Solitaire· [Games] App Description & Overview

New Game Modes:
• Daily Challenge: Earn crowns and trophies by solving a unique challenge, everyday!
• Special Events: Play previous daily challenges in Special Events
• Easy to Play: Play deals that is at least one winning solution

Classic and simple gameplay with helpful items:
• Customize your Deck and Background!
• Unlimited Undo item to make up for your mistakes
• Use Shuffle when you are stuck
• Use Hint to find out the next move

Addictive card game:
• Auto-save your progress
• Draw 1 or 3 cards
• Play it right or left-handed
• Check your statistics

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- People over exaggerate on the loss rate

One of the reviews said he played this game to get points for another game and after playing 100 games he couldn’t even win one. I don’t know what level he’s playing but I just played this game. Single card and I beat the first game thinking it was going to be hard. It was the easiest game ever and I played a few more just in case and still won. I don’t know if maybe they think they know how to play solitaire or was just wanting to write a bad review but it’s not that hard and I didn’t even need the undo button. You don’t need all the cards on a like from King to Ace. Start putting some cards on the top of the screen. Might make your life easier

- Looking for more backgrounds, EG: Pride :)

Hi! Love the app, have picked it up quite a few times over the years and have had a blast each go. This year I had a deal pop up for the subscription and it was 1000% worth it, in my opinion. That’s caused me to play even more! But I have one qualm now. For an app that prides itself on having been around for over 20 years and having the most downloads, I was shocked to discover there’s no background for Pride month! I know this isn’t a major request, nor something many Straight fans would care to see (and yes, they’ll probably be outraged and upset for no reason as it wouldn’t affect them in any way, but that’s just how Straight, non-ally folks respond to rainbow content in June-only June). But as a queer player, it’s nice to see support from the companies that I spent countless hours supporting and recommending to friends. I’m aware I can upload a background myself. But that’s not the same as something from the developer themselves. I mean, the background for June’s monthly challenges is a soccer field... A rose background was introduced around Valentine’s Day. A small gesture would go a long way. It doesn’t even have to be extravagant! Just a suggestion, that hopefully doesn’t fall on deaf ears. And if so, I’d rather not have to take my business elsewhere, but alas! It’s nice to be supported and recognized just as much as the rest of the world, the rest of the holidays. Thanks! :)

- Challenges are stupid

I really want to like this game but what ruins it is the pointless challenges and ridiculous amount of ads. Every time I play a challenge that requires multiple wins in a row the game does everything it can to make sure that it’s impossible to do unless you feel like playing hand after hand for hours at a time. It’s the worse on the last win you need. It never changes I’ll have one more win and the stupid game refuses to give it to me. That to me is just lazy. Mix it up so it’s not so repetitive and you don’t get the same hands so much. I will constantly recognize hands that I have just beat and they pop up a lot. The worst part of this game are the ads. They’re always the same and a lot of them require you to answer questions and until you do you can’t close them. It’s really annoying especially when you’re trying to beat a hand in a rush and one of these stupid ads with questions pops up and takes time away from the hand. It should be very hard to make a solitaire game frustrating and somehow this game was successful at doing exactly that. I’m gonna try another solitaire app.

- Glitchy and slow

I don’t know what happened or why things changed, but the app has gone down hill in the last few weeks. It is soooo slow and glitchy. It is not as responsive when I click on the deck for a new card or to drag a card to a new spot. It lags and takes an extra 10 seconds. This has sapped so much of the relaxing fun out of the app for me. I love this app when I started playing on a long cross country flight with no shows/good books downloaded. I quickly became a little obsessed with it and it successfully helped me quit my Twitter habit :) Instead if scrolling Twitter before bed or sitting in carline, I would play a few games of solitaire. Sadly with the latest update and horrible lag time/glitches, I find the whole thing more annoying than relaxing. It is so frustrating. Please look into why this happens and try to fix the bugs. I also hate the new menu at the bottom with hints and shuffle buttons. Super annoying and unnecessary. Two months ago I’d have given this 5 stars, but no longer. Please fix it!

- I don’t love the newest app update

I play like three games every night before bed. It’s my way of winding down. But now, instead of just running short, minor ads in between games, there is also a banner that runs at the top while you play. Sometimes they’re animated and distracting. I wish it only had the ads in between games. I really dont like the banner, but I get it if you guys need the money. Also There is now a shuffle/hint option at the bottom of the screen. These are cool features, but I wish there was a way to hide that bottom bar while I play the game (kind of like the how you make the toolbar hide, when not in use, on Macs or Windows). I find the bubbles on the “hints” and “shuffles” remaining to also be distracting. That’s a symptom of living in this modern era of push notifications. I hate those bubbles with numbers in them and I’m the sort of person to clear them as soon as they present. Earlier update was a solid 5 stars. These updates make me give it a 4 now.

- Hints Are Useless

I do like this game & I don't think there are too many ads. I play 3 card draw and I find it challenging but not impossible to win. However, when I've reached a point in the game where I feel it's not win-able I'd like to be able to get confirmation that there are no more moves. If I use a hint, the game will always send me to the deck if there are still cards there, even if none of them can be used. I don't know if I just don't understand the hints correctly or what but I'm quite sure that I've gotten to the point where there are no more useful moves and the hint seems to indicate that I should keep flipping cards. I'd also like to be able to listen to my own music while playing but the ads get in the way of that. Like I said, I don't mind the ads, I even opt to watch the extra ads to earn hints & reshuffles even though I rarely use those options (I've accumulated over 2000 of each) but I'd like to hear my own music while the ads run.

- Vegas Mode is crap

I can play the daily challenges and regular games and have a win rate of about 80% within three deck flips. As soon as you enter Vegas mode the game just throws impossible to win matches at you. Doesn’t matter if you’re on amateur, novice, expert or above. Playing the Vegas mode games I find myself winning maybe 5-10% of the time. Very clearly the developers just want you to lose your points so you have to buy some from the store. Yes I understand that you put up your points to play, but when you can go 15-20 games in amateur in a row with never winning and MAYBE breaking even on a round, you can see how crap Vegas mode is. I’ve also made it through a few full games in Vegas mode where there wasn’t a single move to be done. Make your money from the ads, don’t purposefully cheat players out of hard earned points just to make a quick buck.

- No, screw you.

I’ve had this game for a long time, a few years on a few different devices, and never before have I ever just quit a game due to the sheer obnoxiousness of an ad. It’s a grey bar with a single blinking Mail icon in the center, and if you click it, it takes you to a ridiculous “Congratulations, you’re a winner!” pages. Are you serious? You sold ad space to a pop-up scam? And if you don’t click the ad, the player is forced to see it blinking furiously in the most aggravatingly distraction way possible? This is what you’ve become? Your whole business model is you annoy us or you try to screw us with a scam? No. You wanna screw us? To hell with that. Screw you. *Edit - So you made an app, and you can’t even regulate what ads you play? Pathetic. I’d give you another chance, if I felt for one second that you were being sincere. Thankfully, I deleted the app right before I left my review. Have fun with your business model of aggravating people until they delete your app as well.

- No fun

UPDATE: May 2018: upgraded from 2 to 4 stars Significant improvements since 2017, Most important being reduction in ads impeding play of the game, and improved flow of the actual play. You no longer have to wait a significant period of time and endure a number of obnoxiously loud ads before playing a new game. The win percentage has also increased, Further reducing the percentage of time waiting for ads as opposed to playing the game. The features of this ap are better than other solitaire games are making this a recommendation at this time. If there is a return to a system that appears tvmanipulated to force you into an artificially high number of ad plays, I will delete this ap and downgrade to 1 star. 2017 REVIEW ADS: I have found that my percentage of wins is higher using a standard deck of cards, which to me is suspicious, since when you lose you have to endure another ad before playing another game. That is in addition to the banner ads which can be clicked accidentally. Given how short the actual game is, the percentage of time watching ads is unacceptable, making the game more frustration than fun. TECHNICAL: for the above reasons I have Limited playtime, but I have not had any technical difficulties with the app.

- Get rid of Progressive ad

I have been using this app for a long time. I was great. I don’t have a problem with the banner ads (it’s a free game and ads are inevitable), but this Progressive ad has to go. Unlike banner ads, this Progressive ad is actually on the cards and changes the appearance of the whole app. This is really annoying and can easily be substituted with a video ad in between rounds or a banner ad. The Progressive ad is unnecessary considering there are also banner ads playing as well. Not only is it unnecessarily annoying, it is a stupid ad - have a picture of Flo and a sign saying Progressive is a terrible ad. It doesn’t tell you anything about the product, there is no link to the Progressive website, and no information to hook the customer. All this is compounded by the way the ad changes the appearance of the game in a negative way that actually turns the consumer off of both Progressive and the app. **A banner ad or video ad for Progressive would be a much better substitute** because it would actually deliver information relevant to the consumers, it could have a link to the Progressive website (allowing you to actually generate business), and most importantly it delivers this information in a manner that does not effect the playability of the app or effect the appearance. Please change this. It harms both the playability of the app and Progressive.

- Fun; When it Works

I constantly find myself having to reopen the app because it has glitches out in some way. Sometimes the numbers blend into the cards around it, sometimes a card doesn’t reveal properly, sometimes it just freezes. And then, recently, I experienced a new, more frustrating glitch. I had 2 cards in the deck and 2 unrevealed cards. So, I should’ve only been missing 2 cards; the unrevealed ones. However, there were 3 missing cards. I tried everything to see if I was missing something and even sent photos to friends. But there was simply no way to proceed because 1 card was missing and I couldn’t complete the game without it. So now I’m wondering how many times, when I have to start over, is due to me not making the correct moves and how many times it’s because the game glitched out.

- I don't know what all of the fuss is about...

This is a great, balanced version of solitaire. Sure it has ads, but ads are present in all free games. Instead of whining about not winning, use your head and figure out where you went wrong, problem solve and learn from your mistakes. On a side note (with no disrespect to the devs), I find it baffling that this game is updated as frequently as it is. How many bugs can a game of solitaire have! Despite the fact that the last ten updates or so were bug fixes, I have never experienced a crash or glitch to date, and I will continue to play and enjoy this great game! Whatever you guys are doing in those updates, keep it up!

- Ads Stop my podcasts & audiobooks

I like to play a few games of solitaire and listen to podcasts or audiobooks before going to sleep, but with this game any audio on my phone stops when the ads in between games start, and the podcast or audiobook audio doesn’t restart when the ad ends. I have to quit the game and navigate back to my podcast or audiobook app to restart. The ads themselves don’t even have audio, they just stop my audio player for no reason. None of my other card or game apps do this. It is particularly annoying because you often lose this solitary game pretty much right away, so I am starting new games every few minutes, which leads to a lot of annoying navigation around my phone to restart my audio and get back to the game over and over again. For this reason I’m deleting this app and picking another solitaire app.

- Works fine

To everyone who says the game is rigged: you must not know how to play solitaire. Go get an old fashioned deck of cards and see how many you can win based on pure chance. My average for 3 card draw was about 25% and I know there were pleanty of games I passed up that better players could have won. The trick to this app is you have to press the undo button when you get stuck and find different orders to play your cards so that different cards can be uncovered. With the new update, my old problem with being unable to start a new game was fixed, so I changed my rating from 3 to 5 starts so long as the problem doesn't come back.

- Long Time Player Ready To Leave

This has been my favorite app for years, but the aggressive advertisements make it unplayable. One ad up to 10sec is annoying but I can tolerate that when the app is free. But, trying to close multi layered ads that constantly open a website link or the App Store is aggravating! Or there’s ads that pop in play repeatedly in a loop... And the only successful way I’ve found to get them to stop to restart the Solitaire game itself. Makes we want to throw my phone! Finally, I’d had battery issues the last few weeks and after investigating discovered the App was using 60% of my battery time! WHAT?!! PLEASE go back to reasonable advertising methods or provide an add-free paid App. Otherwise I bet I won’t be the only long time play to leave.

- Continued review from before

Well the App Store doesn’t seem to let me make multiple reviews, but there is always another way 😉. This game is fun. I see reviews on here about not winning, but I think I win more than I loose. At least it feels that way. But the winning feels earned not given. And this is my talking on the phone game. Also, the ads aren’t as intrusive as on other games. For instance, most games have ads that pop up and you can’t cancel until it finishes, after 30 - 45 seconds btw, but not this game. The ads can be canceled after about 10 sec or less. Another thing is the ads are actually something I’m interested in. I’ve clicked on a few, which I never do on other games. ——- Second Review——- Zynga contacted me shortly after my review below with a fix which worked well. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the bug is gone. It isn’t often app developers contact me directly even when I give a negative review, so I’m impressed. Thank you Zynga. ——- Original review—— (Now the new game button just plays adds without a new game ever starting.)

- This game in no scam.

This game is no scam. Sure, it has ads, but what free game doesn’t. Complaining about the app making the ads tricky to close is stupid too. That is a common practice among all apps, and I’m pretty sure it’s not even the apps that design the ads. The game is certainly not rigged, when I first got this I had never played solitaire before, so I wasn’t able to win for a bit. Still, after a few games I got the hang of it and begun to win some games. Now, I win most of the games that I play. If someone wants to complain about how this game is rigged, I think that they just simply are not good at this game and need to stop complaining so much. It’s just a game after all.

- Fantastic!

Great game of Solitaire I play it at random points of time everyday and for the person who wrote a review on November 5th of 2017 you simply are playing wrong or like the other guy from May 24th of this year (2018) said you probably only want to write a bad review. This is my second favorite Solitaire app the old one couldn’t be played with iOS11 or whenever that happened because they stopped updating it which is really unfortunate because there was a coin system and you can buy trophies, different backgrounds, different cars back, and a lot more. I wish they would come back to it and update it it was too much fun...

- 5 stars

I love this game and app for the most part only problem I had that it frozen on a old game I played even I closed the app after I was done I play when I feel like it I almost downloaded a different one didn’t want to though but it works again and was happy about that before I tried to write this review it closed on me and said it needed an update which was a little weird so I’m not sure if this will be posted or not but this is a good game if you’re bored or if you’re on the toilet for awhile I always been good at this game still am I think I got a game done in 30 seconds before it depends on the cards I’ll get some are hard.

- Solitaire

7 February 2018 I feel that this is is the best Solitaire app out there today. I’ve played all of them offered at the Apple Store available. This one allows me to play the aces in the order I prefer them to be placed. Which for me is spades, hearts, clubs and then the diamonds. I don’t know why I prefer it this way but I do. I also appreciate the undo option along the bottom line. Quite handy when I realize I have made a mistake on a play. I can go back and fix it and return again. I do not mind the ads as they are necessary to remain to keep the app free. Thank you, Gayle Brown

- Game is rigged to give unplayable games

I've kept this game for quite a while (maybe 1.5 years) to play during down time at work. If you are going to play in places without any service, like where I work, then this app is great! If you have service, however, your success rate is going to drop. When playing with service and data on, my games typically last 30 seconds before there are no possible plays. Even if I use the undo feature, which is nice to have, most games never last a minute. I have played for awhile so I like to think I am decent at solitaire and can play further but just in my last bout of games, I was able to take less than 10% of the games I played beyond 1 minute. I felt as if I was had similar results this whole last week so I decided to uninstall the app.

- Not all games winnable

I am hella good at solitaire. I used to be able to win games in less than 40 seconds back in high school. I went to find an app that I could play on (a few years later) and came across this one. Keep in mind, not every shuffle comes to a winnable game of solitaire. That’s why playing with a physical deck is often fruitless. Internet is required to generate a shuffle that wins on every other solitaire app I’ve played, though they have a “random shuffle” option for offline play that you may or may not be able to win. This game does not require internet to play normally, except for the ads. Therefore, I conclude that the reason I am losing all of these games has to be because they are random shuffles that aren’t all winnable! This screws up my stats, and it always leaves me questioning if I lost fair and square or if I just had a bad shuffle. Unacceptable.

- Slowing becoming a billboard that seconds as a game.

When I first downloaded this was a good game. Even though some parts of the game don’t respond well when you’re trying to finish the game quickly. I can forgive all that but the ads just kept growing and growing. In the beginning, you only got an ad every other game or so. Now every single time in between games there is an ad. When you click to start a new game there’s an ad. And now even while you’re playing the game there’s an ad! What’s next? Will there be an ad on each card? I recommend completely skipping this app because it is quickly becoming a billboard of a game. Go download the Microsoft solitaire. You get 6 games in one and the only time you get ads are when you want a wild card. Other than that no ads and it’s free.

- Endless adds

I rather pay for the game then get this toxic onslaught of adds every time you start a new game there are two adds you have to exit out of and most of the time the exit doesn’t even work it just redirects you to the App Store then there are three different banners while you are playing the game, which is annoying and finally you have another add that pops up when you get through the full screen adds just before you start the new round. And forget it if you are trying to listen to music while playing this game every time you start a new game your music will stop and you will have to go and reset it. In addition to this if you have music going and then open the app it stops your music. Honestly there are hundreds of solitaire apps in this store I do not recommend anyone uses this one.

- Ads, ads, ads

One of the most well-developed solitaire apps i’ve used, however with one major problem that you probably could’ve guessed by the title: the obnoxious amounts of ads. There’s a constant banner ad at the top of the screen, and you get a full screen ad after every. single. game. I cannot figure out why they can’t just put an option where you pay a one time fee to get no ads. There are also deck/background customization options, which would be nice, were it not for the fact that the only way to use those customization options is to watch a n o t h e r ad. And it goes away again after 5 games. In short, the ads ruin this would-be great app and turn it into a frustrating and terrible experience.

- Reviews didn’t apply

After reading some of the reviews for this game, I was hesitant to even try to play this card game. But, the first time out of the gate I won without any hitches or other problems. I chose an attempt to play and win this game to get more coins to play Crosswords With Friends and I am happy I played it and pleased that I won the coins I needed. I’ll keep this game on my iPad and continue playing it. So, I guess my point in writing this review; just as you wouldn’t take a movie reviewer’s word about seeing a movie and then miss out on a really great film, don’t solely take my good review or any of the other ones about why you shouldn’t play this game and then miss out on a pretty good game like this one. Play it yourself and then make the decision to keep it or not. You may not win the first time, as I did, but I encourage you to give it a fair shot.

- Garbage

This has to be the worst solitaire app I have played. First of all, the cards are shuffled so you can only win about 1 in 20 games. Compared to other apps where you can win every few games, this is unacceptable. Next, THE ADS. My god. I have never seen so many ads in my life. Ads during the game. Ads between every game. Sometimes you will even have multiple ads in between games. If you play other solitaire games you will barely have any ads. Now if you put these two together you get an app where you can barely win, have to suffer ads no matter where you are and most importantly the battery on your phone is getting drained for nothing but frustration. I cannot believe this has such a high review. People who review this must be masochists. That can be the only thing I can think of. STAY AWAY!

- Bugs??

My problem with this game is I've had it downloaded off and on for well over year. It doesn't take very long and the game freezes or when you get to the end of the game whether you wanted or not you go to push for another game and it freezes up then it brings in all of these different advertisements for other games and it freezes up. Then you've got to take the game Off and re-download it. Incredibly annoying and this is happened to me multiple times that's why I say I've had it downloaded often on for well over a year. I re- downloaded this--- now the problem is randomly it switches to the App Store right while you are trying to play the game!!

- Great, but some faults

This app is amazing, I’ve always loved playing Solitaire. I’m surprised at how much time I spend playing this game. But one thing that causes me problems, constantly, is the fact that the app will crash outta nowhere. I’ll be in the middle of a good game and it’ll just completely close itself and take me back to my home screen on my phone. Or when I choose the automatic completion option, it’ll start putting all the cards up for me, but then just freeze in the middle of finishing up and my game won’t even count because I have to close the app. 🤦🏾‍♀️ so overall it’s a great app but those bugs need to be fixed.

- Latest updates are bad

This used to be a very fun game that I really enjoyed. About a month ago it was re-designed with new buttons across the bottom for shuffle, hints, undo and settings. I always play this game with my iPad in landscape mode and now as I built columns of cards, the lower cards in the columns became hidden beneath the ribbon of buttons on the bottom. This forces you to switch to portrait mode to continue. There was a fixed released a few weeks ago and now in landscape mode the cards are so small that they only take up about a quarter of the screen and it is extremely annoying. Like other reviews, this used to be a five star app for me. I hope it gets fixed soon.

- Daily Challenges

I wish they show us if we are unable to solve the daily challenge that this game can be able to show us why we cannot solve the daily challenge . I am having a hard time with the daily challenges dated 5/28, 6/5, 6/6 and 6/11. I have tried everything and I am not able to solve the daily challenges on the dates mentioned above. Is there something in the game that shows us how to solve the daily challenges ? Please advise.

- Changes

The version now doesn’t keep track of your time, scores or number of moves made. When it did it gave you the incentive to try for your best in these categories. You could reset your stats whenever you wanted to try and better your game. Without these features your just playing and you can do that with any solitaire game. It shows that you’re a winner which you already know. Also, the commercials between games are longer so I just clear my screen to get another game without watching and rewatching the same ones over and over. They were approximately 15 seconds and now they are closer to one minute. They’ve added 2 additional replacement shuffles but, again you have to watch another commercial so it’s easier to clear screen and start over. I enjoy playing solitaire but this new version has me trying to find a different format. Very disappointed with new version!!

- Problem since most recent update

Since the most recent update, the app will open, revert to an add, but will NOT start a new game. Each time I try, it simply reverts back to an ad...too bad because I enjoyed playing it. After contact from the developer, I checked to be sure I had the latest version, 4.3.8 and I do. Since I turned my phone completely off then back on a couple times, the app (or phone) seems to have reset and the app is working fine now. I’m really glad because I enjoy it!

- Versatile, engaging and fun

You can change the game dynamics in Settings to create several versions of this classic card game, each with its own challenges. The Daily Challenge is one of my favorite things I do every day. Because this does not require a connection to play, this is one of my go-to time-whiling apps. Rankings on new update are odd. “Royal Retiree”? Am I supposed to quit my job? Or are you saying I play too much and should retire? The ranks are fun but this one’s really bizarre.

- The best app I’ve ever seen!

This is the best game ever! It’s so addicting to me! I play it every day! I never even got more than 5 minutes of finishing! I never seen a game like it! Some people say “ Solitare Cube is the best app!” But I still say : “I don’t care! I love this game, even if it’s a person, place, thing, website or app!” I never really write a long reveiw, I’m just showing how much I love the app! I love the game! I’m so glad someone made this game, because I know a lot of people like this game!

- Like Ads and Losing? This is your solitaire!

Are you looking for a super basic, no frills solitaire? Then look no further. If it was any more plain, you’d think you were playing it on Windows 98. Actually, at least Win98 had a celebration after you won. Options are very limited and customization is none existent. I’ve played solitaire my whole life, and I feel like Zynga purposely sets the games to lose so you have to play again. Also, the ads play before and after every game. It’s frustrating and incredibly annoying. The only reason I keep this game on my phone is in the hopes that Zynga wises up and makes this game more fun, vibrant, and less ad laden, but I’m not holding my breath.

- First try

I won on my first try. I’m really really confused at the whining that it’s unwinnable.... I don’t have experience since high school since apps and even smartphones at all weren’t around in the caveman days.... I’ve now played THREE times and have won each of them. Rather than crying and throwing a tantrum maybe put the energy into using your problem solving skills? I’m so confused that any have found this even a challenge...

- Not Zynga fan but this is not a scam

I played poker before with Zynga but this is not a scam! I was able to play a game and win my first game. It was challenging so definitely not for kids but I hadn’t played solitaire in a couple of years and I still won my fist game. I only played to get rewarded in another game but still, this is not a scam. I did turn my WiFi off while playing like another user suggested so not sure if that made a difference. Also like the auto win feature and undo feature! Easy peasy!

- $52 a year for no ads?! Come on.

I’ve played this game for years but can no longer stomach it due to random music playing when the app is open. I have all of my settings set to mute, but some western sounding song keeps playing despite that. It’s very annoying. As much as I love playing this game, and as annoying the advertisements are, there is no way I'd pay a dollar a week for no ads. That's ridiculous. I also liked the game better about a year ago when you had the option to replay the same game. I liked to try to beat my previous time. Oh well.

- Amazing fun but has a few glitches

I think the game is really fun and had a blast playing the challenge levels. However the game does glitch as some cards will overlap another like for instance on one game I drew a card and the game kept the previous card and I couldn’t play it so I had to shut down the app to fix the problem. P.S In the newest challenge for Tuesday March 26th the 2 of hearts is not in the level rather the 2 of spades is repeated twice making it impossible to beat the level.

- Good but too many ads

I’ve had this game for years and the ads used to be there like most free games. Now the ads come on after every single play and there is an ad while you are playing (like a banner type). So depending on how quick you can win your getting ads every 2-4 minutes which is just so annoying especially because it didn’t used to be like that. I would give the actual game 5 stars because it really is one of the best in terms of game play but the ads are making me consider deleting it.

- What are these updates for??!!

I downloaded this app a long time ago, it used to be good. Updates (or what you always call bug fixes) are supposed to fix or improve the app performance, BUT instead it was making it worse than ever. What zynga was updating, are the ads! Stop this nonsense please and fix the remaining (real) bugs we're not complaining about the ads, anyone who downloads a zynga app will be sure he'll be viewing ads more than playing! I can't start a new game anymore for the last 2 updates, i can only replay the same set again and again, do something useful and fix this!! And stop developing more ads as a bug fix update.

- Sad

This use to be one of my favorite games. That has changed with the latest update. The graphics are slow and jerky, the menu bar at the bottom takes up too much of the screen, and I wish I could turn off the hint and shuffle icons as they are very distracting and I will never use them. I also find the animated ads annoying. I don’t want to listen to Howie Mandel trying to sell me a game, nor do I want to listen to the special effects on some of the other game samples. I would gladly pay a reasonable one time fee to avoid ads altogether, but if you are not going to make that an option at least make the ads less annoying.

- Too many ads

This is a great solitaire game and has been for years. Sometimes I keep the WiFi and the cellar data off and this game works fine. Now, after its latest update, even when there is supposedly no data turned on my iPhone, and I’m still seeing ads. For God’s sake remove the offline ads! Even Windows 3.1 came with a free solitaire! All phones until iPhones and Androids has had free games. I’m gonna give it a 3 star rating in the faith that this outfit will reconsider its customer strategy and hopefully I can keep this game on my iPhone.

- Nice

I love this game because it takes your mind off of bad things. If you go to school it can tack school off your mind. But after homework. Work is a good on if u got fired it can tack your mind off of it. You started a new job you are so scared of some people are excited but you can get your phone or laptop and play the game for a little while. So this is why I like this game because it’s all about your mind strategies.❤️😍👨🏼‍💻👩🏿‍💻

- Good, but WAY too many ads.

I mean the game itself is good. But it’s the excessive amount of ads you’ll see while playing this game. The ads are all 30 second ads you can’t exit early from. In between every single game. There’s even banner ads that are constantly blinking and being obnoxious while you’re playing. How many ads do you need to survive? It can’t be as many as you’re allowing. I ended up deleting the app because it got so annoying.

- What have you done to my ,now ex, favourite game?!

No idea what’s going on but for the last month + the game seemingly closes down and the screen reverts to my STD screen? And yet when I start the game up again it opens to the red screen and I have to sit there whilst it goes through its routine prior to fully opening- then I find its opened to the same position that was there when the*&$#@ game decides for the umteenth time to just”take a time-out”? Ah!well as there seems to be several dozen similar games in the Apple Store, it obviously time for me to try out new waters!! Shame but there it is 😭😩 JohnH 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😊🇬🇧😀☺️

- Solitaire

You took an excellent app for IOS iPad and ruined it with your new excessively LONG and FULL PAGE obtrusive game ads that loop over and over ad nauseam. (Preferred the simple banner AT THE TOP once you got rid of the overly distracting animations. But you weren’t satisfied and now torture me with both formats). Also the so called updates of hints and shuffles are DISTRACTING. I don’t want to watch extra ads to accumulate them. I don’t even want the numbered hints and shuffles. Who asked for that? NOT ME. But to be fair, I tried it. Result: I don’t enjoy this game anymore. Game is more sluggish now - not cool. You USED to have the best Solitaire out there in my opinion. Now it’s just another mediocre app. 1 Star.

- Full of ads and spam! Stay away!!!

I usually don’t write any reviews but I really have to write a review for this app. I have had this app for about 1.5 years, and usually every new game there is a 30 seconds ad which is fair. Recently, this app became full of spyware that I had to immediately remove it. While I was playing a game, it would suddenly open safari and go to random links or go to different apps from App Store to download. It came to a point that I couldn’t even get a handle on it, similar to a virus on the computer spawning tons of pop ups. As soon as I deleted the app, my phone was back to normal. Stay away from this app please!


I’ve played this version of solitaire for years and never had an issue. Sure, there are a ton of ads but that’s not what bothers me. Almost every single day I play now, I can barely get through a game or two before it’s completely unplayable. It freezes constantly. Even after quitting and reopening, it just stops working. I’ve reset my phone, reset the statistics in the game, deleted/redownloaded and nothing fixes it. This is the only app I have any trouble with on my phone. There needs to be an update with some sort of bug fix that remedies this.

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- Last update has problems

I was thoroughly enjoying the app. Used it for brain exercise, but after the last update it won’t progress to a new game when you press that function even when you have won the game. It will replay the same game or ads only. Please fix it NOTE; thank you for fixing the problem I am enjoying the game again

- Playing Solitaire

I love playing It a lot every day. But I have just got a new phone & you have these rolling adds at the top of the screen that drive me crazy. It was bad enough at the bottom of the screen. I think I might have to stop playing it’s just not enjoyable any more. The music is bad enough typing this. Cheers thanks for a chance to tell you.

- Big problem

Having a lot of problems with this game for a couple of weeks now after an update, have just done another update and it is now impossible to play this game. I have played this for a few years now and have always loved it, is there a way to fix this problem?

- Great stuff!

I’ve been playing solitaire since I was naut but a wee lad, just a Johnny to a cobbler, and I stand by my word when I say, ‘This, dear reader, is the finest version I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing!’ From this seasoned veteran, that kind of compliment come with a weight I know you’ll appreciate. With that said, I’ll leave you. Gold day to all, and go warmly into your next creaturely day. - Ana Galban Leon.

- Pity about all the ads

This is a classic game, unfortunately the number and length of advertisements between games turns me off. I appreciate the developer needs to generate revenue however, intelligent and interesting advertisements would be more effective in communicating with users of solitaire

- Auto finish

I love this game. The simplicity of it especially. However lately I’ve found it hard to clear away the kings. Also the time it takes to clear all cards once “Auto win” has occurred takes up valuable “best time score” Thank you for this app.

- Would

And eyou even in era and the reason why tnx a elot we had the best year time every time of m Ziino made as B.B. ais

- Battery drain

I found recently while playing this great game that it drains your battery really fast 10% in 10 minutes. Could you please do something to fix this issue. Cheers

- Good game - but play it on airplane mode

I loved this until the ads became unskippable and shown at every single opportunity. Sure, show me an ad so I can get more shuffles, that’s fine, but for an unskippable and lengthy ad to be shown whenever a new game starts is too much. I’m debating switching, but I haven’t cause I do enjoy it— just on airplane mode.

- Great Time Waster

When your in a bar all alone solitaire stops men from hassling you because it gives the impression that you are busy and don't want to be pestered!!!!

- Keeps freezing.

This version keeps freezing on me whether I’m connected to my wifi internet or in public. Absolutely sick of waiting for it to unfreeze. Am going to download another companies version and if I still have glitches such as freezing will come back and write a new review taking back what I’ve said. But I think by other comments, it’s this game.

- Sound issue.

Please allow for the sound effects to be turned off as I am unable to enjoy the app whilst listening to background music/podcasts as I have been able to previously.

- Tune up the brain

Great opportunity every morning to trick up the brain and get it thinking straight ahead and from different angles. Love it Nick

- Disappointed

When it would re load a new game one of the ads would put up a blank white screen and I couldn’t get off that screen. I deleted the app twice and re loaded it and it keeps happening. I’m done!

- Rubbish!!

Complete rubbish. Not only are you forced to watch endless ads but I'm sure the game's algorithm is such that it's almost impossible to win any game, so you have to click on new game constantly (always ending up with no moves) and that is how they make their money. Installed it then very quickly uninstalled. Utter garbage

- Pop up ads kill the game

After the last update, the pop ups between the games won’t let you refresh to a new game It freezes the game so you have to shut it down and start again - candy crush pop up is the worse offender

- It's a great game

It never crashes when your playing

- Jeannieh

Find it hard to concentrate on this version. Can't use landscape and cards move so quickly it is easy to miss a move. Game itself is good though

- Shame

The game plays well. Shame you get scam ads saying “google user you have won a major prize”. Probably not the developers fault but it is a bit sour all the same

- Too many ads

I love this game but I can’t stand the ads. I will happily pay for the game to stop them; please make this an option or get rid of the ads

- Was good but not now

The latest update looks really cheap and tacky, and I’m not happy that it still uses data / plays ads, even though I turned off the data access in my iphone settings. Seems a bit sneaky and scammy. Deleted.

- Easy solitaire

I enjoy the game as the play is smooth and quick. Good colour in the game

- Great

An enjoyable way to fill in a few moments and a nice break from the stresses of a busy day.

- Clue button

Clue button would be good. Otherwise great. Thank you.

- Solitaire

Playing on this site has become pain , ,every time I want to shuffle ,,or a new game I have to watch one or two adds some 30 seconds long ,it is nearly 50 % of the time while using the site

- Game

This game is so good I love it the first time I used it I recommend others play it🌈😄😍🥰

- Too many adds & some as long as 30 seconds

Too many adds

- Good app now rubbish

This was a good game but now it's gone to a small screen presentation and it's now not a nice game to play. My partner has experienced the same and we both agree it has spoiled our experiences. We will move on to another app

- Brilliant

Thoroughly enjoying this new Solo game, quite different and pretty interesting.

- Solitaire

I love this game it helps to keep my brain active

- Solitaire

Would prefer another font on the cards

- Update

I miss the ability to deal from the winner screen by tapping the deck. Please bring this back?

- Update January 2020

Since the update the game is constantly crashing. I tried emailing feedback but after that crashing about 20 times I gave up. I love playing solitaire as a relaxation.

- H

Should be a version with no adds

- Too many ads that stop new games


- Update

This app has been very useless since the update it drops out,freezes and does a lot of different things (useless)

- Solitaire

I love the daily challenge Thank you Bubbly bairn

- Solitaire

Such a very relaxing version of an old favourite top game Regards Beryl

- New update is trash

Every time I finish I can either choose to “replay game” or to press “new game” in vain as I pray for a software developer who actually bug tests their published updates. :(

- Update Fail

Unplayable. The recent update reduced this app to an ugly, slow, jerky, bloated mess that I would not accept from my remedial software development students. I will not grace this with a grade. Do it again.

- Intrusive ads

Unbearable intrusions with loud ads that you can't stop for several seconds

- Sooo many ads

Flashing, attention seeking ads when you just want to stop for five minutes. Very annoying

- Great!!

Love it when I am stressed! It makes me calm!

- Just want to play

Far too many adds

- It’s okay

Good game love the set out just way to many ads

- iPhone X

I have in IPhone X & the adds that run are over the new game button so often I can’t start a new game. Very annoying.

- Game

The game is hopeless it won’t do the shuffle on request I’ll have to tell all my friends not to get it if it’s not improved

- Can’t play a new game

App stuck on last game. Can’t play new deal can only restart same deal it is stuck on.

- Great game

Challenging, fun easy to use cheers

- Advertising

Too much advertising

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- Do not like the commercial for other games.

Why does this not send.

- Played for a long time. Just deleted.

After enjoying your game for some time I finally had to delete your app. After the last update I was forced to watch 30 second ads with no way to remove them. The relaxing atmosphere of the game has been ruined. It was fun but buh bye now.

- Glitch

The game constantly gives me hands that ive already played and finished. When I select new deal it will still give a game ive already played. Very annoying

- Solitaire

C’est un très bon jeu.

- Solitaire

Beaucoup trop de publicités!

- Good

Ok game, only just started playing

- Awesome


- Solitaire

I love solitar. I used to play it by cards but now I use the game and it is awesome.

- Nice game

Basic and better than the cheesy ones.

- Zynga Solitaire

Constant repetitive pop-ups with every deal. Pop-ups are one thing, but how many times do you have to cancel the same one? If I wasn’t interested the first time, what makes them think I’ll change my mind after each and every deal, one after another, on the same day?

- No longer works

For the last 2 days, the game no longer works, the past week, it’s only worked for a few games, then frozen. Your bug fixes have made the game worse

- New update crashes

Crashes when I open it. This is only with the new update. Please fix

- Cutting out

Since the last up date this cuts out after about 30 seconds of playing

- Crashes

Updated Jan 2, 2021. Now app crashes and takes forever to start. Also card backs keep popping up and is very distracting

- Trash

Worst game ever every time I try playing it kicks me out and says error found not to mention the garbage ads


CONGRATULATIONS!! A FIX is needed as when playing game, IT CRASHES AND RESTARTS. What kind of FIXES are you doing to games that did not need a fix?? Is it infected with COVID 19?? Or maybe throwing a TANTRUM like TRUMP?

- Ads and a Scarily Comprehensive Contract

So Zynga owns this now. I can tell, what with the non-skippable ads, the giant agreement you sign, that includes them straight up owning whatever content you create that involves any of their apps. (I wonder what they’d do to negative reviews?) The porn ad was def. the last straw.

- Remove ads

I will literally pay to remove all ads. They’re really annoying and I hate playing because I have to watch so many ads. Please make a way to remove them

- Unwinnable games since update

Not sure if this is by design or bad deck being dealt, but I’ve came across many unwinnable games since update. Ads make the game almost unplayable as well.

- Bcp trop de fenêtres intempestives!

Peut-être pas d’achats intégrés mais c’est tout comme! De nombreuses fenêtres intempestives (pop-up windows) avant chaque partie. Et un icône qui flash et saute à chaque 10 secondes en bas de l’écran pour nous inciter à jouer à un autre jeu. Rien de relaxant dans ça!!!!!

- Enough these adds

These adds are so bad... this is very annoying!!

- Lol


- Gg

I downloading this for game guardian

- Solitaire

Your recent upgrades have made this game quite bad and the increased advertising along with the complete change in the success rate . I do not want the game to be too easy but since the last upgrade it has become almost unplayable . I may completely switch to another source !

- Porn

To much porn ads

- oop

was only forced to download this from an add haha

- Update made it worse

The game was great until the last update, when it became a Zynga game. Now the app drains my battery like crazy, and my phone actually gets hot after just one short game.

- Great pasrime

Great pastor

- It’s ok

Can play even offline Good on those long flight to have Damn tons of ads everywhere, that’s why 3 stars down

- Review

Can’t stand your constant advertising! And especially lasting so long. I enjoy the game but may stop and fine something else cause this drives me mad!

- Lots of fun

Great game!

- Too many ads!!


- Good

It’s good

- Dave6324

Great game

- Super

Ça passe je temps.

- Carte

Je me décourage jdecourage ac st long chaque brasse y a un ti jeu je trouve ça plate

- Awesome


- Too much time watching ads!

Good game. I like everything anout it except for the amount of time watching ads proportionately yo yhe amount actually plsying ghe gane is waaayyyy to high! Expect to spend 20 to 25% of your time watching ads!

- Yeah12345

Ads too long

- abc

Very good

- So many ads

The game is fine, but there are so many loooong ads for other games. My patience is wearing thin.

- Good time waster

Fun to play.

- Tppmany ads

Weird so many ads between games.

- No good since update

Now long ads. I paid for subscription so there is no ads. Look for another app.

- Solitaire


- Solitaire

The only thing I hate are the commercials for other games that are so noisy

- Best game ever

Very enjoyable easy to play

- Paid but still getting crap game adverts.

Paid but still getting crap game adverts and now the corrupt pos are trying to force me to pay again on my updated phone.

- Solitaire

Awesome game! Never any issues playing this game. Thanks

- To many Adds!

To many adds. To many ‘watch this’ for two hints! Many other FREE solitaire games around. May switch and try another truly free one

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trent england

another review of my play, which has two more performances (online) this weekend 🛸


@syauqi_89 solitaire & mine sweeper la.legend


@LudwigAhgren I love solitaire

Anne Betenson

Check out what I found. Vintage SMT Solo Scamatra Swedish Black and White Solitaire Game via @eBay_UK

Peder Grande

@JimmyBroadbent Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Spider Solitaire, 3D Space Pinball ?

Wilnir Louis

Seton Hall playing 4k outer space solitaire 👁 stay woke


@ik_tolu Your playing yourself like solitaire

Gary Boutell

@DEFendFURiously Occasionally, but never trust someone who cheats at solitaire.


Real cards solitaire. HOLY SHIT FUCK


Somebody Kill Me - The Wedding Singer (4/6) Movie CLIP (1998) HD via @YouTube. HIS NOT SERIOUS KILLING IS A METAPHOR HIS just a introvert expelling his PENT OUT EMOTIONS OF MENTAL SOLIARY SOLITAIRE IS A FUN GAME YES A GAME I AM THAT OLD


i take it back im vibing so hard at work rn they got the doors open and im playin solitaire chilling as fuck rn

Shoutout Company

Angara – Solitaire Oval Ruby and Diamond Promise Ring #promiseringsforher

merty ⁷ is tying...

if i ever twitch stream it’s going to be quesadillas and solitaire


@SuperBobb Martinelli and Pepe playing solitaire on the bench I’m sick to my stomach SuperBobb

FK’s Warrior

So I am here playing spider solitaire waiting for this woman to finish watching her match and have my time 😒

Solitaire· 9.2.0 Screenshots & Images

Solitaire· iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Solitaire· iphone images
Solitaire· iphone images
Solitaire· iphone images
Solitaire· iphone images
Solitaire· iphone images
Solitaire· iphone images
Solitaire· iphone images

Solitaire· (Version 9.2.0) Install & Download

The applications Solitaire· was published in the category Games on 2013-01-30 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 286.06 MB. Solitaire· - Games app posted on 2021-02-12 current version is 9.2.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kathleenOswald.solitaire

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