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***** “OMG - I can't believe this app it is so good I have got all of my mums Xmas gifts and birthday gifts everyone get this app now!! who ever made this app is fantastic, creative, imaginary and I'm just so speechless he or she is just such an amazing legend p.s I'm about to have a heart attack because it is so cool bye bye” - Tangy Mango, AU

***** "Superb! Now I can actually remember what people really want :) - Just what I need to remember what that clever idea I had for a present was when I'm actually near a shop to get it.I've tried keeping such lists on bits of paper but they always get lost or I don't have them on me when I'm out. This will make a happier xmas for me and the relatives!" - Red Yetti, UK

***** "Good little app! - Exactly what I need to keep my Christmas lists organized! I have a list for each family member and then created a separate list for stockIng stuffers. I also created a list of activities we want to do as a family during the season. I like how easy it is to mark something complete (or purchased) with just a swipe." - Nruffels, US

***** "Perfect! - Easy to use. Great focused design. Going to start planning my Christmas shopping now." - Xnitex, AU

***** "So convenient! - Great way to keep all your lists straight!" - Mandimarie88, US

***** The above quotes are actual iTunes 5-star reviews from our users.


"Gift It" is a simple and fun Christmas shopping list app that will help you organize and keep track of all the gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones this holiday season.

Don't let the stress of the holidays and waiting in long lines keep you from enjoying the lighter side of Christmas.

Think of "Gift It" as the personal assistant for all of your holiday organization. Never forget that present for a special someone and never buy the wrong gift again! "Gift It" is the essential must-have tool to prepare you for Christmas Day 2014.

And be sure to see the What’s new section for a whole slew of updates!

How-to's and Features of our Christmas shopping list app:

- Share, Edit, Duplicate and Delete your Christmas lists by pressing on any list name on the "Your List" screen

- Go to Settings and choose your method of removing a purchased gift from a Christmas list, change currencies and control your upgrades.

1) Swiping moves a gift to the bottom of list
-Swipe across a gift from left-to-right after purchasing a gift
-Swipe from right-to-left on a purchased gift to add it back to the Christmas list
-Press the Gift icon to move the crossed out item to your Purchased Gifts section

2) Swiping moves a gift to the Purchased Gifts section
-Swipe from left-to-right to move a gift immediately to the Purchased Gifts section
-Add a purchased gift back to the Christmas list by pressing on that gift

-Our Settings option allows your Christmas list progress to be shown according to:

1) Percentage of completeness

2) By a color scale. Red means you still have some shopping to do. If its green then someone will be very happy this Christmas!

**PLEASE NOTE: We cannot immediately help you if you ask for help in an app store review **

If you have any questions, need support, or have feedback, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

For general updates, frequently asked questions and breaking info on the app:
Follow us @GiftItApp on Twitter
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And we'll be happy to get back to you (usually within 24 hours)

Cheers and Merry Christmas!


Gift It - Christmas Shopping List & Countdown App! App Description & Overview

The applications Gift It - Christmas Shopping List & Countdown App! was published in the category Shopping on 2012-11-18 and was developed by Switchback Media LLC. The file size is 61.23 MB. The current version is 2.4 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed the Christmas countdown error and some other existent bugs from last years edition! Merry Christmas!!

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What a Great Help!  mayhemlizzardmom  5 star

I am a right brained, art teacher that is married to a retired banker/ financial planner. I have never had a clue about budgeting AND I have never had a running total on how much our family spends for Christmas. This app gave me a detailed, running total and helped me report back to Mr Left Brain! Thank you!


Love the app!    5 star

Easy to use and great each year!


Great tool, but could use...  YorkiMama  3 star

I use to have a Christmas list app that included the following, which made it perfect for my needs: • The ability to have sub-lists: I'd like to be able to create another list under each name. For instance... Ken: - Stocking stuffers (so that I can keep track of everything I've bought in that category) Or... Kris: - Birthday - (and a list of all gift ideas) - Christmas - (and a list of all gift ideas) • The ability to mark if each gift is wrapped Otherwise...this is a simple and easy tool to keep track of gift ideas and purchases made.


Love it  Tipperose  5 star

This is a must have app for gift giving, it has helped keep me organized. I highly recommend it!


Keeps shutting off  Krexwinkle  2 star

Help this app


What fun!  Pameladell  5 star

This app has truly helped me to be more organized about my shopping. I was done by December 1st and spent far less than I did last year. Normally I just keep buying and buying. This app told me when to stop and helped me to even things out so everyone has the same number of presents under the tree!


It's okay; it does the job  Justbeingmetoo  4 star

It would be nice to view it horizontally. It would also be nice to swipe through your recipients list. Having checkboxes would be great to identify whether you bought something or receive something or maybe even wrapped something. I'm having to put a big X before the gift name to know that I bought it


Simple and convenient!  Vanpilot80  5 star

Can't thank this app enough. Shopping for all my boys every year is a real headache. My husband doesn't do much of the Xmas shopping, so this little app has become my savior. Don't know how I'd handle the holiday rush without it!

Cocoa broadway

Sooo helpful!  Cocoa broadway  5 star

I have the free version of this app, and it has been a Godsend - as soon as I buy something, before I leave the parking lot, I enter it onto my list, it totals up how much I've spent, takes all of 5 seconds. I had always intended to keep track this stuff, but never actually did until I got this app.


Okay app  Redstich108  3 star

Does the job. Not exceptional functionality. Would like to see option to view horizontally. As it is now you can only view vertically. Also this should be password protectable, even the free version. Otherwise, you risk prying eyes. There are a lot of ads on the free version.


Free version has too many ads  Justusflagg  3 star

The free version has so many ads it makes it fairly useless. It's so annoying to use because in between every two things that you do is another pop up ad. It's possible that the paid version is delightful but I'm not motivated to move up.


Needs a way to add year to year  WildMōMō  4 star

This is my second year using this app. It definitely needs a way to keep track of list/people/gifts from year to year. Otherwise, you have to delete everything and start all over again each year, which is a pain in the butt. I may have to look for a new app for next year...


The Best!  Chttrbxgrl80  5 star

Tried lots of other apps, this is the best! Simple, easy.


Awesome app!  Dking011  5 star

I have used this app for the past few years and I really love it. It helps to be able to keep track of what has been purchased and what is left. The budget feature is a bonus.


Nice app but missing 1 feature  Ryloja  4 star

I like how this is easy to navigate and keep track of lists and costs and what has been bought and what I still have to get. I used this app last year too and I wish there was a way to just make a completely new list for this year without having to delete the previous year so I can compare


Practical and easy  Snappysock  4 star

I have been using this Ap for 3 years. It's so easy to save ideas and stay on budget. I love that I can swipe to cross through the items I have purchased. The red yellow and green function is useful to help me prioritize who I have been neglecting shopping for too.


Best Christmas App  Pkrmm  5 star

I have used this app for two years and love the organization it lends to tracking Christmas for a big family and multiple lists! Highly recommend. The budget feature truly keeps you within the bounds of tracking sibling gift values. Awesome tool. Thank you!


This app is useful and does what it says  12StingRay82  5 star

I had to email the developers about some things and then i watched the tutorial. Im ashamed i didnt do that before! The app gets to help me with everything i was initially concerned about. Syncing, editing and budgeting. The countdown is a small bonus. Ive also written this because it seems like others might appreciate the help. The app does sync using icloud to any device but you have to turn on the icloud in your settings You can editing and delete lists by tapping and holding The budget works by tapping the budget area Hope these things help someone else out. They should consider a FAQ page though


Awesome  Kdm1995  5 star

Great!!! Love it


Not a good app!  Eva14987410  1 star

Every time I tap on the app it loads for like 1 minute and then it closes! Fix that!

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