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Chase Mobile Checkout [Business] App Description & Overview

What is chase mobile checkout app? Accept credit cards for your business with your iPhone.

With a merchant services account and card reader from Chase and an iPhone, use Chase Mobile Checkout to accept payments on-the-go, virtually anywhere in the U.S., at any time.

Extend Your Business

• Be ready to take your customers’ payments when and where they are located.
• Take your business with you. Be able to process payments when you are away from your business, computer or credit card terminal.
• Allow additional employees to accept credit card payments on their iPhone.

Streamline Your Business

• Create a product catalog for easy checkout.
• Live, U.S. based, 24/7 telephone customer support.
• Have one payment processing relationship: Single statement, centralized reporting and one number to call for any issues.
• Customize your employees’ access.

Make It Easy For Your Customers

• Conduct faster transactions. If your customers are waiting in line, add an additional payment acceptance terminal with your iPhone.
• Bring the transaction to your customer. Allow your customers to pay anywhere in your store. Allow customers to pay for deliveries at the time of receipt.
• Send customers’ electronic receipts via email or text.

Help Protect Your Customers and Your Business

• Credit card information is encrypted at the time of the card swipe or insertion and during transmission and processing.
• Geo-location features allow you to determine the location of the transaction, which helps with dispute settlement. Location map is printed on receipt.

Take Your Business With You

• Easier reconciliation. View information about your Chase merchant services account from your iPhone.
• Search for individual transactions and review account activity.
• Process refunds and voids.

To process transactions, you must have a merchant services account with Chase, install the Chase Mobile Checkout app on your mobile device and use a mobile card reader from Chase. In order to pair your mobile device with the reader, it must meet minimum requirements of iOS 10.0 and Bluetooth® 4.0. Businesses are required to complete an application and agree to terms and conditions at the time of enrollment. All businesses are subject to credit approval. Merchant services are provided by Paymentech, LLC (“Chase”), a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

There is no charge to download this app, but depending on your merchant service account terms, there may be charges associated with the purchase and shipment of the card reader. When using the app, message and data rates may apply. Such charges include, but are not limited to, those from your communications service provider. In addition, all applicable processing fees outlined in the merchant services contract with Chase will be assessed for all transactions initiated through the app.

Transaction processing may be interrupted for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or Internet provider, technology failures, and system capacity limitations.

iPhone® is a registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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How to contact Chase Mobile Checkout (JPMorgan Chase & Co.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Chase Mobile Checkout. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Chase Mobile Checkout Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Chase Mobile Checkout Version 4.2.202 December 2021

• Addressed issue experienced while loading the catalog editor • Improved date-range selection in Sales Activity • Bug fixes and security enhancements • Changed business reporting experience as we transition to simple and convenient account management.

Chase Mobile Checkout Version 4.2.110 November 2021

• Bug fixes and security enhancements • Changed business reporting experience as we transition to simple and convenient account management.

Chase Mobile Checkout Version 4.108 July 2020

• Bug fixes and security enhancements • Improved support for existing and future mPOS hardware.

Chase Mobile Checkout Comments & Reviews 2022

- Mobile App

It’s cumbersome unlike other Chase products. It needs some. work because it wanted my time

- Too outdated and inconvenient.

Chase has the best card processing rates I’ve found so far. But these savings do have a catch. Their online point of sale and app are severely outdated and inconvenient to use. Between the two I much prefer the online experience. It’s barebones and does get the job done. The app, however, is so frustratingly ugly and old I will not use it. Most people these days use Face ID, their fingerprint, or apps to save an original and secure password. You are unable to use Face ID, a fingerprint, or paste your password from a password vault. My guess is most people will create a more simple password to remember for convenience. Aesthetically the app looks like it was designed for the original iPhone. The app is not updated for current displays and uses a very old style keyboard. This is a concern. If the app looks this old and lacks this many features I’m worried about the app’s security. Use at your own risk.

- AVOID chase - ready to become an almost ex chase customer

So I got an offer to open a savings and checking account with chase. I already have a credit card with them. All started off well being pretty easy to open the accounts. The problem came when trying to fund the account. They kept rejecting it (from my other verified account) and locking everything I had with them. Kept happening even after calling in multiple times. It’s like they don’t want customers. Writing this while on hold to close the savings and checking. Next will be the credit card. HELLO Capital One (hope they will be better than chase was)

- Don’t.

Probably the most primitive , old fashion bugged app in the history of checkout. Not only do you have to change password every time , Every version that updates on smartphones need the app to stand its requirements- this app had not been updated in the last 7 months! I own 3 mobile checkout devices and am not able to use any of them for two weeks now . The decision to use this merchant services had greatly damaged my business and i have one advice for you guys. Just don’t. Go and use square, they charge a few penny’s more a month but they will never disappoint you :).

- It’s fine

I have had only occasional problems logging in but for the most part it’s worked fine . I login at the beginning of the day Sono have to do that in front of customers and it stays logged in the whole day. The times I called customer support for issues they were resolved quickly. I generally recommend to Peers

- Not using it anymore.

I hated using this app because I always had to change my password, and they didn’t allow past ones or a thumbprint, so logging in was a pain, especially when I had to do a fast transaction. The card reader rarely connected and was glitchy, so I just typed in the card number. Not using them at all anymore though due to their fee hike.

- Keeps rebooting

Every few days the app keeps rebooting and I need to remember to sync the card reader, otherwise I end up punching the card numbers and pay more for the transaction. When I called to complain they completely ignored me stating that they never heard about this issue and since I am the only one they have nothing to do.

- Fairly decent app

One Major thing this app needs is to accept Fingerprint login. Customers are always looking at my screen while I type in the password. I have not really experienced an other issues then that.

- Decent

Works most of the time. Logging in is incredibly clunky. It needs to support Touch ID but even if it would work with password managers I could deal with it but it’s just so hard to login it takes 5 minutes just to set it up while my customer is waiting.

- Glitchy

App closes itself if a card sale doesn’t go through for any reason. You then have to restart the whole app. Why not just take you to a screen that says declined? It’s so much harder to go back and figure out what happened in the transaction.

- Chase is great, developers of this app not so much!

It looks like it was designed for the iPhone 5, which came out in 2012. The customer service for this paymentech processing service is not on the same level as the standard Chase banking and credit card services. Update the app interface, and I will gladly use the service. For now, however, I’ll stick with Square.

- Owner

I charge a customer and they took 20$ fees because they IRS and I send my w-9 more than time bad service every time I called them to find out what happened they put me on hold I’m gonna cancel todaaaaaay

- Phone app is frustrating

The phone app only works occasionally. I wish it synced the items I added into my phone to my iPad so when my phone isn’t working then I can use my iPad. But it doesn’t. It’s very frustrating.

- App needs updates

App does not flip when the orientation of the device is flipped, this is very inconvenient as that is how the customer tips and views the sale. App does not support face or thumb ID for login. App size does not scale to all devices. I will change my rating to 5 stars when the app gets its updates.


I’ve been using chase checkout for over a yr and a half, no problems! I had to update the app today in order to keep using it, and now the entire site is completely different, a lot less options to navigate through, and now I cannot email my customers a receipt. BAD BAD BAD

- Disappointing

I can’t even log on to the app. Rather I can long on but it doesn’t go past log on screen when I sign on to app. I can log on to the website so I know I’m putting in right logon information. App has been useless for me.

- No good update

After the update I lost the option to send receipts to customers via email and text. That’s terrible. Please fix this and I will give 5 stars.

- Terrible

I do t understand why chase uses such crappy app. Must change password continuously, no Face ID log in, no finger print log in, cumbersome, limited option, graphic is awful. They should learn from square. I will ditch it.

- Keeps crashing

I own a business and the app keeps crashing when trying to connect to the reader when will this be fixed

- Doesn’t work and rude customer service

The check out is frustrating to use. I have to constantly repair, uninstall and now typing card numbers in. Last eat issue is that the app shuts down. The customer service is rude!!

- Garbage

Great rates, terrible app. With the money they aren’t making on rates they are skimping on product. Don’t waste your time. I’ll stick with QuickBooks. I forgot my password and the only option is to call an 800 number. Chase needs to get this app into the 21st century. Clunky, awkward interface.

- Cant even login

Downloaded app so I can deposit a check through mobile..can’t even log in..tried recovery password..they say I don’t even have an email with Chase.. Like what are you doing!? Trash

- Terrible. Needs to be updated.

If only they put the amount of time and effort they do for their main banking app, this would be great. This app is so old and outdated that it’s not even optimized for the new phones. The user interface is lackluster it’s barely usable.

- Going back to Square

This app has been horrible and frustrating. I can’t even get past the login. They beg me to switch over in when I did I can’t even get into the app to take my customers payments. I’m switching back to square.

- Old technology

Very old platform. You have to enter your password every time, no facial recognition, have to change your password every update which why update if it’s not helping anything. Love the bank hate their tech.

- Trash

This card reader is trash! Hardly ever connects or it don’t read the card or it freezes. I can’t believe Chase is even selling this to anyone!!! If I could give it zero stars I would!!!

- Very difficult to use

Asking to change password almost everytime I have to use it

- Card reader does not work!!!!!

After an iPhone update, the card reader stopped working. A new reader that Chase had me purchase for security reasons (had chip reader). It no longer works and they have yet to update their app.

- Needs improvement

They fixed the orientation feature so that it works better with an iPad in this version, but there are still so many problems that I have to deal with on a daily basis that are making me consider moving to another processor. First, the constant logging in. It's a real pain to have to log in for each transaction. Second, the screen layout should be more user friendly. My clients squint every time the signature/tipping screen pops up. It's embarrassing that have to explain how to tip. It should be more apparent. The space could be better utilized. Lastly, I have to uninstall this app at least once a day because of "security validation" issues. Chase Paymentech really should look more at the competition and step up their game. My card reader quit working after almost a year and they wanted to charge me to replace it. I need easier for my business not more unnecessary work.

- Are you serious??

This new update looks good, but I haven’t been able to use it. It crashes EVERY time. I haven’t been able to take client payments since LAST WEEK!!!! Why is an app from a financial institution so bad???

- Fix this mess

Ever since the update I can’t take payments from HSA accounts. My clients have no issues anywhere else using an HSA card. It continuously force closes. It’s been a nightmare. My clients are mad and I’m losing income. Fix this!!!

- Login in

Won’t even let me log in to my account I try my password and won’t let me get in keep saying }wrong password

- C’mon this app needs a facelift

I moved from paypal here to chase payments and I feel offended that Chase even is promoting this garbage at the branch... will be moving back to PPHere until someone takes a lil bit more pride with this product.

- Won’t even open

The app is unusable! It won’t even open. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. Just crashes immediately. Erg! Please fix this. Super frustrating.

- Not the real Chase App - FRAUD!

This is not the real chase Mobil app - the icon is wrong and not what is shown if you log into your chase account online!

- Can’t even log in!!!

I can’t even log into this stupid app to use it. My credentials are correct but it just doesn’t work. What a joke...

- .

It’s not letting me sign in my account keeps saying wrong people when I know it’s right

- Longing account

I can’t long in my account and I used my correct pw and ID what’s going on with this application

- Never works

Can never get this app to work even with chase tech help.

- bad application and worse service

Is a really bad app, never connected to the card reader.

- Terrible

This app is terrible! I couldn’t even log in! I thought this was a good app. This app didn’t even let me sign up.

- Yes!!!!!!!

So long PayPal cashapp and all you other

- App is broken

Can’t get past login, keeps saying its wrong but it’s not

- Useless app

It doesn’t even work, don’t bother downloading.

- Why I cannot retrieve monthly sales

I cannot get my monthly sales

- The app is broken

The app not working chase must repair.

- Awful


- So badly designed and unsafe

The main issue is that it won't let you paste your password into the password field. Many of us use password management programs that create and store long complicated passwords that are more secure. This allows us to create different passwords for every application or website. Rather than having just one or two simple passwords that we can remember and use again and again on our websites. We need to be able to copy these long complicated passwords and paste them into the password field. But with this app you can't do that. So it is basically asking you to dumb down your password to something you can remember which makes it less secure. That's ridiculous for a financial app of this sort and would be so easy to implement. I am finding that Chase Bank just really doesn't care about the customer experience. As well there is no way to login using your fingerprint on an iPhone. All in all this is a very badly designed app with rudimentary security.

- Really needs work

I'm stuck with this app unless I want to change credit card processing to someone else. And it's a shame because I really want to like it so I can stay with Chase. Overall the app is slow because you have to log on for every transaction. That's just a pain and I can't see the need for it. Second, the overall blue theme is too dark and the writing is too small. Most of my clients can't even read it. The tip section is hidden and people just either skip it or I have to explain it. I like the reports and tools but even those could be improved. Go look at squares app. That's an easy to read clean app. If you don't fix this... I will go to square and pay the higher rates. I'm pretty sure I would get it back in tips 😁

- Buggy App / Poor Customer Service

I want to like this app. Chase has set their rates lower than the competition, which makes Paymentech enticing, however.. The app is really buggy and crashes regularly. You would think a mega-company like Chase could afford to hire decent programmers or decent customer service representatives.. But no, not with Paymentech. After the last app update, with items in my catalog on the app, if I select more than one item, the app crashes entirely. Every time. Customer service confirmed it was due to the app and not my device (iPhone 5S). They also sounded dubious that they would have it fixed anytime soon, rendering the app useless to me until that time, indefinitely. Even though I can't use the app until they fix the bug, they would still be charging me the monthly fees and would not agree to putting my account on hold until that time. I asked to have my account put on hold until the bug was fixed rendering it usable, and they said that I would have to continue paying my monthly fees. On top of it being So I did what any sensible person would do and immediately canceled my account with them entirely.

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Chase Mobile Checkout iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Chase Mobile Checkout iphone images
Chase Mobile Checkout iphone images
Chase Mobile Checkout iphone images
Chase Mobile Checkout iphone images
Chase Mobile Checkout iphone images
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Chase Mobile Checkout (Version 4.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Chase Mobile Checkout was published in the category Business on 2013-02-19 and was developed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. [Developer ID: 298867250]. This application file size is 43.93 MB. Chase Mobile Checkout - Business app posted on 2021-12-02 current version is 4.2.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: