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What is collector classic app? ArcGIS is available on your desktop, in a browser, and now on your iPhone or iPad. Use maps anywhere to ground truth your data, make observations, and respond to events. You'll improve the efficiency of your field workforce and the accuracy of your GIS.
- Collect and update data using the map or GPS (even in the background)
- Download maps to your device and work offline
- Collect points, lines, areas, and related data
- Fill out easy-to-use, map-driven forms
- Attach photos to your features
- Use professional-grade GPS receivers
- Search for places and features
- Track and report where you've been
- Integrate with Navigator for ArcGIS
- Integrate with Workforce for ArcGIS
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Find this site the customer service details of Collector Classic. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Collector Classic Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Collector Classic Version 19.0.206 March 2019

Various fixes and improvements.

Collector Classic Comments & Reviews 2022

- Location Accuracy

I’ve heard that this is a great app to use in the collection of GIS data. However, I’m not impressed. The location accuracy is no better than 16.2 feet. I know Esri can do better than that.

- Good app

Very easy to create a mobile data collection app with mapping built in. These low star reviews are often complaining about things unrelated to the purpose of the app. GPS accuracy, come on, that's not a function of the app but of the GPS data stream's source. You think an iOS device by itself is survey grade? Unreal what some folks complain about. Write a collection app from scratch then come back and try Collector.

- Always an issue, not reliable

ESRI makes amazing software for the desktop, but fails at its iOS apps. Every time I go to collect data in the field something always goes wrong. Stops recording GPS location and then “jumps” leaving a nice straight line, now I cannot sync my field data due to bad credentials (I am logged in with the app and now it won’t sync my work), and not to mention the inability to add point features while I am streaming a polyline. I am giving up on the collector app and will be using other mapping apps for data collection. Days worth of work now stuck in limbo due to some issues with this app. Worthless.

- Good app, seems to have issues on iPhone X

Good app over all and very useful. However, it needs to be updated for the iPhone X, and there seems to be a bug where the location “hangs” on my iPhone 10. After using it for a few minutes the location stops updating as I move around. If I switch to google maps, the problem persists. If I restart the phone and open google maps my location is super accurate again. As soon as I open collector the problem reappears. Not good for data collection.

- FEMA only has issues.

Working on Puerto Rico and Texas for several hurricanes, this app and ESRI itself has only given FEMA headaches attempting to sync offline dots and add online dots as well. It’s a slow service that requires more servers - how does it take minutes to upload a kilobyte file? Unacceptable. No good prepopulation solution - the existing one is finicky and leads to one accidentally cancelling or dropping the dot in the exact same location rather than be useful.

- Crashes when searching

Every time search button is pressed, app crashes. Please fix!!

- iPad Pro and iPhone user

This app works great, I just wish they supported the new iPad Pro feature with split screen. If you have the app open and want to use another app at the same time you can open it but if you click the maps the split screen closes

- Version 17.0.3 Glitchy

Most recent update (Sept 25, 2017 version 17.0.3) crashes when trying to open a downloaded map. Attempted restarting app & phone and removing basemap & features. Still crashing.

- would rate 0

Does not work if you download a map, it will simply crash. So much for working offline....

- Can’t upload attachment

Won’t let you add a photo to a point using iPhone

- Unreliable source of misery

Unreliable and rife with glitches. Some major retooling needs to happen with this app for it to be what ESRI touts it to be.

- Very confusing app and always hung

Very confusing app and always hung

- Poor app

Map updates are poor to nonexistent .

- Serious flaws

This app suffers from two major flaws. First, the app frequently requires a login which requires a network connection. This is an issue if you work in remote areas with spotty or no cell reception. This weekend I was doing fieldwork in such a place and even though I had my maps downloaded off-line within the app on three different devices I was in able to use Collector because it was demanding login credentials and a network connection to verify them. I had hoped to prevent this scenario by logging into the app before we left our hotel that morning. Second, the process of creating a map, posting it to ArcGIS Online, and sending it to the app is time consuming and tedious. I wish I could simply download a shapefile from within the App and designate a base map and be all set. This would be a nice option for those of us who don’t have to worry about synchronizing real-time data across an enterprise. Also, why can’t I delete a map when I’m through with it. ArcGIS Online says you must be an organizational administrator to delete a map. Because the map preparation process is so tedious it is easy to end up with maps that were created with errors or in a way you wish was different, but you end up being stuck with them. Lastly, I wish it was possible to set up multiple GPS sources ( and the associated location profile) and then prioritize them. That way Collector could go down the list if the first one isn’t connected rather than requiring that I leave my map, go back to settings, and change everything. And, why is the settings menu hidden where it is. The first time I used the app it took me forever to find that! I suspect the people developing this app have never actually done fieldwork or really tried to use the app in a challenging setting,

- Great app for data collecion

This is a wonderful app for data collection. The phone is intuitive for the end user and the collector maps can be easily updated and deployed to the field from GIS. This allows for real time data collection and allows the team to see each others added features, attachments and updates. Can't wait for ESRI to complete the support for external GNSS receivers so we can use this for valves with a higher accuracy for the GPS location.

- Awesome app!!!

This app is another winner from Esri. Great app that makes data collection easy for anyone to use. I've had great success with the application. I've been able to teach non-GIS experts to collect data in 10 minutes. Very straight forward and syncs directly to my enterprise data. Best part is I didn't have to develop the app, just downloaded and connected to my ArcGIS Online subscription and it worked.

- Field data collection has never been easier

This app with an ArcGIS Online subscription makes field data collection so easy. In less than 2 hours, I setup a field survey collection which is normally a 2 page paper form that we used to hand jam into a database after the survey. Now I have immediate results and don't have to spend days hand jamming.

- URL links not working

A great app that ties into ArcGIS Online, but currently in the latest iOS URL links aren't working.

- Mobile Mapping for Me

I'm able to use Collector to view my data and maps while collecting information in the field. The disconnected option works great for days I'm working while out of cell range.

- Awesome start!

Since this app is a part of ArcGIS,maps that are authored there can be accessed through the Collector. Pretty neat stuff! Looking forward to seeing how this gets updated and the improvements that are being made! Go Esri! What a great tool to have!

- Works very well

I tried this for the first time in my GIS for a couple of assignments. Works very well and it is easy to use. I think this is going to be a powerful tool our company can utilize.

- How to use

There is no manual/ document of how to use the application. Also no document in online. When first opened the app it says "collector for arcgis works with maps and none were found in your device." How do we have to add maps for this device? There is a lot of app for viewing shape files, some app can edit the shape file for free. On the other hand app from ESRI became use less day by day. We can not add service in arcgis online without updating the arcgis server. Even there is no app to view the Geodatabase or shape file from ESRI. So I am giving one star for the application, SORRY

- BTW i rated this 5 stars for no reason

I really don't know what this is but my school wants us to download it for some reason, so....

- Great for tree surveys

This is the best app for locating and identifying trees in Dublin Ohio. We're surveying all the trees on commercial properties in town. Please add an update that puts a monetary value to each tree 😜

- collect feature

when i login into the app i pick the map i would like to work in and then when i goto collect a feature i am unable to see that tool at the top....any suggestions? basically i am unable to collect a feature out in the field.

- Program won't sync data, period. Avoid!

Collector will not sync data collected offline if you reach a certain unspecified threshold. Contact with ESRI support shows that they are aware of the issue, but are not concerned with its resolution. In the meanwhile, this app is simply not ready for general use.

- Great app!

Works with my ago and arcgis server as expected. Easy to use.

- Works great for our Agency

Helps save time and money.

- No collection feature

Will not display map feature services and does not allow for collection for iPhone 6 plus. Please fix. Thanks

- Good simple flexible app

Good simple flexible app

- Doesn't synch up to ArcGIS saved maps

Can't do anything with this program because it won't recognize my saved maps.


Offline feature doesn't work, support is unresponsive, crash after crash after crash. Waste of time

- Cannot Open Maps in Latest Update

App is useless at this point.

- Crap

This app is useless.

- Error code

As a surveyor for power company in rural areas I depend on the app for my job. The app Always has downloading issues. Continuously having layer failure. It’s a good day when the app works. I have spent weeks waiting for tech-services to resolve issues and sitting waiting to be able to go back to work.

- iPhone version crashes

Current version on iPhone crashes every time a map is opened when it is connected to a Bluetooth Trimble R1, completely unusable for greater than 1M accuracy. Works on android.

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- Ok on offline but still very basic

After many years still no support on smart form function

- Maps not loading

Having problems as the maps are not loading when online

- A good start to field force enablement.

App needs to be restarted if home button pressed else can behave unexpectedly. Would love to see offline functionality, ability to have points collected in collector show in ArcGIS for Windows mobile and be able to see a location of all colleagues currently logged into map. This would greatly add to field force enablement.

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- Excellent product with room for improvement

I love this app. We use it everyday. There are 2 issues from this version that I can't figure out: 1. For some users the app randomly asks for a GDBOID when collecting polygon features. Entering a random number allows the user to submit the collection. 2. On some of our maps, when we try to create a new feature we are presented with duplicated symbology options (in the list that appears when you tap the the + sign). The collections work regardless of which duplicated option is selected. Our feature services are hosted on the latest version of ArcGIS Server and the maps reside on ArcGIS Online.

- Unreliable, crashes, not consistent

This app crashes constantly.

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The applications Collector Classic was published in the category Productivity on 2013-01-15 and was developed by ESRI [Developer ID: 379687933]. This application file size is 66.96 MB. Collector Classic - Productivity app posted on 2019-03-06 current version is 19.0.2 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.esri.Collector