Solocator - GPS Field Camera to stamp photos with location, direction, altitude, date, time + optional editable notes

Solocator is a GPS camera for fieldwork. Overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude, date & time taken + with Industry Pack (IAP) capture editable notes such as project name and photo description, street address and UTM/MGRS coordinate formats. It can auto save 2 photos to camera roll at once - Stamped photo and original high res photo. You can also view photo direction and location in map view and navigate there. So now you will always know where and when a photo was taken and how to get back there.

You can choose what information you want to overlay on your photos to suit your fieldwork.

Choices include:
- GPS Location (Latitude & Longitude in various formats) ± Accuracy
- Compass Direction – Bearing
- Altitude (Metric & Imperial units)
- Date & time
- Show Compass
- Show Cardinal points in Building mode; e.g. North or South Elevations of a building face.
- Option to use abbreviations or Unicode characters for direction, position and altitude.

- Options to take and auto save two photos to Camera Roll at once; one with stamped info and the other as an original high res photo.
- Photos are sorted by time, location, distance from current location and by project name (if Industry Pack purchased).
- View photo direction and location in map view and navigate there
- Save photos with metadata in Exif format to camera roll
- Share photos on Facebook & Twitter

- Email photos from within the app including:
• Exif metadata
• Compass Direction
• GPS Position ± accuracy
• Altitude
• Date & Time taken
• Street address (if selected)
• Elevation of building face viewed (if selected)
• Links to maps so receiver can navigate there easily

INDUSTRY PACK (In-App Purchase)

Ideal for those working in and around buildings; to improve your GPS location. You can also use it to lock the position of the asset or subject you’re photographing as opposed to where you’re standing.

Stamp your photos with "Project name" & "Description". The project name field could be used as job or policy number etc. You can also go back and amend project name or description or just add the notes later when you’re in the office.

Photos taken with project name at the time of capture are saved with prefix, which works with photos emailed. Photos with a project name will also be sorted and grouped by project name. Project names are also automatically used as email subject lines.

Switch Compass, Building and Street modes off and just show GPS info bar on top of photos. Gives you more flexibility on what and how you overlay info and show more of the photo.

Customize your photos by stamping your own watermark. e.g. company name, team or photographer name.

Selecting street mode overlays photos with street address.

Email KML file of photo location

Solocator - GPS Field Camera to stamp photos with location, direction, altitude, date, time + optional editable notes App Description & Overview

The applications Solocator - GPS Field Camera to stamp photos with location, direction, altitude, date, time + optional editable notes was published in the category Navigation on 2012-12-09 and was developed by Civi Corp. The file size is 11.89 MB. The current version is 2.3.5 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.

- Fixed camera zoom - thanks Everton.
- Bug fixes.

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Solocator - GPS Field Camera to stamp photos with location, direction, altitude, date, time + optional editable notes Reviews


Love it!  Mr.Alderman  5 star

Works great! I only wish there was a way to export to Google Earth.


So far so good  Shawnbuildertoo  4 star

Works well with my job in the construction industry


Civil Engineer/Construction Manager  PMPCGC  5 star

I use Solocator to document construction site visits. It is the most used apps on my phone.


Ideal App for Field Inspector  QbnXavi  5 star

As a contractor I work for various Municipalities, Counties and the State. This app has served its purpose time and time again. It is the best app out there. The details you can add to the photos just makes reporting a breeze! LOVE THE APP. Throwing it out there. Can you make an iPad version now that the iPad Pro offers flash with its camera?!?!

Civil engineer in MA

Great app  Civil engineer in MA  5 star

Just what I was looking for. Perfect for documenting site visits. Thanks for making this app!


Should be better  rampg  4 star

I've been using the app for a few months and it sometimes behaves in a buggy fashion. It will crash suddenly or fail to delete photos when I ask it to. This last item in not good if you need to save space.


Perfect  Chaseroni82  5 star

This app is a pipeliners dream. I can't wait until the Google earth functionality comes out. THANKS

Dennis Mead

Best app I've found  Dennis Mead  5 star

This is the best app I've found for documenting utility structures while locating underground utilities with GPR.


Fantastic App  Appleabc123  5 star

Love that it takes two pictures one with the subject and all of the information and one with just the subject of the picture.


Great App  Daveotpa  5 star

I love this app.


Buy Software Apps BuySoftwareApps 3 star

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LI-casual user

Solocator app  LI-casual user  4 star

Very useful app with photos plus GPS coordinates.


Excellent "photo with Lat/lon & beg app"  Rafowell  5 star

The easiest to use app to stamp your photo with the compass direction you were looking ( and GPS coordinates). It has great sharing options, too.

Orville Turtletaub

Fantastic app for environmental consulting industry  Orville Turtletaub  5 star

(First off, the app rarely ever crashes for me. I think other users need to try either reinstalling or recovering from backup. This usually fixes 95% of problems.) This app got a decent overhaul a few months ago and the developer did NOT disappoint. The strength of this app lies in its ability to overlay key information about a photo on top of the image itself. This app lets you do this easily. I use it for the environmental consulting/remediation/engineering industry. This has easily saved me hours of time and effort. I typically use this for excavations, general job site photos, and soil samples/borings, just to name a few. Adding compass orientation, date/time, and site name, etc. on the photos allows a person who was not at the site a chance to understand where they are facing in x,y space - by providing a quick reference point. This basically takes a confusing photo and makes sense of it. Plus not having to rename files back at your computer saves an enormous amount of time. Other great benefits within the app include mass uploading to Dropbox (save to camera roll, then open Dropbox - simple - now you have your photos on your computer), edit the text or units on the photo at anytime, and line up your photo using a crosshair overlay. Overall, this app is solid and I use it on every job site.


Rw  Crico10  1 star

Would be nice, but crashes iphone .....


Powerful and almost perfect  takiefer  4 star

Very useful tool for surveying, construction site documentation, and GIS data collection. Would get 5 stars if developer would make following improvements: 1. Email subject was auto-filled with the entered photo name instead of "Photo taken with Solocator". 2. Email text included elevation (improperly labeled as "alt" in the app). 3. Could send short MMS text with just lat/long, elev, brg, Google map link and photo direct to another smart phone. In other words need more efficiency and utility and less fluff and advertising in the communication part which makes this app so powerful.

Utility locator

Legally awesome  Utility locator  4 star

Works we'll for documented events. Stands up in court very well. Needs calibration too frequently in mho. Great tool.


Would be nice  JBallsDeep  1 star

If it did not crash when I take a pic... Every time.


Works Great  XingSanchez  5 star

I love the options and it's certainly what I need . Thank you

IQ Photo

Nice app, if it worked...  IQ Photo  1 star

App crashes every time I take a photo with it, both this version and the previous one. I tried reinstalling it, but that did not help.


Love this app  Danny1234567890987654321  5 star

I use this app (with industry pack) on my construction sites. I am able to put in a description and location of the photos and then I'm not wondering why I took that photo hours later when I get back to my computer. The only problem I have is that when I try to transfer a large number >7 photos to my camera roll, it does not always transfer all of them and I have to go back and forth a couple of times to make sure I got them all transferred.

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