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Slader: All your textbook homework, solved.

Have you ever stared at a blank piece of paper wishing you had a magic wand that could help you finish off that assignment in a flash? Slader is your magic wand!


Slader offers millions of free step-by-step solutions to all the questions in the most popular textbooks in middle school, high school, and college. Math homework answers, Science homework answers, Spanish, History, Economics, and lots more. Slader’s got your back.

P.S. Yeah, we know, ads can be a drag, but this is how we pay the bills. You can get rid of ads in the app and on the web by purchasing a High School+ subscription. A College+ subscription gets you access to all solutions on Slader - even our advanced upper level books.

Subscriptions will automatically renew each month and be charged to your iTunes account within 24-hours of the end of the current period, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

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- i have only used it once but it helped

i just got back to school a few days ago and i’m really good at math (a freshman taking the second half of geometry and all of algebra 2) but we started geometry in 8th grade but learned it online so i didn’t remember much and we go really fast so i used this app to help me with my homework and it explained most stuff to where i could actually figure it out but not perfectly.

- Meh

At first it helped me a lot. I’m not someone who believes I get stuff right so I use it to check my answers. I was just using the online version since it’s a little faster for me. At one point though everything stops. There’s no more answers. It’s just “Write in your answer!” So I downloaded the app to see if it was something weird with the online version. Nope. It’s the exact same. Everything was missing from it. I don’t use the app or online anymore. Kinda disappointed.

- Great App, Definitely Worth It!

Just like everybody else, when I’m doing problems from my textbook in Math, Science, or anything, sometimes I will not know how to do a problem. But, with the help of the Slader app, I can look at the answer to a problem as well as see all the steps! It’s a great app, and I definitely recommend downloading it.

- (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

this legitimately got me through freshman year online. god bless slader 🥺🥺


My teacher doesn’t teach so this really helped teach me the wor.

- Thanks for my diploma🤪✌️

I don’t think i would have pasted this year if it weren’t for this app bahaha.


AMAZING!!! This app saved my life I would’ve failed matH😣 LOVE YOUUU


I love this app so much, it really helps keep the stress away! i totally love the humor in the “we gots to pay the bills” !

- Works

It works well but the ads break it

- I love this app...but

It’s an all around great app, but it won’t let me comment, rate the problem, and won’t remember my account and it asks me every time to set up an account. Otherwise it’s still a great app!

- slader review

literally love this app! comes in handy all the time! it’s a must have

- Helps

It helps so much like when you’re late for an assignment or just don’t feel like doing.


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- Unhelpful

I can’t really say it’s bad but it didn’t help me with anything because they didn’t have what I was looking for, maybe if they did it would have been good but they probably have what your looking for so try it out :)

- Needs Major Improvements

The app has correct answers but the thing is, the numbers don’t match up with the book at all. It’s all jumbled up. I was doing homework and using the app and it had given me the correct answers for a whole other page... not the page that I was doing.

- Great but not a stand alone

If you have strict teachers that need to see work this app is great when paired with photomath, mathway, and snapcalc. The ads are a drag but a small price to pay for passing a class. 10/10 would recommend

- So sad

They don’t have my math book😭

- this literally saved my grade

this app is great for helping me with my homework

- saved my life lol

its hekka good and um ya i just think it deserves a 5🌠

- Nice idea but

Ok this is an awesome idea and works great but I’m not in high school so it didn’t work so if you are not in high school do not get but if you are do it’s like a miracle so ya. But really great app just not every body can use it.

- Slader makes school a breeze!

Over the past couple of weeks on online school, I have received multiple math homework assignments, but with no directions on how to turn them in. Just a couple days ago, my teacher sent a memo to all students saying she needs all 25 math assignments by today completed, and with visible proof. With Slader, I went in, searched the lesson I needed, and was done in a quick 30-45 minutes. Now I have received a 100 for my "amazing work"! Slader is a 5/5, 10/10, and 100/100!!! AMAZING ALL AROUND!!!

- I love it!

Thanks for fixing the bug! And don’t ignore the comments! Really great app to get!

- Awesome

Very very useful

- Boo

Slander doesn’t have the right answers all the time so I get them wrong :( it’s kinda a disappointment

- Good

Slander is the best if you don’t use it your are not gonna get 1000 % on your test so use slander and get100%


This app is sooooo helpful! But at the same time it doesn’t have all the books and sometimes the answers are wrong. Add more books and fix the answers to the correct ones thanks.

- Slader

U really would not get how much stuff I passed because of dis app without it I don’t thing I would of passed.

- Amazing

This app legit saved me. Yeah there’s adds but they are literally 20 seconds and it’s worth it

- okay

sometimes it's helpful sometimes it's not. also it doesn't let me leave a comment even if i have my account connected.

- this is a great app

this is the reason i passed geometry

- Gave me wrong answers

I was getting quiz answers because I am very bad at math. I turned in my quiz and all the answers were wrong... this isn’t the first time this has happened but other times it didn’t really bother me too much because it was just HW. I’m really disappointed, I always hear about how good this app is. And also disappointed I got a 0 on the quiz

- Used to be good

I don’t know what the update did but it no longer responds to me I deleted and redownloaded it but is just stuck I can’t even us the help part.

- Great App

I saw this when having trouble with my math work. I used the app and it worked great. It gave me help with problems and also helped me check my answers to make sure I didn’t have any wrong. Definitely worth it.

- lifesaver

some question #’s don’t correspond with the actual book. could just be me, but just saying. great app

- It’s a life saver...

This app is amazing! It’s free and everything. Right now we are experiencing difficulties in the covid 19 outbreak and it makes it even more difficult that we have online homework and in textbooks. Once you scan a textbook you’re done! All you have to Do is to find your page number and there you go. The answers are right there. Try this app. It’s free!

- It’s corona time

Online school boutta be easy as hell


This is my favorite app but there is one book it doesn’t have that I really need. Called collections performance assessment grade 10. It would be a big help if they had it. But other than that this is amazing

- This is a bad app

This app does not work it don’t even have so of the books on here if u need help with your home work this is not the app.

- Ads

Ads make the app unbearable. Can’t go 3 problems without watching a video. I get that you gotta make money but way to much ads.

- Ok

Good for homework but the app crashes constantly and way to many ads

- Great app just one flaw!

The app is amazing, helps in almost any subject. the app just crashes constantly for me.

- Amazing

It’s getting me through geometry with online classes going on. Would highly recommend.

- I feel the POWER

Thanks so much

- Pretty bad

Terrible app doesn’t even give you the right answers do waste your time on this app.

- Pretty good

I would give it 4.5 stars if I could. The thing I don’t like is all the ads (I get it, but it’s a LOT of ads). Every time I want to comment I have to sign in, which gets tiresome. Also, when I try to comment the little cloud just pops up and it won’t work. I can’t comment. So work on that. Otherwise, great app.

- Amazing

This app gives you all the answers all you have to do is scan the book.Great app

- I love this app !

This app is a total life saver and is extremely helpful ! I used to dislike math but now I love it because it isn’t stressful anymore!Slader has also definitely improved my life in school!

- Doesn’t have the one I need

Put it on the app I’ve requested it multiple times it’s saxton math 76 second edition

- Love it

Help me with hard problems

- Kinda disappointed but confused

When I got this app I was hoping to find the answers and how to work them out,but unfortunately I didn’t, I couldn’t find any answers to my questions which are from the textbook”Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Common Core Assessment Readiness Grade 7.”It’s strange that on the website I could find most of the questions that were in this same book before but now I can’t find any answers and I have googled them but nothing shows up.Please explain why this is occurring and how I can find my answers easier.Thank you for help so far!

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- Very good app

Makes learning fun and awesome

- Horrible and inconvenient

Very slow and some answers are dodgy, the app takes very long to load some answers, and you need to individually click on different answers sometimes. Why can’t they just be displayed on one page. Overall very slow app and laggy. Would not recommend

- 5 stars

Awesome app. Makes learning fun!

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- Won’t stop crashing

No star. Forces you to pay

- this app is a lifesaver

i don’t know how i even passed classes before slader 🤩

- Way too many ads

Ads make the app unbearable

- Amazing

Love this app, helps me out a lot with this quarantine stuff!!!!

- bruh

Nevermind im stupid

- Amazing

Recently I have started online school and somethings don’t quite make sense. This app helped to make sense of my problems in math without a teacher.

- Beautiful

It has most of my classes textbooks, very helpful especially for math because it usually gives you a step by step on how to do the problem if you don’t understand.

- App keeps on closing by itself

For some reason every time I open the app it does not stay open for any more than 5 minutes because then it shuts down by itself and I have to reopen the app again.

- Great app def recommend it

Ok be thing ( I haven’t tested yet) is for websites like freckle and common lit answers like you select passage of level to find answer everything else is away me tho thx

- Love you guys

ty slader

- mwah

love of my life right here

- Great, helpful app, only one massive bug

Great app! I use it every day but every 2 answers when it says “watch an ad,” the facebook ad says close in 5 (which i get every time btw) and then it doesn’t move and after 2 mins it’s still open??!

- Heartbreaking, no content yet


- New update

I love Slader, it always helps with my math. And makes my life easier when I know the math, but don’t have the time to work it all out, it had a great layout. Ever since the new update everything is just “click for solution” which is fine, ads pay the bills. But the answer is not always as easy to find like before, before “click for solution” it was much easier to find the basic answer, it was right there. Now it is harder for curtain questions. I miss the old way Slader gave the answers.4/5 it is an amazing app.

- Parent Opinion

I think it’s a good app for parents to check their students work and to help them understand where they made a mistake. However I highly dislike that several lessons are missing 8-15 problems!!! It sure makes it harder for me as a parent to check my students work....

- Not as good as the website..

For some of the books, the app sometimes only shows a few answers from one page rather than all answers, whilst the website shows all answers. Even though the website is much more clean looking and nicely designed. There are still some issues.

- Needs an update

The app started to close on its own, i try resetting my phone and it didn’t work, i don’t know why the app is closing on its own. I have to keep closing the app and then opening it again if I want the answers. Please make a update and some new changes

- It’s great

This app helps a lot. Of course I do try to understand the work and not just copy, but it makes me feel sure that my answers are 100% correct and not just a guess.

- It’s good for the most part

I had a work sheet and it had a wrong answer And some questions that use plotting don’t tell you where the plots go, but for the most part it’s great would recommend it to middle schoolers. Because most teachers just want to see work and not correct answers. But for high schoolers STAY AWAY!


It is so awesome it helps me work it out then I check to see if I got the right answer thank you so much shade!!!👍👍👍👍🙏🙏

- helpful reminder;)

it’s really great and all but one time my teacher found out that people were using slader because of the wrong grammar and everyone had the same answer:”when they will have the same sign” he got really mad and asked everyone how they got the answer. I would recommend first doing the questions on your own first and then check them on slader to make sure your correct:)

- App Crashes

The app provides an easy and accessible way to check answers for my calc assignments. However, the app crashes and closes out of itself every five minutes. This is a hinderance when I am trying to check my answers.

- Needs more science books

Please Slader I would really appreciate if you can put up answers for My Florida SCIENCE Notebook please

- Super Reliable Especially when your struggling.

I’ve been having trouble getting the right answers on my science homework. Until I found out this App. ITS LITERALLY AMAZING! I’m not even joking. Scan any textbook it’ll find it immediately. Enter the page number and BOOM, you’ll have your answers.

- Confused

Why are some of the answers wrong?

- Works!

Fantastic help! Almost every question from my textbooks answered! Thank you!

- Ads

Used to be able to get around the ads via turning off internet. Update now prevents that so the only way to get around is to restart the app every two problems. The ads are too frequent to have such a high rating on App Store.

- Latest Update 02/20/20

Ever since the update, the app will close by itself. While I’m in the middle of looking at a solution.

- Great learning Tool

Of writing this review I am in Algebra. This app is the best because unlike the book that just shows you the answers Slader shows you step by step how to solve the problem which helps with new or confusing subjects.

- So helpful

It’s so easy to use and be able to learn how to the problems I didn’t learn in class.

- Crashing?

When I used this app on my old phone (iPhone 7) I had no issues with the app and I was also paying for the subscription while using it then. Since I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 11 I’ve been using the app without the subscription and after 5 minutes of using the app it will crash and go to my home screen. I don’t know if this is because I canceled my subscription or because the app hasn’t been updated for the newer iPhone but either way it’s pretty inconvenient

- Good app

Very good app because I’m very dumb🤮😏🤩💀🇷🇺😂😅😂‼️😍🥳🥳🇷🇺‼️😡😁🇷🇺🤡🇷🇺😂😀😂😀😏😘😏🙃🙁🙃😖🥰😕😫🙂😭😕🙃🙃😖😐😨😥🤫😠😧😡🥶😬😧🥴😰😈👿👺🤡🤡☠️👻💩👾🤖😑👅👇🏻👇🏻💄💄🦿👋🏻👤👥👀👀👆🏻👦🏿👋🏻👩🏿👋🏻👧🏿👶🏿👋🏻👋🏻👦🏿👦🏿👦🏿👦🏿👦🏿👀👨🏿👨🏿👨🏿👨🏿👨🏿👩🏿👱🏼‍♂️👨🏿👉🏿👱🏼‍♂️👉🏻☠️



- Don’t trust the answers

Really quite awful. Out of 30 questions, Slader typically gets 2 or 3 incorrect. So, if it appears my child got something wrong, I have to do the math to see if Slader is incorrect. And the ads!! Every other question.

- Super Helpful

This app saved my life. In High School rn and this app really helps me.

- it’s a good app but i think you should add history alive

can you guys add history alive for history that will be a great help

- Z

Doesn’t have ags books😒

- The app is fine but have few problems

The biggest problem for me is that you can’t do a zoom!!

- I love this app but it crashes WAY too often.

Slader is a life saver when doing homework and it’s helped me all throughout high school but recently I’ve been frustrated because it crashes every 5 minutes. Please fix this bug so that I can give it the 5 stars it deserves!!

- Ads

Ad city. Other than that, great for solving homework. Sometimes there is no answers.

- bless up

this app is essentially the reason i passed algebra one so thank u guys def buying ur merch

- Good app, but not 100% reliable.

The answers themselves are reliable, but not every textbook is covered. I tried using this for “Essentials of Statistics” and there’s no content available. It’s worked for every other textbook I’ve tried, but keep in mind that there are some gaps.

- Good when you need help, but...

The app is overall very good and has a wide selection of math textbooks. However, a LOT of the answers are flat out wrong and you often have to do it on a calculator to see if the answer is actually correct or not. Sometimes, the answers aren’t even to the right problem.

- Need some upgrades

I don’t know why I can’t open some pages like in geometry a common core curriculum I can’t open page 449 ????? It keep changing the page into 450 automatically🤯😤😤I am mad believe me 😡😤

- i’m sorry

so i currently have an F in math and this app has helped me a lot. but after many occasions i have seen the ppl who do these problems GET THEM WRONG! like why use a math app if it doesn’t even help you. so one thing you could do is get ppl who are better at explaining and actually get them right who really help. also use videos i can’t count how many times i wish someone would explain it to me through a video

- Helpful, but

The concept of the app is really great! However, there are things that are really annoying. First, questions that I can find on I cannot find on the Slader app. I am better off going to the website than the app. Second, the textbook solutions do not show the questions, it just shows the solutions (at least for physics). I wish the question is there so we can refer to it while looking at the solution. There are different versions for one textbook, so the numbers can get mixed up making it difficult to know what problem is.

- A

adds after ads VERY annoying I don’t know how they are doing this when there are so many ads and stuff

- <3

Super helpful with my algebra homework, I was stressing that I couldn’t do it then I downloaded slater and it helped me understand how to do the problems. 10/10

- Can’t scan or search

I simply can’t scan or search for any textbooks , the app won’t let me


Over the years Slader has steadily increased the frequency of ads to the point where it is borderline unusable. I’d rather actually do my homework than sit through 100 30sec ads

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Slader Homework Answers 6.10 Screenshots & Images

Slader Homework Answers iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Slader Homework Answers iphone images
Slader Homework Answers iphone images
Slader Homework Answers iphone images
Slader Homework Answers iphone images
Slader Homework Answers iphone images
Slader Homework Answers ipad images
Slader Homework Answers ipad images
Slader Homework Answers ipad images
Slader Homework Answers ipad images
Slader Homework Answers ipad images
Slader Homework Answers Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Slader Homework Answers Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Slader Homework Answers (Version 6.10) Install & Download

The applications Slader Homework Answers was published in the category Education on 2012-11-28 and was developed by Slader, LLC [Developer ID: 703216453]. This application file size is 143.32 MB. Slader Homework Answers - Education posted on 2020-07-27 current version is 6.10 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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