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Spring members moved over 1 Million Miles in 2016. Powered by music and rhythm, our members are reaching their goals, crushing personal records, conquering weight problems, mastering running, walking every day and strengthening their hearts. With the right beat, you can go anywhere.

Start achieving your goals with Spring today.

MUSIC COACHING: The music is synced with your rhythm, helping you increase cadence, improve form and reduce the risk of injury.
100+ PLAYLISTS & STATIONS, sorted by genre, artist & BPM. New music added weekly.

Featured by Apple as Best New App and Best New Health & Fitness App. Recommended by Women’s Health, LA Times, Elle, Self Magazine & BuzzFeed.


Spring automatically detects your cadence/steps-per-minute. Simply start moving and Spring will match the music to your rhythm. We’ll help you increase cadence, improve form and reduce the risk of injury.

Track distance, pace and calories with Spring.

Design your own interval training programs, powered by music and tempo.

Control your music, view distance, pace, and time directly from your wrist.

Spring is free to download and comes with a 7-day free trial.

Your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account at the end of the free trial period. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. There is no increase in price when renewing. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase.

Spring integrates with Apple HealthKit and Today Extension.


(1) “Effects of synchronous music on treadmill running among elite triathletes.”

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 15, 52-57.



NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

Terms of Service: http://get.springmoves.com/terms/
Privacy Policy: http://get.springmoves.com/privacy/

Spring - Music for Fitness App Description & Overview

The applications Spring - Music for Fitness was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-09-27 and was developed by Spring Moves, Inc. The file size is 115.48 MB. The current version is 5.24 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Spring. We update the app regularly to make it better for you. Update to the latest version to improve app performance and access the latest features.
If you enjoy Spring, please consider taking a few minutes to review our app.

** We’d love to hear your feedback, please email us at [email protected] with any requests or comments. Spring helps you exercise better by matching your steps to motivating playlists **

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"Free download" but have to subscribe to use it  jofbyz  1 star

They trick users into downloading an app and opening account to get the email addresses and then I find that have to subscribe to use it, that's what I call a scam.


Needs better music  FamousRhodes  1 star

The music selections played are awful. Nothing I like even tho I pick all the genres I li


Worst app  Er.nishant11  1 star

Worst app!! They took my data now asking credit card details!! DO NOT INSTALL!!!


Kathy Reynolds  SpechK  4 star

I like the way the app works and runs. There are numerous excellent choices of playlists. The songs fit together well and I love that there is no stop between songs. I would like playlists to be longer because they have to repeat on a long run. Also, I would the playlists to be updated with different songs more often.


Not all that impressed  Shrewdbacon  3 star

The idea is cool; however after using it for 30 days, it still is not playing music that motivates me. My own tunes have better beats (and faster tempo, I think, to keep me moving faster). If anything it's playing music at a slower tempo than I usually run to. I try to speed up the pace when sensing or increase manually, but I'm still not loving the music selection. The music I like the best is the little sound bites that congratulate me for finishing... I don't know why more of those songs don't play while I'm running.


Paid subscription required  Brcoll01  1 star

Useless. Free download for the app then you have to pay for a monthly subscription just to listen to music while you run? No thanks, I have my own music and Spotify. This is not like the other tracking apps, it's just a music app. Don't waste your money.


The Difference  BiggerBlessings  5 star

This app is the difference between me following through on my commitment to work out most every day… and not. It is simply genius the way this app delivers the exact type of music I love at the exact tempo I am walking. In good weather, I use it around the neighborhood. In bad weather, I use it on the treadmill. Both experiences are top notch! My favorite aspect is that I can listen to Christian inspirational music and praise God while I'm working out at a tempo that keeps me motivated! I have tried it both ways, and I can work out twice as long with Spring


Can't run without Spring  MouseDr  5 star

As a new runner, Spring is invaluable for helping me stick to the correct pace. It's also easy to increase my pace gradually by increasing the beats per minute in my music. The choice of tunes is fantastic - the music gets me pumped up for my runs!


Not good...  kimp824  1 star

I rarely feel the need to post or give ratings for that matter but I feel strongly that this needs to be communicated. This app seems like it would be great, especially for running --- but it doesn't coach or give feedback like it should and it doesn't track your exercise like it should. I went out for some runs and the music came through based on your steps but nothing else. So frustrating, I had to switch to other apps and open pandora to get what I'm looking for. Also I reached out to their concierge support to see if it was me, I got one email asking about a screen shot of my settings---which are correct---I sent the image and have heard nothing back from them and that was days ago. I thought it would be great since I use two apps Runkeeper and pandora but I'm going to stick to this cause I know I can count on the apps working since this doesn't work as stated. Disappointed


Annual subscription?  TaKnits  4 star

I took the free trial. Love the app but now my only option is the monthly rate which is too expensive. Not nice. I would pay for annual if you would make that an option after trial.


Not worth the money plus billing issues  Consultant2016  3 star

Doesn't have an auto pause function or options to chose music more selectively Non existing customer service double billed me for a few months


Perfect Cardio Companion  SMDChE  5 star

Running, walking, elliptical, you name it. Set your pace and go. Also hear music I might not otherwise find.


I run fast  Ictdoc  5 star

Good app


So like spring  Mtkeba  5 star

This is a great app for when I am walking. The variety of music allows for a mix of running beat and waking beat together


Awesome  bendel313  5 star

A perfect running companion. Can't imagine running without it. Personalized tune selection at your own desired tempo - and at a great price. Highly recommend.

Frustrated spring user

Update ruined this app  Frustrated spring user  1 star

Completely inoperable at this point. Can't even log in


Fav app  Lj2414  4 star

This has become my favorite workout app. Fresh music. Choices in bpm.


Need a subscription to try  WantEditing  1 star

Please be upfront that you need a subscription to even try it so people don't bother downloading it.

Jason NorthCarolina

Spring  Jason NorthCarolina  5 star

Great app if you love music and running. Playlist's are in my opinion better than Pandora. Map is very accurate. 5 Stars. The best!!!!

Hindi Masaya

Update Mess  Hindi Masaya  5 star

Don't update before any work out. The music stops. A disappointment!

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