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VSCO is a place to express your true self, make beautiful photos on mobile, and connect with a creative community.

Take your photography to the next level with quality presets and editing tools, and explore original content made by community members around the world.

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Start your VSCO membership with a free 7-day trial. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged a nominal annual subscription fee. Your VSCO membership will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Settings > iTunes Account & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership and turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

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VSCO App Description & Overview

The applications VSCO was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-06-06 and was developed by Visual Supply Company. The file size is 137.11 MB. The current version is 113.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

What’s new on VSCO

— Corrected error when saving and exporting a large number of images
— Fixes for top crashes
— Smaller bug fixes and performance improvements

Thanks for creating with VSCO! We regularly release updates to improve your experience. Update to the latest version of VSCO for access to our newest presets, editing tools, and inspiring content.

If you'd like our help with any issues, please visit vs.co/help.

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Not for video  Ylecnarf  3 star

The app can only edit photos. If you need filter for video they don’t import video. I’ve figured it out after I downloaded it. I canceled it hoping they won’t take my money.


Garbage  FrankieeLoveeweee  1 star

It has become complete garbage. Should’ve never paid for membership


Love vsco, but my subscription isn’t working!!!  Delaswooshhh  4 star

I have one problem where i am subscribed for a year and i keep getting a pop up message saying i already have it, its getting frustrating because i want to edit these videos and im a frequent user, i make weddings, sweet 16s all & types of shoots and edit on vsco because i dont have a latop or a mac to edit, please fix this bug because i have deleted the app MULTIPLE times and it gets worse everytime, PLEASE FIX THIS BUG! also when i want to save photos it wont save completely idk why this is happening I’ve been using vsco from the first day its been in the app store and I’ve been emailing you guys nonstop & I’ve still received no help! Please vsco fix this problem


Fix it  TakenKing5627  2 star

Don’t know what you guys are doing but this app has become garbage I can never use it without getting some type of error not to mention there are multiple different types

J (,:

Photos In Studio Aren’t Loading  J (,:  3 star

This app is my go to editing app. I love the features and the camera. However, my photos in my studio are not loading at all. I have updated my vsco and restarted my phone multiple times and I have not had any luck. I don’t want to have to delete the app and lose all my photos (if possible).

Joah Dyer

Horrible update.  Joah Dyer  1 star

Now we can’t even save our photos? What BS. My Account also was seemingly deleted because they want everyone to pay for everything which really makes me sad. Im deleting the app I once loved for years. Fix this. Y’all are some greedy mfs.


O  kskfjss  4 star

Make it so u can see who others are following as well to make it easier to find accounts


No way to cancel?????  1Ub387-  1 star

This may be a good app, but you have to pay for it. I tried to do the trial, then tried to cancel as I know I won’t use it much. The developers made it so difficult to cancel That I couldn’t figure it out before I was charged for a yearly membership! Ridiculous! Not cool!


resolution option!!  KS.Lee  2 star

Please re-include the option to adjust the resolution when I save edited photos to the camera roll!!


Latest update  yungbaegod  2 star

The latest update where VSCO deletes photos from the app if you delete them from your camera roll is really unfortunate and quite annoying. Often times I save EDITED photos in my vsco for reference of photos I’ll edit later but now if I wish to do that I must hoard every photo in my camera roll and cause clutter (and a headache) VSCO really took 3 steps back with this update.


Disappointed.  Hopey.sb  1 star

Loved VSCO and spent a few £££ on filters that no longer are available to me because of the new yearly subscription. First off, the main reason a lot of people were drawn to this app was because of its versatility, you could still edit amazing looking photos with no yearly cost and the choice to purchase filters depending on your aesthetics. I won’t be the first to think that VSCO have put their existing customers off from buying a yearly subscription and if anything, should have made it optional to buy individual filters AND/or a yearly subscription. I don’t want to pay £28 a year to use the same two-three filters. Change it.

Not to be public

Help!  Not to be public  5 star

I really want to use this app but can’t download it! I keep pressing the button and it just loads and then turns back into the download button! I’m really confused! ❤️


Won’t unlock  monicaguirguis  1 star

Hi I subscribed but the locked edits won’t unlocked??? I tried unsubscribing then resubscribing again, deleting and installing the app again and nothing’s working. Can someone fix this pls??


The UX totally blows.  Caseyg4  1 star

Really wish the designers made the user interface easy to use instead of making it different for the sake of being different. There’s so much unrealised potential in this app purely because of the stupid button layout and design, especially the massively over spaced button layout on iPad. How about putting some labels on those buttons? There’s plenty of enough space for them! And why are the filter labels in Thai? Certainly not worth a subscription.


Bring Back ‘Paste Edits’  namdurS  2 star

This app is great but the new update has gotten rid of the ‘paste edits’ option or it’s been forgotten? Please resolve this as it makes batch editing things very difficult.


Where’s “Paste Edits”???  cjmlgrto  1 star

The new menu is too much. Bring back the old one. I can no longer find “Paste Edits” after selecting a bunch of photos in the Studio view.


Triple Paid and still not a member ship?  Nana4815  1 star

I used VSCO from 2015, which free version to purchased on app. I have never been disappointed like now. This year I already paid 3 times to be a membership which cost me $28.49 x 3 and a lot of tools still be locked. It always said that I’m not a membership yet and need to subscribe. Gain nothing except upset feeling. I have been used this app so long.


VSCO  kristinnnananana  5 star

This app works like a gem!!! So easy and efficient, highly recommend!!!!!


Disappointed with VSCO membership  hlnatrn  3 star

In another method to earn profit, VSCO have decided make their users sign up to a yearly subscription to gain access to all their editing tools. Users, including myself, who have already paid money to access all of these existing tools, will now have to fork out more money to use things they’ve already paid for. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I have been using this app for 5+ years to edit my photos and now I’m questioning whether I will continue to use VSCO Cam in the future. Why couldn’t you just create more filters and earn money from there? Or what about creating templates for Insta stories and charging money for it? I’m confused as to why you are now making existing users pay more money to use things they’ve already paid for.

suxkkydixk 🤪

Not happy  suxkkydixk 🤪  1 star

I don’t know how to cancel my membership please make it easier for people like me thank u.


Highlights  shdjsncnma  1 star



Bad update  kaynkaym  1 star

I can no longer paste edits!!!!!!!


Lay off the updates  LaBelleLaVie  4 star

I use vsco to upload all my photography content and to edit all my photos for social media. I loved that you could edit a photo and copy and paste the edits onto new ones. This allowed me to be original with my photos and to create a theme on my social media feed by basically editing the preset to my liking and copy and pasting it to all new photos. HOWEVER the new update allows you to copy the edits but there is no paste edits feature. REALLY ANNOYED and makes me want to use the app less.


stupid  --Me;)  1 star

they took away the option to copy and paste edits on photos. idiots


New update  Mellieking  5 star

How do I paste edits??


can’t paste edits.  brandonjmurray  2 star

no option to paste edits. please fix in new release.


HELP!!!!!!!!!! Copy and paste tool  ishakirarivera  2 star

Why can’t I paste my edits to other pictures anymore? I tap the copy bottom but I can’t seem to find the paste option. Help.


No saving?  Theeebabe  1 star

I updated VSCO a couple days ago, and the new update doesn’t save your pictures you’re editing on the app. Usually I’d start editing a picture and come back to it but now i can’t. I absolutely hate this. It makes zero sense. I pay $20 a month to VSCO for it to not save my work while it’s in progress... this honestly makes me want to delete the app. Please change it back to where i can save my progress and the picture on the app. If this new update feature stays, i guess it will be time to look for a new editing app

Ginapina Medina

Copy and paste edits is missing post update.  Ginapina Medina  2 star

One thing I’ve loved about VSCO for years is the ease of copying and pasting my edits from one pics to an entire album. Now I can’t do anything. I’ll edit a pic, press copy edits and then when I go to select other photos to paste them to, absolutely no option to paste comes up. Just options to delete, save to camera roll or share. It’s creating such a problem in my work flow, I’d love and very much appreciate help in this matter.


new user interface???  Sabilicia  4 star

the new user interface is great but im now confused on how to copy and paste edits?? I only know where to find “copy edits” but when I tap on a different photo I want to paste it on the “paste edit” doesn’t show up or am I lost? Help! 🥺


Log in  faelionwarser  1 star

Logged me out and won’t let me log in again

no idea💕

Please reply  no idea💕  1 star

I want to know how I can delete the account afterwards because I don’t like it


Needs to be fixed  elana.l  3 star

I use vsco a lot and lately I’ve noticed that when I try and upload a picture I can’t caption it only after I’ve uploaded it I’ve to edit it and then I can caption it. Also it won’t show my activity and I’m not getting notifications. Please fix this!!


Won’t load  lauren_0013  3 star

When I go into the app there’s just a white screen, can you fix this? Other than that it’s a great app.

Lol in ya face

Amazing but small crash  Lol in ya face  4 star

Great app to capture moments and share everything, App has decided to crash and not open recently very annoying,

Aisling Kirwan

Was a really good app, now i’ve been having problems with it.  Aisling Kirwan  3 star

Vsco used to be really good and ran without a problem however lately i’ve been finding that i can’t put a caption on my photos until after i’ve uploaded them to my profile. very recently, i updated the app to the newest update and ever since, the app hasn’t even been opening. whenever i try and open the app it just shows a blank white screen and doesn’t go into the app. i’ve tried uninstalling it and installing it again and found the same issue. i also restarted my phone. please fix these issues as i really enjoyed using the app


Vsco down  ballinaboula  4 star

My activity won’t work for ages now. Nothing is showing


I have a problem with your app  lauryn123gall  2 star

Hello , I love this app but there seems to be a problem with me logging into it , I have been automatically signed out and am unable to sign back in again I would really like to address this problem so I can get back to using this app , reply to me as soon as possible thank you for your time


won’t let me log in  463636  2 star

it won’t let me log into my account after signing me out for no reason. tried changing password, didn’t work. tried logging in through phone number and it says no account found tho if i try signing up for an account with that number it says tied to an account. tried everything including deleting and reinstalling the app.


Fix it!!!  caoimh:)  2 star

I love VSCO and go on it everyday, but recently i haven’t been seeing half of the amount of pictures on my feed than I should, I can’t see what other people republish and I don’t get notifications when someone favorites/republishes my image. Please fix this !!

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