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What is smartnews: local breaking news app? SmartNews is the award-winning local news app downloaded by 50+ million readers in 150+ countries!
SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now.
News From All Sides! SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and more.
“Better than Feedly or Flipboard. Love it!” Jack C.
“Much better than the new version of Apple News.” - Polidoc
“Been using Google News but this is better. Much easier to share.” Eddie H.
“Literally one of the best news apps… It ranks with the likes of BBC News.” -lightspeed12
“Browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.”
Breaking News
Notifications for breaking news stories.
Trusted News
300+ top US & World news publications.
Offline News
Fetch trending news and read news offline.
- Best of 2013 (Japan) - Apple
- Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google

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SmartNews: Local Breaking News Version 22.11.3021 November 2022

- New publishers include Inside Cubby, Scoop, and more!.

SmartNews: Local Breaking News Comments & Reviews 2022

- Stop the Popups!

UPDATE: (I am late posting this, but) within hours of me writing about my issue with pop-ups, the developers actually responded, and within a day or two, the problem was 100% rectified! I love developers who actually take the time to read and respond to the concerns of their customers, so because of that, SmartNews will forever have a supporter in me! I have been using Smart news several times a day, every day for years now, and I have enjoyed it for the most-part. However, as of January 1, 2021, I am now being greeted by a pop-up urging me to enable location services, which I have no desire to do. It is understandable that the app would request permission for such a feature, but it is requesting permission after EVERY•SINGLE•STORY read! It is beyond annoying and feels like harassment! If this problem isn’t rectified within a week, I will be uninstalling this app. Your readers should be given a choice of which features to enable, and not be harassed when they don’t choose in accordance with YOUR preferences. Update: I am updating my review to reflect a 4-star rating, because I am no longer being bombarded with popups. For everyone who’s whining about the app being too “left-leaning”, perhaps you should search for a Breitbart app, or some other tabloidesque news affiliate...and this is coming from an Independent.

- Helps me stay in formed

Love smart news and have recommended it to many of my friends. I would like to see a few very minor changes though. 1. Something to show “not interested” in a certain article/topic. For instance, I may read two articles on the same topic, be done with it, and then the app assumes anything related to that person or topic I want to know about and I relentlessly get articles about that (ex. Aaron Carter’s passing - I now get every article written about the tragic event, “his managers last text with him”, “his fiancé spotted at…”, “what happens to Aaron’s fortune now?” etc - all of which I, respectfully, don’t want to receive anymore or read about just because I read the article about his passing. 2. Because the algorithm does push so much that it thinks I will like, I tend to miss actual breaking news stories. Would be cool to differentiate breaking news notifications even more, maybe with a different color logo or something (not sound). All in all, I love this app and have used it for years. It has so many great features like the smart view and features that have evolved like being able to see the articles you were notified about all in one place. It’s very helpful for staying aware of things in a timely manner.

- Fantastic Function and Fav App but iPhone Capacity Issues

I love the news I get; frequently from cities I didn’t even realize it was tracking for me! Far superior to anything else I’ve ever seen I might be getting addicted this; I spend more time than I think I ‘should’ reading really interesting stuff that’s relevant to me. It’s not a five because it seems to ‘consume’ my iPhone 7 (with max memory)! Here’s what I mean: 1) Frequent pauses/freezes that can last quite a while. Some correct themselves with time, others don’t seem to. 2) Frequently I can’t open iPhone Notes to store an article. It just freezes! This is almost to the point rarely try anymore. But my memory is so bad what’s the point of reading all of this if a can’t save a link to it for later? 3) I was informed by the iPhone that my battery is going bad. However, this App seems to consume tons of power. If I stop using it for a day my ‘power issues’ seem to disappear. If I need a newer/faster iPhone for this app just let me know. If that’s not the issue, any suggestions? Alex PS - I’d like to store direct links to some of the news - is there an easy way to do this? Another suggestion: when I’m done reading an article option to remove from list or retain for a while (I may wish to forward to a friend ...... when it’s daylight again - ha, perhaps I am addicted!

- Smart News is really smart

I was apparently one of the first regular user of the app and shared articles on Twitter constantly. 3 or 4 of the developers asked me for an interview via Skype and what Interested ME, was that they were all very young and what interested THEM was WHY I was so interested in the news. An earlier reviewer cited being fed too much liberal news and she should be happy with the addition of NEWSMAX which is definitely right leaning. Early on the developers said the algorithms choose the articles in your feed by the articles you actually read and your interest profile is just algorithms doing what they do but you have the option to choose a tab and read any article from any of the magazine you have added. I asked them to please keep it that was and not to start choosing ( as Facebook does ) articles to put forth an agenda, especially not a political agenda. So far I don’t see it happening. I have pretty eclectic interests and really enjoy the variety I have to choose from. This app also gives you the ability to swipe over to Reader View and read the articles without the annoying advertisements. All in all I hardly use any of my other news apps. I am afraid to count how many tabs I have on my home page! Love it!!

- Commercials.

I have been (inundated)as of late, been looking for another platform to get my daily news needs met as I am informe and very interested in social issues in my neighborhood and my country on a daily basis,until recently, “I noticed that as I was reading or might I say(trying )to read a (interesting (ed op)I was repeatedly interrupted by the annoying commercials that you have allowed companies to interject into your forum,as I have to lost track an at times interest in what I have an interest in reading,then I must stop and look for that very small (x) and then try and tap on it with my large thumbs,because I don’t always carry a (stylus all times, well that being said I began looking for an alternative for(you)I’m not interested in commercials while I am reading,it is bad enough when I watch television,I understand you have a need to pay bills but it help if we were at least given an option to look and or listen as opposed to feeling like a (captive in your program,I do like your format as I can go to top and pick and change topics at will, but the commercials just pop up so fast that I get (frustrated,and start looking for another venue..Thank you James in (Sacramento.

- Favorite app

Officially un usable. As a news junkie this app has been my most used for years now. Layout is better than any other by far. Popups have rendered it garbage. Make a paid version if you need revenue, add more ads in feed. Popups are a deal breaker. I can’t even imagine they are a viable ad format given my first inclination is to shut down the app once they appear. Doubt I’m alone in this. Good luck. Ya finally killed it for me. Back to my other news sources, sadly. Update: Hung in there a while more in hopes popups would go away. Got more frequent, and now an additional popup has shown up. Sad. Best news format out there. Done. DELETE Update: Came back to see if any decent changes would make app usable again. Nope. At least not in the ‘Top News’ Tab. Wish I could just delete it and stick with the other tabs I’ve created. Top News is anything but. Literally jam packed with garbage news from unknown sources. I can’t spend all my time checking validity of obscure news sources. Wish app would stick with known sources regardless of bias and leave all the suspect sources and fluff stories to a separate tab. Update: App now allows for some customization. MUCH better in my opinion. Some news sources are just not worth my time, but to each his own. Nicely done.

- A couple bugs and a suggestion

I recently reset my iPad’s settings and content, and upon reinstalling SmartNews, the app’s notifications won’t push anymore. It misses the scheduled update notification times and doesn’t display breaking news notifications. Stories aren’t even being put in the inbox. Also, for a long time, some stories featured on the app are unable to display the full article text in “smart mode”, either omitting paragraphs or not being parsed at all or correctly to display the complete text featured in the original source page. Oddly, the notifications were still working properly when I upgraded my iPad from iPadOS 13.7 to 14.0 after the latter OS was released, with the most recent SmartNews update installed. Also, I’d like to suggest changes to the weather page to include a summary of the current weather observations (adding dew point, wind, barometric pressure, “feels like” temperature, visibility and humidity, along with sky conditions and air temperature). The current format of putting just the current temperature and sky conditions in the hourly forecast panel just doesn’t make sense, given that the weather page provides more detailed information on the forecast while only providing the bare minimum when it comes to current conditions.

- News from all sides

This is my morning ritual. After waking up and tending to the needs of myself and my animals, I sit down with a cup of hot cocoa and read this app’s articles. This app features the best articles from all side, democrats, republicans and independents. I get both sides of an issue. I feel very informed and the best thing is I don’t have to see pictures of all the worst things like the tv news shows. I don’t need those images in my head. I can imagine, but it’s not the same as seeing it. Each article has a link to the original post if needed. But I get to choose if I want to go looking for pictures. Plus, I get fun stories and posts from Reddit, Bored Panda and BuzzFeed for lighthearted reading. Critical to my mental health in these troubling times. I highly recommend this app to everyone. ps… the execs at this app, I like the previous format of the top stores better. IMHO. Update…. Thank you for putting the top stories back to the old format. Much easier to stay informed.

- Ad popping

This app is now randomly throwing up full screen ads with hidden dismiss buttons. It’s amazing how something can go from good to junk apps with one greed based change. Ditching it, you should too. However, this review won’t make it anywhere near the top of reviews for obvious reasons. I’ve found great replacement that doesn’t force feed ads and in comparison to this app, they get me the news I want to read, while still allowing me to find what I want that’s outside my immediate interest. Importantly, without then flooding me with garbage because I read one article. You can say what you don’t like, and that stuff isn’t forced down your throat either. It’s not hard to find something much better, you should look. The developer is asking for suggestions. The suggestion is do not pop up full screen ads that are difficult to close and require user input, or worse killing the app. Simple. The inline ads were (are) plentiful without this. The fact that people don’t click them except accidentally is not a cue to make them full screen and hard to close. That motivation is about $ and advertisers, which has nothing to do with delivering the news. Not the product spots masquerading as articles, the actual news. Either you are a news app or an advertising outlet. Smart news seems to have made that choice. That’s why I, and many others are abandoning the app. It’s not a hard calculus.

- Update again

Updating my review: I still like this for my news but the new article refreshes via pop up’s keep happening much to frequently for me what I mean by that is you’ll get a new article pop up so if you refresh the articles sometimes almost immediately you’ll get another new article pop up very irritating. Good app for reading the news allowing you to select what you want to read and reject that which you don’t like. My only problem is that it always refreshes the feed and at times I will see an interesting article then the app refreshes the feed and the interesting article completely disappears forcing me to leave the app and go to a browser to try to search for said article. There is no way to disable this feature that they think we need. I’d prefer to just update the feed on my own but pretty sure developers don’t give a crap about what users prefer. Clearly they don’t read these reviews either. There’s not enough channels and they always add channels that are pretty much useless to me like I don’t need a political channel or an election channel as politics and election stuff is everywhere. So this is the best of what I’d say are poor news apps across the industry. Good luck finding a news app you can be happy with.

- App should be named MSNBC2

Being fed up with pretty much all media outlets having a noticeable political bias and wanting to JUST k ow what happened, not someone’s analysis of it, I’ve been looking for an app that just gives the news. Let me figure out what it means. an app that I can open up, see what happened in the world today and close it. I gave this app about 4 months. Every time I opened it it seemed to get worse. If there was a Trump/Republican bashing article anywhere on the net, you’ll find it on the front page here. You don’t even have to read the articles to see that everything on this site is for liberals. The titles are hilariously liberal. Don’t think I’ve seen a single article pertaining to the US government or the White House or republican that wasn’t a negative liberal opinion piece. I scrolled through about 5 minutes ago and it was ridiculous. Finally decided to delete it. This isn’t a news site. If you really just want to know what happened in the world today, this is not the site for you. Update: Based on the developers feedback, it’s obvious that anyone who points out that this is a liberal leaning site is told to try Fox News for your conservative views. I’m not even a conservative. Just someone looking for unbiased news and this poser is telling everyone that points out their obvious bias that they’re a conservative and need to look elsewhere for their conservative views. This won’t be around long.

- Ads have killed this app.

I have no problem accepting ads as part of the deal for this free app. I have been a Smart News user for years. I did not mind the apps in the news streams. I felt the pop ads that take over the screen a bit annoying. The Taboola ads were just about where I drew the line. But recently the app has become unusable. A new type of ad that pulls the screen black and starts a video ad in the middle of reading an article. Ok annoying. Hit the close button and it comes back or appears in another 10 seconds. Or worse I have to close the app down. At this point I feel it has made the app too much of nuisance to use. Maybe they will change this ad type but for now I guess I am back to Google News. UPDATE: This is better now the Taboola pop ups are lees frequent. But the pop ads still are annoying. New issue for me at least is the amount of battery energy being used in a short session. In 10 minutes my battery will drop 5% it’s like a gas guzzler. Are ther magical settings to help with this? I have location services off and background app refresh off still destiny’s my battery. I save using the app to late at night. If the app uses energy for ads I would be down for an ad free version.

- Should call it Kardashian news service

The main problem with SmartNews is the complete lack of customization or filtering of topics or sources. They also use a huge number of “repeater” sources that simply summarize an article from another site. They provide a button for “suggest less news like this” but it does absolutely nothing. They serve literally thousands of click-bait stories about the Kardashian clan, no matter how many hundred times one clicks the “less news like this” link. If world war 3 broke out, half the “top news” stories would still be about what kim kardashian had for lunch. Other big problem is the heavy reliance on non-US sources for their “USA Edition”… often using titled versions of British tabloids like “The US Sun” (for example). I guess they dont want to license content from legitimate US sources! Could be a decent aggregator if they would fix the customization problem and improve their source pool… and lose their obvious algorithmic obsession with the K-family. Their standard response is “we emphasize discovery over personalization” but think about that… what that really means is “we don’t care what content you do or don’t want… we prefer to keep ramming the content of OUR choice down your throat whether you like it or not. Here… have another 50 kardashian stories!” Is what you want more important than what customers want??

- Useful within Limits

I live in a small town in Washington state. I use news aggregation apps to increase my access to local stories. Like many other competing apps, this one regularly confuses articles about “Washington” (the state) with ones about “Washington DC” (the nation’s capital). I have to sort through the relevant vs irrelevant items. This may be a limit common to current search engine algorithms, an inability to refine results within the same keyword. Aside from that problem, I like the way this app is able to be configured to favor a wide range of specific topics as you refine your interests. The tab arrangement facilitates rapid navigation. The ads are able to be scrolled past easily. They don’t obscure content on the home page, which is a plus. I do not like the ambiguous “pitch” notification used under the “profile” button to try to get your email, which suggests signing in will make the app work significantly better or faster. I tried it side-by-side several times with other friends who signed in while I didn’t. We got identical results with the same topics selected, whether signed in or not. That alone cost the app a “star”.

- Would give 5 but...

First off, to anyone complaining about it being “left leaning,” use your head for more than five seconds and control your emotions. I mean that seriously. The app is customizable to allow you to choose the exact news sources you want to see, provided they are in the app. Even if (not saying it is), the app is “left leaning”, do what I do. Just read from sources you trust, just add the right leaning channels. Or, get a bit of balance and have both sides presented before you when you open the app.. which is kinda the point of the app if you’ve seen the commercials. Anyways, I would give 5 stars if there’s a bit more customization. Customization on notifications, frequency of notifications, notifications for new stories from specific channels, etc. And, I would love a “Save for Later” feature. I often find myself opening the app, scrolling through, and seeing several headlines that sound interesting but I don’t have the time or just don’t want to read them at the time. Atm I’m just saving the link to those articles in Notes. I’d much rather be able to tap a button or two that saves it within Smart News itself in a “Save for Later” tab.

- Lost a user

I’ve actually been very pleased with the app and am impressed that it has a local section for my very rural area. I use the app multiple times per day and have been for years. However with your recent announcement that you will be discontinuing the comments section I will no longer be using your service. There has been zero explanation as to why this feature is being done away with and seems like a poor decision to remove such a simple function. I’ll be downloading and using a competitor’s service once that feature is gone. I’m adding an additional comment after the developers responded with a canned, scripted response that only insulted my intelligence. Since my original post I’ve encountered even further problems with their comments section that is apparently conservative biased because my comments are being removed that contain no harassment, foul language or insensitive remarks. The only offense I guess was speaking out against the GOP. So this app is not only a joke in the way it functions but is so obviously conservative leaning that it might as well just join with OAN or Newsmax. I encourage anyone entertaining downloading and using this app to search elsewhere because this one is unprofessional, completely inconsistent on their guidelines and are obviously not unbiased.

- NOW DELETED but WAS Best News Aggregator BY FAR

Below is my former 5 Star Review and I am now rating this ZERO Stars and this has nothing to to with politics as some have commented In the past, you could go to the Discover Tab and add Tabs from the various content providers (AP, CNN, Fox) Inexplicably that ability has been removed for the Follow Tab, which requires 4 more clicks to read the same content You folks literally took the best laid out app I have ever seen (News or otherwise) and created an app that I had to delete Whoever came up with the idea to eliminate the ability to add Tabs for the “Following” Tab should be fired in one of the most egregious screw ups in iOS history ————————- I have tried numerous News Apps and have left each one as they were not exactly what I was looking for From Design to Content, this is exactly how I would have built it myself. I do NOT understand the reviews which state that it leans one side of the aisle or the other...just don’t pick that particular channel if you feel that way My only criticism (and it is no biggie) is on the Top Stories tab, I could do without the “For You” section. I rarely find those stories interesting and would just prefer additional “Top Stories” to continue on scrolling down that page That aside this is the perfect News App

- Customizable news

SmartNews allows the user to select news by topic (business, science, entertainment, politics) or by source (CNN, Fox, Huffpost). Any one who says the stories that are presented are “too liberal” or “too conservative” need only select sources they like so they can stay in their echo chamber and never hear another opinion. Pros: wide variety of topics and sources; stories can be viewed on the Web tab or the Smart tab, which eliminates some of the ads and clutter found on the Web tab; allows the user to see news from sources they might not usually visit. Cons: recent update now allows full page pop up ads and also allows some ads to play music while viewing the selected news item with no way to turn off without exiting the page. REALLY ANNOYING, and has the effect of wanting to never buy a product advertised in this manner; most stories aren’t dated, and can hang around for days; some sites are clickbait/fake news but get tossed into the mix with reputable sites; the Local tab isn’t always local news and can show news from places on the other side of the state. Would have given four stars but the new ad policy cuts it to three.

- Big Time Liberal News Aggregator

Look here, it’s not smart news when I have to physically add stories and sources. If you had good AI, you would know what I read and don’t read, which would give you a sense of what I am interested in, instead of spamming me with all kinds of liberal political news. And here’s the kicker, you defend your system, vice taking my recommendations to make your system better. The fact you refuse to make changes tells me that 1) the system is doing what you want, or 2) you lack the maturity and business sense to operate the business you are selling. UPDATE: Now why don’t you tell the truth? Almost all the stories are big-time left wing stories. Every once in a while you you toss in a conservative website origin story, and you call that balanced. Sometimes I would search for a conservative story and have to dig pages into searches. How about news that is not political, period? Or like I have seen quite a few liberals who think that media such as MSNBC and Huffington Post is centrists...maybe you actually believe that. Anyways, as long as you keep this business model, you will keep me away. Tried a long time but almost all the news is extreme liberal news. There is no balance...and it certainly could not figure out I want real news, not politics.

- Really?

Fair and balanced? It is not! Primary stories are from Huff Post, NYT, Washington Post, NBC, etc. Really? Fox News and just a handful of more conservative media is at the very very end of the list. Any use who gave this app a high rating must be a very progressive liberal. Very despicable of Smart News people to try to deceive the public. This app does not fairly display the stories from ALL media outlets. It just doesn’t. I tried it so I could see for myself. And I will delete this app. Note to the Smart News responder .. “if you want a more conservative view you should add add Fox News, blah blah .. “. why didn’t you program it in there to begin with, so that the app would appear as you advertise it will be on your lame commercial? Why should CONSERVATIVE people have to tweak the app? It should be FAIR to begin with. You see, a very liberal person will think this is great and will continue to believe they are getting fair news. THEY ARE NOT! Shame on YOU! I received an inadequate reply from Nathan telling me exactly what I thought he would say .. same as above. They just don’t get it. What I’m saying is that they should set up a FAIR sampling of media outlets in the first place. Instead, they are setting up LIBERAL publications, and then I have to change my selections. Why can’t you be more fair?

- Becoming more social and celebrity news source

When I first saw the app - was pleasantly surprised on the scope of of the feeds - seemed to collect from all sources. Now it seem too many - perhaps based on trends of what people are clicking on the most from each of the “news sources”. My observation : Looking at the “Top” stories tab it appears to me 50% of the stories are not what I consider news but how some socialite lost their spouse, who is sleeping with who, how a Instagram star was refused service because they were being obnoxious... I generally do not see the value of the stories on that section which is disappointing. To me those types of stories are interesting but it is not news. I know they are eye catching but feels more like buying a family size bag of tortilla chips only finding it 1/4 full of chips and 3/4 air because the product is sold by weight and not volume... I did not want the air - I wanted to chips... HOWEVER the app does most other do not - pull from sources you don’t see on others like Google News, Apple News...etc. I like SmartNews and will continue to use it as my top news aggregator but will generally avoid Top tab.

- I never leave reviews

I really love this app. I read this news every day and sometimes several times a day. I supported that it had ads as that what it takes to fund an app that doesn’t require purchase. But the ads have gotten out of control. Back to back full page ad with Hidden delete buttons that it becomes so hard to touch that you open an ad just trying to close it. And the ads are so consistent and ridiculous that you almost memorize them and hate them every time you see them because you see it so much. They pop up in the middle of reading some thing I’m really interested in and then I end up clicking 10 times just to get back where I was to finish reading an article that’s available on so many other apps. I just loved it the way that this one was designed but now it’s become a bit too much. I try to ignore the refresh that loses my place when trying to get to another article but now reading the news on this app has become more work than it is pleasure. With that note I’m gonna have to say goodbye SmartNews. I wish you well in the future and I hope that you can conform a little more to the readers and keep their interest while funding the project.

- Solid, simple and customizable

I really like the simplicity of this app, especially the smart view of articles that strips away all the ads and such (though it does take images with it sometimes, it’s tricky). I also like that I can set a location and get local stuff mixed in. I would love a history feature where I can see a list of articles I’ve viewed, even the last like 25 would do. I often will want to share good stuff with someone when the topic comes up later in the day or I’ve even locked my phone halfway through an article, then get a notification for another interesting story and click it, only to remember I still had that other article finish which is now gone. Just a suggestion. Overall, really dig the app. Update: starting to see what others are saying about the spam-y articles seemingly being added to the “top” feed. I’ve unsubscribed to all the general channels and only follow publications now, but my top feed still has CNN and Buzzfeed mixed in. I assumed top feed was the aggregate of what I follow and nothing else. Would much prefer that.

- App Continuously Freezing up

When I first started using the app, the fact that it equally showed all sides of the equation. Left-right-Qs-nut cases etcetera. However, lately the app has started to freeze up after a few minutes of use. Sometimes it will unfreeze, but mostly it stays frozen until the app closes itself or in frustration I say screw this and and close the app myself. The same has happened to my girlfriend who introduced me to the app, so I know it’s not my phone which is btw a brand new. Both she and I have removed the app multiple time and re-installed it to the same results. Don’t get me wrong the info on the app is very informative and sometimes hilarious when the app is working. But it’s freezing up more than it works. Especially when you get to the middle that one really interesting article and boom frozen. The article might be there when it comes on but mostly it’s not. Just wanted you to know. A faithful but frustrated fan

- Fox News/The Washington Examiner?

I enjoy the app but I wish there weren’t horribly biased “news” services mixed in with reputable ones. Some “news” outlets are gossipy, completely without merit, or are laughable propaganda. I can’t control the contributors on “Top” news for instance. “TheBlaze, Popsugar, Footwear News, US! Weekly, or People” are not offering headlines that are worthy of my time, in fact, someone perusing the top headlines should rightly conclude that Meagan McCain is the most important person in the world, Brian Kilmeade is second, and Kirstie Alley is tied for third with some random “Real Housewife of Where Ever.” This makes the world look nightmarish. It’s wearing me out sifting through the garbage. I have never clicked on Fox, TheBlaze, PopSugar, Footwear News, TMZ, Vogue, Mediate, The Pluralist, or Entertainment Tonight, yet I am not seeing any diminishment in their prominent representation in the top stories of the day, in fact, I’m finding that the more you don’t click on a news source, because you find it disgusting, the more you see it. Maybe the algorithm is broken. How can I successfully navigate through the day without seeing the”Top” news stories concerning the Kardashians, Tomi Lahren, or the Bachelorette? The advice I’m getting so far is not getting the Jessica Simpson out of my “Top News.” Sad.

- Love!!!

I love reading the news - but I hate news with an agenda. Before SmartNews, I had my local Fox News app, which is about as non-bipartisan as you can get. The reason I love SmartNews is because it gives me ALL the news...all sides, from literally all media outlets. I can go to the local tab (includes everything from the local Fox plus much more) or see what’s happening in our government, or the world, or to look at funny memes and animal pic compilations. I love how it’s not all doom-and-gloom news, they include the feel-good news, too! It’s amazing!!! I would highly recommend this app to anyone, 10-stars, big thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍👍 P.S. I LOVE the recently read feature!!! 👏👏👏 Edit: I looked over some other reviewers and I’m completely floored that people would say this app has an agenda!! Every article is from its original source, so it’s clear where the article came from. If you get triggered by one side or the other, then go into your settings and adjust the scale so that you get what you want 🙂👍

- Content is tabloid trash.

**Update regarding the developer's response below. The app does allow me to remove high level topics, none of which are "celebrity gossip". They talk about the app being a news aggregator, but then say I would have to manually add different tabs from various news sources. Well, if I have to switch between numerous tabs to look through the news then it's not doing much aggregating. Seeing all my preferred news sources on one tab would be aggregating. Finally, the links to contact the developer don't work! I wanted to clarify their comments and ask for support, but was unable to. And I've tried emailing my questions to the address provided, but with no response. Downgrading my rating to one star. Original review: The layout is nice, but that's the best thing I can say about this app. I like that I can see multiple news headlines on the screen at once. Other apps gave large photos or text so you can only view one or two without scrolling. But - there are way too many junk tabloid articles and over the top partisan hate pieces. I just want factual news which I might be able to achieve if this app let me block certain "news" sources. But it doesn't. I'm tired of wading through all the junk.

- Very Reasonable News App

Nothings perfect, especially today in age, but SmartNews does a reasonable job of it. It sees fairly thoughtful updates and management. The app obviously has bias. It has content algorithms and other ‘features’ that are standard practice in the industry today. So please take what you see with a grain of salt. They make occasional updates and monetization choices that aren’t great, but aren’t the end of the world. They maintain a fairly consistent layout and design, which is a huge plus compared to some other online services. The density of information and speed of headline updates is better than most other news apps. ONE BIG ANNOYANCE, many articles feel throw-away. Sometimes random feeling refreshes replace all the articles I’m scrolling though and it feels jarring and frustrating. Like, what if I wanted to read all those articles? Maybe just add new articles to the top or something? Take this app with a grain of salt, remember to always be aware of human and algorithmic bias. Aside from that, this app is great.

- Pros and cons

I really enjoy reading different viewpoints to make my own decisions and opinions. That is why I originally subscribed. Unfortunately so many articles have an interesting headline but when you click on it you cannot read more without paying to subscribe or the page blacks out after reading a few sentences. Sometimes the entire SmartNews site shuts down when I click on an article and closes out on my iPad. I have to reboot everything. It can be very frustrating to locate information and learn more about an article. Sometimes it seems as though many of the articles are only there for you to click on so that you can be bombarded with ads to sell something (almost all are things I have no use or desire to have and some have been borderline pornography!). If I need something I go looking for it on the web. I understand the need for having advertisements to cover the cost of the site and can deal with straightforward ads, but stealth/misleading clickbait articles brings down my enjoyment of your site and pushes me to go elsewhere.

- Wow

Downloaded because I like these types of apps to read all the news soon as I opened it I could clearly see whoever does this has a hand in the liberal agenda to destroy America it’s way obvious then I read one of their cringe worthy articles and realize they really are scared most the new generation along with older hipsters and all the career students that racked up debt on pointless wemon study degrees etc. are so afraid they’re everyone else will pay for my bills and generally lazy lifestyle don’t fear trump doesn’t even need to campaign watch and see the deplorable will show up faster than you liberals can create voters bus them in from Mexico Canada it’s not even a possible outcome to loose I been over this whole country the last year just count bumper stickers from even the last election most elections even the winners voters take them off but they’re all still on even the Hillary jail ones and I’m pretty sure she has died already or went back to her hole she came from

- Forced video adds

The whole reason I love this app so much is because it allowed me not to be forced to watch videos!!!! I’m ok with the ads as I’m selecting articles in my feed. I have selected them and bought products but...........Now I have to to watch full screen adds????????? Random games?? Foces you to watch video as it take up your entire screen. Who ever thought this was a good idea should be fired. Now I have to delete this app I have loved and promoted for years. Fail Its another bad business decision that is ruined so many companies. Forcing advertisements down peoples throats are the reason people don’t do use services like this. Short term pop in revenue long term it’ll kill your company 6/7/22 Update Came back and found I could the new adds I could close out of. Neat featureThat I can leave a comment on stuff. Now as of today I have to sign in with my Apple or Facebook account so how much did the companies give you for a tracking of what I say. Weak. Was the ad revenue of forest videos not enough. Wow in the location tracking and everything else I need to delete this off my phone darn it this was such a good news source for such a long time

- Close to perfect, I’m sure they can get there though...

So let’s address the complainants about bias - out of the box, the app may appear to have a slant - but that’s also because the majority of the news outlets have a slant - can’t help that if you are a new aggregator - that being said, the devs have provided a library of sources that spans the spectrum of ideology and you can easily tweak the app to your own bias or neutrality or whatever you want to call it. In other words, customize the app, do not expect the app to read your thoughts. The single item of improvement - I get everyone needs to have a revenue source and SmartNews is no different - in their case, ad revenue is their source. Give us the option to opt out of ads by purchasing an ad-free subscription - monthly/annually/one-time - give us the option to either deal with the ads or remove them. Keep producing a solid product - doing great overall.


Biased left wing rag! Couldn’t even get past one topic that gave the story from the middle. UPDATE: your response to my review leaves me with a chuckle. The point of your site is to provide unbiased reporting to the people that have chosen to download this app...UNBIASED! Get it? To have me add or update Fox News et all is ludicrous... 1. I could download their apps. 2. You assume those are conservative sites. 3. You assume I’m looking for a ‘ slant’ to my news. All of which are wrong and ignorant. I’m looking for the news! Plain and simple. YOUR SITE FAILS WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ADVERTISE. I don’t care what your opinion or the opinion of who you paste and copy from is. I want the news straight and to the point. EXAMPLE? Sure... your NFL coverage of the kneeling during the anthem. 100% in line with liberal ideology. You’re nothing more than a cut and paste app. Much like the Patch sites. This is a loser of an app! A fraud! A lie! I’ll gladly let everyone I know not to waste the 10 seconds it takes to download your plagiarized cut and paste crap. Not worth the time or effort. Reviewing you however was more than worth it. You’ve been called out for the charlatan that you are. You can’t even get a simple business model right.

- Enjoyable so far!

I’ve had this app for a handful of days and I enjoy it quite a bit. I can see myself using it regularly - not a download and forget type app. The automatic local news and the “smart view” is a great touch! I used Apple News about a year ago but deleted it because everything felt “curated” to what they think I need to hear vs what I actually want to read. One addition that I would like that this app does NOT have - Screenshotting/exporting entire articles. I love to save news clippings here and there and this app (nor any other I’ve come across?) has that feature. Updated after a few months (changed from 5 stars to 2): I ended up deleting. The sports news is of no interest to me and there no way to turn this off. The app is just a nuisance at this point. I also noticed most news is swayed away from the conservative side (maybe there’s just more left leaning news out there). But the app wasn’t picking what I actually READ as an interest vs. articles I clicked on and had no interest in reading. The app has great potential it just wasn’t suiting my needs.

- Great News App

This is an aggregator with a pretty comprehensive collection of sources. The basic presentation strikes a good balance as well. You can see five or six stories at a glance so that you can quickly find one that interest you as opposed to apps that fill the screen with the picture and require more scrolling. With the addition of topical tabs that allow you to organize by theme, smart news has taken a big step forward. You can also select specific sources for tabs. Being able to follow news by both topic and source put SmartNews in a category by itself. The “top” News has a fair bit of fringe stuff, and isn’t as good as it used to be. There are two UI improvements I would like to see: First, make it so that one can swipe from story to story without going back to the main page. Second, get rid of the new full screen pop-up ads. They’re really quite annoying.

- The Era of dumb apps continues

After reading an article and going back to main screen, the application reloads the articles and jumps you to the top. Thanks for losing my spot for two new articles that are actually days old and I’ve already seen, you think. Then begin to scroll through the articles again to try to find where you previously were. With no help at all from the app, this will happen over and over. So you open up the settings believing the creators would give you the ability to prevent such a thing, applications used to provide customizations for almost everything, surely there is a way to prevent this madness. Unfortunately, you only find a couple of unhelpful options and details about the app and/or how to leave a review. The creators appear to know exactly what we want, so I suppose there is no need to let us configure anything. If you’re thinking, all the other iOS news apps do the same thing, you’d be exactly right. Now you know this app does it too and will hopefully save you time from trying this app thinking you’re going to get something better. Which I guarantee is what they want you to think based off their unique name.

- Smart News, Bias Notifications

I downloaded this app because I heard good things about it. Let’s face the facts here MSN is dominated and ruled by liberal bias. You can scream and shout and say otherwise but don’t let that cognitive dissonance get in the way, it is. Conservative/Republican MSM is Fox News and A.M. radio. Thats it. I have to admit, when I first downloaded this app, The homepage was almost split with different news sources. I’d say 40-60 split with liberal news still dominate. But fair. I really enjoy the food and wine pages and some of the entertainment. It’s good to see the contrast for political stories as well. The issue is with the push notifications. Why am I constantly getting news sources pushed to me that are anti-GOP, anti-Trump, and bias news favoring the left? I mean Jesus Christ...I got a couple notifications from sources like Huffington post...they’re nothing more than a glorified blog with bias points of views and zero fact. I like the notifications on my iPhone and watch. But I’m turning them off. I’ve never seen one pro conservative news story pushed to me. There is still a bias here and it’s obvious.

- Ads above ethics

I acknowledge that private publishers have a right to publish content from all perspectives. However, the SmartNews algorithm allows for some really despicable takes on current events to have a greater megaphone. Pieces written from the perspective of white nationalists have repeatedly made their way into my feed. News outlets engaged in vaccine misinformation continued to get fed into my newsfeed. News outlets that denied the facts of the January 6th Insurrection continued to be published. In a correspondence with their team, a staffer wrote to me that “ there’s no personal bias going into the channels that you see every day, nor do we favor any specific publisher over another. What you see is what people are talking about online at that moment, and this changes on a regular basis.” This is a problematic perspective aimed to absolve SmartNews of their social responsibility not to cause harm by amplifying problematic content that can harm others. Instead, they continue to publish this content to gain ad revenue. I am deleting SmartNews in favor of Newsfeed apps that give customers control to not see content that is hateful or harmful, or newsfeeds that self monitor for the same results.

- Thank you!

I thank you for existing and I really like the format. I find it easy to use and reasonably spaced well so my eyes aren't overwhelmed I find interesting that people are noticing a liberal bias as well, but I blame the media for that, not the developer. I'm not affiliated so I was looking for something that offers multiple perspectives and topics. I'm impressed with the selection so far. Reason magazine in particular. I like that you can customize your own choices for more control and better balance. At any rate , i got this app to leave my comfort zone on occasion. It has been enlightening and sometimes frightening. But I'm tired of being in an echo chamber. Break away from divisive forces and understand each other better. This app makes me feel like I'm doing that in a small way. Thanks to the developers for the service and I hope they welcome some smaller, indie news sites in the future

- Decent but sometimes confusing

I have used this app as my main news source for a couple of years now. A good variety of news sources and points of view. Perhaps a little too heavy on celeb and retro TV stories, Costco and fast food news, but that’s okay. It would really be helpful if the article listings indicated what country they are coming from. I open an article about new ATM withdrawal rules, and it pertains to India. I open an article about something new McDonalds is offering and it’s in the UK. Wendy’s is offering a strawberry Frosty, but in Canada. If my app is set for US, I don’t expect a headline to be about Australia. Or Argentina. It’s okay, but I don’t want to have to dig into an article to find out it isn’t relevant. Then the algorithm thinks I was interested and then it sends more irrelevant content. Listing the country source (even a flag or country abbreviation) would really be helpful and informative. (Can’t go by the name of the publication because you can’t always tell).

- Not a bad app but!!!

I read a lot of the reviews on here and every one is I thought you said this app is “balanced” news. But everybody is complaining it’s not balanced because all there looking for is one side of the story. There either for Trump or against him. They don’t want to hear the other side. To Trump supporters of its not Fox News it’s Fake news. So why are you looking to find “balanced” news when you really don’t want to hear it??? The same goes the other way. The second thing. The reason I gave this app a low score is because I understand you have a free app and you need revenue but the pop up adds and all the advertising is absolutely ridiculous. There are news sources that don’t even let you see the news because there advertising for you to buy something from them. CNN has at least 4-5 pop ups in the first 10-15 seconds. I couldn’t even go into a comments section because it just kept popping up to the same exact spot even if I tried to scroll up or down. It is ridiculous. I think I’ve had enough of this app. I’ll find my news (on both sides) somewhere else.

- Oh Please

So many comments from conservative folks about the “fairness” of the news on here. News is only supposed to be factual. It’s just supposed to be the reporting of events and what folks said. So when the news reports on that terrible thing Donald Trump said or did and you can’t believe that - even though there may be video right in front of you of DT doing or saying these things - maybe you need to get help to realize what is actual reality and what is Donald Trump’s reality. I’m in fact on the opposite end. Seeing “news” from Pluralist, FoxNews, TheBlaze when the reality of these outlets is outright lying and propaganda designed to only help Trump - it makes me want to delete SmartNews. That crap isn’t news. I wish the developers of this app well as they are in a tough position. Hopefully one day the Fairness Doctrine can be implemented again. Although I have a feeling conservatives would label the Doctrine some sort of liberal conspiracy. Or whatever crazy thing Trump drills in their heads.

- Ultra bias in favor of liberal agenda

This app is clearly clearly clearly clearly guilty of pushing a liberal agenda. Pathetic. You are guilty of helping divide the country. Law abiding conservatives are being labeled as racist bigoted people every single day. So false! Disturbing and wrong when you scroll through the top stories, it is so obvious that this app is purposely pushing a liberal agenda. The hypocrisy level is off the charts where left leaning news outlets are writing headlines and articles themselves that are misleading and biased. Putting everyone and everything in buckets based on race or sexual orientation. It’s almost as if the Democrats have nothing left to offer other than being ‘nice and kind’ which is far from what I see with my own eyes on a daily basis. Lies with an agenda. Y’all are not news agencies. Simply put y’all work for the Democrat party. Your developer response is not helpful. It’s auto generated and actually admits that you feel news should be based on your preference. News is news regardless of what you want to hear. It should be factual. Period. Leave the opinions to the readers, not the writers and then and only then will you have smart news!

- Biased info

This is definitely fully Democrat biased information. I would like to see a little more balance instead of just as much Negative information you can possibly muster up toward the Republicans. I am in between and like to look at both sides of the story instead of all one way. Maybe Trump has made some bad choices, but so has The left with condoning all the riots that took place this last summer! That certainly wasn’t publicized and ridiculed like this situation with Trump is! There is a balance in there and I would like to see some of the Positive things Trump has done for this country talked about too instead of only negative! Your news right ups can’t even say one positive thing about our first lady who is elegant and beautiful with her word and morals. You only criticize her if she doesn’t smile perfectly every moment of every speech, only things Nancy Pelosi has to say get out there when it’s derogatory toward Republicans! There is good and bad to both sides and I would like to see a balance of reporting for both sides not just all negative toward the conservatives.

- Biased POC

SmartNews is another very biased supermarket tabloid. 50% of what they publish is pretty meaningless and irrelevant. Of the remaining 50%, 75% to 80% is pro lib dems. They republish mostly articles that are negative against Conservative Republicans. Booo Hisss After following the instructions I received from the Apple Store, I added the more conservative sources that I believe are far more accurate and trustworthy than all the other Fake News sources. I recommend you put instructions when one first downloads your App so you know how to set it up. I gave you 3 stars until I can evaluate the articles that you select from these other sources. I am returning to my original ONE STAR rating and am deleting the app from all of my devices. Just like the rest of the msm, you are biased. You reprint 80% Lib stuff, 10% other meaningless celebrity crap, and, although I added all of the more accurate, reasonable, truthful conservative news channels, as you suggested, the last 10% is filled with the most negative articles you can find in the “conservative” channels. You are just full of crap and I am advising all of my family, friends, and social media followers to delete the app also. Good bye.

- Used to be the best, now becoming unusable

I’ve been a loyal user for years, and recommended this app to plenty of people. Now, it’s hardly functional, freezes constantly, and the ads have gone from full-screen pop-ups, to ads being wedged in between every 3rd headline. I understand the need for ad revenue, but charge me $5 up front, and clean up the ad garbage. When it works, it is an amazing news aggregator, and lets you parse a huge portion if the internet, quickly. Also, don’t buy into the reviews complaining about bias and bad reporting; this is a news aggregator, not a journalistic endeavor. It crawls the internet, automatically, and grabs content from random sites. Repeat, there are no reporters who work for Smart News. It is a robot piping in content from all over the internet, enabling the user to quickly scan content without visiting various sites. Fix the overheating and battery drain, scale back the ads, even if it costs users upfront, and allow specific topics/sites to be excluded by keyword, and this would be a 5 star app again.


UPDATE 2: Over and over, this app’s creators attempt to alienate its users. Now, WITH AD AUTOPLAY SET TO “NEVER”, musical ads start playing regardless as soon as you open a page. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DEVELOPERS? DO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO BUT ANNOY USERS? So, once again, I’m deleting the app. UPDATE: Now TIMED ADS are STACKED with one following another. Also they’re p,aging the “HIDE THE X BUTTON HERE, THERE, NO, OVER THERE. I ASK AGAIN; DO YOU REALLY THINK PLAYING THESE GAMES WILL MAKE ME WANT TO BUY ANYTHING ADVERTISED? I’m done with this app. UPDATE: Timed ADS continue to push the MONEY-GRAB envelope. App is becoming worse and worse‼️ UPDATE: I used my right to quickly push through advertisements and SmartNews’ response: TIME-DELAYED ADVERTISEMENTS THIS APP IS MOVING FORWARD WITH THE MONEY GRAB. DO THEY REALLY THINK TIME-DELAYED ADVERTISEMENTS WILL INDUCE ME TO BUY FROM THESE ANNOYING COMPANIES? A B S O L U T E L Y N O T ‼️ EVAL: 1. ADs are starting to pop up. The usefulness of this app is nearing its end. When ADs disrupt - it’s over‼️ 2. STILL, AFTER YEARS ... STILL reloads the home page randomly and TOTALLY DISRUPTS MY LOCATION IN THE HOME NEWS CHAIN. WHY, AFTER YEARS, is this still an issue❓ How difficult is a simple MANUAL UPDATE BUTTON?

- Coverage of Politics

You are without a doubt more biased and slanted than all of the mainstream media combined. I am a registered Democrat who votes independent if need be and even that does not make your biased and disgustingly leftist views acceptable. I have read and watched you distort everything from Koby zbryant’s death to BLM, to Charlottesville to basically scrape bottom on any, all, everything President Trump has tried to do. Your rag has spread rumor, gossip, and liras and downright malicious slander. I am done with you and I will post a negative comment every single day on your 🤮🙈biased site! I had hoped for real journalism!! I got rumor, gossip, innuendo and leftist propaganda. I detest your site!! I am a former reporter and journalist; the trash and lies and bias you put on line is appalling and disgusting! DONE with you!! I intend sending a copy of this review to all 1000 plus people on my list to warn them you are just another outlet pushing a hate all things Republican agenda. And I am not even a Republican. Your journalistic integrity is NONEXISTENT!! You should be required to register as a lobbyist for the left!!🙈🤬🤬🤬🤬🤨🤮


The devs want you to think that their app is balanced and "optimized" to provide news from both sides. If you prefer more conservative news or even some kind of balance from 98% left leaning news, they recommend adding FOX News or Washington Examiner tabs. That's just TWO sites that they offer among hundreds of left leaning news sites. Doesn't seem so balanced to me. Today, Feb 27...Cohen is lying (some call it testifying) to Congress today. Trump is meeting Kim in Vietnam for possible peace talks. So far EVERY notification today was about lying Cohen. The HISTORIC meeting between the US President and the NK leader is the fourth story. This is day in and day out. Smart News does have a nice layout. But don't be fooled by the developers. They have NO intention on making this app balanced. If they did, they would allow you to remove the extreme news sources from BOTH sides, but you can't. I've been patient for months waiting for this so called "optimization" to occur (yes with the conservative news apps selected). But it doesn't happen because it's not in their algorithim to do so no matter what they spout.

- Was a STRONG 5 Stars but new updates = problems

Let’s start with the overall use of this app. I LOVE most aspects of it, and have been using it for years. I have gotten all my friends and family to install it and they have all become huge fans... until recently. The news on the app is still great, I feel so much more informed because of this app. I get every side of the news and can make my own decisions! I love it! Now to the bad... these recent updates took this from my lifeline app to one that is slowly working its way into my unused folder. I understand the need for ads, of course the developers need to make money somehow. My issue isn’t with the ads it’s with the app constantly freezing, refreshing in the middle of reading an article that then I can never find again and so on. Countless times a day now I’m forced to close the app and reopen it while in the middle of reading the news because the app just freezes and failed to respond. This is all fairly recent and I’m holding on hoping they fix this soon because this app really was amazing. I Would even be willing to pay for a paid version or even a subscription if they offered it but whatever they did when they rolled out video adds completely broke the app for me and everyone I had gotten to use this app. We all greatly miss it! Please please please fix this! Additional info for devs: I’m running an IPhone XS Max on iOS 14.4 I do run a VPN but I appear to have freezing issues even when my VPN is turned off

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- Thankyou smartnews for being the authentic you

SmartNews you are an awesome news aggregator. You are my daily go to global news update fix . In addition to the news and events you also provide useful educational informative links which are great predicate of knowledge. and helps in Upscaling by learning and adopting growth mindset . You provide on point news source in every aspect . You are ginormous source of information in sports as I m sports tragic , I Love beauty fashion Entertainmrnt music health & wellness , humour and am passionate about the latest tech ! I m an avid fan have been since 2016 .ISmartNews you are my daily fix . Heartfelt thanks to you SmartNews for being diverse & inclusive in offering something for everyone . My biggest take away . I learn something new everyday to be the optimal version of my self because I have acquired some form of new knowledge. I share links and great informative tips apps which I discover on smartnews with my friends and fam on a daily basis to the point They all call me here comes ms Smartnews what has she got for us today it’s epic You totally rock smartnews . Keep growing keep being honest funny kind humble respectful source of news and information. You serve my friends fam and my purpose daily . I promote you daily as my choice of the source for knowledge and power. Thanks kindly .

- Is this app free

I’m wondering if I have to pay for using this app as I’m sure I saw Apple ID paid when I pressed to ok the download Not sure I just would like to know thanks Otherwise I’m excited to read the stories you have posted I just joined now

- Don’t waste your time here folks…It tells what news to read and you don’t have a choice of content

The app needs to have a end user selection so when the news refreshes it defaults to the users preferred tab, not the ‘Top News’ which is the editors pick and does not reflect everyone’s choices…it’s actually the leftist editors favourite news if you don’t want to follow The Guardian News, or CNNNNN and you don’t select it as a news channel, it doesn’t matter as its news stories will still be shown in the default tab when you open the app…seriously biased and flawed news app…don’t waste your time here folks …there is far better available in the App Store

- Limited flexibility.

The news is by default USA based. I would like to tailor the top news tab with various sources from around the world, and my own country. Adding the channels along the top is a good feature, but one more step in being able to filter the top news would be great. Also, only two Australian news channels were available. Would like more.

- Top page

Too many adds

- Too many articles from non-reputable sources

The app is good, but lately the main news feed is filled with articles from tabloid style news sources. We need a way to mute certain sources or remove the main news feed. I would pay for an app that allowed me to group sources into one tab.

- Excellent news flow!

Best of the best!

- Good but....

Would be great if you could park publications that you really think are either junk media or almost click bait

- Top quality news

Always the best articles are chosen for me, and breaking news always comes through quickly.

- Waste of time

So bad, don’t bother wasting time to download this. Will get rid of it straight after this

- Notneed to be able to refresh headlines all at once

The rest I ok.

- My favorite news and entertainment site

It's easy to use, customizable to show the feeds I like, and localized to my location as I change countries. Love it.

- Great app!

An excellent app that I use to check all me news. Very smooth and silky with nice animations. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with 3D touch!

- 一番好きなニュースアプリ


- Snowflake Ready

App is solely for snowflake as all news sources are so far left they travel in a circle. Biased, one eyed, Leftist news sources. It is not a news app but a propaganga tool. Whatever happened to news apps giving you both sides so we can make our own opinion. Should be removed.

- Too many Australian news!

Why so many Australian news ?

- Suggestion to developers

1. You should expose a suggestion link in app where users can log suggestions. 2. When app first starts up there’s a moment when I see a fantastic headline. I hadn’t read it before but then it’s blown away all of sudden as feeds refresh. There’s a couple of ways to handle this - perhaps simplest in ux is to show the blue drop down forcing user to press the button. There’s pros and cons. You could have a switch to enable auto refresh.... Or have a timer rotate ticking down saying auto refresh in 5-4-3-2-1 and have ability to cancel. Or show a link to older /cached previous news - (use metrics to track how many ppl click.) This is only applicable to when app first starts up. or more complicated way - introduce a way to time machine back in timeline / dates. This could be fun to explore. Eg. Like go to last weeks news.

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- Unbelievable

I like it more than others

- Impressive

I enjoy reading your news. I find that it keeps me updated consistenty. I'm virtually are a recluse with disabilities. Thank You Very Much I remain:

- I am very close to unsubscribing!!

Out of 36 items on your TopNews column right now, 13 were from Fox News or the New York Post. I do not wish to read what they have to say but I can’t avoid them because they have been added by you. It wasn’t like this when you started…. Disappointed. .

- Not recommended

A lot of absurd articles from right-wing propaganda sources started to arrive in the past six months, after using the app for a number of years. Despite providing feedback, the app’s mechanism is quite limited to minimize receiving such articles, and one cannot chose not to receive such topics or such sources.

- Drifting into the right wing orbit

I’ve been a fan for years, butI’m troubled by the increasing number of inflammatory and dubious articles from Fox News and the NYPost. Like HuffPost, they should be presented as separate channels so the these screeds aren’t visible to those of of us who despise these right-wing rags.

- Fox is not news

Fox News is propaganda and The Province is a trash tabloid that doesn’t report facts. This is NOT smart news.

- Too many right wing rags on here

While I appreciate different viewpoints I don’t appreciate viewpoints that rely on lies, misinformation, half truths or conscious omission of some facts to lend credence to their story. Rags like The Blaze, Epoch Times, The Washington Examiner and of course Faux (Fox) News are a few of the rags that the general public can do without. I guess that these BS “journalistic” sites/rags are able to rely upon the general stupidity of the average American. Not sure if obesity is the cause of Americans stupidity or if it is the Republibigots never ending war against good public schools and good curriculums. Suffice to say, it would be great if SmartNews had a rule that only stories that have been fact checked get promoted on their app. This would easily eliminate the aforementioned sites/rags from having their Fake News stories on this app. Wake up all u right wing morons. It’s time for you all to move to Texas. Then we will happily build a wall. Oh, don’t forget your MAGA hats u morons.

- Nothing but radical left news sources

It also said sign in to access your profile and change settings, etc, I signed in and there’s still nothing under my profile . And no ability to change settings. Also, no way to sign out! Also every headline is radical leftwing.

- Still creates bubbles

Yes, it does aggregate news from various sources, but it still uses an algorithm of some sort. For example, I was reading Israel related news once, and ever since that day Israeli news came to dominate my front page despite me not being as interested in the topic anymore. Let’s see is Ground News is any better.

- Used to be good

Started using this years ago and had really loved the app and news sources. The collections of news articles seems to have significantly gone down in quality. From buzzfeed lists to far-right rumor mills, this app has just turned into a pathetic time pass rather than a genuine news aggregator. Going back to google now.

- Canadian Content

Because many Canadians follow this app it would be advisable to carry more Canadian content. In the Sports area it’s always about European news. How about covering NOrth American tennis golf hockey etc …

- Who we are

The thing about news is that it supports an image and defines us and who we are on a daily basis. Creating an overview and especially focusing on our most important habits, desires and activities give us a very accurate and defund image of what motivates us, what substantiates us and where our bitter downfall occurs. The stories and vivid images that grace your posts on a daily basis are truly alive with the news that makes us tick. You always challenge us to think as we digest the current tableau of news crumbs. In a stylized array of interesting and eventful posts we ascend the pinnacle of newsworthy happenstances from every corner of the globe. That’s coverage and that’s you!!!! From the very first page to the last page the centralization and depiction of every news worthy event is brought into sharp focus. Thanks for all that and I’m looking forward to the next sortie of stories to full up my palette🌺🌺

- Good but MORE FEATURES pls

I’m liking it equal to Flipboard, no ads- but more tracking (based 1h of use) .. But please include ability to save articles in a folder internal to the App..

- Hot Mess

The latest update totally buggered everything up. Now when I open the app and flip through stories, my phone gets extremely hot to the touch, completely freezes and I’m forced to hard reset my phone. Major issues need to be fixed before I ever try this app again.

- Articles

Articles have no publishing date!!! Many articles you have read very sceptical. For the rest a great app

- Flashing ads gone!

My most used app. Intrusive flashing ads are thankfully gone now, though the larger ad sizes remain, making it difficult to use on small phone screen.

- A mediocre, soulless Flipboard-style app

An acceptable aggregator for mainstream news. Fewer advertising hassles than visiting news sites directly. The design of this app feels very 'design-by-committee'. There's no option, for example, to hide Fox and New York Post pieces. Consequently on a couple feeds, the user is stuck with regular stories but also has to read Murdock scare articles claiming various minorities are about to kill your grandmother (that is apparently 50% of their publishing output).

- Excellent

Compared to other news sites, I like this format and great selection

- ads ruined this app

intrusive ads everywhere, why is every news app end up this way nowadays? horrible!

- Truth

I see nothing but the real thing. Thanks!!

- Wonderful.


- Why so Anti Trump?

Bunch of left-wing garbage written by brain washed fascist diversity hires.

- Email Sign in Please

I love the app. However it would be nice if we could sign in with email to create an Account. I don’t use Facebook and am hesitant to use my Apple Account due to Safety or Privacy concerns. Thanks.

- Not useful for Canada

The layout and feel of the app is great, but I’m not sure why it’s available on the Canadian App Store as it only support 1 news feed from an obscure publisher. Even searching for Canada in news bring up US publishers with the work Canada in their articles. Definitely not local news. Great app if you want news on the US and world news from a US point of view.


With user-friendly controls and an authentic, if not exclusive, “preferred breaking news” notification its no wonder why this app is called “Smart News” but I think thats an understatement and it should be called “GENIUS NEWS” instead!!

- The app works, not unbiased

App works fine, but It’s 99% left wing or corporatist articles. The app looks fine, runs good, and pulls up to date news articles. The sources are lacking and consists mainly of 10-20 large news corporations. Overall - good app, weak content 2/5

- Way too much Fox News and New York post

Shows you have to pay for quality- super biased news from the likes of people with agendas to pollute the mind of the already mindless. Deleting and getting unbiased real news.

- Sport

Why only coverage of cricket and soccer football. How about auto racing or the goings on with Novak Djokovic in the Australian tennis open.

- Bill

Lots of news from everywhere and always interesting.

- Another Leftist Propaganda Site

Remember when HIIT alists took pride in presenting facts. ALL the fact so people could decide for themselves? You may be better than most of your garbage Left media but Left none the same

- No wingnuts to be found here!

I love this app for its variety of topics and not showing any fake news :-)

- Old news

Enjoy the app but there are too many old, mostly undated items. I suggest either edit out the old stories or mandate a posting date.

- Far left lying app

Almost 80% of politic news is liberal propaganda and i was being nice with that 80% ..

- Just awesome

Started using SmartNews some few weeks ago and I am really enjoying the contents. The layout and the substance of the news. I encourage more people to use SmartNews.

- Traduction

Cela serait intéressant de nous donner l’option de traduction sur chaque texte. Merci

- This website leans too far left

Much more left wing CNN articles than Fox.

- Excellent

No solicitation or blocking without subscribing from contributors. Couldn’t be better.

- Good overall global coverage

SmartNews is good to follow and read ! They have global coverage and fast reliable news all the time ! I am happy with their app and would recommend for everyone !

- Was a great app several years ago

This app has gone down the toilet. “Top news” is mostly pure disinformation or clickbait. Many formerly available channels are gone.

- Good concept, but feed sucks

This app keeps feeding stories about obscure 60s TV shows that I would not watch in a billion years. Gilligan's Island, Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, I Love Lucy, etc. Who gives a ****? I clicked "not interested" hundreds of times, they keep polluting the feed. Enough. This app is crap.

- Meh

No news from Canada...what’s up with that?


It’s a light read that covers a comprehensive assortment of daily news stories.

- Update freezes

Had been a great source to get customized news but just freezes upon opening new update. Please fix soon!

- Sports

95 percent of sports coverage is soccer there is allot more to sports than that

- Jean Brown

I like news Maximchucj

- Wow, aggressive ads

Who doesn’t love a surprise 30 second takeover video ad in the middle of their news

- Copy editors needed

I am a huge consumer of news. I spent most of my career in a newsroom, but after having SmartNews for some time, I am deleting it. There are just too many sloppy copy editing mistakes - the most egregious being grammar and spelling. I love the idea of curating news feeds, but it pains me to see the destruction of the English language.

- SmartNews is excellent

I read news often and like that I can have multiple sites on the same app...

- Unable to Load

Widget no longer works after update.

- Another Fake News app

One sided typical fake news

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SmartNews: Local Breaking News 22.11.30 Screenshots & Images

SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News iphone images
SmartNews: Local Breaking News News application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

SmartNews: Local Breaking News (Version 22.11.30) Install & Download

The applications SmartNews: Local Breaking News was published in the category News on 2014-10-01 and was developed by SmartNews, Inc. [Developer ID: 579581128]. This application file size is 88.81 MB. SmartNews: Local Breaking News - News app posted on 2022-11-21 current version is 22.11.30 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: jp.gocro.SmartNews