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• Alone
• American Pickers
• Ancient Aliens
• Counting Cars
• Forged in Fire
• Hunting Hitler
• Ice Road Truckers
• Modern Marvels
• Mountain Men
• Pawn Stars
• Swamp People
• The Curse of Oak Island
• Truck Night in America

.... plus many more!

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The applications HISTORY: TV Shows on Demand was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-12-13 and was developed by A&E Television Networks Mobile. The file size is 94.22 MB. The current version is 3.9.9 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Too many ads!  JustinMcK  1 star

It does not save progress across devices. You end up watching more ads than content. The interactive ads don’t work all the time and you end up watching twice as many ads


A little more Show Please!  PanzerDrakon  4 star

Love the App, but way to many commercials.


Way to many repetitive commercials  tjd24  1 star

Updated June 2019 Benefits of profile registration spotty - app can’t seem to remember where you left off on same device let alone pick up on another device. App on every update makes you re-log in to service provider and profile - annoying. Recognizing History Channel app needs to have commercials but the same ones over & over sometimes repeating back to back is annoying. Commenting on “Knightfall” - Landry is such a flawed character (hero?) he’s hard to watch except for superb acting by Tom Cullen. Also latest show “Hitler’s Secret Tunnels” was a complete waste of time -meandering across Germany & Poland only to eventually find a map which could help sell subsequent episodes - don’t bother.


This app is history!  Spidennis  1 star

Really disappointed in this app. Many others have pointed out the problems and I’ll echo them. I don’t watch an entire episode but it won’t save where I stopped. Then you try and jump around in the timeline you are bombarded with commercials making it impossible to locate the spot to start watching again. More than frustrating and not worth the aggravation, and so this app is history. Try again. Good bye!


Commercials  Roxsy77  1 star

I was going to down load app and use it. But I have decided to watch what I want thru the Philo app anyway. I thought I’d be able to skip commercials if I want directly to the HistoryChannels app but after reading the reviews I am guessing not. Someone said there was actually 30 adds per episode. WoW. Lot less using the Philo app. So gonna delete the app and not even bother signing inn.


Renamed to the commercial channel  jmduke7  2 star

What can I say, I love history and what the history channel has to offer. But all the commercials are starting to wear down on me. For instance, every show starts with a commercial (which is fine) but then plagues the viewer with various commercial breaks 3-4 (each with 6 commercials per break). What makes matters worse is they are often the same commercial one right after the other. This is horrible! To have to sit through a commercial that keeps repeating itself 6 times in a row. With that much repetitive advertising I’m now considering seeing a therapist. This is pure agony!

Aroha Nui

I Just Timed It: 3-minute Commercials Every 6 Minutes  Aroha Nui  1 star

Fiu That says it all.


Hitler, Saddam, and ancient aliens🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽  Gegoony22  5 star

More middle eastern stuff Babylon, Assyria, Etc.


Commercials!  glennaycock  1 star

Stop playing the same commercials 4-5 times in a row! This is ridiculous! Every single commercial break plays the same commercial 4-5 times, followed by several others. Also, you get 5 minutes or less of show followed by at least as much commercials. You're about to lose a viewer!


Worst channel ever  Wetsue  1 star

Your’s is the worst channel ever. You name it and you’ll f it up.

lion like physician

Jesus  lion like physician  4 star

This is a fair portrayal of that the Bible states really happened to Jesus Christ the son of God.

Wolf mans

Oak island  Wolf mans  4 star

Very exciting


History channel  Hulettsue  5 star

So many shows are worth watching. Including ones no longer being shot.


Commercials repeat  jephistory  1 star

Bad enough you make us watch commercials with no fast forward but the same commercials repeat over and over. I will never buy anything advertised. Worthless. Other major networks allow fast forward. Get with it.


This would be higher if...  btappl2  1 star

This would be higher if the app would let you sign in to unlock all episodes. I have google fiber and it acts like it will log a person in, but gets stuck at a point and shows a blank page with the episodes still locked. I was able to unlock all episodes online, but not on this app.


Too many commercials  OmniDynmc  2 star

Commercials repeat the same thing over and over again because they don’t have enough advertisers and 6 commercial breaks. Poor.


History Channel  rfrench54  5 star

I just love this app! The layout, the functionality, and it’s content is perfect. Great job!!!


Misleading  BanessaMarie  1 star

Downloaded to stream on my AppleTV so I could finish watching Vikings. It advertises that you can watching the latest episodes “like Vikings” but there are zero episodes. Just extras. Even signed in with my tv provider there are no episodes to watch. Super annoyed.

pauline krumbach

Happy but not  pauline krumbach  3 star

I love this but I can’t activate it on my TV it just keeps asking me to activate it it won’t take me to where I can login to my tv provider


Much improved from older versions, works great  1955CMyers  5 star

Still has commercials, but I know they have to pay the bills too

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