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What is buycott - barcode scanner & qr bar code scanner app? Vote with your wallet using Buycott.

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* Join campaigns to support causes you care about.

* Scan product barcodes to learn a product's history.

* Make a purchase decision on the product and communicate your decision to the company.


+ Support causes by joining campaigns created by some of the world's best non-profit organizations.

+ Come across a product that doesn't match your values? No worries! Check out the suggested alternatives to find a product that's a better match.

+ Broadcast your purchase decision to create impact and get your friends and followers involved.

+ Improve your position on the leaderboard by taking action with Buycott.

+ Create your own campaign from

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Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner Comments & Reviews 2023

- Money = Votes

Do you feel powerless due to politicians not representing us anymore? Do you feel like companies with lobbyists have a louder voice in important decision making than we the people do? Then vote with your money. Companies hear money (or lack of) more clearly than they do the vocal concerns of the public. This app allows you to know which companies are profiting from your grocery store or product purchases. Buycott give you the power to make informed purchasing decisions. Vote with your dollar, help the companies who care with your hard earned money. And remember that we are all in this together.

- A good resource for information but needs major work!

I starting using this application fairly recently and while I admit some of the things that i purchase are less than mainstream, I have been diligent in adding as much as i can to fill the database Buycott uses for the good of all of us. What annoys me are the constant app crashes (10 times in the last two days, usually while I am trying to submit a review for a product), and the scanner going crazy (trying to scan a product 10+ times in a row rapidly without pulling anything up, like it seizes up pulling an entry from the database and so just keeps trying to scan with the same results). I really do want to keep my buying power away from certain corporations and keep it moving towards better causes, and this would be a whole lot easier without the glitches. Overall, 3 out of 5 for in-depth data on corporations and corp. trees but you have to fix it before I give it anything higher.

- Disorganized, buggy, but a good idea

This is my dream app. It just needs to function. I can’t view any campaigns under the environment tab and haven’t been able to since I downloaded the app a month ago. Also, on a company profile, it’ll show a number of “other campaigns” but when I click it sometimes it will show many campaigns less than that number or none at all. There’s no way that I can find to add info about a product or company that only exists, you can just report an innaccuracy. I also don’t know how to create products. I also don’t know what an “action” is or how to take one. When I first started using it there was a section on product pages for me to select if I was going to buy the product or not and I think when I selected no it means I “took an action.” Now that doesn’t show up for me anymore. Please fix these problems! I have contacted customer service but gotten no reply.

- Outdated, full of false information

I’ve always said that capitalism could be used to accomplish great change by informed consumers, so I was excited at the idea of this app. I’m disappointed to find it hasn’t seen an update in 2 years and is full of bad info. Many companies are cited as having connections to certain causes (positive or negative) that aren’t true. Take, for instance, Tillamook, a dairy company from my home state of Oregon. They’re listed as being a primary client of an Israeli textile manufacturer and the source cited for this says NOTHING about Tillamook. I found that almost all sources cited for all 26 of their conflicts showed no mention of Tillamook. This was the case for the vast majority of conflicts I checked the source for. What’s the purpose of this app if it’s full of false claims with no real sources? How will that aid anyone in being a conscious consumer? It won’t. I’ll go back to relying on my own research.

- Needs improvements

The workings of the app itself is fine. It’s the design that went into the buycott campaigns that isn’t functioning as intended. Who are the moderators for each campaign and how can we trust that they are informed, active, and reevaluate each company based on new evidence? If we can’t trust them (MANY are inactive, don’t make a complete listing of companies, or have made factually inaccurate decisions) then there should be community-run ways to edit the campaign information, such as: 1. The ability to suggest a company be moved from category to category (right now there is only the option to add it to a campaign, but not to remove it from one or to switch it between the avoid/support lists). 2. The ability to vote on the accuracy of each campaign/company listing - obviously with security protections so a company can’t buy votes - and those that fall too low in accuracy ratings are removed from the list. 3. The ability to request ownership/moderator status for a campaign that seems to have lost its leadership. There is basically no oversight and no assurance of quality. It’s a good idea, but it needs to function very well, otherwise why would I bother with these inaccurate reports rather than simply buying whatever as I always have done?

- Good idea but too political

There is very little choice where I live but I like the idea of a organic user created database(if that’s what it and not yet another illusion). Disappointed in it’s obvious political orientation as any intelligent person would not believe we have a choice in partisan politics or really in anything; wish there was a way to buycott the federal reserve and if they want to make their app about politics and social justice they should start by explaining the banking system, fiat currencies, and those who control it(the same people that control the media, our food, and everything else). But all we can do is vote with our dollar; and for that the app gets 3 stars, but I wish it got 5. leave the stupid politics out of it; quit trying to control people ; it exposes you as a part of the problem disguised as the solution.

- Great app but

To be honest, I think it is hard to keep track of all the companies and subsidiaries as there are so many products and, I suspect, diversification and diversions by corporations. However, I was disappointed to find out that they did not know that Garden of Life is owned by Nestlé. I had been buying a lot of their products and therefore unwittingly supporting an extremely immoral company; fortunately my step-daughter is more savvy and figured it out. I will still use their app and still highly recommend it but do your research too. The other great thing is that it will send a notification to the company telling the that you did not buy their product and what the issue is.

- Serious Design Flaws

Doesn’t seem to be possible to remove a campaign from your list once it’s added. Can’t get support from the webpage because the “download app” banner blocks the main menu button and has no close-out option. Once I found a way around this and tried to actually click the search bar, on mobile it does absolutely nothing. Can’t click, can’t get typing cursor. In the app when searching something, the search results that come up block half of the “campaigns, people, products” menu, so you can’t sort the results. App and website need serious improvement to be useable, they’re a nightmare (website, on desktop and mobile). It’s a shame because the concept has potential.

- Speak with your wallet

The only way to actually get companies to do that right thing, is to not do business with bad companies, and give your money from good companies. This app allows you to easily avoid certain products as it tells you what it’s parent company does, whether good or bad, and provides alternative products if you decide not to buy it. You can also add friends and see what decisions they have made (if they decide to turn that on of course). It’s a great app that allows you to easily make good purchasing decisions. I highly recommend it to everyone.

- Great Educational Tool!:)

Been using it for years so this review is late. Got tired of the prompt to to review every time I opened the app in the store LOL. The good - different campaigns offer new perspective and learning opportunities to expand your horizons regarding the adulteration/destruction of food by big farma & big companies and the diabolical ties that have been created in the pursuit of making $$$. I also found international items in the database. The bad - unfortunately even food is politicized and the “identity politics” is nauseating😕. Just keep telling yourself you’re here for the food, health and to protect yourself.

- Amazing idea and start to a world changing app

Some of the foods I am interested in buying, have no information about them on this app. (they aren’t in this database anymore than just a name). So this bums me out because it only really sticks to larger brands. Most large brands are all bad and should be avoided in general. I wish there was an option for me to send a note that certain products need some research done! I would love to help be part of the truth revealing! Thank you for what information IS offered though. This is a great idea coming to life. I hope some day there is a way good company brands can be rewarded from this...and evil ones will get revealed.

- Get it!

What an awesome app! I'm so glad I found this- it's an easy way to make a difference without spending your whole life on Google! If there is a cause you really care about, or a few, this makes it easy to make sure you're shopping choices aren't conflicting with your cause. If they are you can easily send a message to the company. It will also tell you if a company supports your cause and you can tell them that as well- great way to easily give companies feedback, good or bad. This little app could make a big difference.

- Don’t Just Complain, Take Action

Your money is your power, and we need to stop giving that power away to people and institutions who cause us harm, danger and imbalance. This app helps you redirect that power responsibly. Is it a perfect app? No. But it’s free, and it’s effective, and it is one of the few apps that actually makes a difference in the world. I’d rather join the couple million Buycott users who question their purchases -who take a moment to stand up for their values - than the billions who just mindlessly complain and consume.

- Very Good App

This language popped up when I went to do the review. It does though state my beliefs and cynicism exactly. So, I'm a cynic and very distrustful of large for profit corporations that I believe will do ANYTHING.... REPEAT make money. I therefore was looking for an app to help me make purchases from companies that I either agree with or at least I don't oppose. This app is the best I've found to allow me to check products and companies before I buy. I use this app every time I shop. It's quick and easy and I recommend it.

- No personal conflicts

This app is great! I got it and stopped using for almost a year, but now I'm back at it. I thought it was going to lead me to use better cleaning supplies and hold once local/small companies accountable for selling out, but it actually as proved to open my purchases to chains. I assumed walgreens and seventh generation might be bad organizations, but thy aren't! Still trying to but small and local, but this app makes it easy to but convenient and still be aligned with my moral compass.


I absolutely LOVE this app. It helps me make the RIGHT choice when it comes to many products I buy. Body lotion, facial creams , food that is made with MONSANTO CRAP. I just am thrilled I have this help next to NON GMO Project verified. I also do wish that BUYCOTT had everything that can be scanned but do your part and type in the questions it asks and maybe it will be soon be an item to scan. Thanks to everyone who created this app and continue to make it better.

- Divisive

This app is completely biased to liberals and progressives. There are a few campaigns on here that any decent human should be in favor of supporting (infringements on basic human rights) but then there are the silly ones like “boycott Donald Trump” that are just meant to divide people. If that is on this app then there should be a campaign that supports the opposite side of the spectrum. I’m sure if you asked the developer their point of view on equality they would be all for equal distribution of opportunities but yet here they are be exclusive rather than inclusive. Let’s try to do things that benefit people rather than continue to feed upon the negative that is slowly deteriorating the foundation of unity, cooperation, love, and respect that our country is built upon.

- Love It

I’m doing my best to a void giving money to those corporations utilizing exploited laborers or causing environmental degradation/destruction. Short of having your own small subsistence farm, it’s almost impossible to a void utilizing products from these companies. But this app helps me to identify those corporations I definitely do not want to support and/or help me choose the lesser of the evils or recommends a better product. Love it.

- voting with my dollar

This app has personally helped me “vote” with my purchases. It’s helped me stay informed by avoiding purchasing from certain companies that I wish to not support and makes me feel better about my shopping. It’s really easy to use, most the time all I have to do is scan a barcode and I’m immediately informed about that particular product. Thank you for making my life easier!

- Helps me make decisions that are right

When I first open the app I was a little put off because it seems to be super liberal. It’s so hard to find good information that isn’t slanted so I tried look past that. I actually use this app to support Trump and buy products from several other corporations that seem to politically offend Buycott. I just had to turn it around to use it to support what I think is right.

- Responsible Consumers Unite!

Sure it adds 20 minutes to my shopping - sure it makes me uncomfortable with some of my most traditional shopping patterns - sure I wish it had the ability to do similar ratings for items without barcodes - but these are all the uncomfortable things that we need to embrace to create the impact we want to create in the world. Sign up and vote for causes with your cash!

- Great app, but crashes when you select "yes, I'll buy this"

This is an awesome app - it's easy to see the impacts of your favorite companies and will also suggest alternatives that will better align with your stated values. The only problem with it is that when I hit the "yes" and sometimes the "no" button for "will you buy this?", the app crashes. While it does save your answer, it gets annoying pretty quick when you're evaluating multiple products in a row.

- Helps me stay on track with what matters to me.

I’ve been using this app for years and really appreciate that it helps me stay on track with what matters to me and my family. Many times I have returned products to the shelf because they didn’t meet the criteria that matters to me. People see me use it in the store and I tell them all about it. It’s a great resource! Try it you won’t be sorry.

- Buyer Beware... you’ll need more research than this app!

There are some good bits of information on here, but there’s a lot of misleading information as well. You don’t know who is putting up the different campaigns or where they got their information. There’s no one to ask either. The causes listed are all good causes, but this app tries to simplify boycotting companies and products down too much. Some of the companies on this list are trying to work on these issues, but they can take time and those discussions are not part of this app either.

- Awesome app

My best friend showed me this app a few days ago and I've been stuck on it ever since. It's a great way to find out if the products your using go against what you believe in. I'm sure as time goes by this app will do nothing but get more detailed in its findings. It's shocking to find that a lot of companies lack morals and this app is a great way to find those that actually care.

- Vote with your wallet !

I love that this app makes it convenient to only support companies and products that are parallel with what I believe in. I also love how easy it is to share socially when you've made a product choice, and to write companies directly to encourage them to change! Thanks for making this world a little easier to navigate every day!

- This app is perfect for making positive change

This app is by far one of my favorites. It allows you to make sure that you aren't buying products from sources whose values differ from your own. You can rest easy knowing that with each purchase, you are helping make the world a better place. Give Buycott a try today and start voting with your lifestyle!

- Great resource

I love this app. It helps me be a more savvy, responsible consumer. It is astounding how many products are owned by the same big companies! The info I get in Buycott informs the feedback I give to companies, not only complaining when they are being irresponsible, but complimenting them when they do something good. I do have problems with it crashing sometimes. Hope the developers improve on this. All in all, a very helpful app.

- Giving back to the world

This app really makes me feel like I’m helping the world even a little. I have learned so much being able to scan a product and find out how it impacts the world around me. I don’t use it constantly with everything I buy. But I use it as much as I can and I feel like a better person for it.

- Please enable search without barcode

I get most of my groceries through Peapod and Fresh Direct. It would be great to be able to search items by name before I create my shopping list. Even for shopping in the physical store, it’s time consuming to stop and scan in the store — I would much prefer to learn about the products when I’m making my shopping list. Thanks for considering!

- The most useful app

It’s nearly impossible to know who I am supporting with the multitude of brands out there. Buycott makes choiceful shopping possible. It’s not perfect, they don’t have every single brand or item, but they guess based on info given pretty accurately. The scanner is very fast and easy. So grateful for this app!

- Good idea with room for improvement

I like the concept of knowing what I buy based on my politics. The drawbacks: wish there's an optional search by company name instead of only scanning. Search is slow when in stores due to jamming signals and limited broadband. There is no contact information on website alone. Just came across grossly inaccurate information about a favorite product, which took some time figuring out who to contact for correction. Caveat Emptor

- Wonderful App, with room for improvement

Its a great way to learn about the illusions of choice and the more people use and update the app the more people can make ethical purchases with their money. An awesome way to fight back since their wallets are the only way companies will change

- Love it, needs some work

I love this app and believe it can do some good work, but I fear that it could lose worth and users due to lack of activity. Whether it be campaign runners or anyone, it is important to stay up to date and relevant. Otherwise what’s the point? Please clean house and update products, companies, and campaigns. This means take down unresponsive and unhelpful and untrue campaigns and products please. Thank you

- Changed my lifestyle! Still needs info updates

This is a phenomenal app to change your lifestyle and your awareness of what exactly your money is going towards. Please, if you join, contribute more information to the app. Do your research. The info more that users put in, the better this app works! Do your part 😊

- One-sided campaigns, huge disappointment

I was excited to find an app to help me avoid unhealthy brands but I quickly realized that this app is completely based on the leftist political agenda. If the app is going to include politics, then all views should be represented. Conservatives have literally been left out from fully utilizing this app. Even if your not conservative, it should raise a red flag that this app is very selective. This app needs to be unbiased to be adequate but the left just has to stick their foot in everything and shove their political agenda down everyone’s throats. The privacy policy is also unsettling.

- Buycott app

This app is easy to use, gives access to more information than I expected, and has proven extremely helpful. It has made me much more able to buy according to my beliefs much more effectively. I can now avoid seemingly benevolent or neutral retailers that quietly pay to oppose the cause I care most about.

- Best app out there

Every consumer needs this app. Our dollar is the last power we have! We need to use it wisely and not give it to undeserving, uncaring, uncouth companies. This app isn’t perfect but it has the right idea and can be improved. It is the only one of its kind empowering consumers to make better choices.

- Love it.

Everyone should be using this app. It's easy to use. Just aim and know instantly if you're about to poison your family. I also love the new feature that lets you email the company. I just wish more of the emails were readily available. Overall, cannot say enough good things

- Great idea!

So far, so good! I used this app during my entire grocery trip and it changed how I purchased things. I truly enjoy knowing that I'm spending my money ethically. There's some companies that aren't recognized but I'm assuming they are either too local or it will just come with time. Overall, good experience!

- Be Patient...Be Suooortive

This App is evolving and growing. It might not be perfect yet but I’m sure the programmers would love our input. My response is to some of the remarks that said it didn’t pick up some of the companies that should be in the list. Our feedback to Buycott helps improve the App.

- Wonderful!

I've been using this app for a few years now, and recently I've been telling everyone about it. I'm even honest in letting everyone know that it is bipartisan. It simply gives you the information and lets you have the power. But of course in the current political climate, boycotting is our one true power against the government right now. Especially because this leader is so focused on corporations. Though not everything is listed with the app yet, there is plenty to let me know that I am not contributing to organization I consider, well, evil. Love this app!!!!!

- Could be great but it's not

This app is severely outdated with inaccurate information that basically makes it useless. This is a wonderful idea. And I'm sure it's hard to keep updated and accurate but without doing that what's the point? Some of this stuff is years old. I don't see any easy way to report inaccuracies. It would be cool to add a feature where you can choose to boycott specific companies that you manually choose yourself instead of only companies that are under a certain "campaign."

- Boycott this app

They “share” all of your personal information and date, including your IP address. Company that claims to care infringing on your privacy gets a 1 star. We need to quit folding and letting social media and apps gather and sell our information. It’s becoming the norm, you looking for things to boycott, boycott apps like this that are only looking to advance the advertising industry until it’s like the movie “Minority Report” where they have face scanners everywhere and the screens all turn to ads that target you personally.

- A useful, educational everyday tool

Beautiful concept, great app. It’s a wonderful tool to have and I especially like the “Family Tree” feature so I can see a company’s relationships. I only wish there were more people using it and cataloging products and causes. The app can only be as strong as its users. We need to contribute just as much as we use it.


In this "Democracy", making your voice heard does little because those who should be listening have ears stuffed with money. Make them listen; Take that money and stuff it somewhere worthwhile. Your dollar is your vote in a capitalist society. Use it wisely. Get in informed with this app and other recourses. Public ignorance is corporate bliss!

- Great way to keep track!

I've always been aware of the problems with corporations. It's tough to keep track of all of them efficiently. This app does that for you, and it does it pretty well. There are even ways to contest certain assertions that may not be supported by evidence.

- Great app

From what I can tell it has a fairly extensive data base to pull from so most items scanned will turn up with something. Fantastic for making buy decisions easier. Great for anyone who wants to make an impact when shopping. Money talks.

- Useful source to support what you believe in

This app gives me the opportunity to know the "behind the scenes" of those brands I shop; that transparency allows me to better choose the companies I want to support by buying their products. Also gives me alternatives to buy of brands that are more according to my values. I really like it.

- Opting out of campaign notifications

I really want to keep this app but I don’t want my email inbox filling up with notifications, so I selected opting out of campaign notifications. However, every time I visit a campaign, I notice that the notifications button is switched on. This is for all of them. I find this VERY ANNOYING, and if my inbox fills with crap, I’ll be forced to delete this great app and leave a one-star review next time. Please FIX this!

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- Very informative.

I’ve been using this to weed out items made by Nestle, unlike all the other racists who use the app to look for halal certified products because they have no idea what they are even talking about.

- Best product you will ever use

Fantastic product if you want to stay up to date with products that are safe to eat and use for you and your family. I would be lost without it.

- Indispensable

I use this app every time I shop to a wood paying the halal tax. I couldn’t shop without it as the halal tax isn’t on the label of most items.

- Need it. A must have app.

I wish everyone with a smart phone would use this app.

- Cunning Shopper

Fantastic app which allows me to choose which products to purchase when shopping. Very easy to use and thoroughly recommend it.

- Helps me avoid halal

This app is good as it shows me when a product is halal, so I can avoid buying it.

- Positive & Useful App

Great app that allows us to consciously vote with our dollar. I use this everyday.

- Halal certification

I used to recommend the use of this App to many people. But then ‘they’ removed the category of identifying which products are Halal certified. I have contacted them twice asking why and have had no response. I would love them to say why they have done this.

- Eye opener

One of the most useful apps I have ever used !! Highly recommend !!

- Awesome!

Easy to use and works all the time

- Easy to use

Great app which improves everyday as more items are added to the campaign I've joined. Much easier to avoid halal certification with a quick scan of the barcode instead of searching the packaging for the symbol which is often hidden or simply just not there.

- Really good app I can’t access

Says in development mode? I want to be ethical

- Fantastic app

Just a shame that the right wing haters have sought to misuse with their own racist agendas Thanks

- No palm oil info

Great concept but needs to list additives such as MSG and define whether or not products contain palm oil.

- Useless

Used to be good. Now it is pushing political agendas!

- Much potential

Not enough data behind it yet to be really useful, but the concept is great and the implementation is promising. The use of self-selected, crowdsourced campaigns is what really sets it apart and makes it useful for everyone who wants to act according to their own conscience (rather than just the conscience of whoever happened to have made the app). Will need to address data quality, consistency and integrity (duplicates, errors etc) and currency (keeping track of both corporate social activity and changes in corporate structure) as priorities - probably through careful and thoroughly curated crowdsourcing, I imagine it would be too big a task otherwise. Shop Ethical is still my go-to choice, but I'll be watching this one closely too now. It has the potential to become something truly fantastic - but it'll be a massive (though worthwhile) project.

- Loads of conspiracy theorists and crazy

The anti GMO lobby and conspiracy kooks have flooded this app with thousands of nonsense choices to avoid perfectly safe products and companies. I wanted purely to avoid companies that involve cruelty to animals, and to avoid Halal and Kosher products. Nothing more. But only two of three exist (now none exist?) and they're hidden in an ocean of stupidity from people who clearly don't even had a high school level education. How can I trust this app when there is NO quality control? To the Devs: Don't support every cause, as many you are supporting aren't just unworthy, but they're absolutely BSI and clueless. There is extensive long term testing of GMO, only two papers exist finding any dangers and both were authored by anti-GM nutters and got busted for a conflict of interest and unscientific conduct including cruelty to animals. Cmon, wake up.

- Wide-open to abuse.

At this point, several campaigns are either being polluted by hate speech, anti-Israel invective, and foul language in the comments, or appear to have been established to pursue a non-peaceful goal such as anti-Israeli lobbying. There are comments with Muslim vs. the rest of the world overtones. These are all contrary to the purpose of Buycott, which is meant to provide a commercial way to bring about constructive change. One of the following needs to happen. 1). Each forum must to be moderated, with the system only allowing publication of comments (and creation new campaigns) after checking for such dangerous or unacceptable content, just like most discussion boards; Or 2). every campaign must be checked daily for harmful content and harmful results, and closed down if found harmful, with perpetrators reported to the FBI, Australian Security, Scotland Yard etc. as appropriate for our protection against pro-violence, pro-war and harmful groups; Or else 3) the whole forum must be shut down and re-designed with built-in protection against such abuse.

- Miss

I praise you for creating such an informative app. I know that a lot of the major brands are global but have you considered including a "select country" option so that the info is more relevant to consumers of differing nations? I am from Australia, and as much as I do care about what goes on in other countries, relevant info needs to be associated with the country of origin of your subscribers. I understand that this is an enormous task but it would be of great benefit to everyone if we intend to boycott the organisations that are corrupting our way of life. Also, a "product history" list would be great so I don't need to rescan products. I look forward to seeing some improvements in this informative, simple to use app.

- Perfect little app

Everyone should have this app because it makes a lot of your purchases decisions easier which would be helpful for mankind. " one who killed one innocent person has killed the whole of mankind, and one who saved ones life has saved the whole of mankind ".

- Mr

This is what I have been looking for to find out what and what not to buy , I don't like paying companies that support Islam which ultimately makes the product dearer , Halal slaughter is a cruel way of killing animals and Halal generally is a cruel corrupt tax on our Australian food , which is the purist food on the planet , there is no need for halal period

- Power to the consumer

This app allows users to make better consumer decisions for a better world. It's simple to use. The campaigns are sometimes difficult to understand but it is such a powerful tool it overcomes any minor shortcomings like this.

- People power

Love this! Simple, clever use of existing technology that, let's face it, most of us have and making another tool to help chip away at the unchecked power of corporations. More transparency and more informed choice - exactly what we need as 'consumers' and as empathetic, mindful people!

- Amazing

Even without the ability to see all the ethical conflicts a particular company has. This app would still be awesome. Really interesting to see the whole family tree of companies

- Buycott

I love this app, it has changed what I buy immensely because all the research has been done on most products and I can make an informed decision on whether I will buy a product or not. Thank you

- Great.

Took a couple of minutes for me to figure out how to select the boycott/support items but is easy to use and will definitely make use on my future shopping trips.

- The Pen is mightier than the Sword

In a time of corporations, capitalism, countries in debt to banks, the most effective and legal action against corruption is the freedom of choice. This app allows me to make financial impacts to humanitarian causes on a global scale. However small the impact may seem, the app is used by millions... ☺️

- Looks good

Just downloaded today and thought I would check some of my pantry staples. So far I've avoided what I wanted too, will be very helpful when I next grocery shop.

- Lardy

Brilliant idea that makes grocery shopping a little less challenging. A little disappointed though that not all products are either listed or updated, so in these cases it pays to know your stuff without the need for the app.

- A must have app !

Terrific idea and great app that finally helps you making the right on a daily basis. Already scanned mist of everything I have at home and was amazed by what I've learnt ! Definitely a must gave app !

- So helpful!

It isn't easy in this world of today to know when you're supporting someone you'd rather not, Buycott helps me to tell the difference and stop paying for oppression.

- Great App

Very helpful app. Helps me shop. Being able to scan items before purchase is wonderful. Helps me decide if I'm going to purchase the item or not. 👍🏼

- It doesn’t work!!!

I was so happy yesterday upon completing my shop with this app, thinking great! I have done my shop with no halal products, only to find out that 2 products I bought yesterday are indeed halal certified and goodness only knows how many other products I bought yesterday are also halal certified!! I was so happy when I got this app but now I can’t trust it at all! So sad and angry right now!!

- This is our Country

Great app easy to use , gives you a real insight to how many manufactures have ship jumped . I will be recommending this app to all my family and friends !


It's 2:38AM and I have just found this app. I cannot wait for morning to come so I can tell my sister & all 7 of my sister-in-laws about it.. And everyone else I know!!! And maybe some people I don't know :)

- Must have app

Has given me insight on which sub-brands are hidden inside other brands. I'm changing my shopping habits using this app, shopping more responsibly and much healthier foods as well

- Awesome!

Best app ever! Get it and use it to change the world. At the end of the day the whole world is made up of every single persons little decisions all added up, so use this app to make yours.

- Amazing!

So helpful and easy to use! Makes avoiding halal certified brands so much easier and has opened my eyes to a broad range of other issues that I didn't know about.

- Best app ever

Perfect app to avoid halal certified food, hopefully everyone can use this so the 'people' behind halal food know how much we don't want there way of life shoved down our necks. Good work to whoever made this app :)

- Know who your really paying

Simple, easy to use product that allows you to make your own informed decisions. Check your pantry first.

- Need to build a greater database

We need to contribute information about a greater number of products so as to help build a greater database for this app. Let's all do it.

- Missy

I love this product and would like to see more info on worldwide campaigns in it. Possibly a way to directly link it to an existing online campaign?

- Buycott ROCKS

I VOTE with my persuasive CASH! This is TRUE consumer power! I use Buycottt to weed out ANY ethically challenged or suspect companies from my regular and new product buying.. I LOVE it! This is our buying (and voting) future. I post it regularly to Facebook!

- Really one of the best apps ever

İ went around the house scanning everything and you wouldnt believe some of the stuffs that i found going in the bin! Very useful app

- Fabulous!

Loving this app... I've been surprised by some of the products that have dubious connections to companies I don't wish to support. Power at my fingertips!

- 5 stars for a great idea

Look forward to seeing an actual outcome. For example - a company who tests on animals actually shutting down or REALLY changing.

- The best app ever

This is the best app I have, I use it for everything. Big ups to the developers. Such a great idea that also helps create a better world. I love you.


This app gives you the POWER to pressure the injustices and help end the Apartheid policies of the Israeli government in a non- violent way. Will pass onto 10 of my friends this week!

- Love the simplicity

This app is fantastic, always wondered where my money was going. Now I can make more informed decision right at the point of purchase.

- Everybody should use this!

The more people use it, the better it will get. It can really make a difference.

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- Love this app

Haven't found a product yet that it doesn't have info about. And I'm in Canada so that's saying a lot.

- Boycott Israel

Thank you for creating this amazing app. We are all so thankful to be able to boycott the apartheid state of israel.

- Great app but needs updating

It’s a great app, but the last update was years ago. It doesn’t use the newer phone screen sizes, and is starting to look a bit old.

- Scam?

I hardly found a product that supported (no error). I am in Canada.

- Love the app

This app is really great in principle, and I love having the option of knowing about what I buy. The only downside I’ve encountered so far is that anybody can create campaigns, and sometimes they aren’t for the best causes.

- No BDS

Can't find the BDS movement against Israel and the app seems very outdated like it was created in 2010

- Hilarious

Look up pictures of barcodes and if y I scan them you can get some funny results I’ve already had this app scan a barcode that says a product is Kleenex tissue and had the product picture of tony hawk pro skater 2 for the ps2 Also works for boycotting I guess

- search function is so bad and overall design is not good

the app looks like it was designed in 2010 and hasn’t had an update since. love the idea which is why i gave 3 stars.

- Does not work

Gave it three stars for the effort and ethical value of the app itself but it won’t let me sign up for any campaigns for some reason. I try to create a password and the app crashes. Can someone please fix that?

- Search function needs work

The search function needs work. I’m shocked if what I search actually shows up. The reality is that most of us are online shopping and cannot use the handy barcode function, so this search function is critical.

- Love it

Easy to use. Great platform!

- Love it!!

Best. App. Ever. Everytime I use it I feel like I’m doing my little part to get that criminal out of the White House

- I See No Way to Sign Out

Not only can I not find where to sign out the few Account settings are not helpful. There is no indication how to change an email address. There is no option to delete an account either in the App or by connecting to the website from a computer. Very disappointing.

- Great app

However it does not have many products from on line distribution like modere, Monat, and others?

- So helpful and eye opening!

This app is a huge help in bringing me closer to living in line with my values. Often you want to buy products that don’t cause harm, but it’s overwhelming to even try. This app allows me to make better informed choices and think twice about what I’m buying. Living under capitalism, it’s basically impossible to choose products that do no harm, but this app at least helps me better understand my impact and choose what companies get my money.

- Not sure what the other people are seeing

I scanned a bunch of items and very few gave a result. The ones that did had very little information, sometimes nothing more than a picture of the item!

- Great app!

Still a number of things not found, but a great app.

- Great app!

Great app. Invaluable n very informative! Great to be able to make informed choices.

- Thank you

Always wanted something like this.

- Useful and easy

This app takes so much guess work and makes decision making, when shopping, much easier! I highly recommend it

- Very good

It’s a very helpful tool to have on the phone I travel a lot and use this app all the time Woonsocket different supermarkets, sometimes you get the odd look but I’m ok with that I have mentioned to people about the app if they ask what I’m doing.

- 5stare

My other scanner didn't work at all this is way better

- Easy to use, but feedback should be easier

Scanning items works well and selecting campaigns is good with list of companies and links to justification for support/boycott. Would be nice to be able to search a company and see if they are listed on any campaign, as well as their business relations. Also, please make it easier for us to send you new companies to add to campaigns and submit comment and URL for inclusion.

- Very good cause

Great app for humanitarians and people who want to make change in the world

- It would be awesome if it didn't crashed all the time!

It would be swrsome if it didn't crashed all the time!

- WONDERFUL. just wonderful.

I cannot say enough about how great this app is. I now have a POWERFUL tool in my hand with which I can enact positive change in this world. In this capitalist, profit driven society it is OUR dollars that give the corporations the power that they wield. Now I can easily choose who gets my money and most importantly; who doesn't.

- Very well done

Very nice app!

- Stuff

This app is great

- Great app

Makes it easier to avoid brands that I don't want to support.

- Simple and informative

Works great, very helpful for making informed purchases

- Save the world

This is a great app. Allow yourself to get involved in the causes that really matter to you. Every dollar you spend at a company is a vote that you believe in what they stand for. Spend your money wisely!

- Absolutely love it

I love this app. It really helps me support the ethical company's and make the right choice.

- Convenient

This app works as intended and is very convenient. I hope more people would use it!

- Need improvement

It doesn't show the proper output and there is not enough products on this app.

- Making ethical shopping easier

Great app, though some barcodes are not yet listed. Make shopping with conscience easier

- Very interesting

Fascinating to find who's behind the brands.

- One of my favorite apps!

I love that this app helps me navigate my way to ethical consumption behavior!

- Amazing

This app is perfect if you want to know what you're supporting when buying groceries etc

- Fake Connections

With this app people are able to choose which campaign a company would support. These aren't always correct and make some companies look worse than they actually are. App spams you to rate five stars upon opening and for each subsequent scan.

- Vote with your phone

Most of us want change. We want healthy food and opportunity. This app gives us a path to create our own future from devastating trade agreements to climate change. One of the greatest men of our times stated "together there is nothing we cannot accomplish". Thanks to the developers for one of the most powerful apps in existence. It is Bernie worthy.

- Start standing up for the things that matter


- The politics of a tomato

Too woke for me!

- Very useful

I'm glad I can help against Israel

- Login

You very obviously don't need Facebook to join. Ignore those folks

- Good

Just missing info about canadian profucts.

- Cannot join!

Cannot join with out Using Facebook! Sorry, as much as I want to use this tool for my purposes I will not subject all of my Facebook friends to spam!

- ?!

Unable to sign in !!! Garbage.

- Can't sign in unless through Facebook?? essentially sneaking information the same way as big business. Nicely played Buycott. Boycott buycott - they're just after yout friends list.

- Handy!

This app is great because it helps me ONLY buy products from Israel! Thanks for the help!

- A little buggy but a great concept

A fantastic idea. I've often wished for something like this. I'm in Europe so a lot of the products on my shelf are not yet in the database, but I'm sure that will improve over time. You can help by adding your own information about products. This has the potential to be an excellent tool for the socially conscious consumer.

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Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner 3.1.5 Screenshots & Images

Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner iphone images
Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner iphone images
Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner iphone images
Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner iphone images
Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner iphone images

Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner (Version 3.1.5) Install & Download

The applications Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner was published in the category Shopping on 2013-01-31 and was developed by Buycott Inc. [Developer ID: 585933443]. This application file size is 16.28 MB. Buycott - Barcode Scanner & QR Bar Code Scanner - Shopping app posted on 2018-02-22 current version is 3.1.5 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.buycott