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Welcome to Instasize - we exist to provide social creatives with the tools, education, and opportunities they need to grow.

Join the millions of content creators who trust and use Instasize for fast, powerful, and easy editing on mobile.

Edit images on the go transforming them from RAW pics to Instagram ready posts in seconds. The days of switching back and forth between multiple apps to achieve one final edit are DONE. More editing tools in one means quicker editing, leaving YOU more time to focus on -> your next photo upload, engaging with followers, and building your presence!

You don’t need to be a big time influencer to create big time edits, anyone at any skill level can add a personal + professional touch to the photos they post online.

With over 80 photographer inspired filters, you’re bound to find a filter that fits the aesthetic you’re looking for. Bring a crisp HD look to any photo, regardless of what you used to shoot it. Maintain a cohesive feel across ALL of you social platforms. Exclusive filters released monthly to all premium members.

Custom editing made easy - adjust sharpness, brightness, exposure, contrast, and much more. If you’re looking to finely adjust details within your photos, we can help you do that.

Instantly resize photo and videos to fit perfectly on every social network. Choose formats for Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Share your photos FULLY, in the ways they were meant to be shared.

Instantly combine multiple photos into one with our easy to use collage maker. Choose from a plethora of photo layouts, move images around, add patterned backgrounds, text, etc. - your creative potential is endless. Truly make memories come to life by creating one of a kind collages for friends and family.

Acne spot removal - make temporary blemishes disappear with our acne spot remover.

Vibrance - make smaller details POP with our vibrance tool. Bring attention to certain areas of your photo by making them stand out a little bit more.

Whiten - make your smiles shine, whiten the white of your eyes to bring your photos a more finished appearance. You can also use our whiten tool to desaturate backgrounds.

Glow - your skin has never shined like this, glow up baby.

Add text to your photos and videos, choose from over 50 unique fonts. Our text editor comes equipped with 10 text design enhancements - perfect for crafting eye catching announcements for social media. You don’t need a design degree to make it look like you know what you’re doing with social media. Our text editor is easy to manipulate, will allow you to choose from a plethora of colors and sizes, and will help you add a personal, yet professional, touch. Exclusive fonts available for premium subscribers.

Unlock your creative potential with Instasize Premium. An upgrade to Instasize premium will instantly unlock exclusive filters, fonts, and editing tools that are updated MONTHLY. Yes you read that correctly, we give you new features monthly when you’re a premium subscriber. Experience the best photo and video tools that have been made specifically for content creators.

Premium is a $4.99 USD/monthly subscription that provides access to our entire collection of filters, beauty retouching tools, and professional fonts - updated monthly. This subscription auto renews at the end of each month at $4.99 USD, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew by going to your “Settings” after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active period.

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Instasize - Photo Editor App Description & Overview

The applications Instasize - Photo Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-11-21 and was developed by Munkee Apps L.L.C.. The file size is 186.52 MB. The current version is 5.6.235 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

So many new editing features! Check them out:

+ New December Filters (S1, S2, S3) - say hello to the Spruce Collection, the perfect combination of moody hues. Use them to create a variety of edits - muted tones, dark, and vibrant. Perfect for ALL types of photography.

+ New “Joy” Border Pack - minimal in design, add the perfect touch of holiday accent to any instagram stories or feed upload. Craft one a kind holiday cards to share with friends and family on social!

+ New “Choose Format” editing screen for quicker editing.

+ Have a general question or concern? Contact our support team at:

+ Want to get featured on our Instagram feed? Tag us in your uploaded content! (@instasize.official) #InstasizeCreatives

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Instasize - Photo Editor Reviews


Seriously  Sammmeoowww  1 star

I’ve had this app for YEARS and have NEVER had to pay $4.99/month for it. Absolutely scandalous. Better apps out there, that aren’t greedy.


$4.99 A Month?  JThyme...kind  1 star

Why are you charging such a high price to use your app? Wouldn’t a one time fee be a little easier for people who would like to use this?


Subscribe to pay to edit a pic? No  VampireSparklez  3 star

Deleted app

Terry Segura

Stealing money from me  Terry Segura  1 star

This app has been charging me 3.99 a month thru my PayPal account for almost 2 years. I cannot get this recurring charge canceled.

Mr get bad

I do not want the premium version  Mr get bad  1 star

I do not want the premium version just basic


To many ads  sadpotatao  3 star

I have only used that app once and that’s because every time I go onto the app they show an add about buying their new app that you have to pay for and they do not have an option to exit that add


idk  Abigail_vala1  1 star

your app keeps crashing


Expensive  12345679Amy987654321  1 star

Unless you purchase the 7.99 per month subscription, you can’t use the app at all.


WHY  69tammy69  1 star

why can I not use the app with out paying? Sorry I do NOT want the premium. I would like to see how it works before I pay for the premium. I know you’re getting money from me just downloading it son.

Won't Even Let Me Edit Videos

I Don’t Want to Pay for Premium  Won't Even Let Me Edit Videos  3 star

Used to love this app before it tried to make me put in a card number every time I open it 🤷‍♀️ I don’t want to pay for premium, I am perfectly happy with the simple tools it gives me, but now I can’t even use the app without trying out the 7 day free trial. Now I’m taking my attention elsewhere ✌️

North Hype!

Really?  North Hype!  1 star

I use to have the app and I loved it since it was easy to use and had great features but then I deleted for reasons, I just re-downloaded the app and now it says I have to Pay or try the free trial and will not let me use the app until I do. It’s frustrating what they did and wish it was back to how it was before.


SCAM!!! Do not download!!  sheznez88  1 star

I downloaded this app for free. While having a play to see if I liked it or not, it told me it was charging me $3 for me to post anything. I didn’t even have to click anything and then it charged me anyway and never even posted what I wanted. I quickly deleted it. Weeks later I’ve noticed I’ve been getting charged for this app. It’s now charging me as it’s saying I’m apparently subscribed to them. I definitely didn’t. Thank goodness Apple are amazing and have refunded the funds.

games are awsome and amazing

Awesome game  games are awsome and amazing  5 star

This is a awesome game because you can post a lot of pictures on this game 🌈🦄


Help  deggie19959  1 star

I just downloaded this app on my iPhone XS Max and I don’t get the option to use it freely, I can only use if it I’m going to subscribe. I used it before on my phone for free... what’s going on?


No good  hugo0092  1 star

It’s trying to make me pay for stuff when I did want to and deleted the app??


Awesome app!!  Maho1103  5 star

I have been using the Instasize for awhile now, and I just love it❣️Super easy to use, make your photos & videos look beautiful instantly😉


Cancel subscription  Leonie6031  2 star

How do i cancel my subscription


Unauthorised subscription  hdmfkofllejgeykaksromc  1 star

Cancel subscription immediately!


Pictures  Wryutyxsxsx  2 star

Can’t unsubscribe if you don’t like it :(


Please  ajabdhr  1 star

Can you please remove my subscription I didn’t mean to purchase it and I deleted the app but I think I still accidentally subscribed


Really?  LatePigeon  1 star

The developers do not even let you use this app unless you start the free trial of the premium version. Which you would then have to go out of your way to cancel in order to not pay. Bad!


Not as advertised  honeyliqueur  2 star

The collage option is the ONLY reason I downloaded this app, and I cannot find the option. I’ve followed all directions, even looked at the reference photos, and they don’t even look like the app I have! Idk what the problem is or was, but I’ve cancelled my subscription and removed it from my phone. Don’t. Advertise. What. You. Can’t. Deliver.


Nilofarhemati  nilofarhemati  5 star



Used to love this app  xoJamieKayox  1 star

This used to be my go to app for every default pic.. now I’m deleting it. Everytime I try to save a photo even with the simplest edit; i can not save my photo. I keep getting “free trial” pop up for and then you have to have a subscription 😡🖕🏻


Ripoff  xxmiss_lyssxx  2 star

Loved using this app to size my photos and after an update it was no longer free and had to be paid for monthly. Great app, not worth the price.


Such a scam  ThatOneFrenchGuy  1 star

I couldn’t access any of the app without getting the free trial, and since I didn’t want to, couldn’t do anything. If this is a bug, please fix it.


Used to love it  Sjones1514  1 star

It’s now no longer giving me my filters even after subscribing to the premium. It keeps asking me to update to premium and I have. This is also the second time. On my previous phone I had it and when I went to restore purchases it wouldn’t. Unsubscribing and I really hope they have the decency not to charge me since I never got to use the filters.


App not working  M_Rod93  1 star

I purchased the app but it won’t load the picture or collage. It works here and there but I have to keep exiting out of the app but the collage won’t work at all.


Trouble starting with download  busymombusybusinessowner  1 star

I downloaded this app to see how it works and if I liked the features. I am a business owner that needs to edit photos before posting on social media so I needed a photo editor. I downloaded the app and the only thing that comes up is “start free trial”. I don’t want to start a free trial without seeing how it works or if I even like the app. Why can’t I just have the free version? Why do I have to do a trial followed by a subscription before even looking at the app? Total waste of time and false advertising.

here in bristol

Too confusing  here in bristol  1 star

Did not like at all


Stealing money  beingrobbed  1 star

I never subscribed and they’re taking a monthly fee out of my account and can’t seem to unsubscribe

Huffy fordggufyfyffy

Stolen money  Huffy fordggufyfyffy  1 star

Took 4.99 from my account when advertised a free trial for 30 days. Not happy at all

seán D

Stealing my money  seán D  1 star

This app is ripping me off! I never meant to agree to the subscription and deleted the app deleted 2/3 days after downloading it, over a month ago. Since realising they’re stealing my money I’ve tried 3 times to unsubscribe though the manage section with no luck. I hope no one else is ripped of by these scammers!


Video not working  egajcidbwn  1 star

This app is just choosing when it wants to work


Bad quality photos  hannahdxx97  3 star

Really good app overall but I think it makes the qualities of the photos worse which is a shame.


Brilliant  AdamDunneOffic  5 star

Really helps me get the perfect crisp clean instagram ready shot


Used to be good  Lucas.s477  1 star

Used to be good but now when I go in it doesn’t give me an option to exit from the ‘free’ trial screen. Great way to extort customers


Premium add won’t go away  angryomgwhy  1 star

I can’t even get into the app to edit my photos because the premium add keeps popping up. This is so annoying as I used to always use this app but I’ll have to delete it if this does not stop!


Won’t work  Eilish4589  1 star

As soon as I open it the premium ad pops up and I can’t find how to get out of it

glitz 💗

5star  glitz 💗  5 star

Brilliant highly recommend

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