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Google Maps makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best places in town and the information you need to get there.

Get there faster with real-time updates
• Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
• Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
• Save time with automatic re-routing based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures
• Don't miss a turn or exit with lane guidance
• Find pit stops along your route like gas stations and coffee spots

Discover places and explore like a local
• Find top-rated restaurants and local businesses, wherever you are
• Decide on the best places to go with reviews, ratings, and pictures of foods and interiors
• Plan your visit and see menus, make reservations, and find when places are typically busiest
• Help others discover the best places by sharing reviews, photos and more
• Save places you want to or often visit, and quickly find them later from any computer or device

Experience the Google Maps difference
• Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums
• Comprehensive, accurate maps in 220 countries and territories
• Transit schedules and maps for over 15,000 cities
• Detailed business information on over 100 million places

* Some features not available in all countries
**Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Google Maps - GPS Navigation App Description & Overview

The applications Google Maps - GPS Navigation was published in the category Navigation on 2012-12-13 and was developed by Google, Inc.. The file size is 153.30 MB. The current version is 4.54 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them.

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Google Maps - GPS Navigation Reviews



GMaps no longer works on this phone. None of the purported workarounds to “fix” this do so. Google, this is a known problem. Fix this.


Navigation voices suddenly stopped saying details  p1uskid  3 star

It suddenly become very brief and just say “turn left” instead of “use the second to the left lane to turn left to Xxx street”. Forcing you to look at the screen is not as safe as saying it out.


Instructions not clear  JazzyNice26  3 star

Doesn’t give full instructions when listening to a podcast. Works for everything else.

Need my Sweatcoins back

Best APP EVER  Need my Sweatcoins back  5 star

I went to a car show in Ho Ho Kus NJ and it was awesome. I saw a lot of Nice cars there


Reliable and easy to use  PritiShetty  5 star

I trust google map more than my navigation system


GPS spins  imtz86  2 star

Recent update made google maps not accurate.


Lacks Apple Watch app  mc4ndr3  3 star

This app would be more useful with Apple Watch support.


Very convenient  breemescudi  5 star

I love Google Maps! I use it for just about everything especially when I’m in a new city! Helps me out a lot in how I make my selection especially with the reviews from other people! I’ll continue to use this app for as long as it exists! Very useful!


best navigation in history  killa_420  5 star

very reliable, very accurate, i use it everyday. google should build a vehicle navigation aswell🔥🔥


Need to update  Stepp-y  2 star

Lately every time I have used Google Maps the past three weeks, we have been taken on really weird routes and I can clearly see there are better ways to go. We have been taken on detours and redirected to a ramp that is closed and I am not a fan of the app saying there are alternative routes when I have already chosen the route I want. These things need improvement.


Map  Tonny000888  5 star

Very useful and detail for everything’s


Very helpful  J.Kalan  5 star

It is very clearer than the Apple maps app


谷歌地图  志趣远行  5 star



Timeline isn’t right  Nochemistry  3 star

I used to like the fact that this app gives me an accurate location whenever I check my timeline and helps me to recall what time I was in a specific location. But then since the other week, the timeline is no longer working correctly. Even if I did not drive, it says I was instead of being in a location for 5hrs or so. :( Please fix that feature.

Top Raf

Mr Armen  Top Raf  5 star

Just fantastic

bob jane tom jeff

Google maps  bob jane tom jeff  1 star

It’s telling me to go somewhere when I already passed it. So I am literally doing circles


No sound  noosapagan  2 star

I can’t get any audio instructions on my IPad.

Sam toocan

Never aligns with my location  Sam toocan  2 star

When opening the app, my location is never the location on the maps, it’s always at least 200metres from where I’m located


Map review/report  MrsMadonigan  1 star

I’m an Uber driver and this morning I switched to google maps as I was having problems with the Uber maps. I accepted a booking some 3 Kms from my home and googles maps took me to a location some 12 kms away. Then I used my car gps to find the address only to find the pax had canceled. First use of you map app travelled 25 kms and lost a client. The Only reason u get 1 point. I can’t give you 0.

E Magee

Best maps app on iOS  E Magee  5 star

Just beat you can find however, you can’t download maps.


Inaccurate map  teasdalems1  1 star

Map will not set my home location where I am, when I type in the address it shows a place three miles from here

timothy whales

Great service! Beats any competitors prices!  timothy whales  5 star

I saved over $2000 going with Hancocks heating and air. The other company was trying to overcharge us. I’m glad Hancock was able to help out my family! Now we’re cool in this hot weather now! thank you Hancock’s heating and air !!!


Review  ehmahdmsubs  5 star

Wonderful app really helps

Roman Kononov

Very Helpful  Roman Kononov  5 star

Whenever I need directions it’s useful in getting me where I need to be.

Over worked, under paid

GPS NOT WORKING  Over worked, under paid  1 star

The gps on my phone hasn’t worked for over a month. Tried restarting the phone (several different ways), even deleting the app and downloading it again. Nothing works. Everyone I know says the same thing. What’s the solution??


Love this app  nayydott  5 star

I absolutely love this app . Its better than imap


GPS ?????  jdmralf  1 star

Garbage never works location never finds me what the purpose in having an app that suppose to help you find your way around when it does the opposite and goes crazy not knowing where the direction route is garbage


Off grid  tygamerforce  2 star

For some reason my iPhone doesn’t like the software isn’t accurate

Bert coker

Bert Coker  Bert coker  4 star

When I put some addresses in it’ll bring up the business but not the directions to it Also often sends me the longest distance instead of the shortest


Google 大法  Kimtop91  5 star

Google 出品,必属精品,只是本地化差了点,很多数据没更新

my hell with googlemaps

Absolute Crap!  my hell with googlemaps  1 star

It cant even locate my location let alone show me direction😡😡😡


I love google maps be lost without it  Codey2428  5 star

Very happy it keeps getting better and better 🚗🚗


Please fix this app  No-starz  1 star

I have an iPhone 6 and for months now this app has failed me . I work on the road and require maps daily this app has been appalling if I could rate no stars I would . A major fix is required ASAP.....


Very bad  2995leah  2 star

This app is hard to use as it talks when it wants to .Even when using This app you still wouldn’t get to your destination without getting lost along the way.


Really needs more work  Stevess111  3 star

It’s good most of the time but you have arrived at your destination is terrible and some of the places and address are not accurate. It’s needs a bit of work as I use this every day

Tomo mack

Google maps pins  Tomo mack  5 star

I love the app and use it just about every day. Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to share pins anymore , can someone please explain to me why that is ?


Mr Mina Tadros  MinaSSelim  1 star

Just ridiculous and not accurate at all


Can’t determine my location  NoNicknamesLeft78667543689  1 star

Used to really rely on this app however it no longer picks up my location accurately.App is unreliable.


June 11  Trishtricia  1 star

Hasn't been working properly since June 11th


Gone to pot  ciscojay2  1 star

Doesn’t know where I am


Update the app for pedestrians walking!  Sasifraz  2 star

UPDATE YOUR WALKING ROUTES!!! I’ve been wondering around for 2 hours walking down the roads the maps show me, and as soon as I’ve been walking for about a half an hour it suddenly changes, then I keep going straight (the original path) and I’m clearly walking on a walkway and google maps show oh no, there is no road here... it’s also a nightmare in the city where there is more than one level of road to walk on; so I just have to guess which road I should be on... seriously we need a better system, it’s 2018! This isn’t the first time I’ve been lost either, do something about walking ways please google... driving you’ve got it perfectly, but walking is a damn nightmare!


What used to be the best has become the worst!!  Moddmo  1 star

I trusted this app with all of me but it has now become the worst app EVER!! I have gotten lost so many times using it since May. I just uninstalled it now and reinstalling it hoping there’ll be some difference after this. If not, I’ll be done with it for good. Petrol can’t keep getting chowed by my getting lost!! I’m just glad I’m not the only one with the problem because I was starting to think it was my phone that was an issue. I just tried it after reinstalling it. I’m done with this app. Whatever that was done to it in May clearly isn’t working. It’s not locating me at the correct location. Let me know when you’ve fixed it.


No voice on iPhone  erdvark1956  2 star

Excellent app. More reliable on South African roads than Apple Maps. But the voice navigation is not working - not on our iPhones. Hugh frustration


Route  jonnyng  2 star

I cannot believe that it can be so inaccurate..The suggested route 9 Kms went thru an adjoining property and electric fence ignoring the exit to my complex. Come on Google


App to me to the woods  dumydim  1 star

I was going to a holiday area and it send we missed turn Wicht put us down in the woods and almost got lost

K.Cooper 95

Useless  K.Cooper 95  1 star

It doesn’t want to locate my location and doesn’t change colluded from day to night

Patrick Thwane

No Navigation  Patrick Thwane  1 star

This is exactly what’s been happening u type in the destination it shows the route and the map but once u start hitting the Go button to navigate, an error occurs with message, no navigation, start at route .... which is far from ur location or the message says go to driveway. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the App and updated my iOS software but still not working. This has been the most frustrating era with Google App


Terrible  Mar7yke  1 star

I loved google maps until about December, i updated it and it just didn’t work right. It doesn’t pick up the right location of my phone, tells me off the road, and keeps redirecting because it can’t pick up my proper location.. My location services are on and my phone is against my car’s air-con so it’s not like my phone is obscured from satellite signals.. It has gotten me lost countless times now, and updating it did not fix the problems. I don’t know what you guys did with that one update but it broke my maps. Very disappointing for a google app.



The map in respect of Mangaung lacks details in as far as Phases and street names are concerned.


Disappointed  [email protected]  1 star

I am so disappointed with the google maps app it doesn’t take nowhere....the application is stuck in one point no indication of directions...Siri is voice thigh

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