Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better

Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Join the millions experiencing less anxiety and better sleep with our guided meditations, breathing programs and Sleep Stories. Recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts to help you de-stress.

Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users.

Guided meditation sessions are available in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes so you can choose the perfect length to fit with your schedule. Topics include:

* Calming Anxiety
* Managing Stress
* Deep Sleep
* Focus and Concentration
* Happiness
* Gratitude
* Self-Esteem
* Body Scan
* Loving-Kindness
* Forgiveness
* Non-judgement
* Commuting to work or school
* Walking meditation
* Calm Kids
* And so much more....

Also featuring:

* Daily Calm: a new 10-minute program added daily to help ease you into the day or unwind with before bed
* 50+ Sleep Stories: adult bedtime stories guaranteed to lull you to sleep
* 7 day and 21 programs for both beginner and advanced users
* Breathing exercises to relax
* Unguided timed meditation
* Open-ended meditation
* 30+ soothing nature sounds and scenes to use during meditation, yoga or to help you sleep

Track your progress with:

* Daily streaks
* Time spent meditating

Calm is loved by the press:

* “I’m generally wary of meditation apps because they sometimes weave in too much mystic talk for my taste. But Calm instead contains guidance like ‘Concentrate on your body’” - New York Times

* “In the frenetic, crazy, digital world we live in, sometimes it's necessary to take a step back and smell the roses” - Mashable

* “Eliminating distraction...ended up helping me relax and realize that all the stuff I was stressing about wasn't that big a deal” - Tech Republic

* “Found myself similarly refreshed afterwards” - TechCrunch

Subscription pricing and terms:

Calm offers two auto-renewing subscription options:
$12.99 per month
$59.99 per year

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your Calm subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Calm also offers a Lifetime subscription which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment of $299.99 with unlimited access to the Calm Collection forever.

Calm integrates with the Health app. This feature is optional.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

Terms of service:
Privacy policy:

Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better App Description & Overview

The applications Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-02-22 and was developed by The file size is 118.67 MB. The current version is 3.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We’re excited to introduce Calm Music — our biggest new feature this year!

Calm Music features 3 channels: Calm Focus (subtly rhythmic music to help you focus while working or studying), Calm Relax (for kicking back and winding down) and Calm Sleep (to help you drift off to dreamland). Over the last year we’ve carefully composed the music for each channel using cutting-edge audio science and we think the results are incredible. We hope you agree.

You’ll find Calm Music on the home screen of the app in the bottom left, where the Breathe Bubble feature used to be. You can now find the Breathe Bubble linked under the Meditate Menu.

While you’re waiting for the update to install, try this simple practice: Relax, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. As you breathe, allow any tension you’re holding to melt away. Scan your body starting with your head and face, and slowly scan your attention down to your toes, softening each body part one by one. See how it feels to stop and fully relax the mind and body

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Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better Reviews


This app is worth it  Snodd4s  5 star



Truly Amazing  swatsraised  5 star

Started using just a few days ago. The app is simply amazing and is worth every penny of the $9.99 subscription.


Perfect app  malvo1234  5 star

Great for beginners and experts. Would highly recommend to anyone curious about meditation and anyone who needs stress relief or is seeking building a better lifestyle.


One of my fav apps!!  Jess1094  5 star

I've had this app for a couple years now and i absolutely love it! The reminders help me stay on track. There's also a great variety of sessions.


Love the app for my meditation  4c1acurtis  5 star

I love the guided meditation and my kids enjoy the sleep stories. Knocks them out every time!


I finally have a meditation practice.  Chiggabutt  5 star

I've never been able to meditate consistently until I found this app. Whether I'm dealing with anxiety, stress or just need something to help me calm down for sleep, this app has everything I need. I really love the specific practices provided. I'm currently doing the 21 days of calm and I absolutely love it! This app is great for beginners or those who have been meditating for years.


Worth it!  carltbird  5 star

I'm a regular blue collar construction worker, so I'm not much for the "whoo-whoo". However, this app has helped me overcome (or should I say accept) many difficult situations, from anxiety to a slump, or even anger towards difficult coworkers, restlessness etc, etc,. If you got five minutes at break time; take a quick mental vacation that will help you restart the day on a good foot! Sometimes, it's not feasible or appropriate to go for a jog, hit the heavy bag, or sit in the lotus position while chanting a mantra. With this app, I simply throw on the head phones at break, relax, reset, and reboot! It's better than drugs, because it's cheaper, lasts longer, and won't get me fired! Powerful!


Wonderful!!!  mfo5678  5 star

Calm's Daily Meditations are fantastic jumpstarts to the day!


Mindfulness in your pocket  Impartialreview2011  5 star

You need to remember to use it daily


A daily must  Linka69  5 star

Highly recommend


Parallel Yoga ParallelYoga 3 star

Meditation can help increase our ability to focus and concentrate. Here's how: #meditation


HannahhChelsea iwannabeyourHan 3 star

@SaraBareilles I like the Calm app :) Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better by


ً sendherluggage 3 star

@adjustwig Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better by


Love 12 minute daily break from stress  lvkelley  5 star

It's my break from the stress life throws my way on occasion. Grateful to have found this app!

Follow The Code

New practicing Buddhist  Follow The Code  5 star

As a new practicing Buddhist meditation is very important part of my day. I wasn't sure how to start or techniques. I found Calm and feel better thanks to the guided meditations.

Momma Krohn

Fabulous app!!  Momma Krohn  5 star

I've always wanted to meditate but have never been able to "get in the moment. " Calm has helped me achieve a new, relaxed, calm, me!


Calm is calming  smosko  5 star



LOVE IT!!!!!  Lagilber  5 star

I truly love this app and would recommend it to anyone! I has really helped me go through a lot of stuff I've been hold onto and to let it go!

val chats

Great job on this meditation app  val chats  5 star

I have been promising myself to get back to meditation for a couple years now. But it wasn't until I started using Calm that I was able to do it. The scheduling and the guidance in this program are excellent. I like the bedtime stories too. It is wonderful. Thank you!

Rachel 688

Ah, come on! I really loved this app!  Rachel 688  1 star

So I uninstalled and will be getting a refund. I was charged and unable to use it. I really, really loved this app and now with all the updates I'm unable to use it. It's been weeks and your tech support is awful. For a long time this has been going on. I renewed my subscription and I was locked out of everything! This is a real bummer.

Loony Bird

Simple way to stick with a meditation practice  Loony Bird  5 star

I have been meditating on and off for several years. Of course life is better when I stick to my meditation practice. This app is the best one I have found that offers more than a timer and sounds but also guided meditations and reminders and keeps track of your consistency. Great app!


Wonderful!!!!  Azhares  5 star

It helps me get started with my day. Just learning his to breathe, sometimes I do it in the office and it calms my nerves. I have already recommended to my co workers. Thank you.


Love it so much!  Butterfly21b  5 star

I am just starting meditating and this app has been extremely helpful to me as a beginner. I recommend it highly!

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