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Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go - no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Get there faster with real-time updates
• Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
• Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
• Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures

Discover places and explore like a local
• Discover local restaurant, events, and activities that matter to you
• Know what’s trending and new places that are opening in the areas you care about
• Decide more confidently with “Your match,” a number on how likely you are to like a place
• Group planning made easy. Share a shortlist of options and vote in real-time
• Create lists of your favorite places and share with friends
• Follow must-try places recommended by local experts, Google, and publishers

More experiences on Google Maps
• Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums

* Some features not available in all countries

Google Maps - Transit & Food App Description & Overview

The applications Google Maps - Transit & Food was published in the category Navigation on 2012-12-13 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 183.66 MB. The current version is 5.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them.

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Google Maps - Transit & Food Reviews


Please...  Chris3393  4 star

Save our spot when we’re browsing business in search results. Each time I click to view a business and go back, I have to start over and scroll back down.


Great app BUT  Dudenumber3  5 star

Hey the app is great. Very accurate and everything but i only have one problem. The fact that Apple Music and Spotify are on the easy control thing for Music but Google Play music is not there is odd so please add it to the app. Thanks


The best of the best  fdoctordave  5 star

Great helpful


Average  Scient5000  2 star

- Need display of road speed limits in the map route, while on the route - Need real time info on local incidents, while on the route - Need a priori info on toll $ amounts (total $ estimate) for better selection of toll routes, to choose and lock the map route - Need better app optimization for less battery consumption - Maps integration with Google trips would be a nice addition... - Need display of “service/rest areas” on the selected route


Stock maps is trash compared to GMaps  znetstar  5 star

Coming from Android I’ve had the luxury of using Google Maps for years. I switched to iOS last week and out of curiosity I’d gave stock maps app a go. Living in New York without a car accurate transit directions are essential for day-to-day use. So I tried getting transit directions from Tribeca to The Bronx Zoo. The stock maps app literally said “Transit Directions Not Available.” The default maps app developed by one of the wealthiest corporations in existence can’t give the simplest of train directions. Literally the 2 train goes straight to the zoo with no transfers. Clearly using Google Maps, I haven’t missed much. Google Maps forever!


Saving items  Mikeknapp  4 star

Love google maps but the latest update doesn't let me "save" a location when i first type it in. I have to now additionally drill down the menu by clicking in it. The last iteration had the ability to save with one click, please bring back this functionality.


3 stars.  Drewski_SiX  3 star

Why is the Night Mode doesn't work? It doesn't turn into Dark it just stays at Light? Is this a bug?

Soso Banks

No comment ITS AWESOME!  Soso Banks  5 star


Daniel's Towing

The best !  Daniel's Towing  5 star

Absolutely the best available , always will be.


Irritated  Bre_2014  3 star

I usually reply on google maps to help me get to my destinations quickly. Recently, it’s just been irritating to use. It keeps freezing and having a delayed response. It winds up causing me to waste more time trying to get to my destinations. I think it’s time to commit to Waze, at least they give traffic and best route updates on a consistent basis


My location  long6235  5 star

Google analytics update development


I’m at an imagine dragons concert fellaaaz  gdgldtkakta  5 star

With my imaginary friend called dragon

moet dog

Maps  moet dog  5 star

So easy to use the only way to get around


Maps  :)love:)  5 star

Useful maps

rammy grewal

Nice  rammy grewal  5 star

Very good


Google maps app  RYAN RIDER  5 star

This google maps app is good FORM RYAN RIDER


If only privacy settings were respected  Rick_s87  3 star

I understand google provides the best personalized experience for many of its users but when a person sets his/her privacy setting to what they want I reckon google should learn to respect that and stop tracking the individual and there every moment of every second of the day


I  ukjmmkotg  2 star

Forncf”’. Canny


Can't see the streets just the names  ThisFox  2 star

I can't use this app any more because the street names might be visible, but the streets themselves are as grey as the background and totally indistinguishable. Real shame, used to be so useful.


Great App but missing toll costs  Hosnani  5 star

This is genuinely a great app. However there is a big room to improve on. There is no app in Australia tell you what exact cost involved by using a route has got a toll road in it. By adding this feature to google map, this app would be by far ahead of all the competitors


Subway Carbon Hill  Timmy36066  5 star

New number for the carbon hill subway 205-717-4111

Seminole Tree

Compton’s Tree Services Inc.  Seminole Tree  5 star

Very professional and capable service. He had the equipment and skill to remove a very large, dangerous tree safely and efficiently. The price was reasonable also. Very pleased with this company and it’s owner.

Zu Ve-Pe

Eficiente  Zu Ve-Pe  4 star

Muy útil pero debe seguir mejorando


Johnny K.  Jgk1958  5 star

Google is definitely one of the best


App doesn’t work  Jsjtxgxhbkcystx  2 star

There have been multiple occasions where I will turn where google maps tells me to and it’ll think I turned on a different street and it will rerout and give me random directions. Or it will freeze and won’t give me the next set of directions. This is a major inconvenience and sometimes very stressful. Don’t use this app


Excelente App  kaakedjian  5 star

Excelente App para Venezuela


Street view is extremely laggy and broken  Ag3ntX  1 star

Black screen all the time

Emo Chopsticks

Periodically quits on its own  Emo Chopsticks  1 star

Everytime I use it now the app will quit on itself and I will have to restart my navigation. Pretty annoying when you miss your exit 10 miles ago

Works Lt

Used to be it  Works Lt  1 star

No longer it chief. Hate how they do local food areas now was a million times better before. Needs to add speed limit of road u are on and unnecessary merging with an immediate turn after that you don’t know about because its more focused on telling you to merge on to the road you are already on. Trash

Anita Lourdes

Lo mejor de lo mejor  Anita Lourdes  5 star

No puedo moverme en esta ciudad sin Google Maps.

Sensitive Pragmatist

Gaelic names  Sensitive Pragmatist  5 star

Just get people who can speak Irish properly to do the voiceover . You wouldn’t find a Cockney pronunciation of Spanish too popular in Spain ! Though it’s true the spoken word is generally English the placenames with Irish provenance and prominence are easily understood and recognised once correctly delivered according to local knowledge, which, after all is the purpose of the service, to bring you to your destination as identified, named and known!


Google Maps  awed5296  1 star

Google maps is great for finding places. It just won’t accompany you there!!!!

Tatiana VP

Issue with IOS 12.1  Tatiana VP  2 star

Can’t open gmaps with latest version operating system for iPhone


Location  tollyjessq  1 star

The app can no longer track my location accurately it gives me the route no problem but when I’m driving on the road it says I am still at the start or puts me on a different road and cannot readjust the route or track it

MG enterprise

Poor navigation  MG enterprise  1 star

Does not do recalculation. Reads roundabouts where there’s no roundabouts. Misleading directions.


What is with the Gaelic Place and Road names!?!  twsgolden  3 star

The use of Gaelic place names and road names is not only unimaginably irritating when you’re trying to follow a route it is also dangerous! More than once I have found myself distracted in heavy, and these days, fast moving traffic while trying to locate where the app was sending me when it used Gaelic street, road and town names. It’s all well and good giving the nod to the ‘cupla focal’ but get real Google, it’s downright dangerous! You’re in a predominantly English speaking market here, if you’re gonna play that game at least offer a choice to the majority who may not be fully conversant with not only the obscure Gaelic translation of place names but also the weird and bizarre pronunciation of the digital voice over!


Please go back to the old version!!  nolan643  1 star

The latest update to google maps is terrible I hate the car icon and every time I use it lately it is in no way accurate I’m always getting lost with it. Please please go back to the old version!!

John hynes

No road speed limit  John hynes  2 star

Would like Irish version to include road speed limit


Exactly what I need  Konterstraik  5 star

Always update it very useful navigation tool better than all other peevishly used by me


Awful  Chanters.1  1 star

Was once upon an update a great app. Currently constantly telling me no way there or check your server no internet connection bit funny coz that same connection to WiFi has me typing this! Sort it out please!!!

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