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BiP - Messenger, Video Call [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

What is bip - messenger, video call app? BiP is a secure and easy-to-use communication platform.

On top of core communication features such as instant messaging, HD quality voice and video calls; BiP presents the secure way to share photos, documents, voice messages, location and share your memories in your status. BiP also offers a wide range of services depending on your region and channels which allows you to reach out to large audiences.

BiP allows you to share photos, documents, voice messages, location and share your memories in your status

SECURE: Your messages and calls are secure with BiP. Messages between devices and servers are encrypted in-line with international security standards (TLS). Third parties cannot access or read your messages. BiP does not store your messages and deletes them as soon as they are recieved by the recipient while allowing you to delete your account without leaving a trace. BiP does not share any unauthorized data nor enforces users users to share them.

HIGH QUALITY: With BiP, you can share photos and videos in their actual quality. Photo sharing can be fun through emojis, texts and drawings. BiP offers HD quality voice and video calls up to 15 people around the globe.

FUN : The BiP Status allows you to post updates of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

STANDS OUT AMONG OTHERS: BiP is so much more than just a messaging app…

• Photo and video sharing with BiP Status that disappears after 24 hours !

• Regardless of how far you are, your loved ones and colleagues are a ‘BiP’ away. Instantly connect via HD voice or video calls with up to 15 people around the globe for FREE*!

• Thanks to BiP, you can translate 106 languages on the go. Simply write your message in your local language and it will automatically be translated on your friend’s phone.

• Customize BiP based on your preferences by adding or removing features by changing icons.

• Discover a wide range of additional services raning from health tips from world renowned DR.OZ, weather forecasts and region specific channels such as BiP Ramadan, which provides menus, recipies along with imsak and sahur alerts.

• Your battery let you down? BiP Won’t! You can continue to create voice and video calls over BiP Web!

• Data charges may apply.

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BiP - Messenger, Video Call Customer Service, Editor Notes:

BiP - Messenger, Video Call Version 3.8311 December 2021

• Status updated! You can now post a written status update and choose who sees it. • BiP chats now have a fresh new look thanks to the addition of new chat bubbles and wallpapers! You can experience it immediately by messaging your loved ones. • Using this version, you'll get the most out of your BiP experience thanks to plenty of new features and bug fixes..

BiP - Messenger, Video Call Version 3.8224 October 2021

• For easier access you can now add chats as widgets. • Attach menu design is updated. • Bug fixes and performance improvements..

BiP - Messenger, Video Call Version 3.7917 August 2021

• The More, The Merrier! Video calls are now up to 15 people allowing you to have crowded video calls! • Tired of receiving messages from unknown numbers? Worry no more! You can now change this from settings! • Chats are now more fun with our new sticker packs! • Performance improvements and bug fixes For all updates and more you visit can

BiP - Messenger, Video Call Comments & Reviews 2022

- This app really wonderful......

i can’t believe that this app can make my phone more useful, so much better then Whatsapp & imo(if imo give me money i will never use imo, i just hate imo). this a really good, From bangladesh it’s try this app guys....... uninstall whatsapp & imo let’s install 😍bip😍 please try to add bangli language as soon a as possible, we are lots users using bangli language form India & Bangladesh.

- Wow great app

I was not accepting this app can be like this . I used to use WhatsApp but recently I started using bip and I’m glad I found this app. It is a lot better than Zuckerberg’s Facebook/WhatsApp app. I think it is time to run away from big tech monsters. I have noticed this app is getting better day by day.

- 10/10

Just got it downloaded a few days back and I’m already digging it .. UI looks minimalistic and overall features feel REAL smooth.. there’s a big user-base in Bangladesh for this app. Just have to add “Bengali” in app language sec then BOOM 💥 then all those IMO and other bloatware filled garbage apps will be outta biz! Great work guys🙌🏼

- Please Fix it

Okay so I was playing around with the app to see how it is and to get to know it, but I turned on translation and now I can’t turn it off and it’s annoying because every time I receive a message it get translated and there is no off option. Please fix it Also one more thing when you press clear history there should be a cancel option. I pressed clear history and it right away deleted all my messages there should be an ok and cancel options. Please fix it and Thank you

- The Best

Better then whatsapp, i think now is time for they to introduce something like facebook so we can leave these untrustworthy social medias like facebook and whatsapp, no wonder they’re owned by the same person who enjoys selling our privacy to anyone.

- Amazing app that can guarantee your privacy !

Since Whatsapp has decided to start sharing your personal messages with parent company Facebook and possible institutions and advertising agencies . This is the best alternative and with amazing features With privacy guarantee

- No one knows how it works

I live in the US but I use Turkcell when I go to Turkey in the summer. I wanted to try bip here as it was supposed to be letting me call Turkish numbers through the app if I subscribe to their Lifecell service. I did everything described but the stupid app tells me I don’t have subscription and says I will be transferred but nothing happens. And no one knows or cares what is happening. Is anyone successful using this in the US with a US number and secondary number is added as your Turkcell?

- Great App but need some improvements in design

I have downloaded the app today and started using it. I feel like I am using WhatsApp. If you guys can bring some differences that will make this app unique would be great.

- Good app but we need multiple accounts in one app

Why we can add another account in the same app so we don’t have to run to the other device/ iPad One app multi accounts, hope this dream will come true ...

- Not a good app. I do NOT recommend

I have had for a while this app for a while a rarely used it. I prefer whatsapp and viber. When i changed my handset i tried reinstalling it however the app no longer let me register because i couldnt receive verification thru text, it just simply never sends it. Verification thru a phone call is either giving me an error or saying limit exceeded. Sadly it doesnt look like there is a contact support option.

- No more WhatsApp!

It can easily replace the data thief, WhatsApp. It would be great if the developers put some effort to improve call quality and to optimize the app. Overall, I really like it.

- great 👍🏼

great alternative for WhatsApp, and don't force to upgrade people to use moreover it has free mobile data for Turkcell customers thanks everyone let us to use for free for all 👍🏼

- Excellent app

This is really excellent app from initial startup , ad time passes will be refined further. An other useful feature I want to see the translate recorded (audio clip) to set language instantly like now on chat. It will be great help for people who can’t type or hate typing .

- Call quality

Need to work on the call quality because being on call it could stop anytime or keep on skipping n I would to share story on BIP. It’s a nice app I enjoy it so far but need a little bit of improvement.

- Great APP

Best way to communicate with your love ones. If you have a relatives in Turkey, you can call them either from their landline or from their cellphone. Amazing give away. Highly recommend it.

- Love it best then whatsapp

Please add status bar in this app and also please add icon badge means unread msgs not showing on the app icon. And in whatsapp there are limited people u can add in group. And in BiP you should make it unlimited . Jazak Allah

- Ability to change the phone numbers

Thanks for your app. But it will be better if you apply the Ability of changing the phone number in the settings of the app. I’ll rate the app with 5 stars if you do so. Thanks again.

- Bangladeshi user.

Please fix the voice calling problem. It’s not clear. Seems to someone talk with me from so far. Very disappointed.

- Connecting issue

When calling calls are not connected immediately you have to wait a few seconds before it starts ringing to the recipient once connected you still wait few seconds before the recipient can hear you talk But it works after all the wait

- Great app

This is a complete easy to use everyday chatting app. I would highly recommend because of its simplicity and speed. No more whatsapp!

- Wonderful

I was tired and sick of WhatsApp! I have been looking for alternative app. I have gotten wonderful app to communicate with my friends and family. Thanks

- Amazing Apps😘😘

Really Great apps😍! What really fascinated me! "We may be different in terms of rivers and seas, but we live under the same sky, sun and moonlight".Let the world be filled with love, let the world fight together...💜🖤❤️💙

- Apps update

Something problem with apps. No working properly. Please try to fix asap.

- Can’t use in USA ???

In the USA we are not getting five digits verification codes,however I have many friends in New York having similar issues. Bip is useless because they have to fix this issue. I am still hoping and waiting so I can enjoy this app even I send a message to them about this issue and I am still waiting for a response to resolve this issue.

- Nice

Easy and much better than what’s up and signal that sells information to nsa and dictatorships around the world . This app is much safer

- Excellent integrated system

If I knew this app long time ago I could’ve have been using it😍

- Mohamed

It is very good but contacts don’t appear by name . Just their bombers only although I give the application to access to the list of contacts Please solve this problem

- Really impressed

It’s very user friendly and well organised apps. Wish a better success for future.

- Just awesome service

From UAE to Bangladesh it’s totally clear without any disconnect like Whatsapp. And also in weak network 🥰 Just loved it❤️

- Good app

I had gave 5 stars be think about improving band of this app because it becomes slow...

- Font size Increase

Hello It’s a great app with many nice features I hope that the size of font increased in future It’ll be one of best chat apps

- blocking me.

When you failed to activate the service for me, you blocked me. thank you for your faild.

- Great app

Thousands time better than whatsapp who wanna steal your personal info

- Great App !

Many more features than WhatsApp. You should give it a try, you'll love it.

- Works very well in the US

Works perfectly well in the US and quality is great!

- Swizzle boss

By far the best app for my needs. I’ll continue to invite my friends 4 thumbs up

- Media not being received

I’m not able to send media ( voice notes and pics) to my contacts, it’s leaving my mobile and I’m seeing the double ticks meaning that the message was sent but they never receive it strange thing is that I can receive theirs.... please help

- Strongly recommended

I’m very happy to have BIP. Thank you and good luck for your future updates.

- Problem

I love this app , but it’s not working with my data It’s just working with wifi , why is that?

- The status

Add the status so people can post

- Thanks for adding 3 languages more.

Just keep this app regularly

- Abubaker Abushofa

An excellent alternative to WhatsApp the violates privacy. Good in both call and messaging.

- Add (Bengali) Bangladesh Language

Bangladesh is the biggest user of this app as a Muslim country. But, unfortunately this app does not have Bangladeshi language translation facility. Please add Bangladeshi (Bengali) language as early as possible

- It doesn’t work in the US!

Why it doesn’t work in the US?

- Best for Privacy

So far this is best messaging and video calling Apps.

- Thank you

Thank you for this powerful app.

- Only for turkcell workers

The app is only used for turkcell workers. I applied for a job. But they don't give any feedback, they don't give any explanation about the situation. None of my friends uses bip because we don't have relative who works in turkcell. So worthless..

- Good app

Easy to use better then WhatsApp

- Best App

It’s awesome day by day. It’s high time to kick out the monsters ...

- Get password

I changed my phone and I didn't receive the new password

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- Best option after whatsapp. IG: fahimsdiary

Lets see how many people find comfort in this app just like whatsapp. IG: fahimsdiary

- It’s asking me for email but won’t give me space to type? What is the issue?

Im trying to register, it asked me to enter password and I did, as a result it did not send me password but asked me to type email address. How can I enter email address it dose not give me space to type it. Please help.

- Great but with very bad glitches

This app has a lot going on and can almost compete with Whatsapp. However it’s got terrible glitches such as when editing a message body before sending it.. the cursor just moves to the end of the message... it doesn’t always happen but it is very annoying when it does... The stickers are a bit too many... but if they don’t slow down the app no problem.

- Better

Better than similar apps in many ways.

- Best after WhatsApp

Much more functional than other communication apps

- Great App for Communication 👊🏻

Easy to use would recommend to everyone

- Aead aead

Aead aead

- Very bad app

Why you cannot use it without giving access to see contacts?!!!!!

- Mr. Vedat

I dont know who you are. Olso my best exp is masinger is runing very good system out all and its easy to use. I hope you can run a better system. Good luck.

- good start...needs a bit more polish

user setup instructions need improvements

- Status

Cok guzel bir uygulama , en kisa zamanda durum ( status) kisminida bekliyoruz👍🏼

- Signing up

I was recommended to download this app I downloaded it tried signing up it will not send me a verification code and then it would tell me you have exceeded your limit, its pretty poor and disappointing

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- Very nice application

Much better than Whatsapp

- I love it

One of the best programs, excellent speed, perfect calls.

- Best messenger app ever, love Turkish product.

The app is amazing, its way better than WhatsApp. Plus it’s Turkish product, the protectors mankind’s honour and dignity. Am all here.

- 🇹🇷Turkish 🇹🇷

Long live Turkish products, Hail Turkiye!

- Great app

Love it

- Excellent App

Excellent App 👍

- Apps isn’t on suggested list

Can’t find app when I type messenger only if I type Bip but other then that not suggested by AppStore. Great App hidden for a reason?

- The future

Working great. Thanks for a great experience.

- Great

Great substitute for watsapp

- Great App (Solution to Verification Code added)

Way better than WhatsApp. For those people who aren’t getting a text message for verification code: Try the call option instead and wait for it. Sit tight by your phone and don’t miss the call. It works for those having text issue.

- Video call and audio call issues

It has difficulties in video calls and audio calls if you fix that will be good. I give you 100% of my trust.

- Great, needs some upgrades

It a great app I use to talk with family & my loved one in the Caribbean , I wish that I could do video call or phone calls without the wifi but other than that it is a very helpful app to keep in touch.

- Very nice app but some glitches

The app is nice but I have some issues. I can not change my profile pic! I don’t have access to share my photos stored on my phone. I hope BiP will listen and solve these issues ASAP. Thanks

- Contacts not picked correctly

Contacts not picked correctly. Especially if they have typed a 0 before their number while registering for the app.

- Can't get the code

I tried to register my no. And I cannot even get the code. I tried 10x nothing happened at all.

- Kod

Doğrulama kodu gelmiyor.

- Love Turkey 👍🏼

Great , > alone for the fact it’s a Turkish product ,

- Verification code proplem

I won’t get a verification code

- LTE arama

iPhone XS MAX kullaniyorum, wifi uzerinden arama yapabiliyorum fakat LTE uzerinden olmuyor

- Zshihadeh

It looks good it’s really good don’t take my word Try it

- Works!

Good product

- Çok hızlanmış.. Datamdan yemiyor. Elimize sağlık.

Süper..mükemmel 👍👍

- Çok iyi

İnternetimi sömürmeyen bir app ihtiyaç anında kurtarıcı gibi 😊 Sadece wifi olmadığında gelen mesajı bildirim olarak vermemesi var çözülürse daha da iyi olur 👍🏻

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BiP - Messenger, Video Call 3.83 Screenshots & Images

BiP - Messenger, Video Call iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BiP - Messenger, Video Call iphone images
BiP - Messenger, Video Call iphone images
BiP - Messenger, Video Call iphone images
BiP - Messenger, Video Call iphone images
BiP - Messenger, Video Call iphone images
BiP - Messenger, Video Call iphone images

BiP - Messenger, Video Call (Version 3.83) Install & Download

The applications BiP - Messenger, Video Call was published in the category Social Networking on 2013-01-28 and was developed by BiP A.S. [Developer ID: 1190855314]. This application file size is 250.89 MB. BiP - Messenger, Video Call - Social Networking app posted on 2021-12-11 current version is 3.83 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.turkcell.bip