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Watch full episodes of Dance Moms, Married At First Sight, Bring It!, Escaping Polygamy, the latest Lifetime movies and more, wherever and whenever you want.

The Lifetime app gives you access to all the reality, drama and movies Lifetime has to offer. New full episodes and movies, plus behind-the-scenes and preview clips, are added every day!

With the Lifetime app, you can:

* Full episodes and clips of your favorite Lifetime series, including Dance Moms, Married at First Sight, Little Women, Bring It!, The Rap Game, and more
* The latest Lifetime movie releases
*Create a profile with Lifetime so you can continue watching episodes whenever you want, on your favorite mobile and streaming devices

The Lifetime app is free to use. Sign in with your TV Provider to get access to even more content. If you do not have a TV Provider you can watch any 3 Full Episodes of your choice by creating a Lifetime profile.

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Lifetime TV Shows & Movies App Description & Overview

The applications Lifetime TV Shows & Movies was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-12-13 and was developed by A&E Television Networks Mobile. The file size is 92.64 MB. The current version is 3.9.9 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Terrible ✊🏽

Too many ads.  Terrible ✊🏽  2 star

This is app so many ads. in my 42m show there is 5 points when they stop for commercials (which is fine since the show is 42m) but for how man ads you guys play is ridiculous. i don’t even know how many it is. sometimes the ads are really long also. so no just a lot of short ads, but a mix of short and really long ones.


Too many commercials!  rachyy89  1 star

I love that I can watch my shows, but there’s a commercial every 2 seconds and they last forever. Also, they cut my shoes off when people are mid sentence and then start after that scene has ended so I miss part of the episodes. They need to fix this.


Appreciate free, but is it worth it  carlnhoodsie  2 star

First, let me say I appreciate that Lifetime offers their app & episodes/movies for free, but constantly having to sign in to cable provider is overly annoying. It’s either after every episode, in the middle of an episode or after you’ve watched maybe 2 episodes. I’m also not a fan of the ads or commercials , especially when the same one plays 3 times in a row during the same break. In addition, the app doesn’t work a lot of the time or will quit in the middle of program saying that the app is having issues. Personally, I don’t have the patience so #UNINSTALLED it goes.


Selecting TV provider  roxamel  4 star

I’ve been trying for a week now to log in with my TV provider but every time I try it gets stuck and never loads anything. Please fix


ridiculous  savyuh  2 star

it will skip to a whole different section of an episode that i haven’t even watched yet. this app is most definitely not chrome cast friendly. these glitches HAVE to be fixed

Cheyanne Montgomery

Lifetime  Cheyanne Montgomery  4 star

This app is great but I would like to see more shows on lifetime

Elissa P.

WAY too many ads!  Elissa P.  1 star

The number of ads during breaks and the frequency of interruptions are really frustrating and make it not worth watching. It’s the same with the Lifetime app for smart TVs. There are way too many entertainment choices out there to deal with sitting through so many ads. I’m deleting this.


Problem...  magali90  1 star

I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but, when I start a new episode it starts half way. So I have to sit and watch 3 min worth of ads and start the episode in the beginning and watch more ads. It’s getting annoying now.

Riley McFadden

Commercials  Riley McFadden  2 star

I have a suggestion. I have been using this app for about 4 years and I was so happy that I could watch my favorite show (dance moms) but when I first got on there the commercials were like 300 seconds long (I think that is what it said) and they changed it to where the commercials were shorter but there are still SO many and on apps I usually never do the ad free option but on this app I 100% would (depending on the price) I am on this app almost everyday and I have watched it grow and I have to say it is a lot better than it was but now the only bad part is the commercials so I with that they had an ad free option


Can’t sign in  resellar  1 star

They must not want new subscribers. Every activation code does not work


Terrible App  bizeybee  1 star

I’m only here to catch up on past episodes of one show; after that, I will definitely be deleting this app. It’s excruciating trying to navigate with its lag and many, many, many repeated commercials. Now I remember the reason why I use services like Hulu & Netflix, instead of TV apps. Lifetime, sorry, but this isn’t it.

Too smart for school

Subtract the ads!  Too smart for school  1 star

This app has the glitchiest ads I’ve ever experienced. The same ad will repeat over and over again as if on a loop. The only way to stop it is to shut the app down and then open it again. It’s so annoying and distracting that It keeps me from even wanting to catch up with the shows I used to enjoy. I find myself checking the internet for what’s going on rather than watching the episodes with all those glitchy ads. This problem has been going on since I first got the app and the developers just don’t seem to be able to get their act together. How hard can it be?!

The rat Show

Lifetime  The rat Show  4 star

It’s a Great App! , though it has to many ads and I don’t get why you have to put your TV provider to unlock the episodes , I think that if you’re going to your TV provider I guess you should put it for new TV shows and then a month later , you can watch it .


Errors  Peacechild2004  1 star

Won’t even work anymore. I tried deleting and redownloading. Just keeps saying We are unable to load your videos. App has always been a pain with the stupid ad glitches and now I can’t watch the shows at all 🙄


Not worth the hassle  lezanne  1 star

This is the third time I've downloaded this app after a few weeks it says I need to sign in with my television provider and just keeps loading, no end in sight. Yesterday it said I wasn't looked into my provider and said I have 3 credits to use to watch my show 🤨🤨 not worth it the ads are ridiculous it's worse than actually watching the show on TV with commercials so now time to uninstall and move onto something else


App Currently Not Working  Natatatatatatalie  2 star

I started watching a series on the app this week, but as of yesterday, the app will not open on my phone. When I try to open the app, it says to check my date and time settings to make sure that they are up to the current date. None of my other apps are having this problem, and my phone is set to the correct time and date; I have never changed it. The website works on my laptop, though. I also agree with the complaints about the advertisements, they are so repetitive! After watching two or three episodes every three days, I know all of the ads by heart because the same few are shown over and over again! So irritating, they do not make me want to go to their store/buy their product/etc.


Maybe one of the worst apps EVER  Rquaseba  1 star

OMG, ads come on and then get stuck in a loop, many times the same ad over and over and over. Then more ads and just when you think it is time to just forget about trying to watch show, the show comes back on for a few minutes and the the loopy ads start again. Wastes WAY too much of my time and forget it if you are trying to relax and enjoy leisure time. Fix the stupid app! Ridiculous!!!


What a disappointment  vrangel28  1 star

Was excited to be able to watch , but the ads are insane. The same ones over and over ..and just so many. Thumbs down


Keeps asking to reauthenticate it.  WindySeal  2 star

Keeps telling me it needs to reauthenticate. It has worked for one day then I log back in & nothing plays. I tried reinstalling the app & it still doesn’t work.


Appreciate this app  Peggymcd  5 star

My only issue is signing in every two weeks but that is my cable provider not this app. I like everything about the app, no complaints at all.

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