Tarot & Numerology

The ultimate Tarot App!
Customizable to all needs and tastes with multiple in-depth card meaning references.
Daily Forecasts combining Tarot card for the day and numerology.
4 Free Tarot decks to choose from, 1 installed by default and 3 more to download for free in-app.
37 spreads including Celtic Cross and specialized subjects covering Astrology, Forecasting, Love & Relationships, Career, Health, Spirituality and more.
All functionality is free, no feature unlocks. An additional 16 original decks available for in-app purchase.
For life guidance a team of two dozen hand picked and vetted professional tarot readers are at hand to read your spreads and also offer their own specialized reading topics.

• Standard 78 Tarot Card Deck offering 37 spread formats including the option of reversed cards for experts
• Complete set of Pythagorean Numerology calculators
• Daily Forecast as a notification, drop down Today Widget & Apple Watch App.
• Intuitive card & deck selection. You pick the cards. Not the software.
• In-App Tarot Deck Store. Download more Tarot Decks & start a collection!
• Tarot Deck Creator. Use the camera or upload your own art work to make your own Tarot Cards & Decks.
• Tarot card reference guide with internet book marked resources make this a powerful Tarot learning tool.
• Tarot Tips. Articles to aid learning Tarot.
• 100% free & unrestricted functionality.
• A team of two dozen hand picked professional Tarot Readers to help you when you really need it

Numerology Calculators covering: 
• Name Numerology
• Forecasting (Personal day, month & year), 
• Life Path & Destiny Numerology with cycles etc.
• Numerology Essence (combines name & D.o.B)

78 card Digital Tarot Deck (Rider-Waite 1909)
• 37 Tarot Spreads, including The Celtic Cross.
• Tarot Deck Store. Browse new decks, buy and install in-app.
• Interactive Tarot card help with bookmarks to internet resources for further card meaning research.
• Save your spreads with notes and keep a journal
• See your Tarot Trends over lunar month as well as all time.
• Need help with a spread or problem? Submit it to one of our Tarot Readers for a professional psychic reading.

• Combined Tarot & Numerology day & week forecasting.
• Tarot event timing spread using the "find the Wheel of Fortune" method. Incredibly accurate!
• Basic Astrology information. Current moon phase and sun and moon zodiac position.

Tarot Decks available for in-app purchase
• Tarot of Dreams - Ciro Marchetti
• Legacy of the Divine Tarot - Ciro Marchetti
• Tarot Royale - Ciro Marchetti
• Tarot de Maria Celia - Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
• Tarocchi Di Marcelo Inciso - Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
• CBD Tarot de Marseille - Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov (FREE)
• Aquatic Tarot - Andreas Schröter (FREE)
• Tarocco Soprafino - Carlo della Rocca (FREE)
• BlueDogRose Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
• Badgers Forest Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
• The Riderless Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
• The Short Hand Tarot - Markus Pfeil
• Tarot of the Apocalypse - Światosław Nowicki
• The BirdQueen Tarot - Gretchen Diehl
• The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot - Lorelei Douglas
• The Lilith Bible Tarot - Lorelei Douglas

Tarot & Numerology App Description & Overview

The applications Tarot & Numerology was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-05-20 and was developed by Phuture Me Ltd. The file size is 44.43 MB. The current version is 3.9.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

BUG ALERT: Something, unexpectedly, changed in iOS/iTunes this week which has broken the purchase and install of additional decks on iPad. Update with fix coming ASAP.
• Maintenance update with bug fixes and performance improvements.
If you have feature requests, bugs, feedback or purchase queries please use the "Contact Developer" option in the App's settings menu. I respond within 12 hours to all emails

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Tarot & Numerology Reviews


Great  Cravenmoorehead2  5 star

Awesome and accurate


Easy  kaygee25  5 star



Love it  Pendaless  5 star

I don't normally believe that electronically reading tarot is acceptable or accurate, this app is absolutely the exception!


Love this!!  11/04:00  5 star

This app is the best! So so much you get to do for free! I've learned a lot. I've done some amazingly accurate readings. I paid $10 for a different tarot app that was terrible. This free one is great. Highly recommend!


Best tarot app ever!  Bkind23  5 star

Very clever app. The only thing I would change is access to more tarot decks that are from occult orders. Otherwise, it is really well done.

Doll Higgins

Interesting and fun  Doll Higgins  3 star

I use this app all the time nearly every day.


Good app  Daisydonna  4 star

I like this app


I don't normally rate apps  Ashash4444  5 star

This is an app that is WORTH my rating. It's free and it's everything I've ever could ask for and more. THANK YOU. Just download it, you'll see why it's so incredible.


THANK YOU  bee4now  5 star

This app is very informative, I've learned so much & I am now comfortable enough to give readings.


Best Tarot/Lenormand/Oracle App Out There!  Dillyworks  5 star

Updated: Love the new Apple Watch enhancements! You can quick draw a card using a deck you choose or you can create a weekly forecast in the app and have your daily card pop up in the Watch. And there's a complication. Keep the enhancements coming!! This app is fantastic! Whether it's you read Tarot, Lenormand or Oracles, this app has you covered - with several deck options from which to choose. And, if your own interpretation isn't cutting it, they have readers who can read for you. You can learn the cards via the card meanings. Plus, the app developer is super responsive. I love that you can pick your cards from the entire deck versus relying on a "shuffle."


Dax Carlisle TarotInsider 3 star

Tuesday, June 27th: #Tarot Teacher @MysticInsights Maria G Maas – Learning Tarot! <<< Join…


彼氏から連絡がくるおまじない Tarot500 3 star

直電で鑑定いたします  #電話相談 #タロット #占い #鑑定 #スピリチュアル 初回占いワンコイン500円


Debra Rihardson debra_rihardson 3 star

Debra Rihardson gathered the collection Tarot Cards!

Myth witch

Interesting  Myth witch  5 star

Easy to use. Versitile, stuff to keep your interest. I enjoy the thought provoking time I get taking time to myself with this. For me it's as close to meditation as I can get.

Denise CS

Enjoyable and Helpful in Learning Tarot  Denise CS  5 star

I enjoy this app and is a very good tool for learning the basics of tarot. I use the free app and added on free different kind of cards.


Amazing App  Latinalover#1  5 star

Amazing. Very well organized and lets you record and save every reading allowing you to look for trends and patterns.


Great Material for the Curious  ColieAnnie  5 star

I don't know much about Tarot or numerology. That is why I downloaded this app. I love to learn and this app does a decent job at allowing me to explore these topics. It's navigation is not exactly intuitive but it's not hard to figure out either. I don't know how much I'd trust any of the predictions however, I find the images, definitions, explanations and interpretations all very interesting. This app offers a lot for being free. It does have the option of using a person for a Tarot reading session. Gives a nice biography of the individual and their specialties along with their pricing. I can't say I'm planning to use that aspect of this app but regardless it's nice to read a little more about people involved in general within this scope of beliefs.

Fitness kitten

Brilliant  Fitness kitten  5 star

Every time I have asked the cards something, it is so, this is easier way to keep your decks in order too.

Sophie Punk

I love it!  Sophie Punk  5 star

I actually really love this app. It makes tarot reading fun, especially the different cards I can get cheaply. I've been using this for a few years now, and I check it every day. I love that I can use the forecast for the week, and it gives me readings for the day. It's fun.


Love!  Alienaphrodite  5 star

I love this app, recently it's been crashing after the last update


Love the Numerology  Egads66  5 star

As a tarot reader and numerologist I find this app wonderful. The numerology is just enough for even the first time user to get a glimpse into who they are and the energies that influence them from day to day and over their life time.

Queen Carr

Love it  Queen Carr  5 star

So for so good I will definitely recommend it


Best Tarot App  Wabibi13  5 star

I downloaded several tarot apps and tried them out, this is the best app with high accuracy and decent explanation. I just wish it can teach us read the tarot cards for specific spread like "chakras" or yes and no questions which card means yes or no etc. it may be asking for too much to ask for interpretation for different type of positions "outcome" "your needs" but it would be wonderful if something can be done :p support answers my question v quickly n explains well too!

Tarot & Numerology Comments

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