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What is shonen jump manga & comics app? Your OFFICIAL source to read the world’s most popular manga, straight from Japan.

ALL YOUR FAVORITE SERIES IN ONE PLACE! My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, One-Punch Man, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Boruto, Kaiju No. 8, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Spy x Family, and so much more!

READ MANGA FREE! New chapters weekly, with brand new series added regularly! Latest chapters are always free!

SHONEN JUMP ON-THE-GO! Stream your favorite series anywhere, anytime on our advanced manga reader! Use landscape mode to view awe-inspiring 2-page spreads as they were drawn. Download to read offline! Create an account to sync your reading progress across any device and pick up where you left off! Light and dark modes available!

MEMBERS GET MORE! Unlock the digital vault of 15,000+ manga chapters for ONLY $2.99/month (USD*)! Start your 7-day free trial today!

“It’s the best deal in comics”–Engadget

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App Name Shonen Jump Manga & Comics
Category Books
Updated 17 May 2023, Wednesday
File Size 44.13 MB

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics Comments & Reviews 2023

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It could have been five if not for common sense issues being resolved.. This is an amazing app with a library of incredible manga, and the $2 a month is an amazing deal. The only reason it didn’t achieve a five star rating from me was the lack of bookmarks making it a hassle to keep track of currently publishing manga and/or keeping track of what chapter you left off before closing the app. It would be great to have a favorites list where you can mark the mangas that you are following as well as a bookmark feature that allows you to tap the mangas name and it automatically puts you in the chapter and page you where reading. Also lately the chapters for MHA, Black Clover and other Friday published works are being published Sunday, this is a big problem because you guys are Shonen therefore why are pirated sites beating you to a punch in publishing speed? I have been spoiled of several chapters of MHA and Black Clover because of this. Other than these two big problems there’re several minor glitches of missing pages or pages not loading even if you are connected to strong internet meaning its a server info problem. If these issues are fixed i have no doubt in my mind that i will revise my 4star rating to a rightful 5star rating.

THIS is how you support manga. I’ve had this app for almost two years now and haven’t done a review until now because I’m lazy. Anyway, if you like reading One Piece, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter (sometimes), One-Punch Man, and more great serials the day they come out in Japan, it’s best that you get this. These issues are super affordable individually (just one buck, cheaper than a McDonald’s order), and there’s a bigger deal when you buy annually. Don’t be like the bad group of people that deliberately STEAL from the manga authors on Thursdays and complain that they don’t want to pay for something they can read for free on malware sites. The truth is, paying for these issues is the only way to show support for your favorite manga. The developers did a great job making a high-quality app that should not be overlooked by any shonen manga enthusiast.

Few gripes, but overall solid. I recently subscriped to monthly SJ a few days ago, so I want to provide updates on things that would dramatically improve the quality of the app. - Bookmark feature: Unless you finish a chapter and know where you stopped reading, you constantly have to run through old chapters to see if you have read them or not. - Volume Cover Artwork: This is a small thing, but it would be cool to see the different volume covers when you switch from the end of one chapter to the beginning of another - More titles: The primary reason I purchased the subscription was to catch up on Tokyo Ghoul after being piqued by the anime series. While I am reading other series in the meantime, I hope more titles get added somewhere down the road. - Popular Manga section: Similar to different streaming services, it would be cool if SJ could create a section of different titles for people who are unsure of what they want to read, and possibly separate them by genre as well.

Bad User Interface. I like that the app is official and all on my phone shortly after chapters release. However, it’s lacking key features that would make this worth not just reading online. For one, there is no continuous scrolling. The current method of swiping through pages is terrible. Also, when in landscape the app shows two pages at a time instead of making the page bigger, and there’s no option to show one page at a time instead. The pages are too small in portrait and landscape only makes it smaller. And when you try to zoom in it often turns the page. Then when you do turn the page you need to zoom in again. That is another disadvantage of not having continuous scrolling. Honestly, the annoyance of reading the tiny text with clunky zooming and no continuous scrolling actually makes this app less convenient than just closing ads on a illegal cite. Barely worth the money. I will change my review when those features are added.

This is great. I wasn’t much of a manga reader, always preferred just watching the anime adaptations but this app has turned me into actually preferring to read the manga than watch the anime. It is fantastic and convenient if not a bit buggy when flipping between apps or closing to write a text and then coming back. I always have to close the app and then start it up again but that is just a small small small inconvenience for this fantastic app. Another issue comes when you check out a new manga but decide not to continue reading it. It will forever be in your continue reading list despite not opening the manga for months. This deters me from trying out new manga because I know that once I start one it will always be stuck on my opening page asking me to continue reading it.

Worth every cent spent!. First of all, if you keep up with many manga series currently running in Shonen Jump or published by viz, this app is worth a download even without the $1.99 paid subscription because the newest chapter of your favorite manga is released for free (with official translation) on this app every week! However, the value that is gained through the Shonen Jump $1.99 subscription almost makes it feel like stealing. You get access to every chapter of nearly every series SJ has to offer. Plus you can download and save up 100 chapters on your phone to be read offline. My only critique would be that certain series have gaps in the chapters available currently, but I can also see that these chapters are filled in at a fairly regular interval so I just have to be patient. All in all I like using this app, and I’ve found a lot of value in being a subscriber since the service’s release.

Amazing App with a promising future. 2 dollars a month for hours and hours of manga is an insane deal, especially given the apps legendary lineup. While it’s missing certain shonen jump classics like Slam Dunk and Bobobo (I assume from licensing) you can also read other popular manga published by other Shueisha magazines (one punch man, Tokyo ghoul) and can even access light novels of certain series. Being able to read the newest manga in shonen jump is another huge game changer that really makes you feel like you’re experiencing new chapters and series with Japanese readers. The app is amazing but I would love if they added some extra features. For ongoing series it would be super convenient to have the option to get a notification when the newest series come on. It would also be nice to have the ability to bookmark series you’re interested in or series you’re reading. Something like that would let people visualize the manga they’ve read or tried. This app bangs

A huge step forward for the medium. For starters, on value alone the $1.99 price tag is insanely reasonable and an incredibly high value for your money. A new manga fan couldn’t even hope to go through the catalogue in the foreseeable future. The vault is massive and amazing. Sure definitely missing some mainstays (HxH, Tokyo Ghoul, JoJo, etc) but what is there is comprehensive and somewhat overwhelming. Secondly the fact that all current manga chapters are free is an absolutely incredible ploy to keep the piracy crowd away from illegal sites. It’s honestly incredible that this was even able to be pulled off. Western comic book companies need to take notes. Print is dead (at least in its serialized format). People are still willing to buy trade paperbacks or in mangas case “volumes”, but the idea of shelling out 2-4 bucks an issue is in the past and the past is dead. DC and Marvel are gonna need to start playing catch up.

Awesome library, but a catch.... Plenty of content for anyone! Obviously has all the big name mangas, as well as obscure stuff too. Man, I remember the old days getting the physical magazines in the mail. As a kid that was like my excitement for the weekend. The biggest issue I have with the app is the 100 chapter limit. I really think there should be a second level to the membership or something. From other reviews I’ve seen it seems like some are in the same boat as me. I would easily pay 10x their current asking price to just be able to read as much whenever I like. You find yourself getting deep into a story, and then suddenly get sucked out because they arbitrarily chose 100 chapters as enough to read in a day. Honestly got this app because I was tired of searching the internet for free scans, which are usually not as high quality as this offers. Just leaves me to look again after hitting the limit.... I’d gladly give this app a 5 star if there were more options around that. It just doesn’t make sense to me that they would limit people that hard. 100 chapters isn’t really that much if you read fast, or just want to go through a manga for another read. Overall, great app. Works well and tack on the library and you have serious potential.

Its great to have all this manga but. I’m a heavy reader and can go through a series quite quick. What I would love is if the app could keep track of the pages I'm on for various manga. cause some series when I go to the next chapter I'm already on the last page and scrolling through 600 chapters just to get to one 18 page chapter it is pretty long and sometimes mid scrool the app will crash, kick me out, then forget what page I'm on leaving me with scrolling another 5 mins to chapter 20 out of 670 then in between chapters I’m given ads to buy a physical copy of the manga.I’m already paying for online service why would I buy a physical copy? I mean I can understand trying to sell the PBs but honestly. it is a nuisance I say again I’m already paying for online service. You are transitioning to online service a majority of your PB sales will drop its inevitable. I will say PBs will sell themselves with out constantly reminding your premium subscribers that they exist. Not saying every reader will strictly be online but in my opinion if I see a good series online a truly moving serialization I move heaven and earth for a PB in mint just to have on my shelf. End of rant

Great manga app and price. This is great for fans of shonen jump anime to catch up on what happens after they finish the anime and continue it in the manga 1.99 for 10,000+ manga is a steal only issue is it’s hard to find the manga you are looking for there’s no genres section if you wanna read a specific genre that’s why I’ve given it 4 stars please add a way to find specific manga of a certain genre easier overall I love this app it’s great for anime and manga fans who love the genre of shonen. Add that one little thing I requested and this app is great I give it 4 out of 5 stars for the great deal price and lots of content. Also if you can’t even afford 2 dollars of manga monthly then you need a job I seen some people complaining about having to pay but that’s just how manga works the editors and shonen team need money to fund these artists and add their manga in shonen jump so help out and pay the fee it’s worth it trust me.

I love this app. This app helps so much with me catching up on my favorite mangas like the show one punch man they only have two seasons and it got me hooked on the first 10 minutes plus you get way more reading it then watching it. Plus I forgot the price but it’s only like two bucks to get almost every single popular anime in the world. Also if your impatient for waiting for another season in the anime they go way further in this. Like for my personal favorite show One Punch Man I was impatient for waiting for the third season and I’ve heard rumors the third one is coming out soon but I think I’ve already read it 😅 Keep up the good work! -ps please so much I am begging for the One Punch Man chapters to come out quicker thanks so much for this app!

Amazing!!. It is a great app! But… Zooming in ruins the quality of the image. Also, hear me out, you are paying for the subscription, yet when you start a new volume the cover of the volume doesn’t even appears before you start the first chapter of that volume, in other words you lose the opportunity to see the cover, the color of the characters, and the overalls feel of that volume (or that arc that appears in that volume). It is a great deal for the amount of manga you can read, but we are in 2023… The popularity of anime is big, and the market is even bigger than what it used to be back in the early 2000s or 90s; there is no excuse to make the feel of a subscription base app to feel much more flesh out like letting us see the cover of the volume we just started and once we finish be able to see the back cover, and also, can we please get better scanning of the series? There is still some room for improvement, but the app is overall very good.

Great, but one draw back.. So first off. I love almost everything about this app. Cost effective entertainment and a pretty wonderful selection to boot. Honestly the only thing more I really want out of this app if not simply more manga... is a Netflix style queue for everything I’m currently reading. I don’t have the time to read everything I have on my download list before it times out and disappears. Then I have to search or find it in the browse section again. Which really isn’t the biggest deal. However if I had a tab that brought me to my immediate list of favorite manga. That would have put that fifth and final star on there for me. Wonderful app for reading manga otherwise. That’s a small nitpick that I really hope gets updated at some point!

Would definitely recommend with subscription. 1.99 a month for nearly endless entertainment and reading is one great deal. Your paying roughly 50 cents a week which is about 7 cents a day. A normal manga physical copy is around 10$ which would cover almost half a year of the subscription. Plus if you have the subscription you don’t have to take up space in your backpack or worry about creasing the book you just bought. You could probably find the money to cover the subscription looking for change in your couch or on the ground in a store. Overall the value is insane and worth it, they could easily charge more for the service but they keep it cheap so everyone can enjoy. 10/10

Fantastic service with some still needed QOL updates. $2 a month for a huge archive of shonen is too good a deal to pass up. They have all my favorites and I can even catch up on chapters as they’re released. The reading experience is pretty solid too, with zoom and jumping between pages. That said, there are some annoying aspects of the app I’d like to see worked on. For example, when “streaming” a series (reading without downloading) I’ve had trouble returning to the manga I was when I restart the app. There’s nothing on the home page to return to where I left off, and even on the browse / library pages my progress is totally untracked, so I have to remember what chapter I was on. There are also a number of bugs and crashes. I’ve been getting black screens as I read that force me to restart, as well as some blank pages that I’m not sure are intentional, and chapters have begun to act as if I’ve already read them—so I start off on the last page when I open them. I managed to briefly scroll to page -1 today, which crashed the whole app. Funny stuff! That said, I can live with the kinks, and hope they continue to improve a great core product.

Great value but the App needs improvement. Being able to catch up on the backlog of one piece and Naruto for this cheap is a great value and a perfect way to experience the series without resorting to piracy or spending hundreds on the paperbacks. However, there are multiple shortcomings in this app: * I’ve had multiple instances where I lost my ability to read the digital vault issues until I closed and restarted the app. * selecting the read next chapter option on the last page of a chapter, the next chapter will load at the last page, forcing me to scroll back to the first page before I start reading * the app doesn’t remember the last chapter you read unless you’ve downloaded it, so if you come back after a bit and forget which chapter you were on, you have to guess which one to read next

Manga reader must have. The interface is amazingly clean and easy to use. They let you read up to chapter three and most recent chapters of every manga on the app for completely free. The subscription fee is only $1.99 a month which is incredibly cheap for the amount of content you get. For the $1.99 a month you spend you can read literally any series and any chapter n the site including the most recent chapters released! Volumes cost more than double that for a single volume, but for $1.99 a month you can read 100’s to thousands of volumes. It almost seems unfair for them to give us all of that for such a small cost. My favorite app in the App Store I’d give it 10 stars if I could. P.S. The app DOES tell you what chapter you left off on when you select a manga. Those reviews are either old or they didn’t notice?

Excellent Content, Poor App. The content offered by this app is great - there's a wonderful selection and the cost of membership is more than worth it. The app, however, leaves a lot to be desired. It's incredibly laggy and frustrating to use, and the transition between chapters is unbearably slow. Every single new chapter takes up to a minute to load before I can even begin to swipe through the pages. It's also pretty annoying that you have to click on the chapter number to start it, not sure why it wouldn't just automatically load the next chapter as you're reading. Love the catalogue and it's very much recommended, but I would love to see the app improve because it's honestly just too frustrating to use it for too long and read entire series or multiple chapters. Would definitely use it more often if these issues were fixed.

Extremely well made and enjoyable!. When I first started reading manga, I despised purchasing the manga. However once I started reading again a few months ago, I’ve loved it. I’d purchase the physical copies, but that became to expensive. This app made it so cheap and accessible for beginners like myself. The UI is easy to navigate and for 1.99$ a month, you get such a wide variety of good series! I’m super happy about my purchase and will more than likely continue after my free trial ends! The one problem I do have is that when searching for manga to read, it becomes misleading when searching on the browser website versus the app. On the website, it will show manga that you can read chapter by chapter and ones that only showcase the volumes. It becomes confusing when you find something on the browser, then find out you can’t read it on the app and you would need to purchase the volume separately. I understand it is a database for all their series, but I would like to favorite all my series in the app not just the chapter by chapter ones. But other than that, it is very convenient. 👍🏼

Good app just wish expanded the age gap. This app is good and I would give it a five star review but the deals are good as well it’s like one dollar a month and I could say it’s a better deal than Webnovel but the thing is as watching anime is a trend there are more people younger than being a teen and you know the more younger you are the more your Limited to things like you would have to ask your parents just to purchase one chapter so a member subscription would be just too much so maybe instead of always have a to do a subscription we would just have to log on or sign up I think it would help the customers. And with the searching things I downloaded this app to find Orahan The anime since since there’s no season two I tried to find it on the manga to see it nicely finished but the thing is I feel like it should like have a A genre search engine like maybe you could have one you could just press on me and then I could show you the anime manga then you could press what genre of the anime like romance or action so I think it would help the customers find the manga they want.

Cheap subscription, wish it would sync reading. Only $2/mo for 100 chapters a day which is pretty amazing. You can read most series in a quarter of what a single physical manga volume would cost. Very affordable. My only gripe is the fact reading doesn’t sync across multiple devices, i.e iPhone and iPad. Sometimes when I’m out and about and it’s not convenient to pull the iPad out it would be nice to read a couple chapters on the go and be able to pick up where I left off at home. Better visibility on which chapters I’ve read and not read would be nice. I have my collection set to dim chapters I’ve read, so they’re slightly grayed out. It would be nice for a checkmark or something next to the chapter number to add a bit of visual clarity. Hence the 3 stars, it’s an average app that could be made spectacular with a little more tweaking.

Needs some improvements, but still great. I usually don’t write reviews for apps, but I feel like it might be worth it to write one for this app. I’ve been reading manga and Shonen Jump since 2005 when I was a kid. I’ve LOVED it. When I heard the announcement about the new WSJ subscription service, I was excited and subscribed right away. However, there are some improvements that could be added to the app itself. For instance, could there be a way to show what chapters you’ve already read? Every time I step away from the app, I forget what chapter I left off on and have to search around to figure it out. Also, if there was a way to make a favorites list for easy access for members, that would be cool too. If WSJ could add features like that, this would definitely be a 5 star app, but until then, it’s a decent 4 star from me.

Good value but flawed app. If you love manga and want to support mangaka by reading officially, this app is great. It contains the best of shonen along with some other titles in Viz’s catalogue. The price is the best part as a subscription is pretty cheap. The flaws come down to the app itself. In ways it is very barebones. Granted it runs smoothly and accomplishes the bare minimum but fails to go beyond that. One of my biggest issues is the fact that the app does not sync the chapters you are on or have already read across all your devices. Meaning if you started to read a series on your phone but wanted to continue on your tablet or laptop, it would only save on your phone even if you are logged into your account on all devices. In terms of the catalogue itself, some manga are restricted to the desktop version (the viz website). These being the more mature titles. It’s a strange decision and I would prefer every series be accessible through the app, and maybe just have an age verification if that’s the problem? That’s about it. It’s good value but don’t expect much from the interfaces and such. It really just is an app that is only slightly better than your run of the mill pirated manga app. (But official). Little changes have been made since the apps debut and I would like to see far more.

Great Manga, Poor Reader. There’s no arguing that the amount of manga on offer her for $2 a month is a great value, and goes a long way to putting the putting the “pirate” sites out of business. That said, the reader software is incredibly lacking in features that are commonplace on the other “pirate” manga readers. The biggest fault is ZERO amount of tracking as to where you have left off on a chapter/series that you’ve been reading. Every time you open the app, you have to remember where you stopped. This isn’t a huge deal if you are only reading one series at a time, but with multiples? Forget it. There should definitely be a HISTORY tab on the bottom of the main menu screen. In addition, there should be CLOUD SAVES as to which series/chapters I’ve read, so that I can seamlessly switch between reading on phone and iPad. That aside, I would love for there to be a similar service available for SEINEN manga targeted at older readers, but I know that has nothing to do with this service and this particular app. With a few reader-friendly additions to the app here, I think it could definitely be bumped up to 5 stars.

Simply wonderful. I found this app when I was looking to get more into KNY demon slayer. I watched all the sub and, for the first time ever, watched all the dub available to me but it wasn’t enough. KNY was the first time I’ve ever read manga (I loved the series that much) and when I was finished I had fallen in love and I was ecstatic to find some of my all time favorite anime’s original manga all on this app. Of course it’s only Shonen series but with DBZ, Naruto, One Piece and so many more it’s definitely worth the $2 a month. My one and only complaint is a few of the manga can only be purchased by volume instead of read for free chapter to chapter (I’m looking at you HxH) but when you have an app like this it’s hard to feel upset over something like that. Not to mention each volume is only $7 so I can’t REALLY complain. I’d give this app 5/5 stars each and every time if you’re a manga fan you will adore it and if you’re only into anime I implore you to dive a little deeper. I did and I will never look back !

Manga Reading Done Right. The Shonen Jump app is a spectacular way to read manga, be it catching up with, revisiting, or discovering manga! The subscription service itself is certainly worth it; at $1.99 a month, who wouldn’t want to get in on this? You get to support the manga and read the manga you love! My suggestion for the app itself would be this. It can be a hassle to search for the manga that readers want to follow, and if the app offered a sort of “Favorite this Manga” or a “Bookmark” option for easy access to the manga readers want to follow, that would really help. Overall, this is a great way to read manga! As iterated earlier, you can support manga and read whatever you want. And while the app is young, I can see that the app is going to be something special. Catch up, revisit, and discover manga with the Shonen Jump app!

#1Manga, 3 1/2 Star App. After being a supporter and subscriber since the app first launched I have only one major flaw that bugs me and would be a great place to start in making the app easier to use. No matter what device I’m using, when I’m done reading a chapter the “menu” is hard to open, especially when I want it to open so I can close the manga. The button is essentially a “down arrow” image and does 1 of 2 things. #1 it’s hard to click the menu open so you can timely hit the “down arrow” and close the manga before the menu disappears on you. #2 when you do get the menu open the “down arrow” won’t register you clicked it and you have to fight to get the menu open again… other than that the app is still great and quality of manga is awesome! I do hope you can fix this issue as I would love to be able to not have to close out the app and re open just to click a new manga or chapter.

Good app could use UI updates. The search functionality could be more refined with a sort/filter functionality for things like chapter amount, genre, age rating, completed if it is readable for free on the app instead of needing to purchase the volumes. It would be nice to have a button that lets me download the next amount of chapters from where im currently reading so that its easier to manage my chapters per day. An option to delete downloaded chapters when read would be a good setting for data management, as well as the ability to exit the chapter to the main screen after reading for those of us caught up and reading weekly instead of needing to swipe back to the last page in the chapter to close it, that would probably help with the tracking issues for when a user has finished a chapter or is still reading it.

Lack of features. I want to start this off by saying I love the new subscription service. It’s nice that I can support the creators of some of my favorite manga series; however, the app lacks a couple of vital features. The first feature missing is an indicator on where you left off in any given series. This is practically a must have in an app that contains multiple series with hundreds of chapters. The second feature missing is a “favorites” or “following” section. The only thing keeping me from having to re-search for all of the manga I want to read is whether I have it purchased or downloaded, but what if I’m not able/don’t remember to get on within seven days and download another chapter? All of my downloads will be automatically removed, and I will instantly lose track of everything I was reading. This is also a big inconvenience for those who don’t want to download anything, as they will have to search for the manga they want to read each time they open the app. Again, I love the fact that I can easily support creators for their hard work, but the features missing here are pretty much standard for other manga apps. In terms of organization, SJ’s only redeeming feature is it has a search bar...

I don’t know what to title it. I’m not really one for ebooks. I really enjoy physical books! However it’s not super cheap or easy to get physical manga where I live so this is really nice! They have free chapters every once in awhile, you can buy volumes for a decent price, and I believe there’s also a subscription service you can try! I’ve been reading dr. stone because I love it (senku is the best boi!) and I also started reading Astroboys. I don’t have much to say on the mechanics of the app, and I’m sure anyone looking for manga has heard of Shonen before anyway, they’re quite reputable. I’m sure you’ll find something you like try it out! You can read the mangas of you’re favorite anime and find ones you haven’t heard of before! The ones I’ve read were in English, so I’m not sure if they have the original Japanese version or other languages or not.

Exceptional for the low price point. For only $2 a month, you couldn't ask for a better service. The only issues I really have with it is that you only get to read/interact with 100 back log chapters a day. I really wouldn't mind paying a bit more if it meant that I could read and download what ever I want for as long as I have a membership. Also what's the deal with haveing to buy volumes? It would be convenient to have them grouped like that instead of by chapters. I can read a lot of manga in a short time, so haveing to click the next chapter button is anoying. So ether splitting them by volume or doing away with the next chapter button would be a God send, as well as vertical scrolling. I know I had a lot of complaints, but I really do love this service, before now it was an investment to spend $15-20 on manga volumes. With how fast I read them I'd have to buy multiple volumes at a time, leading to me spending upwards of $70 on new manga. This has saved me so much money and is well worth the $2 a month. So if you're on the fence, you can't go wrong with this. - WHERE ARE THE 18+ MANGA??!!? Get throes added.

It’s an okay app that can do much better.. If you’re just trying to catch up on one of your favorite JUMP series this app is fine. The membership cost is perfect for what they offer. I only really wanted to catch up on My Hero, Black Clover, and Dragonball Super when I downloaded the app. There’s was also incentive to actually support my beloved series through a legit app. The only issues I have with this app is the poor selection. You’re telling me I can read some manga I’ve never heard about before, but I can’t read Yu Yu Hakusho in its entirety? What if I wanted to read all of the JoJo manga? Can’t do that either. If feel as if there’s a membership waiting to be introduced later down the line with much more content. JUMP could profit much more with this app if they tried to add much more to read. I’m sure Berserk isn’t possible given the licenses, but I’m sure Gintama would work perfectly. There are other apps what offer more for free.

It's good but-. Personally I love this app! I read a lot of shonen manga, so this helps me to find the stuff I want to read! I don't have money to get the premium thing or whatever it's called but there's still a good selection of manga to choose from. However, I do kind of wish it was all free with adds and paying customers got no adds, I think this would be a great addition! But even if they don't change the app to do that that's ok! Also, (Don't quote me on this) I think you can buy individual volumes and chapters so if you wanted to read say, all the manga of DIU of JoJo's and you didn't want to pay for the premium thing I think you would be able to do that, so that's cool! But even though I can't pay, I can read a little bit of a series i think I might like and then buy the manga later! So get this app it's good! 👌 (P.S. some recommendations for shonen manga would be 'Jojo's Bizzare Adventure' and 'My Hero Academia') But anyway byeeee~~~~

One main problem. I absolutely love the service and I’m glad there’s an official way to support Shonen Jump releases, but the interface is far from perfect. By providing no way to favorite a series, or even worse, keep track of what chapter you’re on, you need to constantly look up and remember what chapter you’re on every time you want to read something, and for massive series like One Piece, this can be a problem. There’s also some bugs in the interface. On downloaded chapters, as you go from chapter to chapter, sometimes it carries over your page count from the previous chapter, making you have to manually start yourself at the first page, then it usually freaks out and makes you relaunch the chapter anyway. This is pretty minor, and I’m sure it’ll be fixed, but lots of changes could be made to the user interface to make this the perfect product.

Great service, but the new app is awful. I’ve subscribed for just over 5 years at this point. I love the magazine, and as sad as I was to see it go having access to all of the Viz catalogue is amazing. Well, it would be, except that this app has no way to track the manga you’re reading. With hundreds in the library, every time you want to read one you have to hunt it down in your list and search for the last chapter you read (nothing like “currently reading”). Downloads are removed every seven days, without any trace, so if you recently started a new manga and can’t remember the name, tough luck. There’s no way to see what chapters you recently read or recently downloaded. It even removed the ability to track which WSJ you read most recently, like the old app did. Ultimately, it requires that you use a second app to track the manga you’re reading and what chapter you’re on, which is frustrating and pretty unacceptable when I’m paying monthly for this one already.

Good I’m concept but little issues hold it back. The content of this app is great, but it’s lacking so many basic UI features that hold it back. For one, if you’re reading in landscape mode at the end of the chapter it force rotates back to portrait to hit the next chapter button. After hitting the next chapter button you have to physically rotate back to portrait and then back to landscape to go back into reading it 2 pages at a time. Additionally, the next chapter button gets really annoying when you’re binging a series. Why can’t it just flow into the next chapter or auto go to the next chapter if you swipe while on the last page? It gets frustrating having to click the next chapter button especially on larger phones. Lastly, the 100 chapter limit for downloaded manga is fine, but it would be nice to have a “bulk delete” or an option to automatically remove a download after reading it. As is I have to click on each check mark and click confirm for every single chapter I want to remove to make room for new chapters. If those features aren’t available then maybe at least allowing the user to change the 7 day time period to be less time would be helpful as a sort of work around to bulk deleting downloaded manga. Additionally, the website allows for following manga but the app has no place to show which manga you follow. Why is that? Overall I think this app has potential and I will keep using it because the content is good. But the UX could be significantly better. Hence 3/5

I’ve Finally Achieved My Final Form!. I can remember back in middle school (around 14-15 years ago) always begging my mom to buy me Shonen Jump magazine at the grocery store whenever we went. At first, I just wanted the Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the back, but as I learned to read the comics from right to left, I realized what incredible stories I was reading. One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hikaru No Go. I looked forward to these stories every time we went to the grocery store. I would carry every grocery bag, ONE TRIP, just to get my hands on this magazine. After a time I stopped reading, got into sports, went to high school, then college, and recently had learned that Shonen Jump magazine had been discontinued. There was a small void in my heart where the joyful childhood memory of Shonen Jump had lived. My buddy told me there was an App that held the catalogue and you could read most chapters for $1.99 a month. Here we are, a few months later and I’ve re-become addicted to reading some of the best manga the west has access to. I feel like a “young man” again. Thank you Shonen Jump! Actual feedback: (Anyways, please add a category to see all Manga in alphabetical on the app, and a category to see all finished manga as well, I love the new stories but sometimes I just want to binge a whole finished series in a weekend. I did this with Demon Slayer last week and now I feel compelled to write a 5 star review.)

Absolutely obsessed. I always wanted to get into reading manga but the overhead of buying books scared me. As an anime fan I knew I would love them but didn’t know if I had the funds or the space. With the low cost subscription I have been able to read forward into my favorite anime’s (jujitsu, one punch, neverland) and discover new favorites (chainsawman is my new favorite and I can’t wait to see it animated)! The only request I have is either for a more expensive subscription tier so that I can either access more chapters per day or even pay a small fee (like $1) for more chapters for the day. I get that it ensures a longer subscription time and may fight against piracy but I want to binge! Thank you for the consideration and continue to make this an amazing experience

Good deal, App needs some work to make it more user friendly. $2 a month is a steal for the amount of content being offered. The reader itself is relatively simple, but gets the job done, with features like zoom, etc present. The apps major flaw would be a lack of a system to track what you have read In the past. Either the ability to set bookmarks on series you’re in the process of reading or a feature that simply lists read next to any chapters you’ve viewed would help a lot. Also the ability to “follow” a specific series could be a good addition too, with it giving you a notification every time a new chapter in a followed series is released. Overall, the app seems to run pretty well and do what it needs to do well too, it just needs a couple of added features to make it a little more user friendly.

Awesome Selections and Easy To Use. I only recently started watching anime in 2022, so I came across of new recent shows that still needed a few years to be finished. Lots of the shows I watched were Shonen Jump adaptations like Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Ghoul, Spy x Family, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I was bombarded by manga readers giving little hints towards the anime-onlys and I didn’t want to get spoiled myself, so why not just read the manga? The problem was, I couldn’t find a good app to have the correct selection of manga I wanted. However, this app made my life so much easier. It had all the manga I wanted to read and even for the monthly pay, which is only like $2.99, it’s so worth it. Reading it is super easy, there’s no ads, and a huge amount of manga to choose from. Some stories I’ve never even heard of I ended up reading it. I like how this app is super straight-forward. You can either buy the volume or just binge read the chapters. It also gives you recommendations and fan-favorites. Another thing I really like is how it has the dates of the newly-released chapters, and I don’t have to log it every time I read a new chapter. This has become a real life-saver for me and I will continue reading!

Is the 2$ worth it?. This is a good app, the main reason I downloaded it is because the main licensed mangas like Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and One Punch Man are mangas you can’t read on an app like manga rock but isn’t worth the hassle to read on an online website. But with the 2$ subscription, you can read all these mangas( only the mangas under Shonen jump) but only up to 100 chapters a day. I get not being able to download a certain amount, but the fact that I’m paying for the subscription and I can only read 100 chapters a day seemed like a rip off: like they are trying to make sure you don’t speed through all the mangas and subscribe when in reality I just wanna binge all these mangas over and over again. So hopefully this changes but it’s almost pointless to have the free membership for this app, and then paying for it means that out of the about 50/60 titles that are provided by shonen jump: you can only read and download 100 chapters a day. I would say try to the free trial and see for yourself, but for me as long as there is a read limit I wouldn’t pay for the membership no matter how cheap it is.

Great! I love it... but.... I love this, it has like any manga anyone would want to read, but......... just like any app it comes with its flaws, sometimes some pretty annoying flaws. Once again, thousand percent recommend, these are just some flaws you should be ready for. 1. Certain pages throughout different mangas will have “Image missing” pictures, it’s not a loading thing it’s a thing where they haven’t gotten the English version of that 2. Not all mangas, but some come in volume only and you have to pay for the volumes, even though your paying for a member ship... :/ 3. Can get pretty lag sometimes, like skipping pages clicking other chapters when you click on a specific one. At first I thought it was my phone but my friend and brother had the same problem. 4. They didn’t English dub a lot of the onomatopoeia stuff (pfft, skshh, slam! etc.)

Great app besides two very minor details. I love this app and spend hours upon hours every day reading from the broad selection of manga. The only downside is that while bingeing, I always have to hit read next and wait for the screen to flip. If the producers of this app could make it so that you could binge more easily without as long of a, or no, pause. Whenever I have to go to the next chapter I have to press “read next” which makes sense but the screen always glitches and flips which makes it so that I have to wait longer to keep reading. My other problem with this app is fact that there isn’t a screen lock so that whatever your screen angle is at, you can maintain one angle. I often read while laying down and like to put my screen to the side but am constantly hafting to put my screen back into a different position and when you use the phones “Lock Screen” feature, it positions the screen in portrait (horizontal) position and I prefer landscape (lateral) position. If in the menu pop up that appears when you click the screen once the was a little lock button where you could lock the screen regardless of what position your actual device was in, then that would make late night reading much more convenient for a side layer like myself. Like I said earlier, this is a great app and I love the low subscription price, but I would really like it if you could consider my suggestions.

Promising, but far too buggy. The new model for Shonen Jump is exactly what I’d been hoping for a company to do for years; create a affordable, convenient alternative to the shadier online manga sites. Unfortunately, while the 2 bucks a month model they’ve set up is very reasonable considering all the content available, it’s iOS apps on iPhone and iPad are both fairly buggy. First off, I had problems originally with loading pages from a new chapter, and would have to scroll through a few black pages before getting the pages to load. I’d then try downloading the pages to see if that would fix the problem. It did, but instead of loading problems, downloaded chapters would have problems with pages from previous chapters replacing the correct pages in the current chapter. And in a baffling oversight, you can’t manually delete downloaded chapters, and instead must wait until they’re automatically removed after 7 days. Viz has a great model here, but a disappointing product.

Amazing...but some things I would love to see added. I reviewed this app when I first downloaded it over a year ago. I still love this app and I am glad it exists in this space. Paying the $1.99 is a no brainer and I love that I can give that money back to the creators that create my favorite stories. The feedback and features I asked for then have still not been added but that’s okay. I will say what would make this app more intuitive and easy to use is to have a library for the manga I am reading and for me to save that series so I can stay up to date on the chapters. But overall I love this app and appreciate all the time and effort being put into it. Edit : After close to two years of using this app I must say I still love it! What’s even better is the main feature I wanted which I mentioned above “the library to just go to my favorite manga” is finally a feature!!!! Thank you to the devs working on the app and I just changed the rating from 4 stars now to 5 stars

So good just needs a little more to be perfect. This app is great especially with there new features with simulcast and free chapters. I personally joined there subscription service which is pretty good for only $2 I can download the manga chapters but it Max’s at 100 chapters total of all the mangas. They have a great selection but there are a few missing. My only dilemma is that there’s now way to add manga you want to read to some sort of list and there’s no obvious sign of what chapters you’ve already read so you can find yourself checking around some chapters to try and figure out where you left off something as simple as graying out the chapters you’ve read or were reading would help a lot. Also the app can crash sometimes if I close my phone then unlock and try to keep reading which leads to the problem I mentioned earlier of trying to remember where your left off

Interesting App. I have had this app for about a month and I really wanted to do a review since it was pretty good. The fact that you can read so much for free is amazing for people who don’t want to pay for a subscription, but even then it’s like only two dollars for like all the manga you could ever want from Shonen that is. The 100 chapter limit is not really that bad that bad cause you like never reach that point, unless you decide that’s all your gonna do that day. The main reason I had gotten this app was to finish the part of Bleach that was not animated and I was not disappointed, but after finishing Hunter x Hunter and learning there were four volumes that were not animated I wanted to read them. Unfortunately you had to buy them if you wanted to read them even with a subscription. In conclusion I think that this app is great and has lots to offer for free and the subscription is something you won’t regret also, cause the idea of like having a whole library in your pocket is kinda cool.

Great App!. I really love this app because it’s good for all occasions, you can use it when you’re bored, on road trips, or anything else! I think the subscription is definitely worth it, it’s for a great price of 1.99 a month, and you unlock 100 chapters a day. Each volume of a book costs about 10 dollars, but you can read about 8 volumes a day for a only 2 dollars. So I would recommend the subscription over buying individual volumes. And you can have up to 100 downloaded chapters at a time, meaning you can read them without Wi-Fi or cellular data. So you can read downloaded chapters at any time. So if you like manga, and to be able to read lots of it at any time anywhere, I would say that this is the app for you!

BEST DEAL IN COMICS BUT STILL ROOM TO IMPROVE. Dollar for dollar, this is the best deal in comics. Great content. Great value. SUPPORT MANGA ARTISTS. I love this service. That being said, there are some problems with the rollout of the new version. It will flash a loading screen and then just a black screen until I reboot the app. If I try to back out from the black screen, it won’t load any chapters. The app would also greatly benefit from a bookmark feature. If they are encouraging me to read through One Piece or Naruto, which are hundreds of chapters long, they need something to help me remember where I left off. Also, a favorites function would help out a lot as well. So that way I can subscribe to my favorite manga and get notifications when they update. I’m confident they will come out with features that will make this app even better. This new version of the service just came out, so I expect more tweaks and upgrades in the new year.

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It’s great. The only problem is that you gotta pay to read hunter x hunter and yu Yu hakushow which are a few of my favourites and the dead pool manga should go on there but after all it’s pretty good I’m currently reading one piece dragon ball z and my hero academia also mashle spy x family the promise neverland it’s so good after all but just a few new manga I think should go on there because I think it would really impact it’s ratings

Saidaze. I love using this app to read manga. Having an issue with reading as of recently. Every time I try to read or download a chapter it says “Sorry we have a problem verifying authorization” Can you fix this issue please!

Suggestion: Device Sync. Love the app so far, only suggestion (unless it’s just not working for me) would be to sync the “last read chapter” across devices. I often read on the bus on my iPhone and then on my iPad at home.

No problems from me. Purely rating this app not for its content but it’s function and what it’s made for and it’s simple to use… I mean it works perfectly for me. What is there to complain about?

Best manga app in the IOS Store. Premium option is affordable and so worth it, no need to buy the books when you can read chapter to chapter as apart of the subscription! Likely will be a subscriber for sometime much cheaper then buying books

Good but could be better. Love the app it’s good for reading manga and is rather easy to use it would be better however if it had a dark mode on it as I read at night like i know a lot of people do and hate the light screen so could we please get a dark mode pls thx

Needs work. Having subscribed to the magazine for years, the app worked fine as a magazine stand. With the recent changes to reading individual chapters this app is far behind its competitors. It’s hard to keep track of what you’ve read, when new chapters are coming out, or how long they’ll be free for. I have a paid subscription with access to the back catalogue (I think that’s what I’m paying for??) but I still find it hard to find the chapters I want to read. I want to use an app the supports the mangakas, so I hope this will become more usable soon!

High quality images, but UX is clunky. Love the range and the ability to view so many of my favourite series. Really need an ability to better manage the library though - series I’m currently following, series I want to read, the chapter I was last on etc.

Worth the money!. This app is great for reading all kinds of different manga! I started using it to read a specific one, but I’ve gradually read other series. I’ve seen a few people complain about the 100 chapter limit, but even after reading for almost 4 hours in one day, it didn’t affect me. If you like reading mangas, or need to find a new series to read, I definitely recommend this app!

Log in. Just bcoz your 13 or over doesn’t mean you an email or anything like that. Some kids have parents that are very protective over the internet. So you might not have the right/ or no log in details. I feel it needs to be a easier to log in. Bcoz manga is the best. But asides from that it’s a VERY good app.

Only Shonen manga. It has many good shonen manga to browse from but, it’s still missing some popular ones such as Attack on titan, Fullmetal Alchemist and The seven deadly sins. Would have liked it even more if they had these. I know the app is called Shonen Jump, however it would have been even better if they also had other genre anime such as Vinland Saga and Berserk (which are both Seinen genre).

Website. I've been using the VIZ website for a few days now, via the google chrome app for iPad, and decided that using the app would be better than a mobile web browser version. It wasn't. On the website, I can click on any free manga chapter and istantly read it, as long as I am connected to internet. On the app, however, I have to download the entire chapter onto my device before being able to access it online. So if you feel like reading manga when you are not in the internet, this is the app for you. If you just want to lie in your bed and read manga, don't bother. On a side note, you seem to be selling hard cover copies of manga before making them digital. If you have a good reason then don't let me stop you, but I would like to be able to purchase manga as soon as possible without ordering a hard copy. Just a thought.

Mature Content. I love using the App, I use it almost everyday. The only thing stopping from making this app perfect is the not having access to mature content on the app and having to go through the website instead. The app is so much easier to use and no where near as clunky as the website when reading. I feel like I’m not getting my full subscription worth when I am missing out on so much content. I would gladly pay more if mature content was put on the app that was available on the website.

Great if you are not using free. The app is amazing and responds fast, it has so many amazing series, however if you use the free version I can’t say the same. I think the free version should have entire series able to read and some entire series unreadable because I personally don’t see the point in only being able to read 3 chapters of a series. Other than that I really like the app and think the 3 AUD a month is definitely worth it.

I love it. It’s the best app for reading manga because even if you haven’t signed up for it you can get to read some chapters for free to see if you like it or not and I love it because unlike DC & Marvel Comics being all jumbled up & confusing with way too many reboots, with manga you can read chapter 1 to whatever chapter it goes up to, plain & simple and I love it.

Bakuman. It’s soo good that I could read all the bakuman series about becoming a manga artist and a manga writter, it’s has lots of series but one thing that I hate, the cost, I don’t like to purchase or buy anything just wanna read to get good grades in high school

I love this app!. Manga is expensive, books can be damaged and this app solves both those problems. For only 3 dollars you can have a pretty extensive manga library accessible on your phone via download and any other device you have linked. This makes it super easy to jump in a catch up on some series you enjoy. Plus most volumes of manga don’t get translated for physical release for up to a year. This app gives you the change to read all those chapters early.

It’s good but. So like, this app overall is amazing, no bugs, no ads, none of that. But there is a small problem. I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s not allowed to use apps while having premium so we have to pay every month, but it’s kinda annoying hat we have to buy premium just to read chapters from 4 to whatever the last chapter is. You can only read 3 chapters without money, that’s it. I personally think I shouldn’t have to pay to read chapters. Or volumes! Overall it’s still good, just wish I could read more chapters. That’s all

Its ok i guess. The app is pretty well structured and I like how the first three chapters are all free (since I cant get the subscription T^T). But what is a bit confusing is how most mangas have the latest three chapters are free. When I read them, its a bit frustrating because I dont know what happened before and the whole story has completely changed. It’s a fabulous app that showed me some mangas I havent even heard if but have potential and I definitely recommend this to others. Thanks for reading

Great but one problem. Shonen jump is a good app without a doubt but it’s always annoying when you have to wait for hours on end If there could be a little improvement it would be great thanks!👍

Amazing value. Was using the app before the addition of the vault. With the new ability to catch up on series I’ve been exclusively using the app for all my manga reading. No more crappy fantranslations when I’ve got amazing scans with faithful trans of the original work. Great job Viz

Poor performance, slow, buggy. With a perfectly stable WiFi or mobile connection, the app constantly fails to load pages, crashes, freezes, or is just very slow. Scrolling through chapter lists is slow/buggy. Clicking the Read button on the Read the Next Chapter screen is consistently unresponsive. I cant count the amount of times a error with something like 'The page could not be downloaded, check your internet connection and try again' has happened. Most of these issues can temporarily fixed by closing and reopening the app. Downloading a chapter to the phone solves the slow page load issue as the downloads are extremely fast, but there is 100 chapter limit, and no quick way to delete all saved chapters and reset. My recommendation would be for the app to automatically download and cache the next chapter of every chapter read so people can binge manga without the headaches. These issues have been observed on an iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro and an iPad mini 5th gen. On the iPad, reading in landscape would cut off the top and bottom of every page of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. This app needs serious work. Hopefully the extra $2 a month they just started charging for a sub is going towards developers and testing and not just Viz exec pockets.

It is amazing but a few bones to pick.. So all up I absolutely love this app! Except on the fact you have to buy some chapters for most of the manga’s. Also a personal opinion I think it is pretty dumb on how they show the first 2-3 chapters for free but then you have to be a member to read the rest of the book. Although amazing selection of books!

Device Syncing. I was thinking that it would be a good idea to add syncing between devices. Like if I were to read something on one device it would show up in the ‘continue reading’ section as well as ‘last read’ on another device. This would make the easier to use and improve the functionality. I hope you take this into consideration and make the modification.

Amazing if your on a budget. Personally I prefer reading my manga in hand but sometimes that can be risky buying before reading so this is the perfect affordable option

Amazing! (Please read). I really love this app for many reasons, it’s cheap and has tons of the best manga around, but there are only a few thing I would like added/changed. When I had this app I originally thought you could buy the physical manga too but turns out you can only buy them digitally, so it would be great if you could get the real deal too. Sometimes when I want to go back to a certain chapter in what I’m reading it gets a bit confusing since they are only labeled as numbers, so it would be handy if you could change them to chapter name and not number, or maybe have both! And lastly, it would be great if there was an option to change the language in what you read in, that would be neato. Thank you for reading my review if you did and please if you can take my ideas to the future updates!

I guess its good. I have just signed up to the app, and pretty happy with how it looks and all but I am not sure if anyone else agrees but I personally think that there should be more chapters that are available to read for us free users. I mean- come one, I went in and looked at a couple of manga chapters to read, excited, and the only chapters available are like- 5-6 out of 300+ chapters. Even the first chapter has to be paid for which I dont think is really fair or reasonable.

Needs improving. This app needs a way to show your reading process. The option to mark chapters as read or unread would be greatly helpful. Also make the icon for downloading and deleting chapters bigger, because it’s really easy to accidentally open the chapter instead. Also release the chapters quicker. Japan seems to get them almost 7 days earlier

Buying?. The app is so good but I just don’t understand why we need to buy the membership. It’s kinda annoying but I rather still read 1-3 chapters of every book. I also thought that the free option was 1 book and then after the book it switches to the next book. But it’s ok. I really need the membership to read on and one

Amazing app to support your favorite manga artist 💕. i want to support the manga artists as much as possible for their hard work and wonderful art! so this is a good app i want to use and its cheap! (i wouldnt mind paying more since the quality is overall beautiful) lovely app, wonderful!! thank you so much. One problem is, i cant find my favorite mangas on there... Please add more mangas!! even old ones too! and please translate more mangas that havent been translated yet! once again, thank you! stay safe and take care! 💗🌧⭐️

Awesome just needs one feature. Great app love what is available only thing that needs to be added is a next chapter button otherwise fantastic

Great App!. I just got into manga reading and by far this is the smoothest app I have ever used. It’s very user friendly and extremely easy to navigate around! Would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to start out reading some manga. 👍🏼☺️

Pretty great :D. It’s extremely cheap for all of its offers and gives so much content! The only downsides are small things but it would be better without them. You have to download an entire manga to your phone before you can read it, but if you read the free chapters, so long as your connected to the internet, let’s you read straight away. So all I want is to be able to read them without downloading the whole thing. It also doesn’t allow to read in the original Japanese(or any other languages) but that doesn’t matter to me, so i think it’s fine(I just know other ppl tend to care so I thought I’d mention it). And the final thing which is less a problem and more personal thought, but the library, while having most of the biggest one and a lot of my favourites, is slightly lacking(I say slightly because it really is only a small amount). The only major missing title I can think of is Attack On Titan. Other than those three points, I think it’s basically perfect! Five stars, would recommend ^_^

👍. Only problem I have is that it doesn't save your reading progress to the Viz website so when i want to read on my laptop I have to go on the app to see where in up to. Other then that small problem fantastic app. Update they fixed this problem, very impressed,

I want to subscribe. The app is great! Everything manga wise is there. Only thing, I want to subscribe again… but don’t see a point right now. I would love to have both access to 100 titles in a day, but it would be awesome to have the weekly Shonen jump magazines still. It was nice to see my 2013 magazines in the purchase history, would be nice to keep a collection going.

Changing chapters. This app is amazing and the best manga reader I’ve ever used. It’s also great to see such a diverse library. The only thing is that when you finish a chapter it always asks you if you want to keep reading and you have to press a very small button to read it - and you can’t just keep reading without a prompt. It’s pretty minor but would make the experience more fun and a little less annoying. It would also be great to have an easier way to browse titles rather than just A-Z

I love this app but. This is an amazing app for manga readers, I highly encourage paying the $3 a month for premium, however, not every manga is here, only the ones that Shonen jump published, I understand that the ones that aren't here they cannot get, but im simply just telling everyone that, still amazing though.

Amazing manga service. It truely is a amazing app which allows all genres of Shonen jumps mangas to be read by the public I am in awe of it however the one problem is the fact that in each manga there are very minimal amounts of chapters you can read without paying and the price isn’t the problem it is a cheap and really affordable price it’s just they need to give more chapters out to read in case you don’t have the money

Great app but could use some minor additions.. I use this app across a few devices with the one paid account. It’s almost everything I want from a manga reader. But 2 things that would make me super happy are. I would love the app to update what I’ve read across all of the devices so I can jump straight in to where I’ve left off on another device. Also a ‘favourite’ button so I can have everything I’m reading on my ‘my library’ tab instead of my main page. Keep up the good work :D

So good. Look if you don’t want to buy manga because it is so expensive this is the best alternative great as long as you have premium there is one thing is that it uses the original translation so stuff like Zoros name in one piece in zolo but besides that it’s good if I could wish one thing is that they had the coloured versions super good would recommend

Shonen Jump. Shonen Jump is a magnificent Manga application. It provided unlimited Manga for the small price of $4AUD a month($3USD). This is such a bargain for the amount of content you get. I could recommend this enough if you enjoy reading manga. They may take a while to get the episodes but while you’re waiting you can just read another series white waiting. It’s an awesome application with limitless content. Very Recommended.

It’s great but it feels like something bad is gonna happen. When I first got this app it was great, I could read all the new manga, the classics and it was all for only $2. But a little while ago the price increased to $3 a month and I didn’t think it was that bad but now they are increasing it to $5 a month. While yes, I do have $5 a month I don’t really wanna spend it on this app every month. I really hope this app doesn’t become overpriced because of though it is good, it doesn’t have that much content. I mean there are heaps of manga on there but only really their well known ones, I just wish they had more manga and maybe it’d be worth the $5.

Tap to turn page and where’s Dandadan?. I’ll give it 5 stars if you just add the option to tap to read the next page. It’s such a basic feature that’s missing. Put Dandadan and Hell’s Paradise on the app. It’s on the website but not the app? Just lemme read it without having to login to the website. What’s the point of the app if you can’t read all of Shonen Jump on it?

A decent app :). I originally downloaded this app for its one and only purpose: to read manga. It did that well, until I ran into a bug and just got frustrated, so I just forgot about it after I offloaded it from my iPad. But after the current app I was using got deleted from App Store, I turned back here, hoping I would be able to read a little bit of the free manga I had so enjoyed before everything, but turns out that it had changed a bit since the first time, so most of the manga chapters I had read before were all locked, and you had to pay to read. Obviously, this shouldn’t have stopped me. But it was quite annoying, after all that time of reading all the same chapters for free, this seemed slightly unreasonable. Of course, considering my raised standards, this is definitely my opinion only, but I would appreciate it if more of the manga was free. Overall, all costs aside, this app is definitely one of the most clean, well coded manga apps that I’ve seen in a very long time. Keep it up!!

Buggy mess. The app is incredibly buggy. Whenever I try and view manga in landscape mode, the view can distort in several ways: - Instead of a normal double page view, I can only view the top half of each page on the bottom of the screen, with the top half being black. I cannot zoom or scroll up/ down the page; nothing fixes it. When scrolling left/ right, the view stays distorted as the pages change. - It stays in single page view while in landscape mode, but zoomed into the centre of the page. Cannot scroll up/ down the page. - The screen goes completely black. - It stays in single page left/ right scrolling, not double page. Rarely does landscape view ever work. I use a fully updated iPhone 11 Pro Max. This issue has persisted ever since I've first used the app around 5 months ago. The app isn't alone to the bugs either. On the website on PC, every time I change chapter it exits fullscreen mode.

Great app! Membership is too good!. I love how the membership lets you read loads of chapters from a wide variety of mangas but the limit of 100 chapters per day is a bit annoying when someone like me reads a lot. Great app and great membership!

Incredible. It’s super cheap and even if you don’t pay you can read a bunch of manga for free (first and last 3 chapters only) but they have events where you can read more chapters of a manga and get into it for example recently they released the first 11 chapters of spy x family and I wouldn’t have read it if it wasn’t for that and now it’s one of my favourite mangas it’s a great read along with thousands of other great manga that it recommends to you that you never would have read otherwise. There is one feature I want and that is removing how you have to go to the next chapter and even though it’s easy I wish I could just go straight to the next chapter other than that great app!

Amazing, but kinda unreliable. I love this app, I written a review in the past saying that it’s godly. The viz website is better for content but not as user friendly. Platinum End, one of my favourite manga was on here when they first made the big update, but now it’s gone a week later. It’s still available for paid members on the website though. Not a big deal, but still it’s not flawless

Almost perfect. Just wish there was a way to save/bookmark chapters and access it rather than just having a download option. But odd to have a feature like that missing but other than that really good app 10/10 good time to be a weeb

Change the language to Japanese. Can you please have a feature that allows us to change the language? I only have one Australian Apple ID with credit card, so I would really appreciate it if you could have an original Japanese version as well, as I really don’t feel the vibe when I read the manga in English, in Japanese it is so much better. Please have a feature that can change this app to a Japanese version. Please.

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Verry best. Its very affordable and has great options to read

Best app. Please, I beg you developers, I super appreciate the app, but just add scrolling reading. I know it’s not the traditional right way to read the manga, but it’s would be super appreciated because it’s more comfortable on a phone. I promise you I won’t use the feature on my iPad. Scrolling reading please 🙏🥺❤️

Godlike. New issues free???? Pay 4 dollars monthly Canadian for the entire catalogue. This is the best app / subscription (if you want old stuff) on iOS store. Thank you so michhhhhh

One flaw needs colouring. The app has all the pieces of a manga you may need and also affordable but i wish this had colouring to go along with it

Was forced to move to this app from viz and it wont even let me subscribe. Seems that duebto my previous subscription with viz i am unable to subscribe on this app. Kind if annoying considering that I was forced to move over…

Decent. This app is good for only 2.79 plus tax it’s 3.15. I suggest you buy it if you want to read the mangas that they have if your in America it’s only 2$ which is good. It would have been better if they had all genres instead of just shonen but it’s Alr. I suggest you download this app it’s pretty damn decent

Great app, Great prices, 0 Problems. Very great reading software for cheap. Was able to complete more of my favourite mangas in short time because of its flexibility. Has a very large range of manga to read. 100% recommend. 🧌

Great. Simple to use layout and lots of selections .

Awesome but…. This app is amazing it gives you about 90 pages of the first and last manga of the series! But what I don’t like is the huge gap in between them. So I suggest giving the first chapter of every manga!

Great app. It’s a great app

I love this app. This app is amazing fantastic I get manga chapters so fast faster than any other website or app and to read anything u want for just 5 bucks is a great deal I’m having a great time reading manga cause of this app 10/10 it’s great I’m really enjoying the dbs manga right now I even use this app when using a number 2 and this app saves corentine

Great. Great app for reading old manga and beginning new ones. Highly recommend

Release right on time. This app is incredible it releases chapters faster than any other site I’ve ever seen

JD. Good

Awesome. amazing app, would recommend.

It just works. It just works

Good, but.... Some manga, such as Hunter x Hunter, costs extra money ($9.99 per volume) which is a little sad. Also, there really should be a feature so that you can remove manga from the “continue reading” section, because any ongoing manga I start and don’t like are now there forever, mixed in with the ones I actually enjoy. It would also be much better with genre tags. But it’s a good app, and a decent price. I do enjoy it!

Really convenient and awesome for reading anywhere. Use this app constantly and everywhere to read manga just wish the app got updated more and was more user friendly. I don’t like how you can’t look at all the shonen jump chapters by manga listed a-z I mean you can kinda of but I wanna see every manga in a grid style and not a scroll over all its great just really needs some more updates to make it more streamline and nicer to use

Good, but. I absolutely love this app It’s super easy to use and find where I am specifically in the manga Although, they need to get more content. They also need to release the chapters when they come out, not two weeks later. It would also be great if they could just finish stone ocean and GET STEEL BALL RUN But apart from that it’s cool

Shouldn’t be a limit. I love everything about it, but I hate that there’s a limit even with a membership. I’m you’re only allowed to read 100 chapters a day

Look at comments. Look at your messages please

Poor app functionality. Seriously, no delete all downloads button? Lmao

Good. I’ve been using this app for about half a year maybe a little less and it’s been great for me. This has been making reading manga so much easier for me because before I would have a hard time ordering what I wanted.

Cannot purchase subscription. Cannot purchase a subscription and thus cannot read any manga.

a. got some of the most peak manga out on here

Great!. Just awesome!!! Nothing but awesome!

Please add vertical scrolling. Great price, great selection, I’d use it except it desperately needs vertical scrolling view for reading as an option. Add that and I’m in.

Great deal. So cheap for what you get. I love this app.

Good app but. Love everything including sub price BUT really wish it had genre tags and a reading list feature.

Amazing. Great app, very friendly user & it is nice to save manga to read offline. The price per month is simply a blessing but the variety of mangas is average I have no doubt that you can make us have a large horizon. Thank you for your service

It’s good just not great. It’s a good app and I like that you can read while not paying but $4 is a really killer sale but I just wish it had some more stuff I’m looking for if it did it would be a 5 star

Almost Perfect. I love that I can support some of my favourite artist and their works, but why does there have to be a 100 chapter limit? I was reading late last night and I started reading this morning and got limit capped

steals money. i unsubscribed from this app because i didn’t use it regularly anymore and ever since it’s been trying to draw money from my account. the only reason it hasn’t taken anything is because i don’t have enough money💀 but yeah it’s tried to draw money like 5 times a day in the last 4 days.

Shonen jump. Pretty good but when say free they for most of them mean like three chapters but outside that the price is reasonable there not really any hidden fees or add ones and the downloading is good so if you got the Monday I recommend

Download it right now. This app is insane. You can read manga for hours and there’s so many different stories. I suggest that every anime fan downloads this app right now

Inexpensive and has the great 4. As a manga app it does what it does. Archive of the classic four. Dragon ball, Naruto, Bleach and One piece. Though some spin offs may not make the cut here so the catalogue isn’t perfect but it is up to date with the magazines of the publisher under jump. Lack of coloured scans is another downer as well as with some title pages missing and requires buying the volume or physical copy to see. The only feature that needs working on is the next chapter function. That interrupts the flow of reading when binging on many chapters or volumes when asking if you want to read next. Those on aged phones should be wary. Lack of older titles is a letdown

Ok. You need to pay for almost all chapters you should have a toggle-able option that makes you watch like three ads for each premium chapter

10/10 would recommend. Easy to use, convenient, and a good selection and you can’t beat the price.

Would love to try. Same as viz can’t subscribe her so I give it a 0

Version 5.2 Issue. After Version 5.2 the app crashes on startup. Not cool.

Membership is the only issue. If you have a membership than it is amazing but if you don’t and you want to read a series from the start than it is a problem, But membership is affordable so it is a deal. Please add more manga like “Fire Force”, Fire Punch”, and “Vagabond”

Best app I ever downloaded. Three dollars a month for unlimited manga is the best choice I ever made.

Great but Viz media was better:3. I use this app every day and on 3 different devices. On my iPhone 11, it’s one of the most laggiest experiences I’ve ever had. Any page motion causes the app to freeze for like 10 seconds, usually if I swipe page it’s fine, but viz media worked perfectly, I doubt it’s my hardware

Im a huge anime nerd. I’m a big anime nerd so this is one of my favourite apps so I can read manga all the time mostly for free

False advertising. I saw a add that said read manga for free and then showed all these mainstream manga free then in excitement I downloaded the app to only realize it’s not free 90% of it if you wanna read it you gotta pay on top of that if you do pay you have a limit to how much you can read a day so they can ring out as much cash from you as they can #scam if I could give it 0 stars I would I’m extremely disappointed and they know if they say you gotta pay a monthly fee in their add you most likely will look it over so they feel the need to lie to you as the consumer to get the app and once you have it ur more likely to pay the fee because you see all the manga available

The app is nice but…. For some reason I can’t get the subscription, I press the subscribe button but all I’m met with is a loading wheel and it won’t do anything.

Best app. This app is great I have found both my old favourites and some new ones to al so much cheaper then buying the paper copies 10/10 highly recommended

Amazing.. This app has allowed me to catch up on mangas I almost have forgotten about. Very nostalgic, remembering how I use to like reading them. The ability to read on the go or if I am waiting for something. Sin A fan

I cannot get the subscription. For some reason it just loads and it won’t let me get it

100 chapter daily limit AFTER PAYING. you can pay your monthly fee and only have access to 100 chapters a day! well, what if i feel like reading more? who are you to stop me?

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Lacking some critical implements. Biggest issue i have is that when using multiple devices i cannot simply pick up where i left off. Instead, it has an independent memory so i have to look on my other device in order to find where i left off. Not sure if im the only one with this issue- i dont notice it with every issue or every series but occasionally i notice while reading that when i turn the next page it seems like a bunch of events happened and characters are mentioning information that i had not yet discovered. Im fairly new to reading manga so its entirely possible that this is normal and im just not familiar with the style yet. This issue is specific to the membership of Shonen Jump rather than the app itself- pricing. While inexpensive in short term i do NOT like paying for any service monthly. Also dont appreciate as a consumer, that no other options exist such as a 6 month or preferably annual package. Ive decided on 3 stars because its still a very usable app even with its shortcomings. Technically free as long as you dont mind starting from the current issue on any series and following along moving forward. But if you want to read any origins then youll have to pay up. Very wide selection and user friendly UI.

Reasons. This game is for kids correct? Well if it’s for kids then why pay for the membership thing. Because kids can’t afford it and usually the kids parents are broke or anything like that! And of course there’s adults who plays and read this manga but then again some kids can’t pay and they’re parents are usually working, broke, or buying other things. I would be pleased if you could at least make some more chapters free maybe just two more? That’s all I ask for. Please and thank you! Anyways I still will suggest this app to my friends too help you. Good day. And you worked hard on this I understand! And I’m proud of that. And I hope you have a great day/year/month/morning/night/afternoon/everyday! (I ain’t hating on the app, I’m just being honest.)

Absolutely amazing!! But.... It really is a great app and allows people to read amazing manga without spending money like crazy and taking up shelf space by purchasing volumes. My only problem is the 100 a day limit and as far as I am aware it’s still a thing. I understand they do this for the fact that multiple people pay for only account but it could simply be avoided by tracking how many devices are connected to a account then make a limit per account but if I’m the only person using mine then I really don’t think it’s needed. I shouldn’t have to pay for a limit

The thing that makes zero sense. Ok when i got the app I was going to read one of my favorite anime manga but when I get in the app I gotta join and then I see pay for two bucks now I thought the app description said read free manga as i thought I read it wrong but for some reason the app was lying to me that is just a way to grab a quick buck I would of been more fine if it was like premium and something like Crunchyroll where u get the episode the moment it released I would love that feature and I now some other manga has free versions but it is not even worth of buying it because the description lied and then if you don’t buy it you can’t even get the full versions only clips or something I know that they need to make money and all but they could make it out of different ways instead of something dumb like this

SO CLOSE to amazing. The new update is astounding, if actually done properly. The ability to read old manga chapters and getting caught up on series legally and cheaply is amazing. However, the awful UI, not keeping track of progress and the chapters you’ve read, having to search to find the manga you’re currently reading every time you open the app, the app crashing if you switch to another app and back, old chapters not showing up, a slow and glitchy method of downloading manga, and dual-page spreads showing one page at a time all make me say this app needs a LOT of work before it’s actually good. Please fix all these bugs and it’ll be an instant 5 stars. There’s a lot of manga I want to read and this is the best way to do it.

Now I can read all the manga I want!. I was skeptical about this app in the beginning. $1.99 and access hundreds of manga?! I always wanted to start reading manga because anime can be dragged out and it’ll feel like forever till it’ll reach the conclusion of a story arc. This app is awesome. I will recommend this app to anyone who wants to start reading manga. They have new manga like My Hero Academia. Old manga like Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Etc. You can’t beat this price! The only con I have is i wish the app had a my list. Where i can add the manga i am reading and currently reading. Other than that i find this app to be an awesome way to read hundreds of manga legally! Do yourself a favor and try it out. Theres a 7 day trial. What do you have to lose?

Great but missing basic features. I loveeeee this app. I love the price point and I get to read all my favorite Shonen mangas. But this app is missing some key basic features. First of all, when I read a chapter it doesn’t sync that I read it across my devices. Sometimes I read from my phone or my iPad. Second of all we should be able to follow the mangas we like and have them added to our library as a series you follow. A dedicated comment section for newer chapters would be great. I like interacting with others and talking about the chapters. Besides that this app is great and works nicely. Just missing those basic features.

Needs a couple of changes to be truly perfect. I really have 2 problem with the app and its the fact that you cannot read mature series Platinum End, Ayakashi Triangle, Golden Kamui, Fire Punch and Hell’s Paradise Jigoroku are available in the Shonen Jump digital vault but they’re Web only if you could add an allow adult mature content that would be awesome. Also what makes me dislike my problem even more is the Fact that MANGA PLUS has the manga i mentioned (Platinum End, Hells Paradise and Ayakashi only) but they don’t offer a way to read the chapters in between. Now for my second and last "problem" which is not a problem is more like a convenience thing is that i would really love a Queue or Favorite so i can manage my series better.

Worth it, but still could use some updates. Definitely worth 2$ a month imo, I love to support the manga industry even tho I can’t afford to buy a physical copy. However there are a few things I wish they would change. 1) definitely would love to have a bookmark page/ “want to read” kind of page 2) it would be cool if the chapter list could be displayed while viewing a chapter, instead of having to exit the chapter 3) and if I’m paying a subscription, why am I only allowed to read 100 chapters in one day? (I go through them fast on my off days, don’t judge....) It gives me a message that says I have to wait a few minutes before being able to read more, but the message doesn’t stay on the screen. As soon as it appears, it disappears so fast. (I was able to quickly screenshot it to see what it actually said) and I think I’ve waited about 10 minutes and I’m still not able continue reading. Definitely a bug that needs to be looked into. But overall I’m very much enjoying this app! Thanks for providing a place to conveniently read the latest shonen jump manga 👍

A good product, but a terrible app. This app needs some work, and fast if this is supposed to how they deliver manga to its audience. You can’t save or bookmark chapters (I have to keep a Note and update it as I read), downloading chapters don’t go from one to the next, but the worst problem is the app ‘crashes’ if anything happens while you’re reading. You can’t go to another app or even let your screen go black without losing your place and not being able to get back to it. The app erases all available chapters expect the most recent ones and you have to back out, refresh the app, scroll back to find where you left off, and HOPE that that fixed it. I’ve had to close and restart the app more often than not. I can see the potential and want to enjoy this service, but at this point it’s extremely frustrating to use unless I’m choosing to dedicate a period of time to ONLY use this app and do nothing else

Best way to catch up on a variety of classic manga. Absolutely love this app. It’s extremely cheap for a membership and it lets you read every single chapter of everything (with the option to buy volumes for an extra price.) My only hope is that they add some sort of Netflix type “list” where you can click a button and have a compilation of all the series your reading or thinking of reading all in its special little tab. The closest thing there is to this is the “what you’re reading” tab but it gets a bit egregious to open up a chapter to save it in its own slot. Other than that, it’s a great app. Really fun reads with amazing translations. Highly recommend.

It doesn’t sync your progress across devices.. The library is immense, the subscription is cheap, and the reader is fine (although having an option to zoom in panel-by-panel like in Marvel Unlimited and Comixology would be nice for reading on a phone). But the app does not sync your progress between devices, so every time you switch between an iPad and a phone or whatever you have to figure out what chapter you were on. It doesn’t even sync your favorites; as best I can tell the only purpose of having an account is to enable access to the full library. Everything else is local to each device. You can add two stars to this review if you’re only planning on reading stuff on one device.

It’s a good app but need minor tweaks. I recently got the app because i got tired of dealing with those sketchy sites, however, some of these third party manga sites have better features for an app that’s official and i’m paying for to use. The categorizing should be improved, and the feature to favorite a manga so you won’t have to search it up every-time you want to read it. Another thing i dislike about the app is the 100 chapter cap, i started reading manga because of the pandemic that’s going on as a way of distraction and to pass the time in quarantine but besides that i like the app.

Not working. It works great, the subscription has a fair price, easy to maneuver, all around great app! The only issue I have is sometimes the pages just don’t load and say they have been deleted, and then I have to close the app and open the chapter again quite a few times. Other than that, I highly recommend EDIT: The app isn’t letting me read anything, it’s saying it’s having trouble verifying authorization. I tried to sign out and sign back in but now it’s saying the sign in isn’t working, which doesn’t really make any sense because that is the account. Now I can’t read anything because the app won’t let me sign back in. Please fix this soon

Manga Heaven… sort of.. Okay, so, I love this app. I have been waiting a long time to be able to read manga this way, without having to wade through bad translations and more. I have a couple of criticisms: 1.) Sometimes the app bugs out when opened and needs to be restarted. For example, I’ll have left on a certain page last time and the app will load that page, but not any more of the comic. 2.) This is more against the service than the software, but I am nonplussed about my subscription fee not giving me access to the entirely SJ library. A few of my favorites (namely: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter X Hunter, and Yu Yu Hakusho) aren’t available under my subscription. If I’m paying for a book anyway, I think the physical copies are nicer to have.

Great service, but app could be improved. The service is great, $2 a month for basically unlimited SJ manga is amazing! The app could use a few improvements though. For instance, when reading a series it would be nice if the app could show you where you left off rather than having to remember which of the chapters you left off on, especially when a series has hundreds of chapters. It would also be nice if the My Library section had a bit more of a queue service rather than only keeping the chapters you've downloaded. Also making things more linkable would be nice, like when I'm in my downloads for a manga, it would be nice to be able to click on the main title of the manga (or something) to go to its main page in the catalogue, so that I could see more than just my current downloads.

Small bugs but it has great potential!. I’m glad Shonen Jump is now offering us to read manga that will support the creators! I was excited to hear that a manga app was going to be available, though there can be some fixes. I use the iPhone X and every time I go to my Home screen to go on a different app and return to the Shonen Jump app, it crashes. So I’m currently reading MHA chapter 149 and if I leave the app and return, it will crash and I have to go back and look for the chapter again. I do hope they fix it because it’s an inconvenience but not enough to cancel my subscription. Also, I wish they have a way to keep reading the manga without having to click each chapter every 15 pages. And bookmarks would be great! I know it sounds like I’m trashing them but I really want to keep using this manga app to continue supporting creators so I hope this review helps them.

Great app for current titles. They’ve fixed all their old bugs from when it first came out, which is great! Now it’s a lot easier to browse and read any title available with the monthly membership! On the downside, they only favor the extremely popular older titles to keep around. I’m hoping this will change - that maybe they will cycle through some of the older manga to make it available for readers every six months or something. Because I would LOVE to have legal access to completed works such as Hitman Reborn as a way to show my support for the live stage production happening in Japan right now. Or D. Gray Man considering they rereleased the anime a few years back. Just as a way to help support the mangakas and let them know they still have fans out there.

Amazing, but could be so much more. A lot of the 18+ manga and just other Shonen Jump titles are missing from the app, granted I could just go onto the website, but it’s a big hassle. Sometimes I want to read Dandadan or Fire Punch on my Ipad/Phone and it really kills… The wide selection is crazy good though. There are a couple other things I noticed. The image quality of the manga panels are a lower resolution compared to other apps, idk if this is just cause of how they scale it- but I compared both in my ipad and still, they are still not as crisp as the scans on other apps (mainly kindle). Idk if it’s bc they have a lot in their database and need to save on some storage. Apart from these two, some other nitpicks are just the inconsistency in chapters I’ve read and haven’t (How they dont update across devices). I would also like a yearly pass, which could be cheaper and just charge me once a year rather than having the standard monthly subscription which charges me every month But regardless of all of these- THIS APP IS GLORIOUS AND I LOVE IT! 5/5

Best official manga app. This is without a doubt the best official manga app just for the subscription model. $2 a month is dirt cheap to read all the manga you want, heck, you can pay one or two months, read all the manga you're interested in, and then stop paying since the last three chapters of any manga are completely free, so if you're caught up you technically don't have to pay to read new chapters. This is a huge step in the right direction for manga publishers, and I hope Viz can provide this service maybe at an increased price for their main app which has more than just Shonen Jump manga.

I love it, but.... I am truly ecstatic that I have found an app that enables me to read all of my favorite mangas as well as new creations from rising authors, but there are a few minor things that need to be clarified. First off, i do not mind paying $2 a month for a premium membership. I really don’t, but why can I not access some mangas such as Hunter x Hunter? Instead I have to pay an additional fee for every volume I wish to read. Which I think is absolute bs considering I’m already paying premium. I really think you guys should fix this issue, or at least clarify to your readers why certain works can not be read when clicked upon, if the issue is really due to copyright reason or author’s personal wishes.

Nearly Flawless. Manga on the go. I had already used the Shonen Jump app to read some manga series prior, but I felt the app truly shined during my travel overseas. At various times, on publication transportation and airplanes, I could not access the Internet, which put Jump’s download feature to excellent use. You can download up to 100 chapters - perfect for a flight. Downloading is quick and intuitive. Also - as just a side note on the excellent deal that is the app - it’s exceptionally easy to consume years of content in only a matter of days. I finished Death Note, and then read the entirety of The Emperor and I, All you Need is Kill, and Tokyo Ghoul over the course of a week, mostly on trains and in flight, for $1.99. I’ve spent more on a single comic. I wish some of the bigger Western based companies would take note - it’s new fan friendly, which only helps in the long run for continual profit and success. My only gripe would be a lack of a newcomer category - a simple Google search pointed me in the direction of some shorter series - but I think it would be convenient on the app itself. Small complaint in comparison to the positives!

Good offerings but needs quality of life improvements. The subscription has a large selection of manga at high quality. They offer downloading manga for offline use, but you can’t download more than a 100 manga a day. And if you download a 100 then you can’t view any new chapters for 24 hours, even online! This limit should be increased. I would look to music streaming apps like tidal or play music for a good example. A quality of life improvement that would improve the reading experience is transitioning to new chapters without making us go back to chapter select. Just let the user swipe to the next chapter at the end of a chapter. For $1.99 a month it’s a good deal if you don’t mind these kinks.

Good could be better. The price is amazing $3.00 a month is great. The biggest competitor to a service like this ultimately is going to be pirate sites. It’s just the reality of the current day. And with a price like that and overall UI of the app, it provides a better service than what the pirate websites have to offer. My biggest complaint is the lack of older Shonen Jump manga and mature rated manga. I’m a huge Jump fan so while the app offers many of the newer, ongoing series it’s severely lacking in many of the older Jump titles. JoJo’s Part 7, Fist of the North Star, Kinnikuman and it’s follow-up series, City Hunter, Sakegaki, Slam Dunk, Bobobo-BoBo, Yu Yu Hakusho, and way more are just a few of the glaring blind spots missing from the service. Viz has got to get an official license for many of these series as these titles have no official release or have been out of print for years, making it so there is no way to support the official release. The price, user interface, lack of ads, and selection of newer Jump titles are all fantastic, the thing that holds it back for me is the sheer lack of older Jump titles. For me particularly, I am a bigger fan of older Jump than newer Jump.

Just some annoying features being horizontal. This app is fine but there’s some issues I have with the interface. Using the horizontal position to read on this app is quite a hinderance. I’d like to suggest a more ease of life fix to it and that’s to make it not a double page spread when you flip your device onto its side. Double tapping the screen to zoom in may also lead to the manga being buggy and zoomed out further rather than closer. There’s also an issue in reading the next chapter, the pop up appears but forces the screen to be vertical again instead of remaking horizontal. If you could fix this issue it would definitely help! At least include an option if people still want a double page format.

Way to go Shonen Jump!. I am SO happy with the new Shonen Jump and the app. They are continually making updates to better the application to accommodate the change in format from weekly digital magazines to a “vault” type system and I love it! I no longer have to take most of my Shonen Jump manga out of my home to read on the go and risk damaging them (I collect manga as well as read it) and that is a HUGE sigh of relief for a collector! I HIGHLY recommend for and Shonen Jump fan or potential fan to try the app out and the subscription as well for $2.10/month including tax you can’t beat being able to read a HUGE selection of some of the most well known and some of the greatest manga. Thank you Shonen Jump and I look forward to more being added to the vault!

Works smoothly, but some un-needed steps. One of the important parts of an app is for it to work smoothly and not lock up. For the most part this one does that. however, there are some things that cause me to take extra time. One thing is that browsing titles I would like to see a volume/chapter is purchased and downloaded, but I cannot know this unless I touch it and open the view further. Another disappointment is that not all of my Viz Manga purchases are available for download here. I was hoping this would be a replacement for Viz Manga, which is sort of broken right now. With all of the criticism of people using apps the view manga for free (we should pay for our manga, etc.), this lack of function is not helping. I am fully willing to pay for all of my manga, but I actually need to have access to it to read it.

Manga lovers dream. Shonen jump has everything from the entirety of One Piece, to naruto, to jujutsu kaizen, and many more. The ability to purchase volumes to reread without keeping a subscription is great, and for the right person, you can read an entire long series like one piece for as little as $4 (assuming you read every day). Personally, I’ve gotten through the first 100 chapters of One Piece (first time) in only 3 days, so you can see where the value comes in. $1.99 almost seems too little to pay for shonen jump, but it’s price easily makes it the best manga source out there. The UI is easy to navigate, and everything loads fairly quickly. 5 stars!

Really love the app!. I am head over heels for this app! It is so convenient for users and stays true to the culture of manga by having the reader read from right to left. They even include a notice in the beginning for people new to manga formats. On it’s own it’s pretty fantastic, but with the monthly subscription the app just becomes even better! Not only is the subscription cheep but it’s also even more convenient, allowing the user to download chapters for offline use. While the subscription won’t get you every single chapter of every single manga, it has an extremely wide variety of manga chapters available. This is definitely an app that will make the most of your time.

Worth the money.. First the subscription is great because you only have to pay like 2 or 3 dollars. Don’t listen to people who are angry because they have to pay. The reason we have to pay is because the authors worked hard to make the manga. Their job is to make manga to get money. If the authors didn’t get money by selling their product than they would have to get another job. Then the manga would take at least 3 months to make it. The authors have lives and they need food too. So the people who want all of the manga to be free just want everything for free. Some people should be happy that the most popular manga have at least 3 free chapters.

Honestly amazing. Ever since finding this app it’s the most used thing on my phone ive read all my favorite series and they update weekly so every week I get to keep up with the action I don’t ever write reviews but this app deserves it 1.99 a month for everything is such a reasonable price on top of that the amount of stuff they have on here ive even reread things I’ve already watched death note dragon ball naruto it’s great! Keeping up with all the new stuff coming out when I don’t have time to sit and watch anime or wait for them to come out I can just smash a series in a week perfect for the on the go manga reader or even if your new to reading manga this is THE app

Great service. Excellent value for the price. One of the few services I don’t feel annoyed at when I realize a month went by and I forgot to use it. App works great as well. Only complaint is that the image quality for pages doesn’t seem very high, or at least nowhere near as high as it could—and maybe should—be. Might not be too noticeable for reading on a small phone, but for large phones and tablets, it can be somewhat disappointing, especially for more visually pleasing works. All in all, it is worth every penny. If they want to go above and beyond, however, they should offer higher quality images, maybe as an optional feature for those with the bandwidth and/or space to access/store larger files on their devices.

Good if you have the subscription. It’s a pretty good app so far and you can read (some) manga for free some you can only read a certain amount of chapters for free. Although if you have the subscription you can read anything and it’s ONLY 2 DOLLARS A MONTH. That’s cheap if you ask me you can even download manga to read in the car if you want. This is a great app but sometimes you can only read the first few chapters or maybe you can only read some of the chapters in the middle but still you can read some stuff and see if you want the subscription. I personally think you should get it if you can.

I really want to give this 5/5 but-. Even if I think $2 is more than fair for everything I am getting, the fact there is no browser friendly link to the 18+ titles I get with this subscription as someone approaching 30 is a real shame. I went to the website and I had to look through EVERYTHING, not just the titles I get with Jump, but also just viz manga I would have to buy to read. There is no way to show viz my ID or any other way of verifying my age to access the 18+ titles from my phone. I get that they cannot be on the app but at the very least make it so I can find them off app without favoriting the ones I HAPPEN to find. Also Apple really gotta stop choking out stuff for adults. I’m an Adult Apple. I read adult content. I know it is super shocking.

Why I gave this app a 5 star reiveiw. 1.This app save a lot of money period. Plain and simple. I finish comics and manga in a week if I'm busy, so am constantly spending money on manga that I am going to finish in a week. That adds up to a lot of money, but if you become a member you pay 2 dollars a month. I get thousands of manga and finish a lot in a month. I usually spend 100 a month on manga, but with the membership you pay 24 dollars a year and get thousands of manga at your fingertips. 2. This app saves time. When I finish a manga might not feel like driving to a book store to get the next issue, but this app lets me go to the next manga in seconds without driving 30 minutes to a book store. Cons: I love the feel of flipping and with a digital app you don't get that.

AMAZING. This is an amazing app it’s not just giving you the runaround to down load it it’s really $2 a month and you get A TON OF MANGA I was nervous at first that it was only gonna be new manga but they have all the old hits too I mean this is amazing you do have to pay for separate novels. However you get all the manga which is so amazing probably one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded I’ve never read any manga because of the price or to much work to find it but this app is perfectly set up as well as it even brings you to the next manga at the click of a button when you Finnish the previous chapter I’d give it 6 stars if I could 😂

Fantastic App but so full of glitches. I currently am subscribed to their new service but it’s got some major problems before I can give it a 5 star rating. First problem is whenever I lock my phone or turn the screen off the app crashes and I need to force close it. 2. They have the option for subscribers to download media but only 100 chapters at a time. My system tells me I need to delete previous data before downloading new chapter, but I have none in my library nor have I downloaded. 3. The zoom function seems to be an all or nothing affair. Once these get ironed out I will return to this review and change it to 5* because the value it provides is insane!

Love the App but…. Love the app it has great content for 1.99 a month. It’s way more convenient for me to read the one piece saga without breaking the bank and shelf space. But I do wish they would sync my reading progress across my devices like for instance I read mostly on my iPad but when I’m at work and want to read on my iphone I’ll forget what chapter I’m on and it won’t show me my recent chapters I left off on my favorite manga line up I have been progressing through. It’s a bit frustrating but that being said I love the app and can’t wait for future releases of new manga content. Hopefully an update will fix this issue in the near future

Good service, app needs a lot of work.. Been a fan of Shōnen Jump series for years. $1.99 a month for access to the full archive is an absolute steal. But this app needs a lot of work. First of all, if you're in the middle of reading a chapter and you switch to another app or lock your phone, reopening the app to an open chapter will cause the screen to go black; exiting the chapter will show only the latest few chapters. This big need to be fixed. You can only resume reading after closing the app entirely and finding the chapter you were reading again. Some more suggestions: Keep track of ”Read” status on each chapter. I shouldn't have to memorize which chapter I was reading when I want to pick back up later. On the interstitial page between chapters where you're showing me the volume that I can buy: let me just swipe right to continue reading the next chapter. I shouldn't have to tap ”Read” on the top of the page. Let me mark certain series as favorites and show me a list of new chapters from those series. Also, give me the option of notifications when a new chapter of a favorite series comes out. Let me browse series by genre (battle, romance, gag, etc.). That's all I've got for now. Hopefully, you guys can take these suggestions to heart. Thanks.

Great app. It’s wonderful that you can have access to so much manga at any budget. I don’t have a lot of money but the paid version is totally affordable for me. If you don’t need to read from the beginning and just are catching up on your favs you can for free. My only thing with it is if you turn on notifications it doesn’t actually notify you about your personal manga updates, just whatever they want to tell you. Would love a fix for this, and maybe a place for comments so there can be some community discussion about chapters. Other than that, pretty much perfect.

Great for mainstream manga but. If you’re looking for a cheap way to read manga legit and specifically more popular series like BNHA and Black Clover this is perfect. It’s cheap and they update them regularly but that’s about it. There isn’t a lot of diversity. I do love the simple UI but there are certain things that it still needs to work on. Something like you don’t know if a series is completed or discontinued. I had to look up later if a series I liked was getting any more chapters. That one hurt. A small selection but if you fancy reading all the chapters of One Piece go for it! I do think it’s worth the subscription but there’s small things that you might not fancy. It’s cheap enough to do a test run anyways :)

Easily the best comic app on the App Store but could use some changes.. This is easily the best comic app on the App Store. Being able to read all of shonens manga for only 2 bucks a month is such a great deal and easily trumps marvels and dcs comic apps which don’t offer anything near that price point. However I have a couple issues. For one, it has a very plain interface and it’s sometimes hard to find new manga to read. And secondly my biggest gripe with the app is that you can’t just pick up where you left off in a series, meaning you have to search for where you last left off which if its a longer running series can take a while. Other than that I have nothing else bad to say. I love this app.

An absolute no-brainer for manga fans.. What can I say about this app? It’s Netflix for Shonen Jump fans. More manga than you could ever hope to read. You get new chapters of ongoing series every week, plus the entire back catalogue of countless series on demand. That’s insane! If you had told me this was coming when I was a kid, I probably would have cried. Kids these days have no idea what it was like back in the day, waiting for the magazine to show up in the mail once a month. Just a little drip-feed of manga. That’s all we got to sustain us. Now it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant. Again, more manga than you could ever hope to read. I’m here for it!

great overall, but slight issues. to start off: this app is amazing for fans of shonen jump. for around $2 a month, you can read up to 100 chapters a day from almost any shonen jump series. their collection is expansive and even includes special one-shots from mangaka. my only issue is the consistent bugs with the app, the most prevalent of which is the bug that occurs when reading a chapter; the screen freezes, leaving you unable to change pages forward or backwards. the only way i've discovered to fix this bug is to restart the app entirely. TL;DR - great and affordable app for shonen jump fans, but there are a few small bugs that occur while reading manga on it.

Slowly adding features and responsive. Big library. Very satisfied with the load time and the collection size. Never unsubscribed since the moment the service launched since the app is affordable. I read at least one current series per week and it is very worth it. I also sent some feedback at a very early stage of the app and actually got responses a few months later. They didn't sound like robots and it felt good to get some comm back even if it took long. I sent this in the in app feedback form too, but i would like to pay more to read more than 100 chapters a day.

worth my money. I don’t really write reviews but the main reason I payed for the membership was to read mha and then I saw blue exorcist and then one punch man i was like- 😳🙂☺️ I NEVER expected so many anime series I saw that i’ve always wanted to read the mangas to sis i was SHOOK as hell. oh and if you have enough money to do so please buy some manga to support the author! i personally can’t because im 14 and i just get enough money on my card to pay my memberships but if your an adult with extra money and you like reading manga please buy the raw manga even if you don’t understand it, it helps the author to get new chapters out quicker. but overall this is a really great app and i would recommend it you’d get your money worth out of it

Extremely Affordable, Yet Better on Computer. I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and it’s been fantastic having such a massive surplus of manga to read at such a ridiculously affordable price. It sets a benchmark that I hope other manga/comic book distributors follow. My one major issue with the app is that you flat out cannot view manga with mature content on it at all, and you must visit the website to do so, but evidently that is small potatoes and doesn’t effect any major series besides Chainsawman (Chapter 59 is not viewable on there, and no reason for why is provided in the app). Definitely consider getting this if you want easy access to many strong series, both well known and obscure!

There’s a lot to improve on. This would be 5 stars because the chapters and service itself is great. Sadly, the app is not there just yet. Downloads only staying for 7 days is annoying. I also can’t follow or bookmark series I’m reading. This makes reading the huge amount of chapters they’ve made available hard to get to. I have to either search it or sift through series till I find it every time. On top of all this, the app constantly crashes. You never know when just turning a page or searching for a series could close the whole app. I hope that, with time, all my complaints will be fixed, but as of now the content is so good and worth the price yet is just locked behind an inefficient app.

Amazing app at a fantastic price. I’ve been using this app for about a year give or take and it has been a fantastic experience. It’s easy to use, FUN to use, and comes at an amazing price (1.99/ month at the time of this review). I’ve been able to read more manga than I ever have compared to before using this service. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who loves manga because it’s high quality with a small fee. Something I would like to see is the ability to sync the library across multiple devices as I use my phone when I’m away from home, but at home I read on my tablet and I have to pull up my phone when I want to pick up where I left off on my phone.

Really affordable but...... I really like they any one can start reading manga legally, the affordable nature of the app is really it’s core feature but... There’s some things that I think would make the app even better. -better scam quality- even though the quality is better than illegal scans, I think the quality between physical chapters and the ones on the app have a significant gap still, specially with older chapters, I think having perfect scan quality is a must -have to buy volumes of some series- I would love to read HunterX or Onepunchman, but for the price of a digital volume, I much rather prefer waiting to get secondhand physical volumes or just watch the anime adaptations, I don’t know why is it, maybe the fact that hunterX has been hiatus for a lot, and one punch man is not published in the Weekly Jump, I would really like to know.

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Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 5.5.1
Play Store com.viz.wsj
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The applications Shonen Jump Manga & Comics was published in the category Books on 2013-03-21 and was developed by VIZ Media, LLC [Developer ID: 391613369]. This program file size is 44.13 MB. This app has been rated by 157,058 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Shonen Jump Manga & Comics - Books app posted on 2023-05-17 current version is 5.5.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.viz.wsj. Languages supported by the app:

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- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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