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Hushed is the best private phone number app for ANY occasion when you need a different number to call and text with – get local numbers from over 60+ countries, make private calls, send anonymous texts, hide your caller id with a fake phone number, or even manage multiple lines for your personal or business life.

It's easy and risk-free to try Hushed. No contracts, no hassles, and signing up doesn’t require verification. Stay anonymous, keep convos completely private, and burn numbers once you’re done with them. Leave no trace behind.


◆ Online Dating? Stay safe by adding a layer of security to your personal life with a burner number. Share your disposable number with dating app matches that you’re just getting to know or if a blind date goes wrong!

◆ Buying or selling on local classifieds? Get a temporary number to post on your ad and receive calls and texts on Hushed instead. Delete your number once the deal’s done!

◆ Entrepreneur needing a business number? Avoid carrying a second phone or sim card by adding an extra number to your device. Send business SMS and talk with customers by managing your business line or even multiple lines in one simple app.

◆ Travelers or calling international? Family and friends can now reach you on a local number without having to pay long distance or roaming charges. Numbers and flexible plans available from over 60+ countries*

◆ UNLIMITED calling and texting in North America - Choose from 1 & 3 Line Subscription Plans to get phone numbers from US or Canada with UNLIMITED talk and text. Call minutes and SMS messages with anyone in North America!

*Local calling is available on all Hushed numbers. SMS and MMS available in select countries. International calling and SMS available on select ‘30 Day International’ packages.


◆ Get a 2nd phone number, add different numbers, and manage multiple lines in one simple app

◆ Full talk, text (SMS), and multimedia messaging (MMS) capabilities

◆ Local numbers to choose from in over 60+ countries – US, Canada, U.K., Australia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and more!

◆ Each number comes equipped with Custom Voicemail Greetings, Auto Reply Messages, Call Forwarding, Call Routing, and more!

◆ Access your account on any device connected to WiFi or data – even turn your tablet into a phone!

◆ Flexible Prepaid (7/30/90/365 Day) and Pay-as-you-go plans to suit any temporary or long term need. Extend, delete, and top up numbers at any time!


◆ Our 1 & 3 Line auto-renewing subscriptions apply to all U.S. and Canada numbers & include UNLIMITED calls and texts within North America. Sign up yearly and save up to 20%!

◆ Payments are charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Renewals are charged within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period at the original subscription price and term.

◆ You can manage your subscription at any time (and turn off auto-renew) by going to your iTunes Account Settings. Cancellations do not apply to the active subscription period and refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term.


With over 7 million downloads, 250 million phone calls, and 1 BILLION SMS text messages sent – we’ve helped millions of people keep conversations secure, and private like they should be.

Download Hushed now to try out your new free second phone number!

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Hushed Second Phone Number App Description & Overview

The applications Hushed Second Phone Number was published in the category Utilities on 2013-03-04 and was developed by AffinityClick Inc.. The file size is 135.01 MB. The current version is 4.10.11 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed an issue with some events not updating when signing back into account
• Fixed an issue with some push notifications received while logged out of app

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Hushed Second Phone Number Reviews


Something is wrong  youngs10101  2 star

I don’t really know why but some of my receiver text translate into Chine language .


For your privacy  MasOyama  5 star

I use this app when selling items or giving my number to people I am not sure you want to speak with them further.This app paid for itself when I person hit my car an had to exchange information . He was responsible for $4000 dollars of damage. After it was repairs were made I deleted the # and got a new one . If you value your privacy I recommend getting this app

Maxfun lol

Great Customer Care!  Maxfun lol  4 star

I’m very pleased to use this useful app. Though it could not be used for what’s app or Viber, it operates well in regular SMS/calls. And the best part is their prompt and very helpful customer service. They fix any issues you raise promptly and graciously! Thankful for this app! Keep up the good work! Updated: Less 1 star because even you got 3 more days left, the “extend your number” is already blocking the view of your SMS remaining balance. So you got no idea how many SMS left in your account. I hope they put that covering reminder only 1 day before expiration.


Support Is Severely Lacking  DriedSquid007  3 star

I have use this app now for just over one year. After reporting one support problem it took over a week to get the support issue elevated to get a relevant response. But in the middle of that another problem arose. Instead of answering that problem they merged the two support reports into one which was only the second problem and waited three days to give me a response to that one which was just another question indicating they did not read my support question. After one week I am trying to get them to separate that to support questions and give me an answer on each one. If you get this application just assume it’s going to take a week or two to get any relevant responses to your questions.


Privacy Invasive Ad Tracking (A lot!!)  NobodyBiz  2 star

This app is filled with privacy invasive data collection, adware and analytics. Privacy centric app should not do this without explicit user consent.

Disc0 bliss

Disdain for paying customer  Disc0 bliss  1 star

I had a problem renewing one of my lines because the payment method I had been using failed to work and I couldn’t fix it in time before the line expired. I restored the hushed line within an hour or two of expiration after I reestablished payment. I had paid for this line for years and so had a lot of minutes and texts banked on it. I made a request to customer service to restore my minutes, and explained what had happened. They agreed to reestablish my account but they didn’t restore all of my minutes/texts - essentially they restored 66%. When I tried to bring the discrepancy to their attention, they never acknowledged it. They simply obfuscated and ignored. I sent countless messages over WEEKS trying to reason with a company that was clearly not interested in reason or respect. It’s not the way to treat a paying customer of years. Just beware: if you ever have a problem, you will be belittled, ignored, and receive a lot of automated pre-scripted responses that do NOT resolve anything... I will not reward this type of shameful conduct with any more of my money. I regret supporting them from the start.


Mediocre utility. Burner is way better than this.  Daze007WTF99  2 star

Haven’t figured out why everyone is so jazzed about this app. Call quality is bad. The voicemail feature doesn’t respond to the dimmer function on the phone so you can’t hold it like a normal phone and listen without accidentally interacting. You have to do the “pizza” hold. That blows because the volume it puts out is barely audible even at max. The VM utility itself is buggy and responds to touch poorly. It really impressed.


Great wiring app. I'm very happy with it  Man2You  5 star

Works as described without exception. I've never had this functionality before so it's great.


Disappointed  noManaz  1 star

I am highly disappointed and not happy with your services, after making a one year purchase and spending roughly 100$ in credit purchase. Each time people complain they get a response of - it not a working number number and when I call too I get a response saying - my call can not be completed and destination number cannot be reached . I am not happy 💔💔💔


Very Handy App with Good Support  SleepingHusky  5 star

Have been using Hushed for a few months now, primarily for privacy purposes. I use my Hushed number when asked by someone or organizations that I’m not sure I want to have my real number knowing that if I start to receive too many unwanted calls or texts I can just delete my number and start over with a new number. I recently contacted Hushed’s email support with a fairly complicated question about using Hushed when traveling overseas and using a VPN. I was quite pleased with the quality and speed of the response particularly in light of it being a holiday weekend. That said, when one has an urgent problem even the best email support can be frustratingly slow. A chat support option would be helpful.


Excellent app  p3tcha  5 star

Hushed is brilliant. It's so easy to set up and use. And it is incredibly useful for setting up phone numbers around the world. I love it and highly recommend it!

whta a joke

Did not get my number  whta a joke  1 star

Paid for 18 bucks for the 7days nation wide number. Did not get anything at all. Is this a scam ?


Scam  scamhushed  1 star

It’s a scam, I paid for a week number and lost the money but did not receive a number and still waiting, please the developer send me the number or give me back my money and I need compensation aswell

Rob Diamonds

Very helpful  Rob Diamonds  4 star

And quick to resolve any issues and concerns


Over rated and over priced  doctully  1 star

If you are anywhere other than USA or Canada, the pricing doesn't make any sense. To extend the number is US$11 Which is almost AU$16.5/month. All you get is $1 credit! That's not the worst bit. I got a number 2 days. Haven't given it out to anyone at all. But, 2 calls from unknown numbers already. When I call back- numbers are not in service. The hallmarks of a call centre cold call. This is the very thing you want to avoid with a 'burner' number. Pointless!!


Highly disappointed  safianu  2 star

This app was working fine until this morning I got logout and can no longer access my account. Are you refunding my money back or your going to fix my account?


Misleading  Boss260_5.4l  1 star

They advertise a free 3 day trial period, but don’t mention that the trial period is only available in North America....


Hushed is the James Bond of phone services!  DrSamadhi  5 star

Hushed is a top class act. It has more than exceeded my expectations. Prices are exceptionally superior to the competition. The interface and App presentation are a pleasure to use, cool and sophisticated with many features others haven't a clue about, eg Call forwarding, Dropbox, alternate message responses, plan options etc. Like 007 its secrecy is dependable. It's brilliant, effective and so much cheaper to change numbers around; like having an unlimited number of Miss Moneypennys at Your Service instead of just one. Hushed is the "Dr Yes" of Bond experiences. I know, cos I'm a doctor and I have been using phones since the 1st Bond film, "Dr No". Enjoy the sounds of discretion.


HUSH ... 👍🏽  Fes737  5 star

Tell everyone how good this is and don't be told to 'hush' about that ‼

Omolomo Ohio

Address Verification??  Omolomo Ohio  1 star

Can't make a call with a German number despite verifying address multiple times.. Sad!!

James Bond - 007

Great Support  James Bond - 007  5 star

I just got hushed and purchased a lifetime plan. I was having trouble logging in and had several emails/messages with support. Each time the response was quick and helpful and I am now all set up. The rating here is based solely on the support as I have yet to otherwise use the app.


Pretty darn useful  Ldjduc  4 star

This app is pretty cool. I have the infinity texting feature which is by far the best if you are going to be exiting and using this app as a burner number. The app does have some bugs. You can’t really send videos. They never appear even on WiFi. I would like this fixed. The calling feature is not bad. It works 80% of the time. I would like to see the percentage go up. People can’t hear me often and it works way better on WiFi than your standard cellular network.


Unreliable  Lp0227_  2 star

Almost every call I’ve had through this app has had an issue. I answer a call, it takes a prolonged period of time to connect, then the call drops. This is unacceptable, especially when the person is a potential employer calling for a phone interview. I’ve had business cards printed, given my number out using the phone number I have with this company, now I want to leave and I’m unsure if I can transfer my number.


Mr  sirhil2  1 star

Hushed is a nightmare . They will deduct your money and deactivate your account later . If you contact them they will tell you how you violated there terms and conditions . How can you violate terms and conditions for a number you never used . Sometimes they will debut your card without issuing a number . I suggest you all look for other companies but not hushed

avg joe 237

terms not honored, bad service  avg joe 237  1 star

Paid for lifetime service. My usage was very limited. Unfortunately using hushed for new account SMS verification was regularly blocked/ not allowed, so if your goal is one time account verification for a few apps it may not work at all. I guess the list of numbers used by hushed is either detected or blacklisted as invalid. The key problem tho is that when I tried to restore my account after a phone upgrade, in the app the account appears inactive- every add phone option costs money (but I already paid). I contacted support four times and they said my lifetime subscription had “prematurely expired”. Like a random accident, and they can’t help me. Right. Basically their terms of service states that they can stop providing service at any time, no reason needed. A clause they will be happy to exercise on your paid account at any time, for any situation. Oh and the situations/ rules are not published so good luck complying even if you wanted to. “We reserve the right to change, suspend, remove, or disable access to our Services at any time without notice. ... We may also impose limits on the use of or access to our Services, in any case and without notice or liability.” Regardless of whether the idea of temporary numbers is a good one, a company that rips you off can’t be recommended. Unfortunately my primary usage was blocked but I was still going to use it for car shopping and other occasional usage. I contacted support multiple times and they were very clear that they will do nothing. I didn’t even need the same number back, but that didn’t matter. They have an blanket justification to stop your service at any moment, regardless of what you paid for. I see other reviews where support has done similar things.



I have used HUSHED to log and record text exchanges for almost 3 years now. Being able to integrate and download these text logs is crucial to providing documentation to support claims/accusations made in an ongoing, horrible child custody battle. I recently had a huge issue and reached out to the support team to help me. They were able to resolve it very quickly and saved me hours of stress! I highly recommend this APP! A+++++


Great  bigheart2019  5 star

Great app


BS  lemonytidcksy  1 star

Didn’t even get the option to do anything for free for 3 days. As SOON as I selected my phone number I was immediately asked to pay, even after I paid for the monthly subscription I STILL don’t even have a phone number or anything. It’s asking me to sign up all over again. So now I have to file a claim for a refund cause this is BS.


New Hushed User  2JoeyLynn11  5 star

I love using HUSHED. Some clients that I don’t want tracking down my home address are left in the dark. HUSHED gives me peace of mind. And if you have questions or issues, their team gets right on solving it, helping you.


Junk service  [email protected]  1 star

I downloaded this app and purchased a number but never had access to the number in my account. I requested that the charge be applied to extend my trial number but this never happened. Support was useless and the App Store will not refund any purchases with this app. Support was inept in looking into transaction history and resolving a simple problem of not receiving a product after being charged.


Brilliant  Katie🙊🙉🙈  5 star

I get my entries when I'm mean't to.and just 💕


Very unhappy  Ainzxe  2 star

The app is fine but when I downloaded mobile strike and reached level 6 as asked, I was suppose to receive 621 entries, however I didn't receive any entries for it. I sent an email to hushed support claiming I had missing entires and hushed asked for screenshots of proof, when I sent them proof they made a big deal over it saying they had no proof they were my own screenshots, I never received the entries and wasted a lot of time trying to claim them. Hushed support was no help to me and the app does not give u entries for half of the apps on the offerwall.


Good  Kuteo16388472938  5 star

Good app

Aaliyah 😝😃😭😑🐸

It was good but now  Aaliyah 😝😃😭😑🐸  2 star

I'm trying to win a call with Grayson Dolan and I used to get my entries when I installed apps and bought them etc but when I installed game of war and played and reached level 5 ( which is what I was told to do to win 89 entries) I didn't get my entries. GIVE ME MY ENTRIES please because I really want to talk to Grayson 😘


Love it  JesterRotinionde  5 star

It's very cool I need to get numbers aswell 👍😜😂


Nice  ILoveOneDirection5ever  5 star

Great app

Rachel bam

Hushed  Rachel bam  5 star

Omg such an app👌👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍


Great  Becca_m  5 star

My friend won a few hope I can too top quality app


Love it  Rosros1123  5 star

I can finally get a chance to talk to Jack and Jack


Amazing !!  Osnapitzciar  5 star

It's so great that I actually get to speak to my sunshine on the phone 🙊☀️❤️

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