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Flash Marine Cards will help you be the best captain possible! We offer several different decks, each containing between 35 and 50 cards, covering a variety of subjects that every aspiring captain needs to know. Our cards will help you study for your exams and, once you’ve passed, make a great refresher once you’re out at sea. The application has two primary modes:

Mode 1 - Study Mode
Just like traditional flash cards, in Study Mode you’ll move through a series of cards that present specific situations and their answers. When you think you’ve got it, press the “information” button to flip the card over and see if you were right! If you’re having trouble with a card, it can be flagged to come back and review later. To see how you’re improving, a built-in timer keeps track of how long you’ve spent on each card, and on the deck as a whole. When you feel confident in your performance, you can move onto the next mode!

Mode 2 - Quiz Mode
In Quiz Mode, you’ll be tested on the deck of your choice and will get a “report card” containing your results. There are two types quizzes to choose from:

Image Quiz: You’ll be given a text description and must choose the correct answer from a panel of images.
Text Quiz: You’ll be given a graphical rendering of a situation and must choose the text-based answer that best fits.

Mode 3 - Exam Mode
In Exam Mode, you’ll be tested on cards chosen at random from all of your decks and once you're done you'll get a “report card” containing your results.

If you don’t do as well as you’d like in either Quiz or Exam mode, don’t worry! You can take both of them as many times as you’d like. Just like Study mode, Exam and Quiz Mode keeps track of the time you’ve spent so you can analyze your performance.

Best of luck!

Flash Marine App Description & Overview

The applications Flash Marine was published in the category Navigation on 2013-01-29 and was developed by Flash Marine, LLC. The file size is 16.71 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

The Flash Marine crew has been busy this season working on the latest update.

-Our Captains were busy creating 2 new buoyage decks: IALA A & IALAB – but don’t worry the price didn’t change, you still get all decks for the same great price!

-Our Engineers updated the quiz mode, created an exam mode and even had time to make some bug fixes.

-Our deck hands spent their time cleaning up the menus and making them look even better

-And of course our Stewies cleaned up the icon for iOS7!

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Delivers Virtually Nothing.  Mnr45701  2 star

The interface is simple and streamline; pretty tight. However, the free app provides only 5 study items in each category. A $4.99 purchase prices gives what? Can't tell. All in all, it's not worth the time to download. There's very little here. :(


Awesome app!  Childs_Corey  5 star

While taking my captains course this past week my buddy told me about this app. So happy I downloaded it! Not only cheaper than the deck of cards they try and sell you, but you won't lose any of them either because they are at your fingertips!


Amazing  StefNicole1  5 star

This app is awesome! Super clean and easy to navigate. This is far more useful then the old school method using the deck of cards. Definitely recommend!


Awesome!  TReX808  5 star

Super helpful, definitely recommend the download!


Nice!  Skatty59  5 star

So easy to use.. Love it! Keep more coming.

Surab Deb

User  Surab Deb  5 star

Great app!

Captain Steve22

Thank you for helping me pass  Captain Steve22  5 star

Flash Marine really helped me pass my USCG 100ton by having clear and well designed cards. The app works great and is way better and cheaper than buying those old outdated playing cards. The quiz modes are great and the ability to review your results and spend a little time on the cards that your having trouble with really helps. Would like so see more decks in the future to help me as I continue my education


Great idea and less bulk to carry around  Paul_clarke1  5 star

IT'S ABOUT TIME! Someone turned those outdated deck of cards into an app. I am a large yacht captain that is still upgrading licenses and every time I go back to school I have to purchase all the packs of cards again as I have lost some. Now I have everything on my phone and it makes learning easier with the different quiz modes. When ever I have a new deckhand that is going off to school I always tell them to buy the decks of cards right away as they drill the lights, shapes, sounds and rules into you. I won't anymore I will be recommending this app to everyone I know about to sit any captains license. The artwork is sweet but maybe you could add some animation to the lights? Also when is the buoyage decks coming out? Please keep upgrading

Captain jenuine

Great ap!  Captain jenuine  5 star

The ap works great and is really easy to use! Much better than carrying around all the cards and lots cheaper to.


Wow well done  AD1999-Det  5 star

I've been in the maritime industry for almost 8 years. This app is great. It has replaced all my flash cards! No longer do I need to keep lugging around a zip lock bag with paper cards in them! The graphics are pretty good. I like the way they have a real fishing boat. Some of the cards could be a little better but overall I really liked this app. Oh I noticed that its cheaper to just buy all the cards and not the individual decks. Maybe it's a glitch but it saved me some money!


Marine Marine_me41 3 star

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Flash Dcrimson_Flash 3 star

@MegaMan: Tricky platforms? No problem! Just dial 1-800-R-MARINE.


PATRIOTE ن PatrioteAUR 3 star

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