iMaps+ for Google Maps ™ and Street View ™ : Transit and Offline Contacts

iMaps+ brings Google powered search, directions and Street View™ to your iOS device. Powered by Google's own vector SDK, iMaps+ boasts quick load times, offline viewing of cached map areas and advanced features such as a route recorder and location based alerts. Maps, directions and search are avaliable globally in over 30 languages*.

Feature List:

- Search by address or textual query (eg 'London, UK' or 'Restaurants in New York'). In addition, you can 'radar search' the visible map area to locate places of interest such as restaurants, pubs, ATMs and more.
- Street view can be accessed from a dropped pin, search result or bookmarked location. Alternatively, drag the peg-man from the top left of the screen as per Google Maps on a desktop.
- Book hotels via, and
- Get step by step driving, cycling, walking and public transport directions. Choose to avoid highways or tolls and select from a number of alternative routes. For public transport, you also have the option of setting an arrival/departure time.
- Set up notifications to fire when you arrive at a specific location.
- Record journeys such as a hike, bike ride or road trip, even while the app is in the background. Recorded routes are saved and can be recalled at any time. (IAP)
- Swipe up and down with two fingers to tilt the map and access 3D views in main cities around the world.
- Map overlays including live traffic, public transport lines and indoor maps.
- Use addresses from your iPhone contacts for search and directions.
- Press and hold to drop a pin anywhere on the map.
- Bookmark important locations for quick access.


** Contact [email protected] for support. Unfortunately, developers are unable to respond to reviews on the App Store. **


*Directions, street view and live traffic details are only available in certain geographical regions.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Apptility Limited is not related to, or affiliated with, Google, Inc. Google Maps™, Google Places™, PEGMAN™ and Google Street View™ are trademarks of Google, Inc

iMaps+ for Google Maps ™ and Street View ™ : Transit and Offline Contacts App Description & Overview

The applications iMaps+ for Google Maps ™ and Street View ™ : Transit and Offline Contacts was published in the category Navigation on 2013-01-10 and was developed by Apptility Limited. The file size is 17.18 MB. The current version is 4.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New in v4.1
- We've partnered with, and to allow you to book hotel rooms at >1,000,000 locations around the world
- Fix for selecting a contact address making the app crash
- Fixed the "javascript error" popup bug
- Other Bug Fixes

New in v4.1.1
- Fix for the unknown error bug

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iMaps+ for Google Maps ™ and Street View ™ : Transit and Offline Contacts Reviews


Offline Map  Uk*****  5 star

Best Offline Map so far

jim hampton

Love this app!  jim hampton  5 star

I use it a couple times a week


Good App  Kid-NC  4 star

All app's have a bug or two. It has the power to finish what you need.


Lies  natornator  1 star

This app is terrible, especially with Apple Watch, pure awful, I want a refund.


Imaps  Sincereously  5 star

The maps are great, but I wish they were more precise!!😊

Jerry Form

Nice App!  Jerry Form  5 star

Very helpful, does a nice job---


Screenshots Lie  kotasd  1 star

Screen shots indicate it would show a moving map, this only downloads google turn by turn for the watch. If you expect a moving map do not buy. If you want dangerous to read tiny text that will likely cause an accident this is the app for you. Useful GPS screens are well established, and are not text based turn by turn lists. Fix the watch gui, quick glance should show turn arrow over map, with option to display distance. Big, high contrast, should be able to get all info in 1/2 second glance.


Not Worth It  Lkthomes  1 star

If you can get this to work without having to be connected to wifi please let me know because it NEVER worked for me. Deleted it off my phone and now having issues getting refunded for download 😏

Mark - TUCSON, AZ.

Ok I guess  Mark - TUCSON, AZ.  3 star

Ok I guess.


I like what its offering, but...  norries_a_star  4 star

I like what the app is offering, but I'm not sure as to how to use it. If YOU can figure it out I'm sure you will find a wealth of info and guidance using it.


Great  Wheelhorse69  5 star

Great app very helpful


Cool  Ehurd  4 star

I think the street view is really cool and it makes it easy to find out what the building or house your going to looks like that way you can make sure your at the right place. I think it's a cool app


Poor app.  Convert13  1 star

Many errors,wrong locations. Have tried fixing them numerous times over the years without success. Google maps is far superior even as aGPS. ONCE AGAIN APPLE blows it!


⚠️ Don't waste your money ⚠️  Majedous  1 star

Don't get it , it doesn't work and gives wrong directions ⁉️ stupid app


Still haven't fixed the biggest problems  Fager132  2 star

The ongoing problem is that the outlines of states, countries, and provinces are so faint that it's almost impossible to make them out. I also notice that in hybrid view they don't show up at all now. Nice going with that feature; it looks exactly like the satellite view now. It's also impossible to tell whether you're looking at the border of a country or a province, because the lines are all drawn the same way in hybrid mode. Speaking of hybrid mode, why do I have to select it every single time I open the app? It never remembers the mode. Ever. Finally, the same problem with the shrinking text exists in this latest version: If you zoom in to better see road numbers, for example, the number shrinks down again so you're no farther ahead. If the image gets bigger when you expand it, the text should get bigger when you expand it. Otherwise the app should come with a magnifying glass. Why the developers don't spend some time on usability issues like this I don't know, but these updates don't deserve all the self-congratulatory fanfare while these problems persist.


Disappointed  Gulfportbob  2 star

It is using old maps from before 911 emergency call centers had road names changed. My road for example is still listed as county road 875 east.. It has been renamed years ago ! Come on man........ Get real update it already.!!!

a very old timer

Great App  a very old timer  4 star

I average about 2,800 miles in the northeast region ( New England, New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania & Maryland) every week. I've been using this app not just daily but throughout each day for quite some time. There have been many versions and updates, most have been great upgrades. it's used mainly for overview of planned routes and to avoid or plan for traffic issues, nearly in real time. A Little disappointed with the seeking option lately though. Example use the "pub seek option" and you'll get all the dunkin donut shops in the area but not the bar your looking at across the street so I use Siri for that.


One of the best  Gernob  5 star

Hello 👋 if you are looking for a great map app. stop looking you found it.


Good Stuff  Jack1/61  5 star

Works quite well. There are places that are out of date, highway construction never stops. None the less it gets the job done in an outstanding way.


Outstanding  Rimacr  5 star

Excellent map program. Lots of detail and very accurate. Very impressed with satellite views. Use this program almost daily.

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