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“A brilliantly simple game of precision hearing… This ingenious game puts your skill of pitch discernment to the test.” – Voice Council Magazine
“Anyone with an interest in sound will enjoy this.” –

InTune has been a top-10 music app in more than 50 countries, including the USA (#9), Canada (#4), the UK (#5), Italy (#10), Portugal (#2), Sweden (#4), Finland (#3), Czech Republic (#1), Poland (#1), China (#1), Hong Kong (#1), Indonesia (#1), and Australia (#4).

You love music – but how good is your ear? Download the only app that tests and improves your ability to hear what’s in tune.

• Test your ability to hear very close pitches
• Improve your ability to sing and play in tune
• Compete with your friends via Game Center
• Share your score and challenge your friends
• Try real clarinet, bassoon, oboe, or English horn sounds (in-app purchase – more coming soon!)
• Play InTune again to improve your score – and your ear!

“There are a number of ear training apps available for the iPhone, but InTune has actual science to back it up.”
– Discchord

InTune is an outgrowth of 25 years of intonation research by Daniel Kazez, cellist and professor of music at Wittenberg University. The concept began as a method to test pitch discrimination, the ability to differentiate pitches that are close together. But then in a research study, Dr. Kazez discovered that students’ listening improved the more often they played – at triple the rate of those who did not. Download now and see if InTune works for you!

“Very easy to use…a fun and useful addition to your practice toolbox.” – Horn World
“Musical perfectionists and sound geeks beware: this game could become an obsession… It will absolutely help you develop a more discerning ear.” – Voice Council Magazine

We’re always improving InTune! Please send your comments and requests to [email protected] Wondering what’s a “good” score? It varies, based on music experience and age, but first-time users often score under 50% of a half step, or under 20% if they have music experience. With repeated use, scores improve substantially. Those with music experience may reach 1% of a half step, or even better.

InTune – Intonation Trainer App Description & Overview

The applications InTune – Intonation Trainer was published in the category Music on 2012-12-14 and was developed by Half Note Labs. The file size is 28.33 MB. The current version is 4.0.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

• Fixed a bug that blocked in-app purchase of instruments.
• Added real clarinet, bassoon, oboe, and English horn sounds (available via in-app purchase). More instruments coming soon!

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InTune – Intonation Trainer Reviews


I try this regularly  mexie927  5 star

whenever I get a chance i’ll open it up to train a little. The comparison chart might be a tiny bit off, my middle school students consistently get 5% or below.


More options  Oneofthe53  5 star

I have discovered that some of my prior issues with this app have already been resolved, they are simply hard to find. A more noticeable options menu should be created and the option to play the notes at the same time should also be added.

Not working so sad :( :( :( :(

Great app good app would be awesome with a few more options.  Not working so sad :( :( :( :(  4 star

Great app! I agree with other reviewers that three things that would improve the app: 1) ability to replay tones. (Especially after you got it wrong) 2) ability to practice without going back to 100% difference after missing three and 3) ability to choose the starting level.

enter a nicknamé

Great App  enter a nicknamé  5 star

Yeah it would definitely be useful to include a repeat feature and more importantly a level selection feature

Late Nite iPodgal

Want to hear the tones again!  Late Nite iPodgal  4 star

I would give it 5 stars except for the glaringly obvious omission of being able to repay a pair of tones. Sometimes you miss the tones because someone talked or there was a loud noise. It can’t be hard; please add this in (didn’t it exist in previous iterations?). Please and thank you.


Simple & Effective 👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 great app!  VisyEng  5 star

Very simple 🎵👂🎶 training app. that really requires me to listen closely.


Needs more options  MatthewGuski  3 star

I like the concept of this game but I would very much like to be able to select other intervals instead of only straight unison. Ie. Octaves or fifths, etc. Also, it should record your high score and average.


Great for classroom use too!  AH4cx  5 star

As a middle school band director I use this app to help my students start listening more carefully to fine differences in pitch. It’s very easy to understand and I like the binary choice between higher and lower. Since it resets each time to easier levels, the kids who got lost when we made it to the really fine distinctions are able to rejoin us. InTune really helps them start paying closer attention to pitch.


Great App but tone is terrible  cmlorieb  3 star

My students can only stand using this for 20 seconds. The tone they use sounds like an emergency alert on the TV. Can you offer tone choices?


Talk about Customer Service!!  MrBrain77  5 star

I purchased the app one night late, and had no sound. Instantly emailed the designer. The next morning I received a reply and a working solution! Great app for tuning my ear, and awesome customer service!!


Simple, effective  NicDanBand  5 star

Great for pitch perception. Just in time for music school~

Balmoral M

Okay, but....  Balmoral M  3 star

The concept and the interface are quite good but the option to make adjustments of the timbre of the sound would be a huge improvement. Another thing would be for the user to set the range of the notes, maybe within a certain octave rather than having the majority of notes very high. Looking forward to improvements.


Great  dimantis  4 star

Addictive app. Definitely helping me with identifying notes that are semi tones apart. Love it.


1.53% and falling!  Ultrapigulon  5 star

A simple little app but for competitive music nerds out there it's a lot of fun! I'm sure it's good for you too...


Wholesome  MarkNETS  5 star

Yes it's brill. If you don't download it you're probably tone deaf. Hey, don't concern yourself, you could always audition for the X Factor.


Neat!  Petey_808  5 star

Could use more than just a sine-wave and a single starting tone, but it's free, simple and stable, and helps improve your pitch discrimination, so what's not to like?

Mum 51

Great app  Mum 51  4 star

Great app just needs a replay button etc to make sure you have heard the two pitches correctly.


Great for developing tone sensitivity  Pipingsongs  4 star

I enjoy this app and find it helps develop pitch sensitivity. Recent updates have made it more enjoyable because there is less chance of missing due to impulsively hitting the wrong button, and you can also tell how many times you have missed (the previous version required you to track misses in your head). My one complaint is that you can't save your personal best for improvement purposes. All in all it is a great app, and fun to challenge friends with.

Mr. InstruMENTAL

Great app for music teaching!  Mr. InstruMENTAL  4 star

I have had fun exposing this app to my students, and trying it for myself! I use it for private or group string lessons, and I have noticed that the students are really paying more attention to pitch as a result. The only thing that I would like to see is an option to replay the two tones. I would highly recommend to all music teachers who are trying to help their kids develop discriminating ears, and for all music students who are trying to improve on intonation!


The Previous Version Was Fantastic  FluteWolf  1 star

Version 2.1 was completely accessible with VoiceOver, but this one, by nature of its, design. , isn't. Oh well ... Thank goodness for downgrades!

Trumpet for the Win!

My New Obsession  Trumpet for the Win!  5 star

I cannot stop using this app. It is a wonderful invention and I have gotten some friends hooked on it as well. Music geeks, unite!


Awesome!  Chekster24  5 star

This app is a great training tool for musicians. Very simple to use but extremely worthwhile and beneficial. I can’t wait to see what comes next!


Simple and Great!  JamsWally  5 star

Love it


Cool, what's it for?  13243546567  4 star

I'm a musician, after a few tries, I got 0.92% of half a step. It's a good time killer, but I'm sure there is a greater goal that can achieved with this. Anyone know what it is? Thanks!

Used 2 luv it

Text Spams you!  Used 2 luv it  1 star

Got spammed with a text ad within two minutes of opening this App. I never get text spam so I'm sure it was linked to this App. Not even worth being free if they're selling my info!!


Jsnsb  Tylerjsisksn  4 star

A great app with lots of potential. It would help if you could replay a round if youre stuck. Also id love a game history so you can actually see your improvement. Finally it seems the algorithm isnt that great. Sometimes i will use the same answer in a row many times which is weird


Simple and effective  TejiA2  4 star

I really like this app. The interface is simple and easy to use. It is a great way to train the ear. I do wish that it saved your best score (and interval) and also your most recent score so that you could track how you are doing from day to day.

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