Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 [Games] App Description & Overview

The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon that took the world by storm!

Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!

Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!


* Beautiful new graphics
* Gorgeous new organic environments
* New obstacles
* More powerups
* More achievements
* Special powers for each character
* Bigger monkey!!!

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Temple Run 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Pirate Cove is covered with litter and only runners like yourself can clean it up! It's time to go green and help make the world of Temple Run a safer and healthier place! +Pirate Cove is piled with refuse in our brand new Earth Day Map! +Take our brand new runner, Joshua Woods, out on the beaches to get the cleanup started! +Celebrate Earth Day by collecting two brand new artifacts sets and three three new hats! +Collect litter while you run and work together as a community to restore Pirate Cove to its former beauty!

Temple Run 2 Comments & Reviews

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- Crashes

Earth Day update crashes every single time.

- Temple run 2 problems

Well used to play this, reloaded it works great till you end run if you find a chest it shows you what you found and then locks up. Have to close it and reopen game

- Arthur April @2006

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- Adds

WAY TOO MANY STUPID ADDS especially for spyder

- Pirate cove daily quest not working

Trying to finish daily Quests with Pirate cove quest but only the earth day is available and does not give you credit l. What is going on?

- Pirate cove gone

Can’t complete the daily quest. Please fix

- Original Pirate Cove missing

I like what you did with the new Pirate Cove - Earth Day, however the original pirate cove is no longer available to play. I like to play everyday and complete the Daily Quests. In those Daily Quests are goals of points or coins in the Original Pirates Cove. These quests cannot be completed in Earth Day or Spirits Cove. Could you bring back the original?

- Game


- Update glitch

Pirate cove daily is glitched after recent update

- I used to love this game.

Just like Temple Run itself this game has changed so much and not for the better. The Objectives to move up levels are kind of impossible, you have to do a global challenge but it cost upwards of 20+ gems. You also have to run in a certain scene but it cost 500 gems to unlock it. So now you’re either you have to purchase gems or coins or run for like 2 months straight before you get to move up a level. Also I can’t find artifacts anywhere. Theyre supposed to be in the treasure chests, but all the chests hold now are tokens to unlock players. And you need like 30 of them for each one player. And there is like 10 players. Finding artifacts are how you move up levels too. Sad how horrible this game has become. It was once my favorite game to play.

- TempleRun2

So goo

- Not happy

After the last couple of updates I have had nothing but trouble with this game. It constantly locks up. The only way to unlock the game is to power down my phone. When I power up the phone I loose the progress I made and have to rerun the challenges and again. A lot of the time I will have to run the same challenge 3 or 4 times before I can collect the reward.

- review

it has ads i don’t like ads

- 5 star

It’s my fave game I had this game cence I was a child I’m still a child but I’m 8

- Adds

Too many adds

- Too many ads

Too many grown up ads for young people trying to learn and enjoy the game. Not enough playing time to learn and play the game. Other games have less interruptions. This game will never be purchased because I have not learned how to play with the long and constant ads of numerous games.

- Good, but too many ads

This game is fun, but every time you want to play again, at least for me, you get an ad. And to make it worse, it’s the same ad over and over. I’ve seen the SPYDER game ad from Apple Arcade over 50 times. And that video doesn’t even work for video rewards. So, I have to suffer for 15 seconds every time I want to play. The game is fun and kind of addicting, but the ads make me want to throw my device. Two weeks ago, there were nowhere near as many ads. And the ads were better. Not the crap that Apple puts together that isn’t interesting at all. Too bad you can’t play off WiFi...

- 每次玩完一局都弹广告


- Get it

It is a good game

- Hello 👋🏽

I like it because it has challenges and those are pretty interesting to see.😎


It is so fun! There is so much to do!

- Aggressive Ad’s

Good game but the advertisements used are too aggressive and annoying, they make continuous play tiresome.

- Temple run

This is a great realistic game. It is hard to stop playing because it is so $?!&$!? fun!

- Inverted controls

I’m having problems where the motion for moving side to side is inverting randomly so that moving the phone left goes right and the other way around. Might be a bug. Would appreciate it if you could fix it when you the chance. Aside from that, excellent game as always and I LOVE the new maps!

- Soooooo bad

I do not like this game because of all the adds there are so long like the new spider one.

- Too many adds

Adds after every single run

- Temple run 2

I like TempleRun2 so much and it is the best thank you for making this game.

- Great game!!!

I have always loved this game. Very challenging, fun, and nostalgic! The only problem is that some characters aren’t free. I understand that Imanji wants to make money through different features but I wish all characters were free!

- Gems and Character unlocking

This used to be a fun game. I got it and noticed 2 new characters and you could only unlock them if you ran and collected chests. I have 59 tokens and every time I get a chest it’s for some key which is pointless. I would still play even though I unlocked that character because it’s very fun to play. I think a lot of people would agree. The ads are very annoying as well. The maps require 500 gems I don’t want to pay to purchase a map, meaning I have to run for it. The amount of gems for one map is too much. You can watch an ad and play for 5 minutes on the Blazing Sands map but I think you should have it for each map to see what they’re all like. I’m still giving you a four star because it’s a fun game and it seems like you have put a lot of effort into the game design. Keep up the good work!

- Not the best

It isn’t nice that you don’t get all the maps right away so you have to get 500 gems witch will take forever.

- My review

I like this game. It is full of adventure and magic, and that makes it special. But there is a flaw in the sequel to Temple Run. Your character doesn’t start to run faster as you get farther and farther. This makes the game not challenging enough, therefore that makes it boring. This was not a problem in the first Temple Run. Please change that. Thank you for taking your time to read my review.

- Fiduciary

It would be nice if you could get Usain bolt for free with the pieces. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars

- Awesome 👏😎

It is a very fun game!♥️ I love 💗 the graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The best game ever

This game is the funnest game ever if you are looking at my review I will say on all of my phone iPods iPads everything I got this game because it is so so so so so FUN you should get this game

- Love the game but still too many ads

I love playing the game but when I end my run ads always pop up can you guys fix that


My friend isn’t obsessed with it

- A good game

I like this game because it is a stradagy game a like stradagy games!

- Ridiculous

I can’t even download this on my 11 pro max...

- TempleRun2

Great game I should pay to play

- Remi

I love the game and the graphics are amazing but I cannot say the game is very addictive game

- Trash

It has way to many adds and takes to long to load!!!!! Don’t recommend this game!!!!!! So annoying!

- It so fun

I love this game and play it whenever I can or am free. It is super fun and I can not stop playing it.

- Coins disappear

As I’m playing the game I can start a level with like 2000 coins and I’ll play a run and it will say I got a certain amount more but when I go to get an upgrade I’ll have like 1000 and I haven’t bought anything.

- رسالة شكر

شكراً لكم

- Temple run 2

This game is so fun and very engaging. Your character goes faster the farther you run

- Sad

There is a glitch where you can’t tilt

- Oldies

You should add outfits for Zack Wonder, Francisco Montoya, and Montana Smith from 2015. I just like to go retro.

- It didn’t work

I love this game but it didn’t work

- Thank you

Thank you for making this fun and cool game it is so much fun🙃

- I love this app so much

I play this game every day for three hours

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- Best games

Amazing game 😍

- Great game

Great game

- Bad

Bad bad bad you can’t see with the gay clouds and stuff it is so annoying

- Great


- Temple run 2

Beautiful graphics, fun colours! I prefer over the first one !! Lots of fun

- 3 stars

Too many ads other than that I love this game

- So. Many. Ads.

Once-great game ruined by an ad every single time. Annoying ads, too

- Great game

But... the explosions of Colour everywhere get in the way and mess up your vision, if that wasn’t there, I would have given a five star review


Ads after every run and lots of random ad. Sometimes when you watch an ad for “continue Running”, instead of resume the run it would just go back to “the watch an ad to continue running” phase, so you just watched an ad for nothing. Also as a game that has so much in-app purchase, the amount of ad placement is insane, totally ruined the experience.

- Love the game

I love temple run I remember playing the first one when there was no second one but know I think they should make like a another game with a story mode or make a playable demon monkey

- Very upset

I purchased the gem package, {vault of gems}. earlier this morning and my phone crashed mid purchase I was charged a fee. But the game did not process the gems to be added.

- Stop asking for reviews

Piss off. Already an avalanche of ads.

- So fun

Best game I played in a year so fun yet challenging I like the maps I like the og map

- Ads

To much add wth! We just want normal tr2!

- So addicting

I love that there are several different maps to play. Please create new maps to run in!

- No adds

It has no adds what so ever and is a great game to play while listening to music on airplanes GET NOW

- Amazing


- I’ve been playing for years :)

The game is Awesome. The Graphics are spectacular. And the daily quests keep me coming back for more.

- Hi everyone today i am playing amazing

I so hyper

- Greedy Company

Bunch of greedy jerks who took maps that were open and decided to lock them, for 500 gems. Uninstalling. You may as well say it isn’t free otherwise you take things away. FORGET THAT

- Great Game & Customer Service

So I got a new phone recently, and when I went to redownload Temple Run 2, I lost all of my currency in the process. I emailed Imangi Studios and they got back to me within 24hrs and had a reimbursement request ready for me. As well, they followed up with me via email to check in that I received my currency back, they even sent me extra 50k coins and 25gems. I don’t even pay to play this game, I’ve earned all my abilities and currency strictly through gameplay. I’m super pumped at their customer service and speediness of the recovery. The maps and graphics in the game are fantastic and there is always something new. Thank you Victoria Smith from Imangi Studios!

- Very good game

Very good game to play in your spare time.

- Bad

Jk it’s not really bad it’s great!!!!

- Awesome

This game is so awesome it’s download everyone get it!🙂😀


So much ads l hate it worst game I’ve ever played

- Love you 😍

The game is awesome and I saw people playing on YouTubekids 😽😁😛🤑😛😍🦄‼️‼️😎🥰

- Awesome!

Super fun and addictive, perfect for boring waits and long car rides!

- Good game

Sick game

- How good it is

It’s good i would really like it if you put an NBA player on there I would even buy stuff to upgrade him Sincerely yours

- Nice

TempleRun2 is the best game ever

- Temple Run 2

I am never gonna install any games that you advertise. I m neither gonna waste my gems to open a different map.

- One Step Further (simple)

Autumn jungle is my favorite map to run on! PLEASE can you make it an option to purchase it permanently rather than have it be a seasonal thing?

- Yasss

This game is bomb so addicting but I can stop when I want to 😉

- Why are we running?

Has anyone stopped and considered why we keep running? Why are we chasing these endless gold coins? We buy things to increase the rate at which we find gold coins, in order to buy things to increase the rate at which we buy gold coins. We aim for high scores, but can't reliably compare them to others' because of the random distribution of bonuses we encounter along the way. What are we running from? Some monster hiding off screen, pursuing us from behind, who only appears when we stumble? Consider your phone when you play this game. Where is it placed? In front of your body. From where does the monster emerge? The bottom of your screen. Yes... the monster is you. There is a monster inside all of us. Do not let it consume you; rather, when you stumble and fall, let it wash over you like a cool rain. Become acquainted with it. Then run like Montana Smith. He's my favourite character. May God bless you.

- Fun

It’s fun

- Addicting!

I love this game!

- So good

I got a free 25000 gems for no reason but my game keeps crashing but super fun

- Temple run

Hi I Love temple run 2 and temple run! Love:razan

- The best

Whenever you start to play you feel that you are the character in the game that seems very weird but,you can still play the game it’s the best you should try it ,and I wish that there will be TEMPLE RUN 4,but really you should really really play the game

- Cupid

It wasted my money

- Okay game

it is awesome 😎 I like that you can have a lot of fun and characters. Bad news. I don’t really like that you have to get so many green things. to get the characters other costumes. I really don’t like that you have to have a lot of green things to get other tracks. and what I hate the most is … you can’t have Bruce lee! and he is my favourite one there! 😡! SO FIX THAT!!!!!!!!

- R

Same as angry Gran run

- Addicting good

Super addictive and really fun


Fun and awesome game

- Trash

It won’t let me click collect my prize and has no click response and can’t play absolute trash and garbage

- Best game in the world

This games awesome I have it on all my devices and it does not need wifi so I can play it on road trips! I defenetly reccomed this game! I have a iOS 6 and lower so I am very limited but since this game has an older version Icahn still play it on my iPad (the only one with a low iOS). The game is AWESOME and FUN and AMAZING!

- Lava

We need a lava world

- Love

I like the game

- Great classic

Love the Temple Run games and have been playing for years. Only thing that seems to be missing is a button to contact support, or even an email address to reference. If you offer in-app purchases, you should have an easily accessible support option for players. Even if we have to go through Apple to seek refunds, it’d still be nice to not have to navigate away from the game and dig through the website in the event of a technical issue that might prevent a player from accessing a game they spent money on, or if they’re missing items they didn’t receive from a purchase.

- Great game but

How do you get pirate cove and spirit cove cause you can’t use gems?

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

IT’S SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

- It was nice

It was nice

- Temple run 2

Hi I love this game It is so fun you should make a big game so it is more enjoyable for kids under the age of 5 to 17 thanks

- Missing something

It’s a great game I love the new maps however the presentation of the water and coin bar are not the same the characters in the old one the detail was amazing this one just doesn’t have the same reality wish at some point you could find idol otherwise great game

- Escape and get the idol

This seems like a hard game I always die you might say why but I want the game to be shorter.I almost finished a round but I died again but it is a AMAZING GAME😀 download this game !!!!!!!!!!! Also can’t there be a temple run 4 cause there is the third

- Geri

Please do nuc bomb mod free

- Yasss😂😃🤪🤩

This game is a really fun game I love it so much you should play it yo will be addicted to it

- Temple run 2

I love this game so much I get really addicted to it

- Run, run, run! Or, update, update, update! 😺👌🏻👌🏻

This game gets TONS of updates. Now, I’m not complaining! I think it’s really good that you put so much effort into this game! I love playing it on long car rides, as I said on my other review on temple run 1. It’s just that, temple run 2 gets so much effort and work into this game, that I don’t think that temple run 1 has got an update since this games release! It has BLOWN UP over the past few years, and the number of people enjoying it increased. I’ve seen, holiday updates, general updates and events! This game tests you skills, and is the best thing since geometry dash! Both temple run 1, and 2 is good. But it just gets boring, with BOTH games. I haven’t played temple run 1 in two years! Now THATS something. I watched people on YouTube play it, and that’s fun too. But it gets boring when you die, run, die, run, die, run, and die again. But in conclusion, this is...a pretty Dope game. But gets boring over time. Thanks for listening to my useless suggestions, and have a good day! Bye.

- Good

Alright when I’m bored

- Temple run

Fun time I died so rip

- Temple run

I like it cause it is adventurous and makes me happy

- Git Gud

Git Gud

- ♍️Virgo

TempleRun2 is a great 👍 game it is...... fun u can unlock really cool 😎 new characters ⛹️‍♂️🤼‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤾‍♀️🤽‍♀️🏊‍♂️🧘‍♀️🏊‍♀️so funny 😂 I really enjoy 😉 this game🥑🥑🍉

- Daily quests almost impossible

If a quest is to use the mine cart.. why remove it from the games? Turns a fun game into frustration.. and the ridiculous ads make it worse.. update.. now two stupid ads between every game.. quests are still ridiculous with minecart or waterslides removed from the game whenever they are the quest target. People play this for short periods to relieve stress.. so why make it so frustrating? Give us a break please.. cut down the ads and don’t assume that players want to chase non existent quests for hours on end.. it is never going to happen

- Almost unplayable

Was one of the best games going around but the ads have pretty much much made it unplayable now. Which is a shame.


This is actually a really fun game and that’s why I’m giving it four stars, The only reason I’m not giving it five stars is that it has way too many ads when ever you start playing there’s an ad whenever you stop playing there’s an ad when ever you continue playing there is a ad!!! Please fix this or at least let us purchase a function that makes their being no ads!!!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

- Gorgeous, Addictive

Absolutely gorgeous update, as always. The enchanting music and beautiful graphics are why I choose this game over other endless runners. I adore the Christmas update - the unlikely combination of snow and lava, and the added risk of dying instead of just tripping when you touch the lava streaks. Such a mystical and enchanting setting - my favourite subsect of the Christmas map is probably Santa’s workshop. So festive yet dangerous! The music is amazing and I can’t stop listening to it - which means I can’t stop playing! It’s festive and mystical yet threatening and dark; what an epic soundtrack. Amazing work! I wish I could buy this map with Gems and keep it forever.

- It’s horrible

Play it if you want

- why it should be. better

I think there should have levels

- New update

I ♥️ the new update it’s so cool good job creators of making adults/kids happy

- Great

This iS a great game

- Good!

I like it

- Brilliant

By far the best game on the App Store. Well done developers.

- Too pushie

Asked me to rate every game

- Power boost activation improvements

While the power boost activation is a great feature in this game. Here are some great suggestions that almost all of us temple run fans would like. 1. Please allow an option in settings to toggle whether you want the power boost activated instantly (once the meter has filled) or by double tapping. 2. While the power boost is in use, please make the meter fillable instantly, instead of making players wait until the power boost finishes.

- I love it

Bun hub you get UK get UK gdsuhf off to DVD j hv why I of not j h fungi jury nhguh the

- Add more fun things to the game

I like the game but it’s a bit boring because now I’m board of the game and I’m doing it again and again and agin please add more things to the game that are fun

- This is an amazing game for kids and adults so everyone should play this


- So good 😊

I love this game it is awesome and fun. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😺😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽


Yea it’s good

- Nice

You should a TEMPLE RUN 3 and make it really hard and have more people in it and you should make it multi player.

- Amazing

Amazing game love it omg is the one that I love you too much love you too bye bye

- TempleRun2

Beautiful app with great features and graphics!

- Play button

I like the game the only part I don’t like is when u keep having to open The chest and that is the only place how you can like do it again like play the game again and if there’s not just a play button and I’m really annoying so don’t do that because it just annoys me and it probably annoys lots of people in the world so thanks.

- Temple run

It is soo fun to play it’s like my wish come true

- Best game ever

OMG best game EVER

- My review

This app is okay but I find it pretty boring

- my review

i love this game i think that it games me more skill it is of. ourself fun but i would enjoy another monster chasing me and maybe making the beast or monster faster thanks you!

- Temple Run 2

I think that the first Temple Run is a lot better then the second because Temple Run 2 is just to confusing I don’t exactly get why the worlds are so many diamonds. I like this game but I recommend getting the first instead

- 😉 AMAZING 😉 😃😃😃😃

This game is just the most impressive app I have pressed on and downloaded. The graphics are outstanding and my cousin and I keep on discussing on how great quality this game is. I love the humorous comments on the end of every round of the app. I am deeply impressed and could NEVER in my whole entire life make an app this amazing. These creators are truly gifted and this will be a game I will remember. Thank you for providing us with the best entertainment I could ever ask for. So, as a gift, I give you 5/5 stars.

- TempleRun2

This game is very fun I really enjoy it.

- It’s Awesome !

I love playing Temple Run 2 it’s amazing. It’s fun and enjoyable

- How good temple run 2 is

Hi all peeps who are reading this, temple run 2 is 10000000 time better than the first temple run. You will have so much fun playing it. When I started this game the game taught me how to do everything. You should definitely try it.

- Awesome game

This game is really awesome

- Feedback

It’s so hard and easy but I love it

- Temple run 2

I think temple run should have a five star vote because You can always play it even when there’s no service You can play with friends and have allot of fun It has the allot of nature stuff like snake’s,flowers,and plants And that is why I think you should vote five stars

- Great game

Roblox funneh is Betty

- Temple run is the best game I have I love this new game

I love this new game

- Best game 😍😎❤️💙💚🧡💛💜

Just had it for a week it’s brilent fave map is the ice one I love the fact that you can Chang carictors the Sade part is that you have to pay for the spirit cove and pirote cove other wise it is great

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- Not worth it

What happened to this game with all that colors? Why it shouldn’t be normal and colorful?

- Gggg


- Omg it’s the best!!!!!

Best app ever



- Bruh

This game is awesome my highest score is in the 800 thousands and as soon as I accidentally fell of I was like nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

- Too many ads

Gets annoying after a while with the amount of ads

- Worst game ever

This game has made me stressed and agitated it is so bad I wish it never existed. The demon gave me nightmares and I wish the developers just put traps, and there is so many ads!!! 👿👿👿👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎


Plz give us the option to buy maps. Giving you one star only to get your attention. Want to buy Spooky Ridge and Holiday Havoc.

- ‏اللعبة

‏برأيي ‏ليست ‏ ‏جيدة ‏جدا ‏تحتاج ‏الى ‏تعديل ‏‏وأنا ‏فتا ‏عمري١١ ‏وقيمت هذه اللعبة ‏نجمتان ‏لكن اللعبةجميله ‏بعض الشيء

- Ads don’t like to load

This game is great. It’s very fun, challenging and also addicting. The only problem is that the ads load excruciatingly slow even though you have internet, which can be quite annoying especially if you are trying to continue with the game.

- Awesome

It’s An awesome game that is the best

- It’s changed.

I used to play this game all the time. Then i stopped when all these new updates came out. I had recently installed it again, because i forgot how fun it was. Now that i am playing it more, i had realized that i miss the old coins. I miss the diamond shaped coins a lot. They were my favorite part of the game. I also love the ropes in the beginning of the game. But, that’s besides the point. It would be amazing, if you could make an option to switch the coins back to the diamond ones. But, besides all that this game is amazing, and i love it a lot.

- Temple run

Its a really fun game it always there when im so bored

- The best game

I’m so happy to have this one on the phone because it’s so fun and addictive too and I have a lot of skins on the game.

- K

Temple run two is fun. I also like the colors, so I would get temple run if I were you.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

- Good game


- I love it!

I think it is an amazing game! There is absolutely no glitches like with some of my other games. There is also a lot of different people that you can use in the game. It was great!!!!!

- Samyra

I relly like This game

- So fun!!!!

It was so fun to play

- Pretty Good Game

I really like the game and the new world but i wish they would change it though it's getting kinda old that's my request other than that its a really good game it's fun to play when there's an update or when you have nothing to do, I WANT YOU TO MAKE MORE like a temple run three that'll be pretty cool cause i've been playing your games sin ce 2013 and im ten

- Yayyyy

Yay can I keep this game?

- Ehh😑

Cool but boring but if you have nothing to do it’s pretty fun

- Best

Best game ever

- New Graphics are bad

Not a fan of the new graphics. Makes me feel like I’m playing Candy Crush. That ruined the experience for me.

- best game

I can remember I have played this game when i was child so exciting game how can have best time i hve deleted this game but tomorrow i missed this game so i again downloaded it again thanks for your game


OMG Omg OMG Lalalalaalalalallalalalalla Alzncl

- Aubree May Curtis

I really love ti

- Ads

An ad after every single fail? Fkoff. Its painful.

- Pretty good

Yeah it’s pretty good n stuff so like you should get it idk

- Terrible

This was my favorite game to play every since i was a kid.Now literally every 40 seconds there is a long 30 second ad..DO NOT download this crap

- Too many ads that don’t even work

This game is pretty cool. First topic when you turn a direction it’s kinda stern. Plus every time when you die and get a option to either watch a ad or pick a gem. I would just do another run but when I do that I get a ad. It’s really annoying in fact if you get the Solitaire ad you can’t click off of it. It just blank white ad. It’s really really annoying. Please fix this.

- Best game ever Make more

Good job on the game continue making more

- Love it

I love the game I’ve been playing since 2015 and I’ve got to say that it’s been really fun

- Temple run 2 !

I honestly love this game so much because it is so fun love all the colors and the Holi festival is the number one one of the most funnest games in temple run ever vote for temple run two holi festival

- Great game

I love this game .The only thing is every thing cost like 10 to 1,999 and the gems almost never show up. Which is what you use to buy the gems. So overall this thing is really good sometimes it glitches which makes me kind of unhappy. But overall it’s a really good game and it’s very very fun. I can also collect points to buy costumes which I think it’s really fun to see all like the designs and cool costumes and the avatars. You like running and exciting games and different costumes then you should definitely buy this game.

- Recent update killed app

I went to play this game which I’ve had for months, but it was noted an update was available. I went ahead and did the update and now the game will not open. All I get is the developers title screen then it disappears to my home screen. This was an awesome game until I did the update. Tried rebooting my phone which did not help. I’m open to any suggestions from anyone who may have had the experience.

- Ugggggggghhhhhhhh🥵

When I die I TRY to hit the video pass ?It won’t let me!😞

- Fun


- It is amazing but...

So it’s amazing I wish it can make more slides and two ropes

- Temple run 2

This game is so fun and addicting I would definitely recommend!

- Too many ads.

Too many ads.

- 2 stars because of all the ads

Way too many ads but a good game!

- It’s awesome but....

It’s awesome but after I die the same ad pops up over and over and OVER, it gets really annoying. I know it’s not your guys fault but I wish it was a NO ad app. Keep up the good work👍🏼🤗

- This is why I LOVE THIS Game because it is the best ever

It is like magic and it is only on the app for an limited time so you should probably go and get it and then you can play with your friends and get a free version of the app if you’re in the same oh and then you can play with me oh if you did not know I am Arianna grande

- Temple run 2 vs temple run 1

Temple run 2 is better than temple run 1 because in temple run 1 there is only one thing I temple run 2 has lots of fun stuff and games.

- Thanks

I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- It’s great

This is my favorite game since I was a little girl

- Scam

Are you kidding me? Where’s the quit button? That simply means scam. Don’t waste your time on the scam and find a real transparent game.

- Haptics

I enjoy this game however I feel it would be more engaging if it utilized haptics capabilities during gameplay.

- Better than its original!

Randomized maps, prettier, etc. However, it is harder and not responsive on my old iPhone 6+. Also playable without internet. 👍🏿

- Temple run

This game is gayer than James Charles

- Not enough playable maps

It is great but sometimes you have to wait for the next holiday to play new maps and it takes forever to earn enough gems to buy them otherwise you have to pay for them

- Daily challenges

Daily challenges getting ridiculous! Able to run and collect 28,000 coins but only only see 2 gems. Give up playing challenges. Ridiculous!

- still really good but

i think you should change it so you don’t have to pay 500 gems to get a new place like before when you could do what ever level you want or even 500 coins would be fine because gems are super hard to get and less people will want to play because they are bored pf the same level everytime but other than that i recommend this app


This game is so amazing. It has been on my phone for at least 4 years and I play it every morning. Play it

- So good

This game is Awesome I wanna play it forever 😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Ads after every run.

Same as the first temple run. No matter the option you choose you have to watch an ad after every single run.

- Nickzy


- I love it

Hey baby I wanna was your birthday

- Made me soliloquy

Pressed play and asked me to rate, I’ve been wearing tinfoil on my head to block out the radio intercontinental transfiguration appendages

- Love it

Sooooo fun ❣️

- Temple Run 2

It is a fun game to play with friends or family. The best part about it is it does not require wifi or data

- Temple run 2


- ℛ𝓊𝓃

Love you temple run


This game is really addictive.

- This game

This was the first game I ever played as a kid and now coming back to it 10 years later it still has a great fun factor that has been instilled in me for my entire life.

- Crash and burn!!

Im very disappointed in the new Holi Festival map. The folks at Imanji are getting very complacent if all they can come up with for a new map is adding exploding colors to the Sky Summit map. Time to quit taking so many drugs and come up with something more original than that.

- Fun

Great game but I’m collecting over 5000 each run but the global challenge isn’t working.

- TempleRun2

Love the game, but recently (at least 2-3 weeks) there are no challenges!??? Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.

- Lit


- It use to be fun

You guys should create a new game like battle Royale or something???

- Awesome!

I love this game! This game has so many twists and turns, jumps and slides! So many places to explore!😁 The only thing I wish is a few more female characters..... There are more male than female..😐

- Global challenges problem

Love this app. However the global challenges won’t work for me - constantly says “no challenges”.

- Soooooooo gooooood!!!!😺😸😻

Really good just make pirate cove and spirt cove free

- Tilting

I can’t tilt my screen so that I avoid the small obstacles. I have tried uninstalling and then installing it again but that doesn’t work. It is a really fun game though.

- Vgggg


- Temple Run

I Love It! It’s My Stress Reliever Playing Temple Run

- It’s a good game

It’s a fun game but you should only get it on a iPhone 8 and up or a iPad because than it is bigger and funner to play

- Fun

It’s really fun but it’s extremely annoying how after every race it takes you like 30 seconds to collect all of your rewards and can be frustrating often if your in a hurry and you just want to play a quick game...

- Cool new game

This game is super fun and has amazing backgrounds. The miners tunnel is a little bit hard but not very. In my opinion this game is worth your time I personally play it for probably over an hour every day. Overall this game is SUPER FUN 😃

- Cross play.

Amazing game big deal game but but it’s sucks how coins and gems can’t be carried to from iPad to iPhone or iPhone to iPad. Their should be away to be able to save the progress and play on other devices this is a big deal game..

- Love it!

I love the colours and the pathways!

- 👋🏻

Crashed 2-3 times and it’s ok

- K


- Underrated game

This game is really underrated. It’s a lot better than the first one but it doesn’t get much recognition. I know that not many people are gonna find this review but I hope it was helpful

- Lol

Its overall fun

- Ad after Ad

Deleted the game. Far too many ads. This app is an ad machine with a little game play in-between. No apparent option to pay for no ads.

- Why?

Since when did temple run start with the ad rubbish???? 🙄

- Best game ever

I like the fantasy and when you die it makes such good jokes

- Hey

Very nice game for up the game and I don’t have to wait to play the games and then I’ll start playing it now and I can’t even play the games I’m so bored of the day layover time I wanna is a cool day to come home to a cool game to play with it and then I’ll get it back in like a half an hour or so like I wanna was it hilarious that you were gonna was it like a cool mans birthday and I got a good one day like bro I don’t know why you wanna I was really bored I wanna was the last night y’all got home and I was gonna I gotta I wanna was like I was like oh my goodness how I did I wanna cry like you a weirdo and then I’ll start talking to ya bro ya girl

- Temple run 2

Temple run2 is really fun but there shouldn’t be just the same run every time I run

- After latest update now have to re-buy previously owned characters with gems ???

After latest update now have to re-buy previously owned characters with gems ???

- Jeu

Malgré la bonne idée de jeu le jeu bog souvent se qui qu’ose un décalage et perte de vie dans le jeu !!!.....merci pour votre précieuse collaboration..😀

- Glitch

Why do you people update if you cannot get it right? Cannot end the game. If you do hard exit it will lose all points. It used to be fine until week ago. Had few issues, nothing is perfect. But this type of error cannot play 😡 Found out FRANCISCO MONTOYA is the glitch. Hope you guys will fix it

- Issues with update

The end game button does not work. Close the app and you lose everything you have gained. Fix the button

- Adds🤬

It’s a fun game but like every five seconds there is an ad and it interrupts my game time

- Awesome 😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

So good!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

- Not happy

So I deleted the game and then re downloaded it, and went to restore my purchases. Lost all my coins and gems. Not really happy with this. Since the new update it’s been crashing.

- Temple Run 2

I love this app!

- Temple run 2

I think this game is very fun but often what happens is I swipe to turn and I die. anyway I would suggest this game.

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- Fix a bug

Pirate cove isn't working for mission related to it!besides,pls make characters be bought by gems and coins like joshua woods,u have to spend money for it bt everyone can't afford money!u can fix a gem rate!for buying gem they have to watch ads!by which money can be earned!u know i've been playing this game since 2014....bt some updates are disappointing me!

- Good but

It’s a goood game but the adverts drive me crazy and don’t charge ,only for all of the game boosts if you want money than make a new game and charge that one instead .most of the adverts are point less . Oh and your lucky I like this game because I had 50 thingys and now only2 !i want my things back . Apart from that good game

- Load issues

Load issues yet again takes for ever to load

- Great game but..

Great game but unable to complete certain tasks due. For example, run 15000 metres in Pirate Cove. Not achievable as Pirate Cove is currently Pirate Cove -Earth Day. Frustrating as I like completing the tasks.

- Broken

Just updated to Earth Day and lost my streak of 1687 days. Thanks for nothing guys. No point in playing now.

- Great improvement

Much better than temple run 1 I really like that there is a lot more content in this sequel. amazing game!

- Amazing

It is a really good game and I would recommend it.

- Okay

It’s okay

- Temple run

Very good amazing

- Great game

Very crisp graphics.🤩 There is definitely room for more improvement though due to how powerful devices are by now.😃 That’s something which would be awesome. There are not very many things to buy. I’ve had this game for years. I’ve got everything.😕 I would like to see some more items added which can be purchased. 🙂 I have to say something about the recent maps. They sometimes seem a bit lazy. 😐 It’s just changing the textures to make things different colours and calling it a new map.😬 I want to see entirely new maps. I remember Pirate Cove releasing. Great map. More like that please! 😃 Overall great game!!!!

- Bad game

It is a bad game because you can only run and you aren’t like talking Tom

- Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah

- Temple run 2


- Tepel run

The new version of the game is so great I got to play

- Adverts Adverts Adverts

Doesn’t matter how much you pay you still get lumbered with stupid, often inappropriate adverts. Its a joke. In response to your answer. I’ve already purchased that but still get adverts at the end of every game ! Hence my comment.

- TempleRun2

I enjoy the game it was great fun

- Temple run

I love this game nicely crafted but I don’t like how you have to watch adverts as soon as you die, that is the only thing keeping it from being perfect

- Cool

The game is cool

- Crashing

Since the latest upgrade/ change I can play the game but not score anything, no coins, no metres no nothing! Fix it please

- Temple Run 2

Very good game, but whenever I get a challenge with the minecart, Which happens all the time. The minecart hardly ever comes up, so I have to keep playing forever. When I’m not doing a challenge I get the minecart all the time when I DO NOT WANT it. Why is that. I think It’s being manipulated so I’ll play a lot more. I find it infuriating & stop playing as it puts me off. So that DOES NOT work with me. Please don’t give me any more minecart challenges if you’re not going to give me the minecart. Hense 3 stars.

- Best game ever

I really enjoy this game but the only thing is the character,s they need to be free many thx. Maria Pearson

- TempleRun2

Love this game.....my grandson introduced me to it...........it’s my ‘go to’ game when I just want to relax

- I love this game

Even though I've not played this game

- Too many adverts

Since I updated this game, which I loved playing, there are adverts practically in between each new game, definitely spoilt the fun.

- What a star ⭐️

I think it is amazing it go’s on forever and so many cool characters I think there are a few wee things that are not so great witch is how there is no monsters at one or two points I think is not great because where does it you and how does it insanity come back when you hit something but that is the only thing that I think can be improved oh and I would like more characters because once your done not a lot of fun but anyway love it 😍 Please get more characters and maybe temple run 3??? Well it is an amazing game keep it up Developer response please !!!! Developer response please !!!!

- Ok

Great game i love it so much! One REALLY annoying feature. inbetween every game i get an advert...😡its really annoying so please take some out..apart from that its great..please can you do a free level where you go into the temple and run or can explore the map more..

- Deeply connected to dis game

The use of lexis such as’doom.....item’ connotes images of Indiana Jones.....ummm good game is what i mean (Sorry I love English)

- Impossible to play due to incessant ads

Way too many ad‘s at every possible opportunity. Was hoping to have a fun time reliving this game but found it frustrating having to sit through ad after ad just to play a couple games

- Wondering...

I think that temple run 2 is a great game but I think that they should make treasure chests more frequent depending on how far u are in the game...

- Temple Run 2

Game is great - BUT - why can't I build up my coins to upgrade further than level 1, @ 3000 coins my total goes back to zero so I can't upgrade ?????? Just paid £4:99 for gold edition of Pirate Cove, not worth it, no real difference or better than standard edition. Feel ripped off, so know what to do in future!!!!!!!!!!!

- 390000 on my first try with only three save me’s and over 2500 coins and about 6 daily challenges


- Elvis fan 57

Had this game many moons ago , got a lot of enjoyment from it then , but somehow lost interest in it , thought I’d look at it again , was pleased to see the game has new maps , the graphics really look good on my iPhone XS, playing it quite a bit now and enjoying it !😊

- Temple run 2

It’s a great game but there’s so many adds

- Same level

Volcano island is the same as holiday havoc least favourite update

- Great things🦄🌸🙂🥳

Everything is so good there is nothing they could make better😘😘😘

- TempleRun2

Great game really fun

- 2000-2019

It’s now 2020 and this game has been great last decade and my childhood ❤️❤️

- Ruined by adverts

Now I'm getting adverts pop up *after* the game has started. I can appreciate that they have to make money from free games somehow, but surely reducing their offerings to an annoying experience that is best avoided is not the best way to go about this? And a plea to the developer: please for the love of god if your going to insist on adverts at least don’t allow the ones that try to be interactive. They’re just annoying and obnoxious as well as being generally unwanted.

- Good fun!

Great for a distraction!

- Good but...

Good game but graphic could be updated and reactions are a bit slow to the speed I play at but it’s great fun

- Temple run holiday havoc

This is the best game ever I love it

- Good game

I thank you so much that you made this

- Good game

Very fun game

- Temple run

It fabulous and fun to play.

- Really like the game

But, when you’ve been running for a while the game gets a bit too fast, which makes it a bit confusing . Apart from that the game is good 😊

- Issue

Hi. The updated Xmas game is good but the music is terrible. Drove me crazy and had to switch sound off. Also when the game ends and it shows the "End Run" or "Continue" screen and shows how many gems you have can you please also show the score and coins. That way players can make a choice to end or continue based on score. At the moment when game ends it very quickly changes screens from the game play screen to the end run screen and only shows number of gems collected.

- Timple run

I liked it

- Please read!!!

I used to love this game it was one of my favourite games I had on my phone. I recently saw my friend play it and I decided to download it. My favourite part about temple run two was by far the giant Zip wire!!! It was the best part of the game!! And I understand that you want to make it festive and everything but I can’t seam to ever get a zip wire and the game seams to be repeating itself way to much. And it’s not as fun anymore!!! Could you please put the zip wire back into the game!!

- Idea

I think you should be able to fly

- Rubbish game

My 13 year old daughter plays this game and she said it had a picture of someone having vaginal birth

- Best game ever

Keep it up temple run and make number3

- PLS READ!!!!!

Amazing game, really fun, addictive never gets boring!!!👏😍😁👍 But I think some of the characters are too expensive😶😬 It would be PERFECT if you lowered the price down to 10-15 tokens at most for the good ones, especially since it isn't easy saving up that many tokens☹️ I also think it would be super cool if we could make our own avatars, like a small button at the corner saying 'customize' that would be really cool!!😁💖😍 There are also WAY to many adds, They come up after most games or in between and can be really long and without a skip button😡😭 Overall, I think it is a pretty decent app, just change these few things and I will give 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Endless

Going to be there until you die...

- Temple run

Thanks temple run but can you send more games of temple run out can you make pirate cove so we can earn it by playing the game with out me having to buy it!!🤩

- Cool

This game is grate if your looking for a game to buy get this one

- Temple run 2

In my opinion, I think temple run 2 is really fun and you will never get tired of the game. I also think that temple run 2 is better than temple run.🤓

- Challenges

There do no seem to be any more challenges lately. The last challenge was in early/mid March 2019. What is going on?

- Love

Temple run is the best

- Love the game

It’s a great game but to hard to get outfits but apart from that it so fun to play and I really in joy it

- Awesome game except...

I really enjoy this game and it is really addictive. It is a good game to play when you are bored. All the features in the game including the characters, maps, abilities and gameplay are really good. The reason I only gave it 4 star instead of 5 is because there are a bit too many ads.

- Good game

Very good and fin

- I like this game

I like this game

- Amazing game

It’s unbelievable how good the graphics are and how there are so many maps and characters But I miss ‘Temle run OZ’ please fix it

- Hi

I think you do great with all these games I love them all and the characters and maps

- Pírate cove.

I love this game, but would be the option buy the new map for gems 💎.

- Fantastic game

I’ve been playing this game since day 1 & love it, but this latest “holi festival” update is horrible. I have not missed a day for over 6mths then this update reset the counter & I’m back at day 1, not happy. I have collected every chest more than once & now just find them annoying but if you want to collect other power boosters you have to get the chests. I think it’s about time the chests were replaced or updated with new something.

- Niceeee

Pretty good game I like how it’s a quick 5 minute break. I highly recommend it.😀😀😀.cheers for the good game!

- Temple run 2

Temple run 2 is one of my favorite games to play so thank you for creating this game.

- Tried and played and you should to

Love the affects and places

- Timepass

Best way to pass time

- pretty good 🥺😔

Temple run was pretty good when i play it because, some of the problem's are that when you use the chest box or the black hand that has a gem when you take it it takes many minutes do get it back again! for my prediction it should be a little bit better. Please fix it thank you.

- Temple Run


- Great sequel to Temple Run!

Condormahjedas back again, to say that Temple Run 2 is pretty damn awesome. The frequent updates with a variety of obstacles in your path to running away from the new, massive monkey monster...thing that chases you...it’s nice, and feels new even to Temple Run 1 players. The camera movements are nice and basic, and are done quite well. The visuals and graphics are superbly improved from the predecessor and ads aren’t nearly as frequent in this, at least for me. Lots of new characters to buy, although it is a bit TOO easy for my tastes to get all of these characters. I’d say just a good 6 hours of gameplay before you’re able to get the entire cast that you can buy with in game currencies. Although there is those collectibles that you need to get one or two of them, and then there’s Bruce Lee and Usain Bolt where you need to buy them with real money. So yeah, micro transactions, but it’s not necessary which makes it a little better. My only real complaint is that the game, even with all the upgrades, and the variety of obstacles can get boring rather quickly. I mean, it’s just swiping left, right, up and down in the end. But apart from that, Temple Run 2 is a great step forward in the game’s name.

- 5 star game

This is the best game I have ever played on my iPad if there where 20 stars I would rate this game all of them 😀😁😃😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😍

- Lol

Why would you take away pirate cove and make it so you have to pay for it that’s the best map.

- Bob the fish

Good game

- The game

Its got objectives no glitching and super fun !

- After the new upgrade,all my stuffs are gone

atfer upgraded to 1.53.1,all my stuffs such as coins,clothes,characters and fun. I think this is the time to say goodbye, thanks for several years of fun

- I would

I would make the rating worth it so I did

- Best app ever

Can you 4th temple run because your game are the best

- Best game ever !!!!!!!

Omg I love this game soooo much !!!! I am soo addicted to this game. I recommend to play this game

- Temple run 2

I recommend this app for fans of subway surfers, angry granny and grumpy cat. It’s a good game and all, but it’s kinda gotten me into a LOT of game rage but it connects anywhere, so if you can handle a LOT of arguments with yourself, then you’re not going to be disappointed.👌😎🌲🐶

- Slide

I think 🤔 in the game it should slide longer before I can get fully under it I die☠️besides I like it👍🏼

- Temple run 2

I have played this game for 9 whole years it is the best I hope temple run 100000 comes out one day

- Good graphics and no lag but...

I’ve noticed that some of the skins don’t have enough death pictures, eg The two African skins the only death picture is a tombstone, add more death pictures I’d like to see more

- Great game.

Ow, my eye.

- Best game ever!!

Great game needs more characters

- So cool

So cool that I can play all day but a few adds 😐☺️

- The best game ever you have made

I’m upset

- Great 👍 but...........

The runner needs running lessons. And he needs a bum smack

- Temple run

This is a pretty hard game but really fun🔭💗😘😂😍💔😀☺️😄😂💙❤️😇😂😂☺️☺️😇

- Awesome

I💕 this app

- Love the game

Love it and gave it a five on five

- How amazing temple run is!!

Well temple run is the best game I have honestly ever play it is an relaxing and an enjoyable game to play. Love sienna olsen🦋


I PLAY THE GAME AND MANGE TO GET 16 thousand coins , go back to my upgrade to find the coins vanished and reduced down from 16 thousand to 2 thousand for no reason, this has happened many times now why are the coins I’m collecting, reducing and vanishing for no reason this is a scam game

- Australia?

Cold snowy winter!?? Nobody care about the hot weather here in Australia!?

- Awesome game

Loved the game but I’m just really disappointed that I can’t buy the pirate maps using gems. I’m also unable to convert Francisco Montoya into a castaway. Otherwise a great game!

- No longer runs smoothly for me.

Fun enough game, but the latest updates make it next to unplayable.

- Very Good

The Latest Update has been a little dodgy, meaning sometimes when I swipe up it doesn’t do the same, the same problems for if I swipe a different way. Other than that, it is an amazing game, very well laid out, my record could be much better because of my previous problem reasons, but my record is 987,435.

- Absurd amount of ads

30 sec ad after every run is over the top.

Download Temple Run 2 1.66.0 APK

I got 67149 points while escaping from a Giant Demon Monkey. Beat that!

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Good start to the day at @GulfstreamPark for Spendthrift stallions. The talented LARGENT, by Into Mischief, and TEM…

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Temple Run 2 1.66 Screenshots & Images

Temple Run 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Temple Run 2 iphone images
Temple Run 2 iphone images
Temple Run 2 iphone images
Temple Run 2 iphone images
Temple Run 2 iphone images
Temple Run 2 ipad images
Temple Run 2 ipad images
Temple Run 2 ipad images
Temple Run 2 ipad images
Temple Run 2 ipad images
Temple Run 2 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Temple Run 2 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Temple Run 2 (Version 1.66) Install & Download

The applications Temple Run 2 was published in the category Games on 2013-01-17 and was developed by Imangi Studios, LLC [Developer ID: 284899742]. This application file size is 202.44 MB. Temple Run 2 - Games posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 1.66 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Temple Run 2 Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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