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Straight from musical idea to music notation - wherever you are!

• EuroBest 2013 Gold winner for best user experience (UX)
• Cannes Lions Gold winner 2013 "Media, Entertainment & Leisure"
• Cannes Lions Silver medalist 2013 "Other Technology for Mobile"

With this app you can:
• Play, sing or whistle any monophonic melody and instantly turn it into music notation.
• Edit score and change playback sound.
• Share results with your friends and synchronize it with ScoreCloud Studio on your computer in order to arrange or edit it further.

• Displays your monophonic input in standard notation.
• Intelligent interpretation of pitch, time signature, rhythm & meter, and tempo directly from monophonic audio input.
• In-App and cloud-based storage of your songs.
• Works with a wide range of musical instruments.
• Playback with a number of different sounds or the original recording.
• Designed for recording also in noisy environments.
• No limitations with regards to musical style – ScoreCloud Express can track composite meters, syncopation, free rhythm etc.
• Share your song with your friends by email, Twitter or Facebook (iOS 6 or higher) for anyone to view and listen to in a web browser.
• Synchronize your songs with ScoreCloud Studio on your computer in order to edit and arrange them.

ScoreCloud Express requires a free account and an Internet connection, since the analysis of your recordings is performed in the cloud.

ScoreCloud Express App Description & Overview

The applications ScoreCloud Express was published in the category Music on 2012-10-31 and was developed by DoReMIR Music Research AB. The file size is 37.25 MB. The current version is 2.5.5 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

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ScoreCloud Express Reviews

Twinkling Death

DON’T USE THE APP  Twinkling Death  1 star

The app is completely useless as I have now tried 8 different songs and none of them were actually translated well. Who ever wrote a good comment on this app is a liar, because I fell for that lie and now I realize I have wasted $3 to listen to a kid banging a piano. Even the simplest songs this app couldn’t translate. This app should be removed from the store as it is just a scam... I hope you have a nice day knowing I saved you from this absolute scam.


Pretty good. Has potential  🦷👁😄👥🤨☠️👀🤓🧑🏽  4 star

It does exactly what it’s supposed to but they need to ad more instruments it doesn’t read percussion.


Doesn’t Work  DanA1112223334  1 star

This app is terrible. I tried playing some things on the guitar. It can’t get the cords at all but even when I leave those out and just play one note at a time it can’t even get something simple right. Not even close! It seems to be totally tone deaf and is way off on the rhythms as well. I found it to be completely useless.


Doesn’t meet expectations  bgandbud  1 star

I just downloaded this, set my iPhone on my piano, played a song and then when I analyze the song the app only picks up roughly 1/2 of the notes that I played. I have attempted moving the position of my phone and same results.


Don’t even bother  TChanie  1 star

It’s complete crap it doesn’t even do two bars for the piano and it can’t even come close to identifying anything it plays. I made the mistake of getting too excited and skipping the reviews, but I just need to say don’t listen to all those who say it’s great because honestly it’s trash.


DO NOT BUY  Brysonguy  1 star

This was a total rip off. If your looking to have it tell you how to play marry had a little lamb go ahead and buy it. But if you want it to decipher anything eighth note or fast then good luck to you. It will never happen


Waste of Money  Larry54331  1 star

Believe the reviews. This is a sham. You record a song but the printed music isn’t even close. It’s not easy to log in Stay away don’t do it.


Don’t Trust The Doubters  SophiaGAsh  5 star

I was extremely hesitant at buying this app because of the prior ratings, but I went with my instinct to get it anyway. When I tried out the app for the first time, it did an amazing job. As anything, it was not perfect, with some different notes and wrong rhythms, but it was nothing that could not be fixed. I recommend singing your song clearly on “la” instead of with lyrics and add them in at the end. It may take a few tries, but the first ones can be deleted. Get this app!!!!!


Zero accuracy for me.  xhgga  1 star

Not even close. Back to the standard ear method, sadly.

Springfield cyclist

Too basic  Springfield cyclist  1 star

If you want to play chords or more than one note at a time don’t use this app.


Good  jjdonk  5 star

Learn to write music or use this.


Kim  KimOfSwing  5 star

Actually I find this to be quite an amazing app. Follow the instructions about noise control and you will do well.


Useless  Marto112  1 star

Can't even get past the signup screen tells me my new password is wrong. Not impressed.


I want my money back  JOMCMS  1 star

TERRIBLE!!! Cannot do it's job! I wanted to transform an audio into written music and it turned into complete mess! It was simply an audio of a flute and a piano and after recording I played it back and it was completely wrong! False advertising, complete rip off and a terrible app. I want my money back.


Grant  Coalgeo  1 star

Total rip off. Have to buy before you find out you can only have 5 free songs and it doesn't access your music. Disgusted with Apple for not requiring them to put these restrictions up front before purchase...


Completely horrible rip off  Luc-Lu  1 star

Only free for ten songs and then forces you to pay even more money. Also can only transcribe pieces that only play one note at a time in them. DO NOT BUY


In app purchases.  Geizer  1 star

You can only have 10 songs. After that you have to pay per month for more.

Cameron Smith

Disappointing  Cameron Smith  1 star

Requires you to sign up for an account to use now...


Finally!  Bitmeizer  4 star

I've been waiting for an app that does this magic since the iPhone came out. The note and timing analysis is very good. Add the ability to add more to to a track after the initial conversion and additional overlay tracks and I'll bump it up to five stars. Great work!


Just awesome!  miss.bek  5 star

Seriously, exactly what I need!


Rip off  Etymolojim  1 star

Could not analyze ANYTHING. Waste of time and money.


DISASTER  ptcm  1 star

save yourself 3$ and time


Absolute crap.  Wings785588  1 star

I can't even get past the sign in page! Keeps telling me that the email is already in use or that the password isn't correct despite me not yet creating a password. Very frustrating.

DO NOT BUY!!!  1 star

This App is complete junk and rip-off. I have repeatedly tried to get it to score through the microphone, and every time, no matter how simple I make the piece I get an "Unable to Analyze" Error. I have not gotten it to score a single piece. In addition, the App itself has crashed multiple times as I tried to navigate around to find anything of mine that it may have retained (which, of course, it didn't).


Don't waste your time...  MarkDownMark  1 star

Very useless app and doesn't warn you of it's shortcomings until after it's installed...and then you're only allowed 10 songs. Very shady! Refund requested!!!

Didn't do what I had hoped for  1 star

I asked for a refund. The app didn't come close to writing the correct notes for the song I recorded. It displayed a list of reasons for it's problems including: "don't play the bass or chords". Basically it seemed this app was made for a melody line only. If that is what you are looking for it might work well.


Great idea. Inaccurate, and you only get 10 songs for $2.99  310818213562  1 star

That's pretty much it. ☝


Useful but misleading  dbestarchitect  3 star

Look, I know the subscription model is all the rage these days. But charging customers first to buy the app, and then for the convenience of storying more than 10 songs—well that's a little misleading. Especially when I can't make many edits to the scores. Especially when the app crashes relatively often. I will try the app a few more times before I decide if it's worth keeping.

EJ the snack master

Not For Drums!  EJ the snack master  1 star

App constantly crashes. Do not waste your money, especially if you are wanting to use this for any type of drum.


Crashes immediately  Bbonez888v  1 star

Just downloaded the app and test recorded, the app crashes right away, and is unable to analyze the recording. Keeps happening. :(










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