo be made a little bit smaller though? xx


Latest version crashes upon launch  LisZtDesign  2 star

Crashes repeatedly upon lunch. I’ve reinstalled the app and soft booted my phone.


Very cool app  eRinehart93  5 star

This was recommended to me by blog for professional use. I’m excited to see how I can use this in my business


constantly crashes  HeatherMount  1 star

I’ve tried to use this app but it doesn’t work past the first screen 99% of the time. Waste of money.


App keeps kicking me out  Ivyini  2 star

I’ve been a fan of Typic since the beginning but since the latest version the app has become unusable on my device. Please push a fix!


Good app  TY6974  3 star

I absolutely LOVE this App but the in app purchase option doesn’t work and becomes VERY frustrating when one is trying to use tantalizing fonts that are actually unavailable.


my go-to pic editing app.  MCR510  5 star

Had this app right when it came out. i’m guessing about 3-5 yrs ago? (could be wrong). but i’ve been faithful customer since. I have bought all updates and additions to the app. I’ve created logos, family invites, bday cards/invites, posters, etc. using solely Typic!. Love this app. If they were hiring I would apply. like last year. ;)


Great app!  heliotropin  5 star

I love it!


Great App  Pkm1306  4 star

It's very simple and good app After the new update it’s crashing please fix it Regards, Paresh


Update  andyotero  3 star

I used to love this app and use it all the time but its been crashing soo much recently Ive had to delete it.


New font purchase  Arielsvoice  3 star

I use this app all of the time, and love it. No that I want to purchase the new font pack, it doesn’t respond. I click on “buy,” but nothing happens.

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