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Why settle for an ordinary horoscope when you can have access to authentic Vedic astrologers from Nepal? With the free Yodha app, there are no visits and no calls. Ask Real astrologers anything you want!

With the free Yodha app, you’ll enjoy:

- Immediate access to your personal astrologer on the go, anytime, anywhere
- Ease of use - your answer is just a click away
- Free daily, weekly horoscopes and predictions for special events
- Special gifts and promotional bonuses
- Quality, professional customer service

How does it work?

- Create a profile with your birth details
- Ask a question
- An astrologer will read your birth chart and make a prediction
- Receive a personal reading based on the ancient knowledge

What to ask?

Ongoing changes in the positions of planets and other celestial objects of the universe affect major aspects of your life. Ask what you are interested in to know. Be it about your love, relationship, compatibility…

- When and where will I fall in love and get married?
- Does the one I love love me back? I want to know my relationship compatibility
- Is my Ex love still in love with me? Will my Ex and I get back together?
- Is he playing with my heart? What is my love compatibility prediction?

Your daily life, activities and decisions to be made…

- What is going to happen in my life today? How should I prepare?
- Am I going to pass my math exam test tomorrow?
- Should I buy that house in Palo Alto? What is the best place to live according to my birth chart?
- Today I am visiting my parents. What's in store for me at this meeting?
- How can I plan for the upcoming workday so that it goes as smoothly as possible?

Purpose in life, wellness, horoscope and more…

- I'm having a hard time figuring out my purpose in life. Do you have an idea of a direction I should go?
- What is my Vedic zodiac sign? Because I've heard it is different in Vedic astrology.
- Is my horoscope sign always correct about my personality? I act more like a different zodiac sign! Is this normal?
- I want to change everything about my life right now. Where should I start?

Vedic astrology has been around for centuries and is extremely popular in modern India and Nepal. It is the time-honored, traditional astrological art of ancient culture and has been continually developed and refined since primordial times. It is based upon an in-depth analysis of your birth and astronomical data.

Today, Vedic astrology is an integral discipline of study related to medicine and history in many Nepalese and Indian Universities. Vedic comes from the word "Veda", which means "knowledge". The Vedas are the oldest and most significant scriptures in Hindu spirituality, documented by ancient seers called Rishis. The Vedas tap into the mechanics of creation and are daily used in contemplation and deep meditation. Vedic astrology is also called Jyotish, which means "eye (or light) of nature".

Vedic astrologers do a deep analysis of person's time cycles related to the zodiac which can help them to predict problems before they arise. Vedic astrology is never fatalistic in nature. It merely warns and suggests positive ways how to avoid problems by making life changes. The ongoing guidance of a Vedic astrologer can be indispensable.

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The applications Yodha Love Astrology Horoscope Vs Daily Horoscopes was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-08-11 and was developed by Love Astrology and Horoscope Compatibility by Yodha Nepalese Vedic Center Ltd. The file size is 10.73 MB. The current version is 6.4.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Yodha Love Astrology Horoscope Vs Daily Horoscopes Reviews


Too Vague  bluewind1412  2 star

Answers don’t make sense and are way too general. My last question wasn’t even actually answered they just told me some other stuff I figured they would want me to hear. Skip this app.

Iami Nice

Purchase/accuracy  Iami Nice  2 star

Through the App Store it says purchase was successful, but on the Yodha app it still says not paid. Yodha is hit or miss with accuracy and gives too much of a broad description of events instead of more detailed facts.


Great astrology very precise.  Frrenchgoddezz  5 star

Gives great advice I love it just wish u got a few more questions for the 5.99 thanks enjoy everyone jolie

Instagram lovejunkies

Good  Instagram lovejunkies  4 star

I only which the was more question space. Sometimes they ask for more Information which could have been given the first time if it was abut more space.


So sweet & comforting  Hflawless  5 star

I really love how much they write to you!! They really want to help and they are such sweet guys. They will even credit you back a free question so you can give them more information about a person you're asking about (had to tell them my boyfriend's birthday). They predicted some beautiful things for my future so let's see if they are right!! Very hopeful - will come back and review once I see things have happened that they predicted


It’s true  CloeSparklez  5 star

I looked back on this app and looked at the question I asked. Sadly I wasted the question about a boy. He told me the boy I liked wasn’t looking at me as a love interest and it was true, he ended up with a girlfriend soon after my question and I decided to lose touch with him because I really liked him. Oh well. Young love don’t last forever.

Lou Cap AZ

Accurate, Fast and Helpful  Lou Cap AZ  5 star

Get this app!


Great app and quality astrologers  chlojo4  5 star

I go to this app usually when I’m feeling lost and every single time the astrologer’s answer is comforting and just what I need to hear. Whether it’s true or not (which I like to believe it is) it’s always reassuring. Their answers are thoughtful and meaningful, which I appreciate. I definitely would recommend this app to anyone who’s feeling lost, or even curious to learn more about yourself!


Very amazing  UpholdSCB  5 star

Pretty awesome excited to see how my prediction plays out. Has insightful and intuitive information you wouldn't want to pass up.


Great app  jldrake136  5 star

He took the time to get a lot of necessary information to give me a very insightful answer. Highly recommend.

Sexy me 123

It's a good app  Sexy me 123  5 star

I like it

One Strong PT

Unexpected quality  One Strong PT  5 star

I didn't expect an app to deliver such a thorough and detailed reading. Mine was career orientated and accurate. Thank you team at Yodha


♒️  Caity2121  5 star

Was super skeptical at first but honestly can say that what the yodha astrologer had to say was spot on!!! Definately will be using this app again :)


Perfect  Priya1997  5 star

The app is perfect and it is really interesting.... The predictions are interesting and are effective.... Their service is excellent


Awesome  BOO DARKNESS  5 star

Very informative and quick responses.


Awesome!  sandeex3  5 star

Insightful and VERY precise in their readings. Wasn’t happy with my answer though due making me very anxious towards my future plans because it could result in ending badly but nothing always works out. Still think this app deserves 5 stars though, well done!


Accurate  Me.Giver  5 star

This app is amazing and accurate too. I would like to recommend everyone to download this. Thanks

Not an excuse

Highly recommend ✨  Not an excuse  5 star

I stumbled across this app when I was trying to look for horoscope app's and I'm so happy I did! Very prompt with replying and what they said was accurate - both past and present information. What I was told (specific about career) gave me ease and was reassuring as my thoughts were similar but it's always nice to hear it from a higher source and with information to back it up! Give it a go, you may be surprised! I know I was ☺️👍🏼

Lizy loo

Really accurate  Lizy loo  5 star

This app is great and had me quite entertained


Wow!!!  Aneenja1  5 star

Accurate and very detailed !!! Highly recommend - thank you


Love it  Twinklemarystars  5 star

Love it so helpful 😍😍

alisha endre

First reading was great  alisha endre  5 star

Can't wait to try more!


Good stuff  Awesomeradar  5 star

I've always been hesitant about this kind of stuff but it really help clear my mind...thumbs up!


I love it  Robinadeleee  5 star

Amazing. Just pure amazing.


Informative reading  Thekilojohnson  4 star

It was a useful reading. Seems to be accurate since it told me something about my past that was correct although I asked about something in the future. Will ask more questions since this one was free.


Good  DiDeTu  4 star

Original review: I downloaded this app and used the free question today, they gave me an answer within half an hour, which is great! Fortunately, the prediction was exactly what I wished it would happen. Now, I cannot tell the accuracy, I would have to wait a few months to tell if it was accurate or not. I'll get back with an updated review as soon as anything has changed in my life, according to their prediction. At the end of their answer, they told me the year 2012-2013 have been very difficult for me. Well, that wasn't very accurate, my most difficult years for me have been 2014-2015-2016. So, I'm not sure what to say, I'll see what's going to happen. Update, half year later: They clearly see the planets’ influence in our lives, but questions that require exact answers don’t work. My marriage have been going down for the past 10 months. 8 month ago, desperate for some answers and some advice, I started asking questions about my situation. The prediction was always good and always the same. They gave my marriage 3 chances to get better, in three different months, kind of if I miss the first chance, it’ll happen the second time and if I miss it the second, it’ll happen the third time. I waited, I hoped for each of those chances. Well, all three chances passed and I’m on my way to a divorce lawyer. My marriage has been going down constantly. A week ago, after my last chance expired and after I decided I should, finally, divorce, I asked another question if they see separation/divorce soon. They said yes, in October....this month. In September my husband was supposed to love and understand me and be sorry for what he’s done....and treat me like a princess, and in October we’re divorcing and arguing constantly. 🙁. Oh well! They can see the influences, but they can’t tell for sure if those influences were strong enough to actually make it happen. I’m saying this because each of those 3 chances I was talking about, brought him a bit closer to me, but in a week or so, the marriage bounced back to be bad. So, the second energy had a much stronger influence in his life. With all this said, I still like the app, it’s fun and I’m sure in certain circumstances can be very accurate.

This is me the one and only

Probably BS but  This is me the one and only  5 star

So yeah, I'm aware this is probably fake, but it's still pretty interesting and very well done


Fantastic  Asgbhjufvkl  5 star

They are very nice, honest and generally care! Thank you for your services! Highly recommend


:)  v🔫  5 star

nice app:)


Awesome  Solmi12  5 star

Great app! Explains the whole process very well with the conclusions that come up!

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