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PicTapGo is the simple, fun, and fast photo editing app. With 5 years and a 5-star rating, you can rely on PicTapGo Transform your images in seconds with over 70 stackable filters, an intuitive crop and rotate tool, reusable recipes, and fast workflow. PicTapGo is an effortless extension of your photography lifestyle.

Ready to bring iPhone photos to a new level? Start here, where you choose a photo by easily accessing your Camera Roll or snap one with our built-in camera.

PicTapGo’s real-time previews and intuitive interface makes it easy to get professional-quality photos. Choose from over 70 filters and save your recipes to use later. Our film and vintage filters, crisp black and white and beautiful color effects give you the ability to make your images pop. Plus, adjust brightness, contrast, color, and warmth with easy-to-use controls.

All done with your photo? Tap “GO” to easily share your photos with family and friends. Email, message, post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, save to your camera roll, print use in the Project Life® App, or post later. And if you love the look of your photo, you can save your custom recipe to use again and again. Share to Instagram full frame, square, or float your pic.

PicTapGo gets better, as it learns your favorite filters, records your preferences, and makes creating your custom style a snap. It’s the app that likes you back!

- 5 years in the AppStore with developer updates and support
- Universal app works on iPhone and iPad
- Quick access to the camera roll
- Stack over 70 filters
- Adjust filter strength
- Intuitive crop and rotate
- Quickly adjust brightness, contrast, color, and warmth
- Enhance your pics with lens effects and vignettes
- Save custom recipes to use again and again
- Crop and Rotate/Straighten tool
- Built-in camera for effortless picture taking and seamless editing
- Want more filter options? Purchase one of our expansion packs for only $0.99

Follow @PicTapGo on Instagram and visit the #pictapgo_app hashtag to see how photographers worldwide are using PicTapGo to stand out from the crowd.

- Over 1 million PicTapGo photos shared on Instagram
- Launched to #1 in the App Store photo category within 24 hours
- Featured by Apple multiple times
- Named Pick of the Week by “This Week in Photo”
What people are saying about PicTapGo:

"Photo editing apps are available by the dozens, but none of them can do what PicTapGo can do." - AppPicker.com

"PicTapGo ended the hunt for the BEST and friendliest editing tool. PicTapGo! is all you need". - Candice Becklund, YourCloudParade.com

"I have long been a fan of simply everything Totally Rad... PicTapGo combines every Rad action that I have loved for years with the ease and grace of a perfectly designed app." - Susan Stripling, Professional Photographer

"Fun, fast, responsive interface that streamlines the selecting, adjusting, and sharing of images." - Katrin Eismann, Photoshop Educator

By the creators of Totally Rad! photo editing software.

PicTapGo App Description & Overview

The applications PicTapGo was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-03-01 and was developed by Totally Rad! Inc.. This application file size is 40.39 MB. PicTapGo current version is 3.10.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Still the easiest way to take your photos from good to great - thanks for making PicTapGo an essential part of your kit!

In this exciting update!!!

- Yet more progress on the startup crashes which began with v3.9.0 (1)
- Once again saves a copy of the image with borders when sharing to Instagram (2)
- The PTG Camera Roll is now properly sorted by date
- Option to use the current time as the creation date when saving images (3)
- The Go screen tiles now sport a sassy red checkmark after you've shared via a method. Some users missed the red "+" sign on the camera roll tile (you're right. My bad.). Now you can be sure when you've taken an action when looking at a share option.
- The camera roll refreshes more reliably after saving an image. Or changing the thumbnail size.
- Fixed some miscellaneous UI bugs that you probably didn't notice. But I did.

1. I think it's really, truly fixed for reals this time, but alas I am only a man, and I'm sure in my infinite fallibility, I will have overlooked some edge case yet again.

2. This is a long story, so buckle up. Way back in like 2016, the IG app had a bug where it would ignore the photo we sent to it, and instead just load up the first photo in the photo library. On the surface, it looked like PicTapGo had broken something about the integration, and that we were no longer adding borders when sharing to Instagram. Bedlam ensued, as angry customers contacted us and wrote scathing reviews. Since we're not a Billion Dollar Company™, with the luxury of telling our customers to go get stuffed when they're mad (ahem), we quickly released an update that worked around the bug in the IG app by saving the bordered image to the photo library as well. It was gross, but it worked. This was meant to be a short-term hack until IG got their s*** together and fixed it, but ended up sticking around in our codebase for almost three years. I even inserted a compiler warning at the offending line of code (and it was, seriously, just one line), so I wouldn't forget. Fast forward to 2019. Users have come and gone. Empires have risen and fallen. Carnival barkers and conmen have risen to the highest echelons of power in the land. In my foolishness, I thought "surely, since the original bug has been long since fixed, we can remove this hack?" No. People had grown to rely on our hack as a feature, and were mad that I un-kludged stuff. So we've added it back. You're welcome, you weirdos. :)

3. If you prefer the old behavior, you have two options. Either 1) use the PicTapGo album to access images created from PTG, or 2) turn off Preserve Original Creation Date in the PicTapGo settings.

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