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CloudApp makes image and file sharing on iOS devices a more enjoyable experience. CloudApp finds the balance between convenience, functionality, and charm — traits that are not normally associated with file sharing.

CloudApp supports iOS Share extensions, so you’ll see Send to CloudApp links when working with Contacts, Maps, etc. and opening everything from Mail Attachments to PDFs.

-Upload your images, videos and text effortlessly.
-Select one photo or several.
-Upload as a grouped ZIP archive, or individually with optional compressing prior to upload to keep file sizes small.
-Manage files more efficiently or filter by type.
-CloudApp sorts your files by date uploaded, showing your latest files (and their views) at a glance.
-Tap through, to preview files.
-CloudApp will even open the contents of ZIP files.
-Contextually-relevant statistics (file size, image dimensions, word count, duration and more) are displayed based on the current document to eliminate clutter.
-Customized thumbnail view, for images, that makes it easy to scan and flick through your photos.
-Sharing via email, Facebook, and Twitter is straightforward and seamless.
-Restore items from previously deleted drops.
-Add file from apps that support document interaction ("open in..").
-Even mundane operations like renaming files are made enjoyable on the iPhone with CloudApp.
-And much much more!

CloudApp Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications CloudApp Mobile was published in the category Productivity on 2013-02-13 and was developed by Linebreak. The file size is 14.33 MB. The current version is 1.2.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixed a crashing bug on the Share Extension

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needs a huge update  folkfan227  1 star

i think they forgot about this app years ago. the design and layout is much too narrow and small. audio files stop playing when phone locks. slide options make for clumsy mistakes. takes a long time to refresh. can not upload or save different file types and instead just makes a link to a text file. lol guys put some work into this app! thanks :]

Calling better Business Bureau

Want a refund  Calling better Business Bureau  1 star

Buy the app and then you can not use it cause you have to pay monthly fee.


Wasted money  smoker1384  1 star

Google drive does the same for free don't wast your time o money

Jay Sit

Works, requires CloudApp account, slow and buggy  Jay Sit  5 star

Other reviewers seem not to realize that yes, you need a CloudApp account to use this, and CloudApp is a subscription service. This is not a scam or a rip-off. If this were a good app, it would be worth $2 or more, but unfortunately it's slow to download previews of your files/media, and the UI is kinda buggy. I would give this two stars but am giving it 5 to offset the other reviews and because it is the only CloudApp app being actively developed.


I love CL.LY, but hate this app  @jakedowns  1 star

it's so slow

The surfer Lyft driver

Dont download it  The surfer Lyft driver  1 star

I am trying to figure it out what actually this app does to improve my life. Ive thrown $2 away.

Kimberly k pa

Worst ever  Kimberly k pa  1 star

Wish I could give a negative star. Wish I would have read the reviews. Horrible horrible app. Don't waste your $2 to download it


Terrible App  K3r33  1 star

Does nothing! I'd like my refund please! This app deserves a negative star rating


Do not pay for download  azmyth357  1 star

App is $1.99 just to download (free version). Then you have monthly options for purchase starting at $8.00. This is very misleading, and very inconvenient. You must then send a request for account deletion if not satisfied. I truly hope I get a refund.


I want a refund  Fhhdrkllczarf  1 star

This this is pathetic worthless piece of crap dont dwnload this guys it does nothing


Anna anvvnan 3 star

CloudApp Mobile Productivity Utilities | iPhone App |592725830|... #


#mendesarmy luvsshawnmendes 3 star

@luvsshawnmendes: HEY can you all please help voting for Shawn by pressing the link & do what's shown in these pictures? ❤️ LINK: https…


Lily lilyhuj 3 star

@marac00per: CloudApp Mobile Productivity Utilities | iPhone App |592725830|... #iphone #productivity #utilities


This app is a pile of 💩!!!!!  Usualsuspect04  1 star

Who the heck are these dumass developers?


Really guys?!?!  DJjoeyD1167  4 star

It takes all of a few seconds to realize that this is not an iCloud app LOL Not trying to troll or put anyone down but come on guys be a little bit wiser and smarter! I too for all of a few mins thought this was the official iCloud app but once I actually activated my iCloud app in my settings, you can tell that they are two totally different apps of cloud storage services! Smh! People have to be smarter than that!


Can't login  Dnomonkey  1 star

Multiple reviewers having trouble signing in. I also can not sign in. Log in just shakes and doesn't open app. Get with it apple. Your slacking.


Wow. Another Apple FAIL.  jsp370  1 star

Can't even log in. Apple, stop this arrogance, hire some people who aren't so douc hey, and put out products that work. Stand behind your products we've invested our lives into. Have some integrity because at this point, you're scum. You take our money, then some more, and hide behind your attorneys.


Don't waste your time!!!  mglg35  1 star

THIS IN NOT AN APPLE APP, I downloaded app and created account but It doesn't let me log in. Apple needs to remove this suspicious APP.


Cannot access after creating an account!  robboll  1 star

What a waste of time!

Forgetting in Paradise

What is this, malware?  Forgetting in Paradise  1 star

Why doesn't logging in work? Is this a phishing scam?


Cannot login  RUSerioussss  1 star

I can't even log into the account.....nuf said.....


Doh!  Rayannsmomma  1 star

Can't login either. Just a shivering screen on each login attempt. Great app Apple. Geesh


Not an iCloud product - confusion  BriSizzle  5 star

Ignore most of the negative reviews. These appear to be from people who think they'll be able to sign in with their iCloud info. This is an app by a completely different company and you'll need to create an account with them - not Apple - to be able to log in.

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