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From the makers of Zynga Poker, we bring you Solitaire by Zynga, the #1 Solitaire card game app in the world! This popular, classic single player card game is also known as Klondike or Patience. With crisp graphics and a straightforward layout, this app is one you do not want to be without.

Popular features of Solitaire include:
• Draw 1 card
• Draw 3 cards
• Unlimited free games
• Tap or drag to move
• Undo feature
• Large or regular card font
• Auto finish a completed game
• Card animations
• Sound on/off
• Personal stats
• Hide time, score, and moves

Apple Watch Features:
• Draw 1 card
• Tap on a card to move
• Undo feature
• Push Game to iPhone
• Supports Handoff
• Personal stats

See what players are saying about Solitaire by Zynga:
• "Very nice app, simple to play. Lots of fun for many hours. Addictive, if you like solitaire."
• "Captivating game. Lots of fun. Really enjoy the game."
• "Easy to play and a lot of fun. Recommended for everyone."
• "Great fun and addictive"
• "Terrific game - so enjoyable and easy to play"
• "Once you start playing it is hard to stop"
• "Best game and for free! Play all the time."
• "Fun can't stop playing!!"
• "Best game out there!"

See for yourself why so many others love this game by Zynga!

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Solitaire· App Description & Overview

The applications Solitaire· was published in the category Games on 2013-01-30 and was developed by Zynga Inc.. The file size is 43.64 MB. The current version is 4.3.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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Solitaire· Reviews


This is the best game  sujshsus  5 star

The best


Way too many ads  AliceMGriffin  1 star

This game would be fun if the ads weren’t so long or would shut down when clicked on, among many other things!


Solitaire  Riaaaa25  5 star

Its a fun game to play when u r bored


Horrible  Apruent  1 star

Just another should be free game reaching out for money through ads. There’s not a single game that is ad free. It’s gotten to the point that even the most basic game will still have 30 second videos after each round that you have to sit through. It’s truly pathetic. By the way, the ads don’t persuade me want to download the crap I’m seeing. In fact, it pushes me away from it.


Controls  AlmightyHulk  2 star

The controls for the game are not the best


Games  Bus141  5 star

Love it!!


Love it but...  Tbrookeyy  4 star

I love playing solitaire. I can play this game for hours. The but in it comes because my battery can be on 100% and after playing for 15 minutes my battery is down to 30%. I have an 8 month old iPhone 7plus and do not have any battery issues except when I play this game. It makes me want to delete the app, despite how much I love the game.


Game  Meela3  3 star

To much advertisement


Solitaire  dev0272  1 star

Game is fine but Ads pop up to often during game extremely annoying

River to River

Just the truth  River to River  1 star

To be honest. This game seriously need a good update!


Great  BlazeyArc  5 star

An enjoyable way to fill in a few moments and a nice break from the stresses of a busy day.

tom(review writer)

It's a great game  tom(review writer)  5 star

It never crashes when your playing


Solitaire  Bebbles4  5 star

Such a very relaxing version of an old favourite top game Regards Beryl


Too many ads  Roykrabb  1 star

Should be available as a ad free game


Solitaire  yvtxnn  3 star

Would prefer another font on the cards

Joseph’s Mac

H  Joseph’s Mac  5 star

The ads piss me off

Super sixty

Solitaire  Super sixty  5 star

I love this game it helps to keep my brain active


Tune up the brain  KLJ AeroSIM  5 star

Great opportunity every morning to trick up the brain and get it thinking straight ahead and from different angles. Love it Nick


Too many ads  Fergiegurl  3 star

I love this game but I can’t stand the ads. I will happily pay for the game to stop them; please make this an option or get rid of the ads


Easy solitaire  Biddibid  5 star

I enjoy the simplicity of a colour based game for fun


People just like to whine  ballssulivan  5 star

Just as easy as solitaire on any other device or real cards. Be smart and use your brain, dumdums.


The beeNkness  Hints10101013562748  5 star

The best app ever


What Happened?  Biocole  1 star

I have played this game forever and all of a sudden, non of the games are winnable. I know that they are not all going to be winnable, but recently, non of them are. I am deleting th app.


Holy advertisements Batman!  pastryflour  2 star

I cannot believe how many ads are in this app. No option to go ad free. It’s excessive. Very disappointing.


Great game  Marksofttail  5 star

No card player but I enjoy this!


Solitaire  Bhobbsie  1 star

It sounded like a fun game that you could win but how are you supposed to win a game if the 4 Kings are in the top deck🤔🤔😡??


Pretty Standard  DieDye  4 star

Basic solitaire with ads.


Awesome  Nhhgdfh  5 star

Anybody else just to get SimCity


Great  jjhij  5 star

Amazing I think


No ads  Shoot35mm  1 star

Too many pop up ads


Gg  Omcc52  5 star

Good for the mind


SUPER GAME  Baldy51  4 star

Great game to clear the head after a crap day. A++++++++

Mubarak hello

Liking  Mubarak hello  4 star

I very much like this game and having fun playing it.


Super cool  JWMHtheNinja  5 star

This game is great and easy to play


Good  Jvcfyillnnnvcdf  5 star

Really good


Slow  Guguta  3 star

Slow. Slow


Very good, enjoyable  dbestevr  5 star

Very good, enjoyable

Gazza Nolan

Solitaire  Gazza Nolan  4 star

Great game. Never get bored with it.


Great game, has everything you'd want in Solitaire  Karenfitz1  5 star

This is a good solitaire app - includes everything you'd expect and works well. Recommended!


MC  Castlek  5 star

It is easy to play. Great game Really enjoyable Hate the adverts across the top though.

Jana Joubert

Solitere  Jana Joubert  5 star

It keeps me busy for long


Solitre game  Sbholile  5 star

It distresses keep your mind sharp


Solitaire  snonhle  5 star

Theme of this game needs a lot of focus


Pam  Pamela646  4 star

Find the ads at the top very irritating

Trevor loves sport

Solitaire  Trevor loves sport  5 star

Lovely game to pass the time ...been playing it for awhile now wife is not to happy ..says I spend too much time on my phone 😂


Me B  Bashnix  5 star

A great time filler

Jean van der Westhuizen

Solitaire  Jean van der Westhuizen  4 star

Most enjoyable. Play it at every opportunity.


Classic  RexAspeling  5 star

Love the game


Great Entertainment  CliveGoodwill  5 star

I play this daily and Love it


Good  heavensssssss  4 star


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