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The ultimate professional Tarot App!
Customizable to all needs and tastes with multiple in-depth card meaning references.
Daily Forecasts combining Tarot card for the day and numerology.
4 Free Tarot decks to choose from, 1 installed by default and 3 more to download for free in-app.
37 spreads including Celtic Cross and specialized subjects covering Astrology, Forecasting, Love & Relationships, Career, Health, Spirituality and more.
All functionality is free, no feature unlocks. An additional 16 original decks available for in-app purchase.
For life guidance a team of two dozen hand picked and vetted professional tarot readers are at hand to read your spreads and also offer their own specialized reading topics.

• Standard 78 Tarot Card Deck offering 378 spread layouts including the option of reversed cards for experts
• Complete set of Pythagorean Numerology calculators
• Daily Forecast as a notification, drop down Today Widget & Apple Watch App.
• Intuitive card & deck selection. You pick the cards. Not the software.
• In-App Tarot Deck Store. Download more Tarot Decks & start a collection!
• Tarot Deck Creator. Use the camera or upload your own art work to make your own Tarot Cards & Decks.
• Tarot Spread Layout Editor. Found a new spread you want to try? Add it to the App using the built in editor. Share it with friends.
• Tarot card reference guide with internet book marked resources make this a powerful Tarot learning tool.
• Tarot Tips. Articles to aid learning Tarot.
• 100% free & unrestricted functionality.
• A team of two dozen hand picked professional Tarot Readers to help you when you really need it

Numerology Calculators covering: 
• Name Numerology
• Forecasting (Personal day, month & year), 
• Life Path & Destiny Numerology with cycles etc.
• Numerology Essence (combines name & D.o.B)

78 card Digital Tarot Deck (Rider-Waite 1909)
• 37 Tarot Spreads, including The Celtic Cross.
• Tarot Deck Store. Browse new decks, buy and install in-app.
• Interactive Tarot card help with bookmarks to internet resources for further card meaning research.
• Save your spreads with notes and keep a journal
• See your Tarot Trends over lunar month as well as all time.
• Need help with a spread or problem? Submit it to one of our Tarot Readers for a professional psychic reading.

• Combined Tarot & Numerology day & week forecasting.
• Tarot event timing spread using the "find the Wheel of Fortune" method. Incredibly accurate!
• Basic Astrology information. Current moon phase and sun and moon zodiac position.

Tarot Decks available for in-app purchase
• Tarot of Dreams - Ciro Marchetti
• Legacy of the Divine Tarot - Ciro Marchetti
• Tarot Royale - Ciro Marchetti
• Tarot de Maria Celia - Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
• Tarocchi Di Marcelo Inciso - Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
• CBD Tarot de Marseille - Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov (FREE)
• Aquatic Tarot - Andreas Schröter (FREE)
• Tarocco Soprafino - Carlo della Rocca (FREE)
• BlueDogRose Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
• Badgers Forest Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
• The Riderless Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
• The Short Hand Tarot - Markus Pfeil
• Tarot of the Apocalypse - Światosław Nowicki
• The BirdQueen Tarot - Gretchen Diehl
• The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot - Lorelei Douglas
• The Lilith Bible Tarot - Lorelei Douglas

Tarot & Numerology App Description & Overview

The applications Tarot & Numerology was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-05-20 and was developed by Phuture Me Ltd. The file size is 54.13 MB. The current version is 4.0.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• v4.0.x - Major update. We've re-written a lot of the App to bring it right up to date and fix outstanding issues. Even though we have thoroughly tested it there will be a few bugs we've missed. Please contact support, in settings, to let us know if you find one. Thank you!
• Spread Editor. Design, create, edit & share your own spreads for use in-app.
• New Spread. "Past Life". Use Tarot to delve into who you where in a previous life.
• Carousel Card Picker now displays each chosen card, in it's spread layout, while you pick them.
• iPhone now has preview of spread layout in spread browser detail screen
• Optimised for iPhone X, Plus, standard and older iPhones.
• v4.0.6 - Bug fixes. Fix for Forecast widget and pop ups.
If you have feature requests, bugs, feedback or purchase queries please use the "Request Help /Support" option in the App's Settings menu. We respond to all emails within 12 hours.

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Tarot & Numerology Reviews

Diamond Queen BKNY

Perfect app  Diamond Queen BKNY  5 star

So accurate. My go to when I'm in crisis and need answers to pressing problems in my life. Thank you for this app

333 tuey theo

Spooktastic.  333 tuey theo  5 star

Weirdly powerful. Sometimes I take it too seriously and it dictates my life. But that can be a good thing like a guide that you can think about and be more sure of something? It's my favorite app.


New update  melpymelperson  2 star

This new create a spread update is terrible. It should have been an addition, not a replacement. It's really inconvenient to use.


This is really great  Squeeeker  5 star

Love the App, love the cards


Very accurate!  Brittanyz123  5 star

I highly recommend this app. It’s fun and also very accurate. They offer so much free information, best app for Astrology.


Download this!  Tumblrruserr5369052  5 star

I absolutely love this app. It's easy to use and the readers they have are spot on!!! I use the app everyday and am very happy I downloaded it!!!


Love!  Tyelhsa  5 star

So many great features!


Poor grammar and mostly trying to sell you stuff  Lumiere_M  1 star

The UX is terrible. The app is poorly designed and mostly built for trying to sell you either virtual decks or private readings. The worst of the app: poor grammar throughout and endless texts of pointless tutorials. Uninstalling. P.S. Most reviews here a fake and left by whoever created this nonsense.

Print Doctor

What happened?  Print Doctor  2 star

Sept 9 2917 Used to give this 5 stars. Dropped it to 2 stars to grab attention. Have used this for a long time. Like it. Use it. All was fine. All of a sudden it freezes or works so slow to make it unusable. I deleted it and re-loaded from the App Store, bit still no luck. Will resume if these issues are fixed.

Chaya Fleurs

Great for those new to tarot  Chaya Fleurs  4 star

This app has helped me in my study of the tarot. The only reason I am not giving it 5 Stars is the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors! It drivers me crazy, but I will recommend this app to anyone who needs a little going deeper into the tarot.

April Adelaide

Awesome App  April Adelaide  5 star

This app is simply awesome & so much more convenient than an actual deck of cards. Everything I need is at my finger tips. 5 Gold stars !

Dubza G & Ziggy

Lifted  Dubza G & Ziggy  4 star

This app has just lifted me up off the ground. It has so much information about your life and who you are as a person, and it is spot on. People in life like to knock you down, but this app will just lift you back up. Because it reminds you who you really are so you don't forget it.


Best app for tarot and astrology  Tybobi  5 star

Easy to use, ability to save readings, great range of options


Great app  Lkojikiyu  5 star

Simple, multifaceted


Excellent App Thankyou  Girlofprey  5 star

Beautiful and very user friendly. Love it!

Captain StarBuster

O'Ma111  Captain StarBuster  5 star

Still best app. There is around. Top notch⭐️👑⭐️


Openness  Pouts2012  5 star

Openness and belief are key


Beautiful  JonTsy  5 star



Great App  Julzi7  5 star

I have been using this app for a while and I really love it. I use the daily forecast everyday and the tarot is great for specific questions. Highly recommend.


Love it  marinadm  5 star

Great app

total love studios

Not for the lazy... well worth the work  total love studios  5 star

It has taken some time to navigate the many offerings and readings.... it requires a commitment of time and I am a delighted beneficiary on a regular basis. The clarity and support that I look to the tarot for is readily accessible ... Thank you for the many beautiful decks to chose from... an aesthetic gift by itself!! Beautiful job curating such a lovely collection. I would like to see an in app purchase of small bite size eworkbooks that cover each cards meaning, one at a time or just a few together!


So helpful  iKubes  5 star

This app has been wonderfully amazing in learning about the tarot and getting to know the cards. Highly recommend this app


Accurate readings  Str8ngth  5 star

Can count on tarot to give me the answers!

Lon lone

amazing right  Lon lone  5 star

i love so much this app


Excellent App  You'reYourGuru  5 star

Indeed a source of mystic comfort. This app readily allows me to tap into the occult and access it for my daily life.


Awesome  Bpinco  5 star

Love this app! My friend had me download it as I am new to numerology. I have learned so much about myself and the basics of numerology.


Pretty Good  DjinnOfWishes  3 star

I do not agree with many of the given interpretations for the cards and I am back & forth as to my faith in the accuracy of a digital read... however - it is amazing to have the tarot in your pocket for use in any situation at any time. Also - the focus on numerology is a nice touch. The app works very well and is smooth and attractive. It's worth installing and playing around with.


Great App  LeoGoddess85  5 star

Very accurate! I really like the options for the different tarot cards.


Well deserved  Ghhfsdbnj  5 star

Honestly, this is one of my favorite apps. It is very reliable with forecasting the moon signs, sun signs and dates. Also the resources it provides in numerology and intuitive tarot reading are outstanding. I'd highly recommend it!


The most in-depth one on the App store!  BasementCat0986  4 star

Loads of options and customizations, elaborate information about each card, and numerous different spreads all make this a great app to start with.

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