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Solitaire by Zynga: The Only Game You Need
• Therapy: Solitaire is a mental escape that is a refreshing stress-reliever.
• Essentials: Solitaire is an essential app that you must have on your phone.
• Anytime: Solitaire is always at the ready – play anytime to relieve boredom and escape.
• Mental Sharpness: Solitaire helps keep you mentally sharp.

Solitaire· App Description & Overview

The applications Solitaire· was published in the category Games on 2013-01-30 and was developed by Zynga Inc.. The file size is 43.47 MB. The current version is 4.5.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Solitaire· Reviews

bubbly bairn

Solitaire  bubbly bairn  5 star

I love the daily challenge Thank you Bubbly bairn


Brilliant  ymee?  5 star

Thoroughly enjoying this new Solo game, quite different and pretty interesting.


To many adds  Assassins82  2 star

Way to many adds


Auto finish  Krya564  4 star

I love this game. The simplicity of it especially. However lately I’ve found it hard to clear away the kings. Also the time it takes to clear all cards once “Auto win” has occurred takes up valuable “best time score” Thank you for this app.


Would  'ee🛸🇹🇬🥢  5 star

And eyou even in era and the reason why tnx a elot we had the best year time every time of m Ziino made as B.B. ais


New update is trash  Bhuge6ty9  1 star

Every time I finish I can either choose to “replay game” or to press “new game” in vain as I pray for a software developer who actually bug tests their published updates. :(


Last update has problems  dee6075  4 star

I was thoroughly enjoying the app. Used it for brain exercise, but after the last update it won’t progress to a new game when you press that function even when you have won the game. It will replay the same game or ads only. Please fix it NOTE; thank you for fixing the problem I am enjoying the game again

Booby One

iPhone X  Booby One  1 star

I have in IPhone X & the adds that run are over the new game button so often I can’t start a new game. Very annoying.


Can’t play a new game  Charmskai  1 star

App stuck on last game. Can’t play new deal can only restart same deal it is stuck on.

Xtina sass

Grr  Xtina sass  1 star

Won’t start a new game!


Eh  qwyzx4638  3 star

Good solitaire app. Pretty easy. A little outdated though. There are better solitaire apps, but there are also worse ones.


FINISHED  dvhkwjsbdkdk  5 star

If you’re at a point where you win no matter what, it gives auto wins.


No such thing as free  willnotsendnegative  1 star

Ads, ads and more ads - loud and obnoxious with all these games.

Fat trick

Hello  Fat trick  5 star



Solitaire  DibsDeb  5 star

Love playing solitaire. Great game.


Good Game  316Greg  5 star

Nice way to kill some time!

Gonna try it out

:(  Gonna try it out  1 star

Can't open


Bugs??  nichole1$  2 star

My problem with this game is I've had it downloaded off and on for well over year. It doesn't take very long and the game freezes or when you get to the end of the game whether you wanted or not you go to push for another game and it freezes up then it brings in all of these different advertisements for other games and it freezes up. Then you've got to take the game Off and re-download it. Incredibly annoying and this is happened to me multiple times that's why I say I've had it downloaded often on for well over a year


Klondike  bxxyzz  4 star

Please add a hint button for the Klondike game. I am far-sighted so I miss some moves.

JJ Miracle

Solitaire  JJ Miracle  5 star

Love it!💝 JJ Miracle


Solitaire  Zavare  5 star

I have loved to play solitaire since I was 5 years old and my dad lovingly taught it to me. Now at the age of 76 and my lovely dad and my dear husband have moved on to our God’s chambers. I have found my self playing it again


Gg  Omcc52  5 star

Good for the mind


SUPER GAME  Baldy51  4 star

Great game to clear the head after a crap day. A++++++++

Mubarak hello

Liking  Mubarak hello  4 star

I very much like this game and having fun playing it.


Super cool  JWMHtheNinja  5 star

This game is great and easy to play


Good  Jvcfyillnnnvcdf  5 star

Really good


Slow  Guguta  3 star

Slow. Slow


Very good, enjoyable  dbestevr  5 star

Very good, enjoyable

Gazza Nolan

Solitaire  Gazza Nolan  4 star

Great game. Never get bored with it.


Great game, has everything you'd want in Solitaire  Karenfitz1  5 star

This is a good solitaire app - includes everything you'd expect and works well. Recommended!


Review  PetePogg  2 star

Flashing ads during game is really irritating


Utter crap  CapeTownKemm  1 star

Really wonder how they get 4.5 stars? Too many ads are a total pain in the backside.. sorry but it’s a huge boo from me!!

Jana Joubert

Solitere  Jana Joubert  5 star

It keeps me busy for long


Solitre game  Sbholile  5 star

It distresses keep your mind sharp


Solitaire  snonhle  5 star

Theme of this game needs a lot of focus


Pam  Pamela646  4 star

Find the ads at the top very irritating

Trevor loves sport

Solitaire  Trevor loves sport  5 star

Lovely game to pass the time ...been playing it for awhile now wife is not to happy ..says I spend too much time on my phone 😂


Me B  Bashnix  5 star

A great time filler

Jean van der Westhuizen

Solitaire  Jean van der Westhuizen  4 star

Most enjoyable. Play it at every opportunity.


Classic  RexAspeling  5 star

Love the game

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