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"Best Personal Assistant I have ever used, and I've used them all." - @SealMaster_CO
"Fantastic integration across multiple sources to create a single view of your relationships!" - SUJONEROPRJA
"I closed three orders in the first 24 hours of use! This has never happened with any other CRM I've tried!" - Nicholas Hughes

Cloze is like a personal assistant for your professional relationships that is always prompting you at the right moment and remembering what you don’t.

It pulls from your apps to automatically create one view of every person and company - all their contact details, and your complete history - every email back and forth, your phone calls together, meetings, notes, files, social, and messages.

It's all organized for you - without any busy work.

With everything in one place, Cloze figures out who is important and keeps them top of mind, and will even remind you to reach out to a contact and refresh a fading relationship.

• Understands action items and adds them to your Agenda (e.g. "Please review and get back to me by Friday.")¹
• Automatically reminds you when it’s time to reach out to key people¹
• Sees change to email signatures to update contacts¹
• Automatically links agenda items to mentioned people and companies¹

• Brings all your contacts into one place
• Automatically keeps contacts up-to-date
• Organized by when you last talked, location and more

• Get reminded if you don’t receive a reply to an important email¹
• Be notified when a recipient opens an email or clicks on a link you sent¹
• Templates: Create and reuse template emails¹ Share them across your team²
• Mail merge: Personalize email sent to many people at the same time¹
• Scheduled send: Write your email now, have Cloze deliver it later¹
• Supports Gmail, iCloud, Office365, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo!, IMAP

• Track the activity around projects and deals automatically¹
• Next steps: Automatic reminders of what's next for any deal¹
• Add To-Dos to track things you have to get done¹
• Agenda: one place to see all your meetings, reminders and follow-ups¹
• Analytics: Pipeline, forecast, engagement, activity, and lead analytics²

• Emails: Automatically organizes mail by people, company, project and deal
• Calls: Automatically log your calls (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA, Sprint, RingCentral)¹
• Files: Automatically link files to your contacts (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Slack)¹
• Notes: Automatically match notes to contacts (Evernote, OneNote)¹
• Messages: Track your Slack conversations about your clients and customers¹
• Calendar: Meeting context at your fingertips (Google Calendar, Office365, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud)¹
• Social: Twitter posts, Facebook and LinkedIn page activity

• Search for contacts the way you think (“marketers at IBM”)
• Organize and find contacts and deals by keywords
• One place to search across Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Office365 mail and OneDrive, Slack, Dropbox, Evernote¹

• One team-wide view of all communication for every deal and project
• Always know who last talked to any customer, client, or prospect
• Assign and track who's responsible for contacts, next steps and to-dos
• Manage your all of your company's contacts, projects and deals in one place

Cloze is free to use.
¹ Cloze Pro adds these features and is available as a 14-day no-obligation free trial or by monthly or annual subscription as an in-app purchase.
² Your Cloze Pro subscription entitles you to all Cloze Business features.

Prices vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Once paid, a subscription is non-refundable for that period.


• We won't spam your contacts
• We won't sell your information
• It's your information not ours

Cloze Relationship Management App Description & Overview

The applications Cloze Relationship Management was published in the category Productivity on 2013-02-19 and was developed by Cloze. The file size is 68.17 MB. The current version is 4.9.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Version 4.9.2
• iPhone X support
• Sort by "What's Due Next"
• Filter by who is assigned
• Google Tasks integration

Version 4.9.0
• Smart Agenda Linking uses AI to automatically links agenda items to mentioned people
• Use natural language to create notes and To Dos (e.g. "call Dave tomorrow at noon")
• Support for Siri and iCloud Reminders

• Redesigned profile view
• New custom personal segments and Lost stage
• Allow custom fields to be specific to stages
• More granular control of Keep-In-Touch reminders

• Support for iOS 11
• CC other people on mail merge emails
• Set default font in mail settings

• Streamlined team view of stage, segment, and timeline activity
• Share individual messages with your team
• Now easier to keep your contacts in-sync with your team
• Team members can take ownership of unassigned contacts
• You can explicitly mark contacts as private
• Send a note to a team member right from any profile

Version 4.8.3
• Activity Analytics: See how you've been spending your time. Are you spending more time with CxOs or VPs? Leads or existing customers? Activity analytics can tell you.
• Reporting for Pipeline, Leads, and Forecast: Visualize the progress for yourself and your team.
• Engagement Analytics: Quickly spot the leads, deals, and projects that are making progress and those that have stalled. Drill down to see the details of ongoing conversations.
• Timeline Filter: You can filter the Timeline of interactions for a person or company by Email, Calls, Meetings and others items to narrow the view as needed.

Version 4.8.0
• Smart Action Items: Cloze detects action items in email you send (e.g. "I'll get back to you on Friday") and adds them to your Agenda automatically.
• Smart Deadlines: Cloze detects deadlines in email you receive (e.g. "Please review and get your comments to me by Friday") and adds them to your Agenda automatically.
• Built-in Notes: Use Cloze’s built-in notes instead of, or in addition to, OneNote and Evernote.
• Custom fields for people, companies, projects, and deals
• Accept meeting invites right from Cloze

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Cloze Relationship Management Reviews


Finally!!  thatch505  5 star

This is the most amazing app/crm system that I have ever used! The integration between my email, my phone calls, people i need to’s insane! There’s so many great features. I’ve only been using it for about half the day but I got more done in that time than I have all week! I’m going to give it a full trial run just to make sure it’s all good, but I already plan on getting the pro version. I use Insightly now and this blows it away!


Keeps me organized and timely  Louisabt  5 star

I was a little skeptical at first, but I am totally sold on it. I used to check my Google calendar what was on the agenda for the day. Now I first open up the Cloze app. It keeps track of what needs to be done, what was done and many more metrics. One can't go wrong. I highly recommend it.

Current Christian

Absolutely the best!  Current Christian  5 star

I’ve had this app for 2.5 weeks, including the free trial period. It paid for itself within the first full day of use. Great design, more features on the horizon, great Cust support. Could not be happier.


Pro is $19.95 A MONTH!  LindaBell009  1 star

Nice app. Not worth that. To me.


Review  berben59  4 star

Works well a much more setup is required, as compared to Contactually, but it much more cost effective


Finally!  Meat-ball  5 star

Best sales CRM Ive used/tested. It appends social data like nimble, but keeps you amazingly well organized without requiring manual data entry. Plugs into your email/calendar, soft phone and cell phone. Reminds you of important contacts to follow up on without you having to enter the information. For $19. Incredible

JH mpls

I have been waiting for this  JH mpls  5 star

I own a small business and have been using nutshell for the last two months because of its gmail integration. A friend recommended this and it is amazing. Life changing. A bit creepy in the depth of its integrations with our digital footprint but it makes me better at my job


Best app for relationship mgt  Njerps  5 star

The best app to aggregate and act on the relationship data from all of the tools I already use (for me, Twitter, Gmail and calendar, Yahoo! Mail, Evernote, DropBox, Facebook) with minimal data entry required! Unlike a corporate CRM system that is the property of your employer and makes you do all the data entry, this app extracts data from apps you already use and then maintains the relationship data in the cloud across all devices and over your career across different employers - and it aims to deliver productivity to you, not management data to a boss or a corporation. I love the EverNote integration because it makes it so easy to find any notes for a contact or company, and makes the notes available across all my devices - even my iPhone where I don't have EverNote installed. I also use the app email client to send email whenever I want to track whether my target opened the email, and also tag a reminder to follow up if the person doesn't respond to my email. I also share data with a coworker on contacts at a few accounts we both target. In the rare event that I can't find a communication by the contact or company name, I find the search incredibly useful - so much faster than email search, or search in any of the individual apps that feed Cloze. The new analytics and reports are very useful! I use Cloze constantly each work day and it is well worth the money!

Blessful Alex

It's hard to Express the detail  Blessful Alex  5 star

I have multiple efforts in three different lines of work. Two of which are sales, and the other has a similar escalation process. I can't say more than this. Excellent. Way above expectations. You can set it up the way you need it to be, if you even need to from the get-go. Evolved CRM. It's the assistant any entrepreneur or multi-millionaire wishes they had on their phone or computer.


LOVE this! Integrates everything for relationships  jmanriquez  5 star

I checked out all the CRMs that come up when you google them. They are too clunky, hard to work with and don't integrate well with social. I'm super impressed with how Cloze does all of this and is easy to use and intuitive. I need to manage relationships for direct sales and I'm a solo business. This app is amazing.


Great App and Support  maxlynam  5 star

I can only hope for great things for the team behind Cloze ... they've done an awesome job and instantly improves the way we way managed leads, deals and build relationships. Their support is as awesome as the platform - well done!!


Great potential  Hagar5345  4 star

Has so many great features. Not for me just at this time as I run multiple projects and unfortunately when you assign a contact to a project, it links all the contacts emails to that project even when they don't relate. I work with many of my clients across multiple projects. But if you're into pure one on one sales give these guys a go!


Very comprehensive  JackHammondPharmacy  5 star

Amazing and smart program!


Comprehensive  TumblesTim  5 star

Cloze makes communication easy or should I say eazy! This system links email and other communication together simply and effectively. I have used many CRMs in the past but none have done what Cloze does quite so cleverly.

Bare figures

Excellent for professional service business owners  Bare figures  5 star

In professional services like my business - relationships are everything - Cloze with its syncing to all my other programs delivers how a CRM should... I'll share this with RightWay clients for sure! Tim


Absolutely Useless - A Big Confusing Ness!  iiPlace  1 star

Yet another Contacts/ Personal/ Comms app that promises ("yeh really truly, this is it, the one, the best, no one ever thought of doing this!") something new & amazing, yet delivers yet another confusing, illogical, unusable mess! It gives you no view of contacts info, just a jumble of half-realised ideas on how to (maybe, sorta!) add "stuff". You have to add every single detail back into each contact despite the app announcing at start that it will analyse all your infos & put them together in an amazingly organised way. It adds a completely random batch of email addresses to each of your contacts, that in your Contacts are not even in these contacts! I got my bank's email addresses added to my mom, then in the "amazing" graph that it analyses as this contact's importance to you, mom gets a 5% ranking even though I call & email her every day, yet for a random never-used contact it ranks 80%!! These are just random values being applied!! Sheesh!! Check that, BLANK contacts imports, after taking 5 minutes to import (oh yeh, & "analyse"), & you have to re-add every excruciating detail from your original contacts!! Plus delete all the random jumble it does include!! Look I could go on but it's not worth it, this is like a couple of middle school geeks got together over lunch & decided to create a really neat Comms app, but got sidetracked over an iPhone game, then forgot to compare notes, then gave up & just pressed the upload button for laughs. IT IS THAT BAD!


5 star app  Vgio19  5 star

Love it. No more wading through hundreds of feeds to find the relevant ones. Thanks cloze

Adele Cass

Makes life easier  Adele Cass  5 star

I tend to get overwhelm from too many channels of communication. This solves my problem elegantly. It looks good too, which is essential!

Little man inside the fridge

Great idea, well executed  Little man inside the fridge  4 star

Its been great so far! Having all my Facebook, Twitter and email notifications on the one platform and elegantly organised has been fantastic. The only thing I can see is missing is LANDSCAPE layout support... Some emails and Facebook posts are completely unreadable in Cloze and I think having this feature added (why would you even omit it to begin with???) would be a great help.

Craig Cocker

Great Concept  Craig Cocker  2 star

Great idea but there is no full synchronization with exchange accounts so when you log into Outlook you and clean up your mail all ovar again


On point. A must have.  Treytreyjones  5 star

Excellent. Changed my productivity.


Super simple but powerful  Stevo1970!  5 star

I was testing both saleforceiq and this app simultaneous. While they both have similar features and some differences, Cloze allowed me to get started immediately with a full contact synced and flows. I am still working on setting predefined follow up periods, but really like the app so far.


Invaluable to my photography business  Alicia98981  4 star

I run a small photography business and then app has been great for my needs for a small business. Well integrated and great for my needs! However the social media section doesn't work very well and it's really lacking a calendar. The calendar would help out a lot. Other than that, great app.

Jojo dancer guru

Great app.  Jojo dancer guru  5 star

Great ease of use and interstate with my email and phone greatly. Enhanced my production.

English Tim

Can't wait to give it a go  English Tim  5 star

Endlessly and forever using separate accounts and passwords that don't get saved in my key chain, is my nightmare! Can't wait to see how this app works thank you for creating

Procrastinating dad

Best CRM option out there  Procrastinating dad  5 star

It's not completely turn-key, but it is incredibly versatile and customizable. -it acts a single portal for all of my existing accounts: social media, multiple emails, & multiple storage sights. And - I do not have to use only the app. I still have option of working thru old account tools, I.e., outlook, or icalendar. Information is updated & synced to cloze. -I loved the ability to take my existing relationship/sales strategy and build in the next steps I was already using for all sales stages: opportunity, active, done, & lost. -It's account connections feature takes a lot of the tedious requirements out of the CRM process by automatically tracking/logging emails, calls, calendar events, & with customizable automatic reminders. -The merge mail function is quick & easy. And - the "opened mail" reporting is an awesome feature. - Probably the best feature -- the simplicity of records integrity. Companies are added by web address or phone number, (contacts by email or phone) and the app does the rest; eliminating the majority of my unintentional duplicate records. - I can import lists from any data source, as long as format the csv. File...small pain - but not some complicated format. The only real drawback is, if you import a contact list that's not what/the way you wanted, then your in for some decision making with the app not having an type of "easy button" undue option. But - the help team is pretty supportive & quick to resolve. --if your a solo act, or a small to medium sized business - @ this cost - your kind of an idiot for using anything else.

Konni Ayee!

Life and Time Saver!  Konni Ayee!  5 star

As a Realtor, I rely heavily on referrals and staying in contact with my sphere of influence. I have downloaded a number of apps only to delete them after finding that they all don't have everything I need in one place. Well you have to love Facebook ads because I clicked on Cloze and keeping up had become so much less stressful. My few suggestions are to add an option to log texts through your carrier or show the text history for each person. Also adding more integrations with Google voice and social platforms like instagram, snap chat, etc. I'm sure they'll get there eventually.


Best App ever!  twingatejr  5 star

I thought about hiring a personal assistant but now that's a long ways away!

Great crm

Nice little crm  Great crm  4 star

I have done and used insightly. Cloze is a good alternative that is very intuitive and easy to interface.

Ibrm Huss

Thanks  Ibrm Huss  5 star

I appreciate using this app.

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