Google Maps - Transit & Food

Google Maps - Transit & Food [Navigation] App Description & Overview

Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other important places.

Get where you need to go efficiently:
• Find the best route with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure

Find important businesses:
• Know what’s open in your area and their latest business hours
• Find local restaurants offering delivery and takeout
• Create lists of your important places

Get there faster with real-time updates
• Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
• Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
• Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure
• With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn.

More experiences on Google Maps
• Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums

Some features not available in all countries

Navigation isn't intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles

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Google Maps - Transit & Food Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them.

Google Maps - Transit & Food Comments & Reviews

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- Failed to show 20 min delay

Said it was one minute for a crash, until I was trapped then it turned into 20min with lane closures

- What happened cant open

What happened after last update my google maps no longer works app wont even start

- LOVE it!

Connects to audio apps as well, easily accessed by my Lazarillo GPS apps and is able to quickly get directions to places, I will also be using this on the Pixel 3/3XL smartphone.

- Used every day

I couldn’t get along without it

- Need more options

Google, you’ve added so much to this app over the last few years, but you’ve missed an option. I tow an RV on a regular basis. Doing this, I maintain a speed of 60mph on the highways. By doing this, I don’t ever have an accurate ETA, as the speed limits frequently are 70-80mph. If there was an option to set your maximum speed to obtain an accurate ETA, this would be the most useful navigation on the market, hands down!

- Tax return

I come here every year to do my taxes great job novella will be back next year

- Loyal Google Maps user; hate the new update

I’ve been a loyal Google Maps user for years and years. I use it everyday, even just to see which route is best to get to work. I HATE the new update :( It used to be very clear to see from a driver’s point of view where to turn. Now it’s zoomed out and from the angle it shows, it’s very hard to determine where to turn. I understand it’s now easier to tell directionally if you’re going north or south, but I’d much rather it be shown from a first-person perspective so that I can see the street roads on my left and right. I ultimately think I have to switch to another app, as I’ve already missed a few turns because of this new update :(

- Too bright for my taste

Good app, just wish it had Dark Mode compatibility for those of us with color and brightness sensitivities.

- Gets you everywhere except where you want to go

From having an awful search function that will provide any answer that is marginally right but only accurate if you use the exact address. Google ends with a recalculation function that has gotten so bad that there must be a seditious bug in its code. I have never seen an app this bad... Apple Maps is better. Which I realize is like saying a pile of loose garbage is better than google maps. But it’s true.

- Used to reliable

In the last couple months when needing the App, the accuracy of my vehicle location has been inaccurate. It thinks I am on different roads. For example it thought I was in a neighborhood next to the divided highway I was on. This has occurred several times lately.

- Progressively getting worse

Once upon a time Google Maps was a good program. With each subsequent update the quality decreases. Among countless complaints, missing or poorly designed features, now the “your timeline” feature is essentially useless, as more than half the time it simply does not register my location on the timeline even though all of my settings are correct. Apple Maps is far superior (didn’t use to be) but unlike Google, Apple is constantly improving their app, adding new, well designed features, not to mention extensive accurate maps and directions. The quality of various Google products has been decreasing over the years. Truly disappointing.

- Great


- Love surprise box

The best customer service ever !!!!! Best manger ever so helpful!!

- 5 star no cap

5f hdbdhdbdbbdndnd


It takes months to get your order and then you find out they are picturing high quality clothing and send you beachside novelty iron on tops that look similar to the photos but not what you are expecting! Stay clear!! I don’t know why Facebook allows them to advertise!

- Better than Siri

This is so much better than Apple Maps Google maps can find things that Apple map cannot

- Great folks

Easy to work with and got my phone info what needed would use them again!

- Heheh


- Hjjj

Yeah I’m going back and forth and then you got a job. I have a couple more hours to do so I have to do a little thing.

- Please fix

When I search something say a Target, whenever I move the map to center Target, google maps then highlights the city on which my finger landed. Say I’m looking for a target in Pasadena, I then try and move the map and my finger lands on Alhambra, it will highlight the city of Alhambra. It’s so annoying bc then I have to exit and redo my search.

- Latest update

Change it back to how it was ! In order to put in a location it takes an act of Congress. You have to choose the location select directions then select where you’re coming from ? Who on earth does directions from different origin points that often !? Not enough to make it a step. If you want to choose a different origin make that an option but put in automatically current location like it use to be !

- Alters route without notice

I love google maps. It’s way better than anything else out there, but STOP ALTERING MY ROUTE WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME!!! It pisses me off so bad when I set a route to stay on interstates or where I don’t have to go through small towns state highways. I travel a lot for work and I’d rather drive 65-75 on larger highways than save 15mins on my route. STOP IT GOOGLE!!

- Bullish Entertainment LLC

Check out my new website and subscribe please love ❤️ this map

- sach


- Have to have it!

Even tho I have a iPhone I still download google maps can’t live with out it!

- Trash

This app is trash. It just had me exit over and over, added 50 miles, has me get off the highway and get back on in the same direction, then in the opposite direction, it said it would take me 16 hours to get there. I’m ready for someone to design something better than this piece of junk.

- کلار اباد


- absolüt basura

now if you’re driving to the far north side of chicago from middle of nowhere nebraska why on earth would this dumb computer get you on lower wacker? trash

- Great!

Cracked my screen and had it fixed the same day. He’s reasonable and does a really good job!

- No street names for English navigation

Please fix this issue. New update makes navigation difficult because no street names are called when navigation is in English mode

- Not happy

Brought my phone in for a broken screen. When I picked it up the screen was fixed but the up volume button was broken. I can say with 100% certainty that it was working when I brought it in. In addition, I brought the phone in with a case and they returned it without one. They claimed that I never had one on. I have had a case on the phone since the day I got it. I will say that they did give me another one free of charge but still, how do you lose a case.

- It’s a map

I use maps to get to places. Heh it’s just a map

- AZ to WY

We had a great time when we got to each of our destinations, which would not have been possible with out Google Maps guidance keeping us on our path easier: VB+5

- Great experience

Keith was great to work with, very personable and above all transparent and honest with us about everything! We got an incredible deal & will recommend them for future purchases!

- Total distance

Need to add ability to see total distance with multiple stops, why wouldn’t this exist?

- Downward slope

Google Maps use to be great but stopped verbal directions on iOS 13 which makes it useless when driving and no setting changes seems to fix it. Please fix this bug.

- have a enjoy fins.🐥

I was always a person who couldn't even find a close distance, but I followed a map of 6km from a foreign country to find a store!

- Joe at oconomowoc AT&T

Excellent service. Answered everything perfectly. Real pleasure

- Worst

It’s not letting me do anything!!

- Where to start?

Which one of you sub-moronic code monkeys decided it was a good idea to stop letting “my location” from being the default starting point?

- Favorites

Be VERY careful - some developer though it was a good idea to DELETE ALL YOUR FAVORITES when they do an update —- yeah, beyond insane and irresponsible!

- Google should read this.

Awesome app. Very helpful. But missing two things. 1. And option for trucks. 2. Add current speed for iPhones. Then it will be perfect. Thanks anyway!

- Great app

But their should be a setting where you put if your in a semi trucks to alter routes it sends you down. That way you don’t have big trucks stuck in residential roads 😊

- Battery Drain is Huge!

I love using Google Maps for navigation on bike paths and walking routes, but when the app continuously drains in the background for no reason... then that is going to be a problem for me as I am a big fan of Google Maps and there layout & format now. Much easier to access and use!

- good

y e s

- Don't listen to the hate

This app is GREAT I don't know why it has all these one stars, it so good!!!

- Addyfam07

When I first downloaded this app I was happy, but got disappointed. I noticed you couldn’t zoom into peoples houses. Please add that feature, maybe I’ll give a higher review.

- Great storage

I went in thinking man I really needed some storage. I asked the lady, think her name was Cassidy? Anyways I say to “one storage please!” And she goes “Could I interest you in two?” She was so nice that I ended up getting 3 storage and a box.

- Not very good

It takes a long time to load directions and if planning a road trip I doesn’t show the entire time to get to the destination and if you have a lot of stops after a while it stops showing the directions

- Trash

This app is absolutely garbage I am a delivery driver so I use this app 10+ hours a day and at least 5 times a day the app arrives me a few blocks away or miles away. If I could give it zero stars I would

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- Google maps

Going to school

- Issues with navigating to food places

I’ve used google maps for many years, but lately I’ve been trying to find quick food places as I’m often working in unfamiliar areas. But the app is consistently taking me way out of the way to food places that are in malls and airports with no indication that they are in malls and airports, is there anything I can do to avoid this? It’s driving me insane

- Work 7+

This device use just

- Great App

Love google maps compared to Apple maps but I really wish it had a speedometer.

- Bug

Belle application hyper génial mais là depuis un mois sa bugggggggg la map est à l’envers, la flèche apparaît dans le champ ou dans les rue autour de l’autoroute quand ça dit rester sur autoroute 10 sur 130 kilomètres mais y change ma direction 20 fois pendant mon trajet et souvent très souvent y gèle et dégel quand j’ai vraiment passé la sortie!!!!! Aider moi si y’a quelques chose que je peux faire . Merci Google

- Ads


- Nice app

Good ghost

- Great app

This app is so much better than the default “maps” app for iPhone. The apple version constantly takes you in the wrong direction and never works where I live. Was so frustrating. The google version is great. I’ve never had issues and it has better features. took a bit to get used to but, worth the download

- Google maps does not say welcome come on my iphone

Google maps does not say welcome come on my iphone

- Not working offline

Hi In this new update is not working properly Especially offline maps almost not working Can you please fix it

- Need better maps.

The ability to not be able to download an entire province or a state makes this app pretty much useless. Why just small little areas people travel.

- Stopped redirecting

After last couple of updates, the app has stopped redirecting. It doesn’t allow to select alternate route. Please fix it. Thank you.



- Merci de votre professionnalisme

Je suis très satisfaite de l’efficacité Pour la vente de mon condo!! Et de plus le montant demandé a été plus que j’avais demandé ´ faire confiance à Spyros Dourakis merci encore et au plaisir de vous revoir dans une autre transaction!! Madame 3M3,

- Doesn’t work proper

This app doesn’t show proper trips- there are some PICK UP or DROP OFF only stops. So don’t be surprised when your bus doesn’t stop where the google maps show you!

- Bravo

Toujours juste avec la circulation

- Route is built using the highway, while this route option is disabled

Yesterday app took me to a highway where the speed is min 90 km/h. I never drove on highways and have this route option disabled! Please fix

- Tanné d’attendre , bientôt 2 mois d’attente

Va t’il falloir que je vous poursuivre en justice, ou vous allez agir ?

- Last updates sucks

What’s with the stupid little car. Why have all my settings changed with this update?might be time to switch back to Apple maps ?

- Bouton démarrer

Ou est le bouton démarrer

- Battery Draining

I have just isolated the battery drain on my device to the latest version of Google Maps and it’s location services. Loading Google Maps with all other apps closed, my battery was set at 80%. I did no searches. I didn’t even touch the app once it was loaded. I returned to my home screen and watched my battery go from 80-72% in less than a minute. I repeated this process 5 times. My batter is now at 32%. This was completed over 8-10 minutes. Nearly 50% of my battery was consumed in under 10 minutes with Google Maps being the only open app. You need to fix this Google. Specs: IPhone 6s Plus iOS 13.5.1

- Why ads?

I previously loved Google Maps but now that there are ads for places I hate it. It’s very annoying and in my opinion rude to it’s users. I also hate how some places don’t even exist. The only reason it’s useful is the traffic feature. Please remove ads!

- No map loads

Map doesn’t load upon launch. Was the most used app until it started acting up

- Super!

Excellent service et très professionnel. Merci

- Wonderful app

Exact and convenient

- Lightning is good Hi


- The update are nice no more lags

Good work google team

- Great work from two great guys!

Moson and Vahid were a pleasure to deal with. They recently helped us do a kitchen makeover (demo, tiling, countertops, etc.) The work they did in the house is fabulous and their prices are affordable. I would highly recommend hiring them for your construction needs!

- Broken?

I think it’s broken. Won’t tell me any bus time’s other than sundays.

- Just stopped working!

stuck on a Sunday when I try to change the day or time, it just says “try again”. I’ve tried to delete the app and add it again and it does the same thing again!

- Google Maps

Please bring back the distance to the Destiination I need to know sometimes because there’s a distance limitTo take certain roads with certain vehicles

- Piece of crap

Garbage app. Screws up as much as it’s accurate.

- Amazing Crew!!!

Thank you for the amazing service and care you put into doing the posts for our fence and deck. Advising us and measuring, using a guide wire to make sure they are straight and level. These guys know there stuff and truly care about the outcome!! Top Notch!

- Apple CarPlay

Google maps always have been my go to map app in any smart device. I would want to see speedometer & speed limit updates for Canada (while driving a car). Also, please improve the interference for CarPlay.

- 👍 Thank you!

Thank you for restoring the “tap for full screen map” functionality!! Good to have Google Maps back on my mobile. 👏😎

- Always accurate

Easy to use, compatible with all our devices

- Time problems

It’s currently 5:02 pm and my bus root says 7:57 am. Times don’t match the bus root. :(

- GPS not working

No gps working when driving for iPhone 6. How to fix this?

- Awesome

Well done

- Add Truck route

Google must work on to add truck routes for truckers

- Best Stagers in town!

The guys did an amazing transformation of an owner occupied 2bed condo unit right in front of our eyes, using beautiful accent pieces and some additional furniture!! Great quality of furniture and accents used, respectful to the homeowner, great eye for detail, made sure everything was perfectly in place before leaving the site. Property sold within a day! Thanks guys!!

- Streetview is no longer available

Streetview is no longer available with the new Google Maps update for ios on my iPhoneX

- Looses signal

Since the last update, it always looses the signal.

- Makeup Job Together.

Angela and I had the pleasure to work together with one of my clients. It was the first time that i teamed up with this amazing makeup artist . my client as a very important person required very special attention, and Angela not only delivered high quality service as well as very professional and very attentive to the client. Can’t wait to work with you gain Angela ❤️❤️❤️

- Minor App Name Fix

When app is updated, it shows its name as “GoogleMaps”. After using it, it shows its name as “Google Maps”. A minor inconsistency. Everything else is great!

- It’s google maps!

Of course it’s great ;) the only thing missing is YouTube Music integration. It currently only supports Apple Music and Spotify, which aren’t even Google’s products.

- Google Map Innovation

Glad that Google Maps has been updated and evolving.

- Google maps Rock!

Remember map quest....revolutionary But this google maps version is awesome. It makes me money every single day!! Saves me hours a week with traffic routing. Best product to use. In the movie Hangover; when the boys arrive late to wedding for Doug. the Dr- only a Dentist actually says sorry; mapquest put us on a crazy route! It should be dubbed over now to say. “We used apple maps; but got here because we switched to Google maps! It is how I feel about how great this product is. It is my third most used app!! After text and phone!!

- Fix your app!

Zoom in and out glitches

- Appreciates their frontline workers during rough times due to COVID19

Appreciate there front line works during rough times due to COVID

- Correction

Arborsixteen rd is permanently closed at Murphy’s rd and has been for many years . Stephenson rd is unsealed and very rough.Arborten is sealed as is Andrew st from Arborten rd to Arborsixteen rd. 🙂

- Older version plz.

Plz bring the older version of google maps back. The newer version is not good at all. Humble request older version was way better. Thnx

- A good review

A very handy app by google to get you where you are going.

- Missing feature

This app doesn’t have option to search a truck route.

- Aaaaaargh!!!

Now cluttered up with a heap of utterly unnecessary irrelevant rubbish that one can’t even disable or get rid of - categories, explore etc etc. You know what, ppl are capable of GOOGLING a damn restaurant, gallery or pub IF they care to; don’t need to be patronised or have all this rubbish cluttering up every practical view & spoiling navigation. Yes I am really ticked off right now, having just spent an hour trying to get rid of all this junk only to discover it’s not possible. I just want a map!

- bethany anne barron

hi can great date

- Knows where you are!

Better than letting the Chinese spy on you!!

- Great

Easy use

- Took us in the complete wrong direction!

I am not one to leave negative reviews but we recently used google maps and I was appalled. Not only did the map keep changing its mind, but after following its directions we ended up in the middle of no where! Not impressed - I’ve uninstalled the app.

- Gps

Gps freezes dont know which direction to take, on highway shows u facing the wrong way, after driving for few kms map corrects itself, compass is very bad.

- Please please please help!!!

The whole time I have had this app I have been trying to change the year/time on street view and I do not know how

- This app is great but FUNNY

Subscribe and like to my channel froggy schultz For the sake of this app

- So many ads!

Fundamentally strong and functional app, but the paid advertisements are so intrusive and actively prevent you from finding what you’re looking for. Yet another example of corporate greed ruining google’s products!

- Drop bear cafe

Thanks google maps contacted you on the 26 may 20 now the 30/6 and still waiting for your postcard so we can confirm we exist to go on google maps (no postcode) for such technology why so archaic a system. We are still a silent business that started during covid19 and no tourist know we exist on google maps even when sitting at the cafe. Not happy Jan I am missing the trickle of tourist that are on the island, you can sit here and be given Townsville business as ones that are closest to you but not drop bear cafe. Thanks google maps welcome to a new century of technology and phone number to have a conversation with

- Poor form!

It led me 20kms away from my desired destination and I ended up in an Industrial area ( nightmare)!!

- Update Map of Nepal

All the features are amazing and very much user friendly but I can’t see the updated map of Nepal.

- Doesn’t work well with IOS often

App getting stocked from last few weeks and will try to send you to nearby streets after if you still following the same road/highway from few kms.

- Ultimate you Altona

Great team , highly dedicated Team , highly recommend, keep going guys

- Love app but..

Hey guys. Love your app but... in some bigger cities is hard to now speed limit ( doesn’t has to be city). Why you do not add speed limit, so every user everywhere will know how fast exactly they can go? I think it’s gonna be huge step/help for all user. Same w speed cameras, red cameras. Make an app as the top over everyone else. I’m using I can say only your app but I’m really missing this. Hopefully you can do something about it. Thx

- It’s just better than Apple Maps

If you care about privacy to the nth then obviously stick with Apple Maps. If you want a more feature rich and developed App that works faster, better, and more competently then this is the App for you. This makes me sad for switching to Apple as I can’t have this as my default.

- Rob

Friendly staff, more than willing to go the extra mile in mechanical service. I’ve also had friends from interstate use this company on numerous occasions for their vehicle.

- Amazing

I’ve used Kevin removals before and can’t thank them enough. They make every moving experience easy and the guys go above and beyond to help. Nothing is too hard for them. I highly recommend them for a seamless move.

- Super Doppler

Really ggggooooooooodddddddddd

- CarPlay Crashes

Just experienced Google Maps crashing while using CarPlay. This happened twice and wasn’t immediate. Fortunately I had someone present to reset to Apple Maps before dropping them off. In peak hour traffic this is a severe issue. It’s been fine the last few days, the only change was having an extra stop.

- Epic

So good

- pleaseee make option to change colour of icons in saved lists

i have so many places save ready to go to on trips and just getting around but i never know what places i’ve saved for what purpose when looking at the map! id like to easily be able to see on the map where my camping / surfing / eating etc. places are but i just see a bunch of blue markers with no indication of which is for which list. a simple range of colours would suffice. please make this update!!!!!

- Šerbiß Łarś Môæ!

Alzàbår orìondë loî meô espræn. Płarçen maäriè Vroôlß! Märgįr Flørë Manßék biöl. Mï łehg frį. (Sorry, my friend wrote this in a different language. Idk what language it is but she said it meant something nice. I have tried to translate a few languages like Spanish and French but i cant translate it. If anyone knows what this says, please tell me! Anyways, thank you for taking time to read this nonsense. 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿🤪♾

- Consistently good

Most times accurate.

- No dirt roads

Pls include option to avoid dirt roads

- Maps broke after ios 12.4.1 to 13.5

Google Maps is broken on wifi networks after I upgraded ios 12.4.1 to 13.5 some weeks ago. Google Maps is mostly marked to offline or loads very slowly. But email and Safari and Firefox etc in the iPhone work just fine. Maps is working well on mobile data.

- Best

You should use it app it very helpful and easy to use

- Missing trip distance since update

App use to shown how far to your destination now only shows the time. Need the distance to go back as this is very useful

- App drops when answering call

Map keeps dropping when I answer a phone call on my phone. So if i driving and answered a call on my handsfree, by the time the call is ended, I would have lost the map and i need to unlock the phone again. Its bad because while i am driving, I cannot unlock the phone and restart the app again. Really poor performance.

- Rest areas

Please add rest space spots. It will be great help to people who travels on highway interstate or intrastate. We can add stops on our way to destination

- Worst Place Ever

3 times I ordered food here! Dry! And my I always got Sweet Potato Chips very dry and yuck! And a lady at the front counter very unfriendly! I’m eating here paid by my money! Not stealing or begging! This is the last time I come to this places! I come here because I don’t have to drive far to Rockingham one!

- Ease of use

Google maps great because they are very easy to use.

- Giddy

Absolutely billed over in spurts of progress every where

- Gives wrong direction on my iphone6

Take it to wrong direction

- Brilliant

Perfect, why would you use anything else.

- Great facility

Map is a great facility while you are on road. It gives you real-time traffic updates.

- Messaging button gone

Hi google the message button is missing from the google maps home page

- Poor directions

After 2 years it still shows my home address as Dean RD, wrong street name and number. I’ve gone back to using the iPhone one.

- Maps


- Oof has

Oof why dis be Oof in me up

- Problem downloading

Have tried several times to download app to my iPhone 6S plus but it doesn’t download

- Doesn’t mark closed roads

Yesterday there was a crash on the Melba Highway, we tried to find other routes but it repeatedly said we could go on the Melba highway which was closed. Tried it again after school coming home and had the same problem. Due to this took us 2 and a half hours, absolutely appalling for a company like google to have such simple errors

- Its really good

I dont really use this app alot but when i di then it works rlly good (ignore my spelling)

- State of the Art navigation Mapping System

Good to know that google maps has arrived on the 20th century

- Magnificent service

With short notice this company was quick to react with compassion and empathy. They were so very helpful and I would not ever use anyone else now

- It’s magic !

Never get lost.

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- Best Acupuncture Treatment Ever!!

Thank you for the outstanding treatment!! I highly recommend Brianne as she is so knowledgeable in her field! Worthy of 10 Stars!! Leslie Mazer

- Love it, BUT

This app often glitches. I never had this problem with Android. App needs improvement for iPhone!

- Awesome app

Good way to find out gas pump

- Love it!

I use this app daily!

- Google maps

Hello your app be switching to another routes from the one I had and I almost got lost because of it.

- Only got this bc google won’t use any other maps but this one

I hate this and you

- ATX Helicopter

Great team, we had a good time & the pilot was entertaining Will definitely fly with them again Cheers Gene

- My head hurts

My eyes hurt It’ll take time to be good Thank you for seeing me try my best

- Google map

The best navigation app available

- Good


- Remotely Reasonable Directions Would Be Nice...

You know, as much as I love taking wildly erratic, out-of-the-way directions to my destinations, going the wrong way down one-way streets and plowing down pedestrians on walking paths, I really do miss, you know, more traditional routes (e.g. taking those roads that, if I remember correctly, are called “interstates,” or something like that). If you could fix that it would be so nice. Thx.

- Not accurate

Use other map services

- A once great app that has gone down hill

This app has routinely become more and more cluttered. Google needs to get back to a basic/simplistic model and hide all the shortcuts and add ons.

- Pop up ads are ruining my fun

Maps requires you to give it access to your phone contacts in order to use CarPlay. If you opt out,Maps on CarPlay periodically stops working unntil you read the message on your phone.

- Lots of things to say...

I used to LOVE this app. But it needs a refresh. When I first got this, about 2 years ago, it was amazing. The integration with your Google account is very helpful. Suggestions are much better than Apple Maps, and I still think more businesses and places are on Google Maps than Apple Maps. That being said, now I’m using Apple Maps. Why? For starters, the colors on the map are very bland, and don’t show much detail. Apple Maps is just a pleasure to look at. The zooming in and out is not very fluid nor smooth, and when you launch the app there are simply too many pop ups, to the point where you really can’t see much of the map without swiping multiple things away. Also, integration with StreetView would be nice, especially since Apple has already built look around right into their app. So now I’m forced to make a choice: The pleasure to use, seamless Apple Maps, or the more reliable, clunky Google Maps? So far, I’m using Apple, but if Google can get their app working more nicely and fluidly, than there will simply be no competition. 4 stars for now, and iPhone users will simply have to make that choice for themselves.

- Blue duck plumbing

Excellent service. Very neat, wore masks and booties over their shoes. Efficient and informative along the way. The two mean Phillip and Max were nice.

- Better than Apple Maps...

Though Apple's Maps might work more seamlessly with iPhone, Google Maps had listings that didn't even show on Apple's, and the reviews are more reasonalble. Whereas on Apple's Maps reviews (supposed to be based on Yelp) are rather low, as if no one can be satisfied and thereby giving inaccurate representation for quality of places. AND this one had the actual website for a place that happened to tell they wouldn't actually be getting together at that location on the particular day I was thinking about visiting, and that they would be elsewhere; whereas Apple Maps had the general website for the whole company instead of that specific location, which I wasn't sure was a thing. EDIT: Darn thing showing a Chick-Fil-A where there is none and being crappy about leading to a specific address.

- Feature Request

Please allow me to add a business to my contacts with one click.

- The GPS doesn't go alone with you

The GPS sometimes loses track of your physical movement and is annoying, this has happened to me like 10 times already, they hace to fix that ASAP!!!

- Not compatible with Audi Q5

Ever since I updated the google maps , it has stopped syncing with my Audi Q5 and doesn’t show in car play mode on my screen . It keeps saying switch on location services , even though it’s on and google maps has been enabled for the same , please fix this ASAP it’s a big inconvenience!

- Offline map selection could be bigger

I use google maps for the offline maps but selecting the areas for offline could be bigger. If I want to go on a road trip, I have to save multiple areas which takes up valuable space on my phone. I’d rather be able to save an ENTIRE state offline, similar to Gaia.

- Reroute

I’ve used Google Maps for a while, but the last time I used it I found it didn’t reroute it told me I have arrived, I had to but the address in again to get to my destination, please send a fix. Its very frustrating to add the address again

- Update Erased locations

I enjoy this app, I like its user interaction and how it operates. But I use this app for work and leave saved locations and notes for customers typed in. This is the second time when the app has updated (in the background) that I have lost Every saved location I had put in. Over 150 pins and saved locations.... I’m very aggravated. I expect better from you google.

- The worst

ALWAYS directs to any toll within the area, and any major highway. When living in a very high traffic tourist area and an area with toll roads in every direction, these are DEFINITELY NOT the fastest nor most direct route. Also has glitches where it will direct to turn, only to take you out of your way and then direct you to “make a u turn!” Often will direct you left or right and once you have turned, directs you in the opposite direction! I use Waze and Mapquest and AVOID this app. Must have a deal with toll authority.

- Walking and Biking not working properly

Directions for walking and biking on paths are not working any more

- Cool great

I can see I lot

- Best App ever!!!

This is the best navigation app ever! I use this ALL THE TIME! I’ve tried using the other navigation apps but... they don’t work as good as this one. 🙌🏻It can sometimes be a pain in the tush to use but that’s just like every other thing in the world! So all I have to say is USE THIS APP!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

- Thank you

Thank you to Ashlee and Mr. Stribman for your patience, understanding and kindness during this process with my Mom. I truly appreciate all that you all have done for us. Kind regards, Stacey S

- Put back palestine on the map

Palestine has been off the map for years now, while they claim it is a glitch, it should have been patched YEARS AGO, this is very clearly an attempt at not acknowledging the humanitarian issues there

- Now useless!

Unfortunately it is impossible to use this app for navigation as the whole screen is cluttered with useless links!

- U. S. Constitutiona & U. S. Bill of Rights

I have nothing but congrats as long as you’re abiding by them. Period

- Update ruined app completely.

Can’t look at traffic. Can’t look at the route on the map without ending the navigation - takes you straight to “directions” page. Before the update this app worked wonderfully. Now deleted from my phone and added Apple Maps. Useless

- Fast, Effective, Personal

I was leery to use the app because I wasn’t sure a computer could evaluate my specific insurance needs. But once the initial search for more affordable insurance with the exact same coverages was complete, I got to speak with a live person who could answer all my questions, make changes and updates, and get the best coverage and premium for me and my family situation. Natalia was so nice and very informative. It saved me a ton of time in searching for something that was right for me!

- GPS is off track

The GPS is off Trick is not picking up places or anything it’s not my settings if the GPS

- Trip

I took a wrong turn in Atlanta while on a recent trip. The GPS system in my truck wanted me to continue on 3 1/2 miles north. I tried the Google app and it wanted me to go 19 miles south to pick up the same road that my truck GPS put me on in 3 1/2 miles going north. I was really surprised at the difference between the two

- Raven

I was looking for a part on my vehicle last minute . Jimmy was able to find the part for me quickly. He has great customer service . I pre -ordered my part , and received it the next day. Jimmy even called the next morning to let me know the back tail light was ready for pick up. Thank you so much Jimmy.

- Love it

I don’t get lost any more. Love the street view with my phone Camara on it knows exactly where I am and where to go works great in Mexico!

- Please fix the navigation commands

I love everything about Gmaps but I started using apple maps because of ONE thing: the way it navigates. It says: after the light/stop sign turn right, and it says turn right into the parking lot; While in google maps it says in 400 ft turn right, or it the destination is on your right but doesn’t specify when to turn into the parking lot. I hate how google maps uses turn east/ xx ft.

- Fresh


- Long distance

So I try to use my home address central SC to Jimmy Carter in Atlanta GA . This google map has put me 2hours 40min. It put me in different directions then I use to . Longer and I got pullover by a cop 🤬. Thank you google map

- no way

I literally have never written a review for an app before but this app is genuinely the worst, it tells you where to go 2 minutes after you pass it.

- Great

I love the app

- Starred Places Not Visible in Map

Update: Forest Service roads have been removed. Thank goodness for the GAIA app. Starred locations still not visible and no way to remove pointless icons from the bottom of the app. All of my starred locations I’ve saved over the years are now missing from the map. Even if you tap on ‘Saved’ and select ‘Starred Places,’ you still cannot display all of your saved locations on the map. It will however display a list of locations which doesn’t do any good. You can no longer remove the other distracting icons on the top and bottom of the screen. This app has continually gotten worse over the years. DO NOT UPDATE!!!

- Outstanding maps on the web!

I have NEVER EVER gotten lists using Google Maps! The only way to travel with the net.🤠👊

- Kidney related

I have had experience with the new doctors and the old doctors....wasn’t impressed with the older doctors (no longer there)....honestly I’m so thankful for the newer doctors in this office. They figured out what was wrong with me after several years of dealing with kidney issues and am finally moving forward!

- CarPlay Dashboard

When is this going to be updates to appear in the CarPlay Dashboard ????

- Yeah

It's good but it makes you reliant on it to navigate places

- Useless

Couldn’t get results. Useless

- Very Disappointing

It crashes and finishes a lot. Very slow to update. Disappointing.

- Street View

Fix Street View on maps. It’s not displaying and is totally annoying.

- 好评


- Terrible service!

I ordered Mother’s Day tulips in vase got a corner store flower version with no vase. Could have done a better job myself at a quarter of the price. Emailed Quinton many times got nowhere. This is not a reputable business ...stay away!

- Insane directions

The map and written directions had me drive 8km for a address 450 m away. And quite often has instructions to drive “around the block” to get to the highway 150m away. An extra distance of 4 km. Yeah it’s a big block. What gives?

- Rob Vander Heyden

In short... Awesome. My experience with Scott and the Hollinger team was very professional and accommodating. If I ever do more business in the Flathead will most definitely be with Scott and his team.

- Make an Apple Watch app

I own an Apple Watch and don’t like using regular Apple maps so it would be deadly if you guys made an Apple Watch app

- Erreur

Codes postaux souvent faux.

- Road trip

Work very well on road trip

- Trash

It doesn’t work, the transit section only work once a month. Don’t waste you time and download. In Toronto Canada!! You’d think I live in the middle of no where 😒😒

- Amazing campground

Amazing campsite love the location and many activities going to try out goat yoga tomorrow !!! They even deliver homemade pizza !!!


what is going on??? Google maps will ALWAYS take me to the wrong address. It does this every time I use it. Seriously, fix your app. Wasting serious gas.

- No distance left

There is no more the distance left to go.

- New feature

Hello. I really like this app. Just as an additional idea, could you please add one feature to save the current trip? because when I'm doing trips with multiple stops if I close the app, many times I loose the next stops and I need to write all the addresses again from the beginning, and that's really annoying. Another option could be to pause the current trip and then a button to resume it. That would be awesome. Thanks a lot. BTW I'm a programmer and if you guys need any help just let me know 😉

- Shoutout to google maps

They are best

- Love ❤️

It so useful I use it every day during quarantine I find great parks

- My best friend always

The best

- Google Drive Canada Maps

Google maps accuracy is very bad. Timestamp Regions in ONTARIO CANADA L9W 4P9, are not accessible for accurate boundaries to enter Canada when you live in Canada like I do

- Google map doesn’t work

None of Google app work. The map keeps searching but doesn’t display anything

- Unsafe offline.

Google Map is great, except when I need to use it in the car. The app no longer speaks directions over Bluetooth, it’s just beeps signalling a turn but I have to look at the map while I’m driving in order to know where to go. No longer using this, will have to find a new map app that will talk to me.

- Wrost

Always show wrong bus timing

- Bad update

If we search anything in safari and try to get directions the new app doesn’t opens by itself instead it open app store where we get the google maps page then i have to press open. After that i have to put address manually.

- Amazing

It’s one of the best map apps. I highly recommend this app.

- Please make street names more visible

Sometimes I can’t tell in the map view what the name of the street is. I use Apple maps for that. Please make street names more visible.

- Unable to open decimal cordinates

I’m unable to open decimal coordinates on the iPhone app but the same cordinates works on web.

- Removed full screen

I have no idea why Google made the decision to make it so you can’t hide the menu and search bar like you were able to in previous versions

- Choose on map not working

When I plot a route to cycle or drive, the “choose on map” function always misplaces my cursor position about a kilometre or so to the east. Please fix - it makes this tool quite useless.

- request

perfect app , just if you put truck roads so most of trucker can use it .


Google Maps is a great app to help you get to where you need to be! Google Maps has helped me with a bunch of things like getting place to place, finding where to eat or shop and lastly it help people know how to get to my house if they need to know. Google Maps is an AWESOME app to download, keep up the good work LLC! :D

- Arrow points in the opposite direction and does not advance with the car’s position

Arrow freezes and can’t use the map ever since I updated my IOS. Worked fine before that! Any help in fixing that please?

- Cannot download

I have iOS 10.3.3 on my iPad and have been running Google Maps until today when I got tired of the screen going black while trying to use Street View. I removed the app with the intention of reloading, just in case the app was corrupted. I can't download Google Maps at all now.

- No location for home residence yet...multiple messages sent

Lived at our home address since 2014, and it still does not show up. The whole development that our house is in is still not in Google Maps. I have sent multiple messages and no response.

- What Happened to GMaps?

Google, what happened to the nice, minimalist interface of yesteryear? I’m now forced to view these god awful ‘catagories’ buttons, none of which I will ever intentionally tap/use, which are taking up way too much of the already very limited real estate on my screen... This is the kind of thing that’s going to get you deleted in favor of Apple Maps... Please, stop punishing us...

- Cluttered

This lasted version has removed full screen view sadly, it’s so cluttered with buttons and labels, it resembles a filthy city plastered with billboards IMO, thanks for that, all in the name of progress I guess, I’ll look for another map I suppose

- Glitchy and slow

The past month, I’ve been noticing that if I take a different route to a destination, the map does not update according to my route and the road I’m driving on remains grey (instead of blue). Thankfully I’m on roads I’m familiar with because otherwise it would be impossible to get around. I have tried restarting and deleting the app, didn’t help the issue. I’m running the latest iOS, on the iPhone 11 so I don’t think a performance issue is the case. Please fix this issue, as I really don’t wanna have to deal with Apple maps

- Really good app


- 2 issues.

When I name a starred or saved place it still shows up either as dropped pin or actual coordinates and I can’t search the particular name that I gave a location. This is annoying when you want to search on CarPlay and the coordinates show up as the name instead of the name I gave it. Why?? Also what happened to full screen map mode. I used to be able to tap to get rid of the search bar and menu at the bottom when I look at the satellite view. Otherwise this would have been 5 stars.

- It’s not up to date

I am a customer who recently ordered at Thai Sushi. I find google really helpful when I’m lost, but that’s not the point. The point is that my food I ordered did not come on time. It was 40 minutes late. When I checked google maps (because everyone uses it) the road I live on is the same name as another road. So I had to wait forty extra minutes to get my food. I hope the workers at google read this, I hope you guys can update maps a bit more often so the newly built roads can be recognized earlier. Thanks for your time.

- Great

As an Apple user google maps is useful for the amount of time it takes to get there on a bike. Well done!

- Wrong address

I wanted to go to a Brazilian restaurant called Acajou Br and google maps sent me to the old address 5121 Boul st laurant MONTRÉAL . And the new address is 3425A rue st Denis H2X-3L1

- ThankYou

I have been dealing with Kimberley from empire one credit solutions and she has been fantastic, thank you

- Out of date satellite and street views

We have lived here for over 3 years and the whole neighborhood has been filled up but Google Maps has not been updated. Enchanted Way North, St Albert, Alberta, Canada

- CarPlay

CarPlay for Google maps has major issues in terms of running in the background especially when there is a destination already mapped out and I plug-in to CarPlay it automatically crashes and I have to re-launch it. Very frustrating. I’d also like you guys to be able to add multiple stops and have Google maps organize it based on priorities or most efficient routes more easier than it is now thank you.

- Sometimes change is bad

I loved Google Maps before you changed the way we can view the street. Now it dims with an arrow. So annoying.

- Cycling

Redownloading because new phone Apple maps doesn’t have cycling. Thanks for having that feature and hope dev continues there as HPV infrastructure advocacy increases i.e. strava

- Please fix it!!

The new version is awful! It’s the same as having Maps app. It’s just not accurate with timing and it doesn’t have the same options as before. Please go back to the old version!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

- وائل حبال الأفضل

لالتغيير وائل حبال

- Google traffic

This app helps me a lot for when I’m looking for the best cheap gas in Abbotsford

- Door to door movers

I was so happy with Door to door Movers. They were quick and professional. They were so polite And nothing got broken. Thank again. I would use them again and recommend to them to all that I know. Thank you!!!!

- Covid 19

Really bad experience in this store worker and people in this store without mask and doesn’t care about social distance, even manger the store

- iOS update problem

I had an iOS update and now Google Maps will not load. I have to enter my iTunes password every time the app opens then it freezes with a blank white screen then crashes.

- I like it


Libertex 📈

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- Halo hair salon - the best antidote to lockdown

I recently went back to get my scraggly hair cut and coloured at Halo Salon on New Row St, Covent Garden and it made my day. They have gone out of their way to provide the same welcoming atmosphere as before while respecting all the new guidance. And they have not increased their prices. It’s so important to keep small businesses like this going - and your hair will look fabulous too!

- Could do better

Reduced this to 2 stars. The new street view navigation is crap you go all over place totally unstable. Adding a way point is not what it seems and is fiddly. Really is not a way point adder at all Reducing to 1 star. Why the bloody hell don't stop fixing things that are not broke. Drop a pin now and you get half the map took up with information at the bottom we don't want. The little street view window was enuf what the hell is the matter with you people. While in my estimation this app is starting to fail. You can get camera info and road speeds by using Waze a sister app of google. However I do think google should look at incorporating this information. If I could give this no stars I would. The one thing that is annoying is when you use the feedback within the app nothing gets done. This app fails to load the street view on the iPad 10.5 pro. You have to try several times to make it load sometimes it works if you totally shut the app, but I known to have to turn iPad on and off. I have told google this several times over a period if a few months and they have not fixed it. This keeps crashing on the iPad 10.5" pro What’s happened now. When using street view and scrolling along the blue line it suddenly goes to a black screen and you have to come out of it just to do it again. Plus the fact the scrolling in street view is unstable it suddenly goes wild and shoots miles past where you want to look. This app is crap for cycling. I done a route from Broadway North in Walsall the uk to Wolverhampton The route to me round blocks and around streets I did not need to go around. Kept sending me off the main road for some stupid reason. I don’t rely in this app fir directions. Why does maps only show speed traps when you do a route. I have the maps on quite often but don’t always have a route because I know where I’m going. But it would be nice to know the speed traps along the way. Like Waze does.

- Route


- What a mess....

Not a clean or attractive UI. Homepage splattered with offers to find you food, petrol, POI and photos you don't need to see..... Less,is more.

- Very Good

Very Good Good, please also make it like a sat nav, I am sure it can be done 👍

- Awesome

Really good and clear. 😀

- Can't see the roads

Latest update has changed the colours so road is almost identical to the background. Very hard to pick out the roads now, and I have normal vision. Please fix this!

- First class

So clear an easy to use

- Update

On updating your current maps, I have found the map on the widget is zoomed out too far, is there a fix for this, as I could see the traffic a lot better Thanks

- Used to be good, now bloatware

Too many weird and useless features now like auto toggling motorway avoidance. 1 step away from being bloat malware like mcaffee

- Work in Progress

Still no speed limits or safety cameras on routes. Stick to TomTom for iPhone, it’s got it all the features from the world leader. Google maps is bloated with features I don’t want and can’t turn off.

- Google maps

Easy to follow and precise

- Features keep getting introduced

Can’t say anything bad...except...when you post updates on here, could you actually say what’s in the update and not just the generic sentence of fixing issues? Would like to know exactly what’s been fixed in case I’ve come across something that I never thought was an issue but turns out it was...also I just like to know.

- Bad

So bad and bad

- Not good wen needing petrol

Sent you down the wrong road when needing petrol

- Shortland Horne

I have just let my house using Shortland Horne. I knew they would be the agent that I would be using as I had used them last year to sell my old home . A combination of good old fashioned professionalism, working hard for their clients with approachability and friendliness thrown in make them the only agent to go to. Michelle Broadbent on the lettings team has held my hand the whole way through the process as I am a first time landlady. Nothing was too much trouble for her . The Shortland Horne team are second to none .

- Crashes my iPad air3

The app regularly just freezes. I can’t then do anything at all on my iPad without forcing an restart. I’m using a new IPad Air 3 256gb cellular+WiFi. Get it sorted google.

- Low contrast bug?

For some reason the roads are extremely hard to see as they appear to be almost the same color as the background. Would struggle to believe this is an intentional design decision. It makes no sense. Please fix.

- Good

I like google maps but I put in my friends address and it says did you mean here and I didn’t and it only allowed me to say yes or edit, I put the same thing into apple maps and it was fine so I’m not sure why it did that and it’s a pain cos apple maps satnav is bad

- Put clear Junction numbers on Motorways

Great app but do me a favour and make the junction numbers clearer on the motorways please

- Adventure Time!

It’s best to grab your friends and Adventure using the Google Maps app!

- Samsung V iPhone features

I would like to know how come when using Google maps on my work Samsung phone I can see what speed I’m doing and it alerts me of speed cameras but when I’m using Google maps on my personal phone it’s completely different every after it updates-it don’t show what speed I’m doing comparing it to the speed limit of that road/street nor does it alert me of speed cameras ahead?

- Cant find my house

Every time I type in my address or anyone does, it comes up with “Did you mean?” Asking me to edit or clear. Neither fixes or finds the house. Maps on iOS finds it perfectly fine which is frustrating as it’s not as user friendly

- Atualização

Após alguns pedidos para atualizar o nome de uma estrada, nada foi feito

- Blinds

They were perfect as usual, we have purchased many blinds from this company and they have been very good and have been working perfectly for the last 6 years,

- Best

Google maps has really helped me to find lots of places so any body out there download google maps

- Review

Very good

- Got charged 80 pounds

Made me drive through ULEZ in London. Now I have to pay 80 pounds because of it. It should warn me.

- Just got worse !

Before, I could tap on the map and it would get rid of the borders at the top and bottom of the screen (so I just had the map only). However, now whenever I single tap it puts a drop pin there. I don’t want this. I ONLY want a drop pin when I tap and hold on the map, not just on a single tap. This is horrible. Get it back to how it was. ..............…......................................................... STILL ISSUES WITH CONFUSING COLOURS The colours overlaid on the roads are too cluttered. I can’t see which road I’m following due to reds and oranges covering it. Can slower roads be shown with a jagged line or something so as not to cover the blue route I’m supposed to be following ?

- خاطي

الصح يبعد ٣٠٠

- Love it

It so much better than the other map type apps.

- Journey

It makes your journey a lot easier when you can just google where your going and get directions in a matter of minutes, how did we manage without it I remember having a huge book of maps and giving the driver directions what a nightmare

- Good app

Does exactly what u want to do shows you where u need to go without any complications and you can even just look at the list of directions for each corner so can be easier to get to your destination depending on how u want to be told the directions. I would highly recommend you to get it.

- Rating

Highly recommended! 👍

- Hannah

Craig has delivered an excellent service with my partner. He has suffered with chronic migraines and with the help of Craig giving acupuncture, massage, exercises and advice he has been able to get them under control. He has also occasionally taped his shoulder which has helped him with his job as a carpenter. Craig is realistic, holistic and professional with an abundance of knowledge that he can explain in lay terms. Would defiantly recommend!

- Best app to have

Best app to have

- Google maps excellent always get me there


- Landscape screen changed

I always use landscape screen on my iPhone and after a recent update the view has changed. No miles and the map is offset to the right. Why? Change back please!

- Saved places missing

Unfortunately many of my saved places keep on keep on disappearing from my map. They are there if I use browser. This issue hasn’t been fixed in a long time not even with updates. Sometimes saved places come back if I uninstall and reinstall back. Not very practical though.

- Location Button issue

Im forever knocking the location button which just moves me to my location, great app overall tho

- Would give it 5 stars but...

In London in particular, it should have toll free routes because it costs up to £30 a day if you go through the congestion zone! Therefore there should be a setting where you can avoid those areas.

- What’s happened?

I’ve always used google maps in the car. It’s now useless! The screen did so you can’t see it in the car. The instructions are now on the left at the top and bottom so there’s only a small space on the right for the map so you can’t see what’s coming up! Had to resort to using Apple maps.

- Best Maps ever

I like this app it tells you the locations of Places and I like the feature that you can use it offline and others

- Too many glitches

Photos don’t load properly, showing wrong direction, etc.

- Serious accessibility issues with terrain view

The contour lines in terrain view disappear when you zoom in making it impossible to read the altitude if your eyesight is less than perfect.

- The new A-Z

Great tool to get directions and to find out more about the places at the same time.

- Useless

It has stopped working, no vocal directions

- Rubbish

If you have an iPhone use iPhone maps that’s on the phone google maps is total crap. So much better out there now.

- This is by far the worst navigation software

Its quite common with Google Maps to make you do extra long journeys to save you ridiculous amount of time. It was forcing me to do extra 7miles to save me 1min of journey time. Today it done the insane instead of asking me to make a U turn. I had to travel extra 17miles as police decided to F..k everyone and closed tge exit to M25. Its everyday i have to reroute to avoid extra miles to save few mere minutes. Amazing ridiculous sh.t app

- Angers me

Look, this app is good, I can’t lie. However I always delete it when I have no storage left in my phone. So, picture this. You’re on a road trip with your friends, you want to get to a location. You simply go to your safari, type in google maps & type in the location you want to get to. It then suggests you get the app. You try to download it but you feel the pressure and build up of the slow, agonising wait for the app to download while in the back of your mind, you’re thinking ‘This is going to inhale all of my data’. Not only that, it takes AGES for the app to actually download. That’s all I have to say about it. Just let me do my thing on the inter-webs google maps :/

- Thuong


- Amazing

So great and easy to use

- Hi


- Hasn’t functioned for routing while driving for months now.

Select my destination, hit start and fails to do anything as I travel. It’s useless.

- Freezing Issue Spoils a Good App

I’ve always used Google Maps in preference to Apples Maps but since upgrading to an iPad Air 3, it freezes after I zoom and I have to reboot. Most inconvenient when navigating my husband through a city. Using OS 13.4.1. Searching the net for answers has only shown me that others have a similar problem. Hope there will be a fix soon.

- Update the map

Update the map

- Christinah A

In these troubling times it’s nice to find someone who cares and is so very helpful, thank you again Christinah for everything you did for me.

- Not update

Not update

- Great application

I like the app. I would give five star ratings if it has many different fancy car location while driving!!

- ...Write a Review...

Quality is good Imagery is good also, can see different types of thermal settings for location, reviewing...

- Mt. Everst lies in Nepal not in china 🇨🇳 please review this information

Mt. Everst lies in Nepal .

- Needs earlier turn warnings and less right turns

For some reason google maps doesn't warn you when you need to turn until it's far too late and you can't possibly get in the correct lane, it needs an additional warning for turns earlier. Also for some reason it's obsessed with taking routes that involve right turns onto main roads with no lights, google maps really needs to correctly weight the fact that some roads are impossible to turn right onto during busy traffic hours and come up with better routes. Until google fixes these problems I really can't recommend google maps as it's more likely to get you lost or in an accident than it is to get you to your destination

- psb 97

Find them always useful and up to date. Thanks

- Good!

I love this app right now because it helps me with my distance for home schooling and dumb CORONA VIRUS!

- Almost perfect

This app works amazingly and has gotten better after every update. But the update we’re all waiting for years to come is the introduction of changing icons!!! Even as little as 5 icons or colours will help so much! Then it’s a perfect app!

- Colour codes

Would really like to be able to colour code my saved lists

- Good search app

You can find any area with this app. It is pretty good.

- Unusable

What have you done to Google Maps! It’s totally unusable following the latest update. The app is a danger to itself and society. Take it down and fix it before someone gets in a car accident trying to follow inaccurate and delayed directions!

- Fix please

Keeps saying, unsupported link

- Latest up dates not good

Latest update is no good Gets confused on location recalculated route a lot And map doesn’t rotate in directions you’re heading.. if you’re heading south you drive downward on the map and hard to workout where and when to turn while driving

- Rerouting

Since the update my maps constantly keep rerouting. Constantly having issues

- Update broke it on ios!! Please fix it!

Since the last update, google maps has broken and it doesn’t work properly any more! I’ve been using google maps every single day for many years and now I’m considering to use the iPhone maps even though I don’t like it till the bugs that were introduced in the update are fixed. Issues: - google maps suddenly goes crazy and it thinks I’m completely in a different location, so it can’t provide the correct direction and then it starts to keep changing directions every few seconds - there is a 10-30 seconds lag now. Which makes it annoying, for example it only tells me that I needed to turn few seconds after I’ve already passed the street! Lol useless! - This one is not a bug but it’s something that no one probably thought would be an issue. I can only adjust the volume when google maps is talking! If it’s not talking, the volume bottoms only adjust my ringtone! I had a super difficult time driving today which made me miss my appointment because the sound suddenly disappeared and I had to wait for google maps to talk every time I was behind a red light so that I could increase the volume. This got accompanied but the whole app freaking out at some point and thinking I was on the other side of the city! - There used to be a speed limit sign at the corner of the screen. It was very useful. Please bring it back. I’m not sure if it’s possible for you to do some user studies before you release updates with big changes. I hope to see the bugs fixed very soon. Currently the app can’t be trusted

- Should be sued

Your app is #1 in Navigation but a recent update has the possibility to cause serious danger to drivers on the road. By including the speed limit indicator means drivers will see this and assume that’s the speed limit if they haven’t seen a road sign yet. I was using Google maps and ‘90’ came up on the map while on an open road. So after I was pulled up by a police car for going 20 kms over the speed limit. To my shock it was a 70 km zone! Now charged with a $200 fine and 4 demerits I’m bringing this to your attention because someone like me getting a speeding ticket is nothing compared to what could happen. If the speed limit is not accurate on the app then it seriously shouldn’t be there.

- Tracking

Plz pedometer made on this app

- The gangrene turkey

The British have the best intelligence in Scotland Yard and still never been invaded so just to let you know god is my armour and I’ll drop my cluster last

- Travel

Travel = easy Easy = Peasy Why? Google Maps!

- Overall good

Good but it would be nice to be able to reply to reviews.

- App keeps crashing

After the most recent update I cannot open the app. It keeps crashing. I am using iPhone XR. Please fix it

- mmm Crashing Ipad

Bought latest iPad Air in January. Google maps freezes 3 times out of 6. Crashes iPad. Must restart. Very annoying! This is the BEST mapping utility on the planet and I’d like to keep using it......but🥴

- Excellent

It’s a real help.

- Do not purchase

Absolutely horrendous app. Tricky to use, much apps in the map field much much better put together. Location service is unreliable and effectively useless. Looks as if google got the work experience kids to design an app

- Bad update

Not functioning well since the last update. It always freezes, and doesn’t correct me if I go in a wrong direction. Can’t trust it anymore

- Apple Car Play dark mode no longer working

Since the last update, Apple CarPlay Dark Mode does no longer work, even when setting the CarPlay Google Maps setting to dark mode, the map remains in standard day mode. This makes it almost impossible to use when driving at night as the display is far too bright. Can you please fix this? iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 13.4.1 in Hyundai i30 PD 2019.

- Please fix Automatic/Night mode

To only be able to navigate in night mode is ridiculous, working night shift occasionally I have to go to areas that I don’t know that well so I’ll get my self to the general area then start navigation when I need it Also lose the state route numbers for Australia we don’t refer to main surface roads that way let alone freeways/highways

- Google maps

Hi love google maps just one thing can you highlight all the other street’s in a different colour so that there more visible thanks

- Map not working properly

My map is freezing navigation is not working properly I got lost in freeway tried re installing and reset as well but still not working help me asap thanks

- Was good - now bad

Huge navigational issues now in rural areas. Do not trust it at the moment.

- Oscar’s Review

Thank you very much for making a app that is always up to date it helps me when I’m trying to find an art shop, somewhere to eat and I love it. It’s just amazing👌👌👌

- IT’S SO, SO BAD :(

UPDATE: When phone is sideways (horizontally), it cuts off buttons at bottom of screen, specially START/GO button!! This has happen for last 3 updates 😞🙁🥺 Google Maps were so much better approx 5 years ago, in iOS 8! Now, It gets me lost 9, out of 10 times! When press Start, the blue arrow just sits there, in centre of screen, and point to wrong direction (I am facing), at least 98% of times! I start to drive and nothing’s happens, no voice and arrow doesn’t move either, until 3mins later and by then it tells me to turn around and go back the opposite direction!!?? Also, I’m in Australia and it keeps showing “State Route xx”, instead of real street names - no one calls the streets by ‘State Route...’ It never remembers the same route (even used the day before), it keeps sending me in a wild goose chase... even on the way back, 1 hour later! When I know the starting point, just need bit guidance half way through, it keeps telling me to do U-turns and go another, much longer journey. To make things worst, in one single sentence, it says: “turn right, turn left“, but there’s nowhere else to turn, after the first turn, odd !? And, at beginning of a journey there’s no voice instructions, so it shows a highlighted route, but 2mins later, ‘changes it’s mind’ and shows another route completely different and in opposite direction !? OMG so, so infuriating and stressful :( Nowadays, no matter how many updates, It’s utterly useless, and inaccurate !!! I feel I should go back to my old Garmin.

- Response too slow

After my last update it’s not responding well once I put the destination it just thinking for about a minute and then it show the route, it was not like before Hopefully it will be sorted with this update


I’m not sure what’s going on but my GPS isn’t working at all. I’m not happy about it.

- Marty’s haji ghousuddin kabul Afghanistan


- Easier location

It’s ok, but there should be an easier way to get to more, non-address location. Like if you wanted to get to a crop circle site, but all you get is some restaurant.

- issue on Google maps

I don't know why used carplay suddenly cancel out? It's happened every day! Make me crazy!

- Not working

Please fix app ASAP

- Love you Google map

You’re the best

- Ola missing in the ride share option

Only Uber and Didi is showing in the ride-share option. Ola is missing. It’s good to have all in one place to compare the prices.

- Maps

Maps is so good to me

- Original APP was better

This is very good, but the aspect rotation reduces the usability. Every time you zoom in or out the slightest rotation moves North. The original app was the best. I wish I could have that back. The loss of HOME and WORK on the home screen and the audio delay (causing missed turns) is making this very annoying to use. Change of logo means I can’t find it quickly on my device

- Amazing app

Very great quality app but would help if speed limits would show up in the bottom corner. Please work to make this happen

- Not working perfectly on my iPhone 6splus

The cursor on the map is stagnant sometimes and slow while I’m driving. It’s quite misleading

- Map

Very ok. Easy to use

- Wrong home

The map those not recognized my home address

- Reliable means of direction

The google map has made it very easy to locate your destination

- Unhappy

Ever since my last upgrade, if i try to navigate, the arrow stays in one place even when i have move is frustrating

- I trust Google Maps

I trust google maps whenever and wherever I go. It’s never failed me. I give the developers kudos. Can’t wait for a fully featured offline version.

- Update useless

This current update is rubbish, it’s not navigating well


Please there’s urgent need about IPhone 6 google map navigation Error. It’s static and not moving. Please help us to do something about this issue because many have complained a lot on this issue. Thank you

- App is Malfunctioning

It’s so bizzare how this app is so dead now and other apps are you taking over the navigation thing. Just crazy how I’m at my destination and google map says I’m still at home haha 😂 jokes on google this new update is a big fail too bad !

- Great App

I love google map app , it’s my goto app when I’m on the road, helps me navigate without stress . Great App

- Unable to open

The map has been really good but Since the last update I have not been able to open the map. Kindly rectify

- Doesn’t work recently

I have to drop this here. Back in the days google map is what i use in doing my logistics work and it has been helpful but recently lets say in the past 2-3months google map stopped work. When you write where you’re going to it will display the direction but the icon doesn’t move as your vehicle is moving. I have deleted it nd reinstalled it more than ten times still not working. To whom it may concern please you guys need to review it and fix it in less than no time. Thank you. Here i come again. I dropped my first complain like 2months ago and till now nothing has been done everything is still the same. Please is it that no one is seeing all these complains or what. I need the developer to reply me i am having an issue using this app and it has not been like this before please someone should reply me with a good solution because is really frustrating please pleasea. Thank you.

- The indicator doesn’t move

Hi Google Map, This APP has been very useful, but since this year I have noticed my map indicator doesn’t move while I’m driving. I have done several updates and reinstalled the APP, but it didn’t resolve the issue. Kindly assist Thanks.


My google maps app doesn’t work with mobile data, it keeps saying offline even when I have my mobile switched with enough data on it. It works fine with the WiFi though

- Closed

I am the Landlord of Blossom and they were my tenant. Now the place has been closed down for over two years . Thanks anyway.

- Malfunction.

Hello, I write to express my frustration at the inconsistent malfunctioning of your map.

- Map not responding

My map it’s not functioning at all and not showing the right location

- Great

- Google map not updating while on the move

Hello... google map on my iPhone doesn’t update while am on the move... it updates minutes after the actual... I have calibrated and check all gps settings on my phone. What could be the issue?

- Great

Great app for navigation

- Nice navigation application

Nice one Great app

- Glitch

This app has been messing up lately on my phone. It doesn’t show the tram and bus times anymore on iPhone 6. Fix it!

- Google map

Google map is unreliable, ever since I updated the application it’s been malfunctioning

- Not good

Used to be great now but now it doesn’t work on my X

- Improvement

There is need for improvement.

- Thank you

It was very nice

- Poor services

My google map is not navigating I don’t really know the problem.

- 5 star

Really good app!

- Review

Great work google. Need more improvements like updates on pedestals and etc. just as the new updates on Apple maps.

- We need Dark Mode!

I love google maps as it’s better than apple’s map. However it’s just weird that my entire phone is on dark mode except google naps. Please give us dark mode! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

- Have been using this app for years plus and it’s so amazing

Have been using this app for years plus and it’s so amazing

- Very nice


- Inaccurate location

I noticed this particular app isn’t given accurate location so I want to uninstall it

- One of the greatest.

The team ought to be proud of their work. Helping billions globally in navigating, time saving and convenience. Plus superb updates

- Appreciation

I’ve used other maps but google map is the easiest and most accurate even though physical accuracy can be improved upon. The direction is good. 👍

- My Google Map

I want to thank Google so much for creating and running this map, it’s an amazing tool at its development and growth stage. As a Bolt driver in Lagos Nigeria I use and depend on Google Map alort. My desire is to work with Google to take the map to the next level and perfect it.

- Comment

It’s very good and consistent

- Best

The best navigation app so far till date and probably forever

- Very Good App

This is very helpful

- Accurate mapping

Accurate mapping

- This map is not working parfely.

Please work on it. Not give me d right derision. On iPhone

- 😭😭😭😭

Worst google map update version of all time in Lagos’ google map cost me lots of uneccesary substancial bills on the roads leading me to one ways, and to directions where there are no roads or blocked roads’ hereby making me fall prey to major traffic extortions from lastma officials and our corrupt police in Lagos 😭😭😭 Horrible Horrible Horrible!!!😭

- Excellent

Google Map has really helped me a lot, No lies.... I never regret downloading it 💯

- This is a very helpful guide. You can travel to a remote place an be properly guided!

This is a very helpful guide. You can travel to a remote place an be properly guided!

- It is giving incorrect real-time location

It has been giving incorrect real-time location in the last 2 weeks. Makes directions confusing.

- Navigator movement

I’ve been using google map for years on my iPhone but sometime last year I noticed the navigation arrow stopped moving. I do the updates regularly and even changed my iPhone since I noticed it, but the arrow doesn’t still move. It gives you the route but doesn’t move as you move. I don’t know if any other person experience that. Thanks

- Google map a life saver

What would I do in Lagos without google maps

- Good is the best

I love google maps Perfect directions Is really good to use Because it can help you find your way to your appropriate destination One thing I love about google is that all their services are always free to use An immediate tap on google take me home will get me to my desired destination Google has been like a family to many Nigerians. One thing about google maps is that whenever there is traffic it will always show it to you And tell you places to avoid And I love putting my google maps on avoid traffic, tolls and ferries Google maps has never disappointed And it will never disappoint you Can I get a shout...

- Not working fine.

This app is a nightmare right now. It’s not giving real time navigation again despite multiple upgrades and re installation.

- Inaccurate location

Google map location inaccuracy has got me all messed up🥺. It’s been hard finding my way around places I’m not familiar with which affects my job greatly. Google map is great yeah👌 but that bug affecting location should be fixed ASAP⚠️. Nice job google👍

@sfmta_muni @SFTIDA @MattHaneySF can you guys please update the bus line information for bus line 25 to reflect th…

@leennmajd Google Maps - Transit & Food by Google LLC

@transit Google Maps mostra un carril tallat a la A2 a Jorba. En sabeu res?

@tellpost Google Maps does not maintain the most updated information about our transit service. To reference our t…

Google Maps for iOS catches up with Android version, adds driving directions, transit info & explore nearby…

google maps setting for the transit route least likely to give me covid pls

With the help of telecommunications like Multilink, Google’s latest Maps update includes information on public heal…

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Google Maps - Transit & Food 5.47 Screenshots & Images

Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food Navigation application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Maps - Transit & Food Navigation application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Maps - Transit & Food (Version 5.47) Install & Download

The applications Google Maps - Transit & Food was published in the category Navigation on 2012-12-13 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 198.2 MB. Google Maps - Transit & Food - Navigation posted on 2020-07-06 current version is 5.47 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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