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SmartNews: Local Breaking News [News] App Description & Overview

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 40+ million readers in 100+ countries!

SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now.

News From All Sides! SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and more.

“Better than Feedly or Flipboard. Love it!” Jack C.
“Much better than the new version of Apple News.” - Polidoc
“Been using Google News but this is better. Much easier to share.” Eddie H.
“Literally one of the best news apps… It ranks with the likes of BBC News.” -lightspeed12

“Browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.”

Breaking News
Notifications for breaking news stories.

Trusted News
300+ top US & World news publications.

Offline News
Fetch trending news and read news offline.

- Best of 2013 (Japan) - Apple
- Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google

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SmartNews: Local Breaking News Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- General improvements to make sure we provide the news that matters to you. - Introducing our Coronavirus channel! Follow local updates and the latest news to stay healthy and informed! - Introducing our Election2020 channel! Follow the latest news for each candidate and get live primary results.

SmartNews: Local Breaking News Comments & Reviews

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- Not for Conservatives

If you are Conservative, you won’t like it. Not much I want to read here☹️

- Keeping me up to date

This app is keeping me informed at this awful time of isolation. I read updates all day and know what’s happening in my neighborhood. Thank you.

- SmartNews

This is my go to app when I want up to date news and information.

- Adding tabs

I was able to successfully do this with the Associated Press & Reuters, but I can’t add Politico??

- Content editing

This app would be much better if you were able to edit and remove some of the ‘sources’. The large majority of the content is liberal left leaning need sources. This app is being deleted.

- Will no longer open

The app no longer opens on my iPhone. When I tap on it, it goes to the app home page for just a second, then just returns to my iPhone screen. When I tried ‘App Support’ link for this app in its App Store listing, it just takes me to a different listing on the App Store, not to where I can report the problem and get help.

- Very biased news!

Do not waste your time, very biased fake news. Sad what so called journalism has become!

- Not smart but Fake News. zero stars

Bunch of ad popups and phishing attempts throughout app. When the app was new— started great but in decline daily

- Too bad I can’t tap “no star” for this liberal ding bat electronic rag

Please send me instructions for how I can reverse the devastating decision to sign on to this drivel

- It’s ok... but not so much... No way to block a news source.

It’s an ok way to see a large selection of News stories, but you will find over time the news articles will show sources you don’t want to see with no way to remove sources.

- Not really a news site

They can’t seem to report news without a heavy liberal spin. Not worth your time. Dishonest reporting

- Love it!

Very precise and accurate. Thank you!

- Not for me………

I wanted this app to get news about my county, town and community of DAHLONEGA (LUMPKIN CO.) When I go to the tab labeled “DAHLONEGA” all of DAWDON COUNTY’s news pops up. I don’t want to know DAWSON CO.’s news. I want DAHLONEGA’s news. For me this is a NO. I will leave the app a few more days to see if there’s any improvement. If not I will remove the app and find a more reliable one for me. But………if you want to know anything about DAWSONVELLE/DAWSON CO., this is the app for you. Thanks, Kaye

- New viewer

So far I like the news updates and the many different subjects that are covered. Not had app too long. Will give more input later

- Report the news without your partisan opinions

PLEASE Report the news without your partisan opinions!

- News in the now!

Love being having up to date news and not inundated with it👍

- Some of the sensationalism or tabloid reporting is hard to take.

Stop embellishing, and twisting words. People are sick and tired of being told half truths! For example today, “ Trump says he wants country opened by Easter, despite blah, blah, blah...!” First off, everyone wants the country opened, this is killing our economy! Second, nothing is set in stone, and on several points he’s right! This virus is 3x less deadly than the flu. Covid-19 has a 97% recovery rate. Also, small businesses are going to die, and unemployment an a couple of stimulus checks aren’t going to take care of people for that long! Your reporting is obviously skewed. The man may not be hugely articulate, but the economy was skyrocketing, BEFORE this virus began. If the man $h!t gold bricks for everyone, you’d still tear him down. More seasoned media types would never stoop to the level of fear mongering, today’s media has. Think people don’t see through it? You’re wrong, but shame on you for the scare tactics you use, and for not vetting your sources, but just falling in line with the rest of the soap opera media. There are still outlets worthy of respect, out there. I gotta ask, how are you different than the 40 year old in his parents basement, or the wackjob preacher making YouTube conspiracy videos?

- Fake news

If you want the truth....this apps not for you

- Big oversight for voiceover users.

Perhaps this is a good app, But The setup page upon launch does not work with Voiceover. Hope this oversight will b corrected soon.

- Great Head Up

I love what you fox are doing! It’s always nice to be aware of what’s going on in my county and throughout the world. Thank you for your efforts to allow new updates to reach us right awat. THUMBS UP to all of you 👏

- Thinly-veiled leftist propaganda outlet

I installed it, and after looking at their default “News” recommendations, i quickly realized this is nothing more than another liberal propaganda aggregator. They actually use “Daily Kos” as a “News” source. Its up to them if they want to be a liberal mouthpiece, but to pretend they are straight news and not disclose that they are an opinion-based app is immoral and irresponsible.

- Great news

My first go-to for news in the morning.

- Fair?

Just started so I haven’t doesn’t much time, but I see a whole lot of left leaning news and little fair and balanced. If I wanted CNN and CNBC I would just make stuff up myself. I’d like to see Fox, maybe some Judicial Watch. Some that doesn’t totally bash POTUS and the right. Then, you will be news for everyone.

- Smart news is like a smart phone, “not so smart”!

Smart news’ television advertising claims that they are fair and unbiased. In my opinion they are very biased, left leaning and anti-Trump. Even the article headlines are often rebutted by the article content including attached video clips. Again in my opinion, Smart news is the equivalent of The National Inquirer and Star magazines.

- Bias

This news feed has turnout to be another anti a Trump media mainly because of the people you continue to quote which are never Trumpers or Trump haters. I am getting fed up with your bias news feed constantly refusing to talk to or interview the fair and balanced news media. Change you ways or I will delete this App.

- Very comprehensive

I have found my local news and national news all in one place. This app is very convenient

- Too much

To much paid spokespeople saying what the money-men want! How about focusing on factual information than can be fact checked within the story instead of being tossed from one paid add to another in the name of “News”

- Not diverse

Too 1 sided

- Precision

Precise up to date details according to area and subject matter.

- Jerusalem Post

Smart News has some trustworthy news and entertainment sites but it also has garbage sites I never requested and can’t seem to delete. For example, IBT is the equivalent of National Enquirer on a bad day. Until there’s an option to delete garbage sites, I can’t give Smart News a great review.

- Nothing but Never-Trumpers

If you hate Trump, you will love this site. PS, it requires me the give it at least a one star rating.

- Whack

Seems to be just another anti trump media outlet Why won’t anyone get over it and report some the good things the president has done and is doing Deleting this P O S wanna be news app 🤦🏼🤬🖕🏼✌🏼

- Updates

Love the up to the minute updates and accurate reports !

- Liberal bias

Downloaded, after several days, noticed items started having a liberal bent. Deleted it.

- Love it

Been using this app for awhile and I love it. Always recommend it as a must app to everyone. Great job!

- All Smart News Staff:You all :Are Amazing 😍👍👍

I absolutely love having smart news at my fingertips.., Thank you and all of your staff for everything you provide to me and the world. A BIG SHOUTOUT to all of your staff: You all are:AMAZING!👍👍

- Idiotic Redundancy

Stop writing the title of the article three additional times in your opening paragraph and again in the next paragraph. Are you being paid by the word?

- Best

Best app ever

- News I want

This app gives me the news I want, when I need it. I am glad I have it!

- Change location of news

Cannot changes from where we have been to where we are now

- Review

So far , I’ve seen no local news !!!!

- SmartNews

Great up to date news coverage!

- News reporting agencies

LOW REVIEW due to ZERO Conservative News Agencies in the list of your sources/ contributors. SAD FOR THIS SITE.

- False representation

Claims to be balanced, but has a strong leftist slant. For those who seek a semblance of balanced coverage, go to Wall Street Journal. I’d give it less than one star if I could; not because it’s leftist propaganda, but because they lie about who they are.

- Fake News

Some of your stories are not true

- Making stuff up

One of their posts on Facebook talked about a first case of covid-19 in Bonner county ID.... searched everywhere for more info.... NOTHING.. there are no cases yet! They are spreading fake stories! 🤬 like this isn’t bad enough without morons like this making it worse! Wish I could just shut this page down, absolutely nothing worse than a lier, and that’s all they are, spreading their own, and every other fake news site out there..

- If you want the ultra liberal slant- this is for you

Way too liberally bias and inflammatory. Good idea, but would be better if it were actual news and not propaganda.

- Deleted App

Your add that drew my attention was misleading! Your ad said five new cases of this Covid 19 found in Clay Co. There for I downloaded it to try to find out and there was no story or headline for the story. So I’m going to say this. If you can’t tell the truth and mislead people. You have no business reporting your own news and spreading propaganda!

- Fake news!

The worst news app out there. All of the stories are sensationalized, with few real facts- don’t get it!!

- Upgrade time

We need to be able to comment Some articles need short versions because the writer won’t explain anything till late which wastes time What if we could rate stories to increase the percentage of its view ability for more readers Start with the SMART tab since this is your App

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- Fox is not news

Fox News is propaganda and The Province is a trash tabloid that doesn’t report facts. This is NOT smart news.

- Loved it until a recent change

What’s great: -Smart View allows much faster loading -Lots of variety and personalized choices Not great: -Recent change returns you to the feed, not the article you were reading after you switch apps (even briefly). Would be 5 stars if returned. -No keyword search, but that’s not critical for browsing.

- Great for Japanese News

This is the best app available for news from Japan both in Japanese and English. Just select Japan as your region and customize it as you wish. Very easy to use!

- Show more lines

I would like to be able to read the whole headline and then maybe the first line or two of the article without having to open the article. At the very least, the whole headline.

- Useless for Canada or local

Useless for Canada or local. International is heavy on Europe.

- SmartNews

The only issue with this is that the information changes quickly and I don’t know of a method to search for something I saw listed and then was subsequently removed.

- News great/sports extremly poor

Good help you if you don’t follow soccer!

- Good app but missing key features

The app does not support iOS 13 dark mode. Also, it would have been nice to be able to set default view for articles to SMART instead of WEB. I removed two stars for the two missing features, it would have otherwise been 5 stars.

- Dark mode?

What dark mode? Can’t see the option to turn on dark mode...

- Dark mode in 6.5.0?!?

No dark mode in apps settings yet...

- Please provide a night mode option ASAP!!!!

Come on guys get with the program already. Please offer a night mode for your app (including the widget). It’s kinda sad that you haven’t done this yet on your own. It’s not like it’s hard to do, and since Apple has made it extremely easy for you to turn this in I can’t understand why you haven’t done it yet. Do it NOW PLEASE!!!

- Love, love this app

Easy, fair, and balanced reading in one place

- Frustrating

I like the app a lot, but whenever I am swiping up or down while reading an article it would repeatedly exit the article which, is very frustrating because I keep losing my place while reading and need to start over and over again. This happens constantly using this app. It is as if the article page is slippery always slipping back to the main page.

- Really good but...

I enjoy this app and really like the variety of news that I get from it...keep up the good work 👍 my only issue is that there is no dark mode for app or widget...please update to accommodate ios13 and beyond...thank you 🙏

- Liberal App

I deleted this App as it is all about promoting the liberal, socialist agenda. There is nothing smart about this App.

- Too many right wing rags on here

While I appreciate different viewpoints I don’t appreciate viewpoints that rely on lies, misinformation, half truths or conscious omission of some facts to lend credence to their story. Rags like The Blaze, Epoch Times, The Washington Examiner and of course Faux (Fox) News are a few of the rags that the general public can do without. I guess that these BS “journalistic” sites/rags are able to rely upon the general stupidity of the average American. Not sure if obesity is the cause of Americans stupidity or if it is the Republibigots never ending war against good public schools and good curriculums. Suffice to say, it would be great if SmartNews had a rule that only stories that have been fact checked get promoted on their app. This would easily eliminate the aforementioned sites/rags from having their Fake News stories on this app. Wake up all u right wing morons. It’s time for you all to move to Texas. Then we will happily build a wall. Oh, don’t forget your MAGA hats u morons.

- Wacko Content

I deleted the app when it included wacko Post Millenial content. Please, have some sort of fact based filtering.

- Censorship

Come on...where is the positive News about the President...Wake Up America

- News alerts

I just wanted to know if there is any other news happening in the world besides your obvious dislike for Donald Trump. Every news alert has to do with Donald Trump and the investigation by the Democrats. I mean there’s other news happening in the world from time to time. Your bias has become way too obvious.

- Verges on tabloid reporting

Reason I reduced reading news channels directly was because it’s too much negativity. I thought Smart news would clean it up a bit. But it reports too much on trashy news outlets and borders on just being another tabloid reporter. Plus can we please stop reporting on Meghan McCain? She’s ignorant, a bigot, and her 5 minutes of fame are over. Move on. This is an example of what I mean by trashy tabloids.

- Refreshes too much

I have my settings set so that the app does not automatically refresh yet it does anyway, which is frustrating. Also, it does not keep a history of the articles that I’ve read. Because it refreshes and history is not available, I can never access the articles I read in the morning to share with others just a couple hours later. Or read later what I didn’t have time to read the first time. Can anyone help with this?

- Mostly Liberal Propaganda

If you like being inundated with negative liberal propaganda… Then you will like this app! If it wasn’t so Liberal biased in it’s political references, I could read it higher for its ease-of-use.

- Totally bias lest

CBC,Mcleans,The Star, Globle, CTV, CNN. Come on this from the advertising telling it's the place to get all sides. Sad to find just another Left news outlet. If I could have given 0 stars I would. I was looking for a site with all sides but this is definitely not it.

- Sanitized left leaning app. Not impressed.

They are very careful how they do it but it’s what they leave out that gives you the clues to their left leaning skew. Bland.

- Bias

App is anti-Trump

- Suddenly changed to English

Was using this as a Japanese news source and to read the news in Japanese, and now it updated and "corrected" itself to English. I can't change it back. Uninstalling.

- You missed the BIG news of the day!

You are obviously a left wing news agency. You missed the biggest news event which has impact on the world stage. You failed to give prime coverage to the SUMMIT being held in Hanoi. I will delete your app after I send this review.

- Not Free

To many sites block viewing of news unless a subscription is bought. My biggest complaint is with, The Globe and Mail. My advice, stop featuring their content.

- Eh, it's lacking.

This app is okay, but it's nothing I cannot get elsewhere. The user interface is well designed, and that's about it. I wish selecting "international" actually gave me news from all around the world instead of just Canadian, American, and some random country's news. I also wish there were more sources, for example for Caribbean news. This app makes me feel like the Caribbean and many other countries don't exist.

- It’s no better and no worse...

It’s ok as a news source, especially if you compare it to social media or cable “news”... still lots of editorials, puff pieces, fake news and alike getting through the cracks. Sign of the times I guess. Lots of adds posing as news as well. I also don’t like it when a story links to a pay per use site that I can’t access. Needs work, and really misses the mark, but I like the concept. I’ll stick around to see if they can steer the ship in a better direction, otherwise I’ll just stick to google news, CBC, BBC, FT and alike.

- All left wing news

Nothing balanced about this. I tried it and it’s all left wing.

- Sports

The ‘Sports’ tab only seems to show about the more popular North American ones?

- Better if...

Some news papers try and charge to view the news. It would be better if the dumped those guys.

- News from all sides...bad joke.

So basically all the usual crap from the progressive left but because you can add one source, Fox it becomes all sides! If you really want both sides, don’t bother, the creators suffer from the same fallacy that you’re too stupid to figure out that it is not.

- Fair and balanced

I enjoy the wide variety of news outlets and knowing I’m getting news from all sides. I’d like to request a “dark mode”, though. The bright white is a bit much for evening/morning reading.

- Great app

Love the app. International edition would be better if if had more North American sports coverage ie hockey, baseball, football, etc.

- Yes

This is a good idea. Let's all expose ourselves to everything and go from there

- Succinct and accurate

Love it for those reasons

- Fantastic!

Great selection of news! Please add an option for dark mode reading in your menu! This would be a big plus! Thank you!

- Love it but needs a tweak

This is a great app. I love the fact that it brings in news from all over. However, I have one complaint. In the sports area the only sport it covers is soccer. What happened to baseball, football, cricket, tennis, snooker, etc. Please expand your sports content. Otherwise, great job!

- The real deal.....

After literally 100s of news downloads I have finally found one that really does pull the news together from all sources and give you a one stop shop for the interesting, balanced and up to date news. Also very refreshing in terms is a global view rather than US or just European, there literally is something for everyone with a deconstructed and pleasing interface. Well done and my news search is finally over !!!

- Left wing pap

If you live in a left wing echo chamber and want to be fed the latest of the cross dressing movement, the end of the planet is at hand due to climate change and Trump is the anti christ , this your app.

- Good app with a con

Love the app. News Articles default to WEB view, but SMART view is so much better and cleaner. Wish there was a way to make SMART view the default view. It would save so many extra clicks. Don’t see any way to set that. Edit: Devs contacted me and gave me this tip; double clicking articles takes you straight to SMART view. Awesome!

- Night mode missing.

Besides lack of night mode it works well for me. Easy to delete and add interests. Sadly I will be using other apps in the evening and at night. Simple code, and they didn't write it in. Odd.

- Far Left....

Please stop putting out garbage. Your Canadian coverage is so far Left Wing you have already lost credibility. Stick to hockey scores or stories of polar bears walking into Churchill Manitoba in record numbers. Oh ya, and maybe go back to church and pray for all your friends so they may see the light one day. God bless you all!

- Terrible

Just uses other sources such as CBC, and CNN. Utter crap

- No Canadian content

Tried it, don’t like it. No Canadian content😢

- Nothing smart about this app

No difference between this and my Apple news feed. I can’t modify what sources I get. I’m in Canada and everything is CBC, hiffingtonpost Canada and whatever else god awful. If I wanted these I’d just go there websites directly

- Lemon head

I downloaded the app because it was advertised as fair and balanced and the top article is a Don Lemon piece. No thanks. That loser is the furthest thing from fair and balanced on air.

- Great app

I never write reviews as a matter of fact this is my first review ever , This APP is awesome , and everyone should have it . Thank you very much for creating it🌞

- Top page

Too many adds

- Suggestion to developers

1. You should expose a suggestion link in app where users can log suggestions. 2. When app first starts up there’s a moment when I see a fantastic headline. I hadn’t read it before but then it’s blown away all of sudden as feeds refresh. There’s a couple of ways to handle this - perhaps simplest in ux is to show the blue drop down forcing user to press the button. There’s pros and cons. You could have a switch to enable auto refresh.... Or have a timer rotate ticking down saying auto refresh in 5-4-3-2-1 and have ability to cancel. Or show a link to older /cached previous news - (use metrics to track how many ppl click.) This is only applicable to when app first starts up. or more complicated way - introduce a way to time machine back in timeline / dates. This could be fun to explore. Eg. Like go to last weeks news.

- Waste of time

So bad, don’t bother wasting time to download this. Will get rid of it straight after this

- Notneed to be able to refresh headlines all at once

The rest I ok.

- 一番好きなニュースアプリ


- Too many Australian news!

Why so many Australian news ?

- Snowflake Ready

App is solely for snowflake as all news sources are so far left they travel in a circle. Biased, one eyed, Leftist news sources. It is not a news app but a propaganga tool. Whatever happened to news apps giving you both sides so we can make our own opinion. Should be removed.

- My favorite news and entertainment site

It's easy to use, customizable to show the feeds I like, and localized to my location as I change countries. Love it.

- Great app!

An excellent app that I use to check all me news. Very smooth and silky with nice animations. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with 3D touch!

- Top quality news

Always the best articles are chosen for me, and breaking news always comes through quickly.

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- The best

All the News around earth with photos in a very easy way to read and understand. The best you can have news of any State of the Unión and the same time from Europe from any place you desire to know. Every thing is very well described

- Timely and mostly accurate news source.

This news source is always up-to-date.

- Love it

I love how it gets to the point and i can check on my local city!

- Not objective

I loaded this app hoping it was apolitical but it is not. It is another left wing liberal conduit for other people’s writings. Nothing novel about this app.

- Clear and Concise News

This news outlet offers clear and concise news reporting.

- Left Liberal

Top, must read headlines consistently are negative Trump! CNN... Trump spreading false hope ... NBC ... Rachel rants .. Initially thought I would stick with it to understand the lefts perspective ... Not happening!

- Not news

I was hoping for something good but just more biased garbage.

- What happened to journalism?

I thought journalism was about reporting the news and real facts? Not about opinion hit jobs and steering false narratives. I liked the idea of all the news being in featured on one platform. But it seems like I see more attention grabbing, false headlines to try and get people to read their articles. I’m deleting this app, just like I deleted FaceBook, too much fake news. No thank you.

- Smart News

I absolutely love this app it is so easy to catch up on the days news in a quick glance! And I believe it knows your taste because after a while it alerts you to stories you enjoy.

- Wish there were no PAYWALL feeds

Or at least, I wish I could remove the ones I don’t pay for since their headlines are tempting but I can get the same info from a service I subscribe too or one that’s free

- They advertise with obituary pictures

Discovered in an extremely disappointing way that smartnews advertises on Facebook with obituary pictures. My cousin recently lost her son very suddenly and his obituary picture has repeatedly appeared in her news feed as an add for this app. However this happens, it needs to be corrected immediately. Families enduring this kind of loss are hurt in ways this company clearly doesn’t understand when those tragedies are used for advertising. There are plenty of other places to get news, please consider a source with more heart.

- Leaning left pretty hard

Lots of things to read, however there are no dates on most articles. Tough to tell when some things were written. Lots of false reports! News of this thing that’s going to happen or already did seem to be a wild guess or completely made up based on one’s opinion toward the president. Deleting this lefty BS.

- Love this app

I love this app keeps me up to date

- Heartless

My cousin’s 20-year-old son died on March 6. A week later, she was scrolling through her newsfeed and there was an ad for this app featuring HER SON’S OBITUARY! Can you imagine? She’s devastated and lost, missing and grieving her son, and they used his obituary as AN AD! I hope people read this and drop this app and these developers. I’ve never heard of anything so horrible.

- Trump

Seems like every story is anti trump. Should delete app

- Why I am deleting this app

As usual there’s only one thing in the Mishawaka news some guys obituary I want to know what’s happening around Mishawaka not Elkhart not Goshen not any of the surrounding areas right now I can read that anywhere I downloaded this app I thought I was finally going to be able to get Mishawaka Mishawaka news I get plenty of South Bend news I guess most of us here in Mishawaka Don’t really exist but I don’t mind I mean even the coronavirus all I can

- 100% corona virus news. So why have a coronavirus tab

Wanna read about coronavirus. This is your place. Anything else. Good luck.

- Love the Smartnews feature that limits graphics

Nice selection of news sources. Smartnews feature limits slow-loading graphics.

- Dies when using iPadOS on version 13.4

Doesn’t wot with 13.4, open then closes.

- News

Just Great

- Not so balanced

I was excited when you advertised balanced news reporting which has been sorely lacking in our country. After being a subscriber for some time now, I find your national political news is still lacking balance just like liberal leaning mainstream media. For an independent like me, I’m so disappointed in your obvious choice of a majority of liberal resources for you articles. I’ll be cancelling my subscription.

- Trump bashing

Smart News is very unfavorably biased and misleading when reporting on President Trump. Good bye.

- Good information

Don’t like the ability to remove certain news resources I feel is bias or pushing false information.

- Totaly biased

Don't get me wrong the app isn't bad except for one thing the Top News tab is totally biased left leaning tripe that can't be moved or altered in anyway and it's sad. Yes it's aggregated from all the most well known left leaning news sources with an axe to grind against anything conservative! That said, the rest of it is pretty good in that you can add or remove news sources to you liking. Just do us a favor though and let us move or delete the Top. news tab.

- Deleting

I’m deleting this app because instead of giving us honest, balanced news on our President Trump they attack him in almost every article. Sometimes it’s subtle but it’s there. Idc if you don’t like him but be fair. Give us straight news, not your opinion.

- Wander

Give me a lot fast viewing what happens thank you

- So informative!

You get to customize your news feed to what you like and want to read. No nonsense crap that you just have to deal with. ....I really like that. It's simple and informative. Way better than Flipbaord and other news apps. Thank you for a great design! Keep up the good work!

- The worst new app!

This is the worst news app I have ever seen. You cannot find an unbiased news story that isn’t head bashing President Trump. News sources of this caliber should be banned because the American people need truthful news and this is blatantly not providing any. Pathetic, unprofessional journalism...sad!

- On the spot coverage

Smart News keeps me informed with news alerts which is really appreciated. I always know when there is breaking news and I never miss anything really important. I also think they are unbiased. They don’t left or right

- Location

The app location doesn’t always work I live in El Mirage and it says I’m in Peoria. It fixes but I had to reset the locations and everything so it would search again.

- Review

I enjoy the quick information .

- Unfiltered

I am amazed at some of the things both present and historically that I can’t believe I have never heard. The most shocking story that I never heard of was the Oklahoma City Massacre erin the 1920s. How did history miss that. To me it seems to be evidence of how unfortunate that only the victor’s side

- Not as "left-leaning" (i.e., nonpartisan) as top review suggested

The top review complained laughingly that this app is too "left-leaning" because it didn't include enough Fox, which prompted my download, but my first time using it showed me Fox News articles immediately. Considering that Fox News has described itself as not news but entertainment, and regularly traffics in counterfactual partisan conspiracy theories, this app might not be "left-leaning" enough for a serious reader in search of nonpartisan factual reporting.


Need MORE POSITIVE NEWS!! FIND IT!!!! IT’S THERE!!!! Much more difficult to FIND than the BAD NEWS but is much more INFECTIOUS!!!!!!!! Just try it PLEASE!!!!!!!

- It’s ok

Some thoughts: There should be a setting for Default View that I can set vs having it automatically open to Web view and requiring me to switch to Smart View. Many times as I’m scrolling through the app will jump back up to the top and this is my top grievance, almost to the point of uninstalling the app. The same articles appear time and time again. They need to age out so I don’t keep seeing them, or giving me a setting that allows me to limit the top channel to stuff that is new in the past 24 hours.

- Definitely left but lots of different news

I like the up to dat items that cover everything. But I dislike slanted political stories. Every chance they get they bash the conservative view.

- Reporting too biased

There are so many reporting agencies shown on Smart News but they are all left-wing or democratic journalists. Where is Fox News, for example? Why is there no option to actually choose the sites reporting? I personally don't follow CNN or MSNBC but am unable to remove their reports.

- TOO MANY ADS!!! Look here

Mediate articles that have an embedded video are AWFUL!! You sit through some BS commercial to view a 2 minute video. This is awful, and most of the time you need to close out of the article to stop the video. Too bad I can’t paste all the BS ads in front of video’s. It’s so unnecessary!! Don’t open any MEDIATE videos. You’ll be forced to watch commercials. Can’t even stop them, the “pause” is disabled. Wish I could insert some here!! Here’s one; WATCH: Trump Cuts Off Question About His Low Credibility Amid Coronavirus Crisis This is awful.

- Like reading comic books

7 to 10 Word sentences. Couch surfing with Myriads of topics

- Is not working since update

After the recent app update, it now fails to load. App is crashing

- Coronavirus page is suspect

The number of recovering in the US never updates and is inaccurate

- A bunch liberal Bull****. And no option to get the true NO opinion news!

What happened to the days when you could get JUST THE FACTS, no opinions, no liberal or conservative spin? You won’t find it here. This is pretty much 100% liberal opinions. A waste.

- Bias Creep!

I have been a Smart News fan for years and appreciate seeing both conservative and liberal views. However your recent liberal bias is beginning to get annoying. Please return to an unbiased center.

- Corona viruses

I was hoping you would be more informed about local information. Everyone reports cases by county a lot of us would like more information on our city! I will probably delete this app if it is of no use to me locally, I was hoping for more specific information about Winter Haven and other cities!

- Liberal leaning News Media

This app is great but the majority is left leaning. I can only handle so much of it. So this app has the option to add additional sites but the liberal leaning sites overwhelmingly populate.

- Raw Story is not a News Source .

If you are going to continue you to load Raw Story as a legitimate news outlet then Breitbart should have the same presence .

- Click bait

Uses click bait to get you to download.

- SmartNews always delivers news first.

SmartNews send out alerts for the fastest news updates before others.

- Love it

I love this app. Everything I need to know is here. No need to sit and watch the news on tv. Local news is great as well. I have recommended this to friends and family who also love it. Thank you for all the great information. Lori

- Great New App

It filters through the crap and gives you the news you need to hear about your country, economy, local government and much more. A great app to add to your phone.

- No flexibility

Could not edit the source of the news feed in Or add a new source feed, very limited in the Search results

- Can’t curate news sources

Used to be really good until the US elected Trump - now it seems like the main feed is primarily filled with anti-trump news sources. Really want to be able to exclude certain news sources from the main feed - i don’t want to add my own and i don’t want to deal with 100s of tabs - uninstalled for now using Google News instead

- Great news source

I have used this along with several others to systemwide the news reviews. Very efficient, almost government level.

- Wish I could search for news articles! (Fact checking)

My favourite application for news from big media outlets and I highly recommend to others. Upgrades: I just wish I could search for articles that I’ve read for keywords because it makes it easy to fact check the stories that I mention to people sometimes. Platform Upgrades: I would love the application on Windows 10 store as well to replace Microsoft News!


Advertising portrayed as “news” is, in my estimation, one of the most devious forms of revenue generation from an industry grounded in manipulation, greed and the diminishing of intelligence. Sorry you’ve chosen to go that route in a recent update, SmartNews.

- Love it.

My 5 stars will diminish to 1 if you continue with the new ads that appear in the app.

- Meh

It’s not bad but McDonald’s must be their sponsor as there is constant McDicks click bait stories. The one reason why you should never eat McDonald’s breakfast or McDonald’s secret menu items or the one McDonald’s secret gradients you need to know about and so on. That’s not news!!!!!!!!!

- World news Isn’t really “world” news

World news feed isn’t really “worldly” which is obviously dependent on sources pulled from and some local aspect setting

- 素晴らしい


- Great news app

Great news app but, hate the coloured tabs for each section.

- Unbelievable

I like it more than others

- Ads out of nowhere

I used this app as my main news app until an update brought in ads.

- Love the app but buggy

I love this app and use it daily but I have to delete and re-add it every 1-2 weeks because the app will freeze up. Other than this consistent problem, 5/5.

- No comment section

4 stars for that

- Great App

This is a great app for latest news

- Good App

The name fits the App. I use it every day!

- Excellent

Well done!

- Amazingly useful

- only way I get my news since downloading it

- Amazing

Fantastic. Quick way to absorb a ton of news from different disciplines.

- Great news feed

Well organized Easy flow Articles in tab in nice snapshot. Much preferred over other feeds that have you flip up through every article Would be great if they incorporated the Zite model of thumbs up/thumbs down on articles as a way of tuning the articles presented

- Tab bug

I love this app, by far my main app for news, but since i updated to ios10 the science tab wont work, the pictures wont load, already reinstalled the app and bug still there, please fix it.

- Excellent

I like it !

- Nice

Cool app who find each top story around the world base on your interest. Easy, you can chose when you will receive notification.

- Best news app

Once I started using delete other news apps. What's the point, this app has them all :)

- Excellent Newsreader

This app has surprised me. It has a nice mix of stories and updates frequently. I wish there more magazines to choose from but otherwise its an excellent reader especially for world news stories. I do wish the individual stories loaded a little faster.

- Still no default smart view

At every update I come back and look, and yet again, this very easy feature still isn't there.

- It's good

I think it would be better if the app went directly to the "smartnews" tab as oppose to clicking on it for every article. Of course include the pictures of every article perhaps to scale and we can click to enlarge them. A reading out loud feature wouldn't be bad either. At times when I have to get ready for work or I'm on my way it would be cool if it could read me the news. The app overall is good but like anything in life things can always be better.

- 👍🏾

Good, just needs more sources

- Fairly good

Need more topic though

- Love the app, but what about us Canadians?

I love using this app, I learn a lot because I don't have time to collect articles from all the news sites. But I wish there were more Canadian centred news options. I see some of our news in the "World" section, but I want a section that is strictly Canadian.

- Best news app

Great news app

- Great app

One stop shop for all the news of the day from several different sources. Definitely recommend.

- Love It

Great layout. Great stories. Great price. What's not to love!

- Good reader but room for improvement

I switched to Smartnews from Flipboard because FB kept crashing. Turns out that's an iPad 2 problem so now I use both. I like the broader view that I get with Smartnews, though I would ask that deleting feeds be incorporated as an option. I really don't need that much domestic news from India, thanks. The optional additional feeds seem somewhat US-skewed, so new adds make it less international. My other beef is that Smartnews seems to be a bit of a battery pig. My usage is higher than with Flipboard. Still one of my daily-used apps, though.

- Excellent app

Customizable, frequently updated and current, this has become my primary news source

- Goofy

Good app!

- My go-to for news!

I've deleted most other news apps (other than local sources not covered here) because this app meets all my info needs in one spot.

- The best news app ever!

Why did we have to wait 20 years for the best app ever?

- Great app that bundle all the news you need

Love this app where you can read all the great international news site in one app. The smart view feature is really good when you have slow internet or just want to save your data. Would be nice if they could include an option to allow user to choose smart view as their default view instead. Because I personally love that feature since it saves data and it load faster and it gives you a nice clean page to read. And it is quite tiring when you can't have it open to smart view as default. In addition it would be nice if they could include Bloomberg news in the app too! So for now 4 stars only.

- Love this app

I love the diversity it offers in news, but above all, its adaptability for slow connections, which I got a lot while travelling in Asia for the last 15 months.

- Great

Great news source, works like a charm, no bugs.

- Love this app

All my news, all at once.

- Love it!

Works so awesome when my internet connection is slow. Gives me lots of choices of which news feeds I want so I'm lovin it!

- Annoying!!

I find it so extremely annoying that when I close the app and go back into it at another time, it doesn't start back at the beginning of the topics on the stop. I have to scroll back to the top headlines. Really annoying.

- Interesting

Lots of interesting stories. Like the Smartview option which loads the individual stories very quickly.

- Ok app, but too US-centric

I gave this app a try for a couple of weeks, but in the end I decided to delete it because it is too US-centric and the articles load slowly. It could be a good aggregator, but it has it needs to have better content and sources. The competition can tailor content to more countries, including Canada.

- Best news app yet!

Best news app yet!

- Canadian news?

Love the app! I just hope that we get Canadian channels.

- USA or everything else

Great idea and there is a ton of potential here, but at present your choices are pretty much USA or USA & everywhere else.

- Excellent!

Only two days of use has earned this news app a permanent place on my phone. Great selection of stories, easy to use, very attractive UI.... And no annoying ads! What more could anyone ask for?

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SmartNews: Local Breaking News 6.17.0 Screenshots & Images

SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News ipad images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News ipad images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News ipad images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News ipad images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News ipad images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News ipad images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News News application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
SmartNews: Local Breaking News News application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

SmartNews: Local Breaking News (Version 6.17.0) Install & Download

The applications SmartNews: Local Breaking News was published in the category News on 2014-10-01 and was developed by SmartNews, Inc. [Developer ID: 579581128]. This application file size is 53.22 MB. SmartNews: Local Breaking News - News posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 6.17.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

SmartNews: Local Breaking News Advisories: Unrestricted Web Access
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor
Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes
Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence
Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes

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