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Wonder what’s in the new coupon barcodes? Had a coupon rejected or fail to double for no reason? Now there’s QSeer, the amazing app that reads these codes and reveals all hidden terms. QSeer is a must-have, money-saving...

... tool for all couponers, from the occasional user to the accomplished extreme couponing master.

The new barcodes on coupons convert all of the important terms into a machine-readable code. The problem for couponers is that these codes are usually different from what is written in English! Until QSeer, couponers were at the mercy of the codes, as you had no way of knowing what the barcodes actually said.

Manufacturers designed this system deliberately so humans would not be able to interpret the codes. QSeer unleashes the power of the iPhone to give you the ability to see what information is hidden in these barcodes and how to use those details to minimize your grocery bill.

QSeer not only reads the new barcodes, it converts them into plain English that you can use to plan your shopping. QSeer helps you match a coupon to the right product size and variety, eliminating those nasty check-out surprises. And it couldn’t be easier to use, as it works automatically with the touch of a single button!

QSeer delivers powerful benefits, such as:

◆ An incredibly easy-to-use app. Press one button, and then hold your iPhone over the coupon barcodes. QSeer does all the rest automatically! While your download does include a professional tutorial, you really will not need it. But if there’s anything that is not clear to you, help is one click away.

◆ Knowing whether your coupons can double or triple (at stores that offer this program). QSeer flashes an alert if a coupon contains a hidden code that suppresses the multiplying bonus!

◆ Identifying whether a coupon is restricted to particular stores or if it can be redeemed anywhere.

◆ Understanding the true purchase requirements. Using proprietary QSeer databases, QSeer is able to match over 98% of coupons to actual store products, so you can plan your shopping with confidence.

◆ Alerting you to errors in the barcode that can cause problems at checkout. The new barcodes are so complicated that more than half have some sort of error. QSeer alerts you to the errors that are likely to prevent a coupon from scanning properly.

◆ Recognizing data privacy concerns. The new coupon codes allow manufacturers to track when you use your coupons and exactly what you buy. They can hide a customer number, an IP address, or even your Social Security number in the barcodes. QSeer will alert you when a coupon contains one of these tracking codes. Note that QSeer does not ask you for any personal info – we only alert you when it is there!

◆ Working anywhere with no data usage. QSeer will not run up your data usage, because it doesn’t need Internet access to operate. It will even automatically activate your iPhone’s flash to work in the dark!

QSeer was built by a team that includes two extreme couponers, a pair of Mathematical geniuses, and a marketing expert who formerly designed coupons for Kraft Foods. QSeer is designed for the needs of couponers by people who truly are experts with coupons.

QSeer is a coupon barcode interpreter. QSeer only reveals the information that is encoded on a coupon without any moral judgment or redemption suggestions. QSeer is not designed to be used as a vehicle for the misredemption of any coupons. QSeer Users are advised to read our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) for further details.

QSeer Coupon Reader App Description & Overview

The applications QSeer Coupon Reader was published in the category Shopping on 2013-01-03 and was developed by Dusty Wallet, Inc.. The file size is 22.93 MB. The current version is 1.18 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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Love this app & their customer service ❤️  Steele324127  5 star

Best customer service EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome coupon app!!!!  MsKeke2008  5 star

Where have I been before I found this app?!?! It has changed the way I coupon!!!! It is very user friendly and helpful!!!! It comes in handy when I am preparing my shopping trips!!! Also, the developer is very hands-on and answers any questions in a timely fashion!!! Hands down one of the BEST apps!!! Love it!!!


Helpful  Cw8521  5 star

Love it! My favorite part is to know if the coupon is being tracked or not. I seriously use this for all my coupons. Highly recommend.


Love QSeer app, makes couponing easy!  Mirandaw819  5 star

I love the QSeer app! As a senior financial analyst, the calculating savings and how to do certain deals with coupons has always come easy to me. What wasn't easy was understanding why some coupons would and wouldn't work! I usually have my toddler with me when shopping and when she is cranky the last thing I want is to use a coupon that will beep and require a delayed approval. Thanks to QSeer I can understand exactly how a coupon will work and what will and won't slow things down or cause problems! My second favorite feature is knowing the real expiration date, it has saved me from rushing out on the last day countless times!


AMAZING  KellyTitchenell  5 star

QSEER is the best thing that's happened for us couponers! I scan every one of my coupons. Its nice to be able to read what your coupons say! I highly suggest investing in this app if you like saving money!


Love this App!!  AmberCannon0109  5 star

Absolutely love this app! It has made couponing so much easier. This app is easy to use/ understand and is an absolute game-changer


How did I live before this?!  Ashlie129032  5 star

This app has taken couponing to a whole other level! It makes my planning so much easier and it is also very easy to navigate and understand.


Will not scan properly  MnM4JC  2 star

I had QSEER on my former phone but had to purchase again when I switched to iPhone. It WAS such a useful tool but something is wrong. It refuses to scan a coupon printed off the Internet. Why? And I paid twice for this?


I don't want to coupon without this app!  Runmom0107  5 star

I use this coupon scanning app on every coupon I plan to use. It tells me which coupons might give me trouble at checkout, which ones are coded for a different amount and which ones have a wrong expiration date. I don't know what I would do without it. I definitely have an advantage when shopping with coupons. Occasionally this app will crash when scanning a coupon but I believe that is because the coupon has a bad barcode. I haven't tried to use one yet to verify this. The company that makes this app is constantly updating their database and work very hard to give us a great experience. They are very knowledgeable and strive to deliver great customer service. I know this because I received a personal response to an email I sent them. Thank you!


Does not work  dee_7779  1 star

Purchased again because I switched from an android to an iPhone 7 plus. The app does not scan for any barcodes. Highly disappointed


Handy app!  Ashmo85  5 star

I can't believe how handy this app is!! I can have all of my coupon information all together and the fine print spelled out for me before I get to the register! It allows me to maximize my savings also by telling me which coupons can be doubled!


Couponers heaven!  Jkl__  5 star

Great for savings! Wonderful app.

Sexi cana

Im4psu  Sexi cana  5 star

Fantastic app!!! Great tool!


great!  Nat2291  5 star

love this app! easy to use!


Best App For Couponing  EMG81=Rock  5 star

Simple & easy! Works every time! Great app!

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