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What is ingress prime app? Welcome to the world of Ingress Prime, Agent. The fate of this universe, and perhaps others, depends on you. The discovery of Exotic Matter (XM), a resource of unknown origin, has sparked a covert struggle between two Factions. Cutting-edge XM technologies have completely transformed the Ingress Scanner, and it is now waiting for you to join this battle.

Explore the world around you and interact with places of cultural significance—such as public art installations, landmarks, and monuments—to collect valuable resources using your Ingress Scanner.

Fight for the Faction you believe in. Harness the power of XM to evolve mankind and discover our true destiny with The Enlightened, or protect humanity from a hostile takeover of the mind with The Resistance.

Dominate territories by linking Portals and creating Control Fields to achieve victory for your Faction.

Strategize and communicate with fellow Agents in your neighborhood and around the world.

The optional Adventure Sync feature integrates with HealthKit to credit your distance traveled Agent Stats, even when Ingress is in the background.

Agents must be over 13 years old (for residents outside of the European Economic Area); or over 16 years old or such age needed to consent to the processing of personal data in the Agent's country of residence (for residents of the European Economic Area). Unfortunately, no children may play Ingress.

Contact us in-game by going to Settings > Help Center > Go.

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How to contact Ingress Prime (Niantic, Inc.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Ingress Prime. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Ingress Prime Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Ingress Prime Version 2.92.102 May 2022

• Added Dynamic Links for Agent Profile and missions. • Fixed: Added a new image uploader for Portal nominations and photo uploads, which fixes a top crashing issue. • Fixed: Fixed an issue with Rare Battle Beacon displaying 5 Checkpoints on the Map screen (instead of the correct 3 Checkpoints)..

Ingress Prime Version 2.90.112 March 2022

What’s New • Dynamic Links: Agents can share dynamic links to a specific Portal from the Portal Details screen in the Scanner app. Opening the link will open the Scanner app to Remote Portal View, even if you don’t have a Portal Key to that Portal. Please note that if Ingress is already running and open to another screen, like Inventory management, then the dynamic link will open after you finish your current task and close the Inventory screen. • After all Agents have upgraded to 2.90, we’ll enable the Portal Scan Meter: Agents can collectively contribute 7 Portal Scans per Septicycle to schedule a Rare Battle Beacon on the scanned Portal after the Septicycle ends. If Agents contribute 13 Portal Scans, a Portal Fracker will be deployed on that Portal immediately after the 13th successful upload in that Septicycle. Bug Fixes • Fixed: Sorting Portal Keys by name retains its alphabetical order. • Fixed: FITREP screen is displayed once per week. • Fixed: Recently approved and accepted Portal nominations will be added to the Scanner app once per day..

Ingress Prime Version 2.88.118 January 2022

What’s New • On Wed, Jan 12, we added the Manage Contributions screen to the Settings menu under Portal Contributions. You will then be able to manage individual Portal Scans and select which Portal Scan to upload or delete, in addition to bulk upload all Portal Scans. Bug Fixes • Fixed: We have a speculative fix for the intermittent lag that occurred when recharging Portals. • Fixed: Some News Feed image thumbnails failed to load. • Fixed: Tapping the Battle Beacon COMM update on the Map screen opened the Battle Beacon tutorial. • Fixed: Some C.O.R.E. subscribers were unable to open the in-game Store..

Ingress Prime Comments & Reviews 2022

- Pretty solid

You guys are putting in work. However there are some things that need to be fixed in order to be pretty close to a perfect app, such as the start up time, an increase to the overall speed of the game (resonator deploy time mainly), putting in a message that tells you that you can’t recharge portals over 45 mph (it tells me LOCAL_RESONATOR_NOT_SET which idk exactly what it means but it should say “unable to recharge over 45mph” for the newer players), an easier way to organize your portal keys as I have so many, an easier way to recharge your portals (it just becomes tedious when you have to recharge EVERY portal when you have 200+ portals to recharge everyday), and to get notified when someone is destroying your portal that’s not yours but you have the portal key (sometimes portals will be damaged or destroyed without notifying me just because I’m not the portal owner.) If you guys fix all of these things, I will play the game until the day I die. This is my favorite mobile game and I would hate to see it stay this way.

- Interesting premise but fails on delivery of gameplay content

There’s no other game quite like Ingress, and for good reason. It’s surprisingly deep but also lacking in gameplay elements at the same time. This is a PVP game where you battle other agents in real life locations via the portals in game. Issue here is that the game became extremely dull when you are located in areas with few players. You cannot play the game anymore because almost all the gameplay is aimed at local in person PVP interactions. There really needs to be more marketing and dynamic content because there’s a huge opportunity here to have a fun engaging game. Live world events organized by players are the best part of the game but that’s pretty rare and you have to travel which isn’t really possible with Covid pandemic. My favorite part of the game because of lack of players for PVP is the missions for exploration of different neighborhoods. Unfortunately lately even that feature is broken and new missions are not getting approved. Overall I think this game really needs some rework as the gameplay concepts haven’t really changed in years while the player base has suffered almost a complete collapse in my area without new updates in content.

- A few suggestions

Hi! This is a decent game. I was wondering (as there’s a spiritualist avatar) if you could include a third team as spiritualist in the game. I think that’d be cool. Also, it would be nice if this game tracked your miles more. It doesn’t really unless it’s open. I like how in Pokémon Go it tracks via adventure sync (though not working well right now), and it would be nice if that was included, too. Maybe add something analogous to Pokémon eggs? Idk. Think about it.

- Don’t believe the Review Rating!

For those looking for a great game to play, look towards Ingress Prime. Don’t let the review rating or 1 star reviews fool you. A lot of those reviewers haven’t played in a couple years and complain that they can’t play due to non-compatibility to their phone (maybe a phone upgrade from the iPhone 4 would help) or they cry about glitches and bugs that have been fixed long ago. Anyways this app is all about PvP. There’s two teams fighting for control of “Mind Units” to put on the scoreboard. Before the pandemic there were a lot of events created by both Niantic and the player base. I’ve been playing this game since Ingress Redacted and was a beta tester for Ingress Prime. It has come a long way from the beginning and Prime out does Redacted in every way! Improvements in game play are always being looked at. Again ignore the naysayers and the review rating. If you haven’t played Ingress Prime, then give it a try and give your own review of it.

- Used to be so great, so much promise

I used to just love this game, but the community here in the Bay Area is a ghost of what it used to be and for me the unbearably pretty and sparkly prime UI still disrespects the role play/time investment a serious agent has to make to really immerse oneself in the agent role of this game. Basically I just can’t pretend I’m an ‘agent’ anymore using a ‘scanner’ that looks so much like a stupid game. The old scanner was designed like a tool not a toy. The genius of the original Ingress UI and shtick was in the ‘make believe’. I just can’t make believe anymore no matter how hard I try The UI reminds me I’m just playing a boring and sadly declining game and nobody cares anymore if I accomplish the mission anymore. Hope someday this global friendly capture the flag get off your sofa concept gets a reboot cause for a time in my life it was a really great way to get a little exercise, meet great people and explore the world.

- Niantic just doesn’t care about you

I’m actually not sure if Niantic listens to their dwindling user base, but with some of the random bans and changes lately, I truly believe they aren’t listening and if they are, they just don’t care. My patience is wearing thin with Niantic and their handling of these steady stream of bumbles... Lost a 305 daily playing streak because of a hiccup on their end and their response was, “can’t do anything about it.” Oh, what a way to thank someone who has been dedicated to your game... That being said, the game can be fun and I still play, but this truly seems like a customer/business type relationship vs an actual community. The forums are rife with critical comments, little response from Niantic and in my opinion, pretty toxic at times! Niantic admits they need to work on their communication, but any communication is vague and rarely helpful. Niantic truly believes they know what’s best, not their players.

- Cool game. Friendly community.

I’ve played this game for four years. It’s very competitive and my team (Blue Resistance) is friendly and supportive to all new players. The game can be played almost anywhere and with different styles. Players can do player-made exploration missions, collect badges, capture and defend areas large and small for their faction in order to out score the other team. Large battles are organized every so often called Anomalies taking place in multiple major cities across the globe. The game continues to improve with updates. I’ve discovered so much and met many fine people due to this game.

- Improving but still glitchy

Prime is still not as stable as the original scanner. I regularly see several bugs. 1- the scanner will show item inventory as being 900 items more than actual inventory. I have to completely close the app and restart to fix this. 2- nearby portal icons are so wide that they cover to the middle of the screen and into the middle of the viewed play area. 3- nearby portal icons show portals 30, 40, or as much as 100 km away, but do not display portals within 1-2 km. I am to the point of wanting a switch o just turn off the nearby portal feature. 4- longer distance portals either take several minutes to show up in linkable portals list or do not show at all unless all closer portal keys are placed in a capsule or portal key locker. 5- the new player icon rotating in the top left corner of the scanner screen serves no purpose, is distracting, and should be switchable to hide or display 6- deploying resonators is still significantly slower than with the old scanner 7- app start up takes for-ev-er

- iOS 14 is not “unauthorized modified client software”.

Ingress is a game run by a company called Niantic, who profits from the free labor of those who play this game. Niantic claims they want to curtail cheating in their games but instead they punish large groups of people (with banning and accusations of cheating, detected by an algorithm they implicitly trust) who have been legitimate players and whose collected data made possible all of the success Niantic has had in their other games. What do all of these “cheaters” have in common? They installed iOS 14, which was detected as “unauthorized modified client software” by Ingress’s cheat detection algorithm. And through all of this, in addition to cheating going unpunished by actual offenders, Niantic engages in the barest minimum of communication with the “cheating” players who are confused as to what they could possibly have done to warrant their punishment. If you were interested in this game, I recommend looking for a game not made by Niantic. Unless you are okay with being labeled a cheater while the actual cheaters are still running wild and using automated means to cheat, stay far away. I would give 0 stars if I could.

- Fun if you arent being stalked

This game is a nice game to play if you play pokemon go but want something slightly different. However. Be warned there are players who take this game way too seriously who have used the game to stalk or harass people into not playing the game. Niantic will do nothing about it if you try to report them. People have actually followed my family members around in their cars (because none of them actually walk) and driven from other states to claim portals they are so obsessed with this game. If you can avoid those people. It can be a nice way to discover new places to visit, which is what initially drew me to this game.

- This was probably a great game once upon a time

This might have been a great game at one time. I started playing it looking for a new challenge but I get a sense that it has been largely abandoned. It definitely does not have the sense of community that can be associated with Pokémon Go. Capturing portals is a lot like a gym battle if those holding the gym lost interest in the game. Niantic’s attempts to generate interest in the game through it choice of beacons was somewhat ill advised and ineffective in motivating participation in the game. It’s not a horrible game, but it is a player versus player game that seems to lack players. Maybe this game will find new life but for now it seems to be dying off.

- Five stars for five years

It’s been 5 years on this app and played about 8 million AP a year for this fabulous game. I was always a gamer since my middle school years. However, it was a lifestyle change as an adult. Meet lots of eccentric people on both teams thought out California and Canada. Favorite part is exploring different cities and noticing more artwork. Giving myself self care, exercise, taking care of children, friends and family and a chance to breath to enjoy life.

- Agent CormacMcArt

I consider this game the greatest ever made for mobile play! I started playing the first day IPhone got the game July’2014 and have not missed a day yet! Going on 7 years this game never stops being fun and challenging, I have met most all of my fellow players and enemies in Phoenix AZ. There is no other game like it, I’m 65 yo now and enjoy a bike ride everyday to attack enemy portals! There are many players in each city looking forward to you joining their team, very social. Highly recommend Ingress Prime!

- A game about exploring

Ingress has been around for years now. Think geocaching. And if you don’t know what that is, well, Ingress is going to real life locations and capturing them for your own. There are so many portal locations all around that one never would have known about except through this game. Utilize the in-game chat, and ask lots of questions. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve played on and off for years now. Always trying to green up my areas 🐸

- Great fun.

Either play it once in a while or really get into the community. The app it’s self works well. They do have a couple bugs every now and then, but they are also always looking to improve it and make the player’s experience even better than before. You can explore new towns and maybe even find things around your old town that you never knew was there. Choose a team and capture the world.

- Great Game

Yea prime has had its problems but has been improving with great leaps and bounds. I think this is a great game and has been used to make plenty of other good games. I highly recommend grabbing a few friends and downloading the game. This game is meant to be played with other people. I have met so many friends playing this game and hope to continue doing that.

- Ok game

I think the Prime version is a huge improvement on the game. Though honestly I don’t play much, there’s simply so much more going on in Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite (I’ve played all three and mostly play WU these days). Solo Ingress play is just kind of meh. I’m sure it’s a lot better if you find the local community. Communication about events also feels vague or fleeting. You can’t access news or an event calendar in game. Most events seem to be in random locations across the globe (aka inaccessible by casual players).

- Get out and explore your community! And the world!

I love this game! The game encourages exploration and really getting out and exploring your community. You can play solo if you like, but if you’re open to it, you can meet real people and make friends, while playing this game. So many different ways to play - badges that encourage PVP, badges that encourage building, badges for exploration. The list goes on!

- Getting started

I love the game so far. My only complaint is the tutorial should be like its own training simulation. Creat 3 portals near the player run the tutorial then tell them now get out there and do your best. Instead of selecting three of the closest portals to the player. thankfully I started the game in town but, if I had started the game at home I would have had to drive 20 minutes between portals.

- Cheaters and spoofers

No doubt, the game is fun. It’s Pokémon Go for adults, a game where you can capture or deploy on portals if you are within 40 meters of the waypoint... UNLESS you are a spoofer, then you can pop up virtually anywhere you want from the comfort of your own couch. The entire northern third of cell AM01-MIKE-01 is unplayable because spoofers pop up, recapture, and refield over an extensive portion of Southern New Hampshire within a few minutes of the opposing team’s capture of a portal. Countless tickets have been submitted to Niantic, and the same spoof accounts continue to prevail.

- Greatly improved, but get rid of pop up messages

Ingress Prime has come a long way and I’m happy to see it’s regularly evolving and being fine tuned. That being said, get rid of the VERY ANNOYING and unnecessary “safety and alert all all times” reminder pop up. This goes without having say and is a great annoyance when you’re in a hurry to get into the game. Also, do away with the other game event pop ups when the game is loading. Save those for social media.

- Great app but needs more for subscription cost

Great game COVID has made harder to play though reason because not much of stay home game For the subscription cost the load out is great but CMU is not because a Fracker around 2800 for pack of 10 and only get 2300 a month I would definitely go for is 7000 a month I would like a exclusive skin that members get plus exclusive chat color

- Niantic needs a QA dept

If they even have one, get a new one. I am so tired of crash to desktop etc etc etc. Every app on this platform is buggy AF and it's really making me question my commitment to helping keep this boat from sinking. It's the die-hard players that keep slogging through buggy update after buggy update often with regressions (not to mention all the intel issues) that keep this game from fading into memory, it would be nice if Niantic realized that before it's too late.

- Prime

I’ve played ingress since 2013, made life long friends, and been to places I would otherwise have never been without the game. The Prime update had some early teething problems, but they have largely been solved, and recent updates and feature have reinvigorated my interest in the game. Come join us!

- Ingress Prime

While the rollout after Scanner Redacted left a lot to be desired, in the following year the new UI has improved a lot. Much more intuitive for newcomers to understand and play. The graphics do tend to be duller and less animated than the previous incarnation though.

- Used to be fun, now just toxic.

A simple, surprisingly fun and addictive game that generated a passionate user community in its first few years. The game went rapidly downhill years ago, during a period of intense developer neglect and refusal to ban a subset of toxic players. The communities of good, fair players are long gone. Who is left are people who will stalk you in real life to protect their turf, and spoofers and scripters who can play all day from their couch without any of the real-world effort that once made the game so amazing. The game was brilliant. Now it’s dead. Don’t bother.

- 1 star and not going back till I get my account back!

Worse support team ever! Got ban because they thought I was cheating and I wasn’t. My town has dead zones and I was on AT&T I was switching phone and logged out my AT&T phone into my Verizon phone and next day I got a banned notification. Made it to level 7. When this happen, I’m not taking the time to level back up till I get my account back.. Worse customer support team ever!

- Keeps Getting Worse

Have played this game since the beta. There was a time when it was fun, but those days are long gone. The map doesn’t update. The GPS doesn’t know your location half the time and jumps you all around. Hacks either don’t work or give you nothing. Portals disappear. The notifications are so delayed you have no chance of defending yourself, so why waste your time? Time to delete!

- Love the game but, the app has taken some downturn

Every time I open the app and it loads without being in the background, I cannot interact with portals until I find one that is on the screen click it says the ones close to me actually load. This is probably my only real problem with the game at this time.

- Verification via Safari

It’d be great if we could choose which browser to verify our account, not just be defaulted to Safari.

- Great game!

I personally love this game! It gives me a good reason to get out and move around. However, I do think it would be rather useful if the game had an option to add friends online and private chats!

- Great game but not properly maintained.

The reason I am giving this a one star review is because at the time of this review Nitanic has refused to ban cheating players and create counter measures against third party cheating tools. Other issues of the game are present due to the fact that the gameplay involves locations of the real world, which is a headache to deal with in it of itself. Yet can be managed and built around if the game was maintained.

- Not worth money/time

Like i wrote for Pokemon go Niantic is an extremly Selfish and Evil Comapny they charge you for so much do constant events ifs always a gamble if u get what they want they ban dissbled, busy disability pepole have horribe reply services seel you tickets for events and still ban you and stikl do raid events during a pandemic they are a greedy selfish careless company that dosent care about you i wouldnt get thus game and find other games to enjoy thank you

- Game 😡😕

I find this game very confusing... There are no instructions telling you what to do and it’s just confusing in general. When you first start your just standing there in the dark and I don’t know how to walk or what to do. There needs to be some sort of instruction.

- Had to wipe & restore my iPhone 6S+ to get it to work

For a couple months Ingress Prime has not been working on my iPhone 6S Plus. No amount of resetting my iPhone or reinstalling the app or iOS upgrade would help. Finally I wiped all the content of my iPhone and restored via a backup yesterday. It took all day to restore via iCloud but Ingress Prime now works.

- Great App

Definitely a lot of fun! Just wish more events or updates! (-: definitely worth trying to play just know it’s a learning curve!

- I used to be a fan.

I used to enjoy playing Ingress. However, there is a glitch when I try to play this. When I reported a bug, the company never addressed my problem. Within a few days, my problem was deleted without resolution. That’s not how a company should do business.

- Not working

Every time i try to sign in with my fb it tells me to reaccept the terms and policy and i hit accept and it keeps saying there is some kind of error and i have constantly uninstalled and reinstalled and it doesn't work.

- Holds the attention

I started playing Ingress a hair before its second anniversary. Years later, its rules are still simple and its strategy absorbing. Try it (and go Enlightened!)

- Staff (that accepts reports) is anything but helpful!

Staff is extremely unhelpful and unprefessional if you have a problem, donot expect the help your looking for from them! 👎🏼

- It aggravating

Droid net is pretty cool. Who doesn’t like hacking from the office? But how is it some times I can fly to a portal 6 blocks away and then a portal 2 blocks away doesn’t show up? If you want a game that makes you want to throw your phone, this is it!

- No support Action

Don’t play this game unless you’re a cheater. It’s the only way you will be able to compete against the other cheaters that niantic let’s run around and takes no action against. Also let’s not talk about the annoyance of having someone targeting you just to blow up your phone at the worst possible moments.

- Don’t waste your time

UNBAN SinisterFlootsy or the 1 Star stays. The devs of this game lean unfairly for the resistance, and pay more attention to PoGo. Niantic’s GM’s are morons. 1 Star, have a nice day. Also Multi-accounters run wild But the GM’s punish people on comm for speaking the truth.

- Nothing’s perfect but this is close.

There are a lot of great games out there but none have captured my interest as long and as consistently as Ingress.

- Fix scrolling chat

The chat and activities scroll oldest to newest. Please fix this. It is not helpful when you want to see portal activity, but the chat open to two weeks ago.

- Can’t login

I have an iPhone 7 and I can’t login because it says that the terms of service is not valid whenever I hit the I agree it won’t launch the game it just locks up and it won’t go to the game in the next update see if you can fix this if anyone else has this problem please comment

- Forfeit your privacy

This game requires a log in with either your Google, Facebook, or Apple account. If they allowed an independent login then I would try it, but since they don’t—delete!

- Ruined by Pay2Win

What a great game and idea, sad that the only innovation in the last few years seems limited to trying to find new ways to introduce pay 2 win mechanisms. With the latest subscription service I expect a huge shift in people but enough will pay that Niantic won't get the hint. Unfortunate.

- Ruined my phone DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Made my phone freeze up. Completely ruined my phone. I have a brand new iPhone and it hasn’t been the same. Wouldn’t let me delete the app. And even after it was removed I still have issues with my phone to the point where I have to get a new phone!!!

- Game simply doesn’t work

This game used to be fun. Back before they replaced a functional app with one that doesn’t work. 90% of the time the portals won’t load before the game crashes. And it crashes all the time. The game is broken, and Niantic doesn’t care.

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- The game is great and fun to play, but with every release the app becomes more and more unstable.

I got to say I love to play this app. Its social aspect is great and you get to know pretty nice people. BUT, ever since two releases back the COM's button was working perfectly... Nowadays it makes the app unresponsive for minutes (5 to 10) and who knows what the hell is doing. If you task switch is worst, either kills the app (because it crashes) or renders the phone unresponsive and it takes a long press on the home button to get siri to switch to something else. Another thing driving me crazy is the fact the app goes bananas at some point in time and you need to shut it down and restart it to recover its functional state. It literally stops sending or receiving any action. You fire a XMP and you see the wave moving, but nothing happens. You hack a portal and it tells you the hack has failed... you drop items or try to recycle it and all of it is back once the app is restarted. When this happens is certain the app crashes within 10 to 20 minutes if you don't close it without any other human interaction. Seriously guys, before releasing anything else, try to fix the existing functionally. The app is getting unusable and is killing the mood of playing it.

- My go-to game

Anyone who scored this game poorly mustn’t understand it. At a basic level you have to make triangles with either the blue or green team (whichever you join) and take down the opposite team’s to do so. It’s simple and it’s combative without being violent. It’s strategic and it’s everywhere. This game has kept me distracted while my wife shops or while my car is washed. It’s taken me beach driving to a lighthouse at midnight and made walks more interesting. Ask for help from other players before you rate it one star and delete the app and they’ll explain the basics until you get the gist. Worth learning.

- Game has been ruined

Niantic have just had a few weeks where they falsely banned hundreds and hundreds of valid players (and no apology at all when the accounts were reinstated), whilst at the same time spoofers and multi-account cheats run rampant. It’s beyond a joke now. The game is toxic as are a small percentage of players who only seek to ruin it for everyone else. I’m L16 and have seen some shocking behaviour over the last few years. I’m now at the point where I’ll be walking away from this atrocious game. It’s simply not worth the heartache anymore, especially when Niantic don’t care what is happening or what their own ridiculous actions have on players. Good riddance.

- Love the work

Love the work done so far to improve the app/provide feature parity to redacted. Dropped a star for the bugs that crop up with each version update. Great work overall though!

- Eh

Heard that it was a solid game and that I would enjoy it since I like playing Pokémon go but as soon as I downloaded and made an account tried accepting the terms and conditions but it would always have an error message appear tried reinstalling the app a few times but nothing changed and no fix guides online helped either 🤷🏼‍♂️

- Still ingress love the game

I love the game been playing for 7 years now. Gets you out and about too.

- Spoofers abound !

If you want to waste hundreds of dollars in flights or driving just to have someone take all your portals over from their sofa then this is the game for you. No point reporting it, Niantic don’t care! A narcissists dream game however as cheats can keep their name at tops of leader boards and destroy legitimate players.

- mixed review

good game, portal approvals is a joke it takes forever to get a response and invariably the response is a template with no reasons “ We've reviewed your Portal submission and given the information you've provided in your submission, we have decided not to accept this candidate.” hey even if it’s a landmark in the middle of nowhere ??? portals make the game guys

- Once one of the best

This was one of the best games out! But now sadly with these spoofers it’s all but nothing :(. If the creators can stop this and save such a legend of a game. I was trying to show the next gen :( I’m devastated it’s all but lost to cheaters :(

- Literally unplayable

So despite reading the other reviews I thought I’d download the app to give it a go myself. Only problem being the constant network error meaning I couldn’t even log in. Maybe for the best...

- Start up sounds

When you start the app you are greeted with what is normally full volume start up music / location message need a setting to disable this start up sound

- love the game, hate the new design

i hate this new design, everything’s all over the place + niantic social not integrated well w/ pokémon go. love the game though, love making an area all mine till somebody blasts it away!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ridiculous

Someone created a portal of the Immigration Statue at my work except they misspelled it as a “Immigration Status”. I submitted a spelling correction to Ingress who wrote back stating there was not reason enough to make the change! It’s literally a photo of a STATUE and in the photo of it you can clearly read the words on the plaque which says “Immigration Statue”. Have 1 star for stupidity.

- PoGo needs programmers

Hire someone to program properly please. Your company is a joke and I don’t know why major IPs trust you to make games for them.

- Waste of time

They ban legitimate players, toxic community who reports and has banned legitimate players. Stay far away from this toxic cesspool of crazies.

- Hard the new ingress

At level 16 I find no challenge and hard the new ingress, slow

- Mostly for nerdy types

Some other people might play it but on spectrum

- RIP Ingress

Old scanner was one of my favourite apps. New scanner, not so much. I quit.

- Bad Customer Support

They stole my money

- IOS14 Intel map ban

Not good enough

- Prime looks slick but has loads of bugs

Ok so I’ve had Prime installed on my iPhone XS and so far: UI navigation randomly stops working forcing you to close and restart. Browsing your stats screen and then expanding the completed mission badges causes the close button to shift off screen. Player indicator doesn’t recenter itself if you tap on a portal while moving and then try to select another portal. XM meter randomly disappears. Alerts feed randomly disappears or redraws in the middle of the screen. Player name at the top of the screen randomly disappears. Percentage indicator bar that displays when trying a focused attack is far too big and obtrusive. This sort of stuff should have been picked up and squashed during beta testing....

- iPhone version limited. Punishes new players, hard!

Punishes new players, impossible to start playing now. If you enjoy two weeks work getting face rolled by a L8 in ten minutes this game is for you! The imbalance at low levels makes the game pointless for at least three months; if you don't have that time to waste this isn't for you. More Enlightened than Resistance, needs more balance, the appeal is skewed a derpy key vs the eye of Horus? Cmon. Can't submit passcodes, really buggy and broken app, ruins the experience as you cannot SEE anything and need a laptop with you at all times. But the main issue is that you cannot start playing now. There's no point. If you didn't get in at ground floor the game is not enjoyable, not playable.

- Beautiful game!

Loving the depth of story in this game. The gameplay itself is actually fairly simple but it is a bit intimidating jumping in. Once you're near a portal I highly recommend going through all the tutorials. I kinda wish the tutorials were playable without having to wander about, or there was some guide through stuff that you could take before wandering off. Definitely a lot of fun! Great when being driven through town, just spamming EMPs to damage opposition resonators :)

- great game but...

I love this game (it actually got me outside) but I think there should be a way to search or at least favorite people's profile so you don't need to send a friend a message every time you want to check how much AP they have. I also think AXA shields should not be able to be broken by an ultra strike. Finally, I think MUFG capsules should duplicate items every 18 hours on the dot. Otherwise great game, but keep updates a bit more frequent.

- Was awesome... was

Before the Prime update, the game was exhilarating, I had a sense of excitement every time I played. The interface was easy to use and the general appearance was good and made the game look exciting, it’s now hard to see what I’m doing when I play. The new wire frame appearance in Prime isn’t tasteful. A lot of friends who used to play have also quit for similar reasons. I consider Prime a bad move overall. I miss the older version, the new setup is also confusing. I don’t feel like an Agent anymore, it feels like a low budget game now instead of something high tech and cool. Not to mention all the bugs, and the toll it puts on your phone to play now.

- Amazing game

This is a good game and I am now playing it frequently, it would be great if you could zoom out and look around on the local map to find portals. I have made several friends already and they are all extremely nice people. The place that I live in is full of rebels yet our larger area is mainly my side. Overall good game and you should totally get it.

- Some patches needs fixing

Love the game hence the 5 stars but i think when remote portal viewing it shows only seven reso's even though i know theres 8 on the portal. And sometimes when i get the alerts on attacks, the portal is already neutralised like there is a big delay tho the first attack to logging on. Might need to attend to those fixes.

- Ongoing challenge

Ever since I accidentally updated to Prime I have had to regularly delete and reload - every 1-3 days - yep there have been improvements over past 6 months 🙏 And am now more than upset that I have not been able to read-load ingress prime thru the app store - maybe it’s an apple thing 🤞

- Ingress is finally out on iOS!

I've been waiting awhile for this to happen, it's finally here. In my short time I've had it, Ingress doesn't chew that much battery, although having a battery on hand will help. The motion and GPS is perfect, it's very fluid. I will enjoy Ingress on a full time basis now, I advise anyone to try it out. It is amazing!

- If you needed a reason to quit Ingress, the Ingress Prime upgrade is for you

This upgrade has ruined the gameplay of a great game. It is slower than the old version and has a clunky, non-intuitive user interface. For example it has replaced the long-press functionality with multiple short presses. Incredibly it also uses more battery power than the old version. When an app makes your iPhone get hot you know it is poorly designed. It is inconceivable how a so-called upgrade could get this so wrong.

- Unfinished

Yet again Nia proves that they can't release an update without it having issues. The UI is SO BAD! can't easily get from deploy to mod screen, agent screen keeps failing to load mission badges, doesn't scroll correctly and the collapse button is too far up and hard to hit on the iPhone X. I can't glyph hack either as they will randomly all join together or not get bonus because of this as well. And in general I hate the new inventory management. Can't wait for the redacted scanner so I can play it normally again

- Immersive and life changing

This game takes your life to another place. You will find your ten minute cycle/walk/drive now takes 30, and your drive to work has very liberal 'on the way to work' portals. Brilliant around the world communication and the abilty to play anywhere and everywhere.

- 10x better UI over redacted, 100x more bugs

This app is a huge leap forward from Redacted IF only the bugs could be ironed out. It’s amazing to use for 5 minutes at a time only. Any more than that and you’ll be left completely frustrated with it’s constant freezing, lagging, unresponsiveness and generally not loading a single portal on the map. Please release an update to get this up to scratch as fast as humanly possible. You’re almost there!

- Worse than previous version

It looks really slick, but this version is very hard to use. It will consume battery faster than any other application I’ve ever used and get about 1/3 of the battery life as the previous version. Recharging is much easier in this version, but attacking is entirely too difficult. Hard to fire, hard to see what damage is occurring, and most attempts at attacking yield “scanner communications error”. Much worse experience than previous.

- Buggy GPS Direction

A fun game to get you exploring. Issue - The GPS is always pointing north no matter what I do - I’m using iPhone XR. Niantic are aware of this and are working on a solution. Solution: Go to setting and turn off Dynamic Compass. This makes the game FAR more playable.. it still points north but now you can control the screen direction properly

- Amazing

I love this game! I've been playing since it first came out (I have the founder badge to prove it); great game and fantastic chance to meet people from all over the world! I've met so many amazing people after moving overseas through this game; I absolutely love it!

- Enlightened Game

I've been waiting for this game to come out on IOS for a lonnng time, and it didn't disappoint! Chews through the battery like no tomorrow, but I knew that going in. Nice work, and looking forward to the rest of the features coming out soon! :-)

- Great game

Great game with heaps on content an updates, community is a bi part of the game get to know local players join up on local chat groups and you will have endless adventures, first saturday events in melbourne have heaps of people attending and the battles for portals begins.. dive into ingress and claim your portals

- Developers need to listen to the feedback

This version of Ingress is very buggy. Even on an iPhone 8, portal-dense areas either take a long time to load or not at all. Screen is very cluttered and extra link/field graphics makes it near impossible to play during the day as the screen gets washed out. The entire layout is too busy and would benefit from being more simplistic. I’m using the redacted scanner until it is pulled altogether.

- Fantastic

Love. Love. Love this game. Through augmented reality, discover the world around you; art, monuments, and local sites of interest. Plus, meet lots of friendly people who will be your allies or your opponents. Levelling up is easier and more fun when you work together.

- Stupid game

Hope google has already wrote you into getting an account as you can't even play the game without logging in. Sure Google might want to boast about how many email accounts they have but it's features like these that impede on the game. Due to my dislike of Google, I refuse to sign up an email account. This game was deleted almost instantly after download and it is my belief that it was a waste of the 50 odd megabytes it took to download.

- Another world

Great game for casual players and hardcore players alike. Once you start playing you won't believe that there's a whole augmented world right around you with players battling for portals. Beware: this game might start creeping into your everyday life like changing which way you travel! Tip: choose resistance.

- Doesn’t look nice

UI and graphics is everything to assure likability of a game and returning players. You did a lot right with Pokémon go, very simple, good color scheme. “Easy on the eye”. This is the complete opposite! This just looks messy and blurry. Too much going on and the glitch effects are pretty bland and seem forced rather than actual glitches, also: too many glitchy!

- Fun Game. Terrible regulation of TOS

While this game can be a lot of fun, most of it is spoiled by a lot of cheating, players with multiple accounts, and a support team who seem useless or unable to deal with valid complaints. A player blatantly broke the terms of play by revealing personal details of another agent which should have earned them a ban. It did not. The bullying and relentless stalking by certain agents has caused many people to stop playing. I know I did.

- Please fix this update

Crashes frequently; frequently not showing portals or even natural xm; time lag with using xmps (using more weapons than is usually necessary due to opposition being able recharge quicker when the xmps don't actually work around 5-8 seconds). Only fix (so i don't lose my sojourner) is to uninstall and then reinstall app. Please fix this app.

- Still Crashes tho

Badly crashes for trying to send whatever message I transit still crash meh down :( back to home menu keep working on this Bug fix Devs :D plus not mad I am being patience :D

- Google plus... Why?

This game looks amazing and i have wanted to try it. However, you need google plus if you want to play which is stupid. Why do you need it anyway? Please let us just create logins or use game center instead because i cant even play this game to give it a fair review. If the developers read this then thank you for your time and i hope this is fixed. This game looks really cool, such a shame

- Brilliant game!!

I have the greatest time with this game!! Extensive background story and constant updates! Can get hooked really easily and have you playing at any time of the day! Highly recommend!!

- Warning: Ingress will take over your life!

Augmented reality GPS game that will get you outdoors (great for teens!) and will get you in trouble with your family because it takes an hour to buy milk.

- please

please let us earn chaotic matter and more levels from what I've seen there is a cap at level 16 and i get stuck off buying currency in games great game love it

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- New update is awful.

Understanding that everyone will complain when something changes, my issue is with basic UI layout and design. The new update looks flashy, but like flashy webpages from 2004, things aren't easily labeled or identifiable. Even seasoned players are left doing the "what does this button do?", And "where did the button for [x] go? Is this it? Nooo.. is this it? Nooo...oh wait, this is it over here". Everytime I've loaded up Prime I've submitted through the menus. It's sincerely terrible layout. Everything has a black background, but also overlays each other and is semi transparent, meaning often the boundaries of the menu you're looking at aren't clear and bleed into each other. Inventory menus with no labels stretch 2 or 3 times wider than the screen so you're left scrolling, looking for your desired item every time. It's terrible, terrible design. I have no idea how anyone who has any design experience could make this UI. The devs had years to design and plan it. I'm absolutely stunned this is the best they came up with. What a mess. Playing with the redacted app until it's changed. If not, I'll hang up the gloves.

- Prime is a misnomer

This game was great before prime. Now it’s a useless piece of crap

- Older vesion

The older version was awesome! I stopped playing Ingress since this new one. :(

- Positive Improvements

Prime had issues and bugs when it was first released, but over time the team have done many improvements to the game but there are things that still need to be ironed out. I highly suggest giving the game another try and see all of the features Prime expanded on.

- So much better!

Prime has come a long way. Managing inventory is so much better and apex is a much needed feature. Now get on the 3rd faction for recursed agents.

- Can’t bear the new version

I hope the old version will come back. This new one, ingress prime, cannot be worse anymore.

- Diminishing Value

To begin, I want to mention that I have been playing this game since it was first released on iOS in 2014. I recursed a long time ago. I say this to make it clear that I have spend considerable time with this game. In addition, I have allowed a lot of time to pass by before voicing my opinion on Ingress Prime. When this game was released on iOS in 2014, it played like a game well ahead of its time and looked like a game from 2000. Once Ingress Prime was released years later, it looked like a game from 2014 and played like a game from 2000. It is very unfortunate that the game Ingress has digressed so far. I have given the new version, Ingress Prime, a fair chance. The very name Ingress Prime is oxymoronic. There are a number of examples of games that started out very underwhelming. The developers listened to the players, adapted, and improved. As a loyal Ingress player, I feel that the opposite has happened in this case. An excellent game that was loved by many now has an average rating of three stars out of five. That is a significant drop. While I do not regret the progress I made in the game previously, I cannot, despite repeated attempts, continue to support this game the way I used to. I sincerely hope that Niantic will at least return this game to the fun factor that originally existed.

- Old version was great , now its just a disguise version of pokemon/Hp

Harry potter or Pokemon go are totally the same game with just different rules/strategy but at the end ingress got just sacrificed for money. players, all the best of luck programmers Farewell.

- Can’t even get through tutorial

It is telling me to find a blue or white Beacon and check it’s details but it is not working and just tells me to take it over. I just need it to show me how. Such and idiot game

- super jeux

super jeux mais il fon rien contre les tricher sa fait 7 ans que je joue don 6 1/2 que je me fait harcelé intimidé et stalk par un jouer et il on jamais rien fait laisser jamais vos enfant jouer seul en mauricie

- I really want to try this game but

I'm sitting next to my internet router, which has never given me issues, and this is the only app I've ever had tell me I have network connection issues. EDIT: I have a new phone, I’m trying every way possible to make an account and play and it absolutely refuses to work with me. I finally give up, I will not play this game, because I cannot.

- How to ruin a good thing

This game was a lot of fun at one point in time, but Niantic completely ran it into the ground by losing control over its own game experience and letting turds become POCs and leads for various events and allowing these people to turn game-sponsored experiences into special events for their own particular cliques and fiefdoms. After a while, it was hard to do anything on a big scale without having to deal with in-game politics that were incredibly tedious.

- Great game

A really good game if you liked Pokémon go but would like more strategy!

- Way better than Pokemon go

Has so many more features and detail.

- Ingress

Been playing for 2 years. Even with the Ingress Prime update my interest has been slowly declining .

- prime is a step backwards.

This rating is for the new scanner software (Prime), not the game. Ingress is a great game. However the new scanner is worse overall the old one. Inventory management has been improved, but actual play is worse. I found it particularly bad in active play during an anomaly - there is too much irrelevant graphics which hides the important stuff.

- Awesome game

This game is outside the box but what an amazing game when you understand it it pulls you in try it

- Please bring back legacy

Scanner [REDACTED] was far superior to prime, and trust me, this isn’t just nostalgia glasses. In this update they sacrificed playability for theming. Don’t get me wrong, old ingress was due for an update, but prime is inaccessible to new players and hard to use for vets. Now that old ingress is gone I’ve found myself drifting away from this game, as using the new scanner just frustrates and confuses me. Everything is so washed out and small, it’s laggy and overall not fun to use.

- Doesn't work on iPad

Ingress prime does not work on ipad mini 4 and ipad 2016 on ios 12.

- Won’t open

I haven’t been able to load ingress for a few weeks now.

- Stopped working

I didn’t like Prime at all from Beta test to now, but since Redacted is gone, I decided to give it another shot. It worked for a few days and although it’s slow and resource heavy and hard to read, I was getting used to it. Yesterday an update downloaded and now it doesn’t work. Every action says “scanner communication error (1)” no matter whether I’m on wifi or LTE

- New update

No longer works . Both my xs max and work phone iPhone 8...

- Battery melting device

Love thegame! Thought I finally found a game of that style that is perfect for me... except that the app must be running at all time so expect your battery to die REALLY fast.

- Sucks juice

Takes too long to load...and there are 3 loading screens! Why!? Totally unnecessary. I’m halfway across town before it’s loaded through the first screen. 😠 In 20 minutes of gameplay my battery went from 60% to 10% I’m not going to kill my phone for the sake of a glorified game of capture the flag. Even before Prime, it was bad but this is just garbage. I’m out.

- Great game but..

The new update is draining my phone battery by the second. I really wish there was a low graphic mode because these graphics aren’t helpful to the battery. Low power mode doesn’t help either... wish they just kept the old scanner.

- Literally unplayable

I can't even sign in with Google. It just takes me to a search page and the app tells me it failed. I reported this when Prime launched and it's still not fixed! Now Redacted is dead and... so is Prime! So I guess Ingress is over now. Good job

- Redacted is gone?

When _ New improved_ Ingress Prime was deployed I got a terrible headache and then found _Redacted_. I knew that we were all going to be forced to use the _ New Improved_ one some day. It appears that day has come which is sort of sad I have enjoyed my time playing Ingress but now I must say farewell.

- :(

Harder to tell the difference between XM and portals. Not as easy to read the map like the original/redacted.

- UI sucks in the newer version.

Goodbye cruel world.

- Spam spam spam

I want to give a zero but I can’t. I am constantly receiving emails from these idiots despite having unsubscribed every day for a week. Support told me to change settings in the game, which I deleted and now cannot get to recognize my location services. Pathetic and a violation of CASL.

- I miss the old version

I hate to jump on the bandwagon of dumping on updates, but I really miss the old version of the game. I’ve played for years but the new UI is too slow, unintuitive, and just less enjoyable. I wish there was a light version that ran quickly and without all the unnecessary graphics.

- Bad at loading

I just installed this game today and it just wants to scan four device instead of just asking the device for its location so I just spent half an hour on the game doing nothing!

- Terrible graphics

This game has 2 graphics settings (which you cannot change by the way). The game picks based on the phone you have, I guess? I have an iPhone 8 and it picks the low quality graphics mode for me. My iPhone 8 should have NO problem with graphics. I installed this game because I saw YouTube videos of it online and they looked absolutely STUNNING. I installed it and I’m met with a pixelated game world and low FPS animations. The UI is good, though. The UI is crisp and HD, but the game world itself looks straight out of Nintendo 64. Other than that though, the only thing keeping me playing is the community I’ve found since starting the game. Extremely helpful and kind people answering my questions as I think of them. Please fix the graphics on iPhone 8, I am begging. I would love to play this game with the higher graphics I saw.

- Faction change

Can you change it so that you can change factions without having to email google? It takes a long time to change factions but overall I really like this game.

- New players in mind

I played this game years about and I loved it so I came back the only problem is it’s hard for newer players in some city’s to get started because of the veterans there fields way to big to even start playing the game it’s and also we need a revival of this game most community’s are dead so new players can’t even get help because all of the groups are dead ( maybe make the field rage shorter for a better experience)

- Game won't start

Today I was forced to update to Ingress Prime because the old version stopped working. The updated scanner won't start, complaining "a network error occurred". I've been playing this game for years and never had this kind of issues happening. Is the new scanner really a finished product?

- Blah

I’ve played this game for the last three years… Made it up to level 13 put it down for a while re-loaded the latest update… Tried to navigate it it’s an absolute mess, it’s cumbersome, it’s slow....I thought perhaps they made the game more interesting but they didn’t...they actually made it worse!

- Ingress

So much anticipation for Ingress Prime. So many rumours and hushed comments saying how good it is going to be. All were wrong. I have lost interest in this game due to the update. Now quantum caps don’t from very rare items...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????

- how to select the language?

how to select the language?

- Team not at all willing to work with u

I live in an area where there’s only one portal. I’ve contacted them to at least add one more portal I. The area but they are not willing to help. Terrible terrible company. Plz don’t support them.

- Old scanner much better.

Is there a stage before Alpha? Because that’s what stage this app is in as of Nov 2018.

- Literally unplayable

Latest version says I need an update, can’t update past the latest version

- Great game, but...

I love this game, hate so much the new upgrade. Would love so much to come back to the old one! Hard to find things, too much animation while linking, it drains my battery life so much.

- We need old design back!

I have been playing this game from the time it was released for iOS. But changing design of the game that rapidly should had been actually done thru asking their players first. Reading the map is impossible, design of the portals and resonators looks like from some bad design from late 80s. Im using iphone8plus but even the cursor of my location looks pixelated. Please rollback the update! It was really unnecessary.

- Bigger Tool Shed Needed

Well one thing is for sure, with this update the Niantic tool shed was cleared out to make room for John Hanke. PS Don’t download this for at least another year if you value your sanity. PPS Niantic is looking for a larger tool shed for John Hanke. Can anyone help them out?

- Can't login anymore

On iOS 10 and Facebook nor google login works anymore. Company refuses or fails at fixing this issue as experienced in Pokémon go as well.

- Terrible update.

Please roll this update back. Don’t force the new game into phones. Allow players the chance to use the old scanner.

- Ingress

Doesn’t this company test its product? Why slow everything down and clutter every interface with aggressively ugly, impossible-to-read buttons that don’t always work when tapped? Latest update has killed... elimanated... alienated... wiped out my local player community. That’s quite an achievement.

- Bad update

New update will make me quit playing after 4 years. Nice work

- Downgrade

Game is awesome and engaging. Unfortunately the recent update has some major issues (my opinion). The new graphics are awesome but it seems to trade off with eating battery life even more. And to add to it, the speed of the gameplay has slowed due to added levels of difficulty accessing portal keys, recycling and fast hacking when you’re on the move. Most I think could be rectified, I’m hoping anyways; if not will have to drop the game 😕

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tragically offbeat

ingress is ingress prime now i am saying i am back on my


@ingress Hello, I have recently returned to playing Ingress Prime and would like to ask you for the Year 8 Medal, I am now level 9 and it would mean a lot for me if you would agree. Thanks in advance and happy holidays 🙏🏼

Ingress Prime 2.92.1 Screenshots & Images

Ingress Prime iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ingress Prime iphone images
Ingress Prime iphone images
Ingress Prime iphone images
Ingress Prime iphone images
Ingress Prime iphone images
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Ingress Prime (Version 2.92.1) Install & Download

The applications Ingress Prime was published in the category Games on 2014-07-14 and was developed by Niantic, Inc. [Developer ID: 1037205060]. This application file size is 235.13 MB. Ingress Prime - Games app posted on 2022-05-02 current version is 2.92.1 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: