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Welcome back to Vice City. Welcome back to the 1980s.

From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man's rise to the top of the criminal pile. Vice City, a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, was one of the most varied, complete and alive digital cities ever created. Combining open-world gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation and given the opportunity to take it over as you choose.

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Rockstar Games brings Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to mobile devices with high-resolution graphics, updated controls and a host of new features including:

• Beautifully updated graphics, character models and lighting effects
• New, precisely tailored firing and targeting options
• Custom controls with a fully customizable layout
• iCloud save game support
• Massive campaign with countless hours of gameplay
• Support for Retina display devices
• Custom iTunes Playlist*

*To listen to your custom playlist, simply create a playlist titled “VICECITY”, launch the game, and select the radio station “Tape Deck”

Universal App:
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, all iPad models and 4th and 5th generation iPod Touch.

For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your device after downloading and closing other applications when playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Japanese.

Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City App Description & Overview

The applications Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was published in the category Games on 2012-12-06 and was developed by Rockstar Games. The file size is 1.08 GB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 5.1.1 and high ios versions.

64-Bit support
Expanded Retina Screen support

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Reviews


Great game and love it  Sferreira2506  4 star

Great name and love it I use to play this game when I was younger and was happy to see it on here! But it glitches a lot! Can you please fix the glitches


Won’t open app anymore  HiKeemstarlol  1 star

Today when I tried to play it crashed while it was loading Update: it’s been a couple months and it finally loaded and I was able to play. However, it’s been lagging like crazy, and after a couple days it’s won’t load anymore and keeps on crashing.


LAG  PistolvaniaDevil  1 star

What in the world is going on. Loved this game. Always have. Loved it even more updated on my phone. Got to the second island and beat all the car dealership side missions. Everything was fine. Then the lag started. Random times, pretty much breaks the game while it’s happening. It won’t go away. Uninstalled the game. Re installed it. Deleted saves. Started over. Still game breaking lag. Spent $5 on this crap just to have the game break repeatedly. Have since bought GTA-LCS and it so far has no issues. Very confused as to how this can be possible for an older less graphically enhanced game to have this big of an issues years after its release on such a new model of iPhone. Will be contacting Apple for a refund if this doesn’t improve. Way disappointed. Please finish projects you start. For once rockstar.

Alizayah Joe

The game needs to be full screen and supported for iOS 12  Alizayah Joe  1 star

The game is good and all but needs that full screen support for iOS 12 on the iPhone X

Iphone5 aramat

The game is fun when it works  Iphone5 aramat  2 star

The game is fun to play for the first 5 minutes. After that it starts lose frames and lags, it’s literally unplayable now...


update asap!  Chrisisjisji  5 star

great game but just one problem, it needs to be updated for iphone x users like myself. it’s irritating playing with the game not being full screen. please fix this. IMMEDIATELY.


Bad opening  dookhefner  4 star

As soon as I bought the game it froze on the intro I kno y’all makin a killin cause people buyin it and it’s freezing and I kno y’all don’t do refunds 😂


Good game but glitchy  EgNogger120  4 star

Please update so the game runs smoothly


LAGS AND FREEZES CONSTANTLY  cllective108  1 star

I want to like this game but it is SO frustrating when you are trying to play and complete a mission when it lags and freezes every 5 seconds on a brand new iPhone XR. I re-downloaded the app, restarted my phone and updated the software - doesn’t make a difference. Fix your game so people paying $4.99 for it don’t feel ripped off.

Naveet Singh

Slow  Naveet Singh  1 star

Extremely slow on my iPhone 6s


Needs fixing  MeatySok  3 star

Amazing game, but since IOS12 I have been unable to play without constant freezing and low frame rates. Please fix this


Please fix  Old_Mate97  4 star

This game is by far my favourite GTA even today. But the lag in the iOS version is unplayable. I can’t drive around a corner without it glitching and lagging. I just wanna fkn relive my childhood and I can’t with it lagging

Akina's Eight Six

Please update  Akina's Eight Six  5 star

The gameplay is really good and can you please fix the bugs and issues in the game I feel like when I play it on occasions it crashes can you please fix them.


Nostalgia  Diddy👽  3 star

Best game. The music. The characters. The memories. Although s big down side is the app will no longer launch successfully on IOS 12.


A problem with the game  lalala(;  4 star

I love this game so much and I’m happy the look of it hasn’t changed since I played it last a long time ago but lately the game has been crashing and having weird delayed glitches, I hope it gets fixed soon /:

el Braddles

iPhone X... Only uses 75% of the screen  el Braddles  2 star

Just cranked up this dose of nostalgia on my iPhone X... Was wondering where the enter car / attack buttons had gone... See just the edges of them on the right hand side of the screen... No option to expand the viewport either? Is this going to be fixed??

hulk howie

Childhood relived  hulk howie  5 star

Love it


Disappointed  RoncoAR  1 star

I use to love this game when I was younger but it is close to unplayable with the constant freezing. I am playing the game on one of the new Ipad Pro’s and I can’t seem to find a solution to the problem


Please optimise for new iOS updates  Jaymonies  3 star

Great game, runs smooth on iOS 10 but frequent freezing and frame rate dips on updates 11 and 12. Please optimise for newest updates.


lag  Bomby💣  3 star

Hey there, just wrote to say that I love this game and am devistated to say that when I open the game and play it for 2 minutes, the game freezes, plays, freezes and players over and over again. I and I am sure others should love it if you guys could fix this in the next update. That would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for a great game.


locking in iPad Pro  Gu_benh  1 star

the game locking in iPad Pro 10.5 and iPhone 7. Very bugs! impossible to play on iPad Pro. The game hangs at all times, it is impossible to play


Great game  3.56thgen  3 star

Game play is laggy


Needs update  arizonaicetea  1 star

Awesome game when it worked on previous iOS. Almost unplayable now. Fix it.


Great but has major problem  Andranik136  3 star

Starts off good for first 3 minutes then starts stuttering to a crawl and eventually cannot play or save in time. Please fix. Also does not have support for iPhone X screen


Performance issues  AdrianPsi  1 star

Love this game but unfortunately they haven’t updated it in 2 years and doesn’t perform well with new iOS updates. Constantly freezes to the point where you can’t play, if rockstar came out with an update to fix this it would be amazing


Game is unplayable.  AFLJWIFEJWF  1 star

I love this game. Nevertheless, this game is un-playable. I have an iPhone 8, and this game glitches as soon as I start playing.


Freezes  Edgars45  3 star

After I updated my iPhone to the newest iOS, it has begun to run so slow. And it keeps freezing at any action from running to jumping and using weapons. Do something


App issue  abethemonsterone  1 star

Anybody can tell me what is going on with this app..? I'm trying to use it..and every time that I'm going to play is taking me out the app is not working


Make it better  pigonman  1 star

Please,make this GTA more better.I mean like really,this version is so bad!


game is not updated for iphone XS MAX  johncarlosm  1 star

its freezing and not full screen, i just buy the game today but its very difficult to play it

Twistys review

This is just Scarface  Twistys review  5 star

They just took Scarface and made a game


This is gold  Ciaracro86  5 star

I’m here to say that this game is gold, Rockstar if you are reading this, you deserve an reward


Not optimized on iPhone 8  Capta1nchoco  3 star

Seems to freeze momentarily from time to time. Asset streaming is quite slow with a lot of popping in traffic lights and textures when driving. Feels like it needs a performance update for newer iPhones.


Not working  burnoutwear  2 star

On the mission the fastest boat the warehouse that has the boats controls didn’t open please fix


Glitchy as all hell  GC_User  1 star

The game doesn’t support the iPhone X screen ratio, so you get black letter-boxing on 3 edges of the screen (left, right, and bottom). It also has an infuriating tendency to freeze repeatedly during gameplay and I have noticed it crashing outright.... please fix these bugs, these are expensive apps and I know the iPhone X is well capable of playing the game because my iPod touch 5th gem nearly two years ago could play it perfectly fine.


Cheats for Gta vice city all  Community2017  5 star

Please add cheats for this game like other consoles you add please like add infinite ammo,flying cars,infinte health and unlimited guns and ammos for the game Please Reply for next update


My app keeps crashing  Legolord52  3 star

I really like this game but recently when I try to enter the game it crashes please fix it as soon as possible


Great Game  Sk8terProYT  5 star

Still Not As Good As Like GTA V Or GTA SA But Its A Great Game Straight Up 5 Stars Also ItAn Older Game But Its Still Great😁

Crazy man 2005

The greatest game  Crazy man 2005  5 star

Best game of all time


Deivis  Ghuteaacbki  5 star

It's my first favourite game on pc

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