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App Store’s Best New Game of 2012

If you like Aworded, you'll love Word Crack, a fast and fun word game to challenge your friends. Who will find the most words in two minutes?

Word Crack is asynchronous and cross-platform. Play against your Facebook friends or against random users of any platform. Besides, there are unlimited simultaneous games!

Form as many words as you can by dragging your fingers across the letters on the board upwards, downwards, backwards, diagonally, etc. Every game has three rounds, and every round, two turns of two minutes each, so you have to be really fast! The winner will be the player who gets a higher score.

You can use the special tile spaces on the board to get more points. And remember to use the Power-Ups to find more words and win more easily!

Word Crack is available in 12 languages: Spanish, American English, British English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and now, also Basque!

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Word Crack™ Free App Description & Overview

The applications Word Crack™ Free was published in the category Games on 2012-11-02 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 72.46 MB. The current version is 2.2.2 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes

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Word Crack™ Free Reviews


Great game, but...  Scott-a-licous  4 star

Truly addictive and very fun. However, when you play a game, they say that they match you with an equally-skilled player - that rarely happens. Also, as other reviews have mentioned, the power-ups are used like a secret weapon (actually, it’s like fighting a boxer that’s hopped up on ‘roids). That needs to be worked out too. Would be 3.5 stars if they allowed that rating.


Can’t load a random opponent  aj221218  2 star

I used to love this game. I found it very relaxing to play when I had some downtime. But now whenever I start a game with a random opponent The random opponent does not load. The game just sits there Until it expires. Only if I start a game with an opponent that is already active can I play it out. I contacted the developers but no action so far


Can’t find anyone to play against!  alackev  2 star

I have a full screen of games that I started against random players and can’t get another player to pick up a game. Also, it takes about 6 tries before I’m matched up with a random player. #superfrustrated. I love the game, but would like to actually play someone, argh!


5 stars  Desertpnut  5 star

Been playing this game for a couple of years. Fun and highly addictive. Took me a while in the very beginning to learn that non-words can get credit but now I’m used to it and enjoy it.


Just like Boggle!  MityMoe9091  5 star

I used to play Boggle a lot with my friends. Now I can still do it through WordCrack!

Leo Hernández

An addiction  Leo Hernández  5 star

Excellent game. Highly addictive. I recommend it to everybody.


Fun & Challenging  RosieTR  5 star

A great way to challenge your brain!



I was searching for a word puzzle that is fun and makes you think ! This game is perfect ! It’s very competitive in a good way !


Update App  ergjmom  3 star

It appears that this app has been abandoned. I hate that, as I have been playing off and on for years.


Fun and relaxing  DebbieT  4 star

Enjoy playing this..... but wish I could tell if we were both using power ups.


Best game ever  Cin4150  5 star

Awesome game!


Hooked on crack  sionenau  5 star

Only game I play


Great  Obfsvurewiitfvctiinvfecgy  5 star

Injectable word crack. Needs a lot of improvement on the dictionary. Missing many basic English words. Also needs an Australian version with a full set of distasteful words.


Best game to wind down with! I play it every night in bed 😊  ebonyrose97  5 star

So fun

craig donovan

Great game!  craig donovan  5 star

So addictive that it actually lives up to it's name 😉


Fun game  JayD101  4 star

Yea it's fun woooo


@CathCurt  CathCurt  5 star

I love WordCrack. I can feel those new connections forming in my brain as I race to find those words by connecting proximate letters. And the power ups are a great feature! Five stars from me!


Great game  angrry  5 star

Very challenging good brain exercise


Lose the video ads  Aicitel_r  3 star

Fun game, but the updated version with ads after every round is annoying - especially video ads!


Awesome  OziSue  5 star

Love the game, very addictive


Fun  talimah  5 star

Fun game!


Fun  Francophile67  5 star

Fun game


Pro's & Con's  krg74  4 star

Very addictive game! Almost perfect actually! Easy to learn how to play. Love the ability to see the stats of your opponent before you actually start the game so you can decide if you want to use your PowerUps or not. Like being able to compare the words you've found VS opponent ~ as well as ALL possible words available for that round. Opportunity areas include: There have been a handful of times that it simply would not accept a word I had found ~ and I KNOW the word was spelled correctly (& verified via dictionary post-game. Two such examples: Stash, Stashes, Stashed and Color. However, it did accept the Old English word(s): Stache (et al) and Colour. Very frustrating ~ especially in the example of Color/Colour because it would have won my game! Grrr! (P.S. It does not allow certain cursewords or certain vulgar words ~ but does allow some). IMHO: If it allows some it should allow them all. Lastly, it does not allow one to use the offered 'Practice' mode; whether using the Free or Paid versions of the App. Overall, it is a very fun game. Thank You, K


I'm addicted  HarVeah  5 star

I'm addicted


Enjoyable  leesenj  5 star

I like playing random opponents to try to keep up the aging brain. The challenges seem fairly matched. Great way to pass down time.


I am not good and still  favfox  5 star

I am not great at this game and I still love it!!!


Power Ups Ruin the Game  Kj4111  2 star

The game gives you so many "power ups" that it ruins the game. They provide so many free words/hints that you are forced into spending MOST of the allotted time collecting free words and are only left with about 15-20 seconds to actually play on your own. You have to use them to remain in competition with your opponent. If you passed them up and played the whole game on your own, your opponent could easily win having taken advantage of the power ups. So you choose between 15-20 seconds of actual play or a guaranteed loss. Deleting the app for this reason. I love the game itself and would gladly play again if the power ups were taken out completely.


Great game. Very engaging.  Oldladybrain  5 star



Good Enough  Mpa1995  4 star

It's about what you'd expect. Functions normally. Does what you expect it to. Good enough of a time waster when you've got it to waste.


Like Boggle on crack  Tifferly  5 star











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