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Blinkist: 15min Book Insights [Education] App Description & Overview

Where do the world’s smartest people get their ideas? From great books! Blinkist transforms the key insights of 3000+ bestselling nonfiction books into powerful packs you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes.

Over 10 million users treat us as a companion on the most noble and challenging journey we know: fulfilling human potential.

• Sharpen your professional skills with the best business books in your field
• Make headway with the most impactful self-improvement titles
• Discover new perspectives on the world with bestsellers on economics, science, history & culture
• Find inspiration with the latest trends and ideas in your professional field

• Listen to audible versions of our book key insights to effortlessly slip learning into your day
• Create your personal audio book library to customize your learning experience
• Learn hands-free at the gym, in the car, or doing chores with Autoplay
• Download book key insights, audiobooks and original shows to read and listen offline

• Get access to thousands of nonfiction audiobooks at a special discounted price
• Listen to audiobooks like "Sapiens", "The Art of War" or "The 5 AM Club"

• Always know what to read or listen to next—we’ll suggest titles based on your interests & reading history
• Discover new ideas and find motivation with suggested books curated by experts

• Focus only on the best nonfiction books—our editorial team carefully selects each single book
• Enjoy lovingly written summaries of key ideas by field experts with a passion for explaining complex matters in simple, beautiful language

• Thanks to a format based on neuroscientific research you'll quickly make headway
• Understand easily thanks to crystal clear language and short, powerful content


Whether you have two minutes or twenty, immerse yourself with our exclusive Blinkist Originals content including popular shows like 'Two Minutes with Seth Godin" and "State of Mind"



"Blinkist is an intriguing new app that encourages you to read more nonfiction books... It’s a fun and fascinating way to discover new and interesting topics” - The New York Times

“There is no such thing as too much knowledge. If you would like to expand your horizons, but don’t have the time to read, Blinkist is a speedy and convenient way of learning” - TheNextWeb

"Blinkist offers a terrific service – great ideas distilled down to their very essence. For those of us who are deeply curious about new ideas on success, happiness, innovation, progress and more, it’s a great start." - Forbes

“The audio feature is an awesome way to dive into a book while folding laundry or cooking a meal.” - BuzzFeed



Getting started is simple. Download the Blinkist app now and sign up for a free 7-day trial. We have monthly and annual plans available.

With Blinkist Premium you will have access to:
• 3000+ summaries of key insights
• audible versions of all book key insights
• full-length audiobooks at a special member price
• personalized recommendations from the Blinkist editorial team
• all formats audible offline: book key insights, audiobooks & original shows
• a send-to-Kindle feature
• syncing your highlights with Evernote

If you choose the Blinkist Free plan you can still read one title selected by us, every day. Ready to make headway? Download Blinkist today.

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Questions? Suggestions? You can speak to a real person at Blinkist. Our trusty customer support team is just an email away --- simply write to

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Blinkist: 15min Book Insights Comments & Reviews

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- Customer service is horrible

I tried canceling the subscription and it didn’t seem to work via app or App Store or website. I reached out to them and they kept referring me to articles on instructions and I already said I did follow the steps and didn’t work. I only wanted them to help me cancel, is it that hard? Now still waiting because they are very slow to respond... bad experience.

- In Re: Blinklist Promo

Great concept, will try it, but I’m concerned that persons breaking down concepts will be personally biased in the summary of ideas -as recognized in the first part of the promo commentary about the App. Additionally, I hope that topics chosen will not then narrow future topics recommended, excluding a full menu of diverse subjects. An item that bothered me in the promo commentary about the App, was the repetitive use of the adjective, “intellectuals”. I find that to be pandering, and suggest that “intellectuals” should be replaced with a simpler yet diverse adjective such as “one”. Education makes the world a better place, & should ideally be inclusive. I am interested in giving it a try, & am appreciative of Apple’s/iPhone’s advertising of this concept/App.

- Great app

Over all it’s a great app except for one thing, once you get away from hard science the content is very left biased please add some opposing viewpoints.

- Painfully Left leaning...

Others have said it, but it needs to be repeated. For their daily picks - they consistently choose politically Left books, sometimes extremist left. I don’t get why a for profit company wants to alienate half of their customers. Make your picks balanced, or just stay away from politics all together. If I see one or two more extremist leftist books that are not balanced out with the other side - I am removing this app all together. Update: Your developer response is in direct contrast to reality. I have never, ever seen a book listed on the “other side of the fence.” I have to delete the app now... I looked for months !

- They will charge you quickly.

There should be a reminder about the $99 charge they yank from your account. Yes they tell you in seven days it’s going to happen but frankly, 1) I haven’t had time to explore enough because I’m having a hard time finding the books I’d like to read and my fault but with this unrest in the country I have not had time to decide if this app is really for me. Now I have it for a year so....well I’ll make sure they can’t yank my money next year too. The concept for ADD people like me is good but now my experience will be tainted. A monthly fee would have been more user friendly. But now I can’t recommend to my reading group. Bad practices. But you got my money.

- Awesome app with great and quick insight to change your life

Blinklist is the most important app for everyone who’s serious about personal growth and living your best live , you will learn new knowledge in less than 5 minute that’s can make difference in your personal and professional life

- They publish indiscriminate trash

They publish some garbage not worthy of the site. Dr Stephen Gundry has 2 books on the site. Research indicates that his material claims have neither been peer reviewed or have an adequate medical basis. The reviews of his work by medical doctors ( easily found by a google search) finds little basis for his claims and opine based on known medicine that he is simply wrong on other assertions. Finally the publication of authors of click bait internet ads that promise to tell you one amazing fact, take 13 minutes doing so, and at the end seek to sell you something is abhorrent. It renders the app as its own form of misinformation and trolling.

- Love this app.

Someone complained under reviews that there are not enough books and I disagree. There is enough to last you years and they keep adding more. The addition of full length audio books is a genius move. Appreciate everyone at Blinkist!

- Great app

I personally love the app, love to read but work 13 hour days so can never finish a book. I always buy a book then read a few pages a week then by the time I finish the book I don’t gain anything cuz it’s been so long since I read the beginning. So if your a busy person, who can’t sit down and read for an hour or two a day this is perfect. I’ve read about 6 blinks in last 48 hours. Best 15 bucks a month I spent.

- Recommend for self improvement and awareness

Please make for CarPlay. Just have the audio version of the words, play. Great app

- Only good as cliff notes or reading topics you’d never read

I’ve had blinkist for more than a year and initially I thought a condensed version of great books was an amazing idea. However, after reading actual books vs blinkist. My conclusion is that Blinkist skips a lot of key details, examples, and important chapters from books. This is horrible This speed reading is good if you want to learn about topics you’d never read, or to remember a few key points of a book you’ve already read.

- Great App

Only wish for a more selection of books. Also wish for a chat or message box where we can contact customer service for questions

- Seems Like A Useful Tool!

Living at the advent of convenience is deeply ingrained in our life experience, and we absorb and internalize useful information so quickly in boiled down essentials... in fact some would say the greatest aims of thought should be to condense the principles of the world, truths of professions, secrets of human interaction, etc. to their most basic forms so we can cumulatively reach a higher point of general understanding from which to build. To that end, this app is a superb advancement of the cause!

- Great App Just wish they had on Apple Watch

Great App Just wish they had on Apple Watch, so I could listen when I’m on runs

- Time saver!

My list of books to read is continuously growing and I’d never be able to read fast enough to keep up. I’m a fairly slow reader depending on the topic so I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Even still, it’s not enough. Blinkist is a time saver for getting the main points of non-fiction, self-help books that I love but otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to read!

- Best book summary app

Love your UI and the ease of reading summaries of books. Very creative app

- My mini education

I love getting a mini education on many interesting subjects. THIS IS WONDERFUL.

- Read a book without actually reading it!

Three things I like about Blinkist: 1. Concise summaries which are easy to read and simple to understand. Presents only the important message while not compromising tiny facts that that support it. 2. Brilliant writing that flows easily without needing to re-read. 3. Good collection of books. I read one book every night so I can get the satisfaction of actually reading something informative.

- Great notes in a small package

Easy to read summaries of key chapters in any book. Great for busy people who like to read but don’t have the time.

- Miracle Morning

I was surprised. I prefer to read than to listen to someone reading to me. I tried Miracle Morning simply to experience my very first use of Blinkest and did so while listening and moving about with some tasks. The voice was clear and pleasant, and listening was so easy that I listened to the entire recording, then took a peek at the text. If other topics prove to be as good as this one, I will surely look for more. Thanks to all who initiated the project and brought it to production!

- Thanks for the expense, I’m liking the app!

I’ll consider renewing though.

- Needs more sharing options...

This app is hands down my favorite app on my phone... That being said it's still in early development (UX, Funding, etc.) and more features are destined to be coming. The current issues are that: 1. You can't just directly share what you're reading to any desired social platform 2. The filters of your favorites, books to read, and have read are super limited. I want more organization options. 3. There aren't links for people to buy the book after 'blinking' it easily Negative review is so they notice.

- The Blinkist App

Hey, what’s up... I’m @inlandempiregrider and I rec this app for anyone who is looking for an efficient way to learn. From the content that is provided... this is only going to work for you if you have an open mind and are not necessarily looking for a specific title or author, because not all apps can carry everything so.... that’s my 2 c3ntzzzz! #shineyourlight

- Highway Robbery

This app is too expensive to offer no Technical/Customer support when issues come up.

- Awesome app!

Easy to use, great material!!

- Great app so far!

Blinkist is now a part of my routine every morning. I love all the narrators as they do not sound boring. However, there is one tiny concern when listening to the audio Blinks. The Blink page will read on it’s heading, for an example, Blink 2 of 9 and the audio voice will say “Blink 1 of 9”. I know this is due in considering the “What’s in it for me?” page. It’s not a ground breaking nuisance but feel it would be cleaner if the numbers matched the Blinks with heading.

- Good app

App is great, you guys did a great job. I didn’t find a option to cast the audio to a google home or other devices connected to WiFi. Would be great if you guys can add it

- Brain Fuel

Great product that will enrich your life in a meaningful way. Time spent on this platform is time well spent.

- Please fix the audio

For the past several months, the audio tends in stop in the middle of the audio chapters. This happens to approximately 90% of the books. When I join after 1 year ago & the book images are identical to the actual book cover, the audio was smooth throughout all the chapters. I’m tired of the audio error message on this phone app to select either Retry or Cancel. I have selected either button, but the results are identical. Audio didn’t continue & I had to start from the beginning or I just exit the app frustrated again. Please fix your problem before you start loosing more customers.

- Needs more books but overall a great app

I’ve been using Blinklist for about 3 weeks now, and in my short time using this app, I don’t have many criticisms. As an avid book reader myself, sometimes its hard to find the motivation to read one. Some unfortunately just drone on and on, without presenting the underlying message in a easily digestible manner. This app provides a shortcut for users who simply just don’t have the time and or patience to sit and read for hours on end. The book summaries, provide it users with the authors main points, and while relatively short, are quite insightful. If I had one criticism with this app, it’s that it NEEDS MORE BOOKS! The content of the app is encompasses a lot of subjects, but at times seems “limited” in quantity. (I use that word sparingly). Overall I think that blinklist has the potential to be a groundbreaking app, but the developers need to refine it more and add a lot more content. In conclusion, it’s a great app, totally recommend!

- Great app

Great app to have when you don't have enough time can give you an idea from great books you can choose and easy to find them in the app library

- This is my morning coffee

I really enjoy reading a blink each morning, it’s like I’ve read an entire book each morning.

- Blinkist is a fantastic application

The only missing (and I’m sure the crowd is small) is listening up to 3x speed. I listen to quite a few books on audible also and pushing my listening and comprehension speed to ingest more information during my audiobook listening time, and I got used to speeds up to 3.5x in increments , is there a possibility that in one of the future update, we can add the feature? Thanks for the work on this fantastic app

- Great content, but app needs work.

The summaries are mostly pretty good. The app itself needs work. Once a book is on your queue, there is no way to delete it—extremely frustrating. Reordering then queue doesn’t work as expected. Hoping to see improvements in these areas.

- Be careful when you purchase

They are tricky with sign ups. What only looked like a month sign up for me turned into a year long subscription. I’m sure that if you use the app regular it is a great app however, I the process of signing up. It felt incredibly dishonest.

- Love This APP!!!

App is amazing, don’t have any issues with it. I’ve had it now for about three months and I enjoy the information and the convenience.

- Needs more organization!

Like the idea of this app & it seems very polished. But, I’m rating it only two stars because it is so time consuming to try and find something. For example, pick a category... I picked Science. Then you have a ton of choices. Only problem, you have to individually look at each. There is no way to sort this massive list. Why not give options like most recent, oldest, longest, shortest, etc. Plus, and this would be HUGE, let’s listeners rate them all, so you would be able to sort by highest rated, etc. Add ratings and sorting options and I might be tempted to become a paying customer.

- It is ok

Overall it is useful, but if I need quality content I often go to getAbstract instead. The major issue with blinkst is that developers are changing the style of the author in their summaries often distorting the original narrative in some ugly ways. So if you decide to read book after, you get a feeling that blinkst gave you not a summary, but some very poor overview of a very creative person who decided that his style is better than author’s style. It is almost always don’t. Just try to mimic author’s style as close as possible and this will be a significant step froward.

- Inadequate selection and seems unethical

I know the app for non-fiction books, but it’s missing a lot of common books and authors. Would only be worth the money if it included fiction and more philosophy and esoteric subjects. The stuff they do have isn’t that interesting or sought-after. It’s very modern and also liberal-leaning. Also, it seems questionable and unethical to take money away from the authors of these books by influencing people not to buy the books. What percentage of these summaries do you think goes to the actual author? Zero, I’m guessing. I also think it’s a form of plagiarism to steal the writer’s material and use their book titles in these summaries that the writer probably did not approve of or intend for. That might be why the book selection is so poor. It’s similar to free YouTube music.

- Enlightenment of my mind

After subscription to Blinkist, I am getting a habit to read a book per day. By reading books, my knowledge and my power is getting better. It is enlightening of my mind.

- Awesome blinks for every intellectual wanting to make a positive change

Just one issue so far with the App: I wanted to listen again to an interesting 15 min audio book but I forgot the title to search for it. If there is a way to search for previously listened blinks in a chronological order, it would be great. I do see a bookmark on the blinks I have listened to, but the very first one I listened seem to be missing.

- Get this app

Very good application

- A suggestion

Hello My name is Noura.First,I would like t to express my interest in this application Blinkist.I am really glad to be a member of this great Blinkist community for almost two years.I also enjoy the full library of Blinkist and the audiobooks.I have learned a lot and have grown tremendously since then. Since I am an Arabic speaker ,I wonder if there is a simple way to provide an Arabic copy of this Application . So I can get many useful insights of this application Endless thanks to all people who work on this application . Best wishes Noura

- Enjoyable, well done, and a good use of free time / commutes

Fantastic. Listen daily on my dog walks (and commute, pre-pandemic) and it turns wasted time into knowledge yielding time-well-spent.

- dark mode

please add dark mode in ios for people sensitive to bright light.

- Life changing

I recommend this app for anyone!!!

- Good value

I liked it a lot

- Bomb Diggity

Love business abs personal development books but never find time to read them. Now I can- love it

- Love it!

Perfect way to browse books to see what to read next!

- Life after Google’s Blinkist

Thank you for summarizing “Life after Google”. I gave my icebreaker about books in 2014. Volume of Information always fascinated me. I will finish my “speaking career” of the legacy program with this blinkist.

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- Can’t get my refund

I saw an offer to purchase Blinkist as a trial with a full refund if not happy within 30 days and after buying it I decided around day 8 or 9 it wasn’t doing for me what I thought it would so I tried to get a refund from Apple. Apple said it’s past their 7 day trial offer and ever since I have been fighting with Apple over getting refund. Perhaps Blinkist should refund me

- Helpful

At first I was hesitant, but reading and listening to many book summaries is great.

- Absolutely love this app!

Blinkist makes me feel like I’m part of an eminent book club with no strings attached. Someone randomly picks a book, hands you the summary and reads it out to you. If you enjoy the gist of a book, you may go on and read the title in its entirety, and subscribe to the premium version. A near-perfect solution for us busy-bees: our very own virtual book club!

- Wonderful

- Ilove it more than my music playlist I enjoy listening to most the books they summarized. - I’m using the free version cause I want to have a book every night and know that I have to finish it before it’s gone. - Thanks for the hard work

- One of my fav apps

Best way for me to absorb useful information while I’m driving. Great library of insightful self help and non fiction books and audio books.

- “Free” trial becomes a $99.99 charge

Had to insert my credit card info to get a 7-day trial. Did not like the product, tried to cancel the trial, deleted my account, sent 2 emails to Customer Service but still was charged $99.99. Still did not managed to get my money back

- My favourite App!

Such a relief to have this app during a pandemic! Been using it for months. Love it. I’m a busy mom and don’t have the time for full books. This outlines exactly what I need.

- my social distancing companion

Providing a free selection of their popular blinks during the current COVID-19 crisis is greatly appreciated! It’s a beautiful concept to acquire so much new knowledge so effortlessly. Especially now that we’re social distancing at home, much thanks Blinkist 🙏🏼

- Great listening

I the voices of the blinks are amazing so interesting and such a great listen I recommend is the communist manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

- Worth Every Penny

If you’re curious about the app, try it. You’ll be glad you invested in yourself.

- Great tool


- Reasonably good

But it should download at home so it does not eat up all my data. Otherwise it would be 4 stars

- Blink it’s Work’s For Me

I didn’t know what to think when my wife mentioned Blinkist, I have to admit that I can read and understand why the author is making his or her case.


I CANCELLED MY FREE TRIAL AND I STILL GOT CHARGED $100!!! They have NO SUPPORT to contract. Straight up thieves

- Great service!

While I enjoyed my free trial, I realized that this is not for me at this particular time. I am so impressed with the ease of cancellation. No fuss, no guilt, just one click. And I can resubscribe at any time.

- Would’ve love Blinkist earlier in my life!

Of very curious nature I can’t learn enough ... but my very , very short attention spam made it hard , or impossible without intense labor to read intire books . So Blinkist isn’t just about time efficiency for me .

- Silent subscription

It signs up without any clear notification for the most expensive subscription.. don’t download it!!!

- Not worth it

Read lots of blinks. Not smarter for it. Reading someone’s summary of a book is not nearly as effective as reading an actual book. An annoying feature: If you ever read the same blink twice, it will remind you of how stupid you are and poor your memory must be by saying “you had to read this blink twice”.

- Beware

BEWARE - I never accept auto renew; I purchase this after a trial a year ago and opted out of auto renew. So yesterday a get an email saying they have charge my credit card. Unacceptable!! They are crooks!

- Best 5 minutes of my day

Best 5 minutes of my day. Tidbits keep me going

- Refund - Unauthorized Payment

Hey guys, I did cancel the subscription on time and still got charged $114 which I would like to have back. Unfortunately, the content is not as advertised. These are not audio books, this is just articles of two pages or three pages someone wrote about certain things. Also, the content is repeatedly and not to much to offer. Aside from this, I strongly suggest to work in your UI/UX and content with titles that are understandable. The titles are really vague and takes up to 10 mins to pick something you could like to then realize it only last 12-mins. It’s like having “medium” app but in audio. For these reasons and more, I would like my reimbursement for a purchase I didn’t authorize.

- Perfect

Nothing else I can say. - Audio Narrators are fantastic. - “Blinks” are always the perfect length. - The “Blinks” don’t miss anything. - Highlights are ordered by book making it easy to revise. Best subscription I have, and that includes Netflix, Audible, etc. I’m not an avid reader but I’m hooked, if I don’t read/listen now I get antsy.

- Good but expensive

There should be a cheaper monthly subscription with limited Blinks a month It’s a great app if you listen to a lot of Blinks, otherwise a waste of money. Has a great variety of books (lacking a bit in some areas but you can definitely find great books)

- Summation tool that is worth it

Brilliant summation of rather elaborate books. Definitely worth reading but if you want to just get the highlights of a book then this is definitely it

- I don’t recommend it

Waste of time. Terrible information !

- Knowledge abound - micro managed!

Loved when I stumbled upon this app via an Instagram ad; this has helped me learn about so much in terms of self help / discipline and other uncharted book categories. I happily upgraded to the subscription version, as this is a neat way to identify future potential books to build out my kindle library. 11/10 would recommend!

- Not so impressed

Though the summaries (blinks) are well written, I’ve found that they cut-out huge chunks of the valuable information in a book. For example, the Blinkist summary of the book “48 laws of power” explores only 7 of the 48 laws! (that’s less than 15% of the actual content in the book). I had expected the blinks to contain one or half page summaries of each of the 48 laws. I actually read the book in full some years ago, and I wanted a quick refresher on it, so I’m quite disappointed with the summary. You’ve been warned, you can’t rely solely on blinkist for your reading.

- Best booksmto read in shortest possible time

I have read almost 100 books in the past year or so and I find the app to be rewarding.

- Spam


- Demi Moore

I loved the story of this powerful woman. She created herself by copying those whose strengths she aspired to have. What better way to learn! So very inspiring. Thanks Demi!!

- Great app

Got the premium version on Black Friday. I have little time to read. So these key notes keep me engaged. Whether I’m listening to an audio version or reading the blinks. Very happy with the results.

- Blinkist, wish I hadn’t heard of it.

Wanted to sign up for one month and the app automatically charged me for a year.

- Can’t Unlock Though Subscribed

Can’t unlock any new books even though payment had processed for the monthly plan.

- Can’t even try it

Can’t even try it unless I subscribe 👎

- Wow! What a great way to keep up with all of the thought leaders in the world!


- Healthy eating

The first post I read was one about healthy eating. This to make sure posts are really based in scientific facts. After a while of hearing I noticed that it was far from facts on it . Thus I decided not to continue with this software based on this trial which did not give confidence on what they are talking about.

- Time Managed Mini Break

I haven’t managed to insert enough reading time for the educational material I’m curious about. Blinkist makes this possible.

- Scam!

After the trial period ends they’ll automatically upgrade you to a year subscription even if you select monthly only. They’ll also refuse to refund you and say to contact Apple but Apple doesn’t provide refunds. Stay away!

- All the books

Everyday i listen to my new free blinklist book . I look forward to the variety of titles that i receive. Everyday i know a new surprise read/ listen awaits me . Its exciting , its one of my favourite apps on my phone. I still enjoy reading my library books curled up with a cup of tea. Thanks for this app, i’m a fan and i’ve told all of my friends to use it and my 3 grown children. ❤️❤️❤️ it!

- Good app

What a nice way to essentially preview a book to see if you want to read the whole thing. The search engine needs some work to help filter results a bit quicker. Please add Carplay support so I can select the books I want to hear.


No matter walking, riding or even doing day routines I listen to this app. Listening to the most important part of a book gives you the chance to LEARN in a really SHORT time and decide if you want to read the whole book or not.... Great, fabulous job :) thanks

- Tried to log in via FaceBook and it fails

Tried to log in via FaceBook and it just returns me back to the login screen. iOS 12.4

- Favourite App

Amazing summaries, interesting books and good writing :)

- You have to pay!

Crap app. If you want anything interesting at all it demands payment of $140. Don’t bother.

- Gift subscription debacle

Blinkist is wonderful. However, when I bought gift subscriptions for my husband and sister, they didn’t work. When I contacted Blinkist multiple times to resolve things, they did not get back to me. So I am two gift subscriptions in the hole, two years later, with no resolution in sight. Very, very disappointing.

- Brilliantly done!

Heard all about Blinkist but never really did anything about it. Just read a book in under 10 mins! Brilliant!

- Blinkist

Blinkist- one of the best options to keep a senior’s brain exceptional, creative, interesting, vibrant and growing

- I want my money back

I tried the 7 day free trial and then was charge 172$ for the annual subscription!!! I would have paid for one month, since a 7 day trial is not enough time to determine if I want to use the app for a whole year. But I got charged for one year and I'm really mad and having trouble with Apple getting my money back which is causing me even more irritation towards this app. I'm in disbelief that they charged me 1 year and have never used an app free trial that has charged me such an amount. I don't want to ever hear another Blinkist in my life so please give me my money back for a service that I will not use.

- Terrible

It seems that all the free books they choose are some pseudo science ultra leftist nonsense that any respectable expert in their fields would be ashamed of.

- A great app that packs good stuff !

I like to read mindful and purposeful book. But to complete it in one sitting makes things little bit challenging. This app provides perfect idea of listening those books in your way to home or way to walk while you’re on your route. And yes, 15 minutes can change your life to see the world with different perspective! Thank you Blinkist !

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- Great app!!!

I like reading/listening to the whole book for complete context, and using Blinkist as a refresher. Would be good if you could browse other Blinkist books while listening

- Difficult

Paid for a one year subscription but unable to open any thing, have cancelled subscription hopefully they will refund Have received a response and offer to resolve issue.

- Just loving it...

My life has changed for the better, and it only took a simple step. Each morning while taking the train to work I listen to a new book on Blinkist. I find it not only educational but inspirational, but most importantly it put me in a happy and motivated frame of mind before I enter the office and the busy day that lays ahead. S White Advertising Director Readers Digest APAC.

- Hard to use

I paid for the full subscription and nothing opens No one will reply to my emails for a refund so I missed out after the 14 days refund timeline not impressed stay away!

- Financial scam at play

Regardless of the quality of the ap (which is not great) it defaults to a full year subscription for over $100 which triggers 7 days after starting. Apple should make this sort of default behaviour illegal on their platform.

- $150 after the 7 day trial period

Don’t forget to cancel after the 7 day trial period or you will be charged an upfront fee of $150 for the yearly membership 👎🏼

- Its a scam

They say there is a 14 day money back guarantee! But guess what? the default is the highest subscription package, so you end up paying 150$!!

- Not free as stated - misleading

Just a big hook to part with money: gone back to reading the traditional way - advertised as free but only 7 day free trial and very short blinks. Concept would have been exceptional at a notably cheaper investment than the asking price

- Time poor but still able to access knowledge

Love this app - not only does it expose me to books I may not have found, it allows me to read précis and glean knowledge in areas that may have been less appealing or just ‘not on my radar’. Thanks!!!

- Blinkist

Absolute rubbish. Avoid at all costs!

- Best subscription ever!

I love this app. Love this subscription. All those interesting titles that catch your attention, capture your imagination, but you know you’ll never have time to read in their entirety. Read or listen (great if you spend a lot of time in vehicles), you’ll find yourself looking forward to your next blink!

- Room for improvement

I loved everything about it except it doesn’t have a feature to download and listen offline

- Blinklist is brilliant

I listen to it first thing every day -a new summary of a non fiction book while I’m in the shower

- Christian propaganda

I was enjoying these book summaries until lately when they started shoving bible morality down our throats. I wouldn’t mind this if it were balanced by other religious perspectives but clearly they have a religious agenda to push.

- Refund

Hi, This to bring you to the notice that i want to cancel my subscription and want my money back. Which was deducted even though i cancelled my subscription before due date. You guys have charged me 180$ even though i just cancelled my subscription.I am very annoyed and hope you can understand the matter and reflect back on it soon.

- Love it!

With 3 kids under 5, I don't get time to read. This app is the solution.

- Amazing!

Love the app, this makes my bus ride to work the most exciting time for the day! The amount of knowledge I can soak up in 30 min everyday is extraordinary. Thank you!l Blinkist!

- Free NO

Misleading app at install

- My Blinkist time

I really enjoy reading Blinkist articles and the cumulative effect it creates in my mind. So much information delivered anytime, anywhere. My coffee break is My Blinkist time👍

- Inconsistent and too often fail to hit the mark

The app is a fantastic idea, problem is for every one accurate summary, there’s 5 that fail to hit the points accurately . The cost is quite high for something that fails to deliver any value. I was excited to give this app a try , it had great reviews which I suspect are largely from paid or gifted influences - the app itself for me is just well advertised hype , with low value and lacking substance .

- Waiting for CAR PLAY compatibility

Love the app, listening to blinks. I have found the time I am doing this the most is in the car. My only wish is to be able to select my blinks when I get in the car, not before. Most times I don’t and then end up listening to other content on the PODCAST app which is car play compatible.

- Efficient reading

Living Blinkist! I have been a subscriber for quite awhile now and find it so useful. So many books, do little time. This helps me get the gist of books in a very short time. If I really like the book or want to deep dive into it, I can buy the full edition. Highly recommend it.

- Misleading and Buggy

During my free trail,I have been unable to access any content. Without signing up to more conditions. What’s the point of a free trail if I cannot actually try any of the content. This is a 35 million dollar startup and their price point is way off, for the services they are offering. How can you legitimately offer a 15 min condensed synapses of a “self help” book. Seriously isn’t personal development dependent on the individual. I don’t think correlating the most highlighted texts and condensing them into a 15 minute review is actually worth your subscription price. I do understand that is “one” of your genres, and does not mean the same throughout. More or less I didn’t actually see many books that were backed up with facts and static’s, more so of the pseudo psychology vibe. Also I don’t trust this app, I got offered a 20% discount because I haven’t finalised my subscription. So what is the real price point here? If your just handing out this discounts to people who are actually thinking about their purchase. Overall this app could be very beneficial to the collective and humanity, But as it stands right now I feel Blinklist is just trying to ride a wave in the “self improvement field” and cash a big check at the end. Feel it out for yourself, something is off with the integrity of this app.

- Awesome way to get through my booklist !!

Brilliant idea and brilliant APP. Read/listen to a summarized book in about 10% of the time to read the actual book with all the salient and big ticket items from each chapter...✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

- Fabulous

Ever pick up a book and think I’d love to read this but how am I going to find the time? Or make the time only to discover that it really isn’t giving you what you were looking for? I’ve just read so many blinks in this app and it has made it so much easier to find authors and content that I really relate to and want to explore further. I set aside time each day to read two or three blinks and it is really helping me shape my move into running my own business and improving my quality of life. I am now able to expose myself to many more authors and content effectively and expediently and choose those which are most beneficial for me. Love it.

- Worthy

I signed up for the free trial and decided to purchase the full 12 month subscription. After three or so weeks I feel it was money well invested.

- Wonderful!

Simply amazing to read summaries of books that would’ve taken a lifetime to get to

- Too expensive to consider

It must be a good app as from online write ups it appears to offer many unique features. Unfortunately, I won’t be trialling the app due to its cost after 7 days. There is an ‘I agree’ which I didn’t have time to read - could this be in audio too perhaps.

- $30 a month! Delete Delete.

I’m currently getting Netflix and Stan (Australian) for $20 a month the pair. I get Foxtel for $30 a month. What did you use for your price modelling? Way way way overpriced. In principle alone I won’t go near this. CEOs become CEOs because they care about how their dollar is spent. Congratulations! You just priced yourselves out of MY market. And MY market is the only market that matters to me.

- Very expensive and useless app!!

I’m sure it would be a great app. BUT It’s very expensive for a senior disabled person who’s on a measly pension, I was very excited about it when I came across it! But I got kicked in the guts when, after all of the hassle of downloading it. No kidding, why don’t you let people know that you have to pay a small fortune. Another thing, how do you access the reviews? I’ve tried and I can’t! Or is the review chart a fake?

- Love this app!

As a senior in high school, this app is perfect for me as I can read a free blink every day and it only takes a few minutes. I always look forward to what I’ll be reading each day, due to the variety in selections and the relevance and currency they have within what’s happening in the world as well as timeless, interesting perspectives on subjects such as stress.!!!

- Good but need more options

When I signed in I was only given the option of buying a yearly membership. I would rather if the service was offered weekly or monthly, so that I could use it during periods where I had the time to read. (Like during my holidays or after my current work project finishes) I’d really like a user pays service so that I don’t have to subscribe to an entire year, but just when I’m going to be using it.

- Didn’t had the book I was looking for

Didn’t had the book I was looking for

- Read Blinkist

This app is the easiest, most effective app I ever used.

- Great App!

Great App! The only thing is that there aren’t many titles in various fields. Hope you can expand your collection! Otherwise, I found the App very helpful when you have a limited time to read on a daily basis.

- I wish the membership was not too expensive

I wish the membership was not too expensive . Great app

- Misleading free trial - unable to unsubscribe

Signed up for a free trial only to find it is a very expensive app. Fine print says that if I don’t unsubscribe in 5-6 days I’ll be charged +$170. So I’ve followed the convoluted instructions (on google, obviously I’m not the first to have this issue) to opt out which don’t actually ensure that I have in fact opted out. No chat lines available I’ve then contacted iTunes directly letting know about this app. Frankly speaking this is a stress producing process that borders on dishonesty. I will be very annoyed if one cent is changed!

- Blinkist- A Book A Day

I love the concept of reading the summary of books. I love Blinkist. With Blinkist I’m learning something new every day and I can do it in such a short amount of time!

- Great tool for learning

I love this idea of blinkist. I have always been a listener to other people’s stories and taking something out of it and now I can do the same with blinkist. As long as the blink does not get repeated.

- Epic

Saves time, gets me the information

- Deleted

Misleading for me. I despise apps that promote themselves as “free” but then you pay through the nose to access any content. Deleting and not recommended

- Complete rubbish

The book summary removed the power and essence of the original author. Read the actual book, its worth the time and effort

- Excellent for people with ADHD

I love this app. I have ADHD and these blinks are about as long as my attention will hold.

- Poor English

Average command of language. Sometimes “big” words are used but they don’t make sense. Sentence structures could be improved.

- Free App?

App looks like it would be good but miss leading on all accounts, straight away your hit with payment options and only a 7 day trial with automatic renewals, no free app here only free trial $150 year it should say from the get go!

- Disappointed

I did not know I was signing up for an auto renew subscription. This is misleading and I am really angry. I do not even use your app. I downloaded some free version some time back and now being charged and have to fight to get my money back.

- Inconsistent prices noted for annual subscription

Seems like a good idea but after downloading the free app I have been displayed 3 different prices for an annual subscription. 1. I received an email immediately after signing up offering a New year special offering 40% off an annual subscription which came to $53.99 ($89.99 full price). 2.within the app itself it has no mention of the New year special deal and offers a full price annual subscription for $119.99. 3. Within ITunes it is offering an annual premium is $124.00 These are vastly different prices all displayed to me with 20 mins downloading the app. As there is no clarity as to what the annual premium is, I will not be providing my credit card details. Also when listening to the free book, it glitched and froze my phone on 2 occasions.

- Need a better way to introduce ur app

I'm deleting within minutes of installing. The reason is that you want me to give you my credit card details and setup up a USD150 payment which I can only stop (through an awkward mechanism using a desktop) in the next 6 days, before I can even try your product. Catch yourself on. I'm not signing up. You need to allow me to try before I commit to paying annually.

- A masterpiece.

Very inspiring story

- Cancellation

How do I cancel my subscription

- Review

Best app ever!

- Shortcut to avalanche of information

As a practicing lawyer, I read a lot everyday. However, I rarely read anything unrelated to law. With BLINKIST, I have found a shortcut to gather information from other areas of life with ease, while on traffic or waiting for the courts. The summaries are detailed and insightful.

- The best App on self development

Blinkist is my first. This app has inspired me so much just with the daily picks. Thank you greatly Team Blinkist.

- Love it

Been using the free option for over a year now. Love the app Decided to do the 7-day free trial today but i noticed everything is still unlocked. I have no access to any book not even the free daily blink. I deleted and redownloaded the app, same day. Pls hep urgently as my free trial starts today. Thank you

- Hunta

Just read and enjoyed one book within an hour and curiously eager for more. Thanks for the super summary method.

- Great app

You want to be financially free? Here’s where you start from!

- Great app

Short but still able to convey the main message

- Useful

Very useful and interesting app for people who don’t have time to read a whole book. I highly recommend this app

- Blinkist is awesome

I’ve been able to learn more conveniently. It’s a real blessing, this app

- Reading Simplified

Blinkist has helped me increase my reading time and learn a lot while on transit to work or just waiting in a lobby. The free version gives you a summarized book everyday while the premium version gives you access to a lot of book summaries.

- The best app to quick knowledge

I have been using Blinkist for almost two years now and found it very useful in accessing non fictional books. I wake up every night to read a book for free, and the premium annual subscription is gift to humanity. Join Blinkist today and become to a great scholar tomorrow. I guarantee you will love it 😍

- Knowledge drip feed

Blinkist has reinvigorated my learning. I look forward to 1800hrs so much these days. This is such a value add to my life. We don’t seem to be able to pay for the full package I’m Nigeria, can someone look into this please. I want full access and I’m willing to pay. .

- Wow

I never knew I could pick up several ideas from short books like this, but the challenging part is, I just found out how to actually read the pages well today while trying to open blitzscaling.

- Thanks

An excellent app Thanks for it

- Busy but Reading

Blinkist allows you read despite a busy schedule with focus on the key messages in each book.

- Really awesome tool for the modern entrepreneur

The books here are short and on point.

- Great app for reading

Who needs to read a 500 pages book where you have Blinkist. I recommend it for you. You will thank me later.😎😀

- Helpful.

So far this application has enabled me get insight on books I wouldn’t have thought of reading in the first place. I gain new knowledge daily through this app.

- Musa BI Utai

It was amazing.

- Review on Blinkist

The most valuable app in any phone

- Amazing app

This is such an amazing app. I can’t imagine how much I’ve learned in a short while reading blinks everyday!

- Reading Habit

Blinkist app has made me build a habit of reading. I try to read each book on daily basis. And I’m learning a lot from the books. Thank you Blinkist

- Fantastic but sometimes too shallow.

I really value anyone who can summarize the main ideas of a long boring book or thesis. But I value more when that person pays good attention to all the main points and messages. I therefore am thankful to have the opportunity of getting the most of some very important books....but I sometimes feel some are over summarized and so some key values from the book gets lost in the process. Well done the Blinkist Team!

- Excellent book App

Reading made easy

- Very educative within defined time

Very educative structured around well defined time line. It's a good to go mobile wealth of knowledge. Though most interesting topics are locked it would be good to have a few essential topics made available free, also the daily topic could be archived for reference purpose at a later date. Wonderful sharing tool, thank you team.

- Best book app ... promotes reading habit like no other in very easy and friendly way

The culture of reading is vital to self actualization and that's the objective of the blinkist app.

- Blinkist

Great app. Hope it's available also on android.

- Cool


- Jessica Wealth

One word - Beautiful

- An app that makes you smarter instantly

I've just downloaded Blinklist and I'm loving very bit of it. I think you should download it!!! Not I think, you should download it!!!

Right now ⁦@blinkist⁩ are offering a number of books in support of #BLM included in their free trial. It’s a great…

@tuvsche: Ном унших завгүй хүмүүсд @blinkist @Instareads зэрэг апп-уудыг туршиж үзэхийг санал болгож байна. Номнуудын гол санаануудыг то…

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Blinkist: 15min Book Insights 6.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Blinkist: 15min Book Insights iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blinkist: 15min Book Insights iphone images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights iphone images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights iphone images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights iphone images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights iphone images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights iphone images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights ipad images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights ipad images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights ipad images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights ipad images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights ipad images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights ipad images
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Blinkist: 15min Book Insights Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Blinkist: 15min Book Insights (Version 6.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Blinkist: 15min Book Insights was published in the category Education on 2013-11-13 and was developed by Blinks Labs [Developer ID: 568839298]. This application file size is 74.63 MB. Blinkist: 15min Book Insights - Education posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 6.4.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Blinkist: 15min Book Insights Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

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