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VSCO is a place to express your true self, make beautiful photos on mobile, and connect with a creative community.

Take your photography to the next level with quality presets and editing tools, and explore original content made by community members around the world.

Edit with 10 VSCO presets
Use basic editing tools like Contrast, Saturation, and Grain
Explore inspiring photos and editorial in Discover
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Access VSCO’s complete preset library, including 170+ presets
Recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and others with Film X
Use advanced editing tools like HSL, Borders, and Video Editing
Explore inspiring tips, tricks, and tutorials tailored for members in Discover
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The VSCO membership is $19.99 USD per year. Pricing in other countries may vary and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country you live in.

Start your VSCO membership with a free 7-day trial. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged $19.99 USD/year. Your VSCO membership will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Settings > iTunes Account & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership and turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

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VSCO App Description & Overview

The applications VSCO was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-06-06 and was developed by Visual Supply Company. The file size is 152.54 MB. The current version is 95.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

What’s new on VSCO:

— Fixes for top crashes
— Smaller bug fixes and performance improvements

Thanks for creating with VSCO! We regularly release updates to improve your experience. Update to the latest version of VSCO for access to our newest presets, editing tools, and inspiring content.

If you'd like our help with any issues, please visit vs.co/help.

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VSCO Reviews

OMG all the nicknames are take

love it but take away the pop up on the link  OMG all the nicknames are take  4 star

i love this app and use it as my main photo posting app but whenever i go on the vsco link on my insta bio, the black pop-up screen won’t go away and doesn’t have the “x” anymore which i find annoying considering i want people to look at my vsco without that pop up blocking the way. at least bring back the tiny X that you can click. thanks


email registration issues  Toraneus  2 star

they would not let me open another account after two years of deactivation. I don’t want to open another email id just so i can sign up on vsco. this is really inconvenient


Eh  gamingx1  4 star

It’s a great app but I want the store back because I was looking forward to using my iTunes gift card to get filters, but then when I went on VSCO the store was gone


awesome app  xo.jenna20  5 star

this app is so amazing! if you are a girl you will want this. it is super easy to use and to edit cute photos it’s like instagram but better!!!

Liam petros

Love it  Liam petros  5 star

I’m no photographer but I love the filters and how I can edit photos for Instagram.Im only 13 but this gives me a mindset to creat and edit phots.I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get started on photography like I do!


Filters  B🐘  2 star

I absolutely love using VSCO, but I recently found out that one of the filters that I use is locked (A6). It wasn’t originally locked and I didn’t have to be a yearly subscriber. I’m honestly peeved because I use this filter for almost all of my photos. Would it be possible to get that back?


Come on  zachsloan  2 star

Only purchasing bc I need to see the screen, this is just plain bad


Love  Auddddd👍d  4 star

I really enjoy this app the editing is easy and one of my go to apps for editing. Along with that the sharing is different from any other social media it doesn’t allow you or anyone to see how many followers you have. Which is very calming I think, it’s like nobody cares and I like it. The only thing that I would want different is for the video Editing to be free I see them being posted and stuff but I don’t really want to pay for that.

Hutch 43

Garbage  Hutch 43  1 star

Forcing people to get your app is garbage


Annoying f*cks  Injsbbh  1 star

I’m only getting this app because half the screen on your mobile website is blocked by your app promotion..

Lucy horgan

:)  Lucy horgan  1 star

Don’t really enjoy this app because people only post sluty pics of there body’s and I think that should be fixed


Nice  Sarah7798  4 star

It is so good for aesthetic pics!


Block feature  Paulinabelieberlove  3 star

You know a block feature is so I don’t have to look at the person not for them to not republish or favorite my pictures ☺️


Amazing  sorsha12344  5 star

Love the atmosphere of not having to worry about counting likes and followers


Best app ever.  aoiffe  5 star

So good


Should be optional to have an account on private  tighedaly  4 star

Good app but you should have the option to put your account on private


Can’t send or receive messages  k.mur29  3 star

Love the app but cannot receive or send messages. I get notifications that I have messages but can’t see them or there is no icon to send a message either


Fix it  zoeburke  4 star

I love Vsco I use it constantly but it won’t work Rn


Small problem  Berry657980  5 star

I love the app and all but lately I can’t see the activity on my posts like who has favourited it and who has republished please fix as I love the app

Nausea jabs

very very glitchy  Nausea jabs  1 star

needs an update

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