TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder [Business] App Description & Overview

TapeACall lets you record your iPhone's incoming and outgoing phone calls.

TapeACall, a #1 business app in The United States, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden!


√ Record your incoming calls
√ Record your outgoing calls
√ No limit on how long you can record a call for
√ No limit on how many recordings you make
√ No per minute fees!
√ Transfer recordings to your new devices
√ Easily download recordings to your computer
√ Upload your recordings to Dropbox!
√ Upload your recordings to Evernote!
√ Upload your recordings to Google Drive!
√ Email recordings to yourself in MP3 format
√ Share recordings via SMS, Facebook & Twitter
√ Label recordings so you can easily find them
√ Recordings available as soon as you hang up
√ Play recordings in the background
√ Access to call recording laws
√ Beautiful easy to use interface
√ Push notifications take you to the recording
√ Customer service with real humans
√ Developers that care about their customers
√ New features added all the time
√ One low yearly rate

NOTE: TapeACall requires your carrier supports 3-way calling.
- SimpleTalk and H2o Wireless do NOT offer this in the US.
- EE in the UK no longer supports 3-way conference calling on new plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this app record calls?

Take a look at our screenshots for step by step instructions.

When you're on a call and you want to record it, open TapeACall and press the record button. We will put your call on hold and dial our recording line. As soon as our line answers tap the merge button on your screen to create a 3 way call between your other caller and our recording line.

If you want to record an outgoing call, just press the record button. The app will dial our recording line and will begin recording as soon as our line answers. Once that happens, tap the add call button on your screen, call the person you want to record, then press the merge button when they answer.


Can I download recordings to my computer?

Yes, and we've made it extremely easy to do this. Simply select a recording then tap the arrow button to the right of the player. This will show a screen containing a number of ways to share your recording. The most popular ways to transfer recordings to your computer are by email, Dropbox or Google Drive.


How many recordings can I make?

As many as you want! We don't have a limit on the number of recordings you can make.


If you upgrade to 1 year unlimited recording, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The TapeACall Pro unlimited recordings subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

Privacy Policy: tapeacall.com/privacy
Terms of Service: tapeacall.com/terms

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TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update our app regularly to make your experience even better. Every app update includes improvements for reliability and performance. We'll also make sure to highlight any important new features right here. Thank you for choosing TapeACall!

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder Comments & Reviews

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- Stalkers Beware!

Best recording app out there. When I was being stalked, threatened and harassed by phone, I was elated when I found Tape A Call. I told the stalker he was being recorded, turned on the beep (signaling call is being recorded), but he was so psychotic he didn't care. In fact he told me no one would believe me because anyone can create fake recordings. The judge sided with me since I did follow the law in recording him. 3 yrs have passed since a warrant & Peace Order was obtained, and he started calling again bc another girl is taking him to court for stalking. He claims I urged her but I don't even know her and she lives faraway. So before I blocked his new number, I tried to get as much info as I could (like is he in town with a gun?). I told him to hold on, that I was working and launched Tape a Call. I feel safe and he's blocked. So anyone with a stalker, an abusive ex, or if you have a feeling the call is sketchy, ask them to hold on (mute), add call conference, call Tape A Call, merge the calls and continue the conversation. The beep required by law in some states is loud but no one to date has asked me what it is. I love you Tape A Call for my peace of mind!

- Simple to use, superb quality

Very first and very best app I purchased for my iPhone! Records incoming and outgoing calls with a simple push of the big red button. The only flaw is that you have to remember to merge the calls manually; I wish I could sense when both parties were connected and merge automatically. Sound quality is superb. Easily name the file. Share recordings with others. Are use this for two reasons: so I don't miss details about clients' projects, and also as a back up for dealing with customer service idiots. It is so easy to misspell an email address one of the best uses is to be able to listen to it again. Fantastic app – well worth the $10 I spent on it, and even worth 10 times that much. Update: Type a call keeps improving their service by configuring the interface for an even better user experience, and by adding new features such as transcription (which I can’t wait to try!). And it’s still only $10 several years after I first signed up.

- Great app for recording with I-phone.

At first I wondered why I would have to call a number to record phone conversations. But this is a “problem” inherent to i-phone (Apple) products. This does not mean your I-phone is a real problem (hence the quotes). It is a security feature, which would prevent other software from eavesdropping without you knowing it. Other folks who I know using the same app for non i-phone products do not have to call and merge the conversations. This far it has helped me out a lot by recording conversations which later could have become a problem, to simply secure some evidence (provided it could be used as such, since not every law will recognize recordings, plus you want to make sure recording conversations without approval from the opposite party is legal in your state/country). I got the paid version, and this far been working flawless for me.

- Deceptive billing/terms

Just know before you pay for the app that you're only paying for one year of the service. The way they've set this up doesn't make it obvious. I mean, honestly, all I have to go on is the rep I emailed with because normally, when it's a subscription service, it says so when you are authorizing the charge and on the receipt AND it would show up in iTunes under Subscriptions, but none of those places show TapeACall. The only places that mention anything about one year of unlimited recording (which is the service, by the way, and not an add-on), are the app description and the email I got after I paid for the app. Can you guys please fix this? I'm sure there are Apple best practices to go by, and you certainly aren't following them. It feels very deceptive. If it's $10 a year, fine. Say it's $10 a year. Don't say "oh, it's $10 for the PRO app but psych, you can't use it after a year"? Like seriously, who has even ever heard of buying the same app again to renew your a subscription? How does that even work? It's always done via in-app purchases, which isn't what this was. I still think you guys are full of it.

- Serves a Vital Purpose

My short term memory is terrible. Every time I make personal business phone calls to get needed information, often you get a recording that supplies some of the info you’re looking for or tells you where to get it. The first of many steps at resolving an issue, after a few of these calls and not really finishing what I set out to do, most of what I learned on these calls is quickly forgotten or impossible to glean from rushed notes. So the same calls have to be repeated the next day. THIS AP cuts useless note clutter and time wasted on forgotten calls down to bare minimum!!! I can take my time reviewing a call and make note of only the info I need in a legible manner. HUGE TIME SAVER!! Plus, most companies who lie to you to make money on unecessary products or services, will not admit to their pushy coercion tactics and it pays to have proof! EVERYONE NEEDS THIS AP

- Small issue but overall great.

I’ll jump straight to the con. The con is that you have to merge calls with another that is doing the recording. So if you are making a call you have to click over to the recording app, call the app # and merge the calls for the recording to begin. Luckily I am usually using this for business purposes and there is always 2-3 minutes of options to push so the interruption is ok. When someone calls in or answers immediately I have to ask them to hold in order to merge the recording number. Which is very odd to them. Sometimes I miss out on important recordings because of this. That aside I am using this app because my insurance company and Dr. seem to be up to shady business. This has absolutely been a lifesaver! No more scribbling notes, dates, phone numbers, or anything else. I get it all on recording. Also it just so happens I am catching discrepancies in the process. Great app!

- Great service had for two years!

If you really need to have explicit proof of who said what even if you aren’t going to use it legally but need absolute accuracy on conversation content this program is for you. It’s a business expense so I don’t care that they charge and annual flat fee because I have confidence that I know what was said in the conversation including myself where I may have mis-spoke or missed a introductory clause on what I’m agreeing to. The best thing of all is you can export it to a cloud service or to email so that you can save it no matter what. If you’re in business you need to know who is committed to you and what you committed to them. I’ve never done anything else that works like this and I don’t have to worry about long winded clients and how much I’m going to pay when I just pay a flat fee each year. Great customer service too!

- Update: more seamless.

Great app with mediocre design and marketing behind it. It just works in the easy way it should. I don't think I've ever lost audio. **Update** This app is seriously impressive. It's really cool to see I have various recordings from my friends and family, interesting interviews, etc, slowly little by little piling up. It just seems like most vertically aligned products like this get swallowed up and die from lack of Dev support but nope; that's not what is happening here. Product is faster, more consistent, and more clearly marketed than before. My only concern is about the low pricing and unlimited recording. This is almost surely because the average user probably uses very few Minutes, subsidizing folks who log hours a week (not me); it's just this app is so good I feel like eventually people start using it again and again and I do hope the revenue plan can accommodate that so there won't be any major hitches with scaling, particularly security, Loss of data, etc. I guess I'm saying that most recording companies try to charge so much money for audio storage that the price point on this is frighteningly low. But this low price does not seem to be on account or short term investor funding floating the thing, so probably it's sustainable? Anyway, love this company for doing this thing right.

- Works ok

The App works well, but they’re a few catches. It doesn’t usually catch the beginnings of calls, as the user must call the service’s server and then merge the calls. Tonight I have important needs that I’d like to record, but their Server just rings and rings. Sort of worthless not having a backup or redundant server. When the one number goes out, they have nothing! Overall the App has worked as expected, and provides quality recordings. Although tonight with no answer, the App wanted me to rate it... The other concern I have is that everything shows the App’s Name. It would be nice if on the screens and in the calls log it listed Uncle Bob or Mr Terminator but the RecordACall name appears all over the place and that really isn’t too discrete. If anyone else sees it, try to explain that...

- Purchased Pro, now asked to pay more...

I had purchased this app because there aren’t very many decent call recording apps available in the App Store. Having used it a few times, it came in handy But always seems like it required a few extra user steps to be truly useful. Plus there was annoying banner ad that remained after upgrade to pro. Because of that I had stopped using it for sometime. Today I had an important business call and I wanted to use the app. Upon opening it i only have options for a yearly or monthly subscription even though I’ve purchased the app- the restore button doesn’t update my previous purchase. I know every apps goal is to generate subscription income now but there has to be something said for Users who purchased the app earlier and want to continue to use it. Hopefully this can be addressed by the developer to take care of Users who this has happened to. I’d like to give more stars in the rating but it’s an app that I’ve paid for and I can’t use, so...

- Help..

I first downloaded the ‘lite’ version and began my trial period. I then decided to download the pro version (this app) the same day, and then delete and end my 7 day trial through the ‘lite’ version. Now the pro version is saying my trial period is over and it’s trying to force me to go monthly or annually. Your about section says 1 year of unlimited recordings with the purchase of the pro version. So what do I do now? The app is great... I’ll give you 5 stars. Can you address the billing issue for me? I’ve emailed but haven’t heard back. Thanks. *i purchased the pro version (this app) 8 days ago and just now had to spend 4 more dollars for a monthly plan just to get past the pay wall so I can even use it. ? **Thanks for fixing my issue, guys. 5 stars!

- Satisfied, But Static Noise Is Bothersome

I download this app after a lot of research. I was very please with my test calls, both incoming and outbound. Others have complained about the price not being clearly stated or that some of their calls were not recorded. If you READ the instructions and follow them, there are no issues at all. However, I recorded an conversation tonight that was intermittently sprayed with static (or broken-up sounds). I turned WiFi on and off hoping it would improve the call but it did not. I had full signal/reception bars. Not sure what happened. During the call I missed some important conversation pieces. When I listened to the recording afterwards, it sounded the same as when I was in the phone. I assume this could be my fault (either iPhone or carrier related) as much as the app’s so I am 99% satisfied with the purchase.

- Perfect for wives of inmates

My husband is in prison for at least three more years and we decided we wanted to start recording our calls so I can listen to them when I miss him, or when our kids want to listen, or when we want to look back at this time apart. It has worked really well for the most part, though we had to work out a good system or getting the recording started so that the prison phone company wouldn't kick us off for having a "conference call" (which violates call protocol or something). It has been really awesome. Totally cool that I can export the audio files to my drop box and google drive as well so I know they are safely backed up.

- Excellent tool but not entirely reliable

I’ve used this app for a few days and for several phone calls of varying lengths. Two days in a row, calling two different access numbers, the TapeACall phone service dropped the recording a half hour before my multihour interviews ended. After the first time it happened, the next time I had a long call, I kept checking my phone to be sure no notifications had popped up indicating that the call was dropped. But the second time it happened, despite my checking regularly, I didn’t see a notification until after I had hung up. So I’ve lost a collective hour of interviews over two phone calls. At this point, if you’re using this system, you better have a backup. Either another external recorder or transcribe your interview as you go along (no easy feat).

- Helpful BUT not reliable

I record a weekly call I have and It’s happened more than 10 times that I couldn’t record the call. Either A) I would get busy dial tone when calling the recording line and therefore couldn’t record B) I would be able to merge the calls but then when I hung up and opened the app the recording had no audio. This was worse because I had faith the call was being recorded so I did not take notes and then it turned out it didn’t even record. So it was a recording of 40 minutes of silence. I hope the app developers can fix these bugs because other than that it’s a great app... when it works. You can label the recordings and play at different speeds and you can even share them via audio file or public url.

- Hidden Carrier Fees - MetroPCS

I paid for the Pro version, but could not place a call to the recording line, due to restrictions by MetroPCS. MetroPCS and possibly other carriers require an additional service feature, called “Select Shared Calling” by MetroPCS, to allow calls to chat/conference lines, even though I can make three way calls with my current plan. Be sure you check if your phone service provider requires additional features to use this app, before purchasing TapeACall. Update #1: after emailing support about this issue, I received an automated email back, but still no response after several weeks. There is no workaround for this critical issue. Update #2: After providing update #1, above, I received an email from TapaCall with the needed phone number for the app to call, in order to record by using the alternate phone number and avoid having to pay for for the additional service feature, as described above.

- Be careful...

The beep tone switch of this app doesn’t work and they blame Apple. It’s the app developer who needs to inform the customer. The app’s chat support answer to my concern about the beep always being recorded: “I’ll try to explain why we have these on during calls. Currently, the beep tones are required by Apple, and by law in California, to ensure that both parties are aware of the call being recorded. Although some countries and states don’t require all parties to be notified of a call being recorded, Apple wanted to ensure all laws were being upheld by requiring these beep tones. They specifically told us they would not approve our app without this. These beep tones are an FCC approved method for recording calls and they ensure your calls can be upheld as evidence, if needed, in court. If you’re unhappy with Apple’s decision to place this restriction on recording apps, we absolutely recommend voicing your opinion to them. Thanks for your understanding on this issue.

- Staff reporter (10+ years)

I share my job for insight. I’ve been a staff reporter for a decade; I’ve been using this app for three years now. I must have well over 500 interviews on this app. I’ve opted to leave a review because this app needs three features. No. 1, it needs a bookmark feature. As it stands now, you can only rewind or fast forward in 15 second intervals. I want the option to bookmark multiple points of an interview, which would be on par to every voice recorder ever made. No. 2, it needs an option to change the rewind/FF intervals. Ideally, in 5 second intervals up to 1 minute. No. 3, more options to slow down audio. Some people talk *really* fast and as it stands, the current options are sometimes too fast or too slow. Old school voice recorders offer this feature, too. I’ve expressed this to the developers for years. They won’t implement them, despite journalists being a large portion of their audience. Overall, this is a good, reliable app. Sharing audio is crazy easy; it’s *reliable* which is critical. However, if I found a rival that offered the features outlined above, I’d switch and wouldn’t flinch if it resulted in paying more.

- Bought the pro version a few years ago and now have to pay more?

I bought the $10 pro version of the app a few years ago for school, back when it was a one-time fee. I opened it again recently to use for the first time in maybe 17 months, when lo and behold, my purchase was rendered useless by the app’s switch to a subscription model. The developers should at least try to honor old customers’ purchases instead of screwing them over, maybe? Or at least some notice would have been nice before they switched models. Otherwise, the app works fine most of the time. Back when I used it every week for interviews, there were a few hiccups where it didn’t save my calls, but generally okay. Anyway, that’s rendered pointless because I refuse to pay a subscription fee for this now on top of my original flat fee.

- Multiple problems in past 2 weeks, nonexistent customer service

I’ve used the paid version of the app for over two years with mostly positive results. In the past two weeks, I’ve had a range of problems. Calls have failed to merge or, when they do merge, failed to record. I’ve disabled the VoLTE feature on my phone, as the TapeACall customer service bot recommended, and that didn’t solve the problem. Also in the past two weeks, merging has taken far longer (as long as 20-25 seconds), and sometimes the merge button doesn’t work at all. I know this is related to the app because the app’s logo now appears on the iPhone call screen. It’s been 12 days and counting since I asked to talk with a human and was sent a customer service confirmation saying someone would get back to me. No response yet. I rely on this app for work and this is hugely frustrating.

- Legal, saved me THOUSANDS!!!

So this app has saved me thousands of dollars!! I recorded a call with an attorney making statements of X,Y,Z and those statements were completely FALSES AND LIES!! He thought "I getting away with it, what's he (me the client) is going to do sue me... hahaha I'm a lawyer and he isn't!!" Well when he found out that I recorded the call LEGALLY he not only refunded me thousands but also I'm now a key witness in a federal case against him, along with many LEGAL RECORDINGS! He is facing being disbarred, which he deserves, how many others did he screw for years!??!!! Justice is being served via TapeACall!! One call was over 45 minutes and recorded great and downloaded fine! Love the shortened URL to download the audio file! FYI, many states are "single party acknowledge", so when TapeACall makes its call and places the other party on hold, just state "I agree to this call being recorded" and then merge the call! While I don't like not being able to save locally, it isn't a limitation of the app but a limitation of iOS! This was NOT a paid review but a happy customer that saved thousands!!

- It will not record

I have been a fan of tape a call for a number of years and until the latest update, it worked flawlessly! With the latest update I have to restart my phone to even get it to work! I have an iPhone X everything’s current memory is strong but the program fails again and again and again and again nine out of 10 times it will not make a recording! I’ve written to support about this and they have not solved the problem! For this reason I give it a one star review. At no longer performance! And it is so frustrating to have a great app fail!

- Bought Pro Version 3 yrs Ago, But Now Monthly Fees

I purchased the Pro Version of Tape a Call in May of 2016. It was a one-time fee of $10 for unlimited recordings. Fast forward to July, 2018: I just noticed a weird charge from iTunes for $4.23. After a little digging I learned that I have been charged a monthly subscription fee for Tape a Call since April! I never even got a notification or a chance to opt out. But even if I had, I still think it’s crappy to charge old customers subscription fees. The app works well. I’ve used it for research interviewing purposes and have never had any problems with it. But the new charges and lack of notification are disappointing. I won’t be keeping that subscription and I hope to get the 4 months of fees back. Let’s see how honorable they’re willing to be about that. So, BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

- unreliable, quality has gone downhill

I’ve used this app for recording phone interviews reliably for almost 2 years. It used to be basically seamless, user friendly, dependable, and had never let me down previously. I recently recorded an interview for a tight deadline only to find that the app had only saved the first 15 minutes, even though I’d been connected the entire time and had continually double checked as always. Customer support replied quickly but was unclear and it took some back and forth for them to clarify that they had totally LOST half my recording because of carrier issues and there was nothing I could do. I’ll definitely be making the switch to a better and more reliable recording service, especially since it seems like the quality and reliability of tapeacall has deteriorated in recent months according to numerous other reviews

- What happened?!?!

I lost a VERY IMPORTANT recording last week because this app has STOPPED WORKING!!! I wrote to tech support and THEY REFUSED TO RESPOND! I have another VERY IMPORTANT call to make and tested the app first. Again - the app DOES NOT WORK! After years of doing a great job, this app is nothing more than a rip-off and should be removed IMMEDIATELY from the Apple Store! UPDATE: I FINALLY received a response from TapeACall Customer Service. They had me change the access number and now the app works again. As I lost a VERY IMPORTANT call that cannot be recovered and had to make other calls and manually record them (without an app), I have increased my rating from 1 to 3 stars). In the event that this problem doesn’t exist again and I don’t lose anymore important calls, I consider increasing my rating.

- Locked out of the app, suddenly being charged again >:(

This app has worked great and I’ve been happy with it— but suddenly, today, I’m locked out and it’s asking me to subscribe again. When I bought this app, I paid $10 for what I understood would be unlimited access with no need to ever pay again. There was no language implying that this was subscription-based and they would charge me more money down the road (if there had been, I wouldn’t have purchased it). I went to the TapeACall website today, and it says people are available Monday-Friday to help—-but there is NO way to contact them!!! No “contact us button,” no email address listed, no phone number, NOTHING. I have work-related recordings on the app that I need to access, and it looks like I can’t even get to them unless I resubscribe. I REFUSE to pay again for something that I already bought!

- Does not work with all phone systems

When I first got this (2.5 years ago) it was great, but for some reason whenever I try to record customer service calls it does not work the majority of the time. For some reason the other end cannot hear me all the time and I have to disconnect & call them back without recording. These are the calls that I want recorded most, you know? Things like bill disputes, plan changes and what have you. I think it has something to do with their phone systems. They probably don’t allow three-way calls and since that’s what the engine of this application is, it does no good. The far end simply can’t hear me. I am going to try and get a refund because I just renewed my one year subscription so hopefully that will go smoothly. I’ll Report back either way.

- Must have for anyone!!!

Being one who has for years (decades) recorded phone calls this app is by far my go to devise. Not having to worry about getting good quality audio every time is priceless. After my recorded calls I make sure to email the file to myself to insure it’s safe & accessible even if something should happen to my phone. I have recorded the dreaded conversations for court to the beautiful conversations I have with my 94 year old grandfather & my 3 little children. I’m known to be very tough and critical when it comes to things that I spend money on. In saying that I would give this app five stars any day.

- I love this app wholeheartedly

I’m a journalist, so it comes in handy constantly for phone interviews. But I will share a more personal story. When I got an iPhone and realized what TapeACall could do for me, work wise, I also thought about my relationship with my adoptive father, my closest friend of 30 years, who takes terrible care of himself and really has been a ticking time bomb for most of the time I’ve known him. Three years ago I began recording our weekly calls. And now he is dying, for real, a vicious terminal illness. I thank God (and you guys <3 ) that I have these documents of my relationship with the person I love most in this world.

- No customer service, only AI machine responses

This app has NO real humans in customer service. It has no number or email contact for customer service. The only offering is an autistic chat bot that provides useless and unrelated responses to questions. The chat bot told me that recordings would be transferred from my old phone number to my new one, but then the recordings were never transferred and I lost important work. Because they have no human customer service I can’t call or complain to anyone to get help with the technical issue of transferring my recordings. I guess this is the future of help - some stupid machine who can’t even understand what the problem is writing me random responses. Tape a call charges me a monthly fee and should at the very least employ a human in customer service. It is infuriating and demoralizing to deal with a chat bot.

- Horrible Customer Care.

I had to change my number due to a abusive st situation, cause the number was in his name & he wouldn’t transfer the number over to me. That was the purpose of me paying for the PRO APP for the Unlimited Recordings. I texted the customer service my email & they tell me well we need the bill of the previous phone number with your name on it How! Hmm.. Really It was in his name I still have the phone and I’m talking to you through my own email. Contact me please I need these for court. I have the receipt to where I had to add my new number to my sons At&t account .

- Easy to Use - some things to know

This is a legal way to record calls. They provide the state laws to you so you can inform those you’re recording. The app is clear and easy to use. Somethings that happen are 1. Times on the record of may reflect differently at times due to time changes. 2. There is no easy way to save or share the recordings with the naming convention the app saves them as. 3. If you share them as a link, the link will eventually expire. These are 3 things this app could definitely improve on, however even with those features lacking the app is the best way to record calls out there. Good luck.

- If you want your phone to mess up, get this!

So I had this app on my iPhone for less than a week. Why you may ask? Because within a couple of days my phone started doing weird things like... I Reset my data counter every month at 11:00 pm the night of the 1st per alarm. So on Oct 12th it said I had used up 2.9 GB. Turned data off then back on and it said suddenly that I had only used 816MB even though I never hit reset until the 1st of the month. Called phone co and they said I had used 3.9 GB. Also, the phone was freezing up on me a lot. It froze in the settings, on reading some articles, etc. I have NEVER gone on questionable websites or downloaded things I’m not supposed to. Then when I did a hard reset and turned it back on it showed the white Apple screen then goes black for a cpl seconds and then shows the white Apple screen again. I checked my email and it wouldn’t stop saying it’s checking my mail even after the LTE stopped spinning. ALL of these issues went away when I simply deleted this app! You should be doing a better job of checking these apps #Apple #AppStore. Creepy! Btw, the print is larger because I noted all these issues so I can warn my thousands of followers. Yeesh!

- Recorded nothing, would not merge

Ok I have iPhone XR with Verizon. I tried the free app first , did not work so I bought the pro! Well that did not work either. I watched and followed the videos perfectly. it kept going radio silent when I would try to merge... I would no longer hear the other line and as I kept talking the recording did not even pick up me!!!? Blank recording. Do not try the fully automated chat feature, unless that after 15 minutes it just gave canned replies. No help On the website I searched for help but the page just said certain carriers do not support the app. They never list which ones. I tried to comment and the page but they edit out the negative ones. No comment showed up! I then had to contact Apple to get a full refund as I could not get help even on pain app! Terrible.

- Recordings cut off, no customer support

I’m a journalist and have used this app for a few years and it’s worked fine for the most part. However with the most recent update on iPhone 11, all of my recordings are getting cut off at 15 minutes. There is no indication of this while I’m on the call, but when I go back to transcribe the interview, I realize the recording stops after 15 minutes. The most frustrating part about this is the lack of customer support. There is no phone number and no email address to reach anyone. I tried their online “chat” (with a robot) twice and left my phone number and email but have yet to hear back. It’s BS. PS I tried their transcription service once—don’t waste your time. It took hours to process, and you’ll have to re-type everything anyway.

- Don't waste your money!

I did a lot of research on not just this app, but several others like it and drew the conclusion this was the better one. I intended on using this app for legal purposes with my ex wife. As I mentioned, I thoroughly read the instructions and did all the research I could. I paid the $10 for it, made a couple test calls and a couple of the calls I made had recorded while others did not. Any incoming calls would not record at all! One of the calls I made to my ex to have recorded, showed up on her Caller ID as CONFERENCE CALL, and she declined to speak with me because that seemed suspicious like someone else was on the line. In addition, you can use this app so many times and it'll tell you that you have to purchase more credits to continue using the app! What a rip off! Currently waiting for my refund....

- Too Complicated

I purchased this for my wife. She has severe short term memory problems. We wanted some way for her to record calls to help recall information on appointments and such. The app’s web page makes it sound simple. It is not. It requires answering the call, returning to home screen and starting TapeACall, clicking the record button, going back to the phone app, clicking on Add Call, clicking Dial to call the TapeACall number, and then waiting and clicking Merge Call. Yikes! She can’t do that even with written instructions. And, while all this is going on, the calling party is waited 30 to 45 seconds with no response from the person called. If you are looking for simple, this is not the one. I don’t know what app the other reviewers are using, but it doesn’t sound like the one I downloaded.

- Great app

With the state I live in and it only being a one party notification of a recorded call. This app has help me catch my ex-wife and double talk and try to cover up BS. This app is help me in business calls to go back and review to make sure no notes were taken incorrectly. This app is also great when I call my kids and tell them hey I need you to do XYNZ before I get home and they repeat back to me what they have to do, and when I get Home and it’s not done I decide if I’m going to utilize the call as proof they agree to do it or just make sure the old man is not miss quoting.

- Helpful app

I’m a journalist who works in an office with others and I often need to do phone interviews without bothering my colleagues. This is the best app I could find for recording on the phone. I’m not thrilled that you have to call into another line to link up, because that takes a little time, and sometimes the connection drops in the middle of a conversation— inevitably at the most interesting part—but I still haven’t found anything better. Also, I’d like more instructions on how to save files by name because I still don’t understand how to do it. I hope the developers will continue to improve this.

- 🙄

When It works It works. But when It doesn’t 🙄. There is no kind of notification system that alerts you if your call has NOT merged or if It has dropped due to whatever reason. So you think you’re recording an important call, just to go back and realize you just waisted your time. Customer support will find every reason to blame you and your phone instead of trying to find an alternative to the notification process. It’s basically a 3way call so the least they can do is drop the call on their end if connection is interrupted or if it hasn’t merged properly. $15 a month for the pro version just for you to chance It. If you need this for business purposes, please have a back up plan.

- App leaves a trail & easily detected

If you share a cell phone plan and phone bill with the person you intend to record, DO NOT use this app. This app works under a conference call system, so the recording source shows up as a call on your phone bill at the same time and for the same length of time as the call you make to the person you are recording. The coinciding phone number can be searched online and quickly traced back to TapeACall. Then you are busted! Also, there’s a constant “tick tick tick” sound in the background. I hear the sound while recording a call and I don’t hear it on an unrecorded call. It’s also on the recording. The person on the other end pointed it out to me. It’s distracting to you, the caller, and it could raise suspicions with the person you are recording.

- Noise Issues

The closest call in number for Tape A Call users on the East Coast is St Louis. This has caused audio quality issues for me in my podcast recordings because of my geographic location. It is not cellular connectivity issues — I have strong broadband and WiFi calling enabled. Just take heed if that is what you are looking to utilize Tape A Call for (as many do) and reside in the eastern part of the US. Hope this is helpful for any users in my part of the world looking for a solution to a podcast being recorded by two people in different cities.

- App failure for highly important calls!

This app really failed me at a crucial time in my career. I have a podcast where I record interviews. Tonight I recorded one of the most important interviews yet, and the app completely failed. It saved the call, however, when I go to play it or share it, the app is entirely unresponsive. The play button doesn’t respond and when I go to press “share” the app takes me back to the home page. The interview is 45 min so perhaps that’s why it’s so glitchy, but the app producers should advertise this. Yes I merged the call. I’ve used the app before without issues, but tonight it completely failed. Because of the otherwise good experiences I’ve had, If the developers can reconcile this I’ll take down my bad rating. But until then, this is beyond devastating.

- Great Tool for multitask Challenged

I am extremely pleased with the flawlaess performance IIhsvre several most internet busindesses Plus I am a published Author no no no I really like this app it makes life easier but I’m not there I’m political commentary first and I have written some children’s stories and a book I’m pretty busy and it’s mostly late at night but your app makes it airtight and makes it possible to use any any evidence obtained any of these recordings and a quarter long so it covers covers my liabilities pricek of TapeACall Pro! The transcriptions alone are worth their weight in Gold!

- Great Resource for Journalists

I use this app for recording and now transcribing interviews! It’s 3.99 a month for unlimited transcription which is a huge time saver. Is the tech perfect? No! Computer transcription will never come out perfect but for the price it’s pretty dang good! On top of that I had an issue with the transcripts downloading and contacted TapeACall customer service and Austin responded to my inquiry the same day with a solution that worked perfectly and then followed up with me to make sure everything worked okay a few days later. I highly recommend!

- Beep Tones Switch

I was surprised to see in this most recent release that the beep tone option no longer has a toggle switch in order to enable or disable beep tones. This leaves the customer with fewer freedoms over this app. Beep tones mean that people will be guarded in what they say when you are communicating with them. I’m talking about recordings for personal records and not public, legal, or court admissible recordings. I did receive an immediate response from the developer via e-mail. They were able to remove the beep tones on an account level ... back to 5 stars !!!

- Ummm ok!!........

A little confusing the pro version is 1099 it states a one time yearly payment why do you pay that and then download it and realize you have to then pay $1.60 a month or 399 a month why did I pay 1099 if I only had to pay $20 for the year because if I did not download the pro version for 1099 I could’ve downloaded the free version for free and still had to pay the 20 so why did I have to pay $1100 that was a the confusing part, y did I have to pay more I thought the 1099 was the one time payment

- Support? Pro To Subscription | Lost recordings

Due to the change in business model all of my phone recordings are locked behind a paywall now. The AppStore page doesn’t indicate that after you buy the app you’re going to have to pay a subscription fee. I’ve been a Pro customer for a while and with no notice to have all my recordings locked away is mind boggling. Add that to the fact that their discounted year long subscription is 2x what the pro version of the app was I fee cheated and exploited at best. To put the cherry on top, their “App Support” link goes to their FAQ and their contact button redirects to FAQ leaving you no recourse to get in touch with them. I don’t understand how this app has 4.5 stars with this level of customer service and clearly exploitative behavior. I’ve seen several developer responses where they tell you to click on support. Fun fact, you can’t do that in the app anymore because the membership sign in screen completely dominated the app and you can’t get to even their “I need help button”. I’m looking forward to the next call recording app that kills this one. Can’t come fast enough.

- Works great again

Since I’ve updated my phone this app no longer works. I heavily leaned to this app when paying bills. I can’t get to my recordings; the app crashes immediately when I tap on it. Essentially useless. I’ve been waiting for a response from support all week with no response... not even a “We are trying to figure it out.” Just the automated response. They claim they have a chat option but if it’s there it’s hard to find. Please fix this and I will change my review. UPDATED: They just issued an update. It’s fixed now. Please please work on technical support response time.

- U lose all your recordings if u don’t keep paying!

I purchased this app to record conversations between me and my eight year old son. He usually calls me with funny stories when he gets home from school in the afternoon and I’m still at work. I figured it would be cute for us to listen to the conversations one day when he’s a grown man. So I paid for this app and unbeknownst to me it was like a “rental” for a year. Once that time is up the app stops working and THEY KEEP all your RECORDINGS. See...the recordings aren’t SAVED TO YOUR PHONE...they are SAVED TO THE APP! So basically they hold your recordings HOSTAGE so u can continue to RENT the app for eternity lol. Smh. AVOID THIS MONEY TRAP AT ALL COSTS! I almost NEVER write reviews but I figure if I can save someone else from this hustle then I’ve got my money back in a way.

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- Great app!!

Admittedly I had to grab my wife’s phone and play around with it a bit to learn how to use it... Once you understand how to add and merge you will be most happy with your purchase. Thanks for this app developers - I can only offer 4 stars though because it isn’t simple enough for the likes of my dad. Word to potential buyers - this app works, anyone who says it doesn’t is likely in the ‘my dad’ category.

- The message from Vietnam

I am from Vietnam. I buy your app. However, your app does not apply in Vietnam. So that I can not use the app. I am waiting for the update which help me to use your app in Vietnam. Thank you!

- Fab for freelancers

I use TapeACall on my IPhone so I can record phone interviews for my freelance writing. It is so straightforward, the recording is very clear, and I can download the audio file onto my laptop as well as provide a copy to my interview subject for their own records. Great stuff! And only AUD$16 for one year unlimited use! Thanks so much for making my job easier.

- Sometimes hangs up when I go to press merge

Does the app have a way of telling if it's recording during the call? I use it so infrequently and the few times I do it occasionally hangs up while I'm merging - no idea why, not doing anything differently. And I learn it hasn't recorded only after the call.

- Just doesn’t work and no support

I needed this for work and was excited to use it. However this just doesn’t work. I set up conference call on my cell provider and all I get is some elevator music when I try to merge another call. This isn’t worth the money I hope I get a refund! My advice to all those wanting to record a call use voice memo or equivalent then record the call on skype or FaceTime. Simple and no wasting time trying to get apps to work with no support.

- 5 stars for call recording only. 1 star for Word Search

I give TapeACall five stars for its recording ability as it does what it is supposed to do. The in app Word Search purchase is very poor. Learn from my experience and save your money.

- Scam

This app is an absolute scam. Purchased a 12 month subscription. Went to use this app for its intended purpose. Then reviewed the recording and it is a recording of a piano. Not sign of my actual conversation. Then tested via my land line to my mobile, same again, the recorded call was not me talking, it was a recording of a piano. Then went to their website to contact support. The contacts page has no contacts. Only irrelevant FAQs. I feel absolutely violated.

- Good but buggy sometimes

It stopped working since last dew days ... like I tap the app on my iPhone,it comes up and then disappear . Even rebooted phone couple of times but problem persists. Please fix this

- Transcription service is useless

I have been using the app to record interviews for a few years now. I was excited about the new user pay transcription service but it is absolutely useless. It is not even worth working from the transcription and correcting the errors because it is so full of mistakes. Cancelled this on the same day after checking a few interviews.

- Recording a call

This is a 1-star rating - it seems that you cannot post a 1-star rating !! Just recorded a call and it didn’t actually record - and yes, I did merge the calls..as always.

- Complicated but working

It’s not that easy to use it there is no one button or two buttons and it will work. They only thing that they can say good about it eventually it’s working and according the stuff you need. For an application I work for and paid for it’s not good enough

- Essential journalism tool

Love this app. So easy to use. Send off you audio file for transcription or upload to storage and you have an archive of interviews.

- Recording is fine but transcript doesn’t work

Recording is ok but when you make a transcript it does not make any sense and has nothing to do with your conversation unfortunately not worth the monthly payment for transcript

- Effective

It's always a rollercoaster ride using TapeACall. It does exactly what it says it will do, and if getting a good usable clear MP3 recording quickly is what you want this is the app for you. I recommend doing some trial runs first so you get used to merging calls and hearing the robot voice tell you the call is being recorded. A voice that never fails to disconcert the person you're interviewing and start the interview off awkwardly. Also, get used to the 30 seconds of terror that the call hasn't recorded before it shows up at the top of the queue and gingerly pressing the download button for fear of accidentally deleting it. I've used it over a dozen times and I still find the opportunity for not recording and accidentally deleting it scary. Still, it's the best thing out there and a very useful tool for journos.

- Recording function is great, Transcribing function is appalling

In-app subscription to transcribing function sounded excellent and given the quality of the recording function, I thought I’d subscribe to the Transcribing function too. Unfortunately, the transcribing function is pathetic. Nonsensical jibberish! Don’t waste your money on this add-on.

- Call disconnects after merging

This app worked fine for a while and then stopped completely. Support is average and frustrating. The core function of the service is to record calls after merging, however this doesn’t work if the merged call disconnects. Hence I am disconnecting from this service.

- App doesn't work and customer service is terrible!

App records the on hold music most times as opposed to the actual call your on. At this price, this is really disappointing! Customer service took two days to reply about a refund and when they food, it was the wrong instructions with an automated reply...

- Great tool for journalists

As a journalist this app has proved invaluable. Being able to record an interview greatly improves accuracy.

- Does not work for me

Bought Lite and Pro, neither work. I follow the instructions, it shows it is recording at the top of the screen with the phone number and timer, but when I go to recordings, nothing is there. I need this app for my job but it has been a waste of money.

- Support is lacking

App works fine but all too often you can’t access the recording until hours after it’s been made. For a journalist on a deadline, this isn’t acceptable.

- Hit and miss

It’s kinda ok some days and then, oh noooo. Just when you need it to work on that critical interview the whole dog and pony show goes NO, I’m not getting out of bed to work on your stuff today - but, I’m still happy to take your money.

- Scam app

Have downloaded and paid for the pro version. It will not let me get past adding my phone number. Have tried for 2 weeks now. Cannot find any support services in their website, can only assume I've been scammed..avoid!!!!

- Waste of money

Do not buy. This app once worked but a few months ago started failing more often than recording. Help desk are useless and suggested I ask for a refund as fixing it is deemed too hard and also admitted is a wide spread issue in Australia

- Refund

Downloaded this app The was expecting it can help me to record phone conversation however it is very user unfriendly and it will turn the phone call off itself. Can you please let me know how to arrange a refund?

- Not working

I bought one year but still can’t get in

- Price went high

I like this app and used it for a year. I was going to renew it but the price went up from $14 to $28 unexpectedly. And lost all my recordings. Happy to renew if I get that price back.

- I purchased it before but asked me now for Membership

Hi there, I purchase this app in full price a few months ago but now it’s asking me for membership ! Can someone tell me what’s wrong?

- I paid a one off fee

I paid a one off fee now it’s asking to join a monthly membership can you please advise what this is

- The app is not recording

The line cut after 30 seconds and the call is not recorded

- Hard to use

Only works good for out calls, no good for incoming calls. You need to dail the third party to record and merge your call into it. Do NOT BUY !

- Worst ever!!

I paid for the pro version before trying it out first but my god m regretting it sooo much..it doesn’t work at all!

- Doesnt work, dont waste your money...

in Australia with Vodafone, it doesnt work as soon as you connect to other side it kicks you out..

- Update needed!

No recording other party on iphone 12 mini.

- Doesn’t record FaceTime voice audio!


- Don’t purchase

Unrealistic to use in a business situation. Don’t buy it.

- Doesn’t work

I doubt the reviews are real.

- It doesn’t work

It just doesn’t work!

- RM

This app is a scam. Doesn’t work. No attempt at follow up after contact. Utter rubbish.

- Muhteşem

Muhteşet Thank you

- Easy to use, does what it promises

Perfect for conducting customer interviewed and of course any other business use case where a recording and transcription of a call is necessary. The transcribe feature works well enough, even in noisy environments and multiple speakers but you can not yet download the transcription which is something I'd like to see added. Overall the best solution out there and real value for price!

- Great idea

Works well and does what it claims; but the reason why you are using it, normally would be to catch somebody or company's deceitful misrepresented communications: So by not sliding the button to allow beeps, which would alert the person or persons they are being recorded and thereby preventing you from catching them out. This application beeps even when not engaged on the slider. People don't lie when they know they are being recorded, but other than that, it is good for keeping a note of conversation: 5 stars when slider to mute beeps fixed😉

- A journalist's best friend

I'm a journalist and often need to call important people around the world for interviews for my stories. I was so frustrated with the lack of options around for recording phone calls (leaving my phone on speaker then recording from my laptop!?) then I found Tape a Call and now I'm in love. It means I can have great, relaxed interviews knowing that my audio is being recorded. No stress!

- Great!

This app is great, I use it a few times a week to keep a log to reference back to. There is only one thing I hate about the app, that is everytime you press record and merge the call you here "a group call is in progress" it cuts off who ever is talking and you obviously can't hear!

- Fantastic App

I have always wanted a way to record my conversations on my phone incase I have missed something. Keep this on the app store because this is one of the most useful apps out there. Ignore all negative comments they have not the full extent of the possibilities you can do with this software / service. I am so glad that I have fond this.

- Good app

Great app, works a treat. It doesn't require you to purchase credit, it works as a three way call between the provider in your country and the person you are calling, so it will only cost a local call which is fine! Recommended

- Conference calling not supported on my network.

Seems to be a good app, but certain networks (the one I am on) do not support conference calls, which is needed to make this app work. A bit disappointing after spending over $10 on the app. I should have checked first.

- Remove the ad please

This app is awesome, work exactly as on description. The newly updated UI makes it looks even better. However, there is one thing... I purchased the pro version to support the developer, it is not cheap, but what a pro purchase deserve a clean app without any ads. Can you please remove the ad banner in the main page.

- New version beeps - cannot turn off

Was a great app. Now rendered useless by annoying beeps that only the person on other end hears (when beeps supposedly switched off in settings). As the call initiator, I don't hear them. It drives people nuts and impossible to conduct interviews without person becoming distracted/irate. This has only happened since I updated app. PLEASE FIX URGENTLY. Otherwise it's been a must have app for we journos.

- Could be better

It has a recording when the other person answers saying this is a group call , Not so good if you didn't want the other party knowing that your recording the call , that along with the added charge to ring the third number is a bit ruff but does record calls fine with the option of emailing it

- Needs this

Please integrate a function that on a specific action or number you have called or both you can set it up to record the conversation automatically that would make it the best or even if you had to add the number to a list that you want to record and it's just records either incomming and out going calls

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- Subscription?

FU, too. There’s never been a subscription fee before.

- Crap

Don't waste your time Unable to reject purchase by disagreeing with privacy agreement Long distance charges for every use. Beep sound and "recording" voice notifying caller recording in progress POS I wish i read the reviews first not just their add on utube

- Disconnects call

I’ve used this app multiple times for very important interviews. The first time it worked really well. The second and third time I used this app, the call would drop after about 10 minutes. I would redial and connect and the call would drop again after 10 minutes, despite having good cell service and trying different locations. The interruptions were annoying and completely disrupted the flow of the interview. Thankfully, the third time I used this app, I had the apple voice memo app open as backup.

- Lost all recordings

Just went to access my previous recordings, now it wants me to pay for membership to find out if they still exist. Very important recordings for legal purposes.

- Paid for app now wants more $

I paid full price for lifetime usage of this app. Now it wants a subscription post purchase. You guys are criminals and disgusting money grabbers.

- A money grab

Paid for the Pro Version and now they want a yearly subscription. Scam.

- Subcription Stopped Working

I had bought the lifetime subscription a couple of years ago. It was working fine until they suddenly revoked it and now it gives me an error subscription not found. It is forcing me now to either select monthly or annual subscription. Why do I pay again if I had already done in past and that too with lifetime subscription. I had sent few emails to the support team but no response.

- THIEVES!!! Crap!!!!

So you pay to download for $14.99 then you have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription just to USE the APP otherwise you’ve lost your money!!!!! Like flushing $15 down the damned toilet! Honestly don’t get this app!

- Bait and switch scam

I paid $10 for a full functioning version of this app. Now I find they have switched to a monthly subscription model. I am owed a full refund from these thieves.

- Good app

Love this app for recording important phone calls. Takes a bit to get used to the merge feature but once you do it’s great. I have recorded phone calls that have lasted several hours and the recordings are pristine


Purchased this app.. paid the $$ for the pro.. now they want a monthly payment!!! Do not give these rip off artists any of your money!!!

- From great support to lousy support

Update: I've used this app for a year, almost flawless. Had three instances where recordings were stuck in the system and "processing" for hours. This last time was 26 hours. Granted they had problems with the 3rd party that was doing the recording. What I found unacceptable was they took their support offline during a major outage and the problem wasn't fixed. Ultimately my file want lost, but they could be a LOT more proactive in their commination. Other than that the app is nearly flawless Previous Review: This app used to have excellent support, yesterday I record a very important phone call and 19 hours later it still processing. They told me it would only take two hours it’s now going on 19 hours, still no recording. Yesterday they said they’re working around the clock to resolve situation, today they seemed to have closed their support line. Not cool when you rely on an app daily.

- DONT BUY !!!

Lol i paid for the pro version , and now one years after they want another 10,99$. Scammer . Ill never buy again . And the app work like scrap anyway ...

- Brilliant app, so simple to use

Easily the best app purchaseI’ve ever made for my iPhone. An absolute essential tool in our remote, coVid work world.

- Cording great, transcribing not so much

I’ve used this app a bunch of times to record calls and once you get the hang of merging its excellent. I’ve tried to transcribe two recordings, though, and it only seems to do about 30 seconds of each before stopping. There’s no way to do it over so I’m stuck typing out the interview anyway, which is a disappointment. I’m leaving this review here because there’s also no way for me to get support otherwise. Bit of a fail on that end.

- Great app

Recommend it highly. Please fix the glitch asking for a review in the middle of sending an email.

- Perfect for all journalists

Super helpful app for recording calls. Recently I’ve been using it more and more and it’s so helpful. There’s a little tutorial on how to record incoming and outgoing calls which is very helpful and you’re able to easily rename recordings, speed them up or slow them down, jump 15 seconds up or down in the recording and share them out. I would just love if I could use this app to record all my interviews, not just over the phone!

- Doesn’t work

Total waste of money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I should definitely be getting my money back.

- Works well

I use it often and it works great. No complaints!

- Paid for app, lost access

Like many others, I loved the old version of this and paid full price for the pro version. Then they decided to revoke lifetime access and demand a subscription. No response from support. They clearly don’t care.

- Works really well

As a freelance journalist, I take good notes on the fly. But with Tape-a-Call Pro running in the background, I never worry about missing a detail or making the source stop so I can catch up. Saving the recording and playing it back are simple and intuitive.

- My subscription also stopped working

Review of TapeACall Like previous reviewer RahulSahi, my subscription stopped working... in my case less than 3 weeks after I'd paid my annual renewal. A couple of years ago I would have given this 5 stars for I'd been using it without problems since 2015. It was BRILLIANT. Then they started changing it constantly. They turned the beep back on. Things started to break. They kept changing their terms of service etc all the while getting more onerous with what they demanded of this subscriber and the privacy I was to give up, and meanwhile blocking me from my recorded data on their server until I agreed to their latest terms. This a key professional app, or it used to be especially for those of us in media. One doesn't want to be having to jump through an administrative loophole every time one wants to use a critical app to record an incoming call, particularly when that recording that may provide vital journalistic or legal evidence. In June mine renewed annually as it has the previous years except that the next time I NEEDED to use it a couple of weeks later it treated me as a stranger and forced me to renew yet again, this time at more than twice the renewal price of a couple of weeks prior. Then the next time I went to use it a couple of days later, to listen to and download the vital conversation I'd recorded a couple of days before they'd yet again changed their privacy policy and terms of service, and again were blocking me from my library of recordings. I'm one of those people who reads all that legalese. And I don't like the way this is going. At this point I just want to download copies of all my old recordings and be done with this app. Either its being run by really predatory people or this once brilliant app is now riddled with glitches and inconsistencies. I used to love it. Now I hate it. You can't trust it, certainly not with your precious recordings.

- Not working anymore ?

Trying to connect to record says the customer I have dialed is currently not in service... used to work but no more!

- Bill wilson

Can’t get it to work?

- You are the Factor Wow

Great price! Great recording quality and fast delivery.

- Cette Bravo pour cette superbe application!

Cette app permet de déjouer les menteurs qui dise une chose au téléphone et font le contraire le lendemain. Bravo pour cette superbe application!

- Déception

J’ai acheté lapp parce qu’un ami me l’a suggéré. Dans mon métier, j’ai besoin d’enregistrer les appels et comme je croyais que cet app était fiable, cela ne me dérangeait pas de payer pour. La première fois que je l’ai testé, elle fonctionnait hyper bien. J’étais satisfaite. Mais le moment où je devais enregistrer des conversations importantes, lapp a fait défaut. Mes appels ne s’enregistrent pas malgré le fait que tout semblait être fonctionnel. Il était impossible de récupérer mes enregistrements à la suite de mes appels. J’ai littéralement jeté 20$ par la fenêtre.

- Great for writers.

Recording phone interviews used to be tough. This app is foolproof and has never let me down. I write books under contract and do hundreds of phone interviews. FL Toronto


Have tried this app many times over years! Every out going call beeps at the person I’m calling! So annoying and not discreet at all!

- Unreliable

This app really let me down for multiple interviews that were extremely important for my work. Despite having a strong internet signal the call would randomly stop recording at different points on different calls. I can’t have that unreliability for matters that are important enough to be recorded.

- Review

The taping works great but the transcribing is full of mistakes. Easy to use though.

- Super App!

Great app! Can’t complain... helps me on conference calls and more.

- Sound very bad

I cant use on my podcast.

- Nice app

Great app, worth the dough :) works well consistently and has personally save me a few times! Thanks for creating!

- Very bad

I wasted 17 dollars on a useless app. For incoming calls after receiving a call, you have to go through a process of activating the call recording while the caller is on the line waiting for you to answer. After activating it beeps and the other person hears that beep. I don’t recommend it at all. Don’t waste your money on this app.

- Doesn’t always work

The most important calls so far have daily to have the recording load.... so not good

- Appels qui se déconnectent

Souvent pendant mon enregistrement l’appel se déconnecte et l’enregistrement cesse. C’est vraiment dérangeant

- Potential to be great, but falters

Honestly, great app. But tough to give it a credible rating when every so often you go to listen to a 20 minute interview, and it’s been cut to 2 minutes. Use at your discretion.

- frustrating

everyone says they love this app so i bought it and planned to use it for an urgent assignment. but no matter how many times i try, i cant get the activation code to be sent to my phone, and my attempts to get support have gone nowhere. the app's support bot is useless, and told me that i could expect answer within 24 hours, which of course never came. Total bummer.

- Quel outil

C’est formidable l’application offre beaucoup de flexibilité. L’écoute en ralenti ou en accéléré très pratique. La procédure pour enregistrer très simple l’archivage Très utile possibilité de partager le fichier. Tout est positif un 10/10

- Constantly stops recording in the middle of conversations

It’s impossible to record anything when it stops recording after 5 minutes....

- Excellent

Luv the app very functional and effective

- Scam

I paid for the pro version and now it requires a paid subscription to use it.

- Paid for pro, but now they want subscription

Avoid. Apart from the money grab, by asking for subscriptions money after I paid for the supposedly “full pro version”, I noticed that it’s cloud based, so they cam monitor ALL you calls if they choose to. Complete lack of privacy. I want a recorder on my device, no need to go through third number to achieve recording.

- Great customer service

I’ve had this app for a couple of years now and this is the best app to record phone calls and so simple to use. I recently had issues with the app when I switched phones so I emailed customer service and they resolved my issues within a day which was really great because I do use this app frequently. I 100% recommend this app to everyone because of the simplicity and great customer service.

- Purchase of this app was removed for subscription

This app model changed and didn’t even let us know. This was the first app I ever bought and all my recordings are gone why because it forces me to go through subscription. Not even sure how to contact the developer as the developer site brings you to FAQ and nothing else.

- C’est très malhonnête!

Ils m’ont facturé à l’achat de l’application et il n’avait jamais été question d’abonnement annuel. Hier j’ouvre l’application pour enregistrer un appel et une fenêtre apparaît et m’oblige à payer un abonnement annuel, pour pouvoir utiliser l’application et PIRE, pour pouvoir écouter mes enregistrements déjà effectués. Leur bonne note vient des retours positifs des utilisateurs, avant qu’ils n’implantent cette nouvelle formule qui tente de nous obliger à payer à nouveau. Ils auraient dû faire preuve de bon sens et “grandpériser” les acheteurs d’avant leur nouveau modèle d’affaires, en leur permettant de continuer à utiliser l’application (déjà payée), et informer les nouveaux acheteurs de leur nouvelle politique de prix annuel. Le fait que les personnes derrière cette application ne l’aient pas toujours pas fait, me laisse croire que ça ne leur pose aucun problème que les acheteurs de leur application se sentent pris au piège et volés. Et si c’est le cas, c’est très malhonnête. Je vais acheter les produits du travail d’autres promoteurs / développeurs plus éthiques. Vous aurez été prévenus, faites vos vérifications par vous même, et ne vous laissez pas avoir!

- Great app

Works perfectly! Great in-app customer support as well.

- Suddenly asking for subscriptions

Paid for this app about a year ago Working fine but suddenly asking for subscription money , holding my old recordings hostage.

- Monthly affect

An ongoing fee in perpetuity is in addition to the application installation fee and poorly disclosed. Why does Apple support this?

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- Does exactly what it claims. Super easy to use.

TapeACall is a brilliant app. Beautifully designed to make it really easy to use. Only two buttons: record and play. The developers thought of everything. When you first launch the video it opens a tutorial video. But knows after you’ve watched it now to pop it up again. You do everything from within the app, including linking with Dropbox with a few clicks. It even reminds you to merge your calls so you don’t forget to connect your voice call to the recording system. Every feature has been thought of and designed into the app. Download or share recordings or even URL links to recordings. Label recordings. Delete recordings. Just slide your finger across the recording and it reveals three buttons. Label, Share, Delete. Pay once for unlimited recordings for a year. No per minute charges. Love this. Definately 5 stars.

- Works Great

First couple of times I used it, I wasn't sure I was doing the correct sequence of "add a call," then "merge calls." So if you're downloading this to record an important call, might be a good idea to make a couple of "practice" calls just to confirm that you've made a recording and that it works. Once you've done this, it's really easy to use, and the recordings are certainly of adequate quality. Don't be intimidated by the need to make what is technically a conference call. This works great. PS- my review is for the paid version.

- Protection Orders

This app saved my life and reputation. I recorded my daughter admitting that my wife coerced her to take out an order of protection. I also recorded my wife saying, “I’d never take out an order of protection! I’m not like that!” She’s right. She wasn’t “like that.” She took out three! But the good news is that she gave me the house. She also gave me a ton of material to pen my next book: I Meant To Divorce My Wife, Not My Daughter. It is a thrilling page-turner. Get this app if you are a man filing for divorce. Because you have an 85% chance of receiving an Order of Protection.

- Do you transcribe? Get this...

I work with people who have books to finish but aren’t professional writers. Because of the resistance most people feel to sitting down and writing, I usually interview them, record and transcribe it. Recently I needed a way to do this using phone conversations. After using TapeACall Pro now a couple times for clients, I can highly recommend it! I listen to my TapeACall Pro recording and speak into Google Docs transcription tool. Saves hours of time and makes transcription a snap. Try it.

- Drops calls frequently

I use this for work, and it is inconsistent. It will frequently drop calls, especially when you first merge the lines together. I receive a “call failure” message every time. I would estimate this happens 7 times out of 10, and it’s frustrating to be in the middle of an important call that fails. I tried using this system for a year hoping it would improve until I finally decided to look for other options. There are some features that are good- the ability to download recordings to other apps, for example. It’s also easy to email recordings. However, these features do not compensate for the glitches.

- Tech support?!

I was trying to find support for an error OSS status error keeping me from listening to my recording but all I get is link for FAQ I will change my rating when I can actually get some help or I will request my money back from the App Store Update: That recording was lost however the recordings ever since have been playable. Thank you for reaching out. I changed my rating to 4 stars. I would make it 5 if there were an easier way to start a recording when a client calls me instead of asking them to hold while the app dials it’s outside line.

- Unbelievably perfect!

For many years Apple did not allow phone call recordings - even though there are states where it is perfectly legal. I’m so thankful for this third-party application that was expertly designed and seems to work flawlessly. I’ve used it on many occasions and is extremely simple to use and has been very beneficial. For the price I highly recommend it and I will certainly be a yearly subscriber! This is the first time I have ever given a perfect flawless review. Well done!

- Grandfathered Pro feature set & can't use it

I purchased this app a very long time ago. I paid a flat fee and I had access to the Pro feature set. Years later, along comes a subscription based Pro feature set model. I was happy that I had been grandfathered into the Pro feature set for the original flat fee. The Pros: The company agreed to keep the Pro feature set attached to my account, not my phone number. They even offer a transfers to a new mobile number, if you ever decide to switch to a new or different mobile number (from when you made the original flat fee purchase). The Cons: Years later, I changed my mobile number and I've sent numerous request to the company to update my mobile phone number which is attached to my account. The transfer policy of a new mobile number was an important factor I decided to purchase the app, years ago. The procedure is clearly stated in the company's FAQ and all of my emails go un-answered. I've been trying to get this transfer completed for 9+ months. All the while I have been unable to utilize my license and purchase.

- Very difficult to use!

I have been paying for this app for a couple years and attempted to use it a couple times but it is very difficult to use. You have to push a button, call a number and push another number, then call another number and it is very difficult to understand the actual instructions. I also cannot get it to work with incoming calls because there are too many steps in the color will not wait that long. I wish they would develop a better version are you just had to push one button and it would work or automatically just record everything and charge extra to keep the recordings in a cloud-based program if desired.

- Beware!!! Don’t throw your money away

These guys can’t their act together. The app is broken and customer service doesn’t really seem to care... I’ve used this service for years now, never having had a problem. Lately though, the service cuts off after 15 minutes, rendering it effectively useless. I’ve patiently tried to troubleshoot the issue with customer service, but now they’ve just left me hanging for more than a mont without any word. this whole time I’ve not been able to use their service even though I’m paying for it. I’m a journalist, and I need to record interviews. Sadly, it looks like I’ll need to look elsewhere, because TapeACall just doesn’t care that their service doesn’t work.

- Marissa

I have a problem. I have your app and it did work nice. Until the app was erased. I tried to download it again and it wants me to pay for the app again. I’ve already paid for the original one. Is there anyway I can log into my original account. If not what should I do??? I don’t want to lose my other recording!!! Plus you don’t have any customer service or anybody to contact for these problems. Now that does seem a little shady and I starting to wonder about this company. I hope I can get some kind of resolution for this problem so I can keep working with your company.

- API to record calls without having to dial a third part line?

This app is as good as it gets for recording calls on an iPhone. Unfortunately Apple does not allow for one to record calls directly so this app circumvents the lack of API by dialing a third line which records the call. Not ideal but the best we have on iPhone. Coming from my Lumia 950 where I could record my calls to my phone it's a step down. Blame it on Apple for not allowing us to record directly to our phones. 😡

- Ther Best Call Recording App🔥🔥🔥

Tape A Call displays the time, date, and length of a recorded call. I can also fast forward or rewind to specific points in the conversation. It also gives me the ability to store my conversations by download. Tape A Call has allowed me to operate on a higher level among the business community. It has also extremely alerted me to NEVER say anything that would allow me to incriminate myself! If I can’t stand for it to be recorded, THEN DON’T SAY IT AT ALL!!!🔐🔐🔐👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- Recording unavailable but no # Change?

I have been using this app happily for close to 2 years. Since a coupe of months ago, I have not been able to record a call! I get the annoying “Recording unavailable” message when I try to set up a recording. Website says it’s because their system “does not recognize my number” however, my number is the same as always. How can I see the number they are getting to try to fix it? Why has this changed? No big options in website to get support. When the app worked, it worked perfectly. It’s a shame I am now wasting my subscription! Someone please help!

- Do not buy this garbage app! It doesn’t work!

This app used to work, but it doesn’t anymore. The way it is supposed to work is you call their number, and then initiate a 3 way call, then you MERGE the calls and it records it. It worked great for a while but it doesn’t work at all anymore. When you try to merge the calls it just disconnects. You can try over and over again until you’re blue in the face, it just won’t work. And it is totally unreliable. When it was “working” I used it to record a phone interview. The interview was an hour and a half long and Tape A Call LOST the recording. Yup! Their super slow customer service responded by saying that the server crashed at the moment I made my recording. So it was lost and they offered me an extra year of service as a consolation. Who cares about an extra year! I had to do the phone interview all over again! It makes you look like an unprofessional idiot! And what good is an extra year of service if it doesn’t work anyway? If you have a brain, do not under any circumstances but this app!

- I am terrified of Derrick

Only during phone calls is when he verbally abuses me in the worst way. He really lets me have it during phone calls and no one knows how horrible of a human being he is because I have no prof. Now he won’t get away with it. Now he can’t lie anymore and now I don’t have to be afraid anymore. This app cost a lot of money and so far I have been able to catch him in his true character. I don’t know how or if I can save and keep the recordings and I don’t know if this application has access to my personal information. So I wonder if I am safe and protected at all. I just want someone to know he’s hurting me and the children.

- Disappointed- billing scam

I paid $20 for the pro thinking it’s a one time purchase because nothing shows it’s a subscription. I tried to use it today and it’s telling me I need to buy it. I hit the restore and it says no record of subscription. How is that. Every subscription shows under your account and shows you if you have to resubscribed. This is hidden to fool people. This is very deceptive. I feel used and scammed. Please people be aware before you purchase. I did not even use it more than 3 times after I purchase it. I paid for a pro thinking I am buying a lifetime app and that is not the case. I am very disappointed.

- App has potential but lacks consistency

I don’t know this app only works half of the time ? And when it fails to record the phone conversation the final recording only has a long recording of static, I will say that when the app does what it says it works like a charm. So I want to be far in my review. I’ll continue to use the app for another week as before the 14 day evaluation expires and make a decision at that time to keep it or just delete the app and get a refund ?

- Does not allow mobility in my Dropbox

Everything seems to work well mechanically. However a BLARING PROBLEM with this app is that though I can send recordings to my Dropbox account, I CANNOT PUT THESE RECORDINGS INTO PRE EXISTING FILES THAT I'VE ALREADY CREATED!!! This is a Huge Problem in that it does not help me to organize and store my information to fit my needs! Not Good!!! Please fix! ThanQ for fixing the above-stated problem. This app is very consistent and user-friendly. It's an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for handling business!!!!!!

- The best option for now

I do a lot of interviews over the phone and I read that this was the app to get to record, but after using it for a month now I'm starting to realize it needs some work. It's very convenient to have and I haven't had any major errors but mostly it's the sound quality that puts me off. Most interview sound like I'm listening through a hole in the door and it's scratchy or has lots of static. It makes it hard to run through a transcribing app. Other than that it has been really useful but I don't intend to have this as a long-term solution.

- Tape a call review

Tape a call is the most gratifying and helpful app ever invented 1. No more pencil & paper for writing a phone number, record vital information that is needed for future references, 2. Friendly user: just press the app, wait for connection, and merge that easy 1,2,3 ready 3. Bullet Proof: each recorded conversation is itemized and store so nothing and I mean nothing is mistaken 4. Of course every recorded conversation can be label by each and very name 5. Address & location is identified automatically 6. Sheer peace of mind just press the app and let tape a call memorized everything & anything 7. Just having it installed on your smart device is a sound peace of mind 8. Am in control 😎 9. Nothing escapes 10. I can go on & on. But you get the picture. You guys are definitely a god sent. Thank you 😎👊🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

- For evidence purposes, all of the conversation recorded is important!

Tried using app this morning and it opens and automatically closes and doesn’t work. Tried using the chat session, but it is all automated and gives the same response when you try to explain the problem. No live person to talk to. Also sent an email but there is no direct number to call for issues. This has happened before.

- Accessible at last!

As a blind writer, I was so sad that this simple beautiful app was not accessible with VoiceOver on my iPhone... I downloaded it again today because I had a few interviews to do for an article with little hope of it working—I was going to get my boyfriend to hit the necessary button to merge calls... but then I realized the buttons were all being read now!!! So great. Thanks so much. It really makes a difference in this blind writer’s life. Cheers, Leona

- Don’t waste your money!

I just bought this to record conversations with people that I work with. I’m usually in the car and would like to re listen to conversations later and take notes. You first have to call a number, then add a call and dial the person you are wanting to call, THEN merge the calls!!! I couldn’t do it faster than 45 seconds into the conversation. Then when somebody calls me and I want to record it, they either would hang up because it leaves them on hold for 20 seconds to merge again or the app just would drop the call when I hit the merge button.. TOO much trouble and takes waaay too long! I want my money back!!

- Does this work with Bluetooth headphones?

I love this app. Easy to use and reliable. I work part time in the news industry and use this app all the time. One question though. I recently did a phone interview using my bluetooth headphones. When I went back to listen, there was nothing. The app works great with plug-in earphones, but this was the first time I used bluetooth. Is there a way to record while using bluetooth earphones?

- Security Flaw - Your recordings are at risk

Great app but you are putting your recordings at risk of being shared/stolen by hackers. A public website link is generated by this app that contains each recording to facilitate sharing. However, anyone with the link can access the recording without any password. One would have to guess the link to access but this feels like a major security hazard as someone could write an algorithm to run through all the different link combinations and scrape down the recordings. Particularly with an app like this where the recordings are more likely to be highly sensitive, this obvious oversight on security is unacceptable and must be addressed by the developer immediately.

- Inconvenient lag in connecting the service

The product works as described, so I can’t say there is anything deceptive about it, but be aware, the lag between dialing the target number and having the merge option is obtrusive, insofar as it’s dead air on the other side. I got this for recording calls as a CYA with another party, and don’t want them knowing their recorded (I live in a One Party consent state so I’m within rights) and this just won’t work for me. For recording calls that require two party consent or business calls, this product should be an excellent choice.

- Failure and bad customer service

I used to love this app but it would seem the company behind it isn’t interested in providing timely customer service. Last week there was an issue from their end of things with a recording. Eventually I received an email to tell me that they recognized the error on their part and will process y recording ASAP. That was 5 days ago and I still have nothing from them. People that depend on a recording app (writers can’t wait for that). It’s bad enough the app failed to do the one thing I’m paying for, but complacent customer service makes it so much worse.

- Why can’t they just

AUTOMATICALLY START RECORDING LIKE THEY DO IN GOOGLE PLAY STORE? This app was priced fairly and maybe if I could remember how to do the blasted start recording...I might like it better but I doubt it. I mean seriously the person I am calling answers the phone and I am supposed to say to them hold please I’m going to conference call this so I can record you..... click they hang up or say no. Well in the state I live in we don’t have to disclose that we are recording the conversation over the phone or face to face. And I like recording because it helps me remember things that I might forget or miss at appointments , school and work. The apps in this store are all alike and I really hate that.

- Amazing

I don’t use this application often but when it’s needed, it works perfectly. There should always be a logical reason to tape a phone call and when that need is necessary, this app does it seamlessly and I might add, near perfect quality. I love the fact you can send the recording to the person, or persons you were talking to when the recording is made. Great way to maintain a record of phone, commitment conversations.

- Writer in a Pinch

I had been trying all these “free” recording apps only to learn they had limited time and/or features. I had to interview someone for a story the next morning and decided to purchase Tape-a-Call. Best decision ever! I learned how to use it in minutes and the playback is sharp and the speed can be controlled. Also, switching off and back on to break up long taping sessions into smaller segments is a breeze. Highly recommend.

- Clear Sound - Great Resource

This app records very clear audio and has been a fantastic resource in my business. It’s super handy that I can mute the call if I need to talk to other people in the same room without picking it up on recording. I’ve used this to record meetings for later review, legal issues, and customer complaints. It’s amazing how much I pick up that I missed in a meeting by listening to it a second time around.

- Only worked for 7 minutes

The reviews looked good so bought the product. The instructions were not clear that the service dials our to a long distance phone number first before dialing the intended number. But got past that. Then used it to record an interview. After 7 minutes the call failed. So restated the service and it lasted about 2 minutes and failed. Gave it one more try and it failed after 30 seconds. So gave up. My cell service was good so that was not the problem. Was quite disappointed. Seemed like a great product but did not work for me.

- Poor customer service

The app itself works well and I’ve recorded hundreds of interviews over the last few years. However, if you use it enough, there will be a time when a recording doesn’t show up or comes with a partial audio file. Don’t bother reaching out to customer service, because they won’t respond for days and the issue won’t get resolved. If you do have trouble with an audio file, I’ve had luck recovering them by deleting the app, restarting my phone and then redownloading it.

- Loved it then it tanked

I paid the full price for this app last summer; it currently says I have 179 days remaining of unlimited recordings. Much like other reviewers have noted, Tape A Call used to work really well until recently. I am also a freelance journalist/writer, and I completed several interviews with this app last summer and fall. Then recently, it simply stopped working. It drops the call. It doesn't record. It DOES NOT work. It was very stressful to have someone on the line and be figetting with this app. I also wrote Support and got a useless bot. So bummed.

- Started out well but having issues with dropped calls

As a journalist, I used to find this app very useful in recording interviews (obviously with the party’s consent) to transcribe later. Over the past month I’ve continued to have issues with this app dropping my calls. When I use the app during an interview, sometimes the audio on my end will cut out. The app keeps recording the interviewee, but I cant hear anything. I have to hang up and call again. This happened twice over one interview today. I’m switching to a more traditional recorder so I wont have these issues in the future.


I have tried them all. THIS IS MY FAVORITE. They also have kept the silly additional “subscriptions” at a minimum. Developers need to learn that money is made by improvements and updates. NOT BY JAMMING CUSTOMERS with goofy subscriptions. This developer, for the most part, has been very good in it’s customer loyalty - in not limiting service (or adding essential app benefits or services) to forcing customers into additional “subscriptions “. The app also has fantastic clarity and sound recording. You can store the recording, or forward [it] by various means, an html “link”, or an actual file! I personally have ‘shut-down’ NUMEROUS customer service lies, exaggerations, “mis-speakings”, inaccuracies, and “misunderstandings”. Hillary would hate you if you used this app on her!

- Garbage. Zero stars

Purchased through App Store. They have already charged my card. Since second one TapeACall has not worked. Even though I paid, it’s still going to become a member screen. Deleted through App Store and down loaded again several time and still not working. Contacted support was told I’ll get email back in 24 hours from tech rep. I did not receive response did over a week. Was told by rep to delete through App Store and download again as I did several times before. Still not working and being charged for it!! I’ve been emailing asking for a full refund and no response. TapeACall id like my money back ASAP!!

- Making It Impossible to Send or Ask a Question

I paid full price for this a few years ago before they had a subscription. I’ve gotten at least two new iPhones since then and now with my latest I don’t have this app purchased anymore. I try to hit the “restore” button and it blinks just to have me back on the subscription purchase screen! Then I go to the ask a question button and it takes me in a circle back to the FAQ! I want my app restored at no cost. I supported and bought this app way before y’all thought of a subscription, you’re not swindling me or I want my $10 back I paid for the Pro version back then.

- I am a channel

Hi I am a channel and my channeling partner lives in Hawaii, I live on the East Coast. This made it impossible for us to get together and work. We found TapeACall and we’re now on our third book. My friend puts me under into a trance, and the beings that I channel just come through us and it’s all recorded . I just type it up in the end, without TapeACall I don’t we couldn’t of done what we’ve done . Thank you so much for existing!!

- Tape A Call

This is an outstanding service the absolute best I’ve ever seen and has saved my rear end financially and legally by being able to record calls with companies such as AT&T to confirm what I was told. Especially when a month or so later you have to report a problem and you’re told that they never said that. I was able to pull up the recording of the phone call.

- Great Customer Service

Amazing customer service. I was hesitant to click on support but immediately I had support (mike) chatting with me asking how can he assist. There was an overall glitch that they were working on but he asked while they were working on it if there was a recording I needed now- and there was. He was able to email the recording and I SO greatly appreciate it! Very nice and fast! Thank you so much!

- This is awesome. So easy

I use this app when I am calling into customer service for almost anything. So that when the customer service rep says something like, “Yes we’ve got that taken care of.” But later on, I noticed things aren’t “taken care of”. I have some evidence of what the customer service rep promised me. I’ve also use it to record coaching calls with clients so that I can send them the MP3 later.

- Truly torn

This app has been great for me for the past 4 years but now I cannot use the app anymore since they are charging for the same service, despite the fact that when I initially downloaded the app it clearly said that this would never become a "pay-to-play" app. Not mad at them for trying to make money, just extremely frustrated that I can no longer use their services. Guess I had better download all four years worth of data before they start charging to retrieve files...

- Works fine, but needed to restart phone

I’ve followed the simple instructions, attempted multiple phone calls with zero success. After reading through the FAQ’s/troubleshooting, I still was unable to make calls. I went ahead and restarted my phone, which resolved the issue. So far, the app works as promised, but I would place a phone restart as something to try. Maybe I missed it, but didn’t see it in the troubleshooting section.

- They forced me to buy a subscription

I bought the app about twoish years ago for about $10. It was amazing. My favorite part was the one-time fee. I’m a student journalist so I need to record interviews all the time and since I’m a college student I don’t have extra money. Tonight, when I opened the app to upload recordings from interviews today to my laptop (to transcribe for articles due TOMORROW) the app wouldn’t let me access them unless I bought a subscription. I already bought the app. I use it regularly. I should at least be allowed to access my old recordings, even if I can’t use it for further calls. Zero stars. This is blackmail.

- Connecting disables your keypad

A few years ago it worked 100% 5 star rating. Now after you call a company or drs office or any phone system that needs you to select an option, your keypad is disabled. You must call them , go thru the prompts with the keypad, and after getting a very busy human being on the other end , you have to ask them to hold on , then call TapeACall number then merge and pray the busy office hung on. Then make up some lame excuse of why if you were making the call you weren’t ready.

- Terrible

Not only does it take far too many steps to even get to the point where you can record but takes much too long to begin recording. I need to be able to record within a split second of the phone call beginning and it often takes 20 seconds or more. It may not seem long to some people but a lot can be said in 20 seconds. Don’t have the time to waste. $11 for an app to record phone calls PLUS a monthly fee? Ridiculous. I could just buy a second phone and record the phone call that way. Receiving a refund and trying other apps. Extremely disappointed.

- Dropped the ball

This app has completely dropped the ball on several VERY important phone recordings. It works great for most recordings, but several times now, it's failed me entirely. I need an app that works every single time, without question. I paid for all the appropriate upgrades. Customer service took several days for ANY type of response and with almost no help. I followed the recording procedure to a t each and every time. Twice now, I counted on recordings for important business transactions and it was complete silence when I went to listen to the recording, costing me greatly on business transactions. THANKS FOR THE GIANT FAILURE AND NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

- Deceptive advertising, can’t reach a human an no response to multiple emails for 3 weeks now.

I purchased this app 4+ years ago, I believe for $9.99. It was not a subscription at that time. Options were given earlier this year to upgrade and have calls transcribed to send to email which I don’t need. Now I am locked out of my previously recorded calls unless I subscribe. The description says they have great customer support with real people. There is no phone number and no response to multiple emails in the last 30 days other than at automatic response that the file has been updated.

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TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder 4.10.16 Screenshots & Images

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone images
TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone images
TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone images
TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone images
TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone images
TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone images
TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iphone images

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder (Version 4.10.16) Install & Download

The applications TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder was published in the category Business on 2013-01-22 and was developed by Epic Enterprises [Developer ID: 529971929]. This application file size is 151.21 MB. TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder - Business app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 4.10.16 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.epicenterprises.tapeacall.pro

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