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Watch more content than ever before on FOX NOW. Stream full episodes of your favorite FOX shows LIVE and ON DEMAND. Catch up on all your FOX favorites including Empire, 9-1-1, The Resident, Star, Gotham, The Orville and more. Plus stream live sports with FOX Sports - including NFL Thursday Night Football, and College Football.

Watch new episodes of top FOX shows live - Last Man Standing, Rel, The Cool Kids, and more. Also stream episodes of your favorite adult animation - The Simpsons, Family Guy & Bob's Burgers.

Also enjoy FX, FXX Originals and Movies with FXM. Plus watch live sports on FOX Sports and catch up on National Geographic shows with a TV provider login.

Looking for movies? Check out the rich catalog of blockbuster hits. Search and discover new collections grouped by Comedy, Animation, Drama, and Reality. A personalized For You section offers recommendations based on your viewing too.

To get the most out of FOX NOW, sign in with your participating TV provider account. All programming on FX, FOX Sports and National Geographic requires a participating TV provider account. We support more than 70 providers including Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS. Visit to check the devices your provider supports.

No provider? You can view unlocked FOX shows that include up to the latest 5 episodes of new shows; returning FOX shows unlock 8 days after airing. For more info, visit or tweet us @FOXNOW.

Also available on Apple TV.

FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV App Description & Overview

The applications FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-11-06 and was developed by FOX Broadcasting Company. The file size is 67.30 MB. The current version is 3.11.5 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using FOX NOW. We’re always making enhancements to improve performance, stability, and user experience based on your feedback. In this release, we've been busy squashing bugs and making updates to improve Airplay and Chromecast.

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FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV Reviews


Wow, this is relatively bad  a F3ARofCHANG3  1 star

I use most network and streaming apps to cast to my TVs and my other devices. They all work pretty well and have none of the issues this app does. This app freezes when I wake my phone during a show. It also will reset sometimes to the main page and forget my place entirely in a show. I can go on. I have no idea how a major media company would release something like this.


Tv Provider having issues  B-Dubbs-123  2 star

The app is nice but has one major issue, it doesn’t let you put in your tv provider information to get access to all episodes of shows. When you tap the button to input a provider info, the app freezes and either restarts or just shows the spinning wheel and then you need to restart it....

Casper on Space Bass

Fox rip off  Casper on Space Bass  1 star

Now if you pay a $156.00 with cableone Fox has blocked you from accessing Gifted for last week episode, but they let you watch 1/2 the flipping show before they tell you to go buy Hulu.. Or log in by signing up with Zero explanation of the cost. So Netflix isn't enough so buy Amazon so that isn't enough so buy Hulu.. They cut off the shows so they can tell you how much they hate the President then make sure to get all the commercials in.. guess what ... we don't care what you think. Play the full episode or let us watch it for free.


Terrible Functionality  AlexTech115  1 star

Unable to stream to a Chomecast. I will get a black screen and an endless buffering symbol in the bottom left. When in the very, very rare chance it does work, if I attempt to skip forward/back my app will crash. Every. Time. If I do manage to finish an episode and it comes to select the next one, I get the lovely, endless black screen again. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Turn off/on. Went through every IT 101 Textbook and the app still fails. Every other Chromecast supported app I have works like a charm. Never crashes. Always starts playing on the first attempt. This app is just broken.


Terrible App  Medavis121  1 star

Seriously, this awful app doesn't allow you to restart a show from where you left off?!? This can be super problematic when the stupid app crashes (literally all the time) and the forces you to watch the show YOU WERE LITERALLY JUST WATCHING, from the beginning, commercials and all. Take a clue from the other network shows (that I also pay for via my DIRECTV) they may be problematic themselves, but at least they all let you start up a show where you left off. Now that Bones is gone, I was trying to find a new fox show, I thought I'd found it in Shots Fired, but no, it's not worth it, not with this horrific app... One year later, nothing’s changed. There’s no way to change a password for your “profile” without doing so you can’t continue to watch a show that has crashed (constant, constant crashing) without signing in to a profile. I now have 3 profiles and upon creating the 3rd one, the show I was trying to watch would now resume, it restarted. Done with fox, don’t bother, it’s garbage..


Never use this app...  CmooreBabe  1 star

Only time this apps work is when you sign up for there subscription. They won’t accept my cable for no reason. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP, THEY’RE MONEY HUNGRY


Please sign in to you tv provider  TimHearthstone  1 star

App doesnt work. I can get in the app but clicking on any show to watch gives me the error message “please sign in to you tv provider” then it doesnt play anything. I dont have a tv provider. I dont even know what that means

Gay boy deluxe

Never works on game day  Gay boy deluxe  1 star

Trash app.


Refund  tahibaHines  1 star

I’m not able to watch movies without signing into my television provider! This is very frustrating and annoying I would like a full refund ASAP please


No long works for DIRECTV NOW subs  Avickjr  1 star

This app was great up until it no longer allowed DIRECTV NOW subscribers to watch current episodes. What gives?


Pause button!!  Suzycue23  3 star

App works ok but it would be nice to have a pause button for live tv. I find that after I disconnect from Chrome cast that I can’t get live tv to work again unless I restart my phone. It’s like it’s frozen because I got out without pausing the live feed first.

Jack mehoff!

Crap  Jack mehoff!  1 star

Your app is absolutely terrible. Just as I said months, if not a year ago. The app struggles to do the one thing it's supposed to do play videos. The developer has their collective heads so far up their own @sses they have no idea how unusable they have made their app. The app takes forever to load because they insist on showcasing their original programs upon start up. The user must sit and wait helplessly as the start up page loads clips and content from programs the user most likely doesn't even watch. If the user has the patience to wait 15-20 as the app starts up they are forced to watch the content from their mobile device unless they have wifi available along with a chrome cast or Apple TV because they won't let you screen mirror with a hdmi adapter cord, stating screen recording is not allowed. Because as we all know it's impossible to record something that is cast wirelessly to your tv. Yea, not so much, one would think it's easier to record because you wouldn't need as many cables. But don't let fox find out, because then they'll have to block everyone from watching content as they are streaming it. Good concept for an app ruined by greed and brown-nosed techs trying to reinvent the wheel to validate the money they wasted on college. Truly a sign of the times...

Baroque Nick

Great except casting issues  Baroque Nick  3 star

Love the design and feel of the app, it's just that casting to my Sony Android TV only casts to less than a quarter of the top left of my TV.


Doesn’t work most of the time  NikkiLynneB  1 star

You click on something and it just spins. Not my connection because all my other apps work fine. Just this one and the sister channel FXNOW don’t want to work. *UPDATE* They did contact me, however their only solution was to unplug and reinstall everything over and over and over and it never worked. I had this issue on the smartphone app, on the Roku and the app on my laptop. My husband had the same issues with his electronics. We had the same issues no matter where we were. I can’t help to think the reviews have been artificially raised


Review  whatintheactualf  3 star

Too many ads. And they’re all repetitive

Mimi The Cat

Can’t enter cable provider  Mimi The Cat  1 star

Defeats purpose can’t enter my cable provider blank page. Uninstalling.

Aaron W. Anderson

Fox  Aaron W. Anderson  5 star

Only thing is I wish they would show the previous show quicker


FOX is good but should combine with FX & Fox’s other apps  mccannpr  3 star

FOX has average mobile apps app but they should really just combine the FOX, FX and all the other Fox apps such as FOX sports into a single app so I wouldn’t have to waste a ton of space and a folder on my iPhone to use it, I personally usually only use the FX app since they have the same content. Honestly FOX, I had loved so many of your Shows but you have idiotically canceled so many TV shows like Lucifer, Gotham, Brooklyn 9-9 and then you dig that Tim Allen recycled garbage idea of a show to replace them with while your competitors outsmarted you and picked up Lucifer and Brooklyn 9-9 which is where the future is. Nielsen Ratings and metrics like those have never actually give you anything near a proper sample even in the 80s and 90s. It’s insane how Nielsen takes a sample of .03% of the households this year which is a all time high and somehow they speak for the rest of the 99.97% of the US. And that .03% doesn’t even take into account watching on cell phones, Netflix or many other platforms. It is not too late to do the right thing and form a company that you can keep track of not only what they watch because some people can just leave their boxes on and it screws ratings. You have the technology to ask for permission to watch out TV Viewing habits as you already are watching everything we do, click on and which websites we visit in order to personalize adds which to get that turned of you have to go through extraordinary measures on every since device, app and website you use but on thing I know is that if you allowed everyone to have a voice of what shows continue I would happily Volunteer my watch data if I was able to rate on a scale of 1-10. Which is why once the NFL and NBA deals are up for grabs you are all screwed, You Broadcast companies make it impossible with all your blackout BS and making it impossible to watch all the NFL Games but I can not wait, another 3-5 years and this ridiculous stuff about why you can’t watch all of the NFL games only your local garbage teams will be over. In the mean time if I were part of your company I would make a massive shift ASAP because it is becoming a user driven wold and companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are going to be leading the future while if you stick with your ways live tv apart from sports will go the way of the landline


Hh  tmg34  2 star

Cant stay logged in


Family guy  kona15  5 star

This is the best app to see your favorite shows

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